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"gamespot sutton" Discussed on Behind the Steel Curtain

"So we'll have to see with with what's going on at the cornerback position our quarterbacks going to be able to throw faster against the steelers in there for they're not going to get those sack and pressure numbers that they would otherwise i don't know but then you also bring back devon bush. I laid this out on a previous episode that when it came to the numb strictly with the numbers when it came to sacks the where the steeler saw the biggest drop off was after the loss of devon bush not not after losing my hidden not in games where they lost buddy pre but where you saw the biggest difference was not having devon bush now seven bush was always there with those other two. So it's just it is what it is but that's the numbers that's the number. So do i think the steelers could improve on their pressures and their sacks and they're and they're hurries and things like that. I think you're going to see higher numbers strictly because of the seventeen game schedule. But what's most important is that you look at those percentages. How're those percentages looking like that. Thirty five point one percent pressuring dad last year. They don't have to improve it. they don't have to go up. Five percent dated from twenty nine hundred. Twenty twenty if they just maintain that that would still be fantastic or even a slight improvement would be wonderful so to me. Looking at the steelers defense is looking at the strength of this team. And so many people were down on the steelers. And they talked about ben rothlisberger and i talked about the offensive line. That talk about this talk about that but really the big thing is the defense and the defense. Every lost that they had was a calculated loss. They knew they couldn't afford bud. Dupree and that's part of the reason why he drafted alex smith the year before and if alex smith wouldn't have had the season that he did last year they probably would've looked for ed rusher higher in this draft to help replace to pre the fact that they didn't tell you that they think that they have something in outside smith and the steelers could have signed mike hilton camp sudden and chose not to. They chose gamespot sutton over mike hilton. The steelers chose to make steven nelson a cap casualty. That's what that was the decision they made so they and they didn't go out and add anyone. Major i mean that like arthur millette in the mix is like one of the additions that they had came from another team but really they didn't go out and make any big splash moods which tells you. They're pretty happy with what they have in general. So i'm i'm still looking at this defense to lead the way for twenty twenty one and i'm really hoping that it's their pressure sacks all those things that they do with getting the quarterback whether they're having to do with the blitz or out the blitz i don't wanna see them having to blitz on every play in order to have any success But it does seem that when they do. They are getting some overall success. And that's what we want to see based on the numbers so those are my geeky numbers for you this week. I hope they weren't too geeky. And i still want to ask if you can sti superfan dad. That's my twitter handle s. t. l. Ourse superfan dad at gmail.com. My email hit me up asking you stats question. i'll give credit for. It will dive into the numbers. And then we'll get into real steelers football for twenty twenty one. So i can't wait to get back to you next week because the steelers might already be meeting at the facility by that time and i know in two weeks already practiced.

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