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"gabrielle itn" Discussed on The Long and The Short Of It

"So that you come up with what you're GonNa do to prevent those things from wrong. And there's also another way of looking at this which I'm sure I've spoken about whoop at some point. During, this podcast. Wish Outcome Obstacle Plan, Gabrielle ITN's framework, and the ideas that you are more likely to arrive at your intended goal. If you give yourself permission to see all of the possible obstacles, then create a plan for when those obstacles arise. So in both cases. Whether it's with the pre mortem or a Wu plan, you are setting yourself up to make. Better decisions. As you become aware of what's actually happening in the process Yeah. I feel like I want to say both both have value because the thing that is so top of mind is the pandemic for example that has taken twenty twenty bucks dorm flipped it on its head. And is not necessarily a bridge that I feel like anyone really could have seen coming except for maybe some really smart people who've talked about these kinds of things bill gates comes to mind is Ted talk about four or five years ago. The kind of predicted that this is going to happen. I'll link to it in the books good Saipa, but the point of that is I feel like. Trying. To work, out, in my head. How do we? Get clearing what the bridges are so that we can prepare for them come up with a plan B. and Not Hiding. Trying to identify all the bridges and and never do anything. And acknowledged that there are probably going to be. Things that we can't foresee that we have to be out to adapt on the fly full. Like a pandemic. So, I'm curious about that tension of like at what point do you know you've prepared for enough bridges? Is it like you need to have plan A. B. and C. You need to have seen three bridges and then you're okay to go. Because in my head, I'm thinking about the person who is never prepared to take action because they always thinking about how many different bridges there that they need to prepare for, and then you never do anything and I think as we've kind of addressed in a number of these episodes. I think I'm probably sometimes to opposite, which is I tend to be the. Figured out when I get there across the bridge when I come to it. And I totally have recognized in working with you especially. How many pitfalls that house and so I'm just trying to find the middle grant he of the tension point of what the tipping point of you like. Do you have any thoughts? Yes. Yes. Yes. I do I do okay..

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