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"gavin daskal noten" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"The half boards over there, preventing that from happening. Pockets picked up by horn, Nate horn feeding to the blue line. They get it 11 11 from the circle. Let's fly from there. But Kloten makes the save and he covers up. An air force will get one more crack at it. Six seconds left First period, Air Force will send out Different power play unit. This will be Gavin Daskal Noten rhyme and Maraj is in to take the face off in the offensive zone. Ask us will take the face off. What comes out of the circle bouncing tumbling, and then one of the Lakers gets to it and sends it up the ice and that'll run out the clock in period number one, but a Good one Falcons out shot heavily in the game, but they they've only had nine, but they've made him count. They got the first one. They got the last one and at the end of the 1st 20 minutes of play. This game is all tied up here Force and Mercier's two apiece. It's gone back and forth, and Air Force had some shots early, and some shots late. Didn't get a whole lot going on in the middle of that period, Mercyhurst Did, but we'll leave the ice all tied up to the referees, talking to the captains of both teams, and most likely telling them guys, we gotta settle down, where none of the after the whistle stuff. There's been a lot of that tonight. 59 seconds of power play time awaits Air Force. To start the second period as both teams head off the ice here at the M I C The Mercyhurst I center in Harry, Pennsylvania, will take a break first period straight ahead on the Air Force Sports Network..

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