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"gabriele marcotti" Discussed on ESPN FC


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"gabriele marcotti" Discussed on ESPN FC

"And gabriele marcotti as well, gab is in Qatar right now. What was the reaction to this gap? Well, you had the immediate reaction is always happens in FIFA land. Whenever somebody speaks and criticizes somebody at the Congress, we've seen it happen before. You always get somebody who jumps out and says, no, no, let's stick to football. Let's not lose our focus. Yeah, all this stuff is important, but let's stick to football. In this case, it was a gentleman from the Honduras FA, but the FIFA president Johnny and fagina did address this later. And look, he pointed out, none of these people were in charge when Qatar was awarded the World Cup in 2010, right? 25 people voted on them and 14 of those 25 since then have either been suspended or banned or indicted for corruption or investigated. So he made the point. It's a different FIFA. They inherited this World Cup. So as far as the corruption question, that was then now they have to try to make something positive out of it. And it's for the migrant workers, FIFA cited the fact that they've been working with trade unions. And that things actually have improved. They abolished the Catholic system, which I think in some people compared it to slavery. I don't think that's a bad comparison. The number of worker deaths worker safety standards, FIFA say are now in line and more importantly, the trade unions who go and inspect this stuff are now in line with western standards. I think the big question and a lot of people's minds, though, is, okay, that may be true now, but what happens once the circus rolls out of town? What guarantees do we have? That this is going to be lasting change, or is it that once the spotlight moves away from Qatar, it's going to be business as usual. And they'll go back to the way it was before and Qatar. And the way it still is today really across the goal from Saudi Arabia to Dubai to Abu Dhabi to.

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