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"gabe rivera" Discussed on Behind the Steel Curtain

"Your host is always tony few. I thank you for sticking with me on youtube or facebook. If you're if you're watching live if you're listening and audio platform. I thank you for downloading part to here we are. It's if you're if you're listening. After the fact i don't know what day it is but as i'm taping this or streaming est. I guess it's called. It's june eighteenth. So that means you're about five weeks training camp. So i certainly can't wait for that and before i get on to the next couple of subjects that it's going to take some a live chat comments and here's from awesome stuff nineteen ninety-three just about juju smith schuster and his relationship with the media or perceive perceived relationship and he says it seems like seminar media. Believed you to be two faced another guy off camera. Maybe that's that's true. But i don't really despite what i said earlier about how someone seminar media refund of love bell. I don't always necessarily feel like if the media doesn't like somebody that he's a bad guy just that maybe he and the media don't get along just because the media doesn't like player doesn't mean the players an evil person if you're if you're dealing with the media all the time and they're always asking questions and you can go and read about what they say about you and you don't have your skin thick as it should be and i can see why you would get upset coaches have bad relationship if you ever listen to a press conference that most head coaches a pretty darn condescending to a media when i talked to them if you mike tomlin so great example bill. Our that way chuck knoll was that way. A lot of coaches around the nfl. That are pretty spirited towards the media. When i do to press conferences and i don't hear people calling them bad guys. Just because they're they're they're mean to the reporter so but i have heard that about you. You have heard that you know. He's he's a one way on camera one way off but is that is that the case or is he just one way. When he's with the media is he kind of gardener with the media but in any event my next topic is about my might be boring to you but as per its memories as i said it's as i said Few minutes ago. It's june eighteenth. I'm talking right now and it's a it's one of those quote unquote slow news days for the most part in. It's a slow time of the year for the nfl. So it's about memories as wanna share my one memory my one favorite memory of the nfl or absorbed the usfl and how was the one thousand nine hundred four season. The one and only season of the pittsburgh steelers they were an expansion team the fellows owning its second year so The call mahler's expansion. You it's kind of a stretch but no pun intended but they weren't expansion. They were a new team and they played it the stadium in be quite honest as far as any games from that year and they finished three and fifteen tied for the worst record in the league. I don't really have any memories of of any actual games. Even though i watched a lot of the games that you're my only memory of that of the usfl as far as mahler's were concern is the fact today's signed or they drafted and sign. Mike rozier who was in one thousand nine hundred three heisman trophy award winner. He was running back from nebraska. And i actually watched that guy play for years. And i was in awe like i can still go back to early. Nineteen eighty four. And feel how. And all i was that they actually at the mall. There's actually signed. Mike rozier. Because i mean i had watched the steelers up for about five years up to that point and nobody's that they ever drafted. I had let me rephrase it. I had never heard of anybody that they had ever drafted up to that point. Nobody mark malone keith. Gary waller abercrombie. I didn't know any of them. Gabe rivera i didn't know any of those guys And of course the low around picks. I didn't you know i was. I was star struck that they got this guy he was gonna play in the usfl. And i it didn't work out in the end for rozier. Us player he went on to the nfl headed. Okay career not a great restaurant like four thousand yards. Certainly didn't live up to his his college career. But that was what was special about that. Eighty four season as so many stars in that league who played that year that would go on and have great careers in the nfl. Reggie white was in that. I don't know if he played in eighty four or not but he was. He was in that league Of course steve young nineteen eighty-four. He signed the biggest contract in the history of sports up to that point and ultimately went on to have a hall of fame career. The forty niners. Jim kelly was in in any. Usfl one thousand nine hundred shunned the bills. You don't wanna play in a cold weather city in buffalo so he went and played for the houston gamblers and he was rookie of the year in the league. Mvp through for forty four touchdowns and fifty one hundred yards. And of course. Jim kelly from pittsburgh and later that year damn renaud. Who's also from pittsburgh. Went to pitt played. Obviously for the for the dolphins and the nfl and he he went on and pass for five thousand yards and forty eight touchdowns was named nfo vp. So for one year. The two best quarterbacks in the world and the two best quarterback baxter's in terms of staff up to that point both resided in both from pittsburgh. There's pretty neat. But the muller's all disbanded. Ed debartolo. Who was the The former penguins cheese of he passed away now. He did not want to go head to head with the with the steelers because the usfl was trying to go for whatever reason they were trying to go head to head with the nfl and plan to fall which to me was a dumb a dumb move. They are nice. Nice thing going.

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