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"gabby douglas gabby" Discussed on Pardon My Take

"Okay hank who's back on my first. Who's back i got a couple is has boola on this show. Oh the little dude. Yes yeah i feel like it's something that's been blah. Yeah okay we don't go ahead. All he's he's talking about fights they want slogan verse Mayweather whatever wants this kid fighting. He's kind of the. How old is the king of promotions eighteen. He's eighteen mill anarchists thing. Yeah ten times. He looks like he's what a year and a half two years old. Yeah well that was how it started. Where's that video of him punching the guy in the face. I was like oh. It's the little baby turned out like eighteen year old. You know got it and so who are they having a fight another tiktok kid with a similar conditions from a different country. I don't wanna say off the top of my head. Because i don't know for sure but that's awesome turkey or something i think it's probably one of the stance. Yeah he's so funny. Yeah he's very so much swag. Yeah but he's i figured we should talk about some. I see people talking about all the time. So i wanna bring them into the show my other. Who's back magic. Oh that's all my whose basketball are you don johnson. Yeah yeah would you. Corona virus got taken to possess. No but i just. I had twos backs at a backup going. No no i actually had one. Because it's who's back. I wanted to be a try hard. They wow go ahead. Good hank you always have more than one. No i usually just walk right back. Backing the weakest simone biles byles going back. She participants some sort of gymnastics event. Tonight ooh all i know about it was She started her routine off with two separate moves. That are both called the byles that no no one else can even do okay like the hardest moves ever invented. But it's bile but simone biles. Yeah i know but now called the piles. Well she has two different bile moves right by one too hot it and so she was she go she i company. She's probably not company is pretty good. Gabby douglas gabby. Douglas is that. Hurt haunt kerri. Strug michaela maroney. Who's the one who courtesy kerry strug. Pretty much broke her ankle. Noah's accurate sean. Yeah yeah carries drug so Nicole kidman she was saying nadia comaneci his name. But how how bad asses at that like you have a move to moves that are named after you. Yes but this is where we run into problem as gymnastics fans as we are. which is. We don't know what we're watching when we it right. It'd be sick if they just had an event where the judges were just normal people. That never seen gymnastics before and so they just judge things off how bad ass they look. Yes because really. That's what the sport should be about. Wow that's cool that's all you that's all you need coupon and you win. Yeah hank what was the magic tweet. You were gonna read the palinka one. Yeah it was so good. He's doing to read it. Yeah i don't. I honestly don't think for a minute there. I thought that magic maybe self aware. But then i read his whole time line and he was doing a breakdown of all the playoffs and in the middle of it. He said Lakers gm rob. Pelinka has a lot to work a lot of work to do this summer. Because a lotta lakers did not perform well during the series against the phoenix suns. That's actually like the most boring recap of of the series that you could potentially stacey. Let me ask you this. If you're lebron james do you think that maybe he could be talking about you. i don't know maybe lebron james you think that but he magic's tweets like he. He really is putting effort. I did we hear someone told us that. He he doesn't tweet. He tax his tweets to someone else said that which actually now makes so much sense like the whole thing makes perfect sense that they are they do read is text messages What if someone's like. Hey magic what do you think about like what i think. If you read magic tweet tweets. There's a prompt that were missing like someone taxi magic and was like his twitter said. Hey magic like what do you think about rob pelinka. Like what does he do. Does he have a lot to do. And he's like leakers. Gm rob pelinka has a lot of work to do this summer because a lot of leakers do not perform well during the series against phoenix suns. Deaths kind of fascinating. Because you could. You could the person's like treating it like it's a post game press conference right and it's their job to like reach out to magic magic. Still feels like he's getting interviewed right. What if it was somebody on the lakers. That was actually transcribing these and using his voice to send subtle behind the back. Like subterfuge messages. I just wonder if there's if you have this setup where you someone and say hey. Can you tweet this for me. They're probably follow of texts being like. Hey that won't do and does the person like yo. It's poppin like love this road pulling stuff. That's hot hot. Take by you magic or do you think he tells them the truth. You sound like a robot and everyone's mocking you. I think it's it's a person so it's got to be someone with an agenda. Yeah yeah so i mean. They're probably getting paid way too much money to just be magic. I will magic. If you're listening to this. I will do the job for free for the love of the game or the love of the game. I will tweet anything that you text me and i will. I will always be on call. I think that we could probably just create magic. Johnson's voice replicated pretty easily. I've never done the. I the only time i've ever switched my handle and tried to do people was i. Did it with magic. Johnson and i change my twitter profile and i tweeted something and it got like it was the only time i could ever get everyone because he is a parody of himself..

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