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"gandhi brooks" Discussed on The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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The world of avatar where you can even flying back about and banshee at disney's animal kingdom was so much happening throughout all four theme parks. There's no better time to indulge everything you've been craving go checkout disneyworld dot com slash the heard for more information on special offers. Thanks for listening to the podcast. Be sure to catch us. Live every weekday from twelve to three eastern nine to noon pacific on fox sports radio. F s one. Find your local station for the hurt at fox. Sports radio dot com or stream. It live every day on the iheartradio app by searching heard. You're listening to fox. Sports radio Here we go hour number. Three were live in l. a. It's the hurt brought to you by jersey subs bs above wherever you may be in. However you may be listening iheartradio fox sports radio s one so we have news joy. The dallas mavericks have parted ways with donnie nelson. The gm so what does that tell you. Two days after a story breaks with multiple leaks inside the mavericks organization. The guy leaking the story with probably donnie nelson does mark cuban. Just said zia am i. Am i not thinking that it's not. It's not far off because the article was essentially. Everybody was mad because this guy this former sports gambler who's in analytics gotten very close with mark. And it's all the only person mark listens to so we kept saying there's envy in this organization. Multiple people are leaking so two days later the gm gets dropped by the way what that tells you is. Mark could have waited a long time to do that. Mark decided do it now marks messaging to all of us is. That was the leak. Well the story did also say that. Luka was having some issues with several members of the front office if i recall so yeah if you what's happening in the nba cranky. This is so stan van gundy fire. Gandhi brooks fireworks. Somebody else dinelson. Donnie nelson just got fired and we well and then of course all the injury news and then there's a chris paul. Paul is out indefinitely. Protocol covert now. He's apparently jalen rose has reported he is vaccinated. So if you're vaccinated you get a comeback sooner only if you're exposed if you're positive you after probably still do the full two week. Oh boy that blocked the whole because it doesn't matter if you're vaccinated or not if you if you're positive like the purpose of the vaccination is obviously to protect you from becoming positive and if you do become positive that you won't be sick you won't be as sick but if you're if you're positive which we don't know but if he is positive he would have to be out for two weeks. Stephen jacqueline leonard. Yeah stephen jackson joins us in about fifty minutes. Rich climbing k d's manager will be joining us and you know there. There are a lot of people speaking of the bucks on the net. A lot of people these days that call them experts. You see him on. Cnn msnbc nominee expert. But after last night's performance kevin durant is very deserving of that title in offensive basketball. That's what an expert looks like. He can he can fade. he can hit threes. he can drive. he can finish. He can slash. He is a complete offensive machine. Do you know how exhausting it is to play forty eight minutes of an nba game. How exhausting that is. That's a nine thousand calorie burn it. It's not like katie's got extra pudding. He's a skinny great player ever. He plays an entire game. Forty nine minutes. Seventeen rebounds. ten assists has to defend. That was an all time performance. In what just remarkable last five seasons in which he's been healthy at the end of it he has been the best offensive player on the best team so this is not a surprise and that game. I mean if you really think about it. Now that lebron's older and his out there really is no competition for the best player because this has always been a seventy five twenty five offense over defense league. Janas can't shoot kyri has struggled with injuries. Dame's a small player. Lucas to young. Ad can't stay healthy. Embiid got injuries. James harden has no playoff credibility colli. He's hurt again kind of a question. Mark this is now lebron's out lebron's has been sort of the roadblock now that he's out this is kevin's league it should be kevin's leak the last five seasons in which he's been healthy at the end he's been like the best player on the best team and it was really funny watching this game last night is did you notice how emotional durant was and steve. Nash was at the end of that game. Like kevin's not on the floor. He'll be frustrated time to time but he's not. He's not a fist pumper. That's not really his thing right. he's stoic sometimes. Did you see how emotional he was. Because i think kevin knows last night's win. They're in the finals. I don't care about philadelphia. i don't care about atlanta. I don't care about the bucks. I think kevin new i gotta buy time tonight. Kyri will come back eventually. It's probably the next series and harden was obviously going to be rusty. He was that first quarter. It was like has james ever played basketball. I think kevin new. Can i buy us a night. That's it. I just gotta get us a night. If i can get us through this same way. I look at the football season when join. I go to football season. You can't take a day off for five months. And i always look at thanksgiving if i can get the thanksgiving. I'm not sick. i'm ready to go. I can see that the next monday. I show up after thanksgiving. I can see light at the end of the tunnel. I can see christmas vacation. I thought kevin durant at the end of that game. he knew. Okay if i can get past tonight hardens not going to be really good. He's not gonna be one hundred percent. He's.

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