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"gascon jhangvi" Discussed on Ridiculous History

"Poisoned corrects. And a lot of this is is attributed to the fact that when Kublai Khan took over control of of the empire he actually used a lot of the stories of Continue as propaganda. They were much exaggerated and kind of twisted to serve his purposes. And it wasn't until we started seeing those Marco Polo accounts Come up the people really started to hear the Truth About Catoon Gene Story and you might say what a what a neat fascinating story. Thanks so much better knowing Casey for For Clue me in but we have one and last twist for you This might surprise some people. It might be Well known fact to some of our fellow listeners. Already but the story of Catoon and Maybe a family story that is personal to you and you didn't know it because you see catoon was far from being the only descendant of Jangle con in fact y chromosome data and research. That came out a number of years ago. I think Proves that about point. Five percent of the male population relation of the world is somehow descended from John. GASCON Jhangvi was busy. Boy I mean you know it's it's interesting though when you think of it like even for the three of us in this room this might be a family story for one of us. I'll wait wait not you because we know your DNA that's right you're your Scandinavia. Pretty exclusively Scandinavian. Yeah that's right which is pretty cool right sparkly eyes sparkling ice got M- read my redness sadness in my beard and all that stuff I'm cool with it was just a little underwhelming. I guess you know MY ANCESTRY DOT COM results. You wanted to twist. I wanted to twist you what it's like an unmarked helicopter land in your backyard and some guy get out of the helicopter come up and say come with us. You are the chosen. I was kind of hoping twenty. The three of me only exist to find to find me. Exactly a here's the child. I still have. I still have not taken any data eight. I know you guys are to do so I don't know why I don't care. I guess it has no sense of self preservation Lou. People like to learn about themselves mixture. Sure Casey did you ever take a DNA test. I have not no. I'm still entertaining the fantasy of DNA not ending up in a database somewhere else fantasy. Yeah that's a good word. Nice story Thank you so much to everyone for tuning in thanks of course to Gabe. Thanks thanks to Christopher. I feel like we're almost on a first name basis now as an audience with these guys Of course Alex composed our bang and track the big time. Thanks to Alex Thanks to Eve's checkout her show this day in history class and You know slight. Thanks thanks to Jonathan strict on the. DVD's you check him out in his human form on a show called tech stuff That exists out there in the world as well as when he materializes in in our studio to wreak havoc on our mental health. I feel like we knew so this troop before he hops in so real quick where facebook were an instagram. We're on twitter We we may or may not push the picture from this studio on our facebook page as the honest. We're not going to. I might have you are you Casey. Wow how is it real cold fine all right well. We're going to do it anyway. Forward to the future of fitness on ridiculous historians you can also find us as individuals vigils on the social media. Yeah you can find exquisitely on instagram. I am at how. Now Noah Brown I add at Ben Bullen on Instagram Stay tuned of going to do some weird crazy things and I am Ben Bullet on twitter where you can see my overwhelmingly positive opinion of people's pets. We'll see an excellent for more podcasts. From iheartradio visit the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shows this episode of ridiculous history is brought to you by office. Depot Office depot has supplies and services for businesses of any size and and they have a wide range of services they can provide twenty four seven tech support. Print your marketing materials and even help you design your office with variety of furniture solutions. They also we'll have all the supplies. Your office needs for ink and paper to cleaning and break room supplies. I'll tell you one thing that I never WanNa have to mess with again is figuring out what kind of toner or in cartridges. My particular brand of printer needs office. Depot has you covered. Whether you're running a Home Office like I do or work in larger corporate setting they have have you covered office. Depot is ready to help your business with knowledgeable associates and over thirteen hundred stores or online at Office Depot Dot Com..

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