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"gehrig joe maggio" Discussed on The Bronx Pinstripes Show - Yankees MLB Podcast

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"gehrig joe maggio" Discussed on The Bronx Pinstripes Show - Yankees MLB Podcast

"So far has nineteen and i could see debbie garcia if they truly punt on the season like less call debbie garcia. He get ten. Starts you get nine more starts and kluber can never come back. You might never pitch again. I'm not ruling this out. I mean you have on an kluber. So it's it's gone could tie on his nineteenth starts okay credit ability again. It was a kickoff credit and then the last one is super specific. And it's i guess. It's still possible. And i guess it's still possible. Yup saturday september eighteenth is going to be brett gardner appreciation day Saturday and saturday october. Second is going to be john sterling appreciation day sterling. I don't think so has rebounded. I think he is not happy about. This is like a mary auto or jeeter dot leaving on an injury. He is not going out like this calling from a tv screen. Be in the goddamn stadium. He's going to be waving to people not happening. But i don't think dope here's where you're wrong. There's gonna be no appreciation. People love record. I had someone tweet me ask just young monument. I had someone ask if brett gardner is going to get a fucking monument. Who has monuments received ruth lou. Gehrig joe maggio mickey mantle. Those players have monuments and someone asked me if brett car dealer is going to get a monument. Last week would look good. He would look good on monument alien head not exactly all right so we're gonna bergener take an l. for all verbal predictions. This time it will never bring them up again. This season unless aaron judge wins the mvp. Then something good happen so we do have a couple mailbag questions. The first one My guy brian fischler emailed me he He's a great guy. He's been on the podcast. I think once or twice and he does the laugh for site. he's He's a he's a comedian. He's also blind and he's got a charity for for to raise money for blind awareness. And it's a laugher said. I went Three years in a row. It's it's really an awesome time. But he is just fed up with the yankees says. I absolutely despise the entire twenty twenty one yankees team same here. It's absolutely unimaginable to me. That i could hate a yankees team this much. See the only way of fixing things is to not make the playoffs. Get rid of boone. He says the tone for the dead bunch. The entire philosophy of the organization needs to change. I do not think. Steinbrenner will fire cashman. But i think it needs to be done as the entire system needs a reset. You think the entire yankee system is broken. I have no doubt. The yankee system will f- up the martian. Look what they have done to. Every other player torres sanchez and do our other young players. That seem to have gotten worse over the past few years. He says go sox seriously. I don't mean that. But i think it's the only way to fix things kind of what we said in the first half of this episode. Is that just blowing up. Yeah start with the manager and see what you could do at least give us Some semblance of a season to refer the. Yeah it's not not not a majority of yankees fans feel the way. Brian feels in the way you have expressed you feel and how we feel or that. 'cause i still see so many fans on twitter and twitter's assessable but i see so many people still trusting the process and it baffles me. No there's no process to trust at this point. He's just gotta make a change man. I'll tell you what watching looking and seeing these Following some of the reporters are down there watching dominguez. All the time kid is lighted up already. You know in the in the in tampa where he is right. Now i will. You can't you can't not nothing's gonna happen this year. But i'm saying i'm saying he's an exciting player. He's living up to the bill. So far in the first org i Real ball that he's that he's played in like the kid. Looks like a a man amongst boys. I would not be surprised if the when you see a kid like that. Like a lot of times in in baseball the players also physically mature to get to a point where they can play these next levels right over the past two years. He's so far beyond the the his is physical ability that you should be at that at that age that there's no reason if he continues to just keep up them up and see what happens. There precedent for come up in thirteen twenty sewed bryce harper. These players were nineteen years old when they were playing well in the major leagues. So i think jason dominguez is what eighteen years old this year. Because i think he's seventeen. I think he's still seventeen. he's either seventeen or eighteen. He still think he. I think eighteen if he if he's eighteen just turned eighteen. Recently i believe either way seventeen or eighteen years there is eighteen. He turns his birthday february. He just turned eighteen this past february. Yeah so next spring training he will be nineteen years old. He should get a major league invite to spring training which will and then who knows maybe second half of the year he can if he rakes in aaa cole. No yeah i mean he may not even go to aaa aaa. You might go like to go. Those step-by-step well then then blitz. Let's hope that some Changes in the organization is overhauled..

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