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"gamal damian lillard" Discussed on Celtics Lab Podcast

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"gamal damian lillard" Discussed on Celtics Lab Podcast

"Now i would say because of the nature of his contract. I the best money is still in portland. I don't think that's necessarily The the situation. We should expect us fans. But i think with more likely portland than it. Is you know anywhere else now. If i could take feel i would probably take the field Right think that that's probably the most likely scenario is somewhere. That's not portland portland or not portland. That's kind of what. I'd have to thank but you know he's got a long long contract. You've got that extension. It's about to kick in four years so Trading somebody that's under contract for that long There's there's a lot less urgency. I wouldn't be surprised if it had to be another year. I'm in portland Before trade gets done That being said. I think the boston got a decent offer. you know For 'em if they were interested in Jalen brown jaylen brown do much better in the portland market in terms of fans liking him than. Let's say michael junior out of denver would I think jalen fits what they're looking for. They're a lot more often. Fan perspective than than michael junior And i do think for juniors an excellent player But you know. I think that Brown is somebody who i think would be adopted Very fast as just the ideal Player for that market I think i mentioned new orleans. Think you have to keep an eye on denver I really really like You know the idea of gamal damian lillard and nickel yoga team especially with jamal. Murray said to miss all of next season presumably with this for nacional is hard for me to imagine seeing yoga show from mvp to lose it a team like bats. I wouldn't be surprised to see denver thriller chip from the table interesting and yet To close the loop this off the top of the heads of these numbers are a little an accurate. But i think lillard is owed some of the two hundred and thirty million dollar range over the next four years and that's Think twenty seven million dollars more than the next highest blair janas so it is not an insignificant chunk of change to try to move around All right let's Let's close out the news of the olympics unless get outta here Dinnie hinted that he might want to work an different front office somewhere but maybe it was limited responsibilities. So perhaps we'll see him sticking around the nba. Tatum in an interview with gary washburn. So that he was shocked. That danny had left And that he wasn't expecting brad to get the promotion that he did which i suppose it's not surprising but He was pretty forthright about that. And also you might have seen jalen brown on jimmy. Kimmel live where. He raised twenty five large for his juice foundation. Buying a silly game with that. I think if anderson who's got So we have that Put away this. White confidence podcast. I suppose Let's talk about summer. Legal check with the olympics. And let's go home so summer league. It looks like we're going to get pritchard. Newly-acquired moses brown new smith carson edwards yamadera maybe taco fall and alex. You were telling us that maybe romeo langford in a point guard position. Yeah so this is going back to in athletic article. Jared weiss that suggesting that the celtics are interested in exploring romeo as a more ball dominant point guard type player rather than in the wing role that he's kind of traditionally been used at in the few games that he has played the celtics. Of course romeo's missed a ton of time from injuries as a at the beginning of his career but One thing that they were according to this article thinking about doing is empowering romeo. Be a little bit more of a playmaker off the bench. Which i think is actually kind of an interesting move and one that Many gets a little closer to his college. Skillset skillset when he was at you. I think it's not a crazy idea. Especially given that the celtics in the same article mentions that the celtics are also potentially interested in exploring what peyton pritchard can do in a more off ball role where he's kind of as a spot up shooter cutter type which i think given what we saw from richard last year He definitely has his limitations as a ball handler but arguably the best thing that he brought to the table was a consistent outside threat. So i wouldn't be shocked to see them toy around with some funky lineups. Romeo at point with Playing kind of nominal to guard role I think that summer league is traditionally been a place. Where brad really likes to tanker with lineups and tryouts and funky interesting stuff. And i would not be surprised if daca carries that over short and perhaps pitcher can play the to guard which we don't know what will happen with a informed so that could be an interesting wrinkle norm powell a few hours ago Opted out of his player option. Will barton did the same a few days ago. So the the market for a two guard will be intriguing and that could affect for new very much into the summer league. It sounds like Speaking friend jerry. Rice trim waters is on his way out Good luck drama if that's true And that the team has worked out. Zack augustine great nigel. Hayes said i could be names to keep an eye on. We'll talk more about summer league as it comes down the pipeline but there are a lot of fun players. Think anyone who is more than a casual fan of the celtics will have tune in And let's talk about the olympics which are still happening. What a treat to go sleep on those anti-sex cardboard beds to represent twenty century nationalism. What a what. A wonderful journey. That will be just that. I have to say if you really think that the most gifted physical athletes in the world cannot find a way to engage in extracurricular activity outside of the setting bed. You really are like. I have a bridge in brooklyn to sell. What are we doing. Japan is makes no sense. Okay tell it's really feel But yeah i mean it's preposterous as are the number of cove related incidences. They seem to be piling up. Outside of basketball inside of basketball beal is out jack. Levin hasn't traveled to tokyo yet Jeremy grant is now out. I mean it's it's probably too big to fail like Doctor gwen has said a number of times but something to keep an eye on But let's end on the lighter. Side jalen are. Jason is looking okay in the game. against spain. the final scrimmage. She only had six points. But he did have six rebounds five assists dynamic. Play from your future. Point up brian. Let's get out here on this. What american player are you most excited to watch. And then give us a prediction if not the americans wins.

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