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"gap miller" Discussed on ESPN FC

"Birthday tomorrow. Yes, it is. What you can do? I'm going to play golf in the morning? Yes. And then after that, I think my beautiful lovely wife is going to fix quite a meal for me and the kids and it's going to be relaxing. Hopefully a relaxing evening. And what's on the menu? Do you get to choose? Yes. Why not? Arepas? Oh, love this. Shredded beef? Yes. Black beans. Beautiful. Yeah, and then the chicken with mashed avocado as well. At what point will you say, these are almost as good as my mom's. So wonderful. These are wonderful. I love you, babe. That's a wonderful. Oh, there's also a key lime pie at the end of it. Wow. Very nice. How old were you being young? I'm going to be 43 years old. Wow. And for now though, does end up at Bayern Jan, would he break Lewandowski's most goals in his season record? He scored 24 goals in the worst united team. The last 50 years. No, he won't, because what Lewandowski has done at Bayern is amazing. The thing he has done for them 41 gold beating the record of gap Miller, which was unbelievable. But I think it's interesting to follow this Cristiano Ronaldo's thing because bien said that with no chance that we will get him, but I think there is also a message Robert Lewandowski don't you think, don't you dare to think that he is your ticket out. So I will follow this one. This is neat. This will be continued. And we talked about it on the show a lot as well. Meanwhile, Jan, assuming Lewandowski leaves, the Bundesliga, who would you bet on to be the top scorer next year? And conquer or someone else? Maybe he will get more goals than you can go to that because Bayern Munich you will get a lot of chances. Sebastian allaire, Sebastian hiller, coming to Jordan when Sheik, of course, at Leverkusen kuka. I don't think that he will have that great season that he had. His last season. I will always go for a buy on pair. Maybe Thomas Miller will end up being the most assistant in the most goals. But I don't think we should be used to people scoring over 30 goals in the Bundesliga. Are your money's on Saturday? No, I will say that if Cristiano Ronaldo comes, I will put this from Ronaldo winning the tortures clinic. I love the Twitter name here. The NATO's interior decorator must be a very minimalistic person. Speak of interior decorators. Something's going on in the nickel household at the moment. A bit of painting. It's a look at me. What role do you have in the painting? Me, I'm the, can you go and get me a glass of water? Right. When the cash has been the back of the field. Absolutely. No help. Whatsoever. Oh God, I'm a hundred. Right. In general, I just painted it. With around the house. Emotional support. I don't think any of us. Right. Wow. Look at that. 40 years of marriage. You're going to be. I'm just a pretty face. Stevie, who's more likely to score more goals this season. Jadon Sancho, Marcus Rashford, richarlison,

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