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Congrats to SpaceX #1451

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Congrats to SpaceX #1451

"This is new central. My name is Todd Cochran coming from FEMA region five in the new media production hideout. designed. By automate DOT COM, and coldwater Michigan. The lead story's as we end, a rescues gives me begin as we begin week twelve of the national lockdown. Congratulations SPACEX. What a job! We'll talk about that. And of course Microsoft. Artificial, intelligence is costing jobs will go into that in some detail. FACEBOOK employees walkout in protest over the president's post. And we have of right stories talking about tech giant's pledging to fight racial injustice with the things that are going on in the country right now. I want to welcome you to episode. One thousand, four, hundred, fifty, one of the new central podcast for Monday June first the show is sponsored in part by go daddy dot, com, and listeners just like you. Great deals from go daddy can be found a geek new central dot com forward slash. Go Daddy! Support the show today Geek. 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Excuse me board. Slash Ohana. Store on this show is sponsored by the longest running continuous sponsor re podcast. That's our good friends at. Go Daddy and this, June. So, it's official. It's now fifteen years that go. Daddy has sponsored this show. It's an incredible incredible run and I definitely appreciate go data in their longtime support of this podcast, and really it would not be possible without the thousands of you. The tens of thousands of you that picked up go daddy products and services over the past fifteen years. And it's literally you know in probably well over. over one hundred thousand people picked up products and services on go daddy through my recommendation, using my Promo Code and I definitely appreciate all that have all it will continue to do to keep the show going. Keep US afloat can't rent paid. Keep the insurance pay, and so forth and again this is a it's important piece of this and and being able to do what I do and again all these. These deals are available again available up and running whether it be a thirty percent of a new product purchase whether before ninety nine dot com, whether it be a dollar month economy hosting for the first year with a free main whether it be a dollar month manager press hosting again for the first year with free domain or free trial. Go Daddy website builder. They're all. They're all those promo codes all those. All those savings are available central dot com forward slash. Go Daddy and we WANNA. Thank go daddy for being a longtime sponsor here of the podcast. An ongoing support for us. So I think tonight We're going to do one thing different. To be in the show I'm gonna read an email they came, and then we're going to get any of the content console thin furlough for some reason coming off this past weekend but we get enough to get into the into the grit, but Saturday Saturday was a drive through graduation for party for my for my nephew, and really what it was is My sister organize it and they set up stations. Basically they could get a picture of the graduate. Move Ahead. Pick up! Up some something to drink coffee orange juice, I was drinking the MOCHA coffee. It was outstanding, did a great job mixing that up matter of fact, I little bit overdid it excess paying off the wall most of the day, and then there was food was available and kind of grab and go type of thing in the cars view. People stopped and Chit chatted, but This is the new normal guests for graduates and He had a nice turnout which was happy to hear and. I got the the details the following day. I was there taking pictures the whole time and it was. It was awesome. I'm a little bit. I'm not as read now, but I got a little bit of Sunburn. Have a hat on didn't put some Sun. sunscreen on saw paid the price a little bit here, but then Saturday. We did the new media show. that went well and then Sunday course, and then Saturday with a big event with spacex launch, and was very excited I watched it here from the studio. In fact had some family in because they had come down for the graduation party, and they actually Kinda hung out. There was fine. They came in to the studio. So they were here and watch the SPACEX launch with me, but Sunday, then was projects around the house and a full business day today. as you can expect, and of course watching everything is going on the news right now, it's it's quite crazy, and I know some of you are in cities that are being affected This town than I am in. I think they protests scheduled for for Saturday and hopefully everything is no violence. Hopefully it'll be a peaceful. Protests that will keep our fingers crossed on that, but I did get an email that I wanna read. It's in reference to the last show and section two thirty. And DID I. Founded here oded. I, please let me it didn't stick it. Someplace, where okay, all right so I did I got to get one from Henry. Henry says hey, todd, todd first time I've written since you moved to Michigan. Glad you are Ok from your lucky cork metoo. Should've left that there. is to change my dryer outlet a few years ago after pulling the fuse at out load outlet for different ways, side decide side the common, both sides ground, growing up my data. Similar experience years has stuck in my mind doing this job. Keep up the good work and Henry's in Livonia. Michigan so. Henry thanks for your your comment and yes. Yeah it was I was lucky and I was doing a little more electrical work on Sunday, and I was doing the same way for ways to Sunday triple check the circuit breaker panel, and yeah. I got through sparked free this past this past weekend, so thanks for comment, but it had another comment come in from one of our listeners and It's from Chris and IT'S A it's an regardless section two three discussion I had. He. And he says I think I speak for many listeners when I say that although you. Although, you asked to not make political. You reveal your political bias anytime. The president is a subject. I'm not even sure you're aware of it, but there's a distinct trademark with trump supporters terrifyingly consistent than as lack of accountability towards the president. We can argue whether trip. Twitter's right or wrong. What the law says whether twitter's bias whether facebook facebook's fair. The media bias is China, but the pattern trump's actions being glossed over as always consistent, the lack of balance and deflections concerning since we are literally paying for the president perform that twitter. When did the president get a pass? It become responsible wise's approach in handling never criticize as part of the equation. Right think he's criticized. Immensely. deary the guys tweets know. Does that really seem to be responsible way to go about things. If if that was anyone else, they would be immediately discarded silly of twitter. facebook spoken the same way. They would be criticized for it if twitter's actions are unfair, many of trump's. As well. All of this reminds me of the spoiled child. We've all seen in restaurants. You know the one with the parents who enable him by blaming everyone else in a restaurant. Well, he creates havoc and chaos, but maybe like exactly what this is all about for first time in life, I'm seeing companies being held to a higher stand their own present United State. The president can do whatever the heck he wants to do. He can say whatever he wants to say. His words have consequences for him. and his political wellbeing that stepped the him to do what he wants to do. It's also up to him to be able to say what he wants and a free speech manner way even if it makes himself look bad. After all he was elected. But I think at the same point. You can't have it both ways. And this is a point I tried to make on section two thirty. Regardless of what you think, my political biases Malay I think during years over this show I been a pretty equal opportunity basher of many of the presence that have been in office. From this show and of the technical issues that they have made. Technical decisions technical biases all that stuff think I've been pretty even across the board when it comes to reporting on this stuff. But my whole point about section two thirty was. And again going back any we. Yes, we can argue about whether twitter was wrong. Because twitter! Though the problem, many people fail the sea and Chris did tells sounds to me that you do not like the president so I'm going to just assume here that maybe are left of center. Maybe or maybe you're right down the middle. I don't know don't care. But. What many failed to see is. Equal, application! And there's not equal application is not just against the president. It's against. Issues going on in this country right now. Right now the protests and stopped being heard of of of those groups and those minorities and discriminate against on social media as well. It the can't have it both ways. We have to have equal. Equal. And it can't be this. This overall bias against certain groups which many people can't see that it's actually happening. It's not happening. and. There is a lack of balance. There is a lack of balance. On Social Media In a big big way. And it's a part of the reason why people are so pissed off right now and throwing Molotov cocktails. Into buildings. Is, they are not heard. In my opinion. I might be wrong on this. And again. I can't even start to imagine. Some of the issues. That people face that are Meyer. He's I. Just can't I find I, don't I I see it on. TV I. Hear about it I. Hear what's being spoken. And I think it's a challenge. It were in his country right now. I think we all. It and I would be shocked quite honestly. If. There's anyone. In this country today that doesn't believe what happened to the gentleman that losses life was anything but horrifying. And, if that's a systemic problem within law enforcement than that needs to be fixed. I agree with peaceful demonstration. Don't like to see what's going on right now with With the violence of course. And it's pretty sad to be frank, and if there's outside parties that are influencing that and there's money coming in. We don't know we don't know the whole story. But his office suspicious at all of a sudden, there's a pallets of bricks. Located in zones where these protests have been taking place that miss derived mysteriously. If you haven't heard about that, do a little search on that. But. It just goes on and on. The people are pissed off. So and rightly so. Under the death of that individual in Oh, I don't want to get into that too deep on this show. This is not supposed to be a political show, but when it comes, we bring this the subject back dissection to thirty. They. We talked about at length on the last show. Please I encourage you. Don't trust me for anything on this. Go read the EFF's right up on section two thirty. And then try to objectively. Take a look at what's been happening on social media and asked me. After reading that? Is it being applied fairly. To all parties. People starting to wake up that it's not. Now even know an article. That I've got lead often the show tonight. Talks about how facebook employees were pissed off. That they were, they criticized what the president. said in that facebook really didn't do anything about it. But Again Is facebook. Willing to the you know far as Mike. I'm concerned about facebook is they've already violated section two thirty two. You know worse than twitter has but. He can't have it both ways now again as I said on the last show. If Congress eliminate section to thirty or modifies it twitter and facebook their from their full rights to cancel anyone's account that they feel they should. Probably can do it right now. So. I think what we have to really look at. And again I work in the media space, and I work in podcasting and I'm very much about people having the ability to. Have Freedom of speech. We are, Blueberry. My Company has policies on hate speech and other things that would allow me to terminate someone's account. That was the case and we have looked at cases before when there was a white supremacist. was making hate speech and threatening to kill people that individuals account actually didn't have a hosting count. They had stats with us. We terminated that account. There's been instances where I've had to go in and remove shows. It's rare, but it happens when as reported. Then I'm not out. There censoring. Commenting. On topicality, and this is the thing that people need to understand. You can't have it both ways and what I don't have a person's GonNa. Make an acid themselves. Saying something, so be it. It's up to the public to take what that person said and then utilize that information in their judgment when they go to the election box. When they go vote. That's their decision then who they're gonNA vote for. But in the meanwhile, people are allowed to have him specious. Say what they will. And for those that don't like the president will. Obviously he's. He's given plenty of fodder to have a good time with. You know that's that's obvious, right? So I! Don't think there is a situation here where people are ignoring. What is being said? My point is you can say what you want to say. And then. Let the public. Judge you from what you say. And I truly believe that. Twitter's actions has endangered their company's viability. Now they can make policy. and. Cancel someone's account. They can do that, but they better do it equally. If they if they're going to cancel someone's account, they better cancel everyone's account. They make a statement that doesn't agree with their terms of service, or they better flag every account. So I, think the lack of balance. At least to me and people that I talked with and again we're not talking about just conservatives. As it dragon con I sat in on and I've said this many times is set in on a session. where I heard individuals who were? Minorities. Discuss how they had been silenced. Any! To me, that was surprising a little bit. But after I heard the full explanation of how they were silence. It made me understand why they wanted to be able to podcast. So no one could change their message to get their message out. Speak their mind. have their issues brought forth in a forum in a Public Forum where no one was going to shadow? Ban Them or take them down. So. You can have whatever opinion you ah on individuals in what they say even on me. He can have your opinions about it, but the thing we wanna make sure is the social media does not become an agent of. Picking winners and losers. When they're not supposed to be in the editorial business. That's what newspapers are for. Newspapers can pick winners and losers and talk about it to their hearts content. That's the difference here. If you build an open platform that allows people to openly discuss stuff in have commentary. You cannot becoming editor. And again I keep going back to this and the beginnings. I was my my twitter account early. As begging someone it probably on this show you remember. I was begging someone that and probably someone from this show set me an invite. I think matter of fact, it was have to go back and think about it. But someone because I think you'd get like ten invites or some people. Then it boosted to ninety. You know twitter wasn't. You couldn't get on twitter initially and I think I was begging people on the show to get me a send me an invite to an account. So they built an open infrastructure and I guess that's the thing I want to. Remind everyone. Hey, toby. Thanks for making a comment here. Greetings electrician, odd yes, a field like Tristian, you know it's kind of funny as I. Work on airplanes with multiple wires, but Jimmy to wires and watch out, I, liked the world up, but Chris I. You know I appreciate your your email. Reply to you. An email is sent to Chris directly was does not does not change that they have to equal application of warning, which they are not, and they're now editors and should be stripped of their section to thirty protections pretty simple. They can then go ahead and delete the presence account. So. When that'd be interesting to talk about some news. Oh my goodness! All right. Let's move on here. Congratulations more happy news space x congratulations return human. To space on American hardware American lift, it was a flawless beautiful launch. Oh, my God was incredible. And then I caught bits and pieces of it. All the way through Sunday morning I missed the docking by about thirty minutes I had to get busy. But they docked at the International Space Station. Flawless flawless flawless all the way through and through congratulations space x, and yes, the NASA spacex restaurants are going to bring home a very special flag in you know. They keep the referring to these two gentlemen. By their first names. They are actually active duty military. And many people forget that in Kennedy era takes me a little bit because of. Them referring to them as Bob and Doug, but yes, they are. Believe colonel and Captain I. Colonel! See I don't even know exactly what ranked their, but their military officers so again congratulations to the two astronauts for having a safe lift in an arrival at the International Space Station and bring that flag home that the international that the space shuttle left. So, again amid you gotTA admit. And I know that. We have a lot of Pete listen to show. That are not from America. But this was no small undertaking. You have a private company. That has been able to put. Satellites and cargo and a car in you know into orbit in space and yet land the first stage recover fouling 's. Bring back reusable parts to be able to recycle, said just dumping stuff in the ocean. That that is that in itself. Was a monumental lifetime achievement by SPACEX and then. They got the Dragon Capsule Ready. Did the demonstrations to the escape demonstration. Now Demo to basically put two men at the national spatial think they're going to be up there for thirty days. And then hopefully a successful. Reentry recovery. Hit on the next dangerous part of this mission is the re entry obviously but. No space everything's. Space X.'s spaces dangerous, no matter what. But Here's the beauty about this space. X kicked Boeing's but. And they're working. They're now working through. Technically. She's with its star liner crew capsule. No matter what happens. Space X I and Congratulations to those two SPACEX and the entire team. I and someone posted on my. FACEBOOK post it was no small feat in an I agree, and I could not be more proud for what they have done. and. They just made impulse. That did you guys take a look inside that capsule? It was isn't cool. I mean think about the Apollo days and all those switches, and how far how far we have come! I did have to laugh can internally because I got to think and he said. You know I worked on airplanes a lot and we'd have monitors, and you know all kinds of cool technology in every once in a while, something would wiggle loose. A monitor would go out to, or you know something. It would always be at the most inopportune time. Screen would go black, and it'd be cursing this thing where I'm trying to figure out if the plug back to sell off or because we use a lot of lot of off the shelf gear. Was it completely militarize and not? Mil SPEC out in a just sometimes stuff would just happen. And I always well. What's going to happen with the? One of those monitors plugged comes out, but I'm sure you know know I could reach around behind jiggled plug and make sure the Monitor. Come back on, whereas these guys that you know. Ground Control GonNa Monitor this out in. You know there's there's no on off button. So yeah for them in good job and And it looked like a pretty smooth ride with from what little they showed in the capsule. That looked like they're getting. You know bounced around or anything, so I'm sure it was a little rough, but we weren't. We haven't seen that video yet, but yeah, so anyway. Congratulations to SPACEX and couldn't be more happy with the talent you to watch it. Did you catch it? I, I did I thought it was awesome? Microsoft's has cut dozen staff as it shifts to artificial intelligence for its MSN new sources. Oh I, did I, didn't they actually had a news source MSN? I thought it was only like some TV stuff. Work Automation is about to cost dozen news contractors. Their jobs Seattle Times the. Guardian's report that Microsoft is letting go of dozens of news contractors about fifty nited States twenty seven in the UK after June thirtieth. And artificial intelligence news production the workers response for choosing editing and curing stories well. Computers going to do that now. So Wow. Journalism, not such a big. Great job to be in anymore. Hey I just those of you. That may be working over there. You can start pad podcast. If you want to. Use the Promo Code Get News. AT BLUEBERRY DOT COM and get thirty days freight. I should actually promote that more often for those of you that WanNa podcast Geek News. He had thirty days free of service it. Blueberry Dot Com, the Trier Service Out, and of course we want you to try our. our, power press. plug in. And let me Let me check something here. Never mind. So. Anyway so definitely check out, check it out and We WanNA. Thank you If you. WanNa consider us for podcasting. Okay next thing up. Our! You talked about that. So tech giants are pledging funds to fight racial injustice. A lots of companies have come out, and this is just a small list. Eight apple facebook rise others are promising. Millions of dollars support civil rights groups. they're pledging make donations to racial justice after the killing of George Floyd. And a memo to employees, as reported by Bloomberg Co, Tim Cook Promise Apple would make donations to several groups. In inquiry, including the equal justice initiative match on plays donations to to one. The company didn't respond immediately for comment. Zuckerberg said in a Sunday posted his that. The social networks is committing additional ten million to such groups. Bryson will donate to ten million groups. Intel pledged a million dollars. Google. A promise a million dollars. Tik Tok said it was donating three million to nonprofits. So So. They're making stands and donating money to these groups and to help 'cause. Link up in the show notes. Twitter read it have filed a in file in support of a lawsuit challenging US Social Media Registration Requirements for visa applications. We probably haven't heard about this for a while. So they filed an amicus brief late yesterday in support of a lawsuit filed last year by the by the Night First Amendment Institute at Columbia University. The Brennan Center for Justice and the sense of backer and Bar lpn behalf of plaintiffs. challenging roles that require nearly all of these applicants that registered the social media handles with US government and connected policies. Permitting the retention and dissemination of information, the brief argues that the social media registration requirement and connected policies unquestioned chill a vast quantity of speech and harm the first minute rights of their users, particularly those who use a handles discuss political controversy or other sensitive issues on the platform. So. Let's say interesting. So, what do you do when you have someone that is applying to be a citizen of the United States. Or applying for a visa to live here. And they're talking bad about the government. Should they still be allowed to enter the country to begin with? So I don't know. What do you guys think about this policy of looking at visa applicants? It is an interesting. Discussion. I would think that most people applying for visas. Want to come here and want to be part of the American way of life. So. Is Interesting what he ate. What say you Gig News at G MAIL DOT COM. Alright Uber Lift. DOOR DASH is suspended operations in some us. Cities with curfews. More than three dozen cities have curfews and affect following widespread protests. So in order to comply with local curfew orders, food, delivery, platform, Jordache and right Shane Company's temporary suspending service in some cities across the US. More than three dozen cities implemented curfews falling demonstration protest in the the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. I. Live spoken to send an email to the verge of the company's following deduction. Local government didn't provide a number of cities or offers. So you all view that all biting citizens? You're not going to get food or rides. After the curfew in those cities. but fought farms joined several retailers of temporary close cities with large protest, Amazon, target and apple all curb operations over the weekend with apple, keeping many minutes retail cler retails stores closed on Tuesday. And Bloomberg reported to Amazon a skilled back, then justed routes and a handful of city sending messages, some drivers in Chicago and Los Angeles, instructing them to stop delivering packages and return home. Because we've seen these delivery. Vehicles already attacked and people emptying and Maverick. Someone was killed they were trying to stop delivery truck and the driver. I don't know if the act you know. Who knows, but someone got run over. So best not beyond the street. That's for sure. smartphone sales dropped twenty percent so far this year, due to to coronavirus, apple, Samsung Outweigh and OPO also the all saw declines according to Gartner News. So I don't think this comes any surprise, but budget phones are. are up a little bit as well. All right the best for tools and manager P three music collection. I've kind of my music. Collection seems to be pretty much organized at this point I tunes got a hand on at one time, and from then it's just been kind of all over. but if you've got an MP three. Library that's that's messed up. media monkey. Music brands MP3 tag. Apple Music. Are One of the top four I. don't say liked what apple music does, but I kind of accidentally minded organized by it's. kind of on its own and not knowing it. But I guess it did a pretty good job didn't throw anything out per. Se but a lot left a lot of stuff on categorized. So we gotTA music. Lection that needs organized Lincoln's in the show notes. Italy's immunity covid nineteen, the sounds almost sounds like Malati Italy's immunity covid, nineteen contact tracing APP uses Google and Apple Tech for regions will pilot the exposure notification APP starting next week so A. They're going to be piloting this. Oh, Yun is Italian for immune on June eighth, and they're doing four regions to start out with. And this is one of the first APPs to take advantage of apples and googles contact tracing API. Follows, one Switzerland start piloting last week, of course, the pandemic hit harder than most countries as it claimed at least thirty three thousand lives there, and of course we're well over one hundred thousand. Sadly here in the United States, you knows how Kobe nineteen news is just completely fell off the wagon here in Michigan. We got an announcement today that. are going to be able to open on June eighth. Gyms no June June eighth. A gyms can open on June eight, but they can only have activities outside something in. How is Jim GonNa? Have activities outside of the GonNa take the treadmills outside, or what are they going to do so really? The gyms are not going to be really open, and they're saying maybe as late as July fourth, the open gyms here and in Michigan, but there's been a few things that have happened. I guess she kind of understood a lot of people going to. And maybe decide. It was time I. I don't Know So. Samsung's rotating mobile friendly TV goes on sale for nineteen, ninety nine and guess this was something that was demonstrated at cs. Course I missed. It's the Ciro S. E., R., O., T., V. and it'll do landscape or or vertical landscape or portrait. That's a better way to say it. And depends on what kind of hunting you're watching A. Guests you go into. portrait orientation when you WanNa Watch. Youtube videos demand down on a mobile phone. I Dunno just seems odd that you would. flip it like that, but maybe for demo purposes or something like that, but if you on TV that will twist you going to be available only to grant. Apples doubling the price for entry level Mac Book Pro Ram upgrade the company wanted those paid for the upgrade before the price increase, but it's going from one hundred to two hundred. If you want to go from a sixteen gigs of Ram and this aligns with all the rest of their macbook products, so trying to keep a consistency across the Across the stack. Samsung access launches the United States with extended warranties. So I'm not really familiar with Samsung access. So what does include? So. Your Choice Delays Samsung Galaxy s twenty s twenty plus s twenty ultra five G. devices, available color, premium care, one terabyte of cloud storage, Microsoft three, sixty five up to five devices, including PC and Max. Monthly payments upgrade every nine months upgrade early one hundred bucks cancer after three months or cancer early for one hundred so I. Guess is some sort of. Subscription model to get a new phone more often, so Anyway Lincoln in the show notes. If you're a Samsung Fan T., mobile's offering five G. in all fifty states through a roaming deals not true nationwide coverage, but it is closer so They've partnered up with the WHO is it? I. so it's far from a complete coverage, but it should be helpful if you want a national provider with speed data, regardless of which state you visit, the last five G. coverage could eventually expanded Fairbanks Juneau and fiber served communities, T. Mobile said, and I found out that the fiber that was being put in on a road that I travel was not for home. It was being tied to a five G. Tower, but I found pretty incredible that they're actually running fiber for that and not thinking about hooking up. But. It just goes to show you where they know the most monies out. So anyway. Details on that is available in the show notes of course Google dance hacking protection comes to nest devices and he. We've known that the nest thermostats. has been susceptible to hacking. There's been issues with over the year, but this Google's advanced protection program hasn't been very accommodating smart home so far. You've had to forego nest devices if you wanted. These additional safeguards is not gonNa be a problem now though the giants enabled advanced protection for Google, counts on nested devices, making it possible to use a senator Dole rail without giving up the protections you might need if you feel your high risk of a hacks and fishing, anyone with any type of device at home as at risk for hacks and fishing. And Darryl. How're you doing tonight? Thanks for joining the show. Sony is postponed. The PS five events allow more important voices to be heard. I think I. started a train of thought earlier, and I didn't finish I got distracted by Texas came in. we launched our power press version eight point three today with a brand new, Ui you X. Update pretty exciting stuff. We've been working on it for a long time and We scheduled the launch and everything prior to. All the madness it's happening in America that some folks are stopping Their their events and delaying them for a few days. Have you ever Many of you have had scanners in the past. Maybe you don't have one now, but you can't scan your docking with your phones. You take a photo. There's also canes of cool applications out there to us with that, so I have been linked up show notes on that. If you want to scan a document with your phone, it is pretty handy. Mostly, things work pretty good. Apple has released Iowa's thirteen point five point one fix a flaw behind a well known jailbreak so pretty rare here for us same day or you know basically they launched thirteen point five and immediately there was a a jailbreak for it and So, this exploit this shared last week's worth every iphone that runs Iowa's eleven or newer. And the jailbreaks lead developer pawn. Twenty told wired that the jailbreak ads exceptions to existing security roles. And again this is not good news for Apple to have a zero day vulnerability. On on a new release, and they've had some. Recent issues with a male APP and Iowa's fourteen league can so many things with people. Working home is getting a little causal security issues. Honda is donating one hundred thirty thousand face mask or face shields and medical staff around the United States. The shields are being made by Honda of Canada as well as as Honda plant in Marysville Ohio. So they've got a little youtube video on that good on haunted to do that. Also if you want to know what's new net flicks, if you've gone through everything already, they've got some new offerings starting today. That link isn't shown notes for you to review. And also if you WANNA to know how your apple? Where Os and Fitbit smartwatch can help track your coronavirus symptoms. There's a good article on that as well. So it looks at your heartbeat. It looks at just history on like what happens when someone has the flu and Kinda mimics and looks at that data, and it can kind of tell you whether or not you're trending towards something, so also looks at oxygen levels from some of those devices that zero good article on here on macworld. That talks about this again. You're not. You're just using your standard device. To Basic Kinda see if you've got something going on in contracts it so Lincoln be up in definitely. Check those those items out. All right last couple things publisher. Sue Internet archive over free e books. Penguin Random House harpercollins hatchet, and Wiley accused a nonprofit of privacy for making over one million books free online. And basically he, the the Internet Archive's founder defendant is organizations and said it was functioning as a library when access to other libraries have been cure tailed. So I. I can't see the full article on the New York Times, because they don't have a subscription, but I guess they've been allowing people to check out digital books and dad has not. went over well. Google is being accused of helping place ads on sites amplifying Kobe nineteen conspiracies. A ONE AD for telecom company Ot appeared on an arc linking virus to five G. Networks. You know Google. Really their logarithms cannot track everything. And they've been. They've been pretty aggressive to scrub. This stuff from Youtube in its new services, but adds continue to pop up on these websites and a lot of those are automated. So unless site is flagged They may fly under the radar. I think about my blog in a variety of of post that I write and I. Don't think we've got anything on the website. That is of controversy, but if there was an article of controversy, it may score off the page, but yet an ad me still be honored may be served with specific page. So it is kind of interesting here. The information they come up with, but I I think this is pretty hard for them to completely stay on top of things. All right well. Today is a short show I told you. We are a little tight on. Content. And got my livestream device to work again and somehow become unlinked with my account I had to re Lincoln. So those of you on livestream able to watch tonight spent some time at the beginning show answering listener email and I love to hear your guys is ongoing conversations. This is what gets me Giddy. When you guys send emails and your commentary. What I love I love when you guys challenge me and let me make me defend or let me explain or so. I always read all the emails if you ask me to Lao. If you don't tell me not to read it, sometimes, people say, don't read this on the on the show. And I enter that, too. So anyway. Thanks for everyone for for doing that, but I'm GONNA. Wrap this up. Not Make you guys. Hang out much longer and everyone has a great week. Be Safe. Fear an area where some this and Sandy's going on these you know, be careful. I talked with a friend of mine who was in Washington DC. Just a couple blocks from where. the rights were happening last night, and she was scared to death in her, and her husband and kids were hunkered down in. I just cannot imagine being that scared that someone's going to throw A. Set My house or something on fire. It's really you know is really insane and that with a lot of police backup a kind of on your own so. Those of you that have self protection. I'm sure that you are and those aren't Just just be careful. When these mobs get crazy, you never know what can happen in just a small so thing and. Can Bring devastation upon suggests be careful out there. And of course everyone take care. We thank you for being here today. Thank you for listening and staying subscribe. That's the most important thing in the ongoing support of the sponsors will always appreciated. Do you want to become an insider? Getting the central dot com forward slash insider. Spend my pleasure to bring his show. Everyone. Take care. We'll see next time here on the central podcasts are when take care, bye bye!

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