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"ge ager" Discussed on Get Up!

"The bag. You've got something that we don't know. We'll see what that something is the grizzlies also cleaned house firing head coach, Jamie Bickerstaff and demoting GM Chris Wallace. What direction should Memphis take going forward? David. And I don't know. I mean, I I don't know what the thinking. I mean, they just signed him to extension last year, and you have to give the coach a chance to to put his. If some in get things rolling. They traded wanted to best player mother solid trade there. What else was he supposed to do? I don't understand this ability in this organization has been up and down for years. I think they need to move forward. We continue our theme here with people moving on the Cavs head coach, Larry drew announcing they have mutually agreed to part ways. And Ryan, you obviously know this organization. Well, soda's Damon we'll start with how would you characterize the state of the franchise right now? I think they're looking to clean house and they're trying to move forward. Obviously, you know, Kevin love is still there contracts. So that may be something that they moved this summer, and they have to see what direction they've been going in. And it looks like they're looking for a rebuild. But they need a coach who can develop a relate to these young players and talent I'm not saying that wasn't Lillard Jrue. But that's something they need to bring it. So maybe looking at GE ager or j b. Well, I think you did a good job considering the situation. I don't think they should have moved on from him as quick as they did. But you know, what the innovation is in a different phase right now on planet earth. Fellas. We've got a robot. That's doing crazy things and Tokyo Japan. This guy's name Q three. He's attempting to shot for mere court. And he's put the shot up, man. I'm showing. Still like right now. What I mean, we got on the forum leg, I don't know about you. But it's me out. He does I'm nervous. Too. Because if you if you look back at it. I mean shot the ball with no legs. Of course. We're gonna talk more about the Lakers later on in the show. We'll see if this get worse before it gets better. We'll be back on get up not leg. We're glad you decided to get up with us this morning. We got some great stuff left in the show in five minutes with talking to the drama in LA Magic Johnson and everybody. What happens there also everything going on with the NBA is we get you prepared for the playoffs. They start tomorrow. Can you believe it's play off time? I can't even talk. I'm so excited. That's Damon the stomach. I'm not gonna say my name. Hi, it's greeny and thank you for listening to get up, and you know, what feels great paying off high interest credit cards getting a lower rate and saving money.

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