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"geezer morgan" Discussed on The Bobby Bones Show

"This story comes from Lakewood. Washington police gotten a high speed chase with a man. They're following this Buick. Pullover pullover speeds reaching a hundred miles an hour while they look in the window and the dog is driving. The car guy was teaching his bulldog to drive. That was his excuse. Anyway right was he really know the bulldog yes the. The dog was sitting in the driver's seat and he was in the passenger seat. He was using the gas pedal and had the dog's paws up on the steering wheel Was alcohol involved. Oh yeah he got charged with a Dui hit and run felony alluding. The dog was not charged because if that dog learned drive maybe I go out. I got a lot of time in the hands. I got a doll. Yeah why not? Why not all right there you much? Thank you so much for your boneheads story today on the phone right now. Is Morgan number two? She is quarantined at her house. She is how do you Morgan? I'm twenty six twenty six years old and also in the studio microphone is video producer. Eddie Eddie you are forty years old. Forty one forty one years old just forgot. That's all right. I'm forty today so it's new dunes crazy. You're not even that club with you now. Okay so we're going to play our game elder versus millennial were Eddie. We'll try to answer questions at the younger generation. Then Morgan the older and it is it. Feel like your mortgage or you know fifteen years apart. Yes Oh it does when I when I first met her. It was like I feel like we're close in age but the more we get to hang out Mike. Now we're we're not we're very different. My mom got pregnant with me when she was fifteen right. So you would be my mom's age. Morgan would be me a crazy. She could be your kid if it was the same scenario as my life Nutty let's do it but it to Eddie Your I. I'm GonNa give these younger questions. Okay come on. This is the word millennials used and use when they are confused or an utter disbelief for example. Omg Did you see Madison snapchat. I'm blank this word. Millennials use when they are confused or an utter disbelief. Omg Did you see. So and so's snapchat I am boomed boomed not really a term. I've heard before it's not boomed. Morgan can you steal it yet shook? It shook yes. I'm close Eddie. Ready ready bone come on in the Harry Potter movies and books what name is given to non magicians. Wow okay. So there's the wizards magicians gizzards. The gizzards that's I'll tell you my grandma used e gizzards. Like crazy and as I think back I'm not sure I knew it gizzard was. Can you look what a gizzards chicken Gizzard is? We'd fish to weed Fisher chicken gizzards too. And but she would also eat them but what does it chicken gizzard part of the stomach. Okay Oh so. It's not the Geezer Morgan. Name the name given to non magicians and Harry Potter would be muddled. Muggles is correct. Nice okay have never gotten that. No Crap said GIZZARDS. Eddie what do beyond say's fans call themselves? Okay okay now. You're speaking my language. She's the Queen. Right like Queen Bee Green Cream beyond say the at first I was thinking. Quit the Queen Bees but I want to go on a ledge here and say the Beehive. Now another stem hold on. Hold on wait wait for first of all is out on the limb right. It's not alleged. Well give you whatever you wanted to be. I WANNA go. The Queen. Bees the queen bees beyond as fans do not call themselves the Queen Bees. That's incorrect Morgan. Beyond as fans call themselves. I'm pretty sure it's the correct behalf. Yeah that's it. I was closer with behind. I would've given that to you too. Yeah thing okay all right. Morgan stole all three Eddie. Still Bag for Morgan Morgan. Ready Ready. She's twenty six. Let's see if she gets some of these questions that older folks know. What was the name of the fictional prehistoric city? The flintstones lived in the flintstones lived in the city. What was the name of that city? I have no idea a bedrock. The answer is bedrock so wow I have no idea that was deep in my brain. Wow you've already won but let's throw us out here in the eighties movie. Beetlejuice what did you have to do three times to either game to come to you or make them go away. I don't think I ever seen beetlejuice another guy in the white and black striped too. Yeah I know it's not this but click your heels no that'd be Oz wizard of Oz Eddie. Do you know that one. I do have to say his name. Three Times beetlejuice go and then finally wet late eighties. Pop sensation had their grammy taken away because they were lip synching rocks. That what you said what eighties pop sensation had their grammy's revoked for not singing. The vocals on their album for lip. Synching I have. I don't even know eighty Yes as incorrect. Eddie Morgan number. Two they were so good but it was all fake. It's million Manila Maleeva. Nilly that's right. I don't even know who that is. So good but Morgan is the winner and now she's up nine two seven one way for the championship here. Morgan which is your victory. Would you like the questions that you should know are the ones that you shouldn't? I always funnier when the ones that I don't know what early nineties artist is known for his flashy dance. Move Pants and too legit to quit. Mc Hammer Nice. Yippee Kaiei mother blinker is a quote from what action movie The UK? No no no. No that would be diehard. Who's the bad guy in the Friday? The thirteenth movies with that so many Freddie to their hands canoe I think I just combined two Freddie Scissorhands. That's funny Freddy Scissorhands. And not a person. There's Edward scissorhands and there's Freddie who has razor blades and neither one of them with the right answer. It's Jason there. You Go Morgan number. Two you are the winner. Congratulations there. She has thought we'd review some movies. Here and I brought Kayla for one segment. I went downstairs and she was with the dog but she was also learning. Tick Tock dances. And she doesn't even down to put on talk no of course now. She has no interest in the video maker. Do One of my accounts. You just learned the dances. And it's like well got that one done to stores are all poetry recess and then are you so bored. Yeah you stay board. Yeah doesn't everyone though. Yeah I think that's the thing. I'm always like a uber she goes. Yeah but I think everyone's Amy's now board though because she's home school your kids and it's driving crazy. Oh my gosh I I would love to help you. I mean I can't because social distancing but if that wasn't a thing it'd be over there yeah no that's sweet. I mean I think you would probably come for a day or two and you'd be like all right next week. Well I saw a few movies here and I'll go first because Caitlyn I watched Ford versus Ferrari which we watched it in two different nights. We watch it. We started really both nights The second half we watched subtitles because Stanley was snoring the whole time. Oh yeah that's true. Wow Yeah Kaelin said. It was like watching parasite actually here that know what the words on the screen. But she was just reading them because the dog was. Yeah so we watch Ford versus. I'll let you go first. What'd you think about it? It was good as having on the Ford. Yes she was disappointed. There wasn't more Ferrari in it. I don't know that I was disappointed. But the titles. A little bit misleading. So the story is about Ford and the Auto Company back in. Would you say the sixty s the fifties sixties right guys? Who Seen it? And so it's how they were going bankrupt and they wanted to build a car that could be Ferrari and racing because it would help with their overall brand image and Matt Damon's in it and then Batman in it. Yeah Yeah I just can't wait. What's what's he gonNa be Batman and the guy from Sweet Home Alabama. That's who that guy was. The guy just figured that out today. Oh Yeah he's the bad guy. Okay so what would you rate versus Ferrari four model ts four? Yeah I I give it three and three quarters okay emblems barely but I thought I liked it more than you did. Oh Okay 'cause. She was complaining about the acting a little bit early on in the show. Like I'm an expert. But she was like if I can tell they're acting. I don't think it's a good man so I guess I liked it a little less. Are You surprised Mike Review a little bit more based on a true story? I think that kept me in it. Okay Yeah so yeah I thought it was good. I would recommend it to someone absolutely. Maybe we watch it at a late time though on the subtitles. Titles yeah that kind of messed us up amy. Did you start watching that movie on Netflix? The movie people in jail. No I can't watch that now my thing did you watch or something. Yeah I watch that and I was like Oh this is just not for me no and maybe I just if it was a different time in my life I think I need something light and now a while I get. I'm watching Ozark and that is not light at all. They're still moments in there that I laugh like there's this character and Ozark she's hilarious. I die laughing. I don't know if I watch that prison show if I'd ever laugh. The prison show is in the future. It's called the platform and how because there are so many people in prison? They have to.

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