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"gainesville murphy" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"From the stretch the pitch swing and a drive towards left-center field. It's got a chance. Time for Mark Reynolds. Claimed dry grand slam and Iraqis lead it six to nothing. Rockies radio on the call two days in a row now, we've played Rockies highlights, and we're in January still I like it Rockies have made a minor move. And I mean that in more than one way Mark Reynolds returning to the Rockies organization. I he signed a minor league contract with the team. Of course, you remember two years ago Reynolds did the same thing with the Rockies. And he went on to be one of the biggest revelations of the twenty seventeen season not just with the Rockies. But the the major league baseball as a whole to sixty seven with thirty home runs in ninety seven Rb is a lot of people kind of including myself thought, why aren't you bringing this guy back? You know, apparently Mark Reynolds was looking for a major league deal. Rockies weren't willing to give it and he moves onto Washington. He does not have quite the season that he did in twenty seventeen as you can imagine still bad at two forty eight thirteen home runs forty RBI's is if you run wondering in Desmond was the most of the year first base for the Rockies batted twelve points. Lower did hit more home runs. I and drive in more runs but did play in. Twice as many games. So if you took a home runs and RBI's per at bat Reynolds would have easily surpassed. You desmond. So perhaps rectifying a mistake is Jeff bridage? I think it's just we didn't get a lot of production out of the first base spot this past season Gainesville Murphy looks to be our first baseman this year. But if Ryan McMahon struggles at second base, then maybe we have a backup plan. That's what Mark Reynolds is. Is a backup plan because Ryan McMahon as we sit here today is your second baseman for the Colorado Rockies. And Daniel Murphy is your first baseman. But.

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