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Pomona, California standoff ends with suspect in custody

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Pomona, California standoff ends with suspect in custody

"The askew cbs news on the hour presented by simmons beauty rest on tom foty unexpectedly competitive congressional contest in pennsylvania ahead of a special election there on tuesday to president trump to the pittsburgh area saturday night it is a district he carried by a wide margin in 2016 and he had a lot to say sam litzinger reports president trump's trying to give a helping hand to a republican candidate who is now in a very tight race for a congressional seat in western pennsylvania rix account is facing a strong challenge from democratic newcomer conner lamp mr trump took part in a campaign rally but he mostly talked about things other than seconds candidacy like north korea we been very strong and jury vigilant and now lots of good things i think it to happen but we'll see lamb as a former marine and federal prosecutors never run for public office sam litzinger cbs news in southern california long standoff is over a suspected gunman in custody accused of shooting two police officers killing one of them pomona police officer gregory casillas kcbs tvs greg mills has been on the scene witnesses told me it's no surprise the suspect led police here and emas there yeah okay he ran to the apartment the backed building and hid in the bedroom police right behind him he opened fire through his bedroom door as he is fellow officers carried about and tried to save his life a law enforcement source told me the other officer was shot in the jaw underwent surgery and will be okay the suspect stayed the apartment all night through the morning before finally giving up wall in northern california investigators are trying to put together the pieces of a deadly friday standoff at our veterans home a former resident there killed three women employees kpix tv's andrea nakano was at the scene lebanese found the bodies our pathway home executive director christine lober clinical director jennifer golik on clinical psychologist jennifer gonzalez this thirty two year old was married a year ago and we have learned she was seven months pregnant with her first child she is remembered for her commitment to her family and her job networks were with our veterans and their hearts with or a veterans and that's what their lives and their crews have been about gary rose worked closely with christine lober to keep the pathway home accessible to veterans who needed services new you never saw her with.

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