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"geiger guidry" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

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"geiger guidry" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"I believe three of seven from threepoint line so they did well all we hear is roleplayers play better at home is that is that true i mean i just hear that line kinda thrown out there this back on the road if you do it it might but it's too it's too big a generalization of your bruce parker bruce talked about how difficult it was i we talking about playing in charlotte row travel to call try about i mean clearly it's war with barn and covered entire to have bigger games on the road i mean that's why they get paid what they get paid repair gonna play at home ready to play on the road regularplay at a real i love old out of control mr perry i think you're taught particularly cleveland milligrams you mentioned you got veteran geiger guidry at one ring already you're fired overpaid an allstar gauge you i think it's more any vantage for the home team bandaged for the really do i think for the crowd help home peeve a little bit more you're just more comfortable playing at all i don't know mike review greeted we've got we put forward i don't picketers marched a negative order appalled he wrote tube a plus with all it it it it definitely different football you don't have i don't believe you have that same effect on the road where we're the crowd getting involved in the roleplayers of which i was one play really any differently on the road dad's interesting no football homefield advantage i guess there's a variety of factors in it's a one game a week situation the travel and it's hard to explain why they heard me at all weather clear web vantage if you're not used to play in green bay or something like that but right now regarding.

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