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"gavin owen benjamin" Discussed on The Chad Prather Show

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"gavin owen benjamin" Discussed on The Chad Prather Show

"Heart on your sleeve and being who you are. He is. He is. He is who he is. It's kicked him off Twitter. Jails. Take your pets Dogana things for his career, but no Owens funny and I'll tell you I was watching Owens video that they did with Gavin mcginnis on crtv. That was hilarious. Just turning those guys loose in a good friend of mine at crtv. He said that they had a couple of adult beverages around the hotel bar one night and just turned it loose, and I can only imagine being a fly on that wall with Gavin Owen Benjamin, but anyway, back to back to this. So how long does it take you? What's the process that goes into pudding thoughts on paper and writing these books? People always telling me to write a book. I'm like, I'm not the patients. Well, that's one of the questions I was going to ask you. Yeah, I think you ought to. Yeah, so I think it depends on the book. You know, my first book was excruciating, it's a couple of years and I figured out I wasn't. I wasn't staying on message. It's almost like I was writing two books kind of parallel to one another. I describe half of it. So it took some time. My second book seeds of success, which you mentioned it was. Book kind of it's kind of a business fable about my time when my coaching mentor and add always threatened to write a book about him while I was working for him because he was so funny. He was like, kind of like Rodney Dangerfield meets Craig t Nelson when he played the show coach. So always threaten to do that. But you know, you get busy life gets into way. I wrote that book in inside a probably a month month and a half right after he passed away. And I came back, I started writing it on the plane on my way home from his funeral. So I think it depends on kind of the mission you're on the type of book your writing fiction kind of flows Adia, low faster, nonfiction, you kind of create collecting stories and then building the lessons around them and then sort of peace in jigsaw puzzle together. Yes. A stadium status took about a year year and a half had a publishing deal fall through, and then another publisher picked it up so that you know sidelined slow down a little bit, but yet answer. Question was about eighteen month process is hard work. Yeah, it's hard work. It really is, and I have been writing. I'm I consider myself a reasonably good writer. I, they used to put me on these academic decathlon teams when I was in high school, not because I do math or chemistry, anything like that. But I would always win the gold in the speech, and I would always win in the essay part of it. I can remember doing an essay on two thousand. What was it? Two thousand one space. Odyssey didn't even read the book. Didn't even read the book. Watch that crazy psychedelic movie and I-. Shoveled it buddy. I mean, I was they gave me a medal for my essay on interpreting this just total BS total Bs. I've always been really good at BS, but no, I made a book out of that movie. I think it was based on one. It's so the whole deal is not supposed to be about the movie. It was about the book which is apparently is different. Who knows?.

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