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Hour 1: All The Rave

First Take

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Hour 1: All The Rave

"Good day i'm ali kerim rose and you're listening to the first take podcasts. Whether you're competing on the court the diamond or on the field timing is everything the same is true of. You're selling your car. That's why our friends at carmax are accelerating the car selling process with real offers. In as little as two minutes you can accept the carmax offer right away or take a full week to shop it around and think it over. Now keep in mind. We're not talking about an estimate carmax makes an actual offer in about two minutes. It's fast it's easy editorial with no strings. Attached and carmax will buy your car. Even if you don't buy there's so if it's time to sell your car get ready to make your move in call. Shot with instant offer from carmax real offers real fast carmax the way it should be going into. I take thank you for being with us. That is stephen eight mid. No gator tiempo. But it's common. Yeah i'll leave pro props. The florida showed me something to florida. Gators job said the not got to give love to florida. Gators i get mad to the and black his show the hall of famer. Hello sir always great to have you michael irvin and we'll be talking your cowboys as well of course but guys one battle in baltimore long about that game. The it was a thriller that went down to the final minute. John harbaugh making the gutsy call to go for it on fourth and one in the final minute putting the ball in lamar jackson pansy picked up the first down in seal the deal thirty six to thirty five getting that huge monkey off his back finally beating kansas city in the chiefs the mark. There wasn't but maybe i wanted to be sure myself. You know. I say yes so but we were going for at that point. Any other player quarterback well mahomes. I'll bet they're going for to patrick mahomes. How about that back a good. You know to move on to you know win win the super bowl we we just gotta keep stay focused michael. Do you think the ravens. I could relate the sixty six i about the money i negotiate. The he never took array lewis. Who hits me up on this but the reality is they cannot be favors. You're not going to put them in front of right now. Kansas city and i always say people always said is. There's a difference between great great. Great great failures idea something for a moment in time. Greatness says i do their spaying overtime. Lamar lead go rate. Home is great miss. This is what he does want to gain yesterday but to be favorite. Because you're attack is different than you attack pets whole and they're so explode absolutely not to say tell you this. Will you ask the question. Operative word is could not the favorites now but they continue to do stuff we saw last night. You damn right. They could be couple of reasons number one. Lamar jackson did run the football. For one hundred six yards. Let's just doesn't get that out of the way now. Who told his fifth time in his career that he's passed over two hundred ramp over one hundred number three. He's the only quarterback in history that has had back to back thousand yard rushing season. And so when i look at yesterday i'm thinking about pass at eighteen thousand six hundred thirty nine yards. Poke the two interceptions. Not a good thing. A pick six tyrant. Third play the game. We see all of that but the reality is is that when you look at how potent he can be running the football. That is something he could do. On a week to week basis. He's shown us how electrify is. He's on another level even another level running about now now we have but we talked about what he does over turtle pass it and run the in the fact that he ran the football for one hundred six shots capable of doing it. Dan righty is anytime. Here's the reason. Why wild tell you also keep your eyes or kids city. I don't know about anybody else. But i wasn't impressed with that defense. I wasn't impressed. I get back down week. one will call it. What happened to keep in mind. There's the same kansas city chiefs defense. That guy smoked in the super bowl and that same do iran. Matthew was a god at tom. Brady was chirp with against rather in the super bowl and gave it to him. We've never seen tyrant matthew that rabble as he wasn't a super bowl this pay attention to something like it's also the mike. Is this again. Kansas city kansas city. Pets holders catchpole travis. Kelsey is traveling. We get all of that. What what kids a city a suspect as they are. The fact is if you look at somebody like lamar jackson. And if he plays the way that he played yesterday i picked. It won't be easy and he does this all the time. Five one hundred yards up and down the field you can have those it's the touchdown now. He only had his second. One hundred yard rushing with two touchdowns. That's what he needs to to touchdown l. Pleading hundred but you to beat to beat the chief you gotta put the ball in the endzone nano consistently continuously. And that's what they do. Make make no mistake about trump's strokes thirty second one career one hundred. This is what they do all the time. This is something. Spectacular is super happy to ravens. The ravens. I don't even think they. They believe they can be the hoping they were so excited. They're so happy to do this consistently that kind of effort that throw. He made jumping up and making completion. That's all i'm saying until he consistently knows until assist me. Bill passed in an explosive as day. You cannot make them less possibly think about. I've religiously made that. They went out of time yesterday. I religiously made that point about quarterbacks needing to be able to throw a football effectively. So i get where you're coming from but what i'm saying is i'm not just talking about lamar jackson running the football. I'm talking about the combination of that in concert with kansas city shaky defense consistently showing an inability to generate stops. When they need to be able to do so. Remember what cleveland. They gave up twenty nine points. They gave up too early last night. They gave up thirty six points. This defense is suspect right now. There's no way around it. And then when you have gone light bratunac mahomes woulda tyreek. You wanna travis kelsey okay. I look at them. And saying you know something. We're confident because we got mahomes and the crew we to be all right so some things not prioritizing into the side of the the way that it should be not think we've seen that melissa something a about about one hundred hundred. Yeah getting him back to work his way in now. That office of the cheese is going to limit. Most offices that they play against. They're going to make you went dimensional. Because you gotta throw the ball to catch up. They're going to make you one dimensional and his ability his ability to take out quarterbacks to play quarterback from that safety position the it really stop to stop is incredible. Insane so yes. That defense is suspect but the office helped covered awards that you see on the tail of the defoe again. That's what i'm telling again if i had to bet my money. I'm betting on kansas city. All i'm saying is that if we continue to see this deficit because based on i'm not i'm not even talking about office because we know how lethal it is but if you're telling me unless you can tell me you have no concerns about that defense moving forward. I'm gonna tell you that can be had. They've already got had in the super bowl. They could be had in the postseason before super bowl. If that defense doesn't doesn't lavin up. I just remember this on. The way out was quiet you rattle. They put five people on here. We started seeing people that potato chip pringle. He's going now bodies atlantic avenue. Nothing away from the baltimore ravens. A great job man. I'm just saying keep working. Just like lamar key work. You're not there yet real quick before we move on how about the rookie on baltimore's defense dafa our. He had a credible place well bedtime. He's the one that he's just. He's the one that stripped make us so boldly third best odds to win the afc as of right now. That's behind kansas city in buffalo. Who had a huge as well. Let's go to the cowboys. Is what randy gregory stephen. A this was without demarcus lawrence. They picked up a huge win against the chargers. At so-fi twenty seventeen. Thanks to greg redeeming himself from the season opener to live dallas past the chargers. Fifty six yards both watts. Now one and one. Here's that's what you do it for for the ball in your hand for chance to go win it. That's what. I was talking to the offense telling them that We talked about it all week. Long we've got the game in a position that we want it. So it's on us to go capitalizing. We'll finish this game and we're able to get into field goal range and it was just relief right. I mean the first one. I want a many in the first ones usually the hardest And it was a little you get comfy. Oh wait you have platt on the shoes and all good. It's all good did you see. Did you see him with jerry jones yesterday on. Nfl did you see it was just so touching. Watch them with family affair. Michael talk to me. Do you believe in the cowboys. Defense let me tell you what i've seen and we talked about this. We got the data from these. I who we got real inflammation. I when i came here and did my top five output or you wanted to keep kid. Call me right on the room. Did you told me about bed. Quit that you say what you laugh. Hopefully latte and i want to let to know not only to leave in this defense. This defense right now. Championship nothing championship breeds called. Let me talk. Let me talk because the reality is this something. I never subscribed. I've never since to this notion. Defense wins championships. People you'll attempted. Stop saying that if you had a hundred plagues all beef. You stop them ninety nine place and somebody scoring one play and you didn't put the ball you lose the game defense win but turnover tammy's red zone defense where championship you rush defense with championship and dallas cowboys. A right at the top. When you talk about turnovers yes you look at what you're seeing. You sit well. It thirty some point against the champions. Did they took the ball. Also from the great tom. Braided turnover defense. Give us the short feel put points back on the board and just get him in the red zone. Get them in the red zone. No one has more takeaways in the red zone. Dallas cowboys. I'm not talking about good defense. This is championship defense. This is how you win championships right here. Taking the ball away. And that's what the dallas cowboys are doing. I only talk about the young talent you see on this team with michael. Parsons and a young tyrone pretty mondays. You your parcels to change us today. Never played defense where he was just practicing and learning how to line up. And now you see how he got to the quarterback oh went demarcus lawrence and everybody gets back in case you know. Can you see this is about to be. I'll tell you the dallas cowboys defense is. Hey it's not. Anything turned alphabet anymore. They showed up sold out two minutes. The most forgave the one in the nfl in last two minutes. The anywhere in the dallas cowboys did. Yes sir yes. I was like okay. Okay i was. I wanted to call you. But i play what i was trying to go and then all first of all defense finished because you finish at home between through the numbers a couple of things number one. I will remind you number one. Pick the cowboys to win. This game number two. I got them going eleven and six and winning the nfc. So let's think they have to win a few games in order to do that. Like i predicted. They going on sixteen okay. So let's get that all in seventeen so let's get that out the way okay. This is out the way for these. These sorry nauseated disgusting cowboys get on my last damn nerves acting like i said they were going to go over seventeen. Now let's get into the particulars. Okay when you talk about the availability of the players. Don't we have an obligation to say why they're not available so we got demarcus lawrence. He's got the foot injury we got l. Got little colors. Why is he going to spend about five games for performance. Enhancing you we miss. I'm missing my test. Because he was he was what was he doing shopping cologne were. We had a cowboy trouble because he was at a department store. Robbing it alone in a pit drove all then so. Let's hope to feel no right here in this and you have to get masbate background. The field gregory. You're going to be available gregory. Let's be clear about stuff like now. Let's get on the field. Let's not view. I recall seven consecutive possessions. If i remember correctly with the los angeles chargers got to the dallas cowboys. 35-yard-line they at minimum. They will move in the ball up and down the field most of the afternoon. That's number one number. Two i recall a touchdown pass. That was negated ultimately intercept because keenan allen fell and izzo. This happens this book. But i analysis out and that's why what happened because i wrote this damn right here the second touchdown what happened late in the fourth quarter and a legal shift for the touchdown was an illegal shift. So they called it back. Ok the rebel called herbert and a graph with a cord on a quarterback. Which by the way. I don't believe he was. I don't believe he was. That's these here. No okay not to mention a missed field. Let's not forget that. I love how you just completely. Oh i just. I just gave you seventy points that the charges should have had red zone. Listen his playfield. Listen to originally the dallas cowboys. Defense is ranked second to last against the past. We have we forgot that to okay. You consider an act like oh my lord championship defense. I'm trying to put all of other stuff at the end of the day. Here's what i will say for your complimentary about the dallas cowboys. Defense day. Lash aggie yet last year. God defense led by mike nolan. Who should never been hired. That was existing last year. Dan quinn playing with absolute out some money because they couldn't get in it worth is better in. The defense is better as a result. But it ain't nothing brag about a ride home about. Let's keep that. Keeping the perspective yards are not. What makes you get. One letter are the other. They don't say you gave up three hundred yards you y'all's or you know points get a w. r. l. Because point go up and down the field. I told you about that range zone defense. Go up and down for all. You won't put that red zone defense. Is stopping you nine right now in red zone defense. Also that you my own with our kids play with numbers. I only do it to appease you to rest your breath over short grain. See the number two because you think all is just me speaking out my heart in my brain zaid because the low for the cowboys with taking it. But i'm telling you the gospel here. I'm telling you what you like to play talk numbers and the number say the same. This is a chip because by the numbers that number take analytics about the to that point and i saw the charges moving the ball up and down the i get lucky you sport you so dallas the football game after playing the champ to to the end with a chance by one hundred seconds and then came back view. A good number stephen a dallas currently leading the nfl with six takeaways took. Okay well such gay just say. That's not the way i give credit. Where credit's due. Second year quarterback injustice. Herbert made a couple of sweat. Oh you know so. I've seen this line to lasy southern california yesterday but at the end of the day his the bottom line. Y'all giving credit is due like i say you got to six takeaways. What right so betty will continue to happen but it is what it is it is with. You have your day. we'll give you wanna get on him about something. And i want to talk about this anyway. Let's talk about the bad clock management in but mike mccarthy rescue well. he w- fairness to mike mccarthy. I here's the reason. Why i don't even want to get on mike mccarthy. The mayor said he was looking at the clock and they told him the clock was broke to clock. That he was looking at was broke. He can't know that. So i'm not gonna completely excoriate him for that that that's what they're saying i don't know but that's what he said he told the press again. I'm just saying he was. It was indian but here again. I understand and his greek league do has a big lead. You know what i mean. So so he had a lot of faith in them. I'm not saying that my level in confidence was in the same place that he is. I was like we can get a little closer. We can do something else but they won the game. They won the game in the third him this time. But it's something that they have to dow. But i don't want everybody around here and i heard y'all on those previous shows talking about that you know all i'm trying to say is i hear now. We're not going to let you come up with those stories. The rav out. Gloria from where we are right now. The dallas cowboys. You see what they look like. You wanted one. You want wait one because we talk a good one in one or two hands. I forget he gave me this. I couldn't wait to agreement on. I couldn't wait to like this. I knew it was going to be like this. I had in mind sue. And i don't even know where to say but i don't even talkies suit at this. Hold on so right now. We so happy well no by not give it to the suspect astro city. 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The bengals before going out in the second quarter with a need. Justin field stepped in got. The win wasn't pretty six of eleven sixty one interception. The bears defense a bright spot though. Here's coach matt nagy on the rookie. I'm not going to get into. I'm not going to get into any of that. We'll see where everything goes and where where it's apple for. Sure if justin. He's done what we've asked him to do. And we feel good with him. I don't please. We'll i played it all You know. I think there's a lot more emmy that i have to show and You know i. I know this time i. I know. it's not going to happen overnight. So i'm just gonna keep granite and You know no matter what happens. I know i'm. I'm for this to be here all right Ryan clark joining us. We have to super bowl games now in a really rich journalist. I'll mike done. I wish i could see his face. Play should start or nichols. What do you think michael. Listen a building a quarterback young quarterback we all get to look at his physical skill set and we said. Wow look how talent do this all. It's getting outside the pocket and making plays and just feels has all of that but the most important thing is his mentality right. I love what i just heard exactly love for. I'm built for this. I mean it's great. I want you to be a person that wants to go out there. I have to be smart enough to hold you back a rather you want to go instead of me pushing you to want to go but i have to be smart enough to hold you back situation in chicago playmate. They haven't had a quarterback in a hundred million years. They're looking for one. You can deliver him. Just to fill as the sage or in a hero and not something that all of this before we learn him right now. You start mike before playmaker before we started you. Said he comes on presidential clean and you said you come on brother brother right. Must've forgot you went to the right because the place scary. So now you're gonna come on here and you're gonna tell this man to coach scared it's not just about the fact that just feels can get outside the pocket. Molly read the stats. What she didn't say it was this alan robinson who usually makes bad quarterbacks. Good bad for dropped the touchdown right. There was all the hip off of moonies hands but at he throws the interception he asked to come out now and ice. The game has to come out and win the game. It's thirty nine. He's hitting the pocket he gets out. He slides before getting out of bounds because he understands it and either with all that he says you know what i know i can be better. I know i can do more. There's says this this is leukosis. Any fool can make a rue in any fool will mind it. He made a rule that andy dalton was going to start. That was the foods route because you let the best player start and now god is giving you an opportunity doing injury to let justin feels play new. Let him do that. He's the best opportunity for this team to win football games. There's pressure being put on. That situation is chicago right now. In coz nagy has obligation to protect the young man. Also everybody's calling for him. Everybody's calling for right now. We're amila yesterday. I said what you were still twenty seven passer rating. So so you're saying oh let's put them out the full time. Let's put them out. The team scheme for hill skiing for him feels him and maybe lose him. A four point five yards poor. Tim justin fields over nine yards per town. Who different things. I do understand that. I think's couple of points to point out here number one off to say i'm brilliant because i know i'm not listened to those who are and let them bless me with the knowledge. I know my place. We'll check you whoa champion. I know when the backup so. That's why i waited this long. Check to chime in number two. You did say. I look presidential. Well let me remind you that means on the chief executive happened in my next deal fell. Here's the deal I get where you come from. Andy dalton it comparison adjusted fields but anti-doping is out. Now you gotta remember and he won the super bowl championship. Correct just few just got heat when simple championship nick. Foles wants the super bowl champion. And so when i look at chicago right now i'm saying to myself again. You got cleveland coming up next. We know what kind of moss defensive did. They can throw in the direction of justice fields. We don't have that much faint. In nagy as of yet raimondo. They've got to play to thompson his in his tenure here. We've got questions about it and we got to think about what's available for justin feels down the road. You throw them in there a little bit too early. Because what i was saying is let's get past these gain right. Handed the reins throw him in there. Ryan for the first time against cleveland. Because i would be worried about him and how that could affect on that. we do. See the does. This is what's happening. You got that loan philadelphia memory right. Now you're remembering nick. Foles that play for philadelphia not the one that lost his job in jacksonville. The gardner meant you not the one that played last year from instance bisky and was terrible. Ended up getting hurt. This is the defense which we watch yesterday. That can win football games. But they they put don't it in and you he wasn't that impressive as you pointed out so if you knew that and you still put dalton and you're not anticipating the nick foles is gonna be worth the dolphins and that's what i'm saying adults menu putting alternate chicago is. The walk is good squares. Eds he'd be out about I'm seeing there's a way to deliver him to the people. Okay take them no matter what you put me foles right now owes go and he messes up. Not now you put in the kid. Whatever he gives you is a win goal through the two guys so you know possibility to going in the right so whatever he gives you is win because even if you you winning because he's getting me hoariest playmaker guys. We just feel the bob dole win guys drafted in the first round the other three already. Starting if i'm s- acog oh yes. I'm starved for one. Because he's talented enough to because this is what happens now in the nfl. We don't get away. We got four years to figure out if you topic in the an quicker. When i i like to. I like to. June hurts right now because they finally making his office. You send some good things out of right now. He's coming in and he's running. I just hitting the dole off a lot more rollouts when they make the level of urgency. Acog oh has it would be different. Had they lost yesterday right definitely. And that's what i'm seeing. You get what i'm saying. Somebody else 'cause you guys mentioned the philly connection don't forget carson wentz also went down so there's a possibility that india might be trying to acquire. Nick foles the yet to let them have because he don't need to start at quarterback this week. Let's say aspects. I think i all i said was let chicago get past week. Three against cleveland without starting zone hail. So you and i don't discipline nonni. None of us disagree. Owned should right with all this wisdom. Answer me this. Why are we treating justin. Feels like a baby but not trevor lawrence. But not zach wilson but not meg jones. Because is the difference between congested. Feels and those couple of things number one year offensive line of suspect number two more. Importantly you've got mad naked in jacksonville. You got urban. meyer clinton. Will you draft number one overall. He's granting you ain't got much to go on from there. You look at mack jones. He's got bill belichick and he beat out cam newton. You see that situation. New zach wilson. I mean we might need to rethink. What the hell's going into next worries me you asking. That question worries me. What does he wasn't gonna what. Because we're still developing the kid other three hundred talking about you. We're still developing you in the passing game. That's why we're up to this wrong. They have they have rookie coaches. Don't don't you come. Don't come on here and start their narrative. We're developing him in the passing game if you watch the game yesterday. Six four eleven ala robinson touchdown on a basic drop out of a bliss. It's zero drops out. He didn't spot that he doesn't see it. That's not several hours three inch. Zach wilson foreign substance. This week right so either either. We bitch everybody who has to develop as a passer because clearly. Trevor has to clearly zack has to. Let's start the narrative that this do can't throw the football we at knowing what interception we can't through but there were some there are some things that he needs to tighten up on. They say this. Let me say they ought. Let me let me say this. I started off five in which you 'cause we talk about this. I didn't expect them to bring up. Trevor lawrence anzac. We'll see and effect that he brought those to up. It makes a valid point and then the final vote comes to this year a cowboy. He's not enroll without clearly that we ought to win enough victory. up. I understand that. I understand this all understand. How different jets. And jags no might draw me to say having fun do own or rent your home. Sure you do and i bet it can be hard work you know. It's easy bundling policies with geico. Geico makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home. Go to geico dot com quote and see how much you could save. It's gyco easy visit. Geico dot com today. That's geiko dot com from thirty for thirty podcasts. In the undefeated the life and legacy of south. La rapper nipsy hustle. I'm just intensely senior reporter for the undefeated in this four episodes series. I explored the shared. Experiences of life is a black man in america with nipsy brotherhood of nba players. Life is a marathon. You gotta keep it going hustle and motivate at that like the ethos of being an elite athlete. I don't know what is this is the king of crunch show. Listen now on amazon music or wherever you get your podcast. Let's focus in now on the. Nfc south battle saints. Panthers a lot of question marks here. Let me couch this by saying new orleans dealing with cova protocols and were without five starters on defense in eight assistant coaches jameis. Winston went from hero in week. One looking like a man amongst boys versus the packers to old james in week to the panthers d all over him. meanwhile sam darnold looking solid. We'll get to that later. And winston i seven drives five punts interception in a turnover. Yesterday was james is twenty six career game with multiple interceptions. The most of any player since they've entered the nfl in two thousand fifteen. Those numbers very different than week. One ryan i will start with you here. Who are the real savings. The saints aren't the team we watched the first week. That'd be the the green bay packers and three. But they ought the team that lost to the carolina panthers. They aren't are not is. But here's the are here in the middle. I think they're a little closer to week one. Then they are to what we saw against the carolina panthers. You don't have johnson gartner johnson on defense. You don't have marshon lattimore. You don't have marcus davenport these all the pieces that were able to give you the type of defense that stifled and stymied. Aaron rodgers. now offensively we have to understand. Alvin kamara zone this team. Where is he a payton. Where's the production from one of the best running backs in the nfl. And now we looked at jameis winston week one and there was no way. Everybody thought that you were going to get five touchdown. Jameis winston. Every week sean. Payton may be quarterback whisper but he is not jesus. It doesn't change in that manner. But james winston does need help. There's no michael thomas on the outside. There's not a true number one on this football team. And so albacom are has to be the lead dog. Where is he and the carolina panthers or a better defense than people will give them credit for their frontline denno. He said this on because we were talking about it in a meeting. It's the best defensive front that nobody knows about. It's the one that we don't speak and had pressure on james the entire day and also he's playing from behind and so to me. This team is in the middle of week one and we too but i believe when healthy they're closer to week one go at my own james and he's playing from behind. I understand you on and try to split the baby and say well defensively. They are a pretty good team But what we were talking about and all the noise i heard was that it. I was very impressed with his week. One informs also but we were his maybe a better off with james rainey was withdrew would among people get to bring this own with their lips and out of their mouth sought. I don't understand it but the people do you know what you're saying. Okay okay. He has the big arm they get off. The field is like we forgot about why he was in. The i wasn't he had begun. We knew it was. He made a mistake and jameis winston churchill back to those same situations that he was before they say it takes twenty one days to break a habit ahead seven in more it david. Yeah right back to who was in that situation. I'm with you. I'm with you. I thought the only chance name was winston. Had it having michael thomas because just having alvin kamara is not enough. Let me chime in. Because i got sent the bottom of give it back to both of y'all again. Y'all play that dinner this is the thing that resonates with me number one. let's understand. They got the worst passing attack and football right. Now right deadlines as number one number two. We gotta take just a moment to give carolina panthers. Yes matt rule. This show in that brother can coach. He really is showing it. And of course they different team with christian. Mccaffrey remember sam. Donald suddenly doesn't look so bad now that he's away from adam gates in love at the gates. You know the mail showed up the prescott. You sort of i mean. I love that. he's out. that's what i'm saying. Give the carolinas some props right. Here's my deal. I think they're in the middle like you said you're really in the middle. Not close to what is green bay. Certainly not as bad as they were yesterday but alvin kamara got eighty eight yards rushing into gangs. Yes sir okay. That's an average of forty four problem. But here's where i'm coming to. Y'all especially you. Hit a real problem with michael. Thomas and i'm gonna tell you what physically unable to perform list. We get all of that correct me. I'm open the correction. How you get operated on june when your season ended in january and you know you got training camp in july season that september. No no no. What i'm saying is listen. That's why i said. I'm open to correction. I might have missed it. Yeah and if i miss it. I'll apologize on national television because real knows real the point that i'm making this you got twenty million a year at the time. He was the highest bay receiver in history. When i saw him towards carter they gave him one hundred dollars. Twenty million and you will see your season ends in january and you get operated on. No one that trade. This sean payton was picked on dinners. So i'm looking at it now and i'm like okay. You drew brees was going to retire. You know that you were supposed to be that guy and on top of all it was gonna be david jameis. Winston tastes hill. Okay and you wanna gonna tell ju- y'all listen y'all y'all bit through training camp you know you know i mean y'all been through it all tell what i'm missing. The greatest thing sue guy like micheal. Thomas tick is ability to fight He has great fight in them. You mess around with them. On a line of scrimmage when he's trying to do auto wrong to fight now what happens sometimes is we direct the fight in the wrong direction. And something's going on. I don't know what's going on. What are these sweet. That fight is being directed arose. Data is absolutely the re the renowned as the reason. It's fair is because of all the things that have surrounded michael thomas signing to do the fight in practice with johnson johnson where you are suspended. Now i've been in a ton of practice fights it has to be something where you're in the wrong or coaches tired of you to suspend you usually is over. It's over right so now though you look at the surgery the surgery being late and he hasn't come out and say why i don't know if he was trying to rehab rehab it on its own and not have surgery but the problem is even after that you get the cryptic tweets dirt on your and you get all these days or so. There's this an issue between michael thomas and new orleans and this is this is me saying anybody but when we go on like when things go on like this is the problem with the organization a player. But you can't have a problem with your hundred million dollar man in an organization. The only reason hold on my all wrong. 'cause coming to you. The only reason. I bring this up right now is because we're talking about the saints and how awful they looked offensively. Remember the fact the fact the five guys out wanted defensive sodden all the same dudes that showed up when you went up against green bay. Shellac them with their yesterday and you look like a completely different team. And i'm saying yo does do right here to me is the missing story. Because he's a li he's not go. Yeah he's a leap hanging out on like just hanging out. Nobody's grinding on. This is phenomenal. Let's go back to what you said though. Stephen obviously jets fans not happy yesterday. Sam darnold looking good. The panthers seems like the change of scenery is good christian. Mccaffrey nominal as usual. You talked about the defense around. Do you believe in the carolina. Panthers i do not do. I like what i'm seeing them on. Both sides of the ball is balanced. I'm looking into decision making a sam. Donald i'm looking at catholic robinson and others and i'm saying well this ain't no scrubs brothers can play of course christian mccaffrey is. I've been on a record in the past literally saying if the brother was black he would have got more props batty reputation. That's how bad this is. What he did at stanford what he does he's coming. Nfl how multifaceted. He is what he brings to the table. How much they lean on this brother and what. They are on the field. Where he's not there christian. Mccaffrey is special. There's no doubt about it. And so for me. When i look at all of that and then i look at matt. Rule the personnel. He uses his play calling how disciplined. He hasn't how i'm going like this. This guy comes out and he used to coach at temple for on a bill. But i'm looking at him like this. Make matt rule changed universities. Right no power. How to baylor was in ruins just from own field and off the field point and he brought into teams. That are playing in new year day. New year's day bows he's a football. Coach reminds you play. When before matt rule got to temple. I covered temple for the philadelphia inquirer in the nineties. I'm a guy that wants wrote. They should they should kill the probe bad motivated me but i knew great move times about the old but most times coaching the dies and he's great at that but the guy's got let's go too far down now. These days good players play great. It expectations right. There were thinking maybe more week one once. They get their guys. Just emily believable. I take has done to the playmaker. I'm here on what happened to the guy that it was a stunning fall from grace. Did it concern you that a number of tests weren't working on thoroughness devices. Her story unbelievable her voice. Aunt mistake bull. I know that we made so many mistakes. This strange saga of elizabeth homes continues. I'm rebecca jarvis. And i've been reporting on the case of elizabeth homes for more than five years and now that she's finally going to trial will be following the case and elizabeth every step of the way big risk fingered. I think she's hold a robot. Dogs dropout is back. Listen now in every tuesday during the trial. Wherever you get your podcasts.

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