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"garson ritchie james" Discussed on Niners Nation

"Catch meaning that peer Garson Ritchie James and George Kittle catching the ball, and then continuing to run and in some cases, that's Nick Mullins putting the ball in a good spot. But in a couple of these cases, I think that's the explosiveness or the ability of Richie James, particularly and George Kittle the raiders defense didn't play very well in on those three sort of major splash plays particularly Garcia touchdown the very long. Impressive cat from George kit. Where Nick Mones threw the ball and some crazy traffic, and they still completed the catch and enriching jeans fifty something yard reception. I think that there's an important discussion there to be had that while Nick Mones did really well, the one hundred sixty two yards came after the catch on those three plays that I mentioned those splash plays. It was like. One hundred forty nine yards or so so these receivers also really really made some impressive plays. And if we're gonna discuss it, this is Nick Molin sort of breakout game think we have to inherently discuss it. This is the first time that we've seen the forty Niners receiving core. Absolutely dominate somebody. Well, I think when a wide receiver is that wide open, and they're able to get that many arms after the catch. I think that's a testament to the way the offense is structured. I'm thinking of to play specifically one. The why the absolute wide open touchdown to peer Garson. I mean that what Garson literally had I I don't think there was a defender within what five ten yards of him even more. I went and watched the safety was was ten yards was ten yards away from paragraph zone in his momentum was taking him the wrong direction. And you don't even get that open in the big twelve in college. Like that some straight MAC bullshit. Like, that's that. You do not even see that in college. And that's how wide open peer Garson was. And I think that Mullins, of course, find. Ding him getting the ball to him and making sure that that's a completed pass is is not doesn't mean that moans is great. It just means he's able to execute. And that means that Cal Shanahan called a phenomenal counterpunch to a collection of plays in that opening script. And then I think of that that the play to Ritchie James, and that I think is a little bit more on Mullins because he does identify the blitz and he does throw it through the open receiver. But then I mean that receiver had off coverage all he had to do was basically running catch and then sprint in the open field in that again means that you've got Shane news understanding that he's got to put those concepts together. And Nick Mullins just took with the defense gave him. I think overall the receivers played well, but I still think a lot of this has to do with with the way the Cal Shannon's able to put his receivers in a position to succeed. He just finally had a quarterback that could distribute it. He finally did in. It was really exciting to see as you mentioned with with Nick Mones ability to identify blitzes, which you know, so much of what you what I think a defensive coordinator wants to do. We'll get into this more even later, but you wanna bring pressure on a young guy that you don't know what sort of live bullets Nick Mones is seen and his ability at least on four of those throws to identify where the bliss was coming from to get the ball out in rhythm. And then to allow the receivers to make plays is really impressive particularly this far as making plays just another week where George Kittle shows up as as who am I would say looking around the league right now, he's he's one of the best from a from a perspective that he he's the high. He's the best receiver on this team weakened weak out. He's the he's the most dangerous threat. He's a mismatch. Whatever you wanna label him. We've yet to see somebody really put the clamps on him. And in addition to that, he's comfortable blocking the forty Niners can leave him on the field at all times for any reason. Even..

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