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"gabriel cahan" Discussed on The Frame

"Welcome back to the frames year end special. I'm John horn. We're bringing you some of our favorite interviews from the past year one afternoon in September. We got out of the studio and headed over to a nondescript building in Culver city, the kind of plane industrial type place that maybe could house a tech startup or an insurance company. But inside is actually the studio of one of L A's most respected and influential artists, Ed Russia. He first moved to Los Angeles in the nineteen fifties for art school and over the decades Rochet has integrated elements of the city's landscape like the Hollywood sign and norms diner into his work words, letters and typography fascinate Rousse, they're often prominent in his paintings. We talked about that while wandering around his studio where pieces set in various states of completion. I asked who shea if what motivates him now is any different from what motivated him back when he started out. I think I kind of look at it is though I take my lunch pail to work. And you know, it's I like I like to studio work and just being here and being around all these little things that that brought into these rooms. And that's a good part of the whole issue. Would you say that your creative process has changed materially? From when you would I say, you were doing the kind of work that you're probably best known for while the way, I approach things is usually it's like an involuntary reflex. And and something oh, come to me. And I've got a make an official. So I end up making a widget out of it some kind of art work. And it's usually involves words or something that someone said or I heard on on on the radio, maybe your program. I don't know. But. It begins somewhere like that. Can I ask about these pieces over here? Yeah. Now, these are drumskin cz. Previously used you can see. And so they're Vela m- their animal skins one says I done did that the other ones has nobody denied nothing. And the other one says I won't never and I got onto painting these few years ago, and somehow the the concept of double negatives came into my life because I I grew up with people that spoke this way I'd done did that and I never done it things like that. And so these works kind of revolve around that is that something that's always been common in your work. Do you think back more now toward people you've encountered over your life that had memorable things to say? Yeah. I grew up in Oklahoma. And there's a particular angle to their dialect there that they have and and I was very acutely aware of it and an amused by it, and so how it leaked into my it seems like he would run from something like that. I mean, this incorrect English, you know, you'd run from that. But no, I embraced it. I mean, I I like seeing it, and exposing it on ask you about this piece that is now at the Brody there people, I know who would look at the long lines of people outside the Brodie any day, any our there's a lot of people lined up outside the museum, and I remember pointed out to somebody and they said, well, they're just here to take selfish with the art. And my response was I don't know that that's a bad thing. To you. What people do once they're in a museum. No, no. And you know, children are there people for any number of reasons, they go to there to just see what's happening or maybe to cool off from the hot weather. It doesn't matter but getting the turnstile to work and have people coming into the museum as an essential part of the whole thing. That was visual artist at Rousse. If your goal is to cross United States in a hurry. Amtrak is not the ideal option the trip takes about four days if you're lucky, but if you've got the time and are eager to meet strangers from all walks of life, riding, the rails is a perfect choice. Which back in November twenty sixteen is exactly what Brooklyn based composer Gabriel cocaine aim to do just after the presidential election. He left his cell phone in the daily news cycle behind and jumped on a train thirteen days thirty one states and dozens of dining car meals, later, Kahin return to New York with a full diary and the inspiration to write a song cycle of character. Sketches and personal reflections the completed pieces called eighty nine eighty book of travelers when Gabriel cahan came to the studio. I asked him about the people that he. Met on his trip. It was an interesting mix. There is certainly encountered some people of extreme privilege, and I also encountered people, you know, religious Luddites from Ohio and countered all kinds. I wanna play one of the songs from book of travelers. This song is called November.

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