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"gates kabul airport" Discussed on The Hugh Hewitt Show: Highly Concentrated

The Hugh Hewitt Show: Highly Concentrated

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"gates kabul airport" Discussed on The Hugh Hewitt Show: Highly Concentrated

"Pacific nations have a great deal of interest in cabinet that people's republic of china and stopping their attempt to intimidate the island state of taiwan. They flew a record number of jets into the defenses yesterday. Very fascinating story at the wall street journal on its secret. Cia escaped gated kabul airport. If we'd stayed longer more people would have gotten out. Joe biden left them there. Joe biden lied to you by the way about how many americans were left behind. Citizen amazon wins record. Us tax breaks to expand delivery network and the financial times. I hope so if they bring jobs to a community a community ought to rebate to them the local and state taxes i'm shareholder if they're not out there maximizing shareholder return. They're not doing their job. They're doing their job. Also from the wall street journal coal shortages coal. You know the stuff. We're not supposed to like coal. Shortages are pushing up prices weighing on economies all across the world. The trial is coming to a conclusion on the varsity blues. Matter where people pay to play. They paid a guidance counselor in la to pretend that their kids were varsity athletes. Get them into stanford usc and other places and the question is did the bribers. No they were bribing. I don't think the jury is going to have a hard time figuring out when your kids getting admitted to stanford as a water polo player. And he or she is not either in the water polo world or playing summer. Water polo or something weird's going on. New zealand is raising its interest rates in precursor to everyone else in the west raising interest rates. Which is why. By the way you gotta go to birch gold because gold and interest rates are going to go up hugo dot com dot com new zealand raising its rate big story in the financial times on the souring of the uk france relationship. It's across the board. It's deep it's enduring but the french will return brits when they need them. Diplomacy is the best path to thwart iran. Nukes jake sullivan. The i think very good national security advisor to president biden has told the israelis. We'll talk to michael oren about that today. We'll also talk to him. About iran's armed drone prowess subject of a wall street journal story today and china's ability to launch an attack on taiwan which is growing by leaps and bounds. Don't go anywhere america. You're listening to the hugh hewitt show. Hi to hewitt for birch gold if found yourself completely befuddled by events in afghanistan alarmed about inflation and otherwise uneasy. Well about everything about american standing in the world about what comes next then. You're feeling like everybody else is. And uncertainty is usually a time that you want to increase your holdings in gold..

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