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"gabe michelle" Discussed on A Bipolar, a Schizophrenic, and a Podcast

A Bipolar, a Schizophrenic, and a Podcast

09:14 min | 1 year ago

"gabe michelle" Discussed on A Bipolar, a Schizophrenic, and a Podcast

"In. For reasons that utterly escape everyone involved. You're listening to a BI polar schizophrenic, Anna podcast. They're your hosts gave Howard and Michelle hammered. You're listening to a bipolar, schizophrenic and a podcast. My name is gave Howard and I have bipolar disorder. Hi, michelle. I'm schizophrenic and together. We're hosted a podcast. That's where we got the name. I think we've made that joke like four times in the entirety of the show, which is now. Well over a year. Wow. Gabe, I've known you for so long. You couldn't even fake enthusiasm. I'm in busy AST, Jake. I'm so happy who's your meds? Yes. Isn't that was still the number one question that makes our audience cringe? I can't stand that question. No. You know that? I'm just kidding. I watched you take your meds because I don't want you to hurt my dog. Stereotypes are funny. They're also very offensive and insulting. And this show really aims to both break down stereotypes and use them for humor. So we have sort of a schizophrenic goal shit. I do it again. Oh, no. You Dade this weather is just so schizophrenia, bipolar. See that doesn't offend me. That's actually a really interesting point. I've heard you say that the weather is gets a frantic offends you. When people say that the weather's bipolar that does not offend me. I think that makes a little more sense because they mean one day it's sunny one day. It's rainy or cold gets a frantic weather. I don't get it. Because unlike what is the weather hearing right now. So you're saying that the reason that the weather is schizophrenic offensive is. Because the weather is not hearing voices. I just don't understand how it makes any sense. What are they thinking that schizophrenia is that the weather could possibly be schizophrenic? That's a good point there. Whether losing all is the weather thinking that it's raining. So it's raining. Or is the weather sunny because it's believing a delusion of sunniness, I don't get it. That's a good point. When somebody says, the weather is schizophrenic. They probably mean that it's like a Radic or may be unwelcome or violent or uncomfortable. So therefore, the weather is gets a frantic. And I can see where that would be you're right. That is a lot more insulting than the weather is by polar which like you said it was rainy one minute and sunny the night. I think it's just people that don't know. What's schizophrenia is? And they just want us say something like, maybe they think they're smart like when people say the word converse eight they think it's an actual word when the real word is converse. They they're smart like we were just conversating like, no, no, you sound like an idiot. When you try to sound smart like that, not a word conversation. Not a word conversation is not a word don't say the word conversation in front of me. I will think you're an idiot. You know, the one that I hate the most let your regardless is that it's not a word regardless is not a word. It's regardless just regardless. You don't need an ear and on they got even heard somebody say that you know, what I also hate. This literally makes me that doesn't make any sense figuratively makes you yes. Because then you're literally because then you'd be dead literally made you you'd be dead. But you know, and then the British they say literally, literally why they literally you've never left the country. I have when plus there's always British people on TV, and there's Burs people in movies, and they say literally, and they say choose day, and they say shed, Joel. So we've got an Email. I. We actually didn't drop these things into see if people from across the pond listening if somebody writes in we did not like Michelle hammer, making fun of our entire culture and country. We like, hey or breaking in the UK. We do get a lot of Email, and we are going to try to answer more and more emails in future episodes so Bob over to psych central dot com slash Bs p and you'll be able to see the form to ask us your own questions. Ask us anything Meghan Senna's, a nice long Email, and she has to allot of questions we decided, hey, we might as well address them because we ran out of show ideas. She wrote I just started listening to your podcast, and I'm trying to understand bipolar disorder more. So this this works because it's going to be about me. I would love to hear an in-depth discussion about how the brain works with someone who has by polar disorder. Let's kinda stop there for a moment gave Howard lives with bipolar disorder and nine schizophrenic, and neither one of us are doctors. I am not a doctor. We don't even play one on TV. We don't even have like Neil, Patrick, Harris, doogie howser nine. Yeah. We're not even a kid. Dr not genius, not even a therapist that. I like brains. So you do not wanna get in depth information about how the brain works with bipolar disorder from Gabe Michelle or we can just make something up. We could we could make something up the brain works by fire and synapses texting correct sin. There's a misfire and synapses. That's what that's a misfire, and there is serotonin tone, and there's bean dopamine dope. Dope. Your job. I mean, do like I mean, you know, the brain for as much as we need it. And as much as we talk about it, and the fact that everybody has one is a really misunderstood organ. So you really just don't want to get information from anybody because they just don't know that donate your brain to science gave Harvard gets my brain. When I that's so nice of you. It's the only way I'm getting into Harvard. Okay. Who's gonna? In your brain. When you die. I haven't thought about it yet. But I've gone a brain scan that I gave to Mount Sinai hospital. That was really cool. Yeah. The next question. We can't answer though, it's what are ways to help someone with bipolar disorder. The best way to help people with mental illness is to do something so many people ignorance the symptoms of mental illness because they don't know what to say, they don't know what to do. And therefore, they do nothing doing something is so much better. And some ideas are talked to the person directly encourage the person to seek mental health help the person is a danger to themselves or other take them to the doctor or call nine one one and stay with them provide support the bottom line is so many people watch people spiral out of control from a distance because they don't want to get involved. They don't understand it. They think that it's a moral failing. Or they go over. They start yelling at the person. And they're mean to the person and they act Amand. They get better. And you really have to be there for the person don't run away stay with them and try to educate yourself like Meghan is trying to do Meghan is an excellent example of somebody trying to do something her whole letter, which we won't have time to read it has many many questions, and I sincerely hope that Megan upon hearing this episode doesn't think oh I've got all the information that I need in twenty minutes. That's not realistic. You need to get on central dot com and read a lot and also people who are trying to take care of people with mental illness. See your own therapist. Yes. Being a full time caregiver to somebody. That is really really sick. That's a lot caregiving is not easy. And then there's also support groups for caregivers a lot of people don't realize that when it comes to mental illness in alcohol addiction, they have like alanon. It's for people who love somebody who is an alcoholic or like p flag exactly is. I don't know. Exactly what it stands for. But it's the parents. Of gay and lesbians. Really you can't herons friends of lesbian and gays at a p flag. Right. That's what that you. Again. I know more about your culture than you, do whatever. Whatever whatever there's all kinds of support groups that are set up for the ancillary characters. And that's really how I like to say they're not people that are suffering or have the impairment or the issue that is at the core of this. But they're still impacted by it. They are still impacted by something that happened to somebody else, and they need and deserve support as well. Yeah, you're not alone. You're not alone at all there's designs of caregivers for people with mental illness than they need to people to talk to as well, exactly. Pas on that. Let's take a break. From our sponsor. This episode is sponsored by better help dot com. Secure convenient and affordable online counseling. All counsellors are licensed credited professionals anything you share. Confidential schedule secure video or phone sessions plus chat and text with your therapist. Whenever you feel. It's needed a month of online therapy often cost less than a single traditional face to face session. Go to better health dot com forward slash psych, central and experienced seven days of free therapy to see if online counseling is right for you

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