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"gary shanley" Discussed on Milk Crates and Turntables. A Music Discussion Podcast

"I thought it was him. Maybe it was another... Pills and alcohol don't mix well. February 11th, the three surviving members of the Beatles secretly reunite to begin recording additional music for a few of John Lennon's old, unfinished demos presented to Paul McCartney by Yoko Ono, with Jeff Lynn of course producing. The track Free as a Bird is released as a single in late 1995 as part of an exhaustive Beatles anthology project, reaching number two in the UK and number six in the US. Those, that was a good thing. Anthology was great. Yeah, yes it was. So many cool takes of stuff. Let's see. Best version of O'Bloody, O'Blooda, I think. I think that should have been on the album. The right album is the other one they did. I'm starting to get the meat sweats gentlemen. Turn down the temperature in the studio. It's down to 65 and I'm still starting to... For the audience, before the show, I went out to dinner with the beautiful Dr. Veron and I went to this Brazilian radigio and it's endless meat, pecan, beef rib, all sorts of stuff and I ate probably about a pound and a half of meat with mashed potatoes and cheese bread and fried banana and then finished it off with they have this papaya cream. Oh my God. And I'm just like I'm starting to sweat. You got cement in you right now. It's just cement. It's sitting. It's just sitting. Like a giant pound and a half ball of meat. You know those old stock footages of the old construction trucks just dumping cement? That's what I'm thinking right now. Right down the gullet. So I'm starting to get the meat sweats. Because I got home at like a half hour before the podcast. Gonna be a wacky show. Don't start burping. February 14th Valentine's Day, Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia marries Deborah Koons and nobody cared. I care. Mark cares. February 23rd Eddie Van Halen, Chris Isaac and BB King attend the groundbreaking ceremony for the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. It takes place in Paradise, Nevada. I don't know why that's news. It's just another fucking Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. And Bruce Willis wasn't there? One of the most overrated restaurants in the history of America is the fucking Hard Rock Cafe. The food is just junk. You're not missing anything. It's memorabilia that you could see on eBay. Do a virtual tour online. It's just as good. Because you can't touch the shit. So what's the difference? Behind glass or behind a computer screen? Doesn't fucking matter. Just doesn't matter. February 26th the San Remo Music Festival ends with the victory of who cares because it's something that I don't even know about. It's an obscure music festival. Ends in the victory of Aldreino Baldi in the big artist category. The song Passiara. They eat a lot of meat down there. And everybody after the show went to a Brazilian Rhodesia. It ate way too much meat and they all had the meat sweats later on. Is there a band called the Meat Sweats? Yeah, Meat Puppets. Meat Puppets. Who put out an album in 1994. The Meat Puppets. Good one Lou. He's on his game. Because 1994 was a good year Todd. Yeah Todd. Todd. Todd. With one D by the way. I have a brother Todd and he's got two Ds. Most normal Todds have two Ds. You see it right there on the screen. One D. Todd. One D. Sockman. Did he sell a consonant? Let me see. Karen Hurley. I love Karen Hurley. She's my buddy. She's my buddy's wife and I love Karen. She says how does Jim, who's like my brother, know the name of your show? He's probably heard me talk about it more than a few times. Well we have to start the show over. Somebody asked us to. No Dean. That's what you know. You got the alert. Come on buddy. No. He's treating this like it's the King of Facebook show. Well it never really gets off the ground. It's really no beginning no end. It just is. Coming back soon by the way. The King of Facebook livestream I think I'm going to be doing my first show back in a while. It's an out of control livestream. It's really just idiocy and stupidness and I think someone dared me to put a Whopper and a Big Mac together and eat it as one big. Yeah will this be on an early Sunday morning? No no. Coffee with the King is Sunday morning. It's very mellow. That's a tame. No the King of Facebook show is way over the top. It really has no rhyme or reason to it. But yeah I guess I'll be eating, since my blood work is perfect I'll be eating a McWhopper. A Big Mac Whopper. A big McWhopper. At least there's no filet of fish in the middle of that. Also I'll have to do is request it and I guess I'll have to do it. That would be a good idea. Maybe he should put a filet of fish in it. He did. Didn't he do that? I did that with the cheeseburger. The cheeseburger. Yeah. Okay. Anyways. Anyway as Jack would always say, it's not anyway. Selena on March 1st 94 Selena becomes the first Tejano music singer to win a Grammy. That was one hot woman. Selena was a good looking girl. God bless her. God bless her. She was a nice kid who ran into a raving lunatic unfortunately. On March 1st also Dave Phillips says Madonna was big in 94. Okay. Okay. This is true. Thanks. Wow. That's a fucking epiphany. Holy shit Dave Phillips. I'm going to just give him the title of contributor to the show. Madonna was big in 94. Really? She was big in 84 too. I'm going to see what you release that year. Let's see. March 1st 1994 Nirvana plays their final concert in Munich. We know why. What was that? March. March. March. I'm trying to not do that but it just comes up. Let's see on March 1st 1994 the 36th annual Grammy Awards are presented in New York hosted by Gary Shanley. Gary Shanley had one of the funniest stand ups I've ever seen in my life and he didn't swear once. And it was one of the funniest fucking stand ups. It came out around 86. It was so funny. And he just never swore once. Didn't have to. So let's see hosted by Gary Shanley performing the soundtrack from the 92 film The Bodyguard. So this is 94. But the soundtrack from the 1992 film The Bodyguard wins album of the year. Monster album. While its lead single Whitney Houston's cover of I Will Always Love You wins record of the year. The single version of A Whole New World performed by Peeble Bryson and Regina Bell wins song of the year. Tony Braxton, another 90's hardy wins best new artist. All of this is the infamous Frank Sinatra incident. You know what I'm referencing? Frank Sinatra receives the Grammy Legend Award. Sinatra's acceptance speech is cut short. They sent him to commercial while he was still talking. Other artists criticized the producer's decision during the show and Billy Joel takes extra time to perform his song The River of Dreams noting that he is wasting valuable air time. Wow. They disrespected Frank Sinatra. He had somebody killed over that. Someone died over that. What the fuck? It's always the young generation that's like eh. Cut him. Cut him. Huge mistake on their part. Because there was huge blow back. If there was social media back then that show would have got destroyed. It would have been. He only died a couple years after that. Yeah. But Billy Joel good for him. He's like he knows they're not going to cut him off. Right? Because he's big. Frank was over the hill. He'd done his time. And so he decides to burn their time because they were trying to save precious air time. And you know Billy Joel is probably a huge Sinatra fan. As you should be. As you should be. That's right. I have Sinatra Sundays here at the Casa McVera Sunday morning. Oh very cool. I have a picture of my father with his parents. Oh really? Yeah my dad had a nightclub so I guess they were there one night. But Frank was not there. Yeah well. He was off being famous. I guess that's six degrees of separation right there. I guess so yeah. On March 3rd 1994 in Rome, Nirvana's Kurt Cobain collapses into a coma after overdosing on Ropanol and Champagne. And what? Ropanol. R-O-H-Y-P-N-O-L. Ropanol. What the hell does that do? Does it prevent? Let me see. Benzodiazepine. It's Benzodiazepine. Look at me. I'm married to Dr. Vera. Benzodiazepine used to treat severe insomnia and assists with anesthesia. As with other hypnotics has been advised to be prescribed only for short term use by those with chronic insomnia. He mixed that with Champagne and it equals a coma. Champagne. I had a bad experience. Worst hangover I ever had in my life was Champagne. Me too. I drank a bottle of it. I was like 14. I can do it. I was 16. Almost killed me. Let's see. Let's not get into these stories. That's another podcast. Lots of those stories. March 5th 1994 Grace Slick is arrested for pointing a shotgun at police in her Tibberoon California home. March 7th 1994 the United States Supreme Court I could just see her with her face going get away you fuckers. An old hippie. Hey I'm an old hippie. Peace love dove and shotguns. David Crosby. March 7th 1994 the United States Supreme Court decision Campbell vs Acuff Rose Music Inc rules that parody can qualify as fair use. The case was spurred by two live crew releasing a parody of the Roy Orbison hit Oh Pretty Woman I remember that. Without a license from the publishing firm Acuff Rose Music. Acuff. Roy Acuff he was the guy that I think he roped Hank Williams out of money too. I think that's something. And that decision probably saved a weird Yankovic's career. March 8th 1994 Nine Inch Nails released the second studio album The Downward Smile. Great. Loved that album. It would go on to sell 3 million copies and be credited with helping bring industrial rock music into the mainstream. I wanna do you like an animal? You just bleeped yourself. I just bleeped. I don't want to be that crude. Nah you never crude. There's women watching. There's women. I have respect. I got a crew here on an album title. It's a band name. I don't know if you've ever heard of it. It's terrible. Let's see. March 13th 1994 Selena releases her final Spanish album Amor. I'm gonna butcher this. Pro Habido. Pro Habido. I got it. It's production has been delayed because of the launch of Selena's fashion clothing line and boutiques and her Selena Live Tour in support of Live. March 18th Courtney Love calls the police fearing that her husband Nirvana's Kurt Cobain is suicidal. Police confiscate four guns and I don't have a gun. Fucking liar. And I don't have a gun. And he never lived under a bridge either apparently. No. He wasn't a troll. Police confiscate four guns and 25 boxes of ammo from Cobain's home. Which to some of my friends is like that's just in there like Shudra that's Sockdra. I got some friends. That's nothing you're saying. But I know where I'm going during the apocalypse. And then there's people that say you know that is the whole thing when a rock star dies no he was killed. There's all the people that does have all these theories. Yep. Ah let me see. Basis Darryl Jones replaces who? Bill Wyman. That's right. Great basis. Ah let's see. March 22nd Pantera releases Far Beyond Driven which becomes their heaviest album to hit number one in the Billboard 200. The heaviest album. March 30th 1994 Pink Floyd and Barker what would be their last world tour before their breakup? The record breaking tour supports their Division Bell album with the band playing to five million five hundred thousand people in 68 cities engrossing one hundred and eighty six million nine hundred and fifty two thousand five hundred dollars. They could have toured for ten years and made that money every year if they wanted to. Yeah. That's an album with Roger Waters? No. No. Well that's the first one with that. Pink Floyd broke up after the album after well Final Cut. I'm sorry. I had to say that. I had to say that. Division Bell was a great album. It really was. Did it have learning to fly on it? No that was a momentary lapse of reason. Which I used that term a lot when I was a union steward. I was a union steward like federal level for like 18 years and every time someone would get in trouble and I would have to bring they'd have to get called up in front of the man and you know maybe a chief or two and I'd always say people you have to understand this young officer just suffered from a momentary lapse of reason. That's awesome.

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"gary shanley" Discussed on The Stuttering John Podcast

"Well, look, that maybe those are his people. As I said, you know, if that's his audience now, and those are his people, and that's where his sensibilities are. Then that's where he's at. You know, again, I bring up the Gary shanley. Because I kind of get what Judd Apatow, I hope I understand what he's doing, whether it's a conscious thing or no, no, no, because now he's done the same thing for George Carlin, and that's coming out. Yeah, I'm going to watch one of the you said, 'cause I love Gary shanley. Oh yeah, I'm gonna watch it all. I'm watching it all. And so I'm live at Radio City. He was awesome. Oh, God. I mean, he was one of the greatest comics ever. Oh. Oh, and yeah, you're going to, you're going to appreciate this so much because he was so open with his process and shares all of it. Nice. And you can see it all. And for someone like you for you, especially you're going to be like, wow. We never get that kind of site into people who actually inspired us as artists to do what we do. So because they were the masters of it, right? And the legends. So the first I am a huge defender of comedians because, first of all, the smartest people I know and really they are. They are the smart to be able to with the joke that might even be one line or joke that has that natural arc of setting it up, or if you're the kind of comedian that Carlin was, which where your commentator and with Bill Maher was in this category of like, you're going to start going and you're going to go in and take people on a mental journey, entertaining them and delighting them and giving them, you know, getting in the right part of the brain to where they can be laughing at it, but also go holy shit. At the end of it. He took me somewhere. That that to me talk about our First Amendment. It is the Colin Quinn is another one. Who? Yeah, yeah..

Gary shanley Judd Apatow George Carlin Radio City Carlin Bill Maher Colin Quinn
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"Most famous wrap up show a couple times, maybe. Yeah, so amazing. So he's the one that was about. You did not. Yeah, that was his first job was on Howard Stern. He's roommate. And right after they have 500, let me say they were doing some pilots for Fox. And they went to K rock in no not K rock WX in New York and they were going to do these pilots for Fox Howard is going to be a late night talk show host and we shot 5 and I was a PA on that. And then at the time, I was with this girl for four years to college and still with her. She done me. It's a nightmare. I have no money. I'm driving a cab at night. I have nothing. And Gary says, hey, my roommate just left. You want to live with me? And it's like, you don't have to pay. It's like, oh man, Gary, thanks. So many reasons why yes. Yes, and so I was like, a Gary's wedding is a mine. It was like he's like he's one of my oldest and best friends. I listen to how it's her when I was driving to work every day. And so I came in one day and it was after we had some we had some shop guys that were helping us out and they were listening to it. And when I walked in, they tried to turn it off. I'm like, oh my God, that interview's great because I think he has the best celebrity interviews and they all looked at me like, you listen to this? I know. Like, wait, you do? That's the best thing when you find out the stern fans. Like when you're a stern listener, it's like, oh, you're one of the rock? No, what's up in nap? It's like this big music festival, food, wine. And so Gary was there as like I was doing like this one demo on stage and Gary did a demo on stage. And so we were on the side of the stage while Gary was up there and there was this one drug deal going booty. Yeah. And we're just like, can anybody shut this drunk idiot and you could tell he was going, okay, yeah, yeah, and he was trying to do his demo with the chef and on stage and this guy just kept. No, it is amazing to be out at a dinner with him in the middle of the conversation that is actually sort of serious about our children. Or problems in life and marriages and we're talking, and I'm like, a good night. One of us is Barry our soul to each other and inevitably. And it can be at the nicest fucking restaurant. Some fucking drunk comes up. You're annoying. You know what I did? Howard 100, like a few years back and I was like, I went to Howard 100 and I knew that I knew the whole story with Baba buoy and we took a video on this. So JD and I became buds and we didn't need JD and Natalie maines that Natalie's in front of mine. So we have obsessed just completely obsessed with documentaries. And so we have a group text that that's all we do is talk about documentaries. Usually true crime. True crime, yeah, if somebody's just bludgeoned to death, we're like, yes. That's awesome. And when I was being walked around JD's like, oh, yeah. You know, Gary's and I'm like, hey, hey, hey, a buddy of mine knows you and he's yeah, sure. I'm like, Danny's here. Oh, no fucking way. He's like, yeah, but he's like my Danny, you and I are like, we're besties. Yeah, we're funny how you're like, I know a friend agrees by my old roommate. Yeah, yeah, exactly. I mean, the funny thing about Gary was so like in the 90s, I was working at the Radford lot, which is this I worked at Bradford. Oh, you did, yeah. So at the time I was there. It was basically Larry Sanders. It was Seinfeld. It was Roseanne. Here's another fire. It was everything. They're Christian. Gary came to visit the Gary came to visit me and I swear to God. So I'd been walking like I was talking to Gary shanley. I talked with all these people. But it was only when I was walking across that lot with Gary shandling that people come up. It's like, how do you? It was like, it was so Gary Belfast. Yeah, I was Gary Della vate. Yeah. I'm a little drunk. But here's the thing. I want to get to you that are famous. We literally you get this weird credibility. Yes, you have no reason whatsoever. I need to know because we have like 7 minutes left of the podcast. I guess one of the most did you have some questions? I do. Well, I've asked you already, right? How many push ups could you do? I could do a lot of push ups, but I don't know, should we do now? Let's do it after the podcast. I'll go back to the podcast. Tori, how do you go for ILM to go to MythBusters? So working at ILM. Shut up. Yeah. We're gonna have Star Wars new Jamie and Adam from working there. They called me up and said, hey, we're looking for background builders. Come audition. Oh wow. And that's kind of how I said, oh, I got an opportunity that could change your life. And I went. And it did. I'm still waiting for that change. No, it changed. Okay, where the time of the show where we like to plug things. You guys are sponsored. Wait a minute. That are happening. And by the way, this sponsor is you pick we took totally. I'm on sending you. You say we can plug our no, not there. I just came here to drink with Danny. I want to share a question and Tori question. Yes, you asked him. Okay, so you didn't know each other in college. No, no. Same degree. He I think we were in different circles, and he was older, much older. Much older. I graduated. Are you are you on the alumni wall with Anne Rice and all the people that are on our alumni? Well what? Interview with a vampire house? I miss your college and just found out I saw. By the way, I know her. Well, you know who? I do know her. Benny, net benning went to San Francisco state. Yes, no. She graduate? She, yeah, and she was our co key notes speaker. Right. But then you banged her, you told me that. And then and then this world Hillary Clinton gave the keynote. At my school. That's pretty fucking cool. But why would why would she be there? It was before she was famous. No, no, she was on her way. She was on her way. She was what year did you graduate? 95. Getting ready to try to be president. Thank you. And but Annette benning her speech was like, it was so inspiring. It was like, we could have just said, drop the mic done. Like, that was because you went through our acting. Did you ever do a keynote for one of their graduations? No. If they were asked you? Yeah. They don't even ask me to. Hold on. Why not? They have asked. I've always been busy. I've just always been busy. I want to tweet at my college and be like, I'm too busy. They haven't asked me yet, but I'm just going to say that. I've always been invited. I'm busy. I workaholic. I work a lot a lot of things. You should do it. You're asked to do it. I did it for Syracuse, the new House school, which was like their community school. And it was one of the high points of my life. Is that your dog?.

Gary Fox Howard Danny Howard Stern Howard Gary shanley Gary shandling Gary Belfast Gary Della vate Natalie maines Fox Larry Sanders Tori Roseanne Natalie Barry New York Seinfeld Bradford ILM
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"And when i say friends team. I mean some actress from csi and you know. They took some samples but he didn't take that much took a few of my wife's designer purses it went right to the bedroom. He was in and out pretty quick. Didn't go too much of the house into the master into the walking got some of the purses wanted to my side the smaller closet and he got some just a few of my watches. Have a rolex watch but it was. My father's that i gave my father arrived in the back and a watch that lorne michaels gave me when i left. Snl you know after nine years old and the the most important took was An earned that gary shellings ashes in it were only neck. So i said to the congress how do you like. Do you call the pawnshops to try to find on craigslist ebay. Yup and And there's another one too. I forget the name of it. It's like something like come off or something actually us and but say do you have garry. Shandling down there. Gary shanley's ashes and the weird thing about those ashes was he gave them to me before he died. And that crazy. I remember At your birthday party member yes. That's you had a big birthday party garry. Shandling gave me the most. I mean i obviously am just a fan. And he's a you know just a legend To me but he said something to me once that he just the way he said it how he said it. I i would not no one else. If anyone else had said. I would not have listened. And i was up you know. I'm always working working work. Like i think he's just to worker fucking awesome all the time. I was what you are. The hardest working comedian actor kind. But i do have to give yourself a break. That's what i mean is what we go on vacation ever. Just sit on the beach. i haven't. I'm not ski. No no no no. Where do you do what you do now occasion. I have gone on vacations before but my vacations. I always feel like when you go with a guy. You're just like fighting in front. Or i guess i heard my thing is instead of doing one big vacation big vacations or stressful to me. Because then you come back and you have a million emails and then you have to take a vacation remove vacation. You're on the flight and that that that and you lose your luggage. I like to little mini vacation. Yeah when now..

Gary shanley lorne michaels congress ebay Shandling garry nine years csi million emails one big vacation rolex watches one craigslist
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"gary shanley" Discussed on Standup Comedy "Your Host and MC"

"Bit holyfield here right and he goes hang on. Hang on a joke for you. You can tell goes he goes mike tyson. You have the public. Ns it's a good thing. They stopped the fight when they did. I was just about the suckers. Bic that was you can use. That's so fun. Well it's hilarious because it is true that there was a lot of entertainers that Because they were famous for television. Gary shanley's a great example. Bob say gets another one. Dave is another one that everybody thinks of his Weekly clean could be could be dirty off you know when they were doing a nightclub set. And but that's a funny bit. And i could just see i remember the puppet sitting on your lap and then didn't didn't the mike tyson puppet actually have a puppet he. That was a good thing. I should've never got rid of it. But mike tyson fell out of With our when relevant for awhile. I should bring it back now. It'd be great. He did bring up and he would say you know. I'm not going to look like my south not to have. I'm retired from boxing. I came out. Coffey getting another little puppet and it was don king. I'm a hair sticking straight up do that which is puffing so you never puppet on his lap and we do a three way conversation don king going on cool down. Yeah that i remember that. And that's really funny but didn't you have. You did have one other main ventriloquist figure didn't you. I had another just a regular puppet that we're we're generic looking. But he was just he he would give me the hardest time. Just like all the puppets. Stewart alexander rob make fun of me and that type of thing which still works in this damage. That's on was still doing that type of thing with peanut and you know propagation. The hardest time about everything it works. It's just a good system that always works for sure will. Yeah and i think that When you're doing ventriloquist only as at one of the old variety action you're actually have to really really practice and study at unlike edgar bergen. That would actually move his lips. A good you can't tell that they're talking. They're actually throwing their voice. You have that talent. I know that you can do that for the audit. Wait a minute. Sounds like.

Gary shanley Dave Bob mike tyson Stewart alexander edgar bergen one three way don king main