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How The Official California Voter Guide Gets Made

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How The Official California Voter Guide Gets Made

"The official voter guide summarizes each ballot measure give some context and. The main arguments for and against them all in one place here to tell us all about it is K. Q. Weedy reporter Khloe Volkmann. Hi, chloe. Hey Katrina okay. So who's Gary Wisely Gary Wesley the Great California official Voter Guide Naysayer we're GONNA get him in a bit but first some voter guide basics. Like it comes in ten languages the garlic Hongo knee home. Video Tie. John One English Espanol him the come on in several formats including large print and audio. Welcome to the audio version of the California voter information guide for the November Third Two thousand and twenty general election repaired by the California Secretary of State's office. Wow that's a lot of work and the Secretary of State's office males the paper version to over eleven million households yet depending on the number of measures on the ballot it costs between six and fourteen million dollars to produce each time but they save money by printing. It's on this thin crappy paper. And I tend to scribble all the pages and leave a thing lying around reporting this story for Bay curious, Katrina has given me a whole new respect for what it takes to get this booklet into voters mailboxes. Every couple years for starters are learned surprising things about it from the person who oversees its production. My name is Joanna. Suffered I'm the assistant chief of elections for the Secretary of State's office. says. California. has been publishing an official voter guide in some form or other since the early nineteen hundreds, it's the largest mailing that the secretary of State's office puts out and California is among only a dozen or so us states offer this resource. We often have Californians who move away and say, oh my gosh. Information died in my state. How do I make this happened I miss it hiker up in California, and I had no idea that other states don't make a voter guide. So how do they put it together? Join. US says about four months before the election, the secretary of State's office collects information for the guide from four sources I. Joanna and her team writes up some basic somehow and wet vote. Second. Does the Attorney General Who's responsible for writing the basic ballot language namely, the ballot titles and summaries proposition twenty, four Amends Consumer Privacy Laws Initiative Statute. Third. The state's legislative analyst contributes a detailed breakdown of each measure. It includes things like historical context, financial impacts and costs under state law certain businesses that operate in California and collect personal data must meet consumer data privacy requirements. Fourth and last. The Secretary of State's office solicits arguments for each of the measures. One arguments in favor one arguments against and rebuttals to each four in total for. and. Who are the lucky people who get to write these things I mean they're worth go out to at least eleven million households, right so the bottom line Katrina is that anyone can submit an argument for or against a ballot measure the secretary of state posts the propositions on their websites and people have a little less than three weeks to submit arguments way but not everybody who sends in an argument gets picked right exactly. Joanna suffered says there's a pecking order when it comes to selecting the authors. said. There is a preference in priority outlined in our state elections code. It's all laid out in section nine, zero, six, seven it gets complicated. Generally members of the legislature get bus tips on writing measures they put on the ballot.

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