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IINK Podcasts . Episode 73 . Feat . Rupak Kumar

IINK Podcasts

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IINK Podcasts . Episode 73 . Feat . Rupak Kumar

"Hey mon of bus Smita Bol Smita, Bol hame on of bus to meet with him on of bus to meet Ur bol bol bol bol bol bol ta tumari. One of our equipment we had Joe is submissive life is to her curvy boli, Bol ker ker bhi boli Bole car off. One of G. He subscribed Mano Ki Manta nahi toh subscriber count to done of car wash perk she be a personal choice in Sonic you APA smell. Paid to main Sonic you off to in Saint Peter Fusco cut me Kyu. Nahi karta. Karta kahi bhi pass. May God. Be mothered Kyu. Nahi. Karta. Nahi karta ho AP Band Karo ba tha o Sub in Saint milker is 30 Ki kuch. Aur bada insan milk is dead orbit or in Kiko sort of milk and orange juice a mon of 2% meter bold one of us to meet.

Smita Bol Smita Ki kuch Saint milker Peter Fusco G. He Joe milk 2%
Learn How P&Gs Senior Leaders are Using Technology to Pivot During the Disruption

You've Been Disrupted!

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Learn How P&Gs Senior Leaders are Using Technology to Pivot During the Disruption

"Hi. I'm Steven. Dory and I'm a BB together. We'll be talking to leading innovation experts from across the world. Going, to share keeping themselves busy during his time disruption. That is reinventing themselves their teams and their businesses. At breakneck speed so that they can be ready for the new model. But I'm very excited that we're joined by an executive, a proctor and gamble call break. Carl is an associate director at P. and G. He's currently supply chain, leader and lean innovation, continuous improvement leader for a very exciting area, notice and gamble ventures and crawls going to talk to us all about that Carl has an amazing thirty four years of experience at PNG. He's held a number of leadership positions in areas, including innovation, manufacturing and supply chain. Business Management and capability improvement, and during this great career, he has traveled the world with PNG spending fifteen years outside the US including China Ukraine and Singapore so very diverse background currently, he's talking to us from his home in Cincinnati Ohio here in the US working from home. Like just about all of us are during this coronavirus pandemic. So call thank you very much for joining us. Stephen. So as we talk today, we're in a world where whether you wanted to be disrupted or not. You have been disrupted that we've talked a lot in our corporate entrepreneur community about how you lead during you know, let's say relatively stress. Free Times which in the world of innovation is of course, never stress-free a lot of things, but boy things have really doubled down now in terms of what's going on. With the pandemic, could you give us just a brief overview Maybe even start with what exactly explaining what PNG ventures is. They made a brief overview of what you've had to do to pivot with your team. In terms of how you're about operating during this, and what's fundamentally changed and how how you work now your teams operating. Sure, so proctor and gamble ventures is a standalone. Very Small Business Unit in night of proctoring gamble. That has. The main team sitting in Cincinnati and a smaller team sitting in China. Our mission proctoring Anglo is to create new categories for the company by creating new ones in areas where we currently do not compete. saw in. Regards to the impact that the covid nineteen situation has had on us. Is first of all it has. Taken Bolivar employees too. Starting in China. Taking them home taking them to work from home, taking them to obviously shelter in place types of restrictions. Are China team as I'm sure you've been following in the press. Has. Been Limited for a number of months In regards to what kind of travel they can and can't do. And not has been continuing all. As the Chinese government and the Chinese society runs much more of a track and trace. With. Testing. Along the way. and. Will they have? They have learned a lot and they have certainly demonstrated the benefits of a highly disciplined. and. Society. Can have on being able to deal with something like Covid, nineteen and pretty dramatically. Control? the outbreak by leveraging. The the the society in terms of what happened in that society we have specific teams that are focused on. dealing with a whole bunch of different areas. We have teams. That are using what we call command, center, or types of organization structure, working with our partners, and our suppliers, working on matters, such as logistics and transportation between. Countries! Working on Best Practices for protecting our employees, as you can imagine our employees in our factories, and our distribution centers needed to continue to work throughout this. Air. There's been a great deal of support for them. It all really at the end of the day. Revolves around learning. And really re-applying best practices, no matter where they come from. As you who entered the the pandemic? Is You you team ended the pandemic. Because you're you're. We'll ask him maybe in a second here if you can. If you can come up with some examples of projects you've been you've been working on, but you had to physically been destroyed. I mean we are corporate. Entrepreneur Committee. We have a number of of members who are let's call them. Digital Companies Finance Organizations Insurance Organization. So whenever went to home? Of course it was a hiccup, and you had to really change what was going on, but in your case you you've got. physicality you've got supply chain. You've got this what what happened. Initially as you as you enter the pandemic given that you're a global organization, you are sourcing sourcing things globally. So proctor and gamble. Has a approach to? The the recognition that there are going to be things that happen that we call. Eighty planning. And we do that across our supply chains. We do that related to our organization and people systems, and we do that related to our it. Infrastructure and saw. the the the key to dealing with any kind of a disaster if you will. is to have those plans ready. Understand what elements of the organization are going to lead those plans and get on with it. And so kind of at A. Ten thousand meter level that's that's the overarching the answer to your question. How how did you have to adjust when you have a very? I'm not sure highly regulators the right term in that you're of course. Industry is regulated in many industries in. PNG is known for its Matrix and Global Matrix in would say command and control the debt. Help you or hurt you during this during the situation, and maybe from their TV, we can get into maybe some leadership and skills and things that have been have been demonstrated, but but Carl had had was the organization. DNA. If you would help or a hindrance, you, you kind of touched on it with somebody WHO's command center comments. Yes so. That the traditional matrix structure of proctoring gamble was. Evolved continues to evolve, but there was a fairly significant evolution a couple of years ago where? Our markets. were, provided with a a a significant change in the amount of local control that they have of working with in Moore's tailoring. Programs really related to our customer channels in our consumer needs I'm in their particular markets. and. If you think about the business continuity planning in in dealing with Cova it was really nothing. Both worlds approach that was executed where you have the strong capabilities and experience of something like our global product supply. Organization but then within the individual markets government requirements. Regulations ability to move around all those kinds of things, and therefore collaborating with local stakeholders I was very important that that collaboration and influence local stakeholders took place and with the pollution of our structure from a couple of years ago. That I think went. Pretty smoothly and as I said previously. Those learnings through forums. Literally an in cases every morning those forums are continuing to update on the balance of the organization around. What's working here? What's working there to help people in other markets, other regions be able to take those lessons and apply them in their market. It's not at all surprising that you kind of had that backbone, but it's great to also hear about how you're adopting and learning literally daily in local environments, and all different in in different places I mean the the the press I don't need to been filled with stories of organizations who? Are clearly were not prepared and have been totally blindsided. not not that PNG or any of us weren't blindsided by the pandemic. Do you have the. the ORG structure in the backbone in place to be able to deal with it is. is is is quite quite commendable. Capable, let me let me pass it over to you. And call and what's what's riddick choice about as well as just you know. When you talk about that structured, so let you structured to to be very flexible. Right, which is kind of contradiction and. For. Love the listeners out there you know some of them have these massive organizations and their inability to respond quickly to these radical changes Austin moving environment is a message struggle, so we'd love to hear more of. High with it out like what are the kind of? Capabilities Finding. Help you maneuver and emotional responsiveness? What does that look like these new ways? Work Right so? In regards to I'll talk a couple of things here are. All talk about as that relates to into operations and then. Maybe I'll talk a little bit about how that relates to. Moving forward with innovation. First of all related to internal. Here. It really does come back to. Having A knowledge and Having networks in place where. The relationships are already built, right. We have a cross literally Oliver Functions and As applicable wherever common tasks are being accomplished, we have mobile networks in regional networks, and because those networks already exists the IT and other communication infrastructure is already in place for those networks, and the relationships are already built within those networks. It's extremely easy for those networks to be able to pivot. Away from the normal continual improvement role that does networks play or governance role that does Explai- to dealing with a crisis. the trust is already there. Of course, we all know that that is so incredibly important to. The to speed and agility. And snow the fact that does networks are forever. Don't just come up with a time of crisis. Those networks exist. In an underlying purpose of continual improvement, you get that benefit of being able to pivot them as I said. And so that's the. That's this balance between the power of this large. Global Multi. Multi disciplined Multi Business Unit Company and and being able to understand those best practices, but at the same time the freedom and capability don't forget. The capability has to be there, but you know. Making sure that we have very capable leaders, running those local organizations and the right infrastructure of of engaging the local communities local stakeholders so that they can tailor. The, best practices to what is needed in their particular. Geography. Moving onto innovation. I think it's. Very much a common theme that. The tools exist. With collaboration tools like zoom that we're using here today. But all of the other collaboration tools that exist. For example, Microsoft teams just as another example where you can. You can securely and privately one to one basis, or if you're doing something album in regards to highly confidential project or conversation all the way to. Maybe using another tool like Liebeck's at the Enterprise Level Where you really want to have a town hall for example. In have have it moderated and be able to raise your hand, and all those kinds of things you have as full range of ways to be able to engage regardless of location regardless of time zone because of the fact that you know all those. Infrastructures are now in place, and particularly I think the biggest biggest learning that I've seen here is if you consider consumers and customers in being channel retailers, for example, the individual consumer, and then our supplier partners our innovation partners. Our ability to engage them in the way that we're engaging each other right now and leveraging video. You know really being able to look at. The consumer's house. We have consumers who were were finding very comfortable. Taking their iphone, or whatever device it is walking around their house, and and showing US things that we used to feel. He was important for us to have to go to their home. Sean US through house. As. A SURPRISE I. Then that's interesting. Because it elicits that, aren't you may trust I mean. How did you manage to elicit at that level of trustworthy willing to let you into the hub? I think I. Think Trusts. First of all starts with extremely consistent. Values. And how you consistently communicate those values. And for example in in the space of talking about collaboration. The personal privacy is something that you know. individuals take extremely seriously regardless of where you are in the world. Our Company text that incredibly seriously we do a lot of training with our employees that are involved in collaborating with individual consumers about what their consumers rights. Are you know what legislation is and we make sure that our it tech stack infrastructure is all in line with with following that in week in in. We talked to our consumers about that we talked to. And we communicate that on our websites and so. Because our consumers know very serious about that, that is kind of that first level of trust, and the second level of trust really comes down to you know. How do we engage them in conversation? How do we engage them using other digital media? In regards to Really listening to them and and if we say to them, we're going to follow up with you. Following up with them. and. I guess that brings us around. The near leadership characteristics. You've seen emerging in your deprived. To be able to put in that position of such good trusts and be able to pivot and partner collaborate like what is what does that look like for a lot of organizations are trying to work with this new leadership. Currency is if they need to lead. To a year. I have been first of all I've been. Extremely impressed with senior leadership, our business leadership in this regard. Obviously. Our company makes an incredible amount of investment. In leadership. Near as a high expectation with our senior leadership that they role model the desire to Hitler and I think just do an outstanding job with. What I think is really critical that they've done a great job demonstrating first of all adaptability. and. They have demonstrated a a real empathy. and and you you, you can absolutely feel. Every day that it's genuine. and and the fact that they have the humility. To really talk about what's going on in their life. What's going on with their families? What's going on with their personal schedule? what's working or not working and so because of that empathy, and because of that humility, I think it really makes the organization that much more interested to listen to what they have to say. And then I would say last, but not least our our senior leaders. Anna again. Our local leaders have an extremely high expectation of their cells of each other related to being like. And because of that expectation, questions are being asked for the true purpose of seeking to understand. Versus where you may have some examples where questions are being asked more or less to check boxes, or maybe even for someone listen. Listen to themselves. Talk that that I can very probably say. Is Not. What's going on in my experience? It's really seeking to understand he make a difference. But I mean kind of hearing that they they seem to be quite open with not nine. What's going on re learning new things? This is that correct? I. I think that's true again to that. The humility and you know making themselves available. Maybe I could say emotionally available for that kind of a conversation. To be open and to be able to say I. Don't know I need you to teach me. What did that mean some of the things that Are Signals for me that you know you really do have a leader who is open to learning. However. Clearly the purpose of conversations that senior leadership is having with. Your Organization is about solving a problem? and. The questions are very much. Of A journey to gain learning for the purpose of solving a problem I think that's a great takeaway. for for our listeners I seem to recall the story you talk about. A team of your employees or startups I'm not sure that you were partnered with them, but something about getting p ready or something like that he does that ring a bell. story of of helping some people rapidly developed some new products. So I'll just tell you. There's a lot of stories out there but I'll I'll tell you one. that. Some, some of the engineers in my organization actually were involved with. There is. a retiree. Research retired researcher, proctor and gamble. Who's been working just by coincidence on a portable ventilator? when when it became very clear that ventilators were something that we're GonNa really be urgently needed. Also the recognition that they were going to be urgently needed in. Developing countries. And out in the countryside. This person. Approached our chief technology officer? And a chief innovation officer and Asked. He had an idea. Kathy Fish. Asked if she had any ideas on how to accelerate things and just to make a long story short. She made resources within PNG available. temporarily. To help this startup. Get into a the development of the ventilator from being an MVP to actually having design elements that would have the ventilator ready for scale. and. And this this took place in a matter of weeks. Our company has. A very clear knowledge. At a corporate level of some specific unique scales that some of our. Now, and so you know when when they first got together, they identified okay. These are the specific. Areas that need to be addressed to be able to move this MVP into something that could go into scale production. What are the specific skills are needed to be able to solve those problems and. And they went out and found those those resources, fortunately, literally all down. Were available in the Cincinnati area and as you can imagine. There was absolutely no conversation out. Only did the people who have those skills engage, but it was a great honor for them. an. Opportunity of a lifetime if you had to be able to to contribute to something that. Has Potential to be such benefits society. What changes, do Houston coming out for your organization that you think might be beneficial for others. The be thinking about you know how in terms of how you're going to operate post post, pandemic and changes that you think are going to be sticking or changes that will come in terms of how you operate going going forward. I think that. There's a lot of. Learning that's a place related to the digital. Opportunities as it relates to. The digital side which I'm sure you're hearing about through others as well is just the question of whereas work. And and what you know is is when you really need to be physically with other people. And then related to that. What impact is this half on? Shooting. Does potentially change. Where some of our employees are located. If we need a specific skill, set that we can't find within our metropolitan area. I, think we. Felt. Really constrained by that and felt like we had to physically have the person relocate after this experience I. Think we're GonNa. We think that. Christian, Stephen I think about is one of those. Skills that are really hot and demand that you're seeing is thinking about recruiting and attain. That all of us should be really considering thinking through. So I, think adaptability is the one I would mention, and at is around Being open to a win. Win Scenarios for example to the location thing somebody may be bound to a mortgage and so incredibly difficult to leave so metropolitan area, and so they might need to work. A different set of hours. To be able to maintain the current location, they have to travel away from home a week them up. But but a generates a win win in. It really creates a good. Possibility for connection between skillset and the needs that an individual organization has. Obviously knowing how to use and leverage collaboration tools, and not just knowing how to do that, but really. Knowing it on a level that it's a different level of value to your organization, so you're constantly out there testing U. tools testing new approaches, and then bringing those to your organization Opportunity Productivity or collaboration. Engagement so you really adding value in a new way worse, says okay I now. A certain kind of test method in the laboratory. Maybe that was the real benefits five years ago. Now I really have a new method to be able to engage consumer in the Czech Republic with leading to travel to the Czech Republic. Back could really be the. The next generation of capability that an organization. Last, but not least I would say self, management and self discipline. Going to become much more important as the lines of where the work location has become more blurred. Not to have wreck management. The TIME WHEN You're not working. More under the employees control. And so that employee is going to have to have a lot of discipline on on how they manage to work life balance, and also a lot of discipline on getting the work done without somebody looking shoulder. Let me take a shot at trying to wrap up with with what I what I heard that maybe we can. Share with our our listeners as takeaways for them, I i. mean just the fact that PNG is global regional and local, and has infrastructure already set up. An operating processes is really really sounds to me like you've been able to leverage it to help. Manage true this through this crisis I. Think you said something to the fact that you're learning into summit. You're learning every. Every day and disseminating that learning across the organization locally regionally and globally every every day, so I think that's really really fantastic takeaway behind that which I hadn't really thought about, but what made it possible as you said You, you leveraged all the things that you built up I had talked about PNG being famous as a matrix. Organization extremely well run at the same time. You said you took the trust that was built up and the procedures built up during quote, normal operating times like continuous improvement and things like that, and was able to pivot into a crisis mode to be able to leverage them during this time, which is clearly served. You poke very very very well. Perhaps the biggest takeaway that that I got was. The types of leadership and maybe not completely new, but certainly evolving hearing about leaders who are learning empathetic leaders leaders who were supporting individuals all over the globe to story you mentioned about a retired engineer who literally called in one day and said Hey. I think I can help and your organization made the resources available I think we were seeing more and more examples of people taking initiative to be. I guess I guess some of us. Call a learning leader showing humility showing that we're all in this together are really really valuable skills. going forward and then and then maybe to Kinda build on that. I'm thinking that you're I have not heard the term. Where is work I? Think that's a that's a fascinating and very very relevant. Do term, and you covered that couple that with adaptability of employees. You're going to need to have new skills. You're going to need to use all the digital skills which which are available and which do make a lot this. Possible to do and I think the idea of you know whereas work, also then brings in pieces of when his work you know you mentioned like you're gonNA travel one week a month, but then the rest of the time. You'RE GONNA. Work out of your home is really something that can scale organizations and completely different ways, and I think make you very very flexible, adoptable, and hopefully very successful for for the years going forward the fact that consumers are getting more digitally and socially. Socially aware and letting themselves become more involved in their view, visiting a home by having a consumer volunteer. Like Hey, I'll show you exactly how I'm using this product. Yeah, I don't think would have happened even a couple of years ago, but now it sounds like people are happy to do it and heck you know lean startup, and all we've been talking about in terms of you know trusting and agility and sharing in the corporate entrepreneur community. Just you know continues to be. I. Think it's a great vehicle. For All of us so. Thank you, thank you again for everything here. we will wrap it up now. I'd like to remind anyone listening that you can. You can find this or photo that ability forward slash disrupted today B.. I. T. L. Y. forward slash disrupted today We hope that you will share this and Karl. Thank you very much for taking time with us to keep a thank you for your input as well. So come join the movement. Find US admittedly would slash disrupted today.

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We Can Fix It!

Pick the Brain

23:15 min | 1 year ago

We Can Fix It!

"Welcome to the pick the brain podcasts where we pick the brains of the brightest minds in the areas of health, self-improvement productivity and kicking ass at life. Hi. Jeremy Fisher always alongside my co host Aaron falcon. Alright. Right ear. And today, we are going to hear from mono, Vasu devan, who is gonna talk a little bit about relationships. You looking forward to this one, you know, I was just I got a Sam kind of blushing. You've chosen the theme of love. There's something wanna tell me Jeremy. I made I'm on pins and needles. Started. I was twenty four years old living in India. Nice job. Nice car. Nice hair. Still, no girlfriend like Maha. Relationship started with great expectations and ended in great depression. Have you had problems in your relationships? How did you fix it? Contest share, ladies and gentlemen, when I was twenty four I was eighteen for cupid to suit, the Addo and find me the poll partner. Guess what? It seems cupid doesn't live in India. Soon. I went to the one woman, I trust my mom. There. She was sitting on the floor doing yoga mama. I want a wife. She said, no problem, we can fix it. Ladies and gentlemen, did you hear what my momma said? She said, pecan. That's right. My mother was offering to find a bride for me. She immediately picked up the phone started calling all her friends looking for potential bribes soon arrangements were made for my meeting with the first prospect dash. She was. She looked like a movie star from Bollywood. She looked at me like I was George Clooney. You didn't say, I have nice hair. I imagined spending the rest of my life, hoarding her hand who listening to music and doing hot yoga. Cupid has sought. And fell in love. Four weeks later on July the fourth, we got married. On America's independence day. I lost my independence. Only offering manage, I realized she was not really smart. She was also very hot tempered. Just like me really had problems. She liked outdoors. I liked indoors. She loved swimming. I feel Browning. She liked cooking. I like to tell her how I miss my mama's cooking. We had. Off the problems are used logic are used emotion. I even short horror role model. Why can't you just perfect, like me? Within six months? The apart. Those no holding of hands. No music. No yoga. Looking for solutions? I read the top twenty books on relationships. Guess what they don't work. Then I asked my friend G. He just had his voice. Jay said man life is sharp. Don't suffer separate. New jay. I just want to fix it. Exactly. My lawyer will fix it. I call it. My mama. Guess what? She said we can. Next day, she spoke to both of us here is what she said you will never find a partner who's hundred person perfect. It doesn't matter whether you pick your partner or someone else for you. Most people think that the fall in love because of kooks, but in reality, what keeps you laugh is cupid's, bow and spring. You see the bowl under string have a great partnership, the most string post BAC the more the bowl. Eagle is what pulls the string still the by T-ball Benz because it cares for the partner. If she pours you bent, if you Paul Schade bents, it, both of you decide to less, and Ben more. The partnership. That's the only way you can fix any relationship. When I look back to my strained relationships and lost friendships. I understood mamas. The core problem must UAE. Unwillingness to bend more to adjust to attempt to access to less. Things are changed my ways when she wanted to go out I joined her when she wanted to swim. I join her are the shallow end. When I became nice she became nicer. She started cooking better than mama. Last month. My wife into and I celebrated our anniversary for the seventeenth time without children. Yes. That's the same wife. My friends. What do you think? Are we know perfect partners? No. Do we still fight? The difference is that now even when we fight, we are still holding hands. My dear friends. If you have any problem in any relationship to poor less, and Ben more if you I'm sure we can share. Okay, here. What did you think about Minoza speech there? Well, I thought he was very entertaining guy. I really liked listening Tam and you know what it made me? Made me think. I don't agree with it in principle, but I'm, I'm happy to get into the nitty gritty on this. Let's get into the nitty gritty. So there's a couple of things that you sounds like you disagree with them on. Well, I think listen, I do think the tenants of any good relationship, the part about bending and pulling that I agree with. I think that obviously you cannot be so fixed in who you are. And then but also want to be part of a union, right? Those two things are contradictory. If you want to be fixed than you can't be attached with somebody else attach with somebody else. Then you gotta learn to bend and pull in the right rhythm. And that is a different formula for every single couple on the planet. What I like about this most is if you take it out of this, and use it for a benchmark of something bigger, and that is to say, how much am I willing to bend because I don't think an absolution that you should completely be bending. Or, or completely pulling because I think just I don't think those body can torsion are worth it in isolation. I think you have to say this is how much I need to bend to make this work. And is this relationship worth it to me? So I think it's not just about making something work at all costs. Obviously, we're talking about this from a different perspective because this was, it almost seemed like it wasn't arranged marriage, so that you're coming, you're coming to it from a little bit of a different place. But it's kind of what I like to chew on is this idea is, is, is the relationship good enough. Or do you want to go out there and find something that's magical? You do that potentially your own peril. Right. Because you can be searching for that. Magic your whole life and not find it. Are you willing to take that risk or that chance? But if being in a meaningful relationship is the most important thing to you. Then I think what you've got to do is find what, what good enough is for you, and then make sure your and then make sure that you're bending, and pulling in the right rhythm to keep that, so it's, it's routine want to go, but I don't think this idea as an absolute is true. Interesting perspective, like the, the contrast there. I think the way the way of you. This is a little, it's I won't say it's different from your point of view. It's just another angle at this idea. I think that if you're dating and you haven't made a strong lifelong commitment with someone. There's a lot of uncovering and relationships that happen. And you are sort of trying to figure out if you to a couple have what it takes to go. The fried if it works if you have the. What it takes to go the distance if you're compatible enough, if you both respect each other enough to be partners. And I think so in that element of it, it's like, well, there's some things in that aspect where you don't wanna bent like you need to be true to who you are. And make sure that this person that you're trying to decide if you can spend your life with or not is going to complement you and make you better and you make them better that kind of thing instead of like, well, I'm just going to do whatever they want to do because that's what you do in a relationship. But I think once you've sort of gotten to that point, and you've determined, okay? This is the person that I have chosen to commit the rest of my life to or try to build a life with from that point forward. I think it's like at least from my perspective, it is, we're going to we're going to make this work as much as we possibly can. We're going to do the work to make it work, because, you know what it's like when you're when you're in a relationship, there's always the beginning part, which is really nice emotionally fueled. There's a lot of chemicals and stuff going on. But as everything does you get to know person. Well, and some of that wears off, and then real life starts to set in and not that you don't truly care about the person in love the person. But it's not like there's a shiny object. Every fifteen seconds, that's keeping you attracted. And attentive, it's actually now you're building a mature relationship with a human being that you're going to have for the rest of your life, and that can require work because. You go through life cycles, and you might be different places in your life than the other person are different moods different, whatever it is. And in that regard, I do think it's a good idea not to just bail as soon as it gets hard. And that's a big distinction from it's like you said, it's not an absolute right? Feeling it out kind of thing. I think you've got to pay. I think it's worth it. Again to like start experimenting as well. Like, you know, let me see okay? Bend a little. How does that feel a little more? How does that feel it? How does that what's the impact on the relationship? But at a certain point. I think you gotta say I'm bending too far here. Right. You know. And I think you just gotta be very hip and aware to that of that. That's the thing. I think that's. This balance. It's no absolute. There's no I'm going to be exactly who I am. No matter what. And you're going to do. You're going to accept me one hundred percent and I'm not going to change your compromise at all. That gets you nowhere. A matter of fact that gets you alone 'cause you won't possibly find anyone that you just can do everything you want around like you can't like you have to compromise yourself because people are different and you also can't go the other direction, where it's like, well, I'm just going to do whatever you want to do no matter what I want, because that ends up leading to resentment, and eventually that kind of stuff comes out where you might find yourself getting lost in another person. And that's a lot of marriages in that way to not just marriage is relationships in general in that way as well. And I, I think four you even we need to back it up. And I think before you even not necessarily get into relationship. Thing that you should always be kind of thinking about is this idea of do I want to find magic and what does that look like? And what are the but falls and do I want or do I want this good enough or great enough relationship and because two totally different standards and, and there's a lot more flexibility in the good enough situation than there is in the magic situation. But. Neither one of those is wrong or right? It's, it's, but you do have to say, what really speaks to me, what, what makes sense for me. I it's funny to me that you not funny. It's interesting to me that you think about it in terms of, like there is, there's a different category of relationship that you could go for. I. Yeah, I do. I think they're absolutely as I think there is the one, I have friends that have these relationships that it's like a fire has been lit and it has been going for years, if not decades. Right. And not as. And I'm sure that they have to work on the relationship just like everybody else. That's not what I'm saying. We're relationships at work, no matter what. But I also have friends that want that relationship and have been without relationships or have been through failed and failed and failed and failed relationship, because they're looking for that kind of magic and they can't find it. And so that puts a lot of pressure on the relationship on any relationship, if you're going for that magin, that's a very high Harb high bar to set, and that might not be ultimately if your alternate goal is to be in a union meaningful union with somebody. That is a really great, if not best friend and up, but it's not like. I mean, I'm sure you have in your circle relationships that are there are the ones that are good, solid relationships. And they're the ones that are on fire. It's almost magical and veils are very rare. Well, so this is helping me get a little bit perspective where you're coming from on this. I think there's a big in my experience. If you are someone who finds the magic as you're saying, just a really stellar. Relationship. I don't think you go looking for the magic. I think you just stumble upon it because I, I can tell you from my own perspective from my own dating put an energy out there saying that connects to another energy that is that is going for the same thing without sending. But this go on sorry to interrupt you. So my perspective has been when I see people that I've got a good friend who has, he's looking for that magic like he's looking for the perfect relationship, and as close to perfect as you can get when you talk to them. It's like, yeah, yeah, no one's perfect. But really, he's looking for as lease looking for like ninety nine percent nine perfect. And he's in his mid thirties, and single any, every single relationship that he gets in does not last longer than a month, because he has such high expectations when he goes on these states. And if it doesn't go perfect if it's not this sort of blissful, magical amazing. Thing he's out and. I feel like if he would just go on some of these relationships with lower expectations and just say, I'm going to get to know this person, and enjoy this person who they are. And we'll think about magic later on if it happens, it would take the pressure off and give him an opportunity to get to know this person before him, make snap judgments on whether or not this is his true soulmate, and I actually experienced that myself when I was dating my wife. We went through. I don't know if we're going to have enough time to go into it on the but we actually did something very different where we would we walked into the relationship having no expectations for either one of us, and I wasn't I wasn't actively looking for the love of my life. I mean, I was looking just to enjoy the people I was in to tell you the truth I had done such a bad job dating in my early years of dating. I didn't think I thought it was going to take me, a long time to figure out how to date well enough to become the person I needed to be to attract the right person. And so I was going on dates being like a learned a little bit from this person. I learned a little bit from that person I'm getting closer, but I'm still not ready to attract the right kind of person. And so I was still sort of in the middle of that state. What I met my wife, I was dating my wife and I was like, well, I'm still feel like I've got a lot of work to do so this, she's great. But I'm not sure that I'm going to earn. Earn her being around on of and interestingly enough walking into it with those look spectator made me feel comfortable enough to completely be, who I was and made her feel comfortable to be who she was. And as a result, we realized we looked up a year after we had been dating. Wow. We've actually got something really great here. We might need to see where this is going. So I just I just wanted to throw that out there as I think that there might be an aspect, there might be something to your sort of like multi-tiered relationship like there's, there's like a good enough relationship. And then there's a magic relationship, my only warning for the people that want the magic relationship is too, and I'm sure you probably would agree with this is to not expect magic from every single person you meet, because like you said it is rare and sometimes it happens without trying. Right. And you have to be willing I think it's nice to send you want. Magic, but you have to be willing. What that looks like in the opportunity cost that is you might be a long your entire life. Now, does that sound appealing because that's a real risk, just like the friend that you're talking about, right? And again, and to understand that magic is not perfection. Magic is a kind of soul mate in that, but that's still comes with a lot of the problems that every relationship has don't, don't just think the first night, if you feeling magical connection with somebody that the first time there's a problem that it's not magic any, you know what I mean. Like that's not life is still life, and everybody has to deal with even the ones that are in the magic relationships. Like do you have to do the work on that note? I know we're getting kind long on this episode, but I did want to mention this because we've so rarely talk about relationships on the show Philip, we should probably talk about a little bit more. But I just did some research from the awakening podcast, the other day this had mentioned going to mention this episode. Only ten percent of couples ever get couples counseling. And of the people that do get couples counseling or marriage counseling. Two thirds of them, stay together, which that is interesting data to me because it tells me that you can dramatically increase your odds of staying together. Now, course we're talking about people that would be committed, you know, that are like we're in this, we need to make this work. What minoshe was talking about in his speech? But one of the things that just kind of wanted to throw out there is nine out of ten people don't do the thing that could dramatically increase their odds of staying together. And I don't know that to me, that's worth noting. Absolutely. So I guess, on that note, sometimes relationships are fixable, and maybe it's the way to get fixed is to reach out and get some help from somebody else. Who knows? We'll aired. I think that's a good place for us wrap up. We kinda went a little long episodes, but it was a pretty important episode. We have a lot to say about us. Maybe we need to start doing some more relationship episodes. Sounds like it's a topic that you and I have a couple thoughts that we can explore who knew who knew. So until next time I'm Jeremy Fisher, and I'm Erin falsely by need to keep moving keep thinking, then keep growing.

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#169 - Best & Worst Of 2019

H3 Podcast

2:35:17 hr | 9 months ago

#169 - Best & Worst Of 2019

"Okay here's the deal now. We are really back before last episode we were back now really backed white it like a half back. That was a halfback. Broke back brokeback. First of all today's episode is sponsored by Candid Co and quit we. I love and appreciate them so much. We are joined today by N D salaried employees down to your do Sir Zach. The sound wizard was a lad. He's a wizard. He's not really a wizard is he. Ends the WISDEN's wizard third. Sorry to petition here. How would you title yourself sack as a sound what I thought it was granted the name the sound? It's the sound God. Does that. Give you enough credit lad. I like it. You like Ladd. Okay the lot is with us here today. Why are we all sitting here together? Because it's time for two thousand and Nineteen Nineteen Year in review where we are all. Oh and Sarah go wonderful Sarah's out on the switchboard in case you're wondering who the hell is on the ones and twos the hell's backstage stage doing it today. Sorry everybody listening. Are we back our we have back limiter dance with it. Like if I scream into the MIC doesn't doesn't rupture of scream. The whole we love that no but there should be a limited compression. There's no magic it's still going to be. Yes there is magic it limits. The it's magic. Two Thousand Nineteen Year and review the best and worst moments of two thousand nineteen. Everybody we had so how many memorable moments we had some rough moments. We all had our shares of hardships and triumphs here on the PODCAST And I thought it was appropriate bristled review together to come back from the break with the Jack and Erica loved them because I had so much I wanted to talk about. Yeah he lo- with you guys. It's been so long longest I've seen you guys and it was. It was very difficult to not talk about everything that we missed. Now we have the opportunity and so i. Let's say you wall we are back season three. We are ready and Did I say bomb the White House in the last episode I did ah nothing ever came of that. Okay good the Secret Service never came not yet anyway. Yeah there's no intention of Baltimore. ZAC had mentioned in. He has played but I think he was getting no comment. ooh Wow scare me so before we get onto the the best and worst first of all let me ask everybody. How is everybody doing? How was your brakes tackle head? How's your break? Oh it was wonderful. super low key hung out the girlfriend and nine went to her family on Christmas. Because I am a Jew your juice. He's a she's a Christian going. He's if you guys have kids. How do you raise them? You know we had that discussion. You'd we did have a discussion you know. We've talked about incorporating both aspects of religion which I think would be very like a Jewish Santa Claus sure you for Jesus Hanukkah Bush Hannukah area Yeah we we've had that conversation interesting now and with are you above a bar Mitzvah. I am a bar would you. If you gotta some would you want him to be a Bar Mitzvah you know. It's not that big of a deal I would you circumcise him. A hundred percent okay. So she likes likes what you've done to your house medically she likes okay. Excellent well thank you welcome back sat and you for having I'm in How was your break? I happen to know. Oh not for me for Zachos Club in now. Tell me Who is this? Yeah on instagram publicly. So then you also put as you guys can see. Zoom is art critic but not that cryptic. It's a it's all of the the playing card suits would indicate possibly that this girl here is the wildcard. We're really coming in hot. Well I'm just trying to fill A. This is my girlfriend. Can we confirm that. This is the wildcard. I mean it kind of speaks with the caption you know sell. This is the girl who ruined uh-huh just kidding? Wow she's very pretty Congratulations then she looks very much. The bachelor kind of worked it did work. Man Did working directly directly directly extremely directly. But this is this is a guys understand. The Bachelor cler has a girlfriend from this hideous bachelor anticipated. Did Work Yeah. There was little. She went beyond the chain of command. Yeah but no it worked out great. I'm very happy yes it's fantastic. I wonder so. She sees the production she is from. She's notting an state right. No no she's he's not here and you guys have lands of Uniting and We're we're making it making it work. I was there over break visiting her. And she visited me over break I'm going back next month. Oh she's coming back the month after we've got it all. How often are you guys on the phone? Like every day. You A texter throughout the day in calling that's a good. He's so smitten. He walks in every morning with a smile. Why aren't you thanking me? I don't understand Gushing about why am I still getting shit for me. Why aren't you thanking me? This wouldn't be with. Can I like what you actually broke the the contracts by by saying well. I'm surprised Ian didn't try to bring up the contract because I was ready to go to war. No I'm not in Warm Ode anymore. Okay Okay you're just love. It's so we can tear the contract. He's in love. You can know tearing. Yeah I think I think we have to keep it for posterity. I mean I'm happy to talk about what I'm up to things like that. So you guys are on the phone. Whichever's sent her a Dick Pic? This is for me to know and you never find out so I can take that as a yes because I've never Senate Dick Pic. Although my I feel like all calls are out of that you should try. That would be kind of spicy right. Do you think it's the same right. I don't know yeah. Yeah Yeah No. It's definitely all would you. Send a Dick Pic Zach Be Honest I haven't done it. Go Ahead Zach. I've only done it. What what are you worried about listening? No stop and go ahead Zach. Tell the truth come on. We're all yes I've sent Dick and so what was it that but You seem conflicted about doing so. I wouldn't I I wouldn't send a dick pic to someone like I'm just talking to yeah consenting recipient. Yeah Yeah Yeah I I've only sent to my current girlfriend okay. Good and was at her request or was that your prerogative yeah it was. It was it unsolicited. I don't know how to phrase this. Breath got hot and heavy. Okay upon it was reciprocated at all. So if you were like upstairs junior everything good phone ring your dings. It's a Dick PIC from Ethan. Would you feel flattered. Feel go ahead yell at you answer. I Dunno my first reaction action would just be like what the fuck why. What am I supposed to do winter because first of all first of all we're always together the need to be transmitting? Pictures of penises. Is Your minimum second of all the expectation for dictates not their third of all. I'm afraid of my Dick being on the Internet so so for me fiction but you never know apple shit look at this. You don't know who's GonNa you're basically the minute I take a picture of my Dick. You better just expect that it's going to be on twitter and I don't want that that's our set of mine like yeah that so it wouldn't be the couponing. Yes that for sure when did but besides that I I I We I feel like we didn't grow up. Having those be part of our culture is time just confused by the never did dating apps or anything now. Never I've been on day. Missed all that type of I'm not saying that their I'm not like I'll I'll say I'd send a Dick Pic does is the girl returned something. Yes I think it depends on the situation. Yeah ideally the girl returns something I think. Is it a boob shot or vad shot. 'CAUSE I I mean how did tell Zach Zach has been sexed in God. God bless you you think that the the age of the Dick pic was created with these new apps like tinder. I think smartphones mar phones images like that has been in love. Congratulations the wildcard. She ruined the show but she in your heart. Yes we congratulate. I look forward to meeting her someday. Yeah sure you will good. I hope so and Dan talked to me. Well what what's been going going on with you. Not much. I went travelling to I went out to The great white north. I was up in Idaho or the break. Why were you in Idaho? Where my my girl from God love? Yeah I never been before and I gotta say a surprising amount of h three fans up there I got you got recognized in small town. Idaho was a trip. How is it was it was a trip? Yeah so shout out to. I think it was There was a Jesse was Dan. It was another Dan. Wow so I love Idaho now. I've never been there but I like the name. Marie ethic is actually gorgeous. It was snowing and everything. And you know all confine trees all white and everything. I'm not used to that. Being that was that was beautiful. Now Dan you were there with a girlfriend told me about that. How's that not going? It's going good yeah I met I met her family. And everything. How good you play? Good with the mom I think so. I'm good with mom you give with fom after dinner. You help with the dishes and all that I you know no no never we never ever had we. We ate out all the time. Did you bring. I covered dinner when we. That's pretty good. That's flowers or like a housewarming gift. The you know I didn't Now just the dick pic picture the whole family. Good good well. Wow love is in the air. Thousand Nineteen was a was a potent year. That's good I'm so happy to hear that everybody's got a smile on their face. Looks rejuvenated juvenile. But you were you doing over break. Yeah Oh that you never What did I do over break? Nothing man he spent honestly blade. That was our mango. We've been working really hard and we just went. We wanted to be with him and it was super sweet. That's great yeah. It was great. We took him to the zoo. We went out walking everywhere. He's still young through look at the animals but he was. He's captivated by the people in the kids. Yeah so it's Nice. Just take him into public places like that Theodore is growing up. He is Close to crawling. He's got two little teeth coming in. He's going to be eight months. Want old on the fourth of February. Easy eight months old and this little guy We we went Vintage car shopping and right go as expected on my gosh. So I've been hearing. I didn't know we were going to get into. This room is been obsessed with vintage car. She's wants like a car. So we go to this place They sell like beautiful. nope vintage they look great. They're in grave condition. Originally old looking Mercedes. That was one of my my vibes. Those looking game four now. I've been telling us since she brought this up. Yeah says Ila. I support you if you want this. I'm not going to tell you. No I'm just GonNa give you a warning that the old cars are pain in the ASS. They're going to always not work. They're not gonNA run good and you're not gonNA really like driving. It's just going to end up sitting in our garage or driveway. Way spilling oil and. So you know everybody on Teddy fresh look talking about the venture garbage Garner was like funky looking trying to bring you down you go you do your thing girl. And then they go get in her head of both. You go listen. I'm like all right. Well I never had a problem with it anyway. The defense side. I know that we are always on the same page so I knew that right like I kind of knew it right but I just I just like the look of the car but it's not really that serious look agreed the look is call to the thing. Is We go to the vintage car these are. These are the good ones because you don't you don't want just a piece of shit car. You want like one that look. Russia is maintained so the the cheapest one here seventy thousand sorretto so right away. I on the price. I'm like either you can get like a fucking new bad ass car for that place already. I'm like overspending seventy thousand dollars when we get also new car. Yeah so that's the first thought. Then she gets into this car the seventy thousand dollar car which is the cheapest one they have their she gets in this car. It was our white Mercedes. Oh so it was. It was the one you wanted. Yeah so first of all the guy pulls it out. And he's turned it on getting gear because he was going to test drive it and he's got the clutch and he's like to get it here and he's got with both hands all right now. It's a convertible top down and takes two people screwdriver in the drawer. I I put into window is one of those that you've gotten so I'm like all right. Whatever you know? It's just for commuting so you'll gets in the driver's seat now you have to imagine the setting we're in a garage shop. Yeah uh full of incredible antique cars where Il is getting into the cheapest one that starts at seventy thousand behind. ILA is a a anti Ferrari. Rolls Royce probably the two most expensive cars in the garage and three hundred thousand or more beautiful and so yes getting ready. Go out on a test drive and I'm not sure why but it wasn't like this is very normal. Here's drivers reverse go didn't show me anything Do you drive manual. Like do you know how to drive a stick shift. I know it wasn't it wasn't it was just the a guy couldn't get it into drive all out drive for me. I didn't have to do anything right and I start nick driving and it goes backwards so ill is going to go back. And she's not hitting break. She just looks at me break great but it wasn't doing anything but all I see is I'm standing there in shock and she's just turns. Her head is looking at me going back towards awards. This is so horrifying. Burn fat at so. Oh I don't know what's going on and and the guys like Ryan trying to laugh it out and it was like panicking at the same time and I was like what I tried to hit break and I think it was happening. But then eventually he hit the like labor and then the car salesman is running after them. And I'm just sitting thing they're like. Oh no ill staring at me. You can imagine just the question. She just staring at me in shocked and there was a guy in the car with their. Who slammed on the the e break? Thank God why would they let you test drive if the transmissions folk wall apparently though drive in it was A. Why didn't the car like all shaking? I I just wanted to and then the guy who like takers of the car. They're they're handy mechanic guy. He was super nice and he came and he was like he didn't want to feel so bad and he was like come on all drive. And then we switch and I'll show you I how I'm driving and they use and then you drive and So I went with him because I don't want to also like say no. It was trying to be nice sure but I was like horrifying to walk out. What was with the brace? So when he took me on drive he said. Just say no. This happens all the time to meet to. You would expect to like the drive. Let's say why is that Dr Don or something it's the opposite of what it usually is. Okay so he said that happens to me put it in drive. Not The guy thought he put it in Dr. I didn't even do anything really value. God but then how come the break didn't work so you gotTa Really Slam it. Break it on slow and it's like when you're used a modern break. Yeah like barely tapping on old cars. Aren't like that. You gotta like press also allow no power steering either right. Yeah so you test drove it in the end. How did you like it so then I drove it and it was like the wheels kind of like takes a minute? There is and I'm coming from driving are like modern car. Didn't feel great and I was just is wanting to go out there and we left and I was like the dream is over. I am dying. What did you think when you came back? I just wanted to erase that whole day for my memory. Traumatized car. You're always hit a Rolls Royce. Like what the fuck inappropriate right. But I mean I'm glad we did. It could get the bug out of your system. Yeah so that's you're not old all over. We already got she got a car. So we're like media Over that different car a new car. We got a new car and comfortable. And it's awesome. Congratulations way better. So we say what it is ended up getting a Porsche in your convertible. It's really nice. No kids in this car and it's our date car and Dr just the two of us. It's really fun. That's pretty cool car. Yup and what else. It's like the same prices that'll it sounds like getting any that's that story so Came to her senses. She realized allies as always. It was so good because we came back from break and I opened up our we have our like show docker whatever and like I just see a note in in there and like you look crashes car that I knew she had been talking about the cars like what happened. It was so scary scary. I thought I was like man. This is so fucked breezy. I wonder if they would have made you pay for or like what would happen. Actually we've I how what if I can't afford it. Should they have insurance. Yeah probably yeah but I mean they they screwed you but I think they would have tried something like that guys a bunch of car salesman. You know they would've tried some anyway. There's so Wow a lot has happened. there's a couple of videos. I WANNA watch before we get into the year in review. Because I believe it's important they up today here. We have calendar trying to crowd surfing. I don't know if this is older. That jumping Komo levity jumps into the crowd. You know people are excited but you can hear screams of those are genuine Kareem to people. What are we? He's done this before. We're two different one. Yeah he's done this before. Is that are you kidding. Who else is that way off? Yeah I reckon that hair shape body in the face. Looks like it's actually bigger than anyone. The comments maybe clarify you attempted murder. That's true they these are all this go all the way up. And then Oh after like click you have to go into the comments. Read it entirely discussion us. Read it while you're trying to give them to watch the videos I. I don't see anyone saying that. It's not coward. nobis refuting it. So yes whatever. We'll hold on. What are the a pear shaped red pant wearing bearded we need to analyze? That doesn't look like him. It is run like that who the younger and college is a little bit bigger. I don't think hopefully move. It kind of looks like fat Joe. No No. He's been named. This may be a Kellet the job that was such a failed. Maybe two stunt regardless but really. I think you're right. Action persuaded waded. Well I'm not sure if that's him. Can we different usually read. It calls that shootout immediately though. Let me nobody's Refuting let me serves his real interesting. That's not DJ. Calvin I'm pretty sure that's fly. Boy Tarantino I the picture this. I wonder if callous not down with this Public smear job. Yeah that looks like the guy we just saw. But he's all all over his best. I didn't see any well out to twos on the right Did he get automatic video beard but he's not wearing red pants. Well he probably has no. But what if that was the reply to that doesn't have a single tattoo on Alpine the beard. Oh will hold on fucking finger live on Jerry. You're saying on back there's a TAT hat. Yeah because I thought he had like a long straggling beer right. Oh the Tattoo mashes he does have something going on there. Yeah people are agreeing. People are agreeing that it is fly boy in the fly boy. It's his signature move. Apparently God remind me not to go to his said out of all the cities toward only two failed to catch what I would do to find him. And I'm doing that about a plant like Jack Stews on that guy. That's the same the same sound you hear. Somebody opens. Fire was singing crowd so we need justice for Dj College Nieces name cleared. There is a DJ caliber crowd surfing video. Yeah that is that is different and I feel no. You didn't should that hard. Dj caliber crowd his. When he kinda Fella Yeah Right? You wouldn't just cal. Grad serve ends up crushing fans. I'll watch the music or can you meet the music so I don't WanNa get fucked. This does I'm yet wait. I turn that down. It doesn't lander grow on the second one stand. Wait just hold on. Just Click Aminu audio. No audio oh I got to do it. His his counties get don't get killed to hide all know they're having too much fun you see. He's not gonNA melt into the. Ah It's not push him out. The fungi. Basically just lean back. It's like crowd quicksand okay. They didn't want them. This was a big story. This twitch streamers begging for subs. I bet you guys didn't do you know people are saying. She's so disgusting. She's begging for subs why everyone hates. Twitch streamers go ahead wash it and some of it you think how do I hope speech about how I need subs and to the stream dream going. If you like the content Blah Blah Blah. How results in zero subs? They're regulars here five dollars a month. Fine how are you have hours of time to watch me and not because I don't know what do you do right Sir by the time to watch twitch and not five dollars to provide for the concept Felix you just answered her own question. What are you doing with your life life? You're sitting here watching for hours and don't have five dollars singer. Mike what's your content those just pointing No I don't I think I I read somewhere. I'm not sure I can't from this. You just political commentaries. Okay don't do. This left is best though it would make scientists. They yelling at your own fucking actually really heartbreaking. Because it's like people it just really have no I really don't respect me concentrator. Oh Yea I think that is that is rough. I mean I don't think she's representative twitch. I think she's just some I mean I. I never even seen this grow from where this But yeah that's The thing is when people who don't really need to ask for some people some if they find value in your yeah right but I love how she's like. I bagged you guys and not one person subscribed it's like. Wow maybe your shit sucks say. Jeez Jeez yeah well what is it Wa I guess left his best. No bless you thank you. You don't think left is best to sir. I mean maybe I guess maybe or maybe it says in the Through someone else under the bus for publicity then promote yourself. Ouch I dislike like both. y'All what now we're just descending into wide rahm anyway shutout to Her yeah content Blah Blah Blah for re coming the other into that. Because I'm curious if there's like additional context to it or something let's find the whole scoop. Yeah let's dig in still a little bit right into that. Did Philly d mentioned that. Have you guys been staying up to date with Philip. He's been on break to really came back yesterday with. Oh my God everytime Philly let me pull up his everytime Philly declerk baits me. I'm like what the fuck did I do. It's watering I. Guess yes but I didn't like yeah. I think I must be one of the most clicked baited faces on the filter. Franko Franko show which I do take as a compliment. I Look I look at me. I'm here what did I do. Oh the CAPE UP A lot. There's Pudi Pyeho Shane Pupa Shane's going to be hard to top. Mike Era Wants to be number one. Well let's see I'm up here twice. I see Felix Three. This is just the last made an appearance. He's the sonic even made an appearance. He has some pretty dedicated fans. I bet you somebody has a running tally of I would love to actually know what the guy who did up at a time. So I don't feel as cool actually know here's C.. I need to get in in Shannon is probably the number one right now. I'm actually seeing Felix. I want to see someone. Who Does David Dobrica Lot too? I'm seeing him all over so actually if anybody's listening has a tally. I would absolutely love to know what that is. I feel like I I got to be in top ten right here. I am again top ten then can I have that title. I don't think so. No I remember back off twenty when I first started watching him and he was going by sex again and the thumbnails were all just like girls in bikinis and stuff. You remember that I've heard about that but I was watching. Then that's court watching. Can you to this was like twenty eleven. Maybe how old were you hearing again. You guys I don't know I'm seeing myself a lot here. I am again Dan. I'm just saying there are a lot. I it's reasonable being top. Then I think I'm not giving you the top ten. I'll give you that. Does somebody has the podcast productions lease does these relag countess me any what take a break. Has It already been thirty manager having too much fun here back. Pockets that show In the world boy should get to it after the break so then okay. Let's go to the break. We have some. We'll be back year in review to knock away we're just getting warmed up In is working on highlights headlights as we were never had in the game. All right to break we'll be right back is are you unhappy with that smile. Tired of feeling self conscious and photos. Why not make this the year you straighten in your teeth with candidate candidate delivers clear liners directly to you in stranger teeth for sixty five percent less than braces? Unlike like braces candidates. Clear liners comfortable removable and Holy Invisible. 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Joined three million healthy mouths get quipped today starting at twenty five dollars and if you go to get quip dot com slash h three right. Now you'll get your first refill for free. So that's your first refill free at get quip dot com slash h three spelled G. E. Q.. Ip Dot com slash h three whip whip. It's the Good Habits Company. Welcome back you're the only one that's back. No one else is here. I'm here air dance here. I mean you know Dan here. My chopped liver. Dan's always here So I was going to say wanted to bring up one more thing before we jumped into it. Because we were goofing on not goofing really but the bath tub trough guy look at at this. Does the same this same Joe. All right I'm so stoked for this guy. What incredible journey awesome awesome? Isn't this the best thing you've ever seen. I saw that and I cannot believe that out firm that seems like impossible. The must've been so hard. Oh Yeah but look how happy he looks. Yeah I mean it's got to feel amazing. I mean the guy only got like a new life Nemann Kinda handsome dude actually to got him as seriously. I'm so I'm just. AC Atta boy. It's possible man. I need to get inspired man. I'm getting too fat. I can't fit into clothing. I've looked credible shorts collection. I can't fit in shorts. The feeding eating window ain't doing it. Someone left the window open positive draft defending window alone is just not enough. You know I got discouraged. Are Vegetarian pretty much. I am actually pretty much as we're just not like super strict about it so I see sometimes wants to something something but for the most part Anyway let's move on. Let's get to a trial we Anyway then I have I am fully vegetarian still and I tried meet once and I felt like you described your brother got would mate and I couldn't go right. You had the You know that wasn't the best to be honest but I'm just completely nine into yeah. I'm not surprised that it was pretty. Gross gotta be dedicated to throw. That should down to cheat fast food like if you were to drive live through somewhere and he just feels like cheating definitely mcmuffin because it's not really cheap though mcmuffin and not that bad. No No I. I mean you could do worse than that and I would feel wasn't with me if it was up to me Zach I would go. I'd be happy with anything. Meet Mountain need a bar now. I I wouldn't do that. Never do I would probably get like a quarter pounder with French fries or I would you know so you go. Mickey D's Carl's that's junior. Do you like in and out. I like in and out one anyway. Let's go must let let we have an agenda. The best one the worst. I want to talk about how Hillary Slam burning. Let's save that for another day ridiculous. She listened. That's what are you saying. Ridiculous ridiculousness what about Wendy Williams ripping us on TV right. That's new. Yes yes queens. So good what did I haven't seen that I save it for Friday so good now that brought it up. This is so hard so first of all as a lab. Thank you look into getting ready to remember an opportunity. Everyone knows that post here astonished to be subtle thing that she's having diarrhea or like because cliff in that posture. I generally don't get so gase unless there's like a a storm Bruins that's just a I know release corking corking vow. Yeah yeah so like. She's trying to hold it in like now if she's yeah flat she's trying to do it. Subtle yes yeah because when you're flat against the chair you're going to get that everybody gets gets to a point. Where like you have to let it? I think she's trying to let it out discreet. Exact expert right there. I actually want to watch the clip. You WanNa Watch the clip. said it's up on the screen. I mean you don't want to guess about what's in anymore. There's twenty four okay. Twenty seven years old. You're old enough to understand political correctness in the times that we live now moody of course he probably knows it's not right from a man to a woman or woman to a man but would you can't even do that locker room thing. That cop wasn't playing that I mean you're still issue is concentrating on the far. Yeah thank you right here. We've got to wait so look you only got battery. What if he filed L. for sexual assault? Oh Shit. I'm so sorry everyone on the thing. That cop wasn't playing that I mean gene. Stop talking goes into the nod. Here's what happened with the Mike Big. Yeah yeah she must have ripped fat. I think she clearly thought that that it wasn't audible because she has a lab on her chest. But I think there's booms everywhere for backup right. Yeah yeah so I think she ripped Sohar. She didn't think that anyone could hear it. I think she thought it would be silent. That's why she's now. That's what I'm saying. That's what the poses for like with the with the pause and opposed. There's no way to deny this fitting for the whole damn thing. She was really like try Thailand Windy Williams a marine. Wow you are right. You're exactly right Wendy Williams. She's like in. There's no hiding it because she likes. Stop speaking because she's got to think about what. What do you do if you need to rip ASS on TV? You know what I mean and you're Wendy Williams you gotta you gotTa hold it. I don't think you've got to do it on television. Hold on everybody. I'M GONNA rip back on the PODCAST parted. Yeah Jackie you heard it. Could you the sound guy. You've all have never heard there was even a reaction to you. Don't really hear my asshole like the guests here. There are ways around. She could've faked a call for something. That's the worst food that I don't think she could coordinate the competitive part and talk. Yeah really can't do it what you're saying. That's like a human limit you have to like. Pause pause that's a human biological limitation that seems like a challenge pushing farting right now. You could say that next time you have to discuss. Wherever I guarantee I can talk while far no posits it has to be like a fool called like talk you mean? Don't miss a beat. Exactly no pas not the second novel thinking you might be right What no thank you all right? When do the Wendy Williams Dude? We just had an on air fart like last month. Oh the stall well or saw. Well remember the Congressman Congress. Oh yea thing. He did pause but we do it right so we did. It was in his over. Yeah there was a there was a lot of back and forth. It's real so what is what do we find out was was. There was a lot of back and forth. The the network blamed a coffee mug dragging across the ground. Yeah I didn't buy. Don't try so hard there. There was a terrific anchor we of MSNBC claimed that Chris Matthews the show all the time we realized it was Chris Matthews on the Grassy Knoll with another one. I feel like Chris Matthew. You got the easy under center much like what happened. Dj colter earlier in this up. He did he did them dirty but I all right. This is a good challenge. We should all right. I'll let you know when I when I got asked to my for my ass. Let's move it on two thousand Nineteen Year in review you on a full year so I will go first because I'm already here what you got now. I'M GONNA start with my best. Okay now. I'm going to go all the way back back to Jack Black now. This happened at the very end of two thousand eighteen. But I really don't give a single hoots already breaking. No this is the only one this is the only ooh because it's right on the cusp. We never talked about this. It was right on the cusp. Like I mean like one day before okay so so stop your whining the scandalous take you say the prayer are you ready for it. Are you kidding me. Tell me if I do this correctly I've ever been uh-huh TA DA. Hey Mel how is the heartland shared the new new car. That's impressed to have that talent. Even burnell stay right like you would in Israel talent I just. I'm still marveling at the fact that we had this incredible talent Jack Black beloved by the world old in here doing doing a prayers and song for us so that was special. He's actually one of my favorite youtubers. Just kind of find it to say is he's great. It said December seventh. That wasn't what the Dan. Why are you here? You're supposed to support me is that's like it was a spiritual spiritual cusp of December is the rules. That's the only one from two thousand all right all right you told they say it's good enough though to to send a year that you in somebody who understands me that was trending on Jewish pages on twitter. I didn't know that. Yeah like during that. Yeah Yeah yeah a lot. One of my friends agree tweeted though. It's awesome yeah Another favorite moment of mine was the revelation that Sandra bollocks ax. Bollocks what are the English. Say bollocks Bollocks bollocks bollocks bollocks injects Asian baby's foreskin specifically Asian Asian baby foreskin let's ruptures Collagen and boosting. You look like a burn victim for Dave but then but then it pushes us. What are you pushing into the skin? The Andhra Sarah Carey. What you pushing into the skin? Well you push it and whatever the facialists would like to insert into your poor. What what is it? It is an extraction from a a piece of skin from a young the person. Why is it a whitewash clip of me? This is hard. Should be the source Little little late now. Well it's the best of podcast. Yeah that's true so we need you there because otherwise you're just going to react to gain. Okay so I'll just play the clip From young person this is weird. Isn't that guy it's like she got caught red-handed handed glad he would podcasts and not about good reaction material. You like what's the difference. I liked this clip. That's a highlight. What does it matter? Everybody else did the saying I forgot that this happen. So I am appreciating a reminder of the fact that she injects baby four skins and give any of their critique The top ULA. Funny I find it deeply disturbed. It can be both. What do you mean didn't mention it because I missed it? Because ills arguing with let me go back and watch a clip of me talking about it again. Don't disturb your hideo. Why Korean? I've always found that so weird but yes they import baby force confirmed Korea and injected into their faces. And you can tell she knows how weird and and Not Cool it is even. It's just strange like kind of uncomfortable. Comfortable really aluminum. Well whatever the manicures wants to inject. I wonder which Korea comes from the comes from North Korea. That's concerning because you know those babies given up willingly When I see I see four arm? Unlike the South Korea ones that are giving it will well. Because the I mean South Korea's A democracy were so Abraham babies are electing to donate report. I'm sure Humil- I'm sure it's done humanely with the parents consent If coming from North Korea. That's just a farm. Where they grow babies in nip nip? They're gonNA yeah. Yeah that to North Korea. It's like there's a forced circumcision does that. We're saying no. I'm saying that and North Korea. They don't need your anyone's consent hidden. Yeah they take the forest. Yeah forcibly interesting. Very in a camp job Sandra bullock. Okay Mark McGrath. Cameo for okay. I know this was recently Arabian. It's Mark McGrath from the bench sugary off. She give context mark McGrath. What became famous for making aching a cameo breaking up with a girl's boyfriend and it went viral? Everyone thought it was so funny and outrageous. That mark McGrath is on cameo it just delivering bad news. I mean yeah and the whole concept of Cameo 'cause is funny to people as well but I wanted to do something special for INS anniversary. I agree with your two year. Anniversary is right. That's correct and so we decided to commission for in a little video of Mark McGrath a Firing so without further ado birds your hearts and eighth and wants to let you know something man these ever get easy. Things are getting top around the office And unfortunately at this time I know it's tough around the holidays. Ethan is going to have to let you go. Unfortunately money's tight rate now prices around the world are going crazy Andrew affecting you're telling me is going to have to let you go just can't afford to keep you around anymore more. You've been a great employee. Great friend and he hates to do this during the holiday season and he does his way to let you know that you're fired tired was through me. I wish you the best you know a lot of cliches kind of come into mind right now when something like this is happening to you. Young the chips are down. You know when one door closes contact top get going. It's not how many times you fall down. How many times get back up? So I'm happy Ethan and everybody We wish you the best in your more than capable if the best. We're going to let you go at this time I'll be happy to the market. One employee should invest in the future. Well I thought he was showing crass and I will say after we aired this on the podcast. He raised his price from seventy five to one hundred fifty. He doubled upright one hundred one fifteen and he's like on on the main like they really push him now on the well. Yeah he was getting like pop plus today the math. That's a lot of Cheddar. Did you see the deep the deep thick so commit now. Oh Yeah Yeah. Let me let me pull that up. That was so uncanny dude. That was the best mark the wrath of McGrath. How did did you feel twenty-five of maybe he lowered Deepak. How did you how did you feel alien Do you watch this is actually my wake up alarm gets me going no email there. It's not US sits us. Yeah it was on a really small channel so yeah I thought on the subway might not pop up on a search unfortunately Dan hi. What's up in the next up? What's up it's beat coming up? That was definitely aflame. Highlight for me. He really delivered you know we. We sent him the money. We sent them some guidelines really minimal and he really took it around with the and he was quick to can he went for a while. Yeah he knows how to how to deliver quality. Yeah he's got a reputation. Yeah he's a G HE'S G So there you have it mark McGrath next up the Bell Delfin Saga for me stands hands out. It nearly ruined our marriage but Zach says well you still watch her. No you don't watch out you don't you. Don't ever want cancelled premiums betcha. That's false. Oh you don't have premium Premiums shop anywhere anymore anymore. Okay 'cause you're really into it for a minute. Video her spitting Dr. She sent us. We I had wanted her too far and a candidate. Senate's me but she did the next best thing she spitting a jar and as far as I'm aware we're the only one's Own Her spit. She expressed me after Scott and it's still Fermenting how much to take a sip of that Dan a million dollars. How much does take precip that ten gram? That's you might die. Looks Drink All oh Jesus three hundred grand up real quick. My House. Ten grand wouldn't cover. Your medical bills will not in La. But I was flattered that that you thought of us. Here's video okay. Here we go. I mean this is a video. Oh this is it. You Ready Ula s that much. She later admitted to me because we were noticed. It smelled like alcohol and She later admitted to me that she had poured a little though. That's because she's ruling and she said she wanted to give them more volume but I wonder if it's because she was worried that there that could be true only home. I'm GONNA be honest. Who got a semi from this from this fitting that doesn't do for you know up at all not even one percent? I don't believe you I don't believe you either especially is it. She doesn't necessarily do it for me. I'll stop you. Stop Right up at all. Just a semi uh-huh joking. I'm asking for real not trying to make jokes. Did you get from this. It's kind of a weird feeling in here. Yeah pulsing did you you you tripped up ten percents Gallagher Miniscule Liga just ten percent she's still totally. Mia She gone. I don't know following but accurate all over it. I don't know why because she was like the center of attention. Everybody was talking about her. She's like She's like Jerry Seinfeld. She goes out at the height of her glory. True well let me about being arrested right which was kind of a laboratory back and that was bullshit. I don't know if she's still like it was. Yeah Yeah Oh yeah we noticed here that It mysteriously the volume goes up Oh Jeez loops where this time. Click this it. Mysteriously filled up about fifty percent. The way through her spitting Marathon must have been when she poured in the alcohol. Noble see theory. Well at this point she puts it back in her mouth. It's it's pretty incredible. I mean she did go all out. I prefer beyond you gotta Hug from her. Yeah that's right that's part of The thing is that the the story continued to develop which is what contributed to being so great for example we decided to open it and Accu M- seal here this williamsport. There's a wicked smell coming off that borough give a whiff wait. Are we ready. We'll have his camera salts at least when Debbie Jar was way clearer then definitely getting fucked organic going on on their chemistry. I sure well you know what happened. There's probably is there. A little air pressure on it spitting what the bacteria was. It's like when they make use for sour dough right. Exactly that's gnarly so there's like can you hear here's that we can hear all have okay. Well Okay so hold off on that but yeah this this is normally good time stamp. The man I'm so it's just not what I expect. And I'm so so blown trying to watch. Baptists were operating youtube for a Youtuber Youtuber. One and a half hour timeline. It's not that easy to a minute. If you press the second is like a grownup girl the booze because I do think they ask drinking alcohol. I called on it back tyrian would ferment here. I mean there's no way she did a man Chevy. We'll see how it's developed going in. No but if Dan all along if if Dan doesn't have to complete the circle we'll all year. The one that suggested Dan. Dan Dan Dan opening it up. Put it up to the Mike Mike. Let's hear from makes this sound. No interesting I think that means there's nothing in there. There's no Oh this is how the walking dead it just flew out so dance got it open. He's smelling gagging. Whoa what is fucking bands? What is look debt? Oh my God go ahead of you in your neck okay. Okay longtime worse than I thought it was GONNA be. This is like the grudge. How long did they uploaded? It was like in the Summer Ollie. La Law. I never did. I never smelled like straight alcohol because now by the way this has been marinating for seven months. Don't spill that that'll burn through this. That is unbelievable. It smells kind of like like a like a old bread. Yeah I got the yeast Element is in their own red. Doesn't sound too bad. But like how is it good. There's some there's a thing in there there's a demonic element for sure an back thoughts you want to sit that for ten. G's not on the show. Breath smell alcohol bread. That's the way I can put it. I think the fact that you're smelling someone spit whatever you're smelling those grosses. Oh that was Israel if you smelled a flower that had that sent. Would you react the same. It's is like aggressive and I just want to close a contact high from this. Yeah did a good whiff. uh-huh just let it marinate basking. I just want to get a really good description. So the thing that yeah it's like the alcohol is fermented now you can really smell the yeast bratty us. Foul brain damage might have buzz. Does I wonder if you could get drunk drunk alcohol. She spit out so I feel different. I just that's not good. Throw it out to be. I think it became less pungent by the Kim around to me. The smell was made might have escaped. Yeah you got the worst. I'm Asian Zero Ruutel. Well well that's good little. Yeah so we did that. And then finally Ian ran into her at the porn hub. Awards writes Although you're the only one that survived to to tell the the story yeah that was I didn't expect that to happen. I didn't think she was going to be there. She still mysterious so so then I was like I gotta find her here and yeah. That was good work. She was so excited g she knew who we were. And you're wearing the hat. Yeah yeah that's right. That's so funny. She was so nice. Just freaking out looking person she. She looked like her. I mean I could see like where the where the whig. She's dressing on her. You know a grim reaper. Whatever but but And she was with a guy right. I didn't see anyone who she with. I didn't see her with anybody. She was by herself. Yeah it looked like it as far as I saw. Aw I don't know anything else. I mean anything unusual. Not Really. I told her what she say to you. I had said I like pointed ended at the hat and she was like no way. No Way. Is that real. I was like yeah. I made a replica. The real shit she was like. Where's Ethan where's here? But it was cool she was she talked for a while. While congratulations allies are gonNA hug. Saga what kind of hug was yeah. I'm curious what are you. What are you kind of like? How long did she was was? It was their body. Contact was killed forward did you. What percentage Jober Urano zero Well I'm trying to get up to ten but it's one of those kind of an acquaintance when you do the Pal- you do the Pat Larry. David Pat Yeah. The did you smell her. I didn't go for the width. But you were right there. Did you not inhale I just with the spit. Smelled like Ronca red impaired week. I think something happened between them. Not Wanting to slow. No no it was just well. You didn't have a girlfriend. Then what are you worried about his own groovy. She just wanted to stay mysterious ally with too much. I was trying to ask questions. She wasn't really We wanted to get a video. She didn't go on stage either right no so interesting. Yeah there you have it Trish TRICIA now Delfin and next up for me Andrew Yang enters on the gatsby fantastic Dick dip. I believe it's down to carefully. We put on the lowest feed. That's Max speed after the bobby incident. Tissue especially where officials. He's a serious guy. Yeah Angie I feel like that was a milestone for podcast. Having the Andrew Yang a presidential candidate here on the show was pretty well. Dad Flipped out about that actually. Is he a young gang. Kinda yanking thinking. Oh so. He didn't expect told them anything and literally got. I got a text from him. That said what the fuck you got Andrew Yang. That's that's awesome as long as Dan's dad is in Happy I I crave your Dad's approval more than my own. Because you told me Your Dad is is Was a fan of the rice. Come video down. I think we all determined he said are. Are you fucking kidding me. You Got Andrew on the show after the debate. I'm impressed there. You Go tell me if your dad has any more complements okay. Yeah that's that the past does he. Does he ever said anything about me in the bag. Did he say anything about Bell Bell Delfi. Yeah he's he's real into her actually did he say that'd be reckoned in he had. Let's keep blasting to take a good long papa. John gives us a shout out. That was like a Lifetime Emma. Let's watch this video. Two point. Four million views people are stoked for Papa Gang topic. Happy here on or game game. Actually Papa law well I have an update on pop act. This has been so. Surreal Papa. John Giving us a shout. Well since we've got in touch with Papa we've been trying to book him for the show he got in touch with me. We talked on on the phone for like fifteen minutes. Wow great chat house good good report really good real good batter super nice. I said Papa when you come on the show. Oh he said to me Lethem when I say I'm going to do something I'm going to do. And so we booked. We have a tentative date I will say was the what did we say the seventh I think right who the day of record I be worried. That's exactly that's the day of reckoning on the calendar pop is going to be in the house but he's got got the story he's got the good he's got the T. and he's coming to spill it he's flying out just for a show. Wow I cannot be more excited Dan. That is so cool. I couldn't believe it because it was going to call from private nine number and we usually don't answer any time was like. Oh Oh yeah give it to me. I guess you knew. And then he's like Papa now we had good answer answer US May. He was born a lot of good. He said Yeah he was slamming on. You've thought he made need some good jokes about shredder. All of his ex wife being dogs are no no no no. I'm the dog But he made some funny jokes about all of his ex wives as well and then he was very detailed like okay. So when do you want me to come out. What time? Where's the face as like? You could tell us a very. He's a CEO. Yeah he's he's the franchise or not Franchisor is aboard I. I don't even know what to call. It is the let's like the very official title used to see you go public. There's like new. Titles okay. Well he's a board director of the board. He's everything he's the Alpha Omega and yes what else the Alpha and Omega expressions just Alpha and Omega. Oh He's recused Alpha and Omega of the Pizza Empire Papa Dente Hell's popping up but he's coming on and I just can't believe it's so cool. I'm super excited. I can't wait Also have an exciting announcement. Tuesday Pudi Pie is going to be joining US via satellite. It's not actually satellite interesting via satellite. So we have some nice guests coming up. I'm excited about It's going to be a first ever remote guest. Well we'll shoe uh-huh throw shoe under the thing that we just got eight hundred comments but anyway it would be the worst. I wanted to show this one two before I pass it off. You look at one hundred it literally just stand there. Oh this was the So it's like a human experiment but anyway the cameraman the Real Madrid the camera so close to their faces. It's just his life so out of she's she's like what the hell any keeps getting closer in your turn. Now when you think it can't pick continues to step forward. I think he really has a perfect extend. If you looked at me that close you. You'd be like Oh man I I got all these black kids and shit like the I got somebody bone hammer man yeah. I'm sure so clock about perfect skin. Look at this movie yeah. That was a great movie. But do you hate people. I loved it director in his ear. Almost single blackhead single black EPOCA smooth skin is possible. Gone gone to see the full shot of poster. Baby almost sixty yeah. Yeah and I'm GONNA worst worst. Oh the Thanksgiving make them laugh everybody. Everybody was clowning on me for ruining episode because This was your worth. People didn't laugh then I replayed it a bunch of signs and then the audience upset that you're not abiding by Iowa zone rules and that's true breaking the rules today to doesn't like the thinking inside a box. Yeah thank you Zach. That's complimentary well. People didn't like that I was bragging about. I didn't think I was GONNA lose once and then Dan I was laughing at every case this is going to be a spread it out the the accelerator kliptown learning backwards and it kind of gets runaway The Yeah Yeah I'm not good. Dive ruined it and everybody was well. That was my worst moment. One of the other worst moments for me was everybody accusing accusing me of cheating. Because I dared to say that It's okay to look at someone's instagram profile. Out of curiosity a conversation. We didn't say you're kidding. It's infidelity of infidelity. That's the only wait a minute. Wait a minute yeah it was about to say we all got trash. Yeah your site. In the moment I felt attacked. But justice prevailed take all first of all. Do you for recap. I was saying that some girl sent a love not an down to Dan. Sorry and I looked at her her instagram profile. Because she provided out of curiosity yes and then said well. I didn't look and then I said it makes sense because he has a girlfriend so he didn't look at both of you. Don't bullshit you didn't look and you go. Whoa then you all go? Oh we'll look what you would look as somebody sent me. I would look at it of curiosity uh-huh and then all of a sudden all you coward with girlfriends. Yes cow word. I and I think that it's wrong to look and is more specific than that. You were accusing me of being a liar. Saying in this instance I didn't look and I think you're lying wrong. Never looked still didn't out of principle. After all this I was definitely honestly i. I stand with Dan on this bill. Bill stance stick by your guns hundred fifty percent. You can't go more than a hundred ten percents the most you you give because I think by definition of the free you can't go more than one hundred percent. What what what is the limit on? That percents offender is Max. That's that's all you can get. There can be two hundred percent now. Two hundred percent means more than one hundred. That's double one hundred percent. And how can you give two hundred percent of your effort. You only have one hundred percent to give by definition of one hundred percent. That's the Max everything. One hundred percent okay in writing I think budget on that one I think people should allow thousand percent. Because it's clearly really exaggerated for Slang Noah thousand so what like how is unprecedented. That's cool so you agree. Thousand percent thousand might be a little too high. I think the cutoff is a hundred and fifty. Well that's outrageous because then I think you're lying. You're covert compensates slaying. Though it's like a real even after the backlash all agree you all still hold firm see to not to litigate the past again to pull a Hillary Clinton on you but but there was a lot of each other in that conversation too. I remember because again. I was mostly getting fixated on the fact that you were accusing me of lying. In that particular instance which I absolutely was not I was. I was just goofing. It came because then Ila was interpreting. That as you saying it would be okay to say right like that and and I see but then it became the comments. I'm willing to see it both ways. I think there's good people on both sides. The white nationalist good people in both site okay. Very diplomatic no matter I the thing is i. I think you guys are full. Shit your title your single. Would your answers possibly would be different. Yeah point no no. No no if you were single would you say it's okay to look. Yeah 'cause theoretically theoretically if you're saying if we were GONNA go argue single and you says if I was in a relationship it would be because the girl washing and she's no. I'm very confused now. It can sense but of course they would say no yeah. I don't know maybe they'd be honest with you are single you force us to be honest on this show all the time and you guys still lie to me. No if you were single track and I asked you hypothetically if you were in a relationship and and you just looked out of curiosity because the situations like this you are behind the podcast. Patriots reproductions of somebody said. Hey ZAC you're cute. Here's my instagram profile. You would click it out of curiosity the Aussie Oh no. That's that's not he gets live not lie. Let's not do it again. That was the whole conversation. Even if it came through at the podcast at eight fisher productions email single like no girlfriend in the equation. But I'm in a loving relationship that's got nothing to do with clicking. I don't want to look at other girls' though that's that's both members resent that and I'm not okay still backing up here. Well apparently yeah everybody back. We're right near back you up. I just don't want to have this argument again. ASPECT EH I would click. Yeah Click the right to secure enough in my relationship to admit that audience agreed grade with you. I love you and I agree with everything you said except for this. Wow Okay it was your worst moment after all and so and then finally the worst for me or the most shocking may be was This really iconic connick lip of God. Turn Away Dan eating the giant Loch faircloth who her mugging turned on my my series as I was pulling this clip I saw that eating with Q.. And Be Love. The two big bang channels are having a beef having Real uh-huh oh why are we tracking that they were. Yeah we should be good drama. Yes absolutely you won't forget all making no right now. Apparently some Some of their text messages between them got leaked really trashing each other. Oh Yeah I think it's more. Ah Caging we they have be eating beef. Say I've never seen them eat only foods so I don't know why they're obsessed with see. We're Dongo phone call. Maybe we're doing a show who just Out maybe he just received an instagram profile. I won't be surprised because you have the shits. Where is Sarah? Can you hear me. We're doing he ran out the door why you do. You really think he has. The Shit's why be no. He was looking at his folks me. Oh did something happen. Just emergency up for Dan's life. After really I are you so I'll go and see what's up what you have to be again. Yeah you're gonNA break again. I've been chugging the water. That's probably you. GotTa you gotta moderate on drinks so much because I wanted a drink. But then it's a balance. Get the hell out of here. Go to the bathroom. What you'll it's your turn? How're you GONNA presentable? Who is gone? Let's just say it's yellow switched seats in Chitchat. Hello as the third we. I cannot believe that you might boy who backs me at all I back you up on. Everyone would leave me in the trenches on this one. How could you not click the like? It doesn't matter like okay. Use My soul mate. I will click the link. It's got nothing to do and it's fine. It's not like I wasn't actually accusing you of anything. I just thought I had a problem with the issue but I'm willing to see it both ways. There is what happened. It'd be so bad. Are you serious. You didn't say anything. You just decked out sprinted dramatic shifts no instead the peak so then gave somebody I will go ahead them because he took the invitation now. Should we wait for IAN disrespectful so we don't need to wait for talk. He sits there quietly. Okay so one of my best moments the birth of Theodore. Oh well that's four eight one but also I was at home and you did this episode and it was really fun for me to watch it. I I never like you just gotTa give it more Gust. I financially I'm still there This army to this sweet I specifically in this bar with those pictures because it's so like surreal. I can't even believe this happened. Only seven months ago kilo literally the second actor doctor and these photos are so powerful in tears of joy in the expression on her face with the baby there. I mean it's just it's like on inspiring you know he's got a little beanie on. I know this looks like himself and saw this one he really does resemble. That already. Looks Different Your you looks more which is funny because when you look at them you have no. Oh I did what looks like but now you can see just we are. I mean that says it all for me. This is like I haven't looked at this powerful photo. I mean this is like the day after two right. Pinson did this student. uh-huh oh you're in the hospital for today so it was like three or four right. Okay enough says the one I remember because you would like barely slept. I appreciate how beautiful you'll is. Oh this is directly after giving birth req- so Very crazy maybe twenty twenty and we'll be having another one. ooh something what uh-huh is it. Surreal you guys. Child like surreal like forget from my guests sometimes no no Catholic moment and it was just like like we're just hits you that you have this being all right. Where's that kid now? You're responsible for that but but we have moments. We're we're like who is he like 'cause he's already a guy and whoever he Islam there is only so much influence where you're going to have on him but he's already who every every character already was night just a few nights ago where he woke up in the middle of the night to eat and I was an after he was done eating he was just sitting there like in my lap. I like this just staring at me in the dark and his face. He looked like such a little kid and he was staring at me for twenty minutes. Not Blinking and I was looking at him. You're just staring at each other for like twenty minutes in the dark. So surreal. Oh Yeah Yes wow EH. Her Up. Next stop is the van Affleck to Sega Right. Just love it. Now get some context here so it was a random TV something. I don't now on youtube it just popped up and you're you're like you know. This is a real estate when I was like no way anytime I was like no. That's his real too and I was just I could not believe well then the great part of the stories that he lied he said if I said it was foreign movie about it right and Eh kicked off a whole competition of what's a worst to try and lie about something like that. That makes so much better. Thing interesting. Happened happened dealers. said she saw picture of Ben Affleck's back Tattoo. I was like man. You Got Ben. Affleck this crazy back tattoo of I guess it's like a Phoenix don't really know but it's huge of course it's whole freaking looking back super colorful. It's it's well done for what it is but it's like you just you would never expect it so coups and I think this is the worst to I've ever. She said well she said Ethan. I think this may be the worst tattoo I've ever seen. Now I feel like that can't be true kind of why do you hate it so much. It's just awful. I like where again the character like. What is that? The caller is Phoenix. The fact that it's all over his back it's the size of the bothers us the colored. It's just way too. I'm still convinced. So how do you work. Do we ever find awful. Well then how the cow hall that was close but it was the guy with the one on this. Yeah you know yeah yeah. They're scroll down a little bit. Yeah the finds the worst tattoo ever. It's a guy named Golan's yeah that one's worse what is it. Is that the guy who went to prison for life sex. I don't think that he did. I think his his dad his dad. Okay good But they were both participating in this. Okay fantastic what. I didn't have the same. Yes the best bonding having parties. Wait underage girls. ooh What's the point of being famous. If not that that if someone famous wasn't famous no I could see my dad. Doing that Sleazy is him and my dad was single. I mean I could see it do we may have. You may have rated higher. But I don't know you gave a lot of weight in your rating system to Ben Affleck celebrity. Thank you would still forever forever be my worst special. Yeah I never had the same reaction to that you did. I mean I see it as Corny but the worst tattoo a to ever I mean. I don't know 'cause it's still technically allowed to but feeling really. She pleaded her case. Yes she didn't buy well. Yeah yeah so all right well. Congratulations debate great moments. Well she got and neither obvious. One is When I got a I can't forget your socor yesterday? You'll just became an American citizen. Is that what what is happening. He'll closer to the MIC. Sarah said this deal. Are you here. Probably the best poster Smash Look Beautiful Wa walk up because I remember after that then you went out and then smashed the boxes. uh-huh forgotten I had to go print that and that was so stressed. Nobody confronted right. No I printed the yellow one in the CA- calm. The printer broke and so a guy had to come fix it then he was kind of like all right. You got everything. I'm like. Yeah go away. Every reason why I love America America this is like so American you could print this Huge picture of bin Laden and no one was saying it. No one I I like in Israel. You'll get so many questions you can't print a picture been lauded in Israel. Not just the anything weird you know people will be in your face about it. What are you doing why maybe what? They're actually happened to me a few times. Oh people were did you up. Yeah for what just random stuff I remember I remember once I was I was just taking pictures. Because you know it was like a tourist and I got approached by a couple of security security people because there was like a school nearby And they just saw me taking photos in the vicinity of a school. You know what you did they tell. Oh you look like a pedal I think it was more of like a terrorist. Kind of thing. Yeah geared at the time I could see what the beard people but because you're saying it could be any. Aren't you like how they interrogate you out there at their. Yeah that happened to me too. Yeah when I got there. They pulled me aside. Whatever did you go on birthright? No I went to visit family. Uncle lives there. My grandfather at the time So that Gatsby entrances leading me actually to back in time the first time we got the Gatsby might grow Joyce brought in specifically this moment where they got stuck in there. Were just love the kid every little bump doc wallet still fucked up. Every I don't even I guess that says something about me right there. The stinks shreds shred so hard because everybody doors pretty brave. Yeah I think I can do it. You Guys uh-huh something. Yeah yes I still feel shame. We haven't explored that concept on September. Three video I wanted to be. I WANNA drive it like just around. Just yeah well. They don't have the idea to get it the road and get someone behind me film in St Louis could still do that Hail Mary well. Yeah so my eh. One of my worst moments was all the eating segments. Okay I specifically chose the one that Ethan the based Chicken Sandwich Sandwich and someone to those. The I only saw someone deep throat The nine once in my life. Yes the list. That kind of reaction from visceral never expected so bomb chick-fil-a looks okay buddy. Maybe had in mind are waiting to eat right. Oh it's like Oh and it's legit spicy too just because the line drive through this this whole waiting here okay. This is my life the test anymore. Family it doesn't make me crazy. Yeah we had a real on camera. uh-huh well those out to their Arby's which made me go vegetarian. Yeah this was the last time I'm in so doing other food review. I didn't realize I look like a minion. That's fine you're totally. Where did you see that as I tell me about churches? They don't like the smacking they find. I think it's unhealthy for you. Looking the thing is monsters. I mean the secret I always like I mean so on the front on the front you have diarrhea. It gave the crumpled paper diarrhea. Brownback Pastrami right chicken. Are you gonNA try listening. Well no no it is very get is. It is very tasty tender. Yeah I mean I I honestly I was pretty doubt. Wow so it's not something like you can't order that twice nice though. It's one time you're done remember. There was only one arby's in all of Los Angeles sold it to. We had to lie down mountain about two million times. My last worst moment is in Racia- Tricia Betas go go You prevent said the worst. No I think on a scale of attraction ten no you. You're a hundred type in front of it was like my immediate reaction yeah. I didn't even think excusing confused by that. I've never been rated tenure. What would you rate him? But you wanted me to your where you would you. Would you pretty fun. I have been very if you took your advice and moved on. Would you make a move on me. Yes Oh ooh well. Let's bear in mind that in the same episode. She said that she's both Trans Lesbian. She's kind of forgotten forgotten about that whole thing. So so you're saying she doesn't think I'm a ten because I take the shot. That's the only thing I don't take that away apologizing. Let me have that ooh That's it. Those are my moments up next. Dan Dan the man all right. We'll blast through this. How long we been going Sarah along one just curiosity forty minutes? That's not good not too bad. I'm not trying to wrap it up just curious. Okay so I best and really most of the credit goes to Ethan. Despite how he portrays it in this clip used to pray. God please kill his fucking Cox. Hawks are guys. I'm so sorry to interrupt. We got sick Tara Tara I hi this is your. I mean it's funny. It's funny comic. ONIC beautiful sound but yeah yeah. That's true right mainstream now. The high tastic was so good. It's the mega clear you. We're like spamming me. We have discovered that we use because he was porn. Because I recently deceased father bother would be so gold. IRA DIDN'T WANNA do it. So I was like say. Say Yeah you did it. I did it and it was good then Of course and I mean this is beyond best of forget twenty nine this is Jeff that Muse it. No you recognize his. Yeah Yeah we found on youtube the regular but I mean this is the author of this by the way at the time it only had seven thou. It's the regular you got the regular hundred forty. ooh Look at that what we did from seven thousand. This is this deserves a like like right now but yeah just the regular in general I mean this is the whole the whole saga is really the best for me right here. The you got the regular. No kidding me ooh awesome. I want the regular Shmegegge. Maybe we she might not not the regular smuggler. I think Uh always take jacket comes off so I think they were nominated for best ensemble somboon at the streaming really. I think they want no kidding. I'm not kidding. Explain that to yourself when we initially stumble upon switchmen. How did someone send it to us or do we on page Immediately we were both like this is the best. I think I was like crying laughing. It had like oh good like Below ten thousand views for months where we You know gave it the bump. Liz are now waiting. We weren't sure if we're GONNA make a video about it. We kept in right breath and he's just like his whole being. Is the raw raw watch every day. Morning ritual yeah. He's still tweets. It's almost every day the whole ritual. I think this might be the decade. We can't really say irregular anymore. Yes Oh yeah I find myself saying the SHMEGEGGE LA yeah everywhere. Who you're kidding me? This even say that to the Teddy fresh salmon. I I forget who you all right. Another tastic moment. Maybe my favorite all last year was the victory episode. Well and the The Ethan versus all fucking talking to you. That's fairly nothing dude joke. You said that as how many watts six six million you wanNA see one more. Yes I feel like that was entry level. I'm more minutes it was pretty dope. Give uh-huh enough all right. Let's see what you got here. You'll boy drum roll adding get drummer. They'll give him a drum roll seriously though. Can we get the drummer. He's trying not to laugh. I think. Can I get a countdown Donald. All right here we go here. We'll give you this. I'll give you the cricket sounds off. Ask the Franco. The Go ahead Zach. This shows known as well what is I thought hard. It scared I'm shaking. This is a hard and that was I mean uh-huh medic on certain things. No that looked usually his way what they were trying to humor him a little bit. Yeah okay good There's good report but as an addendum to that Although because I want the to my own run. But we're having some technical difficulties alphabet below. Nothing I didn't think so. What are we might have been the biggest one? Yeah Dan Lewis. It broke the hell out of here all like sorry sir. All of our trees he's funny and then My last My last greatest the-then bradberry regular thing made me laugh really hard but but nothing as hard you already know. It is the U.. God God that's gotTa be a tough one should so damn positive shredder. It's the same way where he pauses the man this gets so bad entertainer. She'll the possible that you don't blink. Chill thank God there's something almost feels like pornographic yeah. There's someone jerking off to this. He was enhancing it up or do you think he is. No no no no he can do that so that's insane so much so right. No this is the real deal. Go to the audio listeners. He's found Reese's cup of this is so foul. I believe it's a beet. Red here thinking like what if he chose. Yeah that's what it looks like. He can't he's he's ninety. I'll look more like Joey. It looks like you got Rose put it back in. It looks like man so insane. Oh Oh God yeah. That was a great moment. Remember this is my stomach. Hurt my everything for sure Yeah and then end the word right. Yeah and then whatever that means again the number part one of my worst was the Special cake that we made instead of crossing. Manny's Dan bring it in masterpiece dance space now has it nannies phobia. Yeah pretty much. I mean after this idea if you didn't before you do now smell. I didn't think it was that bad news. It wasn't enjoyed sweet. I was so close to throwing up. The smell was always potent. The look at it it was like so just looking at it was like well. I just wasn't really like frosting shape. Yeah exactly who's around and who's like melted. I remember the smell. It bad for sure in here. Exactly don't want to show you taking a bite. I never took that. He didn't but you did eventually taste managed. That's right the Thanksgiving that during the game and all that shit good which was bad but the PLO with the Pumpkin Pie wasn't it was the smell. All of the cake A lot of mandates on that case it was. Did you get disgusted by that. Yeah I mean I was like elbow deep in Maine. Yeah but I would bring it. Pass Dan that's because this looking so Hold on yeah. There's there's sort of look compilation going on here. So this is a compilation of me. fucking up the doorway walls which which Dan was the one who had to. Yes exactly so So this was the first the first day and you know this was one of your best for me it because I'm responsible for fixing it each and every track if we take a Disney trip accompany event again this year we should bring the gats not the door awful awful hinges straight and then I can't blame you for this podcast Bobby Lee which we could have seen it coming before. There's already pretty much coming because there we don't wait. I just realized there's a getty image stamp on the post and then finally nine so we call Dan Dan the magician here and the office because we have a joke that he can do anything and it's not really a joke because Dan was just like. Oh Yeah I can you can see it. Just take a chunk of the day after I fixed try and then he did just ripped the door after that the closet broken nothing comes off so easy thank you wanted. I remember one that you wanted to fully closed and slamming that. That'd be amazing. Yeah it'd be amazing uh-huh it's I mean. Look at the door frame. It's like bobby really fucked up. I think there's actually like structural damage to the frame. Yes I just WanNa hit the door. I don't think it will hurt the major. It'd be so cool enabler Zach Right it would be also like Koussa. We don't want to see that. Hello you got we're here to entertain the people. Okay Zach is right it would. It'd be awesome right all right. He's actually got your back and that's it that was that was van. The next up you get in there that Zach Zach Zach Zach Zach Zach okay. I was just doing that to avoid their. They're dead already so I wanted to go through and talk about from this past year. The most iconic soundbites Angle become the soundbite. God her this last year so like to. Yeah exactly sack that that that that you force your way over there. What's going on double jusque discuss? Bring it over there man. Don't be shy about rip it like a band. Hesitate okay so mobility. Mary course time we watch this. This was the dillon with that the debut current I remember this one my God. I'm on the edge of my seat. Oh that was great. That's such a great soundbite. Well there's no she's not. It is the best whereas Mobility Mary when you go on a quest to find her she lives in La. And you. Can't we half and this year two thousand twenty. Make it our mission to find Mobility Mary and get her on the show. She's an L. A.. You didn't really want to do that. Yes you gotTa scooter off you have in. I might have an the building. I don't want to reveal too much on the okay. Yes I want to make that happen. That's a big goal in Stan. Says he has an and I'll tell I'll tell you after the but we need to get US could lead squiggly. We okay good. I know a guy knows a guy who cut off a stakes change insurance and now a dog another class. Okay so what you got there you go yeah Also the birth of the. DD Mega Doodoo. Somebody off hundreds gathered today to see their final goodbyes. This it's crazy the fallen officer. You're what way to honor her by calling her D. D. Mega do and then we got the human version of Kermit. The frog this one I love and I feel if people haven't responded. Oh this is one of my favorite using. It's not easy. It's not necessary. Also land sounds like kermit the frog and I just love you guys in what they look like. I mean she's wearing a gold actors. Why wouldn't they fake this achievements piggy? She looks like Miss Piggy in this video. He's talking immediately after that in sounds nothing. Like what geno fantastic moment We have another great song by Mr Little Zander's I that's my favorite time. But this was his fantastic. Love the guy from the highlight called Lausanne has a little. Iq uh-huh stirred controversy. So this guy was just like hey dude you know fuck you for saying that should about my boy to my bug pack enough. This is what he thinks is always street. cred didn't get out. Get Out Sir. How did he never get busted for that? Now look at this motherfucker put it out again. He so trashy he his girlfriend's driving he's like swamping fucking a guy. How is he not being so right but the what is is he asking him to get out of three? Get out get out. Maybe I duNno chew. It is a strange way to speak right get out. He thinks he's league tough. But it depends on context. They're outside outside is just get out. I guess would be to get in Wall Jerry Seinfeld over here get out get in it. We're talking about and to round up. Are you guys watching curb. Did you like it. Wasn't it absolutely absolutely amazing. I have a feeling that wasn't like they got more into it loving it last night. The last half I liked the first half I felt like I. I don't like when Larry is doing things that are so ridiculous okay like when you just grabbed the selfie stick and broke over his knee which is fine. Thank ain't going isn't it. What you all WanNa do you know what I mean? But it wasn't Larry. David wasn't always liked. That it was he was character was realistic. And now I feel like he's become such a caricature pitcher. He's like a real person anymore. He's just like Mr Magoo. He's kind of D I. I couldn't watch last season. I felt like it like how to elevated his gear. There was too being outrageous. cartoony imposs- you don't like the. Yeah the whole the whole last. I don't know pickles. It felt like our pickles him doing what we think. Larry David should be doing too much. Yeah I don't know I agree. Hey but that being said I did enjoy IT I. I like the whole premise. That they're that they're building there. I thought it was one of the best episodes of curve. Saying I'll check it out really. Yeah yeah I thought it was just the whole episode. The timing of it it was just I mean. Are they usually an hour long. Yeah because I was like yeah. It's a lot of aww. Everything's axes is the greatest I liked knows x the best. I liked to remain positive. I do and I love you for it. I'll take it out of compliment as a deep cynical I know that Larry David we'll put Out Right now would you. David deal to all these young. I feel like he would fuck Larry. David is still it for me but I decide. I do think the looks good for his age. WHOA WOW Alexa dresses? She thinks I it. Looks like forty years actually look worse because his hair was all crazy right. Well Larry Davis the only only man who threatens my marriage to all you gotta do all the bumpers in his prime but in his prime he wasn't as attractive. No is it looks better now. Yeah I agree. Why is he too old? Love knows known love his age. He's nothing about number baby. Okay moving on so in this one's about you. This is for the close up my best twenty nine. I thought we you talk about the origin of probably the most played soundbite that I play The bane of inexistence kind of like the beginning gainer of all sound bites on this. Yeah the Genesis you talk to me. I'm doing swell you know. Life is Good it sounds like you being so exactly what about you. I like the first time right. That was the first. There's time though it was march for Twenty Nineteen Day. I well and then it's because we go like why do I say that he's gotta be but It just kind of worked out. When whenever I I was drinking that water that day I had no idea things would never be the same? That's right And for my worst I mean gene can't cheers much worse than ever go if you finish the origin region of origin. Yeah I mean I haven't watched us back so I mean this is pretty at those. Bikes are so big Kabir. He talked himself into a corner. You ask me I think thank you know. Make you really. Yeah Yeah Yeah I mean. I'm strong on press. I'm not trying to take anything away. Who someone else came in and hit the Manuel saying they did better than that? Yeah Dan I didn't say you did great but it's going to him and you still have like three fourths left the award. I don't want it to slow it down to also. How can you get five bytes? Once I was sitting right next to you and I felt like I couldn't believe what I always see those mazing us up to our backup plan. I'm impressed AH can show. We'll probably get leave room which did end in disaster. Yes Oh aw I we ended the show. I was on my way home. I felt like gurgling. My I might fuck go. My my girlfriend was coming over and I'm like I need to go to the bathroom. Go in the bathroom and I just throw up straight manny's Stray was Wi- like male. And that the taste was made causing me to Puke even more vicious cycle so you probably picked out a lot yeah awesome awesome and puked in the toilet. Yeah and what it looked like it was. It looked like respect to tell you the truth and I hadn't eaten anything like all day and are you. Are you off. Why don't we do that the accident? He thought he could do it. So right so we ordered some right. Okay now. Are you off mayonnaise and horsey sauce or phased you. I've stopped eating Arby's can't do anymore. Arby's were you eating regularly the RB's Lake Ordeal with me mountain and should just turn me off at the Mayo. Fun Mayo's fine but not you know spoonfuls fall. Yeah no that's very understanding. What about potato salad potatoes okay? He's all right. We didn't 'cause we didn't approve. uh-huh there's two things I wanted. Three things tell us cream cheese. What that's weird tomatoes cottage cheese so in Greek yogurt for so? We're going to blend all those together all great. When I'm with you on that Mehta highly? Like it's the sandwich cooked Crescendo Torella. Also it's also this cottage this choose. Okay so we're going to blend all for those who I would eat. Have you had good cottage and you still don't like hate it. I Hate I would buy blended those and put it on toast. That'd be a great meal O.. smoothie how much drink yes sounds good other drink the spit tell you the truth. I cannot sweetness so Greek yogurt the ultimate I like supermarkets. Yeah like you're running on right disgusting. I hated my mom. He's the biology and I would throw them over like my backyard. 'cause I couldn't like what yeah cute. The fact that the neighbor's yard isn't the fact that does living bacteria and it. Just it's the smell it smells like a goat's asshole like. What are you don? Good to know good to know. I hate cream cheese. What about I like cheesecake cream cheese? I know that revealing all these weekdays player looks like they eat. I'll eat. I'll eat locks year writing in Greek yogurt. I think we should all like put on party hats and eat it on toast and like like just be really enjoying it and then Zach puking that's blended together like liquid drink node would be like a spread. I think it would be pretty thick. I feel the Greek yogurt shake. It depends how much you put in. I guess so a shake out. I think we should all do it and see how well we fair I think so too. I think that would be the funniest exactions can be dying. And we're all getting ourselves. You try that you try. That sounds great great. I don't I don't agree that it was great. She's yet okay some cream cheese. Yeah You'd like Greek Yogurt. Yes that's that's fine and tomato. I can tolerate none of it. Sounds awful okay good we thank you for sharing but do you have any you have. Mayo's is your food phobe. Do you have any other big one Really I don't like blue cheese dressing lovely. Hey blue cheese it's disgusting gusting. There's some you could see mold on one of who eats this. It's like it's literally writing trashed so good. Well that's it's with Greek yogurt cheese then I I'm just weird like she's like the best food you are you in my mouth Bro. Could you eat. You know the spoonful do it's so good bro. Yes I mean I guess yeah. It's pretty phobia not really just whatever I like. Basically if Peterman if you give me like this shake that we're talking about or feats H I might go for the Shank this cottage lets you lay. Yes she fucking hates me I l.. Hey you know. I don't pizza them. Flip out don't you find it strange that somebody say I don't care about pizza that much. Actually actually my girlfriend told me. She doesn't like pizza either sick. That's the mental. That's a red flag. Don't illness yeah. I just find it so lactose taller under something enjoying together lately. It's such a blanket. The variety of pizza. You can go love so to say no. I don't like most away because most of it is like one today by a house. That's really good isn't there. There's one right down the street fantastic so we need that for dinner night. Yes or no. Was the window open windows. It doesn't make sure it's no I just. I love cream cheese. I love coach shoes. Yeah me too I. I agree if I came in here with like two big things of cream cream cheese and a spoon. Could you eat the whole I could choose. I couldn't the whole thing if I couldn't is just because it's not from being grossed out it's just a lot yeah I could easily easily eat a whole thing cream cheese or cottage cheese. In fact I found a really good caught. Ashiq you know in Israel. They make the best cottage cheese. It has a lot of fat so it's a lot thicker and we found one. That's that's actually really close to what they saw in Israel. That's so fantastic so delicious. I'm sure you'll hated probably because you don't even like cream cheese. Bring that in. It's really good. Oh okay all a try it. Do I have a food weakness weakness. I think just like Shellfish is my food we really but it doesn't. It's not GonNa make me. Ah Yeah Yeah I just think it's gross. Like shellfish is just disgusting shrimp lobster although it is like the most most heinous thing to eat. It's like Fisher. You Lever. Youtube delivers the worst chop liver. Aw or no no. No chop limits. Not as bad as like a straight up grilled liver disgusting. That's like a heart any of the organs the heart the people. I'm not down but I don't think I'm I don't think that's unusual here in America. Anyway we like to. We like like to just put that in a hot dog or throw it out to Mexico. A lot of people didn't leave her. I think it's great. You should eat the whole animal. It's fucked up that I'm I'm so repulsed by that but I'll eat the the muscle you know. I mean that's just as girls and one of the main dishes is like lever over mashed potatoes. Good I love your sister go so she loves like chicken. Hearts Arts should go to restaurant order. Chicken hearts and chooses like bees smoothing. Yeah they make it had like grill kebab place. Okay and she's just eating hearts and livers and I'm and I'm like this is like this is too much. Yeah she's Gnarly Dude. What about pig's feet? Would you know. Noted Hell Hoya I know but I WANNA pigs. That's toward do you guys report kgo eight park. But I'm not. It's not like go to meet by any means what else we got here. That's it you do your work. Yeah all right. Thank you back in Zach Zach and then in in in Espn Indian. Let's go are we eating pizza and ULA fine. The one thing that I'm like hating you could do whatever it takes to get pizza all right so for this one. This was like the hardest ever seen you laugh as up to this point working here so iconic video man on stage who sits down crosses. It's amazing watch this. So many times killed his head shoots up like a thousand miles How painful that is That is she mazes himself at how ladies those fans survey baldly frame missing he each. Ah Tell me what's your reaction to seeing bad. I well for bringing. That is a good one clip. Yes fantastic really is fixed. The took the white part out. Looks better so for this one. This was a Halloween when we all Kinda debuted our costumes here. Great job asset. Where's my calls? Yeah so good no knife comes I the Banana Okay O.. J. Just gave me. I don't know about that wearing leather gloves. Do they fed. Are they too small on you. There they're too big or too big. I don't know what that means but it was truly clear well. OJ is obviously murder. He was acquitted in court but but He did lose in civil court so I think we can all pretty much make an informed decision that he is a murderer. Good for you I want to show so you WanNa you guys want to make an appearance too. 'cause you guys is your outfits are let's cut the Zach so because he can't really move I know so good so good. Oh my God yeah. That's the buyer has a pension as this was all you guys with you guys all right searching hunting it was very lax. Yes so it was like All of the people that were in the coin shop. Can we appreciate you bound Austin Dick Grasso poster. That's amazing right exactly back on. I am so anxious now. They're really good at not smiling now. Aw I feel like the keys of miracles point straight now on thing a little twitch you wanna read. What's on the sign behind? You is pretty funny. Go ahead come on every time you turn off anxious guy I'm GonNa read it for you shouldn't From eight thousand percent Dan. What do we got from you? The bradberry known the perfect That's perfect he's out raw and then we had the RAW. Oh Yeah it was A. Where's the rink clicking on the glass the dying animal can the full body? Good cause you when I saw Donald Look like him really together. We have Employees a you want to do the line. This is definitely me when I'm On camera can you can you. This is definitely me when I got to be to. Uh anyways the Halloween fantastic effort also had when we talked a little NAS This was actually a soundbite origin as well. I implied my edit. LETHEM was very impressed. Going to take my horse until I can't no more to old town until until I can't no more ooh yell I got it. I really got to tap your editing. Goes Wow we go back and he realized that was the origin of yeah. Wow Again I don't want I'm not gonNA make it anyways. I don't good. I got to tap your editing skills. This year yeah. I'M GONNA make a agency video and edit you walked powerpoint once a month or something that was probably the conditions of you becoming an employee was headed the contract make him sign a contract but as a result of that then. There was kind of this this whole thing where you had beef with rapper. Lil Tracy Tracy a big deal. This little popular. He's got a colts fan base to keep my mouth GRANDPA and he's you don't remember no preemptively blocked in the little nuys invented. He's genre and we were talking about people doing similar things so we are saying that. If Old Town in Rhode seemed like a rip off of Little Tracy and I said no yeah he said he needed to just deal with it and then he called. Did your GRANDPA blocked and it's awesome. It's twenty three and Just went through his twitter that you fall layers recruited him. I'll check my in Rathi right now. anyways moment yeah I have to get a more beef with more rappers this year this year beef. Yeah you're the beef all right and then worst worst. It's not I forget it's time to didn't time times. The contract is not in a good faith effort. Yes okay then. We both agree that you'll be the arbiter arbiter of this agreement. Okay deal okay. But rather must be aren't upon. His contract is not dependent on stabilized. glowers stabilize what are we talking about. What the context You guys stop talking about everything even the bachelor the bachelor segment. Yeah the contract is still points. Wants most of the main here too. That's just the way that it can mooted. That's the worst for you. Or in retrospect the whole thing is just got dicey arguing doing like every week. It was stressful for me. It was a really. I liked the process. I thought it was entertaining. And then you went behind our backs and ruin the fucking show but you made the right decision because you found true. Love Dan the risk. What do you throwing out? Dan Really Really. Oh right. I forgot we made you email. Good shape so don't even say goodbye. Yeah just it's like you do. Yeah no way so to make payment for the contracts eight a bunch of doing and Yeah and so. We gave him this tiny little jar. But you actually well. Let's watch. Oh I closed it. Tell me about the process. You a bunch. Yeah you did made a valiant effort. Yeah and then afterwards talk. Walk me through that You guys left. This was like about an hour and a half later. We're doing the highlights. And then I ran off to the bathroom Same things accent where you feel the taste as it comes out and that makes more come out and look like and then in the in the bowl I I think I said it looked like like Like the state puffed marshmallow man was like murdered like a crime scene. Thank you guys do for the show. A lot of Mayo related worsts. Last year was very Mayo last year the year the Mail on on a mailbox becker exactly the whole segment got dicey so it was my worst but also my best ultimately. Yeah let me ask you this question. Shall we continue the series the batch of because we have a candidate suid reveal the candidate. Yeah it's up to you. Should we do another season. I think so. I thought it was great. What what Dan tends has reserves? I mean it was. It was a disaster last time. Yeah but we got through the end. I suppose that was the problem is because and now you guys get why I was so I was fighting you on that because I like new when I was talking to this person that was like Oh this is the person and then I didn't WanNa you know those kind of I understand. I fought for for love. Yeah I could feel it and so that was the struggle. But I've I. I talked to the person who you're considering for And they seemed like I'm down here willing there are definitely a fully willing participant. Yeah well first of all I want concert. It was entertaining. Okay and second of all I love. We went to the dramas anyway. The person I think we already said Izzy. LA's brother he's a he's a little bit older right then in so it'll be interested to see what kind of candidates will get a minimum on the age Um He's forty three or something right gonNA improve him dating someone to young. What's he something like that forty two? He's very successful. He drives a Porsche. He's he's not look youthful extraordinarily successful very talented extremely talented artists. Nice much like the crime bachelor. He was a pilot too right. That's true uh-huh who's watching the bachelor out. So what's the cutoff. Then if he's let's say forty to six thirty is a good cutter over where third say I hate to do. But I'll say twenty eight thirty twenty eight. You're pretty mature. I feel okay. Twenty eight and twenty twenty eight twenty eight forty two. Yeah the whole I mean not that this is a real thing. But there's that whole formula but yeah what is the formula. It's supposedly half Your Age plus seven. Which would be twenty eight? Wow formula twenty. Eighth felt good to me so I think we how to do it. I think we should. We start Let's pull up a picture of him so that You can go to since we need to formally announce some capacity but I mean this is buried and nobody. Yeah yeah this is buried the Amazon. You said you talked to him in. He's he's in he's he's like this he's working very ca S. H.. Do we get the film the dates. Yeah of course source. And that's the whole point. We never got that far with the account as he. He looks like Jesus and his name is Moses. Let's see some pictures. Nice photo of him. This one's weird Do the one. It's a little go up up up up Great because he actually played Jesus. This is art by the way the water Did right what about the water there. You can get a good look at him what this one no up till left. Yeah that's what I saw. Good one of them. I wanted to show where was uh on the left. This Jesus. He's going to save your soul so there you go. Jim Getting really close. So that's Moses. We call him. Holy Moses those that know him best column Chico for for Short family don't Oh you can't call them Shaneco. Don't really introduce him by that. Name Moses motion in Hebrew Holy Moses Holy Moses we call I guess I guess people if they want to email if they want to first of all show interest rest include an email set podcasts at a shrift reproduction com. Include your name your age where you live. We need photos. We need a little bit. What about yourself I mean come on? We're this dating. Do we WANNA limit it through La because last time no okay choosing your girl your true. Love's not in La. Yeah that's no we don't want to limit to La. We take all applicants you and the country though in the US. International obligations. Canada Up Canada that's pretty close. Yeah except Canada. Although that's that's complicated. Because if they do fall in love with how are they gonNA make that work. Ninety days. Fiance Yeah Okay Canada's except when we got our our our our Spin off all right so we'll have to talk about this again on Friday to make sure we penetrate the masses because like Dan said. Nobody's watching. Well that's it. Yeah that's it. Two Thousand Nineteen was a hell of a year. I think you guys you guys are the best can do now you guys. We have already some two exciting exciting guests on the book also got Johnson. We have a few Roy. Yeah we have gusts coming up stuff in. Why don't we announce the calendar whatever you got We got next week is next week is PD by his day. And then I think gusts is Friday. Friday okay yeah. John's right around the corner. Yeah that's the following week now. Minds crazy yeah and then I'm a little bit further out. I don't think we have it locked down quite yet. But all the trees coming back for another visit and then There's a few others on the work but yeah those are the only ones that are like confirmed parts Good good stuff on the horizon. Yeah absolutely well is is that rats are up for today. So we'll see you on Friday or Saturday. I keep fucking that we record on Friday. We upload on Saturday and We'll see then so until then we good stay. Good be good to your mother. Don't don't make me don't make me What did as you say? What are you out of your mind? I got a call from your mother. I don't want to hear from your mother again. All right all right. Take care and

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Marc Pritchard on The Power of Advertising

Seneca Women Conversations on Power and Purpose

14:51 min | 1 year ago

Marc Pritchard on The Power of Advertising

"Hi. This is Malayan revere. And this is Kim as a really. We are co authors of the book. Fast forward how women can achieve power and purpose. And you're listening to Seneca women conversations on power and purpose applaud cast brought to you by Seneca women. Mark Pritchard is an advertising legend as chief brand officer for P. and G. He leads an organization that has the power to reach five billion people. Daily Mark is truly using that power for purpose to reshape the narrative around women and girls helping to eliminate bias and promote equality. I sat down with mark at Senecas form at the Metropolitan Museum of art. Listen to our conversation. And learn about the revelation that changed his thinking why he stitches ground after releasing a seemingly controversial ad and how each of us can be a force for good in the world and stick around after the conversation to hear our top takeaways. This is market as I mentioned chief brand officer. PNG truly a legend in advertising being in media and a truly fierce champion for women. I think all of us here today. Understand the P. and G. is one of the largest advertisers in the world with some of the most powerful brands in the world and with that enormous power comes enormous responsibility. So welcome mark that've year so we'll talk about Gillette minute but I wanted to start with this enormous reach and responsibility responsability that you do have and what you're doing with that now. You often talk about business. Being a force for good and a force for growth and most couple of weeks ago the Business Roundtable came came out and said that companies need to think about social impact as well as profits. That was a pretty big shift for the Business Roundtable. So what does that mean in terms of the advertising business. Well since we're we're part of business we believe that advertising is such a major force because what it does is it reaches. There's so many people are are are brands. Reach five billion people on the planet every day with our advertising multiple times a day and Advertising Effects Perceptions Eh affects perceptions from an insolent standpoint communicates information. But most importantly what it does is it actually creates images portrayals that embed bad memories into your mind that form bias and so if those if those messages or images are inaccurate than that bias is going to be inaccurate right so we believe that it's very important that we need to have the accurate portrayal of people but particularly of women and girls advertising to ensure that we can promote eliminate bias and promote equality. We also periodically take a stand and advertising. Should take a stand and business should take a stand because we do do. We are a force for good and a force for growth. And what's fascinating. The business. Roundtable is that many many years ago corporations were focused on the community in the world and we say that we went through this period where it became almost solely about profit shareholder. And now it's just really returning to do what business can do is I mean. It's very exciting. I mean you know we wrote this book about how we can fast forward in. The real thesis is how we can each use your power for purpose and it. It seemed like in the business world for a long time. Power was during the week and purposes on the weekends and and the two should not mix and shareholder value. And I'm a corporate lawyer so you can see I can go there for a long time. It kind of bolted on. That's what we thought about. It was bolted on versus built in. We've now figured that what we need to do is we need to build in purpose build in being a force for good on the areas of gender equality racial equality citizenship and other aspects of sustainability. Then it becomes part of Your Business and when you do that well it actually the is good and it drives growth and the reason why it's so important is because it's more sustainable when drives growth. If you just a force for good you could be a Flan to be. If you're just a force for growth your mercenary. Mary you do both you have a sustainable model that can make the world a better place now. I Yeah I could spend by the way a lot of time talking to mark brothers and I think it would all be fascinated for a long time but I I have to ask this one first question about your background and how you personally came to this idea of using your power for purpose purpose. 'cause I I can't really overstate the influence that this man is had in the last several years on gender equality. And we'll talk about that in a minute. But how did you come to this yourself. Well well you know I kind of grew up with a bit of an activist community. My Dad was was very active in the community and Colorado and so he was a so my nature. I think like a had a little bit in me but but it really didn't hit me In in terms of actually doing something about it until a little over twenty years ago I was at a spiritual ranch with my Wife Betsy and our three young daughters who are all under the age of ten. At the time I happen to be running the covergirl business and at at the end of that week the The person who led that spiritual leader came up and say listen. I I hope you understand the good you can do. Because has business will someday be the greatest force for good in the future. Just not going to be clergy. It's not going to be religious GOVERNMENT'S GONNA be business can be the greatest force for good. If you you choose to do so you can do a lot of good and that was the proverbial blinding moment of clarity because we had just created the easy Z.. Breezy beautiful covergirl ad but on for our campaign and unfortunately it didn't really accurately reflect women it was. It was somewhat stereotypical. It was somewhat objective. Buying it was too young The spokespeople too young too thin and two white and I looked at my young my young daughters and I thought I can't live with this being what they view as standard of beauty and I realize our advertising effects facts perceptions of beauty so went back worked with the team and we changed so we got to change this. We have to. We have much better. We actually brought in Queen Latifah as probably our best ask covergirl ever. We then added A. We had a brandy overtime. Janelle monae Sofia Vergara Ellen DeGeneres We just we've just expanded. It became a great expression of of what real beauty means. which is? It's who I am and that that was that was a big one a few years later when the came back to me We have to be a women in the world. Animal and She we did a panel together and she said You. Now you've got to do something good together again and we did. Now we've done the queen collective. which is we give Multicultural women's largely black and Hispanic women. The opportunity to direct films that will get them behind the camera because the number of women that are directing films are like four percent percent of those who are black around or or even less lesser percent. And we're giving them opportunities to produce films the again. This is not enough time to go through all the campaign's name a few like girl campaign. We equal campaign fighting racism with the talk. These you're just recent campaigns by the way we just heard about the fight for equal pay. That secret is kind of launching very proud of that. But let's talk about Gillette because this was a pretty polarizing shall I say add what was the reaction and what did you expect from it. The the fascinating thing about this is that the actual consumer more sentiment was not very polarizing. The actual guys number sentiment is very positive at and most of the people saw that found that the ad was was a good message. Because if if you look at the ad it shows bad behavior and it shows good behavior and shows role modeling positive behavior. And that's a pretty good message to to be the best. You can be especially role modeling for the next generation Because they inside behind this ad was that it's not enough just to stand by and not objectify. Not Harassed asked not fully take action. Take stuff up. The problem is is that it got kind of hijacked In in the social media world ants. That's interesting and what happened. Then is a lot of negative messages came which was a disproportionate number of messages from a few very very few sources and then that got reported on so the narrative became shift it was full rising controversial as opposed to what the actual sentiment was or multiple studies. That came out two or three days later. This this is actually a free positive ad. But there's a moment in there where I'm sure many people would have said you know we better pull back because before you found out when there was all that media coverage that kind of false narrative media coverage yeah there was definitely a moment where I would think many people would say. Maybe I've overstepped. I better pull back but you doubled down now. Why did you double down? You know we had some very you to your point. Why can't Some nailbiting moment when we when we understood where some of these things were coming from and it won't be understood that this is very positive we said no. This is the right thing to do. This is the time this is actually e- time to double down and make sure that we continue to go forward now importantly we also not just continue to go. We we we we. We went out and talked about it and explained it and discussed it and who also listen. Listen to every side as well because it's important it's important important. Listen to Everett too tall side even if you didn't disagree and that's with these things are built. Four is create conversation and it's very important that we're creating conversations with men Because last I checked men half the population and power power gender equality means gender equality equal men women so having men step up be role models have conversations. That's that's powerful so we said that's the reason where we're going to stick with this because this is the time that we need to be able to express that men have really responsibility and many want to and do step up to do the right thing. That's why we kept going. I understand that sort of the a younger consumer was really positive on the ad men and women. Did you see a difference in attitudes across the board did we had Some so just ransom research. Recently usually which indicated that are a ratings went up among Men under thirty five and women under thirty five. It's very heartening so it's very hard. The incredible data. I think you may be the biggest advertiser in the world so you might be the right person to tell us the future. So what are you seeing. And what makes you concerned. What makes optimistic about gender equality? Well the thing the thing that makes me concerned is that even after all the work that's been done we still have so many gaps apps and that that that's still to me is one of the parts that concerns me because what that indication you just heard the two hundred eight years and and and the fact that there's so many layers to so many of these problems that you really have to penetrate like the way secret has done which incredibly proud of how they've gone after this on a multilayered basis. That's the kind of thing that needs to get done so concerns me but I would say far more optimistic than anything in the one of the biggest things that I'm optimistic about is the fact that the generation not just not just just the young generation. It's not just the JENEX and the NBA or Jamesy. Sorry and the millennials. It's if you look across now all age groups including boomers I More than half of people are expecting brands to take a stand. They're expecting brands to express their views on gender equality. They're they're expecting people to take action. They're they're listening more. You know many many of us that were in the in the boomer generation you know I think we had this latent desire to make a big difference. We didn't have the tools that we have now. Now we have money money was agendas are children. They're influencing us it step up and take more action. I'm I feel like we're on this cusp where we can really push it now. I'm also seeing more. And more companies getting involved more and more brands companies using their voices. And that's the thing that give me optimism that we can that we can make a difference here in the in the coming years. Now's the time to act. Though by one hundred percent agree and we. We named her book fast forward. And the reason why today's program which is the first time we've really focused on the role of the private that sector. We felt it was important. Because that's we're looking to the hundredth anniversary as we're looking for twenty five years. We're looking at twenty twenty. We have to accelerate and we do believe that people like view organizations like yours can help us accelerate and I really WanNa thank you because Sharon talks a little bit about the power of one and the role. The difference one person can make nick and we talked about earlier. Virtue says the same thing and I have to say mark and I really mean it sincerely that I think what you've done in your position and I've noticed so many other companies are now wanting to do it more critter does and that's a really good thing in the world. So more and more companies are thinking about their advertising spending a different way. They're thinking about the stories. They're telling their thinking idiots competitive for them if they want to win that they better tell positive stories about women and so we really sincerely thank you well. It is a privilege to stay with you. I think Senator Women is an amazing organization doing amazing things. If I can be useful to any one individual to make a difference I will do that but thank you. It was a truly inspiring conversation with Mark Pritchard to learn more about the Gillette campaign. Go to the best men can be dot org and see how. Pgn Gillette are driving the equality conversation around men and boys my top takeaways. I Today Day. Companies have both the opportunity and the responsibility to bring about positive change in the world and the public expects it second when companies and individuals does put purpose at the center of what they do not just bolted on they can both be a force for good and a force for growth. Finally there will be times when a company the orange individual needs to take a stand even when facing significant criticism and pushback. It is in those moments where you can find power in your purpose. You're listening to Santa Women Conversations on power and purpose. Please support this podcast by telling your friends subscribing and reading us on Apple podcasts. Odd Casts for more information follow Seneca Women on social media visit our website. SENECA WOMEN DOT COM and check out the SENECA CONNECT APP in the APP store. They have a great week.

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The Backlash Is Here: From Michigan To Kentucky The People Are Rising Up

Ron Paul Liberty Report

27:14 min | 6 months ago

The Backlash Is Here: From Michigan To Kentucky The People Are Rising Up

"Hello everybody and thank you for tuning in to the Liberty report with me today as Daniel Atoms are co host. Danny good to see you. How are you this morning? Dr Paul I am good and I have my fingers crossed because a little bit of good news today and a lot of bad news. We like to think about the good side of things and trying to direct our country in that direction which is always possible at a real chore because we have a few enemies in well known places like the media and the government and the educational system. Everybody else but I do believe that for the most part. We have the heart of American people who would like to take care of themselves and live free and this is This is something that we want to talk about. Today is the resistance is receiving a backlash right now. People are speaking out. A major event up in up in Michigan yesterday in Kentucky. But there's a lot of it going on it's going to continue to grow and Sometimes people just need a little bit of a boost to say. I thought I was the only one country that way but It looks like thousands yesterday. We need millions out To express their opinion and of course My main goal is to have resistance without violence. And I think Martin Luther King said a good example because he he achieved the things but he really really was strong on not using violence. Unfortunately that philosophy didn't do an- well because he was against the Vietnam War but anyway Resistance is important but the way we do it is important and just remember. There's a lot of guns out there. I bet there are a lot of guns watching those demonstrations yesterday. The police out there and they're not hesitant to use it but The whole thing is is. They have a lot more guns than we have. And that's not very practical to me. The powers ideas and the ideas of liberty and we have to convert people and we have this opportunity because the power in the of the authoritarians right now total failure. And I think that's what's being evidence right now. You know whether it's economics or health care or finances or personal liberty is all on the roads and so any this Demonstration now is a sign of hope where people are able to think through this and willing to stand up. You know. It does take courage to do that already. In Germany we saw one You know lawyer speaking out in a halter off to a psycho-ward I guess. They learned that he'd go back and during the World War Two or in under Hitler. That's what they did but there's there's Hinson that now in this country and of course I think one of the motivations have awakened a lot of people is there is the authoritarians vicious attack on Christianity and other religious belief. You some people who believe in honesty you know you're you're sorta something weird and so. They know that they have to be intimidated. And that's what's been going on here for several weeks or months to intimidate and scare the people and that that I think is their only tool but they don't have truth on their side. They don't have liberty on their side and I think we've already. We have the people if they have the information. They'll be on our side as well and you talk about them terrifying people but the reverse is also true because they are really afraid of the People. And that's what we're learning from things like yesterday what we saw in Lansing Michigan's where thousands and thousands of cars just simply blocked. The capital area blocked a capital and blocked the entire city down. You know it was It was incredible but You know whitmer had to be sitting there. In the governor's mentioned thinking Maybe this isn't that popular. She's the one that said you can't even go get some seeds to plant in your garden. That's non essential dictator. She tells you what's essential. What's not from the Kentucky Governor Bashir while he was shouted down from outside the governor's mansion by an angry mob so people people are frustrated and people are angry and we can put up that I Jay Pag. You'll see why Dr Paul the you'll also see how they're spinning it this. Cnbc weekly jobless claims hit five point. Two four five million raising monthly lost at twenty two million and then they say due to corona virus really due to corona virus or is it due to that or is it due to these governors. These mayors these little tyrants everywhere who's shut down the entire economy and said hey you're non essential your non essential your business. It's not essential whom you can't you can't pay your rent you can't you can't buy food for your family so it's not caused by corona viruses caused by politicians and that is the reaction to the corona virus and there was one comparison seven hundred ten jobs loss for every CORONA VIRUS. Death which is an equation. That doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Except maybe points out the overreaction. Because it's it's really not the virus but they'd like us to think that the viruses that fall reminds me of the statistics that came out during the first decade of an continue to come out after nine eleven. Three thousand people killed and believe me this can really play havoc any motions and do something give us the Patriot. Act And all this stuff. So but three thousand people Americans were killed and we sought out by giving tremendous power to the interventionist strike back so how many people have died a lot. More Americans have died seven eight. Nine thousand people died in war over this and the Middle East is as bad off as ever in the Middle East. Probably played a part in motivations of nine eleven and then the The millions that Elza have done so this comparison and like you say it isn't a virus. That is lost his job. It was. The government's overreaction to and we've gone over this so many times and the evidence keeps building you know and they refuse. They refuse to make a comparison between the corona virus and flew flew. Incest it so evidence there twice as many people almost twice as many people dying from flu. But you can't even mention that but no you have to be hysterical. There has to be a hysterical reaction and irrational reaction budget. Our job with the help of others is to take this emotionalism in motivate them to move in a different direction and you know and some people call it courage to stand up and do it and I think we that yesterday people with four sheriff's Speaking out and people are speaking out people are losing their jobs and and I think there's a lot of motivation between summit the ministers but he's still isn't quite there yet because more people whether they're religious or not religious they should be You know up in arms I mean if you have some people who are absolutely progresses and unreligious. They should be concerned about. You can't go to church. You can't even make your own risk. Who Have you you have to stay at home? And then this automatic thing I call that house arrest is a violation of civil liberties. So I think what I witnessed. Yesterday is continued stirring up of the people who believe in civil liberties and our rejecting the authoritarians answer to running our lies running our society running our economy running the monetary system and trying to run the world with a you know a a military industrial complex and building an empire. So I think that's all up there for grabs right now. But they're on the defensive and I think you're right about that you can see they're fearful of us because I think the people but they have to hone in on the crypt ideas on that they can't just You know the third parents have the guns. The answer isn't I have more guns and take them on. The answer is to attack them. you know philosophically and also. I like it when on some TV programs do a pretty good job mocking them or the stupidities of What they propose well. Backlash is the right word. You know because when people are realizing how how unbelievably they've been lied to. How massively eight been lied to? They are furious. They're angry at the Whitmer of the world of the Beshir's of the world and all these petty dictators who some felt they had the authority to suspend the constitution and bill of rights. But the thing is none of these people are going to admit that they were wrong. Even though they're catastrophically wrong and not only that. But all of these guesses about the about the disease about the virus have been catastrophically wrong For example even cooking the books you know they said we must have in New York. We're GONNA need one hundred thirty. Six Thousand Hospital beds reality. The only needed eighteen thousand. How many used and even with all the measures demanded by FAO G. He said two hundred and forty thousand will die. If you do everything I say. And then all of a sudden he'll just sit down to sixty thousand is probably even with cooking the books a lot less. They are so. They have so exaggerated this to scare the heck got to force them to accept everything now that they're waking up and they are stir crazy. They can't pay their bills. All sorts of terrible things are happening. They're taking to the streets everywhere and that is the big thing they won't. They won't admit that they were wrong but people are waking up and realizing how wrong they were right in this unwillingness to admit this. Something's wrong and sometimes is deeply embedded in their thought process because they become sociopaths They write is what they think. In right is what they say and they are the authorities and so even if something fails. We've mentioned so often. Why don't they learn about why? Why not the warmongers learn about the ridiculousness of the wars. They start with no success but people who can adjust. Whether it's the harm they cause here and I would say that. At least ninety percent of our economic problems in this country Our government directed. They're not directed by individuals cousin financial bubbles but Associated Pasa are able to blind themselves. Just think of what if an individual who truly honest was encouraged to do such a thing as Participate in a military operation. A lot of people died he. He almost always has to adjust or he. Because I don't think he'd bear the guilt. The only time I've seen that happen in politics was when Reagan in his memoirs admitted if he had not sent the Marines into Beirut those marines unfortunately died in vain and that he's for that thing you could say Reagan was not associated with these people. It doesn't bother them all. I don't think they have an ounce of guilt. And then there's not too much distance. Between sociopath and psychopath you know the instigate. Some of this stuff Just because that's what they live for the real issue now that really needs to be addressed and come out here. Are the constantly moving goalposts that they use to justify this continued lockdown at the economy and as you rightly called house arrest of the people in this reminds me literally of remember twenty fourteen with Syria. President Obama said Hey guys sending troops in there because there's some CCD's on the hilltop. We gotTA rescue them because Isis is very temporary operation. We're just GONNA JUST GONNA save these people and now six years later almost to the month do the month. We're still there. We're still occupying. What thirty percent of Syrian territory and this is the same thing that's happened with the corona virus. We were told okay. We just need to flatten the curve. Because if we don't do anything the hospitals we're going to be overwhelmed and they won't be able to treat people who are ill and more people will die so we're going to put these measures temporarily in place to flatten that curve out. It's not going to save any lives because as many people will get infected as from the virus but it won't overwhelm the hospitals okay. They've put that in place. Maybe THEY WANNA take credit for that having not overwhelm the hospitals. That's fine but that's done. It's turned the hospitals are in fact the problem. The hostiles are having to lay off a bunch of people massive layoffs. But now they say okay. We're changing the rules. Mid-flight we have to keep the house arrest. We have to keep the lockdown until there's not a single new case of corona virus until they're on all gone and that's just completely changing the goalposts and actually Tucker Carlson had the New Jersey Governor on night asking him about this. How can you keep moving the goalposts? How can you keep changing the the basis on you? Keep changing the criteria. He had no answer. Of course he has no answer at all but they cannot let go of this once they have once they have everything in control. They just simply can't like go and look how they're they're clinging to this whole thing of war and justifying war the conditions and according to some people who follow rather closely. You're saying you know we're still trying to provoke something with Venezuela Navy's down there and threatening and then also the use of economic sanctions. I mean I can't understand why they don't understand that when you put on sanctions you're really really killing the innocent. The people the leaders who direct all this. They don't suffer. They still have their food in their wealth. But the the people suffer from this and yet we have done this for years and years and we never changed. Miss this whole crisis. We're talking about you know still Around and Venezuela and we need troops there and And the troops go and they don't wear their masks so I guess they're not too worried about it so that's That to me is a real problem. But of course this is part of the change has to occur and the people are As a wake-up they're gonNA start to realize authoritarian doesn't work. One of the motivations of these people were upset now. Is this surveillance. They're waking up about the personal surveillance but what about the foreign policy? And what about the economic policy the financial system that takes care of the billionaires in? Imagine? You've seen some things in the news in in this tremendous downturn probably the biggest history a few bigger billionaires made billions and billions of more dollars in err on the receiving end of the bailouts. The whole system is just crazy. And yet all this would be answered. If the people would give up on the dependency of government and believing. Their authoritarianism is in their best interest. It's in the best interest of the special interest in the powerful people who are in charge. Well we've got a silver lining in that direction later on this show because wait for it. It's going to be good but I thought we'd do a little protests. Update Dr Paul. Because this is exciting. I like seeing this. And the protests have been peaceful thus far I think we have a little clip from the from the Michigan protests. This for a few seconds just to see how massive this was And this doesn't even show the cars. Listen listen for a second and three and then there are thousands and thousands of cars. The line went all the way out way past the city. Here's a look in a couple of pictures to. Here's a picture from From Michigan as well this was this was sent in by David Dudin Hoffer who wrote me an email and sent me some pictures of that. He took when he was there. In fact it's going to surprise your doctor Paul. He was working on your own way in twelve campaigns. So there you go. There's the coalition coming back together again here. The next one is from is from Kentucky whether drowning out the governor trying to give a talk reopen Kentucky. They say and they're furious. Then we have a good one from Ohio Law to people out in Ohio furious in Ohio. About this so this is actually. Kentucky as well but there was a big win in Ohio and in fact the next one even in our dear state of Texas people are telling. Abbott is that peaceful protests at the governor's mansion. Today Austin. People won't Abbott to lift this shutdown. The deaths thankfully Texas are very low. it's not a huge problem here compared to other things so they want out it to wake up in lead the nation right. We're Texas we can handle it. You know so. Let's hope that that goes well. One final thing that you mentioned earlier that I wouldn't mind putting up before we go to our next segment. This is something you mentioned earlier that it's actually quite interesting for Michigan sheriffs. Say They won't enforce the governor's to Attala -tarian orders and this was signed by four sheriff's they said Hey we are not going to violate our oath to the constitution of the United States. By doing what you say. And let's hope a lot more sheriffs. There are a lot of constitutional sheriffs out there. Let's hope that they start sanding a send a letter. Do something like that is a very peaceful way of saying. Hey you've gone over your bounce right. I wonder if this is a perfect time to talk about politico. Yeah we do have to have. Hey Clinton I'll read because I think it's this is a good silver lining that we have. This is a great article that they put up today. And it's about it's about backlash use word. Backlash that we we sort of borrowed for our show. But here's what this is. The founding editor of Politico wrote a column today. And he's talking about senator. Paul thinks having been diagnosed with the virus and then coming out of it and recovering. He says now that Paul has recovered. He says he felt fine and symptom. Free the whole time is it. It is a good time to ask. Are We sure that the pandemic joke will ultimately be on him? What if the opposite is true? Far from rendering Paul's brand of politics irrelevant. It seems possible even probable that the wake of the corona virus will be a powerful boost to the animating spirit of libertarianism. Leave me alone. That is great. It's so great that I want to share this by me getting to read it because that last paragraph is powerful and I want to emphasize is what what if the opposite is true far from rendering Paul's brand polluting politics. Irrelevant is seems possible. Even probable that the wake of the corona virus will be a powerful boost. Tutti animating spirit of libertarianism. Leave me alone I mean this is This marching call you know and I think people feel that way. Because I've always believed that when you take take a poll of the American people. And you this disengagement from You know current politics in. Ask them if they'd like to be left alone in their homes and in their bedroom. Sure about being able to spend your money. Earn your money the way you want and getting to spend it away you would like to. Yes and what about getting out this? War's why do we have to be the policemen? Were Gino. Like probably eighty percent of the American people. Say That sounds like a good program but but there's always exceptions Leonard Read. I always a great person started the The Freedom Yeah Freedom Fi fi foundation. And he would say he'd go through all this he says yes but everybody has a but and that is it you know and people who have the biggest butts are the military industrial complex corporatism that we have which is just fodder for the for the radicals. The for another brand of authoritarianism or radical brand of authoritarianism is that we allow in the name of free markets and you know free market capitalism and wonderful things that the Republicans do put us in office. And we'll pal the budget and all that stuff never happened so I think the way I like this and he because one of the motivating points in his article was surveillance you know. People are sick and tired of that and I. It sounded like he was too and he's he sees the big picture because he's he's probably attempting with a few people who disagree with them to put this truth out because this this I. We didn't if this guy has been written by others a month or so ago you'd never hear about but this this is an important article and he's saying hey wake up so. I think this helps guide us in our resistance to the status quo here and guiding against this authoritarianism that we have adapted to and the only is it or giving is more people are upset but they say we need more money in every day. You hear of another thing. They're probably up to ten trillion dollars in. Nobody wants anybody else's money they want so we have licensed to steal license to print but things that can't go on forever don't and this is not going to go on forever so people need to wake up and start preparing for which side they're on. And what do they stand for? And I tell you what is a lot more fun standing up for liberty and defending the principles that the individual making decisions and having a voluntary society rather than authoritarian society. Exactly I'll close by saying I'm not in the business of giving with President trump any advice but if I were enough this I would tell them. Watch a few minutes of that video. The people that are out there in Michigan and elsewhere this is trump's base trump's voters and they want to go back to work. They don't want to be shutting their homes. They're tired of it. There is I will not do. I cannot deny there is a political component to this. There is pressure by people who want trump to lose to keep this shutdown in place and to put all the blame on his back for he would be very wise. Take a look at the kinds of people who want to get back to work. I think it's very important. I'll close with a couple of things. First of all a good friend of ours and a good supporter of ours is wondering if there's any protests going on in Chicago so if you have any information send it over. And by the way you can send that Info and then the other pictures of your protests to media at Ron Paul Institute dot org and all include the email address in our description in also you also seen the description unaddressed. You can click to you if you want to keep. The Limited report live with a tax deductible donation to the Ron Paul Institute. All the information is there and we appreciate our rapidly growing numbers and we're so happy to work so hard to try to bring you the truth very good. You know in one statement that annoys me to a great deal of the AUTHORITARIANS IN CHARGE. And when they're on television which is all the time you gotta get you have to live with these conditions. It's never going to be the same again. You guys are arguing against what we're doing you don't you can't get it back again. Here's a partial truth there and But what they're saying is we. We don't want you to have even your freedom back. You have to have more authoritarian ISM and you better watch out because this Virus may disappear or be diminished. But there will be a new virus. There'll be something else. There's always going to be a Pearl Harbor. And there's always going to be a nine eleven always justifying the demand by the people to take care of them so I would say that instead of saying It's never going to be the same It's GonNa stay for the same. I would agree. We don't want it to stay the same because there's so many things that we can improve on the system that we've had one hundred years no we don't want it. The same there was. There was relative remnant of our free system and we thrived on it way out of proportion to the amount of freedom. We were losing but now this is a big event. This is a crash when it comes to the liberties that we've had and this is what we don't want to go back to that but we do know where we're supposed to go that we can improve what we had. The founders weren't perfect in what they wrote. The constitution is not perfect but it was the best and it's gone now. Nobody cares about that except the people right now. Who ARE DECIDING. Enough is enough. We don't want this any longer. So there is an image out there of what liberty is all about. And there's no reason why we should lose this fight and it annoys me to no end that we have not developed the skills to overcome the lies that are being told so. This is more or less. What's happening now? Just think this past week it was decided at thirty seven hundred. More people died in New York because they didn't have a diagnosis. They never had a test for Corona virus but they died of corona virus near four billion angry. Said give us more power. Don't go back to work yet. No the truth is coming out because there is no truth in these people who orchestrate these events. There's no truth in our monetary system and just spending more money is not going to work so we need to make it line sharp line dividing thorough -Tarian ISM versus freedom and personal choices. There's a big difference. The founders like the ladder and unfortunately we have lost most of it. But I tell you what what we're saying here today is that we see a lot of good signs and people waking up so we would like to see a lot more people saying we've had enough. You can't take care of US forever. We like our liberties. And we don't want to be a you know phrased in followed by govern every minute of the day and we don't need implants which some people have suggested is unbelievable but anyway we are. You know a bit more optimistic today because of what's happening in the country but we are you know we're not casual and careless about the fact. Oh hometown we're on our way home. We're achieving it. The tide has turned. No it's sort of hinting this going to change and we WANNA help it along. Because I think it's worthwhile to do so. I WANNA thank everybody for tuning in today to liberty report. Please come back soon.

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Episode 47 - The Awakening or Kevin Was Right!

Radioactive Spider-Pod

1:18:08 hr | 4 months ago

Episode 47 - The Awakening or Kevin Was Right!

"You'll be alright. You'll barely bat is. Sorry! Thanks so much for joining us. This is radioactive spider PA The podcast that looks back in the Ninety Spider, man cartoon and asks. Can't we get one season without talking about plasma here to bring you episode forty seven the awakening? I'm your host. The kindled Kevin mcevoy time to rekindle our love for this podcast. He's episodes of making it hard and joining me as always my fellow alert announcers, the vilified bureau Taylor being together always gives me life and the Perky Peter is Dr. And a quick bit of business daycare of screen shots for this episode as well as updates and other good stuff can be found on our social media, so check that out for the full experience, and to join the conversation or at Ra, spider part on twitter at radioactive spider on facebook and Instagram, and all the links on our website radio. The Spider pod dot com also exclusive bonus episodes, articles outtakes auditees. auditees over at Patriotair Dot, com slash radioactive spider pod. If you want to support the show all right, everyone, it's time to wake up and smell the brew beer that is for everyone's favorite segment pints in danger where we smash sixteen fluid ounces or more in honor of season for partners endanger. What's in your mugs today, boys? I have a four Lorne Unicorn New England Pale Ale from great. Lakes Barueri. That's a fun name. Let's depressing. I've got a golden pheasant lager. It's Slovakian think I dunno can the Fridge I have a nature of things, unfiltered cider from collective arts, and I feel very David. Suzuki S. right now are sounds like we got our COUPLA on hand, so let's stop sleeping their lives away. As we prepare to wake the dead with partners endanger chapter six the awakening. Getting first aired, may tenth nineteen ninety-seven, and wasn't original episode from series Creator. John seper AK seper, percent, pie and Sean. Catherine Derek who also the episodes of the cat, the black cat in the man without fear, therefore, it's not based on a specific issue of the comics, but it still time for an eye opening edition of Peters. Comic Book Minute. This of Peter's character rundown. It's more be as the living vampire. Dr, Michael Morpheus PhD MD, his first appearance was in amazing spider man, who number one and he was created by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane. His abilities are genius, level, intellect, trained biologist and biochemist, superhuman strength, speed and durability flight hypnotism accelerated healing factor in reliance on consuming human blood I. Don't know how inability and not a weakness. That's an attribute. Key issues if you're interested, is check out amazing spy ran number? One, Oh, one in one zero two, which his first appearance, and also Maurice was revived in ninety two series called Maurice, the living vampire launches part of the rise of the Midnight Sons Crossover story arc in Marvel's supernatural slash horror comics. Iran for thirty two issues between September, Ninety, two and April nineteen ninety-five, and of course, all of this was just in preparation for wherever the fuck jared. LETO is going to be doing right march nineteenth. Twenty. Twenty one folks I'll tell you at theater. I'll see you the bar across the street I'm sure we'll be invited to the premier after this one. There's probably very more bs specific podcast, so they're gonNA. Be Scraping the barrel for one that. Referenced it. tweeted. Well are up, so begins with Spiderman perched on the rooftops, feeling confused about feelings, but black cat shows up play, grab ass, and he chases around Manhattan for a bit before the Horny, heroes find themselves very tempted to reveal their secret identities to one another I've found his feelings and emotions that he's acting out here the beginning very much like calculation future. I'm filled with a large number of powerful emotions. It feels very much. He's just auditioning. Some. See List actor in a cat food commercial I don't know. Deal with all these mixed emotions. Loneliness. Guilt over the loss of Mary Jane. He does this weird like reach out and grab kind of thing I'm like you're not. You're just talking yourself man. What is this four? Thirty I think it was still a good read. You can really feel spider-man's loneliness here. Also the the power squat position that he keeps going into the like hug the knees. Well, that's just what spiders do. Nobody hugging his knees and he's like. That he's actually having fun for a minute. Though he deserves, it can come back here. The basic. Boring. Should be be crooks. Is Actually having fun. It all things, a little weird here like I've got the subtext. They're talking about taking their masks. That feels like she's trying to convince them to do without protection like. Looks like she's trying to get pregnant. Go Gosh It felt a little. You Show Me Yours I'll show you man to Tam. Love just like and then we'll do it darkest also. We came, but. We don't have the rights to that song. Of the rights, Danube. There little like kind of Romp here that they have inspired missing fund reminded me of no, Bambi that. thumper no, not thumper thumper was in China sleep jerk. Know. Anything about Bambi besides thumper. Teach the boy. The Laws of the jungle don't live in a jungle. Craven kills. The other. To. Inspire says a blackout didn't go and set off his spider sense. Why didn't spider since. I was just like. Don't do it, Spiderman! It's a trick. It's ministerial. Again he's. That would have been a great fucking episodes right out of that. A. Like. Planning is all out big sexual stuff. Like boys going through a voice changer like Oh, God, that's really creepy dude. You really need to do that, but test spider-man's someone who throws cold water on their little unmasking session here remembering the danger of exposing his secret identity, black cat takes rejection pretty hard. Goodell's leaving spidey alone with his flashbacks in his feeling. Spiderman talking about feelings all the way down to his toes, but then showing US some post nut clarity by being like wait wait. No, we can't. Wait. We can't take off masks. Y You got something special and to fear it all the way to my toes? Yes, he's just like hold on. Hold on not like. Light some candles puts on very why I wanted to be A. Special. Can we talk about our feelings? No, she's all or nothing here. She's like that mask off and fuck me in the street or worse gitanes. Thought for a second user saying all the way the tip of my Dick. because. That's where he's feeling. Also those flashbacks aren't about Mj just like romanticizing how cool Norman is! All the best parts of turning point minus the stew quote. Peter Parker's here now. The party can really begin. You know. We saw another one of your spiderman photos in the bugle. How do you get those fantastic angles? It's like he's a reminiscing. Norman's cool night. Man, that guy could throw a party and look good in that Tux? What is up to all right, so glad can't here's pretty adamant about wanting to show each other their secret identities and unmasking. Take off my mask. In you take off your is. Doesn't she still look exactly Felicia with like basically face paint online. That's why she's got nothing to lose here. Like any with to fuck in brain cells to rub together could figure out who she is so. Like her greatest enemy already knows who she is well because he created her like kingpin is probably her arch villain probably right, and he knows who she is, so she's got nothing to lose I. Don't know why he hasn't gone after. Her mother already isn't an investor in party, foundation or something. It's very unclear. What the Hardy Foundation actually does. I'm assuming it's chemical weapons. And then they just science program to throw the cops off though puck trail. She says thought you were different spine to just like giving A. Big Disappointment. I'm sorry wasn't the one man you could count on being John Her desk you like two days ago and now all men are disappointments. Daddy is in a different league. I guess Oh Jeez Yeah. She didn't mean to get her claws at the bureau. So many. The end result of this whole scene is you can leave him. And I actually really liked the animation here at the end of the scene where you like. Feels bad for himself, and just kind of split falls back to the wall, slides down to his knees, and just Kinda, yeah there with his like his head in his like Hanson, pretty good. Do to kind of reminded me of the sixty spiral. For some reason, I think just because the the animation was a bit jittery and he kind of had that sixties feel, but yeah, it was cool. Yeah, to kind of a classic pose like you know I. Don't mean I've never seen anybody that in real life. It's always only been like Hollywood. Kevin. Just, because I go to sleep every night. I think it's because he can't see his face, so it is. How are you gonNA show him being really bummed than doing this like overt. Pose. That's true, but it manages. Get it across. Really well PSA actually really liked it. Good job episode. Guess we starting on a good note. This is probably going to be great. Island off of New York Tipper Whitman hunting four and. The man. Bat Aka Michael Moore BIA's indicate. His horrifying appearance startles her assistant, but for her it just brings back the unrequited love. She had for the Tommy Wiser WanNa. Be So Deborah. Here is using this infrared skinner, but it actually looks more like a one of those gadgets from ghostbusters, probably same animators I dunno, I thought she was just Geo tracking like she's just geocaching. Really into it cabinet had a debate about this. Debra says that she finds a heat source and she keeps mentioning. The bats are hibernating now, Kevin. Would bats produce a heat source? True Hibernation. The temperature will drop down, but they don't go into like complete Torbert where they like. They still produce. It's just less out. Mommy, you're asking questions. You might be clay fucking Klay here. Get his hopes to high. was. Talking about clay's such a well fleshed out. Character I was almost GONNA make him part of the character rundown the beginning. I know. It used to the list of characters who they loudly announce the days of. Eventually just going to be gone like Lee walled hopefully won't. I'm surprised you sesame. Metcalf is metcalf Birch. Now the rush is up to bench here, so clay is actually played here by comedian. Don Reid. And, he will be sticking around randomly for a few episodes, but. He's doesn't really have any basis in comics that I could find. Yeah. No, this isn't original for the show I looked up to and what a character it is! The way, he shows up and he just starts yelling shit. Maybe tone it down of it and be a little scientific where he's like a horrible that I imagined. I was basically a magic. Dick with teeth, but this is much worse. Yes, go, we'll don't go in there. Bro, you don't want to wake him up. I'll come in there with you just in case, and then he's like Oh my fucking. God Kelly. I gotTA. Give my girl Deborah Credit. She wants to go in I. It's her project. She wants to ensure the discovery is found by her and she gets to be first author. She's like. Sit Down Clay, potential undergrad summer, student New Graduate Student Get out. Here is my time to shine. Yeah, but it turns out. She's actually the villain of the episode so whatever? Well Yeah, that's probably because you know. We find out that more. This was more than a friend Kevin. I think we found the title of the episode Kevin Was Right and he won't rub it in our faces at all. Look as they want. Say told you so. A. This thing that she says here about how Michael Morpheus was more than a friend clay. A lot more that really takes me back to a conversation. We had on this very show. then. Whatever fans we happen to have put a fucking asterix on this one. It comes back later, and it becomes clear that yet. Deborah was doing all of this just to get more BS back. I'm going to be right seriously though. This is all sort of ret con. Like cooks, clearly just remembering this episode, and you know whatever it is, but he still wasn't more than a friend. Even in your flashback. You're firmly in the friend zone Deborah. That was made clear even in your dreams. He doesn't watch you. Think, that's what you think is bad. And Debra if you if a man did that to you, you would be so uncomfortable. She goes for the hand reached to the face and he has to be like. No, no, I'm good. Yes, I love you hugh auto wonderful woman. Deborah but my heart belongs to finish. Goodbye get by I'm so happy to have my best friend. And I love leashes so march. Well Debra continues to reminisce. Recalling Michael's transformation into a vampire has mysterious disappearance. She then picked up the hunt for the wayward when Pierre much to the disappointment of one flashing, Desk Thompson snapping out of a prolonged silence, she packs away the sleepy bat and vows to save him. So Mad. Mad. Like any seen? Like philly rage! We're seeing. The only thing that yours about here. After his disappointment. The super vague enough to scare the hell out of everyone like he uses his one arm to throw more mortgages right under the bus here. Dr Connor Sir. Is it true that Michael? Moore is the vampire creature terrorizing the city. I'm afraid it's true. Empire State University involved morpheus tampered with the meal jenex equipment. He accidentally turned himself into a creature that leads human last certify. When did this press conference take place? Like this place after all of the plasma stuff, take place after he turned into a horrible bat in left and no one som- again I guess it was after they still because he stole combinator, and then like I guess they would have never seen it again. Because I think it was destroyed, so I guess that was his press conference to explain what the Hell happened. It's a little weird, but actually Kinda like this method of flashing back a little bit better than the what they were doing. which is gratuitously using old footage like it's Connie? But. It's neat to see new perspectives on events that we were aware of and like it kind of refreshes us, but it also isn't as boring because it's just not something we've seen before so actually kind of enjoy this. Yeah, I really liked this, too, and I could feel. Connors is anger when he's like. He tampered with combinator and blew up my favorite bird watching tower all never see those red breasted pheasants again. It's her doing her like amateur scouting here and she's got the head shots from sears i. read the same thing, not one but two. If you zoom in on the smaller one, it's a moorhead on version. Full portfolio. Those this Christmas car, or was he just actively trying to get a role in some sort of stage production? They have to see my range love. She goes and explain so this Klay. Guy, that is just like the satellite photos have located this cave. It's the kind bats. Hibernate is explaining it to. He's a fucking moron. I Have A. I specialized in zoology and I'm actually a graduate student in Bat. Research, Deborah Yeah thanks. That's why you hired me. Speaking of which get one hundred dollars stipend to live off of for the rest of my fucking year. Look at me. I'm a Grad student. I'm thirty years old and I made six hundred dollars last year our Kevin. John You love. The Deborah's pulling up. Google maps here and she's like Oh yeah, the satellite photos we found of this cave or right here and she pointed to the spot which is in Jamaica Bay just south, of Brooklyn, the it's not even that far. From shore I went and looked on the street view in the point she's pointing to. We discovered island. You can see it from the road. Like why do you need grant? Get up there, but not go look. No she, because you need a team to come in with that like cooler and have wait. The solar resisted box. You mean any box with a lid like that sort of the definition of a box as it closes unless it's made him glass, it's Kennedy. Solar resistant bring the solid resistant box which it is for no reason. A viewing panel. Debra can gaze into her. Paramour. It's just click. Get freaked out the WANNA see him puke a little bit more on the way back. Speaking of paramour flash comes in during this flashback, which is. And he asked. Debra, if she cares more about more, bs or Flash, and she says I'm sorry. Flash I can't answer that I'm pretty sure you can answer it with that answer that Je do care more about more bs because flashes. You some hot ass like that's all. Yet, she might as well flash. She was just using inverse body at that point. It's pretty stone cold man. The Youth Science Center Peter Parker leaves early to catch a press conference at Asu, leaving the job and Felicia in capable hands whether she wants it or not. We all know fallacious, just gonNA. Throw on a video of BBC Earth or something. It's Bill Nye the Science Guy Day would police. Or Beekman Beakman's world, the other option miss. Beekman I Miss Beekman to. We haven't seen the children's learning centers since like rocket racer. No, but they did reference it in that attack craven episode. He went to talk about the budget. What is Felicia teach science fucking net like she's like doing the egg drop, or whatever like she's? Filler like is it just science, or is that outreach in general? Because like? Maybe she's like I. Don't know English or something I feel like when Peter Asks if she can cover the class. It's a question more of a formality like you explicitly do not pay him so this is GonNa. Be Secondary like do the same thing like. My real job says I have to go do it. So. I guess. Can you cover my class dot com just called the press conference and I want to get some photos and she gets all pissy about it like she's all mad because she was going. She's like I have to go pack to go on my expensive trip. That now I now have actually do work at this tax shelter I mean science center like. Yeah but she's going to the West Coast to go and open up another youth science center, and what makes her unique qualified to do this? Besides wanting to go to California? She is the face of the Hardy Foundation. Also, I'm assuming she's taking private jet. She could be delayed by like half an hour, 'cause. It's clearly nighttime when she's packing later, so she's not going to get there until tomorrow morning. anyways could take the Redeye. He says I'll pay you back with what more unpaid Labor I guess. Yeah, he'll cover her classes for a week. No, we're still continue to do his job for free, but also he goes in like runs away here. Shis as he ran away from the hot Stanford. OR CECIL He's Norden full, Sprint Covering like. Ten Meters Astrid. Good through some hotdogs interface before he did it, he's like bent over arms. Pumping beer just came out my nose when he said that about the hotdog stand. Forgot. Slaps. Connors Whitman spill the beans about more businesses, rediscovery and their plans to use neo to secure him the press understandably go ballistic over the idea while Peter uses it to flashback two Moebius his creation and continue is pity party so there's another press conference here and it's just like exactly the same as the last one which again we don't know what happened. It could have been like the same conference I. Don't even I love the way that? Connors introduces this thing like ladies and gentlemen. I'm here to announce that a team led by my British Assistant Debra Whitman. Who Do agree with my wife? That allows me to sleep in the main house. Again I must remind everyone I am not sleeping with. Any questions. Pertaining to the science. Back Down. Remember the time we were here last week and I talked to you about US rediscovering Neo Jenex, well this time. It's for real. We will reengineer the last sort of Neo Chetniks. He's actually doing a terrible job of being like a holding this conference because he starts off talking into the microphone and they've just Kinda wanders away to turn on a television screen. No one can hear you use a remote flinging actually changes the way it sounds or use deborah a turn on the TV. Or someone someone else. Ned Leeds is back though drop in the hard questions. Net leads is getting to scoop. He's getting the hard hitting questions here who he's like. Aren't you jeopardizing all our lives by, bring him back to the city. Yes good question now next question. Both a tremendous danger of course hired NEO JENEX turns people in a monster's took. Test Me. Test me one more time. It's like. Come at me leads. Can John Beards there. He's very. So. When he's trying to calm the crowd down. When he after he shows that they have more. He uses the exact same. Please that he did when he was yelling at his wife about billy. Staying in the house or some shit, please. Don't. Please please please. He's got a point like. Why do you have to bring them into downtown Manhattan? Like? Why wouldn't you bring him somewhere? Nobody value lives like new. Jersey I dunno, know wow. Yeah! They don't have an off campus secondary I. mean they probably have all their equipment in New York? So then after all this, there's another flashback which is like what the fourth flashback. Already miss episode at least and don't worry. It's not the last one. Really, It's just like yeah, okay, that's. was made a gas great thanks. I. Guessing has been like a couple of years since the kids watching this in real time I've seen it so. Yeah for sure, but then maybe that means you should just sort of let it go. Own I mean like yeah, but there was also a lot of. To it right the fact he loves Felicia the fact that. Mary. Cheated in the science contests done why he became a that. All those things you know that thing with the Deborah being in love with them wait. That if there's that much stuff to catch people up on, maybe just do different story like I. It's kind of really weird choice. Because also liked. The is clambering to see Morpheus Return, not me definitely Peter, but besides Peter. Who Else Clam? Well not our Peter Either because he finishes his guilt trip down memory lane by recognizing that at least Felicia won't have to hear about this. But. Wouldn't you know it across town? Ms Hardy packs her trip in here's. On the Evening News She's devastated Andrew Memory and decides to Sandtown to do black cat stuff. Oh, yeah, good thing leashes, Outta. Town doesn't watch the news or listen to a radio. Thank God nobody's around to tweet. The Dietz is still say that, right. Sure I mean we're talking about it. and. By the time, Peter's done flashing back here. Everyone is gaunt. Yeah. You can go Peter. surprised. He didn't wake up on a stretcher out his way to the hospital. The going God we stroked out. What were you doing? She's just. Stared at the wall for twenty minutes connors. Is there like cleaning up rewinding the videotape that he had? Can I help you there Mr Parker go get the hell out of here. Please over. It FELICIA plays She's listening to the news in the reporter. Here is not John Beard. As we were saying and the voice. You can hear it. It's very clearly Jim Cummings Dr Curtis Connors made a shocking announcement. He discovered the body of former es. You student Michael. Bs and I noticed that immediately is kind of quality to his voice, and I totally didn't remember that the recurring character that he normally voices was in this episode, but because I'm such a fucking nerd hearing. This spoiled that for me, but let's just say I was no longer. By who shows up more MIA's? More he's got it so this chauffeur is a classic with his mustache etiquette. He's charming is like. You'll always. My Moustache Wax can handle much more of my pig lex wedding. So done up I. Don't know. Police is listening to the news report, and it says that dot connors discovered the body of Michael Moore Bs. Connors discovered it pretty sure. It was debra but. What we go, Peter, scientific injustice or resource associated. Debra Whitman in the lab of Dr Connors and nobody knows who she is. That's fair Felicia so shocked by this. She Breaks Mirror, which is bad luck. Oh! Yeah some sort of creature of the feeling genus, whose RGB value would be zero zero zero bosoms before. We have a gratuitous flashback of Felicia and Michael's brief romantic entanglement and number five, and I was going to roll my eyes until we got to here. GotTa love just like you love bosoms. I actually decided to go on my own many jigsaw. Jameson Hall about Jim. Jameson back apparently. Is from a Lewis. Carroll poem, a nonsense poem, and it's like some sort of creature like a bosom is. A snark, which is a creature, a bosom is like an evil version of SNARK i. don't know great sounds sounds like a good research. Maybe she is an English Major. Because that's a pretty weird thing. Name your cat, also Felicia just like. Alcohol if I need you, this is a nineties. You can't just go and cancel flight like that. Could you absolutely can? You can like walk onto the roadway the like ten minutes before it can fly. Nobody gives a shit again. If it's a private plane I think she could just cancel it. True, and then the chauffeur was just like. Let's Go Hari doesn't give a fuck though he heard a crash in like glass shattering, he's just like time though yet, and then she's like no cable. Doesn't give a shit. It's not as job to give a shit. It's his job to drive. These driver, but he doesn't have tonight. Maybe he does, and that's why he can't hear fucking thing crashing. The. Crew start their experiment on more BS in while it seems promising a power surge sets back their plans as well as the plans of the kingpin and Herbert, Landon who set up the bogus? Herbert Foundation to fund this technology for their own scheming purposes. Play with the real safety concerns doc, are you still? He won't wake up in Chow down us. That shouldn't clay. Clay bills like he just wandered it off the street and has zero filter. He's yeah, he's very confident for. Any kind of student. Maybe I don't know. I guess maybe he doesn't know how to fix the coils. He identifies with the problem, maybe like an engineer. Maybe 'cause they need someone. Yeah, he could be coming up with the science the engineering for the recombination. Yeah, he might just be. He might be the tech guy here because he'd like a meat. When when there's the power surge, he says the twice coil. It. It'll take time to fix, so he clearly knows what he's doing so like. Maybe he's not used to all this biological garbage. He's like I'm a computer dude All of this is fucking crazy, which is pretty reasonable, explains why. Deborah decided to man splaine bad hibernation to him. That would make sense although connors. You're so fucking tired of his questions. He doesn't even provide his lab assistants with proper protective equipment. The switch and start Zapping Morgan and the show shot of connors whipping out a pair of protective sunglasses, but he's the only one who gets. It so CSI Miami like? Goggles and he's like yeah. I didn't want to end up blind as a Bat Mobiles Starts Shrinking Down, and then it goes to a regular man Pyre, and then he continues to shrink down the normal dude for a second hoping he would just keep going like baby Silverman get those jobs back in the here. That makes this show great Dr. Connor's goes and tells a disappointed Debra Whitman here that. Will take a break deborah exhaustion breeze stupidity well. We must be fucking tired because we're doing this fucking podcast. Qatar's is like I. Know About Breeding Stupidity. have. You met my fucking disappointment, son Billy. So we get a zoom out. That cuts us over to K. P., H., Q., where Land Herbert Landon is revealed to be the namesake of the Herbert Foundation. I'm like so people think he's dead after his escapade, and that's why he is a foundation named after himself like is the guy who hated mutants so much that he inadvertently turned into one trying to eradicate them now funding neo gen-x science of making mutations. Think. I, think you're overthinking it. Yeah, I! Don't think they even care about them. They don't. It's clearly supposed to be like. A foundation after their first name nobody, it's clearly just like a ruse you heard of. But not forgotten. This is the opposite, not gone and forgotten bin I'm more about the Saint Hubert Foundation with that delicious chicken. Dipping sauce kingpin is so fucking happy here about this little comment. landon throws his way will finally have a chance to cure myself, and possibly make spoke in. His is great, but even the read their the makes you feel like the land is just throwing that shit in. King been interested and it's based on literally nothing like us like they call them the immoral vampire. Maybe it'll make us immortal. Yeah, that's the ticket. It's not just about my fucking gross foot is this is for US baby? So, I just for curing myself just to remind you what I look like I'll turn to face you. Waited didn't even get changed by Jags, he got changed by his own fucking stupidities. So why is he think that Neo Jennings which like what he just go and formulate another thing that will change him back. He has this. He has the Knowledge Neo Jacks is the wave of the future Peter. How do we get that to me Gen-x Fox sakes man I know. Well, it's the talk of the town. Those Nugenix and spider-man's chatted up with his old pal Bruce. The GARGOYLES bummed out. Not seem the black cat lately, but he vows to go see dot connors do his job turns out. The blackout is off looking for help from someone else whistler the ally of Blade the manpower hunter. He agrees to help her preparing case. morpheus awakens while still a vampire after experiments done in Soliloquy to Gargle we cut to black cat swinging, and then moving past a movie theater that has a shock till now film festival, so it looked it up and. JOCK the French film director known for the Classic Film Noir Out of the past and a series of low budget horror films. He made with our Ko studios including cat people yeah I get it. Yes, recall I was curious like a cat. Yeah, the poster for that film is a real big black cat, which is I guess it's actually a Black Panther technically on it. Kinda cool so whistler is here and I wonder you know. Do they tour around him in Blade with these festivals or do they just decided to come up with new ones each time? Are they always at the movie theater? Just renting out the back. How does she even know his name like? How does she know where he was or that? He existed. That's far enough. You can put that thing down slam. Name Yeah as Felicia Hardy. She did see blade, but didn't really interact with them, and she heads zero interaction with Whistler. Not Did she know the location of its hideout? As you're saying Peter, this makes zero sense, and they give you zero reason for it to make sense in an episode where they were willing to ret cons and things pretty hard with flashbacks. Little, that would have been. Her listening in and hearing blade talk. To I. Don't know Terry Lee or Spiderman or something would have been an easy enough way. Yeah, or even, if blade you know introduced himself after rescuing her being like look like I don't know like just you know you. Look. I'm bleed in. This is where my secret hideout is and my friend. there. He makes my technology spider. Man is not cool. Maybe her not main needed to get checked out to make sure they were vampires, so whistler came over to give him the once over I. Don't know maybe I mean we can speculate all day, but shit. The didn't happen I. Guess and Whistler here is talking to black cat. and. They have some tea which Steve's for twelve seconds. She literally let's it like in there for like Whistler's water boils hotter than everyone has. One mug for his t said, and he makes the tea with bags in the mugs instead of in the teapot. Be Two different types. Maybe she wanted Orange Pekoe, and he wanted green, so whistler goes, and says I usually wouldn't help a stranger. Leave him beautiful looking keeping in your pants. Wessler just met this person like I. Know. Blade left you for a while but like. Know your limits, man I don't know he's got a shot here. She's got rampant daddy issues and he's got a smoking hot body. He's fucking Jack and so she she likes guys with accents. Older men yeah and. I think she likes. She likes the muscles and guys are into sci. He's good with technology. Don't count them out through, so when black cat says more BS the Vampire Whistler acknowledges that okay. Yes, someone needs to take him down. Personally I would have rather whistler did a spit take and just started laughing being like. Oh yeah you're worried about more BS. The vampire every victim made a full recovery after just a whittal headache, and who can't even make other vampires. Yeah, we're really worried about him. He's really high on blades priority. You know what just go, knock yourself out, and he gives her like a steak SIA. I didn't realize at first, but whistler's voice has changed here. He's no longer played by Malcolm McDowell instead Oliver Muirhead takes over. The role and Oliver was previously this series as Dr own naked the spot in the episode of the same name. Really, didn't even notice. Even notice so once again. A power actor has abandoned the show. Malcolm McDowell had a pretty good resurgence in. He did nineties right so yeah, so just like the guy who got an Oscar bailed foods Flynn's Scorpion He no longer have our whistler prime like the wizards as someone must be prepared to save the city. That's why I'm ignoring your request and calling Terry Lee Spiderman with whom I have trust, good relationship. Please show yourself out. Someone must be prepared to save the city. You know someone that other guy that already saves the city. Yeah, some sort of spider man. Perhaps we'll meanwhile at the Herbert Foundation Flash APOLOGIZES TO DEBORAH, but they're interrupted as landon and shocker come to take more and their technology. FLASH TRIES TO. Intervene but. It results in more BS being shocked to wake in. In the battle continues Spiderman arrives to help and is knocked out as Morbus escapes causing the village to high tail it after him, and can we make team flash? T shirt you. How does flash somehow also continued to be the better bigger person here like he is now way too good for Deborah Lee. You know what I means like well. She didn't consider my feelings at all, and said some pretty hurtful stuff and was kind of lying about our entire relationship, but. Apologize because I think this means a lot to her. And you know, support her. When what's important to her is to turn a guy who does love her back into a human, so she can watch him run away with a beautiful blonde billionaire. Has the dream, but also flash just knows what to say here. He comes in their pours his heart out. A not easy to do want to apologize for the way. I reacted to this Michael Moore b-best. Look I just wanted to know. If this, is that important to you? Then I I guess I'm behind you. One hundred percent to be fair Deborah could've turned around and been like you idiot I love you. Now I'm trying to make us rich by getting the patents off this neo jenex will. We know that's not how it is. Yeah. We know that's not the case. Now stead. We shocker. WHO's back? Flash tried to get himself involved here because he's the greatest person in the world, and he body checks shocker when he tried to go for more. And it gets thrown around like a rag doll here which is gonNA lead like shockers, not he's just a regular. Do with cool suit. He's not super strong so weird, but then flash gets thrown into more business container, which is springs open immediately. A blast shocker immediately wakes up and he rips out of those restraints like they're made of paper and I wanted to slash Tocado, connor, saying the restraint security, and then flash further back to connors, looking at how to buy restraints online, seeing the cost and resorting it like. Master! Review to price low to high. Kittens these shit. He's just out and no problem. Yes, there's a Jim, collins again like you mentioned before Kevin. Is News coming got it. Everyone scatters here. Though, because more is just bugging, lurking around now Elo Deborah's. He's coming this way like be very quiet like she's just yells at. His side is based off movement. It's true. It immediately attracts do time to drink from my hands. Let's do that weird thing I do. So. Spiderman shows up and asks why Landon and Shocker here in land is just like who do you think the foundation was named after? Her but landon paid for all of this. Belongs to me i. just got that clever writings vitamins like. Idiot like slaps his head. All of them like simultaneously like slapped their heads like oh! Did he actually paper though I thought like kingpins money actually bay board. He's like I paid for this with Vance on my allowance so the end of the scene Bat more BS. Flees through a hole in the wall as usual. And, he just like levitated. But he has S. When we last saw him. He was flapping those wings. Now. He doesn't need to flap. Oh yeah, links. He had like full wings before he was much more bat like now he's got this long tail like a kangaroo and lay. These we, his wings are reduced to like Flying Squirrel Ceanu memorizing. Their like Smith's fins like they're not full wings. It's weird. It's Kinda Lame I. Don't know I think they just want to reuse the floating body? They already animated the skeleton of to just make things easier. Yeah, maybe I duNno, it's classic. fucking more be as though at anything happens and he flies away. Yeah, that's one superpower yet. Talking about how he is steeper plasma time to go sucks to your plasma. Go Rob a blood bank like not that I'm. Promoting that, but come on, buddy noticed. Go fees on livestock, like vampire bats. streaks with the city looking for plasma drain and Spiderman tries to bring him back in shocker. Landon have other ideas causing Spidey, take spill, and nearly be drained by the blood sliver black cat comes out of nowhere to save him with some whistler tech, but more dips once more and Spiderman left, dazed and confused shockers. Aim got a lot better. He hits the wedding twice and one arming that Shit, just baidu. Helicopter to yeah. Not Bad. The animation here is actually pretty crazy as like spiderman is hooked onto BS and flying and talking to them, and then you see the helicopter coming in with land and Shocker, it's pretty dynamic animation camera angles is actually pretty impressed by. A mostly was distracted by spider man, pointing his toes while he's being. Pulled behind more visum like aero-dynamics, but I agree it was. It was interesting shot, and they actually mixed it up a little bit. which is Kinda cool. The dialogue leaves a little bit to be. Desired though. They blew their budget on the animation, not the dialogue this time. You Talk. But like this dialogue have a budget. If you have the same voice, actors like just tell they are. They paid by the fucking Word I. Don't have a problem to voice actors. It's about the it's about the writing man. To me, this is not my passion. Surprise. Spider. moebius tackled spider-man's bet to drain. A black cat shows up at his just like no Michael. Michael. Down boy. Yeah? She gets really emotional and personal with the Moebius here and throughout the rest of the episode and Spiderman never questions it. Or picks up on it or any or addresses it in any way, which was a little bit annoying to me. She's very overt about this. Being a personal thing, you know. She even says it to him later. But it's just flies all completely over his head, which is kind of very annoying. So black cat shows up and has this weird. Gun Weapon, or whatever yeah, and I'm just like what the fuck is. She shooting them with? And then I just remembered like. Oh Way. She went and visited Whistler, and he has all this crazy vampire weaponry for me. It took a bit to kind of understand that, but as a kid watching this like. Are you GonNa? Are you going to know that? She got a weapon from Whistler and like all the all those dots yeah I guess they could have showed like a quick shot of her like going to the armory, like would have been cool. I guess like her suiting up. Yeah, just like Oh. We have these weapons for you. You can use this to capture him like whistler saying that to her, but. It was a little strange that all of a sudden black cat shows up and she shooting a gun. It makes it makes even less sense that she showed up at all. Like how did she find them? You know what I mean like in this big city where she really shouldn't be moving that quickly but I. Guess You Kinda dozen the show well also. had a spider man not spiderman. Point, out that that's whistler weapon. No. He doesn't understand what it is. He said. Where did you get that? She says I'm a secret. Since she gets in the sexy look, send away. And then I guess gets distracted because he looks at the sexy look like yeah, okay, whatever? You. Don't remind me of anybody else, but okay. Yeah, it's fine. It's weird is like as soon as they're involved with each other again. more again just fucking flies away as he does, and land didn't end, chocolate should have you know an insane head start on catching, but he just he's faster than their helicopter I was mad about that line. He's starving. Are you serious? He's fast. He's getting away. Yeah, faster than a speeding helicopter thirstier than one hundred college freshman is. It's actually kind of a weird ending to the Z., because she just swings away and he's like she's gone like wait no link. No, no, she's not faster and speedier sneakier than you might be sneakier. But like just trying to catch more here. She's not going for Stelle. I. Don't I don't like that at all. It's lazy. Yeah Yeah. He's just like Oh. She's gone okay, and then he blames it on himself, and then there's a coke commercial in the back graph. We talking about I. Just really just need to go grab Coal Right now. Well it turns out that. Is Hunting in the park and he's confronted there by black cat. He prepares to do her harm, but stops when she reveals her identity to him. She loves doing that. His love shamed clear as head enough for him to agree to get help, and they plan to meet at the clock tower. Why does the flashlight make a gun cocking noise because it's a moon flashlight? Flashlight I just feel like it's a weird reuse of sound like the folly works normally so good, and it's like Oh. Yeah, let's just give it the fuck in goon laser gun sound, which doesn't really fit. Yeah, no, it's fair more jumps over there. He gets up on our grill and doesn't really want to believe that it's her, but she's like. Look at me like A. Finnish of dare you use her name. Look at me, oh! My goodness breasts I wrecking anyway so beautiful anyway. How's your sex life case? Apparently she can drop her disguise with powering without doing the arm pos, so that's a choice. Weird. You'd think she'd WanNa. Do the sexy posed for more of all people to G. He's the man I love. I mean the bad. I love anyway. Honey what? Some more here. When he is about to go and feed on, somebody says the same thing that we all say when we get home drunk from the bar at three am. Hungry. Vintage. It's one of his vintage lines. Actually like just noticed this by pausing at the right moment, but did you notice that? Moore has this little triangle beard goatee thick still even though he's covered in hair. Monkeys had the same thing man. They have mustache. Beards and mustaches I don't know what monkeys you're looking at but. Spent a lot of time looking to monkeys. I suppose Peter What Felicia. Says Meeting the clock down. As she like makes is to the audience wink wink. Really quickly throw that in there like. We'll have to meet the clock tower. Why don't we go there right now directly together? Now, it's better if I just let you go back into the world. You're cool. You're cool. Meanwhile that Clock Towers Been Rebuilt. Don't don't ask any questions like that's the thing that they were concerned about the continuity for not this bullshit that they made up with Deborah. Like any of the other things that we've been poking holes at the back of the Clock Tower was rebuilt is preposterous to us. I wouldn't question that. They probably built a fixed it. I Dunno I assume they fixed most of the things they destroy. Or just another clock tower there's. A bunch, of, churches in New York. Maybe, damage control went and rebuild this clock tower DC that'll never catch on. Spiderman decides to hunt for Moebius first heading DIPA. Leashes plays in case he returns to see her landed in shocker the same idea and as they prepared to tango black cat arrives, or perhaps is already there and provides the baddies with a beating for she and spider man make an escape. They've PREF-. Heart to heart that leaves Spiderman all alone once again. I guess it paid off to be eavesdropping when Felicia was gushing to daddy about all the boys she was dating while he was in prison yet maybe. I mean they had the security cameras running and they were talking about boys so Yeah, probably, that's where they learned all this shit. I. Learned about Michael in general, and maybe never put two and two together that he was a vampire I. Don't know. Yeah, it feels well. No, they had a press conference. We learned. I wanted Spiderman to say when he was swinging in now if I were Michael Morpheus first thing, I, do would be to go see the person who loved me the most. Debra Whitman as we will remember, and it definitely wasn't added later to make the plot more streamlined. Percents I'm only here for Deborah Romance for the ages sputtering ends up at. Police apartment. Of course he does. and she has a cat. Which is new gas? Inspire men says. Hey remember her having a cat. Though you do look kind of familiar, plus does it really make sense her being? The black cat that she has an affinity for cats and I. Think I mentioned this before. Because she didn't get. It was just a name she took it. She didn't get transformed from a cat like it's not like. Spiderman has some sort of affinity for spiders and has pet spiders. When that'd be cute, though so I guess Boo Jim. Jim Ref Budgam. As we referenced before. Is that cat that we didn't know existed? Yeah. I guess so. Listen, House about it was weird because. Spider Azis sees this cat and he's like well. You do look kinda familiar puss. He said the same thing what he saw. Black capital offer talents for the first time. Do so then shocker landon bust down the door here. They bust in and. As as they're about to spy rankings, the spider says, but the heck is this cat sense because he'd like freaks out and runs away slightly before spider sets goes Osso cats beats spiders. Somehow the animal's always know I. Might just be a thunderstorm coming. Probably 'cause landed reeks to animals. Come on. Mutation side probably just smells awful to animals. Sure. Become in there like long time. No See web for brains. We also movies might come looking for his lost. And the to attack, but black hedges beats the fuck out of the two villains for like four seconds, and they're like. We gotTA GET OUTTA here. Swing Forty feet away. Crowley Street Concil. See the balcony in the background when they just like, let their guards down start to play grab ass, like I'm sure like shockers lighting up for a blast to the back of the fucking head here but the. Nats across the street buys. We'll be on the moon also. He doesn't ask why the fuck she's like. Why would she be at Felicias apartment if she's not FELICIA? Guess because she's a looking Maurice thing, but then he again that's still begs the question. What her connection and she wouldn't have an answer for it. Yep, he could even make a joke like Oh, is that spider tracer? You put on me still on. Because like. How does she keep like? How do they keep running into each other if she's not the leash? That's that's this whole episode of people like running away from scenes to get to another slightly different seen. That doesn't really make any. Big movements either. You know. Moving from setpiece to set piece and not really. Propelling the action forward very much. Landing Years fucking useless. He's just kind of like. Gets knocked over and he's out. Whatever a! Buddy wanted to go and use that fucking disgusting Talon Foot. And hand. Has Claws on it to do something. Don't you have any abilities he he had amazing ID's CRT television followed him that shit hurts dude. It's sure that was that was not. Fair still remember the time. My Dad and I had to carry out to the curb. Hey, Spiderman! It hurts when people keep saying they want to work alone. And that you and understand, doesn't it? To all those people you said that to choose on the other foot is, but they did also explicitly agreed to be partners last episode partners. Partners. Heart spartans partners partners partners partners partners. Yeah, so I mean it's. It's not unreasonable that he would be. Confused at her sudden change of heart, I suppose it turns out. The black cat is headed to whistler's garage to get something stronger to put down more for good at that same moment more busy, trying to resist the urge to turn some college kids into his own version of a KEG party, but manages to keep his wits and head to the clock tower. I like he's like what you're telling me is most disturbing I had no idea you had feelings for the scripture. His name is Spiderman. Not Everything is a creature. It's Kinda weird that all listeners gadgets look exactly the same like you got them on auction when they're just props from star. Trek that generation. This is what you need. Yes, it looks exactly like the last thing I gave you, but trust me. It's different. Why would you build things one which is lethal in which is sub, lethal and exactly identical. Seems kind of thing you don't WanNa fuck up. I. Don't know you accidentally when you're putting it away. Put it in. The wrong. Pilots gave over. Yeah. So, what is it? Maurice here feast on Kawser. Something just go to the zoo. NEW YORK! Rats size of cats. Yep, he has options right. I would've liked to seen where he tried. Feasting on a lower level organism, and he was as like fuck this. It doesn't have the same fucking. Kick that I. Have just It's just like he's just very bitchy about. It doesn't feel it's gotTA. Weird Mouth Fields Calvert. Hand feel yeah, for sure I like the way it squirms when I'm drinking it. I don't like how Di Scream when I'm examinating. Screaming makes me suck harder Oh. No, but like you to your point, it actually would have endeared us to him a little bit to see that he's trying. which would have you know knowing what happens later and in the series? We'd been like okay like he has some humanity other than just going. No, no, you know. He's already in Central Park Zoo. Sco I. Mean He is trying harder. That's sort of the point he's trying. That's why he doesn't drank these people. At the rendezvous more be assisted. He's too dangerous agrees to be sent into an eternal sleep before Felicia can pull the trigger, the land shocker bromance returns in nets up the Batman and attacks. The black cat make off with their prizes. Spiderman, hearing, the resulting explosions, investigates in unburied black cat from the rebel. Luckily, he also manages to land a spider tracer on the chopper, so the two heroes can give chase. How did black cat not see Maurice there? When he grabs her out of the shadows, and they pan out and she's literally five feet away from it. Couches Unionist hands or the size of fucking I dunno door. I don't know what's a good analogy. His answer a door handles. He has really super. Big. His hands are gigantic like You know what they say about people with they hands right. And big years. Make doorknobs. Yep. They wear gloves as what they said. Yeah, so a net goes in lands on more his only weakness. Apparently all tangled up in that, thank. You gotta be careful with Miss Nets can. Kill. I'm shoot him in the net. Shoot him with the gun like. You're you're GONNA kill him. Anyway, just do. then. He's useless to them. maybe. It's really clear I mean. Is it really that evil of a thing that land in wants to undo this horrible damage if he does maybe can live a normal life. He'll stop doing prime stuff because you can go back to regular society, and then he can stop being under kingpins payroll. Looks during goes clearly I'm lying about the mortality thing. I'm just trying to fix myself girl. Gets strange. What's what's your digits? Cranes? Bad people stop. That's what I'm talk-. So land in here comes in with a clever quip again that he uses the last Putt that he encountered our protagonists, he says. Didn't you think we'd remember? Moebius wants us this clock tower as his refuge shirt up lane in what you read his fucking journal Okay we get it. Fucking care his live journal. No his dead Germany was an emo kid so. Well once they have their PRISA kind like they don't actually follow it up and killer. They just leave is all right I guess. And then Spiderman rescues black cat, and they go right back to flirting you all. You, hear! Guy Could get the wrong idea and think a certain. Someone likes no matter what I'm going through I do Kaffir you. I guess she's torn up by this, but I. Really that's not. I mean I'm not a lady? So maybe this is time for bureau to to Chime in. She's wants to get some strange with Spiderman, but now her ex showed. Does anyone in this series not WanNa. Get strange because we're all saying it the weirdest part of this whole thing, though is the Spiderman blackadder, talking that she looks down, and he silently grabs her by the Chin and just like changes the angle of her head as like our idea, bad touch. That's weird. Like that at all, it was like a step shy of just sort of pushing her head down. Yeah, yeah, is ahead Bush. Yeah, but also there is like holding each other's hands as they're going through. This thing is like. I'm saying they're all over the map here and it's weird. Yeah! He liked grabs her hand to take her to show her the spider tracer. That's an embrace my friend like. Yeah, yeah, it also like again a. where is her emotional turmoil coming from like what is the source of it and I say that obviously knowing what it is, but on his perspective. Are you not questioning that? Are you not unlike wondering why? She's so involved in the situation? What what is her connection? And like who does she know? The casinos mobias pretty well considering all of this so I really really puts up some flags like I. Don't see how you can go through all of this and not be like Oh. Yeah, it's Felicia how dare you use her name. If I just went and had like some like Halloween makeup and just put black. Circles around my is the same way that black has it? You still recognize it was me right? So I'm not fucking superman here I. don't cast some sort of weird aura for people not to recognize madame quite cowdery thick. Black hadn't spiderman track the bad guys to a secret lab where it landed shocker, big Willie fisker, harvesting Morbus for his new genyk juices. He's returned to his vampire form by the process, but the heroes swing into intervene. Things start going poorly. Spiderman is pinned down by concussive blasts and Fisk uses his bear hug style to put Felicia in danger of being crushed I laughed so hard at rigor and sons. For some reason, it thought to me I don't know mortuary. It's pretty funny. more to Harry like yeah, it was. It was pretty good, but I also thought that it was just tombstones house. is like coffins around. Kingpin cubs. Then kingpin opens the door. homey good Dec-. Hello Lonnie have my associates arrived yet like they actually. That's that'd be ten times more polite than kingpin actually is because he get those like Matsunami. He's very excited to be immortal. By definition you don't need to be excited about being moral because it. You know what I mean. To be mortal, it's like time travel. When do we wanted to relevant? It's kind of a weird here that they decide to swing and fight them because like they're harvesting Moebius for secrets, but like in the process they kind of start to cure him. Yeah, was those really weird it just like it made him better for a second Glenham. Keep going. Maybe it'll fix them completely. Then everybody's finally like Landon. Getting what he wants doesn't make them like us like a gut God. It just makes him not horrifying to look at. It's not really the worst thing in the world. You could phrase this completely differently where it's like Oh, yeah man, who undergoes horrible accident attempts to use his money to cure himself is repeatedly foiled by and enters yet. That's. Just wants to kill himself. It's sort of picks up a lot of speed here. We get fight not terribly interesting except that viscous to do his trademark move, which is grab someone just squeezes, can now it's done it before and he'll do it again. And again no nips. Maurice Yep somebody needs to shackle this guy for reals the Jews not to any starts freaking out in his tube, and just smashing into the all of it you're like. Couldn't you left the net automatically? Could've also just sedated him maybe deprived him of plasma. Have, no effect on his ability to be strong for some reason, but hey, that's fine. That was weird to. He's supposed to be starving, but I guess the power. It's the power of love Kevin cut that as. Well, seeing his love and danger at enrage more hogs out causing willing to flee and land into get his plasma pilfered. Shocker gets webbed up and Black Cat levels her snooze ray at Morbus, but can't find it in yourself to pull the trigger more flies off leaving black cat, Spiderman, horny and regretful. Why does more be a sound like a fucking lion? Car, how would you make some weird bat monster sound? Maybe it uses words. He speaks all the time. Yeah, his human voice go I, don't know. All the time when he's the bat, and then when he's like the the vampire, he doesn't say anything. He growls and stuff. It's really weird classic kingpin here with the escape plan. Yeah! Man Got to Zoos Landon vigors out that kingpin bear hugging Felicia is upsetting the test subject. He's just like stopped. And then King pinches walks away and then boom, iron, door and kings thanking Pinkos and says. Shown Again Yeah I wanted him to walk up the stairs and try, and he has a aside Kaufman, but it's even smaller and he just like get stuck. He's up in the main floor like earned girl. I was a I thought it was a classic Kitty Cat Kingpin Little Dodge like twinkle toes out. He's just like Sia. From like instead moebius turns on land. Is just like staple. Eats He's got nothing just yelling at him. Girl touch with Mike Gross foot. Climbing out of he lifts it. Yeah, right, then he goes. Like is actually goes in drains and move plasma, but does that mean that more visible go and get the gross mutation that he has no. It's not like the vulture. Either The shockers voice. Why, and what the heck it sounds like what tore nation? Wide. Lanes there after he gets plasma. Blood. I mean speaking weird reads like A. spider-man's like warning to. Is Pregnant. Okay cool like he's sounds like he's trying to convince himself that he's confident. You know what I mean. Keep away. He's trying to show off to be the Alpha. You stop. Let Me Morpheus is just got these sad puppy dog eyes. He can't say no. You just got to give up the plasma. Deletion when she was up, the gun would just be like. No. He's too handsome. I can't hurt him. It'd be like. What! Is, that what this was. Oh my God I don't like you anymore. Morbus Casey. Get wordlessly flies out of this place just up the stairs and they give chase, but they're just like He's gone time to cuddle. Right back to cuddling, the sun rose like a mmediately. He's like no further than ten kilometers from the door. You guys could look for him. Yeah, it's absolutely true. No, let's just cuddle. Just feel bad. He's just GONNA. Like be asleep on the rooftop like fucking twenty feet from there. Go Scoop them up in a net. Which is we all know? This is probably don't fall asleep. Be because the bow on this episode has spiderman and Felicia all mixed up over their feelings, so as the sun rises, and they go their separate ways. They've never felt closer or farther apart. Spiderman goes in for the like. Push the press hug. Yeah, really like sumo rush smush himself against her. It's true and I like get so wrapped up in their leg hornets here, and then they just like Oh, man I'll go this way you that way or whatever? I'm like armed. There two villains in the basement of this obvious front like maybe you should arrest thumbs or Web Rit I. They don't even like talk about it. Siamese gotta go read out. He can't website with a huge Boehner. We know that. I think that's what he web strings the hardest. No I was picturing like they're talking and just behind them. You see shocker carrying landon on like Dude Dude Dude Dude Dude, dude creeping behind them. They. Don't care at all. Yeah, really willy fiscal! They just like poll fisk. He's stuck in a coffin like here. To pull out fucking Landon zd leg. Salty beverages juice box because he just donated blood, and if they're standing out there with their thumoed, trying to wait for the limo to comeback to China, dial up there, Uber, black and the guy with the mustaches pack up. Go. You're lucky. I was supposed to go to the airport tonight. Ms Hardy kept me on hold all evening. It ends with him bringing up the Felicia line one more time just to rub your nose in it. Mice love so complicated I'm sure glad that Felicia out of town. Seeing more business something she never. That's about all the Morbus. We can handle for one episode. Which means it's time for some arbitrary sputtering ratings where we ranked the episode using whatever idiotic metric we can come up with off the top of our heads Kevon under this episode to unprotected eyeballs out of a possible three. It got some of the stuff going for it in that it's interesting to see some of these bang play, and it got to the core of the black cat. Spiderman dynamic here, which is fun to see addressed. But. That said there's some gaping holes in the plot and they spent a lot of time just sort running around in arriving at locations that doesn't really further anything, and you left wanting more in more ways than one okay Vero I feel like Kevin I have very similar points. I gave this episode three fancy flashlights out of four. It's a bit of a run run. Run episode, but you get flashbacks that actually give you information character development, so that's nice and you know. Does black cat and Spiderman flirting real hot? I'm GonNa go and give this sixteen out of thirty six flashbacks. There away too many flashbacks in this And, I don't fucking like Maurice Can we move on with us and be done with this? Well we might have had to deal with the return more but. That's just one vampire could be worse. Peter Well cannot comments gonNA. Come back and bite you in the ASS when you see the headline of the daily Bugle. He's supposed to have some big school. The moment on America has been waiting for today's issue puked Bronx big scoop at Ibrox, biggest school big news to me. How did you happen to get this? The Vampire Queen Blades, mother, the Vampire Queen has come to New York planning to turn everyone into vampires to defeat her. Spiderman and the black cat will need help from an unlikely source moebius. God that so many vampires I know at least twice as many as we're used to maybe more, but it's not that one particular vampire so I'm good I. Guess We'll have to wait and see and I hope that you see with us because that's it for us. Thank you so much loyal listeners. If you like this episode, please share with your friends. Your family and your Guano encrusted ex lover's in person or online, using the Hashtag are a spider pod and get a chance to win. Win Some Free Swag. If you love the show, you can also join our patriae on. You could buy some merch on t public or you could Brayton reviews on your podcasting platform of choice, which would help get this show out there links for everything or on our website, radioactive spider pod dot com. We'll be returning from the limbo of sleep between mortal and immortal in two weeks with our next episode. Until then this is radioactive spider pod saying me in the clock tower. It's been rebuilt. He's Enron. You need to you. I will always love you. We shall meet again I would love you. Suit. What do they mean by a weakening? He's. I'm sorry we're trying to tell jokes on this podcast.

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Mornings with Keyshawn, LZ and Travis (HR 3) We have good news! According to Dr. Anthony Fauci!

Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ

40:50 min | 6 months ago

Mornings with Keyshawn, LZ and Travis (HR 3) We have good news! According to Dr. Anthony Fauci!

"Wednesday morning everybody off to a fantastic start and guys. We got some some good news. This morning I know we rented a couple of times but the the news Dr Faucher saying that playing an empty stadiums is a possibility. That's the best news we've had in the sports world a really long time. It is. It really is but you could see where will start. You know starting to develop because it was different a couple months ago then obviously things as you get closer to the summer conversation. Start to happen. Everybody's starting to kind of get on the same page and speak the same language. But it's also good to hear from the experts has been saying for the longest travers. Dr MD PhD. In front of the certainly listen to him. I get it. I understand somebody a matter of fact. The Milwaukee School. I was walking yesterday and one of the neighbors. We you know across the street from each other stood and we're talking anywhere saying have been watching the news and things of that nature. I said I watch a little bit of it but I don't have time to listen to those people because everything that they saying is information that I heard about the time we get to them. They turned it into the more negative. What it is so it less. It's a doctor sitting up there explaining something to me goes in one ear out the other else. That's what makes this so exciting. And let's read the quote from FAO G. He said this on snapchat too Peter Handy. He said when asked about playing an empty stadiums quote. There's a way of doing that. Nobody comes to the stadium. Put the players in big hotels wherever you WANNA play. Keep them very well. Well surveilled have them tested every single week and make sure they don't wind up infecting each other or their family and just let them play the season out. Keita's this is Dr Foudy this base of this pandemic. This is the guy that we're all looking at saying. Hey or recall is not cool. Should we wear masks? Who not wear masks six feet? What are we talking about? The He is saying this is incredibly good news. Absolutely you know and point in Dhaka. Foul has been a saving grace in terms of competency and coherent information that you can take invite implementing your own household understanding what you can and can't do week by week by week. You know. The only thing is that there's a there's this should be cautioned in terms of recognizing that there isn't a one solution for all states because some years hurting more than others and so as he's talking about this keep in mind that may end up. Happening is a solution Arizona where it's concentrated in the area where there's not a lot of outbreak is going to be small and can be contained versus saying they're going to be gains held at Madison Square Garden. Soon because New York is just in the same place where Phoenix's by now Z. Journalists right you right and do all that conduct founded get a book out of this at the end of the day. Well absolutely absolutely. He could have written several books. This isn't his first Rodeo. This isn't as I ten DEMOC. It's pretty clear that he's more passionate about helping people and helping himself But who knows different age? I'm not saying to helping himself. Just ask the question. Can you get a book out of this because Oh yeah mason? And he's given is just so refreshing that I want to learn more about him who he is as an individual. You know his his story as a whole because again. This is his first Rodeo. This is not as first time being at a press conference in dealing with the situation and heading up protests are clearly understand that now but if you go back twenty years ago no. I didn't know that because I wasn't even. I mean what? This is the first time that this is hit at the level of this here. We've had other endemic that we dealt with but it was gone away very quickly and it didn't affect the United States at the level in which it faces now. As long as I was living. I'm not talking about the Spanish flu all back in those days. I'm talking about like since I've been alive. Yeah it's interesting to your point about maybe California's different than Texas and Florida's different than Arizona and New York Is Different Than Illinois. Those are all issues that have to be worked out. But the Quincy Travis. I think they will be worked out even know every day is is different. We Pan that there's no question about it and and when they're speaking I think they're speaking amongst every state not just the select few states that we may be concentrating on yet but I think what he's getting onto is the idea the idea that's been floated and the governor of Arizona said. Yeah we're okay with this is having everybody in one spot. Potentially that way all of the long as cheers own as an example if Arizona is okay. We're ready for this. We've we've are curves. Flattened were set up with testing where Senate with medical facilities for the people that need them. We can do this here. That even if New York is at setup for that you. Just PULL THE KNICKS OUT. You pull the nets out and bring the Phoenix. Then you could do something like that. Then the the the different municipalities. Don't it doesn't matter as much under this scenario and you and you know traveling says the curve flattens and we take continue to take the responsibility of staying indoors wearing our mask doing things to protect. Everybody you're going to have bids hospitals open up you're going to have you gotta have less. You're going to start to have less doctors or nurses people on board because you will need them so when things come up you'll be able to somebody that is severely affected by could go right to ICU and not have to sit in a hallway. Way Right forbid open up as long as we continue to keep doing our part so I'm not really I'm not really worried about all the other states and what because I think everything will happen altogether at one time. Hope so I always that I really doubt that that it also gonNA happen at the same time but when I say the same I'm not talking about turn the lights would save time. I'm talking about gradually F- coming together gradually whether it's whether all of a sudden it's Washington State does this Oregon does that down and moves to California Jumps Vegas then all of a sudden move the Texas okay. We're going to deal with the Minnesota Okay Florida's ready okay. We're going to go back over to Wyoming that that's what I say all the cancer within a certain time line. I don't think that there's and I'm not a doctor but I don't think there's going to be where there's thirty eight states that's taken care of and ready to go but it's GonNa take another five years to get the other one's going well the NFL. That's why the NFL put out the rules that they did the NFL. Put out some very clear rules saying look if in less all thirty. Two of our franchises are allowed back in their buildings. Nobody's going back into the building. This is why the NBA and the NHL. A major May Maybe Major League baseball can go to a spot just to just to take that. Variable off the table if it again. Let's user if Arizona says Yup. We're ready we can do this. Then everybody can come to Arizona and we could start doing these things that we're even if we're waiting for California New York and Florida come online. Exactly how you guys do Dr Foul. She is 'cause I'm shocked but I just looked up as H. I'll take a year sixty one fifty. He's GonNa he was born on Christmas Eve and he'll turn eighty they ask if he's writing a book. I wanted to be a book about how he looks. So damn good at eighty years here. Here's one for you. Good docs are good. Genes you gotTA GOTTA future in headline writing. Hey let's do our let's do our NBA coats right. Here are coolest of all time. We talked with John Ireland about it a minute ago and he mentioned magic key that that that probably might be all three of our answers but just so many other magic on that list man Jordan Man Stop Jordan. Magic is my guy and everything but MJ. What what year we are right now. Twenty twenty people still trying to be. Mgm Twenty Twenty. Do they play basketball? And twenty years people still trying to be. Mj To this day they steal trying to be object. Being from the NEF is wrong with your knee but you got a neat brace on in his fifth down so you can see the red part of it it to cut all my hair off to try to walk and Chew Gum and do an interview. I mean it's just I mean he's the amid I. I don't know I don't from the shot to the gist to just the coolness like MJ will walk in a room. Obviously I've had the pleasure of being around and hanging around noon and all those sorts of things member what time we was out in Atlanta it. Mike Walk then in turn to your turn to your is like everybody go. Oh Okay I see okay I M J I mean come all you just. Mj L. O. From everything everything on the court off the court hi moves just everyday to the point. Where data basically the last dance then turned in Mj. But it's really about the entire Chicago booth but it's really turning 'em check even though the documentary is coming out on. Espn on Sunday to series. And then as a another eight after that. We're promoting it about. Mj It is about MJ. Dance yeah the team is about. The construction is about all of that but is about him. Jay Z how? `Bout you Jay has the benefit of media. And that elevates his platform like no other but it was stricken talking straight cool. GimMe Dr J. Dog. Be Dr J. All day everyday doctor. J. Was the billy Dee Williams of sports slowdown cool. Not but duct Johnson J. Hammy thinking he actually went to school and got a doctor's degree grew up thinking he was a real I actually. I actually thought he was a doctor to doctor. Look at that guy like Jim. J. As cool for a lot of reasons but then you wash jeans and stuff you might try to look like that but this jeeze. He's still acid. Wash the twenty twenty for the day real cool but you are really trying to dress like him now but when you see Dr J. now Dr J. Louis at the coolest grandfather and a place for you. Would it be to have swagger leader? He does booth needle go. Go ahead no to say that I got one other guy all the things you're saying those e because I didn't even know who this guy was the first time I saw like who is that? What is he doing? Why is he on my TV basketball player? But it just popped Wolf Frazier Frazier and all the things that you're talking about Dr J. Like I didn't. I thought well frazier was one of the best players in the league just because he was on. Tv All the time he wasn't he was on TV. All the time is because he was. Walt Frazier walked around like Yo the universe. That guy had all of that stuff all of it. But there's something about it and we had this conversation yesterday. Text Exchange through the three of us. There's something about the athletes from the seventies that just like the seventies was just a cool cultural period. I WANNA say this. Go sites and Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah fine. You can have that opinion you want to but coming out of the sixties where everybody was trying to be nasty and Harry Armpits and the Florida gets a seventies and it is about being cool and it's about swagger and sexiness and those athletes from air they embodies all of that and Dr J. Man for me because like I say. Mj was cool. He's a great player out tons of respect for him as a philanthropist and the whole nine but when I see them jeans and shoes with the long tow and then the square tower at the tip. You like going there is some of your Kunas was manufactured whereas Dr J. Kunas came from the heart and you've just noticed star is so key your Boy Kevin. Durant may have done it again. We'll explain next on the morning show at seven ten. Espn Happy Jackie. Robinson Day fellow today of course in one thousand nine hundred forty seven. The day that Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier an integrated major league baseball today. What had been the day if we had our baseball. I should say where every single player in the major leagues. Who'd be wearing number forty two which I think is endlessly awesome absolutely and we still do it so or they started gear when they start up. They're going to just have everybody on the day and everybody wears forty two well. That's what I'm advocating for. You know I wrote a piece meal times today and one of the things. I'm really stressing. Is that Jackie? Robinson Day is a sippy about honoring baseball player. It's about honoring what he did in his life. And how the impact of society before the military was Integrated Jackie Robinson Integrated Baseball before the military. And we were in the middle of a war and Jackie Robinson's presence in baseball. Help change that. And then I really liked what Dave Roberts told me when I spoke with him yesterday about it and he's going to join us at nine o'clock today. That wasn't just about race. Like Jackie Robinson gear was about gender equality about sexual orientation equality. Think ABOUT EVERY TIME. Someone does something new. We characterize the Master Jackie Robinson X. Y. and it all begins with him and his sacrifice they should When the season starts back the forty second day of play they should have everybody. Where Forty Two I. Yeah I mean you need to do it. You can't just say Oh. We missed April fifteenth. Therefore we're not GONNA do it. You need to do it. One of the things. That's always been remarkable to me too. I remember done newcombe talking about this over and over again had they picked the wrong person had picked somebody that wasn't able to navigate that as effectively. Jackie Robinson was who knows how long it would have taken before they tried again the that if if a couple of different things number one if he had reacted to some of the absolutely despicable things that he had heard the despicable treatment that he had experienced or if he had not played particularly well if his teammates had if you had gotten into with his teammates would've been I mean. I don't know how long before there were said all right. Let's go with player number two. He had to get it right in the pressure of no margin of error that you have to make this work. I can't imagine what that's like me. Pick me back a hundred years. That's what I'm saying they'd be like fighting. It'll all type issues go now but I'll probably know all seriousness. Who knows but yeah if they did if they didn't select the right person with the right mental makeup to be able to withstand some of the things that like you said was how he was treated just in general not even necessarily words people say things outlandishly all the time but just how you treat it in general just because you can only take so much and then when you gotta go back you gotTa go back and you gotta go back. Go back in. And you know the people you're all clubhouse is not one hundred percent aboard a whole a whole bunch of them and it's not like the the dodgers no look some of the guys were okay. But it's not like the dodgers were this bastion of tolerance. They just were told. This is how it's GonNa be some of them got on board. Some of them did not and he had to deal with that to not like he had this little bubble where his teammates were completely accepting of. He had to navigate his own locker room every day to well. That's the reason why it's important when you celebrate this day that you go to the Jackie Robinson Foundation website and read about his life before baseball because when you read about his life before baseball you get a better understanding why he was perfect person for baseball and this is someone who has already had his life threatened multiple times by police officers in the nineteen forties for stint for his rights. And so he had already dealt with threats real threatened including having an pull a gun out on him and he was court martialed so he with dealing with racism on so many different levels in which his life and his freedom. We're at risk all while being an officer in the military so by the time he got two major league baseball. I'm pretty sure you know any white knew that might slipped up and saying the N. Word from the stands. He had already been like man. Let's go on with that. Had A gun put out on me. I haven't done this. I'm been court-martial Bob. What are you GonNa do to me? You know. So he had that experience in that core? Inner firing him. That was way before baseball. I can't imagine what it had to have been like to to be the only guy you know what I mean like. I don't care where any of us have gone to work right. That whether it's a company or you go to school or you're on a sports team or whatever it is you're gonNA find one or two guys that are Kinda like you you're gonNA find a guy or to you know what this guy gets me. I get him and I'm I'm going to hang with this guy. This is going to be my guy whereas he gets put in a situation where it's not just his team. It's the entire league. There's not anybody that can identify and feel what he's feeling in that situation. The the the overwhelming sense of loneliness and isolation had to be unbelievable it it had to be but he was strong enough to withstand and get through it and he opened up so much more for all of us in our eyes and in society as a whole this thing is legendary carries forever in. This is why we sit here today. On Jackie Robinson Day saying what Major League Baseball needs to do when they restart this whole thing guys obviously just by the simple definition of being I there can never be another I is first and whatever comes after that is not I but is there. Is there something like this? That's left to be done in society. Sports where what is Guy? What is it what is it we we would one one. We still need a female coach of a big fourteen. We need to still see an openly gay player and one of the big sports and I don't mean like you know like someone who gets like comes out once they've been dragged talking about this. Is the dude coming out of college? And we're drafting this guy into a lottery pick and he's openly gay and his teammates and everyone else is just going to have to deal. But we'll have the same magnitude. I I think I hear what you're saying Travis. I don't know if that would have the same magnitude sales the because there have been openly gay players. There was never a black baseball player in the majors. So but there's been openly gay players playing in the big four sports that you know they've they've been there. They've played so it's a little bit different. I think that will be. That would be a loop not as significant heart. The country is in a different place in the conversation when it comes to raise. So that's the other part of it. You know this is pre Dr Martin Luther King Junior Abernathy America. So that impact of it and as I said Jackie Integrated Baseball for the military's integrated so talk countries that it's not going to have the same impact as far as you go just happy. I argue though that there are still. They're still somewhat of a barrier there because here we are in twenty twenty week at women running for president but we still can't get a head coach so there's something there and it can't be easy dismiss as you know we don't have anyone qualified. There's something real. I think in terms of like even even from the coaching standpoint so having a female coaching one of the big four the problem the problem with it is is their systems now. So it's kind of like they are already there like if they're getting closer if nothing new like Ardi their polls to if they came out of nowhere in it just made them the head coach then it would be like something totally with the fact that you allow them to coach us up right now. It's like it takes a little bit at a way for me the head coach of the USC Trojans Clay Helton is going to join us next. That's coming up in the morning show on seventeen. Espn today's horoscope brought to you by GEICO JAM and I. You may find yourself struggling with alertness today. That's because you stayed up last night celebrating the hundreds of dollars a year you could save by switching to GEICO. Your struggle will continue well into the afternoon during Philip Status Meeting in which you'll say no. I wasn't snoring. I have severe seasonal allergies. Your presentation was riveting. Well Played Gemini. Geico fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percents or more back here with head coach Clay Hill. Join US here on the morning show. What's up coach How we doing hope everybody staying healthy and safe. Yeah we we are definitely Definitely trying to do that with this downtime now no spring football no out of the building recruiting going on. What's keeping your time. Go into right now today when I tell you you you've got three children by. I have three children by birth that I have a hundred ten suns at at the honor to adopt to be able to make sure that they're healthy and say there's been priority number one and then you know to be able to make sure that they have you know the services that they need to continue as highly function student. Athlete has been the next priority you know for and it's taken our our whole organization To be able to do that to provide those thank God for the zoom product. That's out there right now That allows us to make Face to face contact with our players. And you know. We've used everything from our. Academic services continued their academic services tutorials Making sure that they're in class making sure that their finish this semester. The Right Way. We've had thirty surgeries since August. The first in our medical team is continuing not only do wellness checks but they're also making sure that from a rehab standpoint that our guys have their physical therapist at their deeded in their area. Or doing that Rehab Structure from home or strength and conditioning team. is consulting. Whether tea with our guys each and every week reaching out to them We've been able to supply bands and medicine balls jump ropes from home and putting them through shortcuts at at home and consulting there. Then thank goodness say did a great thing allowing us to have four hours a week To be able to continue to engage thereby Football mind to be able to have position meetings. Both often steepen Sibley special teams wise as well as team so it's really keeping them in a routine keeping them safe keeping them at home that continue to provide those services and so that's been our number one priority right now obviously you can continue the recruiting and things like that You know with with kids. Collagen and facetime And doing that and we happen but Or number one parties are health and safety of our of our team and keeping them in retaking coats without sunny. As if you're a complaint about the situation can you tell us what's aspect of being a head? Coach has been the most difficult for you not being able to be on campus. You know it's the amount of time that you need to spend per day And I've always thought the greatest gift you can give. Somebody is your time and being able to engage with our players making sure that each and every one of them you know when you talk about one hundred ten men that are scattered from the East Coast all the way to the west coast It takes a lot of time to be able to make sure that not only. Are we getting together groups? But you know I'm reaching out to those guys and one on one To be able to make sure that they're doing okay for the mental health standpoint. How they're holding piano the unknown for an eighteen to twenty one year old of the future. What's going on is a very stressful. An anxious time and to be able to provide them a little comfort You know be able to talk to them. One on one I think is it poured the also the engagement With our with our parents Has has been a lot of our time. Also opposition coaches are doing a great job of reach now tro carrots and seeing what questions what concerns. They have have to we help them. So you know it takes up a day light till dark To be able to do this to make sure that we all get through this together. You know that we all find us one and So that's probably the biggest thing is the amount of time it takes two to engage and take care of one hundred ten players. Ucla coach Clay Hilton joining us. Here on the morning show coach Elton. There was no spring practice that you were able to get done at the at its fullest. But you enter into the summer. Hopefully we will have a training camp in summer leading into college football as You keep preparing on September fifth to take on Alabama. How has this behalf? You've been preparing. Would not being in the office. Yeah you know for us. We were fortunate we. We invested a little bit of time for Spring Football with four weeks that we were actually. I had the opportunities to to be able to engage in meetings as well as walk through. We've unfortunately we're only allowed to get one practice in the model that that everybody is talking about in my meetings with Nj as well as the PAC twelve I think you're going to end up seeing Keno a minimum of eight week period Tat Or more that's going to allow a phase I phase to be able to get when it is safe For one hundred ten men to come back together. Whatever that time period is. I think you're going to see the opportunity to get our players back in functional football shape through strength and conditioning but also to be able to do some kind of format kind of Ota like format Very similar to the NFL where we can get our kids back and functional football shape Before we actually engage in training. Camp You know you know the pressures on the body that it takes you know from soft tissue join injuries and it allows you. Were looking for four plus week Basically ta meetings with walk-throughs To be able to get our kids back and functional football shape before we engage in a physical training camp as we know it. So you're probably looking at a minimum of eight week period plus To be able before you play that first game to be able to get your kids safely and shape and then do a train king head coach of the Trojans Clay Helton join us here on the sprint people's hotline clay. Obviously you're trying to get your kids in shape trying to get everybody. Make sure that they're safe and whatnot. But how's IT affected recruiting? How how are you able to connect with the high school kids that you have your eyes on and trying to make sure that that part of the business is still up and running? Yeah I feel sorry recruit center out there right now. 'cause you got a lot of coaches with a lot of time on their hands right now and so the engagement of being able to for those kids they are allowed to call in to you and and being able to be on those facetime calls and able to just to see how they're doing you know family wise health wise. How they're holding up as really built some really strong relationships. And it's an investment that you know we've made during this time is not only give our our current team that time but also the recruits that were visiting with and so it's built some really strong relationships. We put a lot of investment in. I think our staff is doing an amazing job building those relationships and I think it's GonNa pay dividends for a a really good coach. Elton last season coming off an eight and five season bringing in new recruits not necessarily having a fool spring practice. The first time you'll get an opportunity to put your hands on these guys hopefully be this summer. How some of the younger guy. How will you bring them along to try to help you? Guys out to make it a better season. Yeah we you know. We had a thirteen man clash This last time we did not have a lot of attrition if you remember we only had. Seven scholarships seniors On our football team so It was a thirteen man. Class for those individuals were midterm graduate. So they came with us in the spring. We at nine. Mandel will join us for what we call. Some Abridge with starts June fifteenth and the beauty of being able To what you're allowed to do once they sign the an ally is they already have been given our playbook. They've already been a loud to have access to our servers to be able to watch cut ups to be able to engage with our coaches so You had that availability to work the mind it's going to be the physical aspect When we get back to be honest with you I think a lot of folks are going through this. You know I think about. We have three new head coaches in the PAC twelve. You know and then you've got teams like herself that had a defensive coordinator that are that is coming on board. So that time period like I said between When we first get back having opportunity to get our kids in shape but also having those eighth. Ota Like format to be able to get some functional football but also ten stall systems and Being able to do the walk throughs be able to do some non contact things that allow us to Implement offense defense and special teams systems before we go to training. Camp is going to be important part of this coach. How did you deal with last season in terms of the criticism calls for your wiry saying they weren't doing what you needed to do? How did you manage all that? Well I've always said this to be able to be in a place like USC that has the highest standards. They you know. The highest standards in the highest expectation. That's what you want as a coach and that's what you dream about being in and when you're talking about a place like USC those upper level tier jobs where a lot of places they went. Eight Games are celebrating at our place. That's not our standards. Our Standard is championships. And I love that status thing. You know that's what I wanted. My entire career is to be in one of those places in that seat. And when you're talking about a leap level College football or NFL. everybody's on the hot CD to every year that because the expectations are so grant. And you're judged and evaluated based on what you've done you know and you know if you win ballgames to win ballgames you get a pat on the butt and if you don't win enough games those expectations you're going to get criticized and that's nature of the game and I'd never held any ill will About it and you know people's job especially the media's job is to give opinion that's why everybody that's why you pay you know our job as coaches to win games and and the fans bring the passion and that's what makes the grain game so great is to have the ability to criticize or to My job is to go win. More Games you know when that's What we're worked at each and every two you know you're in studio before the season and had opportunities talk a little bit with one of your your sons and he's talked about how difficult as a child hearing people say bad things about his. Dad What do you do to try to seal your kids from hearing the criticism? I can understand you be manned up and able to handle that. What about your family? Well you know it's part of what we've been doing. Been Fortunate because my dad was an nfl in college coach for forty eight years. So I grew up in the profession And then I've been doing it for twenty six years thank goodness that my wife's fifteen in high school. We were high school sweethearts. So we showed up at two together. And you know the one the one thing that I tell not only my my three children but my adopted son sold our football team. Is You know in this in this sport As in all sports you know people are going to have opinions and not all of them are good but make sure that you all make sure that you always believe in yourself. Believe in what you're doing Understand that we all have roles unless just concentrating focus on our job. Our will because I if you if you take too much time listening to everybody else polices. That are coming in. You're not doing your job. You know. And and obviously you know it's probably hardest on your families You know when you're a coach and you've been doing the twenty six years you get pretty picks kids you know but but our kids understand this one of the reasons as players. They came Tomasa Angeles. It's the second largest media market in the country said number one media market for college football. You know so It's something that we all came to be hits in the practice lights and that spotlight and when you're doing good band spotlight feels really good. And if you're not meeting the standard expectations It'll put pressure on you and being able to handle that pressure as part of the job head coach at USC Trojans Clay Helton joining us on the sprint people's hotline coach. Thanks for coming on really appreciate it. Stay safe no no problems you got. We'll come back. We'll talk about what we hurt. We'll hear some of that. Plus Katie is being all over the place that is coming up next on the morning. Show on seven ten. Espn SOAKING WE UNITE Z. We've been talking about this really. Since the beginning of last college football season see right at the gate has got Alabama. That was before we knew that was going to be a lot before we got into where we are right. Now which is teams are practicing differently if they're practicing and there's going to be a truncated version of training camp all of a sudden. You gotTA deal with Alabama right out of the chute after this. I mean okay. Good luck. Yeah Alabama's GonNa have a pretty good pretty good football team coming back. They've got a couple of number one. Why receivers quarterback that had a little experience last year with two or going down and got nausea hairs coming back on offense. They've got the defensive tackles. They got the secondary I mean they they. They're still loaded so it's going to be interesting to see what. Sc Rolls Out Against Alabama on September Fifth. Assuming that that is the date that they wanted to playing in Arlington Jerry's world or whatever difficulties that se clay Helton. Having trying to keep everyone in tackling this period. You know things happen to the other schools as well and I'm a little hopeful because I know that one thing we have over. Sc or over Alabama. Right now is that. We haven't established quarterback play. And that gives you a little bit. You know that got to give you a little bit of an age. No well it but they. They've got they've got a couple deals at quarterback spot. They have the Jones keys they have tools brother and then they got the incoming freshmen for modern day. Young going to Alabama. That was there in the spring. So you know. The quarterback spot is a young spot for them but they got so much talent all around plus they gotta do on the other side line. That's called Nick Saban. He's GonNa guys ready. And when you look at that you give Alabama d eds just because Nick Sabin alone. Look guys there. There's there's another element to this to that I think is important in this. Goes back to what we talked about all last year? And this goes back to what I said. Gosh I don't know a hundred times. What do you want to get accomplished because it seems to me? Tell me if I'm wrong. It seems to me the. Usc is looking for reasons to keep people as opposed to looking for reasons to make change and this situation that we're all in is a really good reason to say let's say that it goes exactly how we thought it was going to go. Alabama forty two. Usc Ten okay and what one of those sorts of situations you know you guys know what I'm GonNa say. They didn't have camp in the pandemic in Corona virus. And you can't really expect him to be ready to go. We can't judge Clay Helton on this. There's some extenuating circumstances this is just a whole nother layer of. Let's roll it again. I don't know if you see the thing is I don't know if you can use that. I don't know if you can use that as an excuse to sheet right because everybody's GonNa start at the same time. You did have spring practice but nobody else has spring practice. Either for the most part and so it would be hard pressed to say that you can now benefits and have built in excuse because of what we're dealing with today because assuming that you get back to practice in the summer you get ready for the game in the summertime you'll get ready for the game in the spring you evaluate talent that you go put on the field in the fall. In the springtime and travelers. The one good thing out of having a layer continuity is that at least for this time period. At least you don't have to worry about a brand new coast being dropped on campus and this happens right like that seems to be a situation that would have been a lot more. Haphazard to have had a brand new coaching staff. And you can't be on campus with you guys so at least with the continuity with Clay Helton. I think that just gives us an advantage and as I say with the QB POSITION. At least we have a guy who's played who knows what's expected of him. Who's familiar with with what it means to be acute? Se He doesn't have to manage stat in addition to not being on Campus Alabama. Yet though I agree with all of that but isn't there a whole nother question. I mean who is is going to be keeping slowest who played pretty well at times. Last year is going to be Daniels. Who had the job to begin with and got a knee injury and got shut down? I mean not only. Do you have to figure out what you're going to have to figure out what your quarterbacks are. GonNa play and you talk about a wild card. I don't even know who my order back is in the thing is once you new system is in place on. Defense. The same offense to be run back again. But you're GONNA have a quarterback controversy in in the summer unless you shut it down right now. Let's say cleaton slowness as our quarterback moving forward in JT Daniels certainly avaiable backup unless you flip it. It says J. Lose his starting position by injury. Cleveland's Corey Varsovie. Our back up. I mean you otherwise. You're going to have the controversy about the quarterback last time. You had a quarterback controversy. You rolled out the wrong guy got rolled. Yep Yep and you you. You SACRIFICED. Who knows what by having Sam Darnold sit around for a few games you just. You just don't know how it's GONNA play out. Kevin Durant is doing what he does. And Dave Roberts is going to join US coming up next on the morning show on seven ten ESPN.

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Episode #321  The Call of the Wild, with Jesse Thorn

The Flop House Podcast

1:43:04 hr | 2 months ago

Episode #321 The Call of the Wild, with Jesse Thorn

"On this episode, we discuss the call of the wild. Wipe. Out. D-. D-? Hey everyone and welcome to the flop house. Damn McCoy. Stuart Wellington, I'm Elliot. Kaelin and who's this special guest we've got with us this week It's the boss, not Bruce springsteen but just. It's that's how I like to enter any podcast as a mild disappointment. Yup and not down here it is the boss straight from e street in Asbury Park new. Jersey it's Jesse Thorn Legal Steve and. Think about how bombed Bruce springsteen would be if he agreed to do our podcasts and then found out, we were talking about movies and not just like blue collar stuff. Yeah. Well, trucks and things. The same thing that Stephen King would be upset about if he was a guest on the podcast here. On, do you guys not listen to Guitar Tone Cast? The regular on that one he is but I mean that makes sense. He's in that like. that. was at the remainder the. Raiders Yeah Banerjee now that I know the founder I knew she she's passed away sadly but I knew the founder of the Rock bottom remainders literary rock band. I didn't know that. Personal Wicky I have for you on my better. I have had I have had all of one job in radio not counting the like three weeks that I was an intern on morning radio show before I realized I could not get up early. and. Jogged just never got along. You weren't wild enough for the zoo crew. I was literally not allowed to make eye contact with the host of the show that was one of the rules. Really No. But on this other wonderful show, I, worked on called West Coast. Live which was public radio show out of San Francisco boss Kathy. Goldmark was the founder of that band like she had had every publishing job ever before she became producer of this radio show and so she was just buddies with Dave? Barry Amy Tan Matt graining. Maya Angelou. All these people and they would just come by they would just come by the radio show and and to see their rock and roll friend Cathy Goldmark. Thoroughly Nice. Bruce springsteen ever watched who's the boss on TV and was like, when are they gonNA invite me on that show. Here he keeps. Earnings like. I The ball. There's the time he actually went to set and it was standing outside the door waiting for a cue that never came. Yeah maybe the maybe I'm supposed to go there. Maybe I'm supposed to start the idea during the scenario you described his just about sad enough to be the subject of a Bruce Springsteen Song. He he did write one song about sitting in the movie theater with a single tear rolling down his cheek as he watched boss baby and thought about how To be here in. His childhood he never really got to feel as carefree as a baby you know yeah, yeah. For the possible new listener whose Right now, saying what the fuck is this show about being like love Bullseye interviews with relevant and sophisticated cultural arts fingers. Jesse Thorn to hear. But what is this for these morons? What are they? What Dan, what are what do we do? You know about these real dingus Watch bad movie, and then talk about it or a movie that has been either commercially or critically drubbed and this week as the announcement of the top said, we watched the call of the wild based on the book the call of the wild by Jack London Allo Allo. It's me Jack London. Allow. The ripple struck again in me Jack. London. Thing was a set-up rarely at signature character. I'm so glad we have Jesse here because Jesse is, of course, the second native favorite son of Northern California? After Jack London Jack. Leonard Christine Northern California's favourite native son and Jesse being the second favorite. So what if you knew Jack London right? Yeah. We were good friends back in the eighteen ninety. So. Prospect. Why would you rank the native children of Northern California say Jack London number one. Number two Jesse. Thorn. Of course because I'm the host of the. The least popular NPR program Bullseye. then. If you're asking me the least favorite is wait wait. Don't tell me because I hate it so much but Via now I guess I don't hate it. Yeah. You'll be. So Jodi measure three, number four, and five tied the Olsen twins because full house was send San Francisco sure That One San Francisco shot. Number six is the idea of uneven terrain, very popular in San Francisco. and number seven would be Johnny Pixar. Pixar up in emoryville northern California. Now I I actually would like to spend. Just a second on the book called the wild. Call, of the wild up at the top I read that of course In middle school or early high school I think it was an assignment. rather than something. I. Was Reading For Myself. What's your is experienced with the book if any I of the classics illustrated, Call The wild or call of the wild and A. I remember being a big fan although I remembered very little of the plot points. So this movie's all new to me you now, I just got some late breaking news that There's been a change in the favorite sons and daughters Northern California. Mary Kate is number four number five is boots Riley number six. Digs in seven is Ashley? So the Olsen twins. While I don't know how one was chosen over the other again, I'm not from northern California I'll have to ask my wife who is a native of that area. The lonely, island? But as Ezra call the wild it's one of those books that I kind of I think I must have read like an abridged version of it when I was very little and I never read the full book and I've always been curious about it since for whatever reason, the Jack London Book I know best is the scarlet plague the book about a virus that kills all of San Francisco and not any of his better known books. I I bought a copy at a thrift store thinking I would bring it up to my cabin and maybe my one of my kids would want to read it at some point and I, ended up picking it up at the cabin and reading it with my daughter. and. I had never read it as a kid and totally rules. It is so cool and bad ass and fun, and like thrilling, it is definitely too brutal for kids. And I don't know why it's a children's. Dog Fight in it like. I was I was talking to my wife about this. She's a children's librarian and she was talking about how there's a lot of books that because they are old and maybe they have an animal in them they become children's books when they were never intended to be juvenile literature at the same way that like I think most people read like it doesn't animals in necessarily early but most people read like Hemingway or Fitzgerald in high school and then never again. So it's like Oh yeah. That's kids books but like it's not never west, Caitlyn was not a kids author called the wild was written for the pulps. And Yeah the thing about the book that I kinda wanted to bring up just that. A, lot of the incidents in the book are actually in the movie. The they are softened like changes are made to make it much softer and the tone. Overall is much softer than the book by far because they are trying to make this a kids film basically but But it's a lot of the plot still there. And they kept the wraps from the book. Kangaroo Jack showed up. Yeah. Yeah. When you grew Jack London showed up was like Ghana right this movie good day. Well, he is a story about a dog and he lives down in a smelly bar. About Jesse's right here. Famed rap AFICIONADO, Jesse Thorn. And you're just. Okay. So he's he's currently transcribing Elliott's lyrics. Genius Dot. com. So Jesse, what kind of wrapping did Jack London do I apologize? I. Like there is so much. Intense brutality in the book. Both dot like it is the story of a dog becoming wild, right like leaving the trappings of civilization behind and triumphing through pure reality. And It is very strange and there's like brutality of the dog and by the dog and to the dog, all of them and like. It is very odd to think that someone sat down and said like, okay. How can I help seven-year-olds watch this? Yeah, should we talk about? Let's say the specifics of the movie then guys. Dive in. All right so Here's it's a shocking movie the first shock the logo twentieth, Century Studios Har- That's the twentieth century Fox fanfare and yet it doesn't say, Fox in the logo. This is the first movie I. Think I've seen come after that studio since Disney bought it and it was bizarre to me to see that to see it in that say Fox just said studios it was weird. Then rounding wise Elliot I would say the most interesting part of that to me was that when they sat down to decide what to do with the Twentieth Century Fox name, they decided we want to keep the twentieth century part. Off the part that everyone knows. Lead believe the part that's wrong. Drop the part every. It's literally like one hundred years ago. That Twentieth Century Studios and Fox Studios merged to become twentieth century. Fox. And it is weird that they have now separated out again it's you know a divorce after a marriage of almost one hundred years. Sad really happens but the children. will be kept away and never shown in repertory theatres again, thanks is any. So we start with a voiceover from old man Harrison Ford. He tells us if the Alaska gold rush eighteen nineties, they need big strong dogs to pull sleds luckily. We're about to meet a big strong dog, his name's Buck, and how would you describe the CGI US to create the story I would call it off pudding. Well, here's a I don't know. I probably just got Stockholm Syndrome over the course the movie like as the movie were on, it did not bother me at all that much. At the beginning Audrey one point asked me. She's like, this is an all CGI. Are you kidding me? Definitely all CGI. Yeah. The part where buck is smoking a cigar and driving a taxicab. Read about the director directors. Background is in animation. He yeah, Co created and Co directed Lilo and stitch and how to train Gretchen Stitch was his idea Leila was the other guys idea. And he I read him describing this as like. They wanted to. They did like they had an actor in Imo cap suit and they did scans of a real dog. And then they kind of animated him up a little bit because the dog is really the protagonist right like the book and in the story, the dog it's about the dog, the the owners are incidental and only the fact that it's that they happen to have gotten a. Hell Harrison Ford to be one of them. Makes it so that that is two thirds of the movie. But. Like it's about the dog and he said he made him more animated. like you know a little more exaggerated or hyper real in order to address the fact that they would have to animate him or else because they needed more acting than a regular dog could do I mean it makes sense because dogs are notoriously hard to read emotionally. Dogs are if there's ever an animal that is just a stone's spinks to stay just total total ministry in an ignorant. I mean if there's an if you're making a movie if there's one animal that there is an extreme shortage of trained versions of. Mean well, there's. Dog Does do a lot of acting and also is put in danger that you would never want to do to a real. No, that's true. That's true and so the I I had a similar feeling you Dan where front I I saw him I was like Whoa what is this cartoon dog doing here? Would go on I'd again maybe this is partly because I was doing the dishes while I was watching it i. kind of forgot he was a dog until there are moments when he would be very CGI and I really Oh, that's not a real dog. Right at the beginning, there are some like ain't stinker moments for the dog. And you're like wait is dog GonNa tear a man's throat out later. At the beginning. The dogs are real Marmaduke a real Beethoven. Stop leaving. Chains of linked sausages lying around for this guy. He lives in Santa Clara California with Judge Bradley Whitford and he's he's a real. Beethoven a Marmaduke. He does what every once he licks big blocks of ice in the street he ruins big picnic banquets until. Everybody loves them. They also know that you can't mess with him because he's the judge dog and if you mess with this dog. You're going to get you're going to get murdered I. Guess I don't know what to. Do and Bradley Whitford looks like a hanging draft. A, few times this movie where I'm like, you got like a name actor for this role, like he exists just to sort of like look disappointed at the dog in the beginning and leave him outside the House. This this should have been I mean he he also deserves bigger roles but to me, I was like This should have been Brad Dorothy role. They got the wrong Brad they got Whitford when they should have gotten DORF. Okay. So one night though bucks idyllic life as the bad boy of Santa Clara is interrupted when he is kidnapped, he's it's taken away by some bad men and when he comes to. There's a mean man with a club who teaches him the law of club and Fang that in the world outside Idyllic Judge Brad's house. It's only violence that is the master and Buck is like I'm afraid of this club I don't like getting hit by it and he tries to escape but he's on a boat to the Yukon. Jesse you mentioned lonely island before mention of again because bucks on a boat. Hey. They recorded a song called we're on a boat. called. The call of the wild, right? Yeah. Sure. Yeah Dan using a couple bars. It's the call of the wild Etcetera Glenn preity handsome four a funny guy. Yeah I have a slightly exaggerated mouths. Rise well. Your edging into Anti-semitism Jesse. And now okay. So they get to land a book slips his leash for moment has kind of a meet cute with a gandalf bearded Harrison Ford and Harrison Ford. Drops Monica and buck returns it to him but they don't get to spend too much time together because bucket soon sold to Perot a Kabakov mail carrier and his wife Francois's I didn't it's interested partner. Partner in Inuit Woman that is also on this mail carrying mission with him. Buck joins the sleepless led team of CGI. Dogs were led by knee and spits a bully dog who rules by fear what did you guys think bits? Spitz is probably German. I remember when I was when I, read the. When I read the the illustrated version I was always like man let's spits guy he seems pretty cool. Around for that spits Mackenzie. One. Of the advantages of doing all cartoon dogs in this movie is that you can make this sled dog team all unique looking dogs they don't all look the same. Having having been to Skagway, which was very exciting to see skagway depicted on the silver screen of my apartment I've also I've also met team sled dogs and they all kind of look alike I mean they're all good boys obviously but I have expected like one of the dogs to be like an English bulldog monitoring how how deep into the production they were still considering like, fuck maybe we should just give them all. Let's have all the dogs talk. You know there was a discussion at some point. Dogs talk and how how radical and how much bad attitude should they have? Weird to have. Forgotten main dog's name but buck it seems to me like It was weird to see a bucket the head of this thing for the reason Stewart talked about like it's not like there were just like a bunch of Huskies as you might think or something like that. But. They also didn't look that big and strong despite what the opening the movie suggested was needed in the Yukon. Yeah. That's that was the surprise I think they were going visually just to help you set the dogs apart but they really didn't seem like it seemed like this was this was the ragtag kind of like what hoosiers of the of the mighty ducks of the sled dog team it was gonNA take a real charismatic guy to make them run fast and we've met that guy and his name is book unfortunately at first buck is a terrible sled dog. He almost leaves them off a mountain at one point it seems. But he has visions of a primordial Wolf Spirit which inspires him to work hard and be tough guys your thoughts about the Wolf Spirit I didn't have thoughts about the split right? I. Did want to say that like part of this whole thing, this process of him becoming a better sled dog is. The sled, the mail carriers unwavering faith in. Buck as a you know like he's going to be the greatest dog of all time kind of feel and also he's like constantly talking to the dog and encouraging the dog in a way that makes it seem like everyone in the movie expects the dog to understand human language. There's a scene where the guy like shows liberally shows all of the dogs a map and he's like we're going to go here. Dan Have you met dog owners that's true. They they do call that out in the movie. There's a there's a scene where there's a scene where the lady of that team. Says like you know that they don't speak English right and he keeps talking to them but it is like it speaks to the fundamental challenge of making a movie out of. Out of this book, which is this is a book about like lonely people with no one to talk to. With the protagonist that cannot speak, and so you really have to figure out how are we GONNA? How are we going to make clear even what's happening without internal monologue? Described Jesse sounds like the Jim Jarmusch version of call the wild, just like a series of lonely people in dog narrator who? Roams. Between them. Answer they choose is by the way is to have Harrison Ford break in intermittently for no particular reason before and after his character is introduced while his character is onscreen and not onscreen with voiceover narration I think it's a the the way the rationalization. It's a good way to justify Harrison Ford being on the poster. Hearing him even the scenes he's not in now when you know when you decide to go live off in the wild by yourself, who would you want to narrate the story of your life leading up to that point? Do Think Harrison Ford you think Harry Ford would be your first choice. I want to quickly say that I think Harrison Ford does a really good job at this movie like rap on later period Harris. Them as a guest or something what's going on? I would love that he's might nostalgic pick for my favorite actor even though he's often very sort of lazy about it. But here he seems to be actually caring about the material which. The weariness that he shows in his other roles, which usually comes off as like I can't believe I'm fucking doing this really works for this character who is who has a world and soul weariness that he has to overcome and and does overcome but I would say probably emo Philips. That'd be perfect. Phillips Type Flicker, French? Stewart. Maybe go. No. Not at all. No. Thank you. If we CAN'T GET IMO one, I'll be surprised and. I don't WanNa Foam Oh to come in and pretend to know. WHO Works Elliott. Like, you gotta pay gotTa do better than scale I think to know we'd make it worthwhile. We'd make it worthwhile but like I I, want him to do it but at it's not like he's not going to be like well, give me ten million dollars, right? Don't get out of bed. You know that's where he gets good money for his for his weekend go bananas. Phasing because he's an amazing performance, he's great. Roy when Elliot decided to go off the grid. To your point Dan like I went into this movie with thought where I was kind of wondering whether Harrison Ford was even good at acting. I really like Harrison Ford as a movie star but I thought I was trying to think back to different Harrison Ford movies and things like did he do anything or does he just have some quality to him? And I agree completely I thought the Harrison Ford was fantastic in this movie he did more than he usually does and brought it can carry it off well, which and felt completely grounded talking to a CGI dog which is. Carry Weird and awkward place to be as an actor and I thought he did beautifully and his voice sounded beautiful action. I also think he was really great I. Think when dealing with Bucky was drawing on his years working with a man in a bear suit. He's Like he's used to having a furry companion who can't be understood but I'm look I'm going to I'm going to have a spoiler and say say, my my summary is partly colored by having really enjoyed this movie and when I saw the trailers for it. Why did they make this movie? Who did they make an adaptation of called the wildfire and then I realized I was like Oh dads. That's so this movie is for this is what I would call a kids movie for dads where I was like, Oh, I would get so much more out of this. Then my son would, but I would make him watch this with me like that. For Dad's completely reshot and reedited with input from what's name the Ford v Ferrari Guy. I'll James Mangold. Yeah. He he has a producer credit on the movie and I read that he like lead them through a second round of shooting. Refocus. The movie on Harrison Ford and make sure that it was a live action film and not an animated film and so on and so forth. That makes sense. Those James Mangled right. Yes yeah. This would be a lovely double feature with Ad Astra or something like that. Y-. Movies the old. The. Said, he sees that Wolf Spirit, and he learns be hard enough and he's also and here's the difference. He's generous to the other dogs. He shares his food. He's nice to them. SPITS hates that but other dogs love it and buckets. I really glad. They make an effort to make a buck sympathetic because it's really tough when a dog characters introduce for the audience to side with that. It's maybe the most instant reaction that any audience in the world has the minute a dog enters the movie. Everyone is like that's my favorite character in the. Happens dog. I'm going to kill a human being. Steward I think you may be you may be discounting the extent to which audiences hate stinker. That's true as shown by the fact that bugs bunny, a noticeable stinker has not had like a real major effort until these new cartoons nature of whereas Mickey Mouse perhaps the most unst inker there ever was. Is, a huge merchandising sensation. In the book Elliott this Black Wolf in the movie is is the titular call of the wild, right? Like it is an ineffable poll on the dog soul that it feels and is like confused by frankly like. And confused by. As, it is drawn further and further from the world of Man Right and In the movie, what they decided to do was to put a wolf on a hill. Looks like it looks like the cover of the All. I have to say. I thought Stuart said to myself. This looks exactly like the cover of the natons Madrigal album won't. Say. I would rather that than have them do they didn't frozen to where it's literally just voice that comes out of nowhere for no reason. Beckoning. I'd rather have your rather than rather than assembling who. In the woods and aren't all Rut Ri-. I would do I would bill one step further and make a little bit more like Lynch Ian and in the snow there'd be like an end table with an old time he telephoned be. Had of this movie before James Mangold Guy Invited and. It had the narration from Harrison Ford with the call of the wild wasn't a wolf on the hill. It was Phillips. Again. It works for me. Yeah. The I love the idea. Now of a David Lynch version sort where the soundtrack is just like Dum Dum? Dude. Ranch as their enough sled race. Okay. So buck is now part of the pack and he loves it buck is everyone's favourite. He even wins over France was when she falls into icy water and almost drowns and he saves her and that a- jealous spits knowing that he is no longer the MVP most valuable pack member attacks buck and he keeps knocking them down with these jumped bites stuart as a fighting expert. How would you how would you rate Spitzer's fighting style which is entirely jump based he's all fucking rush down right and you're like dude as soon as buck figures out your fucking. Like one two's he's he's going to he's going to destroy you because all he doesn't even block. He's just all attack, and of course, that's what buck does. He gets he gets a reversal on him, pick them up in the air you he catches him out of mid air and lifts them up and spits has a moment where he's like Oh fuck. Now he's about to ground Combo, and of course, he does yeah, exactly. What happens buck is hurt that the wolf spirit comes over and is like get the fuck up and fuck up that dog and buck does it any just makes spit submit? Wanders off in shame never to be seen. In the book right there is. The call of the wild. The book he kills him. Yeah. Where's here there's some of that dog acting we're talking about where they give each other a look where he's like you're GonNa stay down and the guys like all right. Okay. Cool. And spits his wandering off looks back. Sadly as if to say I was a king once and then it just wanders into the void. I have my own hole in the ice to drink water from. This harmonica picking up. Jermain way they express how he's the boss is that he has a hole in the ice that he won't let anyone share now there's something in this. There's something in this movie that is something. I I liked this movie again and I liked the story but there's something I don't like in it, which is I will call it the Tarzan Fallacy, which is buck is kind of like a pampered rich man's dog but. When he goes into the wild, he is the superior of everybody and he immediately or not merely through hard work but he is recognized as special. He rises through the ranks `overdogs that are more experienced more wild than him, and it's the same way that Tarzan who is an English baron who has lost a baby becomes king of the apes even though why why should he be King of the Apes? There's like there's a hidden sort of Not Racial in this case because their dogs but this hierarchy of like a civilized person is still better than a non civilized person in a way that made me uncomfortable as the movie went on when Buck is reinvigorating the wolf pack with his jeans in a way that makes them the Uber Dogs. Later on and I was like I don't know if I like the message of this movie. Yeah. I guess that that part is true. GotTa make an argument that. The highest good that the movie presents is being wild but then like, yeah, he does make some sort of super race but mingling with the wall. which which totally fits into the background of the. Kind of. Racial genetics of the late nineteenth early twentieth century anyway. The important thing is the next morning buck insists on being the lead dog and the sled. Now that spits isn't there and the other dogs back him up and books buck starts pulling them so fast that Perot the mail delivery is like es. This is amazing and his cheers caused an avalanche. Are they going to be killed? No, because the wolf spirit shows up hey, buck. There's a shortcut through an ice cave right here, which was weird because it's not like that's information buck knew that was gonna now it's just like there's a ghost of a wolf that's falling the every Elliott, and that's the thing like every time mail delivery routes. Up I always every time I'm playing Mario Kart. I wish a fucking go spirit would show up and show me where the shortcuts are. So I stopped looking fool. Of course, you're probably wondering just let everybody now when I play. Mario. Kart I always play Mario no one else only worry. Now exactly. Who are you looking like a fool to in this scenario stewart that's Todd Yoshi the princess. That's the one that hurts the most. Dry Bones. Now. They were advertised back then as the original Mario Kart. So, but the for the first time ever thanks to bucks superfast leading they actually deliver the Mail on time and people. This is what Skagway is this where they are now. Deliver it in a shower of letters know this is consequential because earlier in the film. france-soir whatever his name is. John. Luke Picard says he goes like. I Said I want to try to live a on time but I never. And then he takes a big bite out of a yet. A Cakewalk. Not, French. More. Friends than Canadian and he rolls out a giant scroll that has all his life goals written on it, and that's the only one that isn't crossed off every. Crossed off. Yeah. Yeah. Have Sex in the rain. Their. Mouth he has done it. He walked off into the. Well, the second close thing anyway, people love the mail they get Perot's like we don't just carry mail we carry lives and this was to be honest the Valentine to the postal service that I needed right now the there is that hidden critique of the male is never on time in this movie and I, don't know what he means by unscheduled since it's like I don't know it's the eighteen ninety s and year in Alaska Dog sled how how tougher they with the deadlines don't know. Buck. Even shows little heart by delaying the next day's mail delivery until Harrison Ford can give them the letter he wrote to his wife about his grief over their dead son more on that later. But when they get to the next place, the mail route has been terminated probably the president trying to fix the election I've gotTA assume. They're just pulling mailboxes out of the Yukon. The dog team is sold to these snooty Dilettante gold seekers played by Dan Stevens and Karen Gillan. That's right. Everybody. It's the legion NEBULA team up. We were all waiting for. Dan Stevens is he's putting out some serious war Wa? Luigi. Energy, and it also feels a little bit like he's like I needed tarnished my goody goody image by beating up dogs. He is very much the bad guy here's a real wallet we G. He's deliciously villainous. Here's a villains mustache to go with his attitude, but also, Karen Gillan is one of the other larger names that I'm like wh-. What She shows up in like two seeds to be like, maybe we should listen to Harrison Ford and that's it. Yeah. She doesn't have I have to like Jesse was saying I wouldn't be surprised if there was a heavy edit it done. What I would call I called the thin red line where the editing process removes whole storylines and even actors and things like that. Honestly. I Karen Gillan did a great job but I would have liked to have seen comedian Natasha Lazaro take this one on this. Lady in a Victorian dress relaxing on a dog sled sipping a Bellini or whatever is exactly what Natasha would have kicked. But at yeah. Yeah that's fair. That's fair although we wouldn't have gotten the MC you twentieth century X., Men Star Wars crossover that we get when Harrison Ford tells them. You don't know what you're doing. You'RE GONNA kill all those dogs explain on. PBS Crossover between Dr, who and Downton Abbey thank you very much. There's got to be someone's got to have written down a navy doctor who crossover story, right? Yeah they'd be fucking. Much about the doctor he's he's kind of. It doesn't really do a lot of that, but but maybe he watches Elliot notice. How how great would it cross with? Tom Baker's doctor and Maggie Smith from Downton Abbey. She's his new companion and they're just traveling time and space this like snooty various sarcastic rich old lady and the craziest who has ever on television in any way shape or form with a long scarf what a great story someone rate at send it to me I'm not gonNA write it I don't have time I've got two children. Okay Anyway. These rich jerks? They're treating the dogs terribly Harrison Ford tracks them down and he freeze buck but Dan. Stevens takes the rest of the dogs away at gunpoint and you know they're all doomed. You just know there's no, there's no way they're gonNA survive including including. The other humans that are on the sled they're doomed to yet. They're all doomed show up and they leave knowing that they're doomed. For, takes buck back home and he goes to a bar and Dan Stevens Attacks Ford. At a bar saying everybody fell through the ice and died he blames Harrison Ford for it because he can't own up to his own mistakes but who's there to save Harrison Ford it's buck. That's right. He knows where his his bread is buttered with the nice man with the Harmonica. Guys I'm looking at fan fiction dot net right now, and there are twenty two stories that are doctor who and Downton Abbey crossovers grading including such titles as the housekeepers tail. The Madman, the rebel rate isn't it? L. E. OR T. A. I. L.. I didn't see. Got Vera. Anyway, So you know God bless you out there keep it up. Okay. Now look and see if there's any Crawford Green back to the future and the Monster Cereal Universe Count Chocula. Is this your way to keep me shut up really. I really like when you show the initiative to do research. I want to gratify. Courage it. Buck he knows that Harrison Ford is drinking too much. He takes a fire towards whiskey bottle and varies it in the snow and sits on it when I'm calling a dog prevention and Harrison Ford. Explains to him. Oh, I had a son and he died of fever. He always dreamed of exploring the unmapped areas of the Yukon hit buck. You could go off and do that together and they do and they're canoeing the rapids and the they get caught in rapids and I was like, Oh, no something bad's going to happen. No, the boat just springs a leak in Harrisonburg Goes I. Guess that's the end of that boat and they just walk in. Harrison Ford has to explain to buck what a boat is. Like it's a boat we're gonNA ride on it. Harrison Ford let's book share his tent. They're having an idyllic time and they have something between a father son relationship a man dog relationship and kind of like two people have just fallen in love and just can't get enough of each other and just one can't. They just don't never wanNA be apart Yeah. Later on where Harrison Ford was talking about how you know he and his wife just. After sunset and I expected to end up with, and now you're my wife. He's like, but even before that, we had a sort of arrangement. My grieving wife and I have an understanding. There's a moment where they're out in the wilderness and it's beautiful there and Ford tells book your ancestors used to roam here and mine back when we were wild and I was like your ancestors Harrison. Yeah, he's. To California, where they shot this Where they? Sleep shot this Murphy we go back to the cradle of civilization maybe. Davey. There's a lot of scenes where characters like go outside and it's snowy but they're like there's no breeze and it doesn't actually look that cold. It's that kind of a kind of a cold winter spy. There are many scenes of transportation. There are many like long montages of them cruising the dogs the dogs sleigh through the you know through the Alaskan wilderness. That, really look like they were. They look like they were painted by the painter of Light Thomas Kincaid. Like Taller. If you him like take this, still photograph took of a hill in. Santa Clara. And really northern lights it up. That's pretty much what else there is. No. There are none of the movie outside of Harrison Ford's face looks like something you could actually touch. Yeah. I I was going. I was just going to talk about assumed. I. Was going to see the crowd from the padres scenes of Star Wars. But you know it's not that important. I just wanted to win our audience even then you're gonNA WANNA get Harrison Ford's permission before you touch his face. That's true. That is important but it is. It does feel like there's a version of this movie I'm sure they've made multiple versions this movie over the years I've never seen the thirty one which apparently this one takes elements from, but there's a I guarantee you. There's some version this movie that was shot in the sixties where they really went to Alaska and they really had real dogs. and. Everybody hated making it and but I kind of wanted a little bit of that in this like it it doesn't. It loses a sense of reality that I would have liked to have seen or either that road of him to go all the way and just make this an animated movie like there's no reason. This couldn't be like a regular two D. Disney hand-drawn animated movie. And then s some songs. Maybe the dogs talk a little bit like you go as. A paycheck yet, Josh Gad is like the goofy dog from the sled like eight bucks I. You know we gotta you know, Hey, you know. What's going on all that? Spitz spits his what like it can't be Jeremy Irons against Switzerland. Two. screenplays on Elliott's desk whole which to it over and over say Josh Gad Colon? Hey. You know. This is the thing that we talked about when when we were watching it here is that like if like they could take this basic exact screenplay and exact tone and if yeah if Disney and made it like sometime around like beauty and the beast or something. Everyone would be like this is great. You know it's it it really. It it feels like it should be that I wonder if you Eddie pitch and originally as a as an animated movie and they said Guys Balto exists the animated Alaskan sled dog movie is taken we. Arrays Balto People's minds and hearts. Don't we just buy up all the Princeton and DVD's of Balto in pretend never existed. With. More than five bucks late ridiculous Zam, the Sindbad GD movie that did exist but we are raised it from permanent record forever. Say the thing that's a little bit of a bummer. Middle, ground that they chose in how they present the film to me. Is. There are a lot of things in the movie the work you know we talked about Harrison Ford he's wonderful like I will just watch Harrison Ford in his elderly man. Giant ears and nose A. Big. David. Letterman. Beard like I would love totally ripped body I know. He comes up and I'm like what? I'll do does is. Puff Jays and do pull ups. So. There's a lot of great things about it but like thematically. It is really poorly served by not having something. You can sink your teeth into and that was probably not the turn of phrase I should've used because it sounds like I'm doing a pun here. But like you're the modern day gene shallot, just go run with it. There's no the fact that there's no grit in the movie and there really is almost no grit in the movie other than enforced face. Is Not just a bummer because I like to watch a gritty movie or whatever you know like the screenwriter of this also wrote Logan which I I'm going to alienate sixty percent of the listeners but I thought stunk but and was very gritty but like but there's something about the theme that is served by greediness right? Like the story is him descending into animalistic reality right and like that and that these human beings are drawn into it by their greed. Outside of Harrison Ford's character and they like destroy each other and that he has to that buck has to learn to live freely within this new set of more brutal and terrifying but ultimately more satisfying rules as an animal right rather than as a rather than as A. False human you know in the judges household right and like none of that means anything like none of him getting hurt and sick and being under threat and being beaten into submission by club like none of that means anything in the context of a movie for seven year olds. So either make it just like sweet and pretty. With you do or or give it something that was that was the bummer part to me about like the painted on northern lights in every scene it's like I just WanNa see one thing go wrong and I actually watched. What's that called Benji I watched Benji, not that long ago like maybe like nine months and it is boring and homemade like this original, Benji. Nineteen seventy eight independent film you could ever watch but I think that quality of having an actual dog onscreen where where it does the wrong thing lot. Draws you in in a way that having this perfect but slightly hazy because they're not quite good enough at the. Dog. ONSCREEN. Does. I think that's I. think that's true and also there is a I, did get a sense from like, yeah. Four a movie that is about a civilized dog being forced into primordial savagery to survive everything comes a little easily to book like never he always working real hard but he's not really pushing himself to work hard like he everything is kind of dealt with a problem comes up. It's kind of dealt with right away and he feels consistent in a way like it almost feels like he is a no bullying his surroundings rather than being drawn into them and being transformed which I think like. In some ways, the book is sort of like A. Almost a satire of the idea of like a of a character learning and growing right because he is receding into his essential nature rather than expanding and becoming fancier and clavier cleverer, and in the movie, it feels like he's kind of. He's kind of a very friendly handsome big guy who goes into all these different situations and it's like. Hey guys. Let's do it my way. Out Make, two holes in the ice for you to drink water from. And everybody's like, yeah, you are the best. Let's talk. In this movie buckets, the Ferris Bueller of dogs. Everyone let me never has to try very hard against whatever he wants, and for I mean this movie lifts. Like the trajectory and plot points directly from the the recent, the first planet of the apes movie from the recent batch. And Buck is very much like a Caesar type character and he ends leading a bunch of wolves and there's even a moment where he like catches a stick in his mouth instead of getting hit and I remember being Like when I saw that plan of the movie I was like Oh fuck yeah beat him up Caesar. But. It had didn't have that emotional impact. No, because he's already he's already triumphed over everything all the time. So, Buck and four. They find an old prospectors cabinet decided to stay a little bit especially when Harrison. Ford find some gold nuggets in the river while skinny dipping. This is when we see as hot dad bod better than dad but even this is a this is like, i. mean he is. Is He a Dad I dunno anyway. Those were gold nuggets that he found was. They were like gold. You'd be yeah. He who like highly polished like refund. Kid. Truly looked like he found something that had been spray painted high gloss Senate time. I'll give a let the movie get away with that. That's you know hasn't been wondered if it was brass that he. There's some at a trumpet got shattered in the cold and the pieces are just in the water It was like diamonds lifts in engagement ring out of the river with basically work. And again they're painting for Golden Getting Nuggets, which is going to go with Jesse. That's not how painting you get dust when you pay for gold liked the idea that the beginning of his pan for gold he couldn't see the like two and a half inch diameter. There were in his one inch of water. and Buck catches the eye of as Sexy Lady Wolf, but she runs away when he tries to meet with her but he wins over the Wolf Win Hey guess what he saves a wolf from drowning in the river. That's what buck does save people from drowning. Give show US something different that buck does. Hates him. The wolves all these reaction shots like okay. Okay. Like. Almost, you're almost at the point of a wolf wearing sunglasses and like lowering the sunglasses. Buck. Now, bucky run with the Wolves Harrison Ford is like what I've been cleansed at his experience in this adventure I should go home he says goodbye but before he can leave who's GonNa return it stands Stevens that's right the guest but he's no guest. This time isn't invader he shoots Harrison Ford and he threatened bummed where you guys the dance evens didn't show up with fucking spits with them right? I mean, no Ma would have been the more Hollywood way to do it. Yeah. If it's all of bucks, enemies are now. And then spits has like a monologue like, Richard. The third monologue where he's like cast out and ignored now I shall have my day. You'd have the part where Dan? Stevens is like I meant to have my whole family die in the ice it was all part of my plan you fell right into my fingers. He threatens buck with a club that hated club but book fights back. He's not afraid anymore after cringing for maybe like a millisecond he shoves Dan Stevens into a burning cabin to die horribly. biking funeral. Yeah and Harrison Ford dies in bucks pause after a touching goodbye and now with his voice over from beyond the grave, he explains that buck has started a new pack. He's had babies the sexy lady Wolf they even staredown a bear together and. Glass Unicorn Red Bull moment yeah. Because he just shrugs at red bull down and then. Like I don't want part of this federal. Wild and The Vio tells us how after going from master to master now is his own master. He he followed some primordial urge from the Wilderness and then title the call of the wild as if the title was trying to prompt Harrison, Ford about what phrase he was supposed to end the movie on. And that's the end of the movie. Ending is an example of phenomenon throughout the film, which is like every fifteen minutes or so there's just a brief scene where someone says out loud what's what what's happening and what the themes are. And each one of those things like some, some of them seem to have been part of the ELEC added in over parts. Some of them are scenes that that are between Harrison Ford, and Buckwar Harrison Ford explains the themes in bucks life to Bach like a psychoanalyst. and it was and they all have this goofy grandiloquence. That is so unearned. So profoundly unearned. Yes very much like a dad has sat me down and he's telling me a story and I'm like Dude, I know what you're I know what you're getting at just because you're saying it slowly. And where would you rank? This is Harrison Ford voiceover Pantheon better or worse than the blade runner studio cut voiceover. I like both. Bladerunner call me crazy. I enjoy on renders by preferring the version with voiceover so I mean I I know that he's not doing much in that but I mean I still feel like that feels appropriate to the character. So let in bladerunner. Yeah I mean well, blade runner it also does the necessary thing of explaining to you what's happening in this in this movie that the scenes make no sense and don't go together. But. Okay. So let's call it a draw. Then call the wild Harrison Ford Bladerunner Harrison Ford equals. Steam let's. Let's do our final judgments whether this was a good movie, a bad movie or a movie we can liked guys. If I was like twenty years old say I don't think I'd like this movie. But if I was seven, I would like this movie and now at forty, I also liked this movie. Yeah. And I think you know like seven it might have been just like lower standards and be like seeing a cute dog having adventures. And now a lot of it is. Ironically since. One of the problems with this movie as they call, the wild adaptation is its lack of brutality was I enjoy about it is it's kind of a throwback to a gentler slower were style of family film that maybe I'm just a static for I don't know. But I think that you know Harrison Ford does a great job. I'm glad that they didn't really Hollywood up the plot points all that much even though. They did somewhat. And I thought it was fun I win Harrison. Ford was about to get shot. I could see that this was going to be the scene where it happened where they have steven was gonNA show up and I was like gripping audrey wake. Leg Audrey who had lost interest long ago but it was like, no no. Shoot Harrison. Ford, and so the movie Got Me Yeah I. Actually liked it a lot I think I would have had the same trajectory as you Dan that as a kid I would have liked as a young man I would have been like this middle-brow gentle adaptation of a of a book I don't need it. But now it's a movie that goes down real smooth it and like especially for a kids. Movie it's what you can say call the wild may not really be the best material for a kids movie. But also for kids movie, I don't need something that is super gritty and raw or anything like that, and certainly as someone who is also not a fan of Logan like I don't need the I don't need the Logan version of this where buck is like cursing and like ripping people's heads off and. Stuff like that this is there was something about this movie just being a movie where could be like on watching it and I'm finding this pleasant and by the end of it Oh you know, I, feel good about buck digging into it into some of the like saying some of the cultural subtexts of it. That's not a great idea. Don't do that because you're going to be unhappy with it maybe but. As viewing experience I when I finished watching it, I was like Oh. This is the rare flop has movie where I wish I had watched this with my son because I think he probably would have enjoyed it. Some of the dog stuff might have been a little scary for him but that's just him and dogs you know maybe that would any movie with the dog he? He might have felt that way about. Although he did watch all of her in company recently and that's with dogs in it. Any lightens that? Yeah, all dogs go to heaven. He's never I've actually never seen that I've only ever seen little bits of it and they're only the helmets and it's even wanting to ever watched that movie. Dog's going to hell also Elliott Sammy liked. Oliver in capital mostly because it was an adaptation of Oliver Twist, which of course, he is his favorite novel that was the second reason his favorite the room to most is because he's such a big billy Joel Fan. Like finally, my two favorite things, Disney movies and the Bard of Long Island's there in one place finally. But Yeah I actually liked this movie quite a bit okay guys Stewart Jesse Tell me why I'm wrong Now I don't know I'm going to say I actually think this is a bad movie. But I don't like I'm not I ain't mad at it. There's there's so little. There it feels. It feels very real like rewritten. It's not gonNA stick. In. My brain. And there's I mean there's no grit at all like I don't need it to be like fucking Cormac McCarthy or anything. But like I duNno, like it would. It would have felt it would have been nice if it felt like any of these characters were anywhere other than a sound stage or in a nice part of California. Joe I have watched a lot of really terrible movies and almost exclusively like my mom, I have three children the oldest of whom just turned nine and my media diet has really dwindled to like. One comforting half hour television program at the end of the day before I fall asleep and movies I have to watch for work. For NPR show, which are tend to be fancy indie movies first cow something and they have no complaints about that part of my life. That's great that I get to do for work and then kids movies that often unlike Elliott I haven't been able to trick my children into watching kids movies that I wanNA watch very often. So Elliott has just hanging out watching Marx brothers movies in the adventures of Robin Hood and stuff and like. Robin Hood was a big hit de Sammy I tried to I tried to get my kids to watch I. Tried to get my kids to watch singing in the rain and failed. Another another favorite in the family loves it too. Yeah. But I couldn't I couldn't get him to go forward. So I've seen a lot of like I've seen a lot of just boring lame ass kids movies, and this movie is definitely better than those it like you know is a two star movie. It's not a total failure. Harrison Ford is wonderful. It's a I like watching dogs but I do. I do think it's a bad bad movie like even it is ultimately betwixt and between like they should have made a choice either we're going to make a beautiful children's movie That's very sweet or we're GonNa make a movie with a little bit of Zip to it. It doesn't have any ZIP to it other than Harrison Ford's faces I mentioned. And it isn't very beautiful like it really does as Stuart say everything looks like somebody just a somebody just used a stock animation for northern lights on top of shot of a of a hill in Santa Ana. Who I'M GONNA blame for that, this is going to be this I started in. This is going to be controversial on the cinematographer on this is Yannis Kaminsky and I am totally going to blame him because the last. Twelve years. Fifteen years of his movies have been kind of that same glossy, very, very post. CGI. Soft look like he does all of Steven Spielberg's or most most recent movies and they all have that same kind of like fakey studio look also, I, watched a few of those. Disney. Live action reinterpretations of Classic Disney cartoon movies I saw lady and the tramp and saw beauty and the beast and. Those gun you'll watch. Those. Like also. In the middle, those also have. Fan, DOT, com, fan percent those things to recommend them like a beauty and the beast those wonderful songs in the Harry Potter Lady is fantastic in that movie and Dan Stevens that too. Yeah. But the aesthetics of them are such a garbage pile and I will admit that they are worse. The worse version of the same thing. This kind of like everything looks like a Thomas kincaid painting. Like everything has that weird softness to it in order to accommodate the fact that they can't quite make the dog look right. And So it's hardly the worst but. But it's a it's a bad bad movie like if I watch it with my daughter because she wanted to watch it, I would have been grateful that it wasn't guard total garbage. But having watched it by myself. because. My wife wanted to watch a because my daughter wanted to watch a Harry Potter movie last night for big. Kid movie night instead. I was I was bummed I had wasted that that chunk of my life on it. Welcome to the Flop House. My friend. Welcome to the Flop House. It's all about wasting chunks of your life. Well, a real split decision so I guess we're GONNA have to leave it up to our guest judge Harrison Ford. Harrison Ford what do you think? Is this a movie you kind of lights? Work. Whitford because he was the judge in the movie and yeah, that's true. But he's not a judge in real life until Harrison Ford is a judge now on the federal bench. So Judge Ford, what do you think? All, right. Well, thanks, Harrison I guess that's noncommittal sauce I. Guess we'll just have to leave the split decision on this one. Pretty Good Harrison Ford growl say thank you. So I wanted to mention actually this is a bit that I forgot I was going to do I didn't I had I had forgotten that call the wild we put in our forgotten bits theme. Here. Harris. Saying. You guys were all saved from that call. The Wild is very similar to the plot of Dune in that it's about outside who comes into a more savage wilderness and The leader of a becomes part of a tribe and then the leader of that tribe and so I was originally inserted doing the plot as Tom, Brokaw for those flop house fans who love Tom Brokaw describing. Dune. But I forgot to so okay. Well, don't do it now. GonNa Herzog's Keva for bits. I mean it seems like it would take a lot of lot of setup for that. But what kind of flop house doesn't involve a lot of setup through Sh- manners now definition. 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She was married to a bacon farmer who saved her life farm raised Snow Leopard. Download it today. That's the beef and dairy network podcast for maximum van dot org also maybe start at episode one or widely absurd six, which for some reason requires no knowledge of the rest of the show. So, we've got a couple of sponsors I would offer for Jesse to not be here for this. They're pretty there's just only two. So I'm forced them to sit around. Elliott do you? Take the sponsor for once sure I'll take the sponsor today's flop-houses brought to you by you guessed it squarespace look squarespace is the place for you to go to create your own website. I've been meaning to do it for a while to create my own website in the future all gonna live on the Internet we're going to need our own website you should. Go out there starting your website and squarespace makes it so easy. Your website will be beautiful. Let's say you got a cool idea. 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This guy looked like a real. Sure. Tell me about. Search headphones back on. Okay. Nothing I was just talking about how with squarespace you can finally make the website. You deserve just go to squarespace dot com slash flop free free trial, and when you're ready to launch us the offer code flop to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain that squarespace dot com slash flop now before we move on Jessie, I just wanted to say I appreciate that during the Thinking of places bit. Your restraint. Famously unwilling to talk about San Francisco. So I, I appreciate that you held that line firm today I want to mention also. So yes, that we're recording this the day after we did our alive online, the boy next door screenplay reading with our good friends podcast, Hallie Haglund, Ginny, Jaffe, Natalie Walker, and Jordan Morris. Feeling at the last minute really helping us out and that will be up on our youtube page. In case you missed it at some point in the future. Down your now well, then some point in the past when you listen to this also, I think this comes out like two weeks from now. Lincoln expire. Yesterday is Youtube. Shutdown yeah. Creators are going to be out of work. Damned. If we sound tired, it's The with the Intro altro and just the fact that a reading takes longer than a movie I think it was a two hour and forty minute. I'm getting to that script, but I had a blast I really had fun doing it and people seemed to enjoy it. I didn't really time right now Dan I don't think anybody has to. Explain. Why they sound tire. Condition Right now. To that Stewart I don't think Dan needs to explain why. Tire. Between my tendencies towards depression and sleep apnea I you know. Speaking of everything going on the world I woke up this morning thinking like, Hey, why the hell do my neck and shoulders feel so fucking bad, right. Figure I've been carrying stress in them for the past five months. So that's the only part where we'll referenced the outside world. We're GONNA reference at one more time because late September my new book shark and Hippo comes out. That's right. It's a kids book by me with. An all new set of characters, charcoal and Hippo Anyway The Art is by Andreas. Roomie. Who did a great book called that I love and sharpen those coming out in late September two bookstores near you or them through a bookstore, and then have it delivered to your door because you now of what's happening in the? This Shark Oh. This hippo are they sort of an island of Dr Moreau Marx Brothers duo or out the island of Dr Moreau. Yes. Okay. Great. Hey let's let's Let's read some letters from you the listeners. This one is from John from Milwaukee. What's that call out there? Do I hear something come in through the snowy way swathes for row the dog sled mailman bringing the letters bad to the top house sometimes are letters come from far away far away in the frozen north, the Yukon we're letters sometimes go and sometimes come from. That's how mail works letters come from and go to the same places some times all the way from Senegal to Milan. But in this case, it's the Yukon where these letters are come in from and here comes that dog sled letters down the track to the flop house. Feels weird to be annoyed by those letter songs right now with the way what's going on with the Postal Service? Yeah. They need all the encouragement they can get out here and trying to do my part. Yeah. Come on. Thanks. So this first letter from John? Says my wife and I know John That's the full name no last name withheld just that's the full name John, well, earlier John, from Milwaukee, kind of forgetting the bit for a second but Yeah. John Cincinnati. Wow it and says, does anyone know what was going on in my show because? I sure don't. Respond. Must. Be didn't again. He must have whitey dealing with dealing with all of his debts anyway continue. To says my wife and I recently watched green room and enjoyed it. But even greater was near the end of the movie the presence of the Dragon Lance Book Dragons of Spring, Dawning on the console of the Van I read the hell out of that series in middle school and bought it for my sixth grader for Christmas. What aspect of your real life appearing in a film were you excited to see I remember it's not a film but There were a couple of episodes of mad men where. Don Draper's. TUMP tumblers I guess they're more like rocks glasses. Were this sort of. You know obviously, because of the time period they were mid century modern but also because mid century modern was big because of madman at that time period i. also had these tumblers the throwback tumblers with the squares edge to the. of the glass. So that's why I remember. You guys that that's not that far from being like I was really excited to watch gremlins to because I had a full set of the Gremlins to trading cards I bought because of how much I love Gremlins to. Do I. Think I, was I mean I we had the before we started watching madman. Let's just hasn't dry I I I liked him back when they were. Cool. Love, capturing the depths of sadness. Don Draper's compulsive drinking. well I don't know like I mentioned earlier that I got excited when in the movie the call of the wild they to skagway because. What two years ago Dan and I in some assorted friends went to skagway. That was really fun. Other than that. I. Don't know like I was really excited when I saw the forty year old virgin of the theater and I saw some of the miniatures that Steve Curls character was painting and I'm like, oh. Wow, i. have some of those. I think I'm. GonNa. Have to say anytime I see certain parts of New York specifically that I am well acquainted with in movies. I'm like, Hey, that place a movie that I love the landlord was shot around my old neighborhood in. Park Slope Brooklyn and there is a Big Coca Cola sign on a pizza place that was still standing for most of the time that I lived there and I was like Oh, wow, that science went up there for like fifty years. This is amazing. Within the way on you're like, oh I just in that book. That Diorama also reminded me of my parents divorce. I would go visit this visit as a young man. But the time weirdly that I felt that the most was a very bad movie called robot in the Family Strange Joe Pantoliano and John. Davies about. A, robot that can find gold. It doesn't make any sense but. A lot of the movie for whatever reason was shot around this stretch of antique stores on Broadway Between Fourteenth Street and like Tenth Street in Manhattan and that was literally the street I walked those blocks I walked almost every day as an while you student for my dorm to the classrooms. So want to watch this movie I was like I know that that whole block this is amazing and I was like. I could have walked through this movie. Possible. So, this could be a robot in the family. It was very exciting even though the movie itself is terrible don't see the the the literal version of this for me one hundred percent is the movie sister act which was shot like. Six or eight blocks from my childhood home and seeing also Whoopi Goldberg taught you say. Yes. She told ME ACTUALLY THAT R&B hits of the Nineteen Sixties were Gospel. Songs. which was an unusual tack. Teaching singing, but you know. and I. Mean it's like when that? I had a music professor named Harold Hill and he taught me that all I had to do play the trombone was think that I knew how to play the trombone which also similarly unusual technique. But yeah, like seeing the church by my house with fake graffiti on it to make it look more scary and the Irish bakery by my house and so on and so forth. that was like absolutely throwing when that movie came out when I was ten or nine or how old I was when that movie came out and but the more metaphorical version my stepmother when I was a in my late teens. Said, she had heard about this new Bill Murray movie that she thought I would really like and this was like right after like operation Dumbo drop or whatever. was. The one that had bill Murray in it, there was too long larger the. Larger than like, yeah. This was right after. Drop was like Danny Glover. Maybe Dennis leary was in Dennis leary was in it as A. Seventeen year old. I. Did I had did not yet understand like Bill Murray was two years out of my demographic in terms of how good he was before his career revival. And it turned out to be rushmore that my stepmother was telling me I should go see and like a besides just being insufferable. Another thing I related to Max Fisher about was that like I was also poor kid who went to a really fancy private school and fit very awkwardly, and also I was the president of a lot of different clubs. and. Just, makes a lot of yeah. I actually had auditioned for Rushmore I went to art school and they came and auditioned in there like search but I didn't even get to saline the tall they. I. Walked in they said sorry too tall and I walked out but. I I was I think it was the first time that I had seen a movie in like really directly related to themes in the character and it was shocking to me like there were aspirational characters. You know like I don't know maybe I thought I would like to be more like. I don't know I was GONNA say peewee Herman but that's probably a bad thing to WANNA be. Herman is an asshole. The man is not an asshole. He met him. He's really nice man, the the character is an asshole. But like but in terms of like seeing things from my life on film. In. An emotional sense directly that was the that was the first time and it's odd to admit that it was rushmore, which is obviously a very stylized movie where the protagonist is not always sympathetic but. Never sympathetic some might say me in fact. Depends on whether you had almost all of those experiences. Vietnam veteran who scarred by his experience there. This next question is from Lena lasting withheld, which is pleasingly alliterative. WanNa mentioned something I. Never Knew About Operation Dumbo drop now is that it was set during the Vietnam War. Yeah. It's a kids movie that set during the Vietnam War with soldiers transporting elephant through. South Vietnam. So I'm assuming listening to like Leonard Skinner D- Songs and That's why probably Yeah Yeah Tony I found out that my dad was a vet I asked him if he had gone through anything like that in the sixty s he said, let me tell you. About my time on the charismatic. GIRAFFE. Showed you pictures of his friend? WHO's and Allison. Lena writes dear, peaches I'm writing to you in spite of Dan's advising anyone who intended to write you a letter to anti quote go to hell in the last episode because I am in desperate need of your sage wisdom. My younger brother eighteen has recently become obsessed with slasher films. He talks about them constantly analyzes their themes gives opinion on the merits of various sequels and recommends movies he thinks you'll like he even wrote. A research paper about the gender politics of the Shandra. The problem is he hasn't seen any of the movies. He proclaimed Sula not one he watches a lot of like horror review channels on Youtube. I. Guess which is where I think he picked up this interest, but he never seemingly took the initiative to watch the movies. He's hearing this guy talk about and is just absorbed taste to these movies into his own personality through Osmosis. I can't begin to tell you how aggravating it is to be told how interesting the way the third Halloween Movies subverts the formula the franchise up to that point is by someone who hasn't seen a single fucking Halloween movie and has no idea what the fuck he's talking about. Obviously just parroting someone else's opinion down to the word my question to you is how to cut it out calling him out. On his ignorance doesn't seem to work and neither does cutting mockery, believe me my parents and I have tried both but the man is without shame he's not embarrassed in the slightest by the very silly thing he's doing. It's terrible. Can Anything be done? What would you do if it was your little brother please advise he's driving me nuts yours and flop Lena last name withheld we're kind of cutting into. The mcelroy's business here with. More of an advice letter but you're right. Forget it. Let's. Sorry Alina can't do it two zero, zero being. Flop House mcelroy's loan. Thing, you can't do anything else. They if they ever talk about movies they they have to stop immediately I think it seems like the best strategy like the this might not be the most practical strategy, but it might be the most effective strategy is wait until he's not a seventeen year old. That was GONNA be my vice Yeah just. Just let them be dumb for a while, and then hopefully, he won't be dumb in the future 'cause I also I think that if you argue with people too much because humans. Are Stupid and our brains are broken Often people tend to dig in even more at that point. That's pretty cool. I was GONNA say just keep sending him little send them little gifts of those horror movies. So over time, he'll have to watch all of it even if he's watching him in short clips. Your needs. That's what you're doing with critters, gifts to us even though we've seen critter. Critters to. Various. Japanese animation. Et CETERA. Full House. I, think the entire series of. I think the probably the only the only real thing to do is to just wait it out I'm curious why he hasn't watched any of the movies. Yeah that's that's very probably gets out of it. This is not you know not become a therapist or psychologist all of a sudden because again this. Thing. I'm guessing it's more than he gets pleasure out of sounding smart about a topic. Or like figuring something out. Doesn't like the topic he's figured out. It's almost like you want to introduce something to him that he he can be smart about that. He also actually likes engaging with the main primary thing the same but I definitely like when I was younger, I definitely would be very opinionated about things that I had only heard about and not seen because that's part of being a young man is assuming that you need to have an opinion on everything knowing that your opinion is based on nothing and then pushing that opinion harder to try to make up for the fact that deep down you know that you're a fraud that's basically what being a young man is all about. And an older man and a man of all kinds. A man of all seasons is one who is not knows that he has a fraud and cannot be the thing that he thinks he's. Says other. Four four legs birth. Your Leagues. You know. Eventually. Birth, and three legs eventually. It's me the spring. When the When the stakes is telling its riddle while trying to answer an email at the same time. By the way Elliott, would you say, what would you say is the most Sphinx like animal? As, you claimed earlier on in the show dogs or perhaps sphinxes. Question. Yes. Closer to speaks than dogs in terms of Leeann animals you gotta go with a cat. Because, the cat always look on its face like you have just failed to answer a question properly that it has asked also. CATT. For those two as. Well, they the body of Barbie of a cat face. person. The head of a on the body of a person is a fetish, your which I feel like. I feel like if you were to tell Sphinx let it had a face like a cat that would be a severe insult instincts culture. At now then there's also got your. Syrian type characters who are there sphinxes where it's like a lion's body with wings or an ox, his body, and then the head of a man with a long beard and those always seems really cool. I'm going to run into them in the real world and I'll think they're gonNA say something really smart instead they just like. Because that's my experience with Bison I was. Really Wise Eliot I'M GONNA. Let You keep going in just a saying I just wanted to let. Them know what happened is I had to go to the bathroom. So I, just brought up mythological stuff. Elliott could do his thing or while and cover, for us. Now. The interesting thing is the mentor. Traditional one to. Here. So I think another thing that this Lena can brother is to start introducing things is just start talking about really engage him on this topic horror movies, but slip in every now and then something that doesn't exist that you're making. See like what what not is like making fun of like to see how he reacts to it and what his opinion is suddenly on this thing that doesn't exist and I want you to keep seeding it that way until eventually you're having a conversation where both of you're talking about things that don't exist all the time and you know it, but he doesn't know it and I want you to write down his opinions on all of these movies and send them to us for the future. Yeah Yeah. So, laugh and laugh at the thing we once were. Pardon me I burp off Mike. Let's go to. Undid it by telling us about it though He's bragging these drinking bubbly drinks again They call him Seltzer McCoy. I'm rich in gas. Let's suck. Jupiter over here. In. Yeah. We'll get over here. Come on. Let's go to the final segment in the show, which is to recommend movies. I guess just break up the shale in Dan and get some of that sweet gas. Recommend, movies we saw often recently, but not necessarily that we liked I will recommend I saw finally got around to the Net flicks Will Ferrell Movie Eurovision Song Contest, the story of Fire Saga. We just had been kind of interested in just because I like goofy comedies and your vision is certainly funny on its own Stevens in it. Well. That's I was GONNA? Yeah. The connection the call of the wild connections Dan. Stevens. I'll get back to him but You know I've been kind of Will Ferrell out at least in terms of the man child comedies. He usually does but found this to be A. A better application of that a sweeter application of that. Lake. There's a kindness in the world view of the movie that I kind of wasn't expecting. Now don't get me wrong We'll farrow was not the best thing about the movie. The best thing by far I think was Rachel. McAdams. As the equally goofy but somehow simultaneously grounded. Character of the the two leads I think she's terrifically funny like almost all the time and and She just somehow finds the way to act a totally weird character. Dan Stevens is in it as Stuart says, as the person who had normally be the villain of this type of movie, but I think ultimately do with his character is sort of touching and heartbreaking and sweet as well and I really. Enjoyed it and it's got singing in which I always like. Distance Dan. Stevens, gets pushed into a burning cabin in Eurovision. Song contest. I. I mean fire in the title, right? Recommend. A movie that just went up on shutter recently called host. It is the first of probably I don't even know if it's the first but I'm sure it's one of a slew of. Horror, movies that's made on a micro budget during quarantine during in a post. Cova time. And it is about a group of Twenty somethings who are set up a zoom call to hang out with each other and the theme for their zoom call is they decide to have a say aunts and it goes just about as well as you would imagine. It's nice and short. It's under an hour They do some fun stuff with. The limitations of zoom call. But the thing I think that makes it work is that the the stuff that happens before things get scary is is engaging in the stuff that happens after things get scary is also engaging. So it manages I think the whole thing man to work. So if you're looking for a short slice of horror that is also topical, I guess check out host before we moved to the next recommendation just very quickly there is a not zero percent chance that I said, the story of ice and fire saga would giving the name I. If I did I was obviously thinking of Song of ice and fire but there is just fire there's no ice in eurovision anyway not. Team. Hell you look like you're about to go. So why don't you go sure this movie that call the Wild said all recommend movie with wild in the title Song to Recommend Wilderness this is the nineteen thirties version of the geneal play wilderness starring Wall Siri Lionel Barrymore and one of my favorite actresses of the time Aline MacMahon. And it was the script was adapted by Albert, Hackett for instance Goodrich who wrote the thin man, one of my favorite movies and it's kind of a Another kind of goes down easy moving a lot of ways. It's a little slice of life story about a young man who has just graduated from High School in one, thousand, nine six. He's about to go to Yale and he has to be saved from himself. and His thinking of himself as a sophisticated man of the world who understands more than regular people as he makes a couple of bad decisions and is pulled out of the kind of thing that nowadays would not have been a problem back in nineteen six would have ruined his life beyond measure namely going on a date with a woman that he shouldn't go on a date with and saying some things that might upset people. I want to give a little factoid that is of no interest to anyone. But me I played said young men in the Community Theater production of wilderness when I was seventeen. This is a thank you. I'm glad glad you could bring that personal perspective to it. It's it's very much a picture of mythical small town turned century America that didn't really exist, but which is a I don't know something that a lot of jerks. Urine four return. But it's kind of like if our town didn't have any of the metaphysical talk of the Cosmos in it, but I really enjoyed it. It's just a charming little movie I'll wilderness Jesse would have you got I'm GonNa I, recommend a book Elliott Kaylin I went I went over to his house. The other day were quarantined buddies and I was in I was in a real mess. My life has been a really horrible mess lately and I just I asked him if he could loan me a book. That would not make me sad at all and would be interesting the whole time. and. He loaned me a book called the Devil's Candy, which is a the making of the film of the bonfire of the vanities Brian Depalma's film, and it is as absolutely engrossing and fascinating as a behind the scenes book could be the movie was ultimately a huge debacle both critically and financially, but like involved all of these brilliant. People of Tom Hanks Bruce Willis, and Steven Spielberg in there and. It is a store. It is a book about I think the same thing that the flop-houses often about which is that making a movie is so complicated has so many moving parts that even if you bring together a bunch of brilliant people. It is so easy to just get it wrong. And it's a very sympathetic book to everyone who is involved in the story. Even the even the executives who are mostly just kind of doing. Executive meddling. But like I think I think the easy read of it is that it's the story of how executive meddling can ruin a film but I think it really is the story of how a film can just go wrong and it's very sweet in a surprising way and and funny and it like it shows you the fascinating stories behind every you know. One of the most interesting subplots of the book is the Assistant Director who is a protege of DEPALMA's trying to make his name by getting a perfect shot of a concord landing with. With the skyline in the background and the sun in exactly the right place, and he has two months of calculations by hand to figure out when the Sun will be in the right place and so on and so forth and he nails it it's the perfect shot. He wins one hundred dollars bet with Brian Depalma and there's a it's mentioned in an article in American cinematographer magazine and all the credit goes to the cinematographer movie who was not present. And it is. It is a, it's a really like it. It's full of those fascinating stories of every kind of person like people who worked on studio movies in the fifties and people who are like totally go go ninety s and they're trying to make the ultimate eighties movie. It's a great book. So. Thank you. Elliot for that recommendation to me. And I pass it onto I, pass it on to America via Flop House. I will also recommend movie it is probably my favorite movie. And I'm always glad to recommend it especially to comedy fans and practitioners of whom I know. There are many listened to the flop. House. Is. Called a thousand clowns. was made in the early to mid nineteen sixties as the nineteen sixties were just starting to trend towards the counter cultural nineteen sixties where that idea was just being invented before flower children and so forth it's based on a play that one. I think they believe it when a Pulitzer. Want some Tony's as well, and it's a story about a comedy writer who is probably fortyish. Who is unemployed and he has quit writing on a children's show because it was beneath him. But with him lives his. His young teenage nephew. Thirteen year old kid who? Parisians that are explained in the film goes by many different names. It turns out his his uncle. Just let's pick a new name whenever he feels like it. But this kid is being investigated. These kidneys uncle are being investigated by child protective services basically because the uncle is unemployed and the kid is often out of school and the kid is sort of brilliant and precocious. But never shows up for anything and they're worried that it is an unsafe environment for the kid. And the uncle is so resolutely anti-establishment and irreverent and amazing and charming. As only Jason robards could be like it is spectacular hilarious amazing performance. But you realize that the central conflict of this film is not this man against the establishment But this man against himself that he has to, he has to take responsibility for his own life that just because he anti-establishment and a comedy in hilarious charming man doesn't mean that he has to that he doesn't have to take responsibility for the fact that his choices have on others especially ones that people that he loves. And it makes me cry every time even though it is definitely a comedy. And it's full of hilarious stuff. Full of wonderful performances. Martin Balsam was nominated for an Oscar for it he plays the guy's brother. and. The and one. And One and one. Thank you Elliot when that's actor and And there's a wonderful performance by the teacher from boy meets world. Who is like Mr Fini Yeah Mister Finley and Daniels Thirty Years John Adams. He plays the kind of hard, ass Or relatively stickler child protective services guy. And it's it was actually written as the character is actually based on Jean Shepard. Who is the legendary radio host who was also probably really thought you were going to say genes. Yeah. Who is most probably most famous for Christmas story, right but. The playwright and Jean Shepherd's relationship. They were very close. Friends was ended by Jean Shepard because of this play because it was essentially a critique of a guy who allowed his brilliance and charm and humor to get in the way of taking responsibility for his own life. Anyway, it's beautiful movie for many many years. It was really hard to watch. It would come on Turner Classic Movies Sometimes, there was a VHS that sold for seventy five dollars on Ebay. But is just been released on. Blu Ray beautiful new BLU ray that's nineteen dollars, and if you are the streaming type. I won't say what to you can go to to watch it on relatively high quality. Because I think everybody involved should get paid. But. Yeah and in conclusion the kid the thirteen year old. He's played by an actor named Berry Gordy who as a younger child was the voice of the song. All I want for Christmas, is my two frontier. And as a man was the voice of one of the teenage mutant Ninja Turtles and in-between Don and you between was the In between was became a lawyer and president of the screen actors guild for. On so there you go. A thousand clowns it's called there are no clowns involved. there are no clouds involved in the film, but there is a part where he leans out the window of his tenement apartment and says rich people everybody out on the street for volleyball. And no clouds were hurt during the making of the film because you know. That's why they're not in the movie. They were all they didn't want to show that would've been like Yeah. That would basically made a snuff film. I mean they were injured being driven to set just put too many clowns in that car. like that. Rip Torn thing rip torn beat the crap out of Norman Mailer whatever awhile. Footage it is brutal. In the movie Oh mini, it's him in the head with a hammer from behind the bed. There's that movie thousand clowns It's it's an amazing movie mention. There's a performance in it. He's only in one long scene gene saks plays jason robards boss who comes to win back and it is the most amazing scene of a man who is a Who is a performance person who is a monster and emotional monster and just want people to like him but he's a bully and his it's an that that one scene I always think is amazing. He plays like the children's chose that he used to work for and what's beautiful about it is he is like a monster in the all he lives for is the approval of others but it also like it's very sympathetic like you understand that this is a sad man and that show businesses. Yeah Okay well, I got a piece let's wrap it up. Jesse thank you for being with us as their stuff you would like to plug I know you yourself have many show I own a podcast network called maximum dot org with a lot of great shows. The only one I would steer clear of is called the Flop House. The Prestige. I. I do I do co and Co host three shows I do an NPR Alton called Arts and culture interview show. Called Bullseye. Of which I'm very proud and if you like interviews with figures from Arts and culture including. Many filmmakers and folks involved in film. Recently, we've had Steve. BUSCEMI. was on the show that was a wonderful interviewer, a wonderful interview, a great great actor and also a great director and Kelly Reichardt who directed first cow I mentioned first cow for scout totally rules what a great movie. I keep I keep putting it off but I need to I, just need to set aside upon what's great about it is. So totally not a homework movie like it's so fun and yeah, it's great. But anyway, let's it's about the first cow to be elected president. And as as you mentioned Elliott our mutual friend Jordan Morris with whom I've been friends. We were nineteen hundred eighteen and I was his Ra in college and I do a show called. Jordan. Jesse go that is a silly bullshit comedy show. Of Which? which is existed now, it's now in going into your fourteen I think something like that. jumped and your head, and it's you know it's liked by people who like that sort of thing, and then I also do a show with and we've all been yeah exactly. You guys have all been guests here on the Max drive episode this year or at least Dan Stu are. So, you can go listen to an episode one with one of the peaches and I also do a show called. Judge John Hodgman that's a comedy version of the People's Court with the wise in Hilarious John Hodgman as the judge and. You know in recent years he's really backed off the key element of his comic character which was bullying. Elliot. So I had to take on instead. Yeah doing. He does occasionally shift to me when he sees but he's also gotten a lot nicer over over the years that's where it he's not a nice. I know 'cause you're the cool one. Yeah he wants you to like him. A. Thank you to all of you for listening. You know go forth and spread the word. However, you may like but for the Flop House I've been Dan McCoy hey, thanks dirty. Deem see I've been willing. I'm. Elise K now I don't know I want to say. Thanks also to listeners. Thanks to Jordan for editing this mess into professional ability. I'm Elliot, Kaelin and Jessie. What's your name to? See You. This rediscuss call of the wild, technically the call of the wild. But why start being pedantic now? Maximum Fund Dot, Org comedy, and culture artists toned audience supported.

Buckwar Harrison Ford Buck Dan Stevens Jesse Thorn Harrison Ford Elliott Sammy Ford Yukon Harrison Ford Stewart Jesse California Jack London Disney Alaska Jack London Jack Northern California Elliot G. He Bruce springsteen Stephen King
Operation Not Forgotten

Best of The Steve Harvey Morning Show

04:10 min | Last month

Operation Not Forgotten

"Sometimes food is more than just food. It's part of our community. So this year discover is giving five million dollars to support black owned restaurants to places like back in the day bakery post office pies, and hundreds more learn how you can show your support at discover dot com. Extending X by is more than just fast. It's Internet. That gives you peace of mind security because if it's connected. It's protected. Even your robot back you. Can Your Internet? Do that learn more at xfinity dot com slash. SL. All Right Steve. This hasn't gotten much national attention. I don't know why but more than three dozen children are now safe. In Georgia, after being rescued during a sex trafficking bust involving state and federal agents authorities said, these missing children were considered to be some of the most at risk and challenging recovery cases in the area based on indications of high risk facile factors such as victimization of Child Sex, trafficking, child exploitation, sexual abuse, physical abuse, and medical or mental health conditions. Georgia. Attorney General Chris Carr praised the rescue effort which was conducted in Atlanta and Macon saying I cannot say enough about operation not forgotten and the men and women behind it do catch any adults. Yeah. Yeah. Some adult. Thank. You. Let's get all. I was on I g this weekend and I think it was Mario. was his I g he did a post. Why isn't this the biggest story in America right now, people that are living in certain situations. You just don't know the story behind every victim there's something. Different and everybody I. Guess. Let me get this out really quickly. There is a national network of community based Crisis Centers for Creek for sex crime victims. Please call this number eight, hundred, six, five, six, four, six, seven, three, that's eight, hundred, six, five, six, four, six, seven, three, eight, hundred, six, five, six hope will have more of the Steve Harvey Morning Show at thirty three minutes after the hour. Right after this, you're listening to a party morning show. In. Nineteen eighty three Diane downs shot her three children killing one and severely injuring the others she showed up for her trial pregnant. Now, nearly forty years later that child Becky Babcock is on a journey to explore her connection with her mother's violent past listened to happy face presents to face on the iheartradio APP, apple podcasts or wherever you find your favorite shows. K Town is a podcast about the explosion, Korean culture all over the world, and why here to stay I'm your host, Choi founder and chef of several restaurants in new. York, city and I believe that food is the ultimate gateway to getting to know a culture and that's how it all started for me. I've been using my passion for cooking to cultivate eighteen for understanding into my culture, and now I can proudly say that I am an ambassador of Korean food and culture and by using food as an entry point, we dig in deeper to the rich and. Fascinating Culture Korea tune into unfiltered conversations with trailblazers N. tastes, makers. This show will explore the unique facets of the Korean cultural phenomenon, the Kogi Food Truck Movement with Roy Choi. How about how to do the ten Steph Curry Korean skincare routine was Charlotte show talking rattling as the only kid in the room with? Yes. You guessed it dumbfounded. We talk to the people at the heart of it all represent and shape this global movement real talk with real people listen to get down when k town on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Roy Choi apple Georgia Diane downs Mario. Steve Harvey Korea Steph Curry Becky Babcock America Chris Carr Attorney Charlotte York founder Atlanta Macon five million dollars thirty three minutes
Chinese Year of the Pig


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Chinese Year of the Pig

"The Chinese New Year of the Paik dedicated to Henny. This is the story to celebrate. The Chinese New Year of the Paik. According to Chinese astrology each year is named after an animal there are twelve animals of the Kodiak and all and each takes its turn to have their year. There's a story which we recorded quite a while ago on story Nori, which explains how the is came to be named after animals. The Jade emperor called meeting of all the animals and the pig was the last to arrive. That's why the twelfth and last year in the sodium back is always the year of the pig. Every year in the Chinese calendar has certain characteristics. For instance, if you are born in the year of the pig. You might have tendency to be late you are also likely to be soft hearted artistic refined. Intuitive intelligent, and while Manit people born in the year of the rabbit make good partners for peixe one of the most famous peixe in Chinese culture is cooled Zubay g. He is a character in the epic novel journey to the west and each is in many Chinese cartoons and TV films as well. Zubay g walks onto lax and looks a little bit like a Harry man, but he has the head of Paik. He was once a God who lived in heaven, but he was always behaving badly. And the Jade ember kicked him out. He fell down to earth and landed in a pig sty when he much from the pig filth. He was part pig. Zubay g joined a monk Khotan Jonzon and his disciple son will Kong a monkey warrior to gather. They traveled to India on a pilgrimage to seek but dist- scriptures. His son Wu. Calm was energetic and extremely skilled at kung FU fighting he was good friends with Zubay Zhee, but like to tease him about his greed and laziness one day when it was extremely hot and the pilgrims were thirsty. The good monk or did the monkey warrior and the pig to go and collect some fruit. But the summa had been so long school ching and dry that most of the fruit in the land had shriveled up on the trees the pig and the monkey trudged along Stony farm track searching in vain for something. Nice and juicy to eat the pool pig with sweating in the sun. So. He moaned. There's a stone in my foot the pay complained the monkey took no notice. Oh, I've got it me the pig wild the monkey warrior new full while the lazy Paik was trying on one of his tricks. But eventually he became fed up of all the complaining, and he turned around to his friend and said. Oh, Kay Jubeir. G you win. Stay an rest here. I will continue the search for fruit on my own the pig was very pleased to hear these words he settled down in the cool grass under the shade of a tree and soon was fast asleep. Meanwhile, sun. Woo calm the monkey warrior when springing on his way. Sometime later Zubay g awoke from his pleasant dreams. He stood up scratched himself still sleepy. He put his foot down on something. It was the end of a rake. When he stepped on it. The other end sprang up and flung a huge fruit directly at him. It was the most wonderful cool. Green watermelon Jubeir g caught the watermelon in his arms, and kissed and hugged. It. He polished off the dust until it was beautiful and shiny. He was so happy. He sang a little song. He. Y'all. For a while. He tried Ebisu hard not to eat the melon. He knew he should share it with his friends, but he could not hold himself back a long he took out his knife. And cut out a slice of the Mellon to check that. It's okay sort of Molin he said to himself. I do not want to thought on my friends with a rotten thought of melon. He wrapped his I e mouth around the delicate read chunks watery fruit. It was so delicious just had to eat another slice and another Fleiss. And as you can guess it was soon all gone. The lazy pig went back to sleep. Oh. Meanwhile, son will cone traveled far and wide, but could not find any food when he returned to find Jubeir g he saw to his surprise that Waterman picks and mind were lying all around the sleeping pig. I'm back. He said, but I couldn't find any fruit. How did you get on? Dream sweet dreams and through much better. Now, thank you said, the Paik, tell me, truthfully. Sunwoo call if you found that foot, would you eat it all yourself? Oh, would you share it with your friends? I would sure it, of course, said Juba g don't you know, that I love my dear friends, I want to share everything with you. Wow. That's good. Then said Sunwoo uconn. I'm the pad retrace their steps to look for monk time schwann's on along the way the monkey pages sneaky trick on his friend. He had secretly picked up the melon rind and the pips every now, and then he drop some of the chew Mellon in front of the pig's feet. Slipped on the men rind and landed on his bottom. But he couldn't complain. Because when he saw the rind he realized that his friend had caught him out for eating the melon on his own and then fibbing about it. And the more of the tail is an easy one. Don't be a greedy pig. But if you your friend is born in the year of the pig. Don't worry pigs have lots of good characteristics to scientists have shown that pigs are some of the most intelligent animals around. They have good memories. And can even Seoul simple puzzles such as dropping would shape into the correct slot. In fact, that'd be delighted to show you just how clever they are as long as you were ward them with some scrumptious food. I'm delighted to dedicate this story to penny from Canberra Australia. Thanks so much penny Penney's founding supporters on patriots when they got in touch last year. Penny was seven unto all of our listeners. Do you know, which of the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac y'all if not drop by story, noy dot com, look at your sign, and perhaps even droppers a comment on the website? We'd love to know what animal you are for now for me tasha happy Chinese New Year.

Paik Zubay g Kay Jubeir Mellon penny Penney Nori Zubay Zhee Stony farm India Seoul Sunwoo uconn Manit lax Canberra Australia Wu Ebisu Fleiss Juba schwann
Best of Season 1: Ching Shih

Encyclopedia Womannica

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Best of Season 1: Ching Shih

"Hey, I'm Cynthia and I wanted traduces of his cyclope, Matica, and if you love is II Kapito Manica and want to learn more about these women or even get to know us behind the scenes. You should go to bolt. That FM SLASH MANICA ENJOY OUR new membership program and again that is at glow dot. FM Slash will. Become a member. Today talked Yassin. Hi I'm allard junior producer here at wonder, Media Network and one of the script writers behind Encyclopedia Will Manica. In honor of a full year of Encyclopedia Lamonica, we wanted to revisit some of the outstanding women. We featured along the way. Today! We're looking back at Changsha. Juncture is by far one of my favorite women that we've ever covered on this show. First of all I think we can all agree that eighteenth nineteenth century pirates are fascinating to read about. I had never heard of Chung show. Despite the fact that she's arguably one of the most successful pirates ever spoiler alert for the episode, she and hundreds of relaxes off completely scot-free. Thanks to her top tier negotiation skills that sounds worthy of extra recognition. This episode initially aired in August for our villain SS month, but I hope you enjoy listening now for our month of favorites now. Here's host Jenny Kaplan to tell you all about junge. Hello and welcome back for Wonder Media Network I'm Jenny Kaplan and this is encyclopedia. Manica today's villainous has a bloody rags to riches tale. Some consider her the most successful pirate in history, and she got away scot-free despite years of plunder. Let's talk about the pirate Queen Juncture. Chung show was born, should young in southeast China in Seventeen, seventy five. Historians don't know much about her early life, but she soon became a prostitute for a floating brothel in Guam Joe. A city also known by Westerners as Canton in eighteen o one when junk show was twenty six, she had her first run in with the pirate John G. He was the commander of the Red Flag. Fleet a horde of two hundred ships with thousands of pirate underlings. Junk says beauty struck the commander and he wanted her for himself. Some accounts say that he ordered his men to raid the brothel and kidnapped juncture to be his bride. Others say that he just asked juncture to marry him, and she agreed in exchange for sheriff his power and plunder. Together they ruled the red flag fleet and form the Cantonese pirate coalition. The fleet included more than seventeen hundred ships and more than fifty thousand pirates. The couple adopted junkies second command establishing an official Air John Shit also gave birth to two sons then in eighteen o seven just six years after they got married, chung-yee died in a rebellion. Junk, ship seized her opportunity. Rather than pass the power to the appointed air, she took over control of the red flag fleet and established the air as her own right hand man. She was a strict leader. She created a system of government with its own laws and taxes plunder had to be registered, and then the pirates keep twenty percent of what they stole. There were firm rules around captured women two. Girls, she deemed ugly were immediately released. Pirates take beautiful women as their wives, but they had to be faithful, reap or infidelity was punishable by death. Deserters from the fleet would also be hunted down and killed. Under junctures rule the red flag fleet captured villages for miles along the coast. She was called the terror of south China. And she took down Chinese Portuguese and British naval ships. The Chinese government was desperate to end junctions reign of terror. They offered amnesty of the pirate fleet if they ended their criminal activities. Around eighteen ten junctures, right hand man started negotiations with the government, but failed to make real headway. Juncture then took matters into her own hands. She marched unarm into the governor's office with seventeen women and children. Her negotiation was quite successful. Almost all of her thousands of underlings walked free without giving up any all they had to do. Kneel before the governor. Juncture herself refused that part of the deal. She demanded the government allow her to marry her right hand man they wed with the governor as a witness and finally Neil to thank him at the end of the ceremony. Junk ship successfully negotiated her way from pirate. Queen very wealthy free woman. She and her new husband even became members of the Chinese aristocracy by imperial decree. After junction second husband passed away. She returned to Joe and opened a gambling house. She remained there until her death in eighteen, forty four when she was sixty nine years old. Tune in tomorrow for the story of another villainous special thanks to the one and only Liz Caplan, favorite sister and co-creator. Talk, you tomorrow. Before you go. I have a quick request. Were eager to know more about our audience, so we created a short listener survey to help us learn more about you visit. Wonder Media Network Dot com slash. To share your thoughts and be entered to win some wonder Media Network Swag. That's wonder media network. Dot Com slash. Also. Post the link in the episode notes.

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Quick Jam #13: It's About Injuries Because, Duh

Bleeding Green Nation

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Quick Jam #13: It's About Injuries Because, Duh

"Support for this podcast comes from Microsoft teams. Now, there are more ways to be a team with Microsoft teams bring everyone together in a new virtual room collaborate live building ideas on the same page and see more of your team on screen at once learn more at Microsoft dot, com slash teams. Welcome in bleeding green nation, it's quick jam episode Thirteen Big News Small Portions you know the drill I'm your host Michael Kissed and it would be quick jam without some injuries to make you want a Jama fourteen, your eyeball, and there's plenty to discuss with the eagles health. In this one, the major news that drop yesterday was that rookie wide receiver Jalen Reagan is banged up again. And this time, it's going to cost him some time. The report yesterday was that rare suffered a UC. L. Tear in his thumb during the week to lost to the Los Angeles Rams the eagles have put Reagan on short term injured reserve making him the second player to meet that fate this week with Isaac C, Malo being shelf earlier in the week. This means that Reagan at least. Three Games and considering that saints quarterback drew brees missed five last year with a similar injury it could end up being more than that through two games rigorous caught five passes for forty one yards he also upon. So it's been a rocky start, the eagles twenty twenty first round selection looking at the Wednesday practice injury report. The Eagles had seven players that did not participate for various reasons. Two of them were as wide receiver does Shawn Jackson and defensive tackle Maliki Jackson but the rest were not so lucky running back Corey Clement is with an illness wide receiver Sean Jeffrey Remains Outer Practice as he recovers from his foot injury John Clark reported that there is optimism that he will return early October in an unrelated note I'm optimistic that my wife is not leading me Jalen. Rigor. As we mentioned was out for the defense safety, Rudy Ford is dealing with a growing knock and the big one is defensive tackle. Fletcher. Cox Cox was playing through a lot of pain in the rams game while dealing with an oblique injury in his abdomen and Derek Gun is reporting that Cox could very well miss this weekend's game with the Cincinnati. Bengals Cox. DOES NOT HAVE A. Sack yet, but he does have seven pressures which is tied for seventh among Interior Defense alignment around the league, and he would be sorely missed in that rotation. If he can't get the green light for Sunday, there were three limited participants in Wednesday's practice. The first being starting right tackle Lane Johnson as he continues to recover from his ankle cleanup and that there were easy days for center. Jason Kelsey offensive tackle. Jason. Peters. So a bit of load management happening for the two veterans. The big news on the other side of the match up with the bengals is defensive tackles, Gino Atkins, and Mike Daniels Atkins's ailing with a shoulder injury daniels little wonky in the Groin area and they did not practice on Wednesday. Their status for Sunday is in doubt moving away from news and. Into some Carson Wentz Performance Related Discussion Rob Stats Guerrero of the United Nation podcast network, and also of the espy nation NFL show where you may have heard him with BGN zoned bill G.. He had a discussion with former NFL quarterback j t O'Sullivan about Jimmy Garoppolo and Carson Wentz came up in that conversation. So let's roll that audio of Sullivan's thoughts on the Eagles Triggerman for Carson. To play this past week, he is starting throw the ball away a little bit. I think that that offense and what they do as far as the RPO game, and now how they're trying to morph into a little play action he in deal with some of that stuff I think he's got a little bit what I consider. Issues you know a little bit more than maybe some other people at least have shown this season you know I don't think like Jimmy Garoppolo is having accuracy issues maybe potentially down the field but who the hell doesn't have accuracy issues down the field every once in a while only one person doesn't and so that element of it but you know Jimmy Garoppolo, not throwing picks on skied check downs over someone's head check nouns you know multiple times in a game you know those types of things that that kind of now I'm starting to think we got we got accuracy issues but. You know for me it's a fine line. If if I was a quarterback coach there I want Carson. wentz. To make plays outside the pocket I want him to extent that's what he does that what he is but at the same time, if it's not clean, check it down if it's you know if you feel like it's contested if the guy's GonNa, put his hand on the ball on a defender. Live to fight another day and I think he's trying to learn that there were more throwaways watching that game than I would've anticipated but still the result is the result. Special. Thanks to staff for providing that clip to us and would that will go ahead and wrap up episode thirteen of Quick Jam. Thank you for stopping by stay tuned for a new BGN radio hitting your feeds at eight am and as always go dominate and have your cells. G.

eagles Jalen Reagan Microsoft Jason Kelsey Jimmy Garoppolo Cox Cox bengals NFL Carson Wentz Carson. wentz Michael Kissed offensive tackle Mike Daniels Atkins Jama brees Rudy Ford Los Angeles Rams Shawn Jackson Fletcher
AP Headline News Mar 01 2019 07:00 (EST)

AP Radio News

04:46 min | 1 year ago

AP Headline News Mar 01 2019 07:00 (EST)

"The two dollar six piece chicken mcnuggets are tender juicy made with one hundred percent white meat and making a big splash on the one two three dollars. And for just a dollar. You can get any side soft drink like a sweet tea Hawaiian punch for the one of a kind flavor of Dr Pepper soaking favorites flowing right now. Mcdonald's only on the one-two-three dollar price of participation may vary. Cannot be combined with any other offer a competent. Okay, guys. Welcome to our key would AGM planning quarterly review central meeting. Business can be complicated. But travel doesn't have to be with my taxi business. You can download receipts and manage multiple bookings online make the smarter choice that might taxi dot com. Radio news. I'm Rita fall. Lay? Congress will launch more investigations of President Trump is campaign ties to Russia possible, money laundering and conflicts of interest this after three days of testimony from his one time versatile lawyer, Michael Cohen who just completed his testimony not much I can say of event it was very productive as I said on committed to telling the truth, and I will back on March six to finish up. There's more to discuss house intelligence committee chairman Adam Schiff says the committee will also here next month from a Russian who worked with Michael Cohen on a failed deal to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. The White House isn't talking about this President Trump reportedly demanded top secret clearance for Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump ordered a top secret security clearance for his son in law, Jared Kushner, according to a report published by the New York Times Kushner who serves as senior. Visor to Trump was granted the high level clearance last may citing anonymous sources the times reports intelligence officials then chief of staff John Kelly and then White House counsel. Don, Mcgann, all expressed concerns about granting Kushner the clearance in a response to the report a spokesman for Kushner's attorney says Kushner's security clearance was handled into regular process with no pressure from anyone. Mike rossier? Washington. President Trump says he walked away from the nuclear summit with North Korea. Because it demanded that all the sanctions against it'd be lifted. But as senior State Department official says Pyongyang only wanted sanctions lifted that effected it's a Konami and it's people not weapon. Sanctions to northern California towns cut off after a flooded river overwhelmed them following days of heavy rain are expected to be reachable by car today. Meanwhile, in Ferndale California man died when he was carried off by a fast moving current. This is a pay radio news. Andre Previn has died the pianist composer and conductor. Career spanned the worlds of Hollywood, jazz and classical, but it was all music to him. He once said he didn't consciously change gears when he played classical or jazz. He won ten Grammys and four Oscars for his music, including the soundtracks for my fair lady and g g he played with many of the world's major orchestras and made dozens of recordings with them that's on top of the jazz recordings. He made Previn married five times, including to actress Mia Farrow. She tweeted may resting glorious symphonies. I'm Archie zaraleta? Some students at lakeland regional high school in New Jersey are upset that they won't be able to make a grand entrance by taking limos to their prom. The high school says prom goers have to take school provided buses to and from the venue in June. The school superintendent says it's matter of safety and equity for all students when senior said riding in a limo was going to be the best part of the night. Rita Foley, AP radio. Hi, it's Jamie, progressive's employee of the month two months in a row. Leave a message at the. Hi, jamie. It's me. Jamie. I just had a new idea for our song about the name your price tool. So when it's like tell us what you want to pay. Hey, the trombone goes, blah, blah, blah. And you say we'll help you find coverage options to fit your budget. Then we just all do finger snaps while a choir goes, savings coming at ya. Savings coming at ya. Yes. No. Maybe. Anyway, see you practice tonight. I got new lyrics for the rap break. Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Price and coverage match limited by state law. Five our teen with caffeine from green tea leaves. It's delicious energizing incomes in three amazing flavors with zero sugar and four calories. It fits your life with its compact size important ability. It goes where you go to the campsite, the hiking trail the beach without weighing you down five our team caffeine from green tea, leaps. Release your natural site from the makers of five hour energy. For more information. Visit five hour energy dot com.

President Trump Jared Kushner Andre Previn Jamie Trump Tower lakeland regional high school California caffeine quarterly review Mia Farrow Dr Pepper White House Mcdonald President Oscars Michael Cohen Mike rossier Washington Adam Schiff Hollywood
5G kind of sucked this year. Here's how it may get better (The Daily Charge, 12/10/2019)

The 3:59

06:43 min | 11 months ago

5G kind of sucked this year. Here's how it may get better (The Daily Charge, 12/10/2019)

"Okay we've talked five G. all year but let's be frank. It's actually been a huge disappointment. We break down. Why should still hold out some hope for twenty twenty stick around for your daily charge? Good morning daily charge. It's Tuesday December tenth. I'm Roger Chamber ally Blumenthal. I'll let's get headlines five G.. He has been well underwhelming. The next generation wireless technology came into this year with a huge amount of hype but it was a confusing from the start. I was eighteen five. Ge which which again is not real five G. that we had verizon grand launch in the handful of city blocks for is a few stadiums as well but only certain sections could actually actually access the network T.. Mobile aspect launched this nationwide network and has tested last week. Speeds refine but just a minor boost over four G.. So what do you what do you make of all this. It's still very very very early days for Jay. Do you think the carriers kind of overstepped things by hyping five gene. Were probably guilty of this. Because we've we've ruined the crap edify G. But do you think we're we went overboard. The industry go overboard in hyping five G. Well I think there's a couple of factors that play play. I think five she does have the potential to really be transformational technology. That that's real. Yeah I mean it's not obviously there yet but but it in in due time it really can be can provide home broadband Internet wherever you are and there's something to be said for that right. That will enable a whole host most of new things whether it's driverless cars or you know Remain Telemedicine Chair. All that is very much possible but at the same point in time we have to take baby steps instead of just thinking we can run before we walk right and I think what the the issue I've had. I guess for this year and really the last last year leading up into twenty nineteen and a lot of talk and a lot of rhetoric about how twain team was GONNA be the year five G. U. These first commercial launches and all these launches turned got to be fairly limited from a consumer perspective like the experience is generally not been great. No it hasn't As you mentioned verizon a handful city blocks yet though the city blocks if you're wanting to stand outside on the street corners amazing you can get really really good speeds over gigabit. At has moved away from twenty one cities but they're not letting anyone touch it yet. Yup that won't be until twenty twenty and then lastly there's sprint rights which actually I think has probably the best sprinters have been the best now work out there. If I were to rate I five G. Networks. Yeah print would actually be number one. Even though they're only live in nine cities right they actually work indoors and out with a notice. A very very notable speed boost used. You're getting one hundred and fifty two hundred megabits per second indoors which is great. I replaced my home Internet for a couple of days with it and it was fine. I played xbox live fine browse. The web streamed and four K.. It worked also. We have some reason to be hopeful for Twenty Twenty Shar tip kin and I story over the weekend about why five he might be better for next year. We're looking at the processors that type of modems that are able to access more bands of five gene. Generally the things are going to be better cheaper and more accessible for people right has happened with technology over time it gets a lot better. The early adopters. The first wave Pretty much always been you know buggy. Relax editor missed. This hasn't necessarily been bulky but generation to is going to be a hell a lot better than generation one and generation to is really right around the corner at this point. I mean the Galaxy S.. Eleven has been rumored timpee featuring it in Samsung usually reveals that around February march timeframe. So yeah they should kick off a new way. The five phones at the early twenty twenty hopefully are not grossly expensive awesome so one of those crossed fingers crossed. I speaking of T. mobile sprint. Two copies went to court yesterday of Duke. It out with more than a dozen state. Attorneys General were suing to block their merger. The outcome has huge ramifications for the wireless world of T.. Mobile and sprint are victorious. The deal could reshape. How you get mobile service the lose well a lot of questions about what what happens? A Sprint Hewlett you there in court what would you say so. There's kind of an odd first day in court so the judge actually got rid of opening statements which kind of threw everything off because both the N. T. mobile sprint. Were ready to give their remarks. These are big law firms in relief to talk so so actually paid to talk actually delayed things a little bit. The first person was Roger Soleil. Who was who is T. mobile an optimal who's chief marketing officer He didn't really say too much exciting. Not Not much that we didn't already know of the stays sprint. Yeah he pretty much stuck to that. It'll be interesting interesting to see what happens over the coming weeks when you have people like John Leger. T. Mobile CEO CEO. Mike Seaver T. Mobile Co but soon to be CEO level. Ray Charlie Ergen the dish co founder. Right we may be coming into become a wireless player. Yeah my mind I think Charlie Ergen is probably the most interesting witness because has he really has to make the case that his company is willing to invest and become that viable fourth competitor. Something the company has shown no willingness to do in the past right. They've had spectrum for years lots and lots of it and one of the big critiques that the ages Megan it's very valid. One is that he has no experience. Running wireless company dish isn't a terribly thriving data like company. They're making money hand over fist. Core businesses like not that. Well runs right so now all of a sudden you're GONNA go take a stab at wireless that's not an easy transition right. And we're propping up a fourth carrier to replace the fourth carrier. That doesn't really seem like it's going to go to make a lot of central. Be Interesting to see how I guess. Charlie describes himself and describes his ambitions. Well well we can only hope that John Legend drop a couple bombs during his testimony. I doubt it I know beyond his best behavior but that would be amazing to see in court it would and the Strauss else going to be pretty quick depending on how many hours each side uses the same could be wrapped up before Christmas. That's what the judge said basically wanted like I don't I don't want to spend Christmas dealing with this. Yeah he he can get this done. You described two different scenarios at least yesterday December Twentieth Friday December twentieth as one option or Monday December twenty third okay and it kind of was asking both sides to really pick one of those dates and wrapped us up by them the daily chart or Roger Chan. I'm Paul thanks for joining us.

Ray Charlie Ergen verizon twenty twenty T. Mobile CEO CEO Twenty Twenty Shar sprint Roger Chamber John Legend Samsung Roger Chan Ge Jay Roger Soleil T. Mobile Co twain Blumenthal G. Networks
Morning Reflection  May 5, 2020  Stew Sheckler

Beavercreek Christian Church

06:56 min | 6 months ago

Morning Reflection May 5, 2020 Stew Sheckler

"It would it be seeing hope. You're doing well you get to see my pretty face two days in a row Hope you don't get tired of it. No seriously thanks for joining us for the morning reflections This morning I wanted to talk to you about a A passage of scripture a been reading through a bid. Bits at a time here and letting the the story can wash over me I was reminded of the stories in Matthew Chapter Fourteen It's about Jesus walking on the water. They've millions story to you. You guys have no doubt Whether you've been part of the Church for Longtemps you've just started digging into it or if you've never really gone church right. This is a story that many people know of Jesus walking on the water But I was reminded of the story Because Don and I were being nostalgic Here recently and we were listening to an old group that we used to listening back in College And just right out of college A group called audio adrenaline. I don't know if we've got any audio adrenaline fans out there I was a big audio adrenaline fan. I actually got see before they before they made it big and And I had a youth group One of my first youth groups that actually loved audio adrenaline so Listen to him lot but there was a song on their album. Called Bloom called walk on water and we came across that and we started listening to while we were in the car one day and I was reminded of how impactful this song and the story were in my life then I was like I wanna I wanNA explore that again. I WanNa know that that that those ideas again so I started reading the story again and so you you. You know how the story goes right. the the disciples they get in a boat. They start across a lake in we say lake Was Pretty Big Lake Right? We're not talking a measly little paw. We're talking a pretty big lake with its own ecosystem and its own weather systems around it and they start across lake now. The interesting part to me is is that At least four of these twelve guys. That are in this bode. They they familiar with the lake. They grew up on the leg day. There were fishermen. They knew everything about all the folklore. They knew all the mythologies around it. They actually knew that. Many people believed that Water or big buddies water was kind of entrance to the afterlife or the underworld whatever and many Jews had adopted that idea We're not sure if James or John Peter. Andrew believed that but we do know that that was all part of being on the lake along with knowing the fishing knowing the current and all that stuff and and that's when they see Jesus Jesus had been sitting on the other side of the lake as they left instead of going around. He decided to take this moment to show them how How powerful His God was that how God was working through him and this starts walking on the water and as he walks out on the water they see him and they go. Oh it's ghost. Look INTO GHOST OF COURSE. Because they underworld they afterlife. They're thinking you know. They're thinking all mythologies and the folklore's wrapped around nest and then Jesus just belt out. It's not a ghost sweet. Jesus and that's when one of the most poignant moments happens right one of the most. Poignant moments happens Jesus or Peter. Goes Jesus master if that is you he says. Give me the word to come out to you on the water and Jesus said come along then come on out now. I don't know about you. I like superheroes. Obviously Swimwear Batman by life is filled with those kinds of things. I enjoy reading comic books and and thinking those things through and if one of my heroes like Batman Superman or captain America the hall For somebody like that said. Hey here I want you to try. I think you can do this. Says Hey I think you can fly. Would you try because any shown me how to do it? I mean that Mrs Hey man I think you can help me with this case. Are you in a totally? Let's do this right. This is that that's the idea that's going on here is. Peter believed that g he could be like Jesus that he can so. If Jesus was walking on the water he could walk on water he was like his rabbi. But you know how the story goes right. He stepped onto the water and he begins to sink and he screams master. Save me and that is what Jesus does reaches out grabs. Me Puts Him in the now. You can imagine what the other disciples are doing especially peers brother injury. They're laughing at him they're going. You're crazy what do you do you can walk on? Water man was up in. Jesus stops them all he says. Look at you guys this is why did you doubt as recently reminded that when he says that? Jesus was reprimanding them for not believing him or believing in God. He reprimanded them for not believing in themselves. Because you see Jesus believed in them. He would not have called Peter out onto the water if he didn't believe that Peter could walk on the water like and I think when Jesus says why did you doubt. He's not questioned their faith in God at all. He's questioning whether or not they believe in themselves whether or not they know that God believes enough. The Jesus believes that they can do what? They're what he is doing. And that is so encouraging because when the CBA role when when I am scared to death that I can't do this. I can't take the next step. I can't move forward. The Corona virus is going to define my life. I recognized that my God believes in me. My God loves me and knows that can do this so it's more and BCC as you take the next step. May you know that your God believes in you.

Jesus John Peter lake Was Longtemps Matthew Don Mrs Hey Andrew captain America James two days one day
CRUSADE Channel Newscast February 11th 2020

CRUSADE Channel Previews

07:45 min | 9 months ago

CRUSADE Channel Newscast February 11th 2020

"Hey It's Mike Church reminding you that. Life's biggest challenges can be conquered by prayer. Well here's a little secret. Brain is made more powerful when you pray in Latin but most people are horrified or a vitamin even trying. Well you're not alone. That's why I'm proud to introduce you to the prey. Latin prayer car company. In no time you'll learn the our father. Hail Mary and and Blurry be prayers. In Latin Latin prayer cards available at Mike Church Dot Com forward slash learn Latin Ray Ladan because the devil aches aches Latin Crusade Channel News News. You can trust because the truth can be trusted. I it from the Crusade Channel News Desk. Here's Stacy Cohen. Good Morning Crusaders. Welcome to Tuesday February eleven. Twenty twenty twenty. I'm Stacey cohan reporting from the Crusade Channel News Desk at the Cohen Ranch in Winkelmann Arizona. This report is brought to you by McClure tables using in Michigan hardwoods in Michigan to make the best made in the USA Shuffleboard on the Market Chef Alon over McClure tables dot com. That's M. C. C. l.. Oh you are. E- tables DOT COM. Here's what to listen for this hour. President trump decides that New Hampshire would be a perfect place to hold a rally last night another. US citizen gets the Wu. Han Corona virus and Virginia is for lovers. But you have to be married president. Trump said he was looking to get under Democrats skin. Monday with a rally in New Hampshire on the eve of the state's first in the nation primaries and of course he wasted little time quickly reliving his dramatic extent of the Union speech with thinly veiled. Shot at House Speaker. Nancy Pelosi I had somebody behind me was mumbling terribly trump mused as chance chance of lock her up broke out very distracting. Very distracting trump continued. I'm speaking a woman is mumbling terribly behind me. There was was a little anger back. There were the ones who should be angry not them and then thank Pelosi for giving republicans the highest poll numbers. They've ever had or at least since two thousand five. According to a recent Gallup Survey Pelosi who ripped up trump state of the Union address as soon as it concluded was widely criticized sized especially after video emerged showing. She had visibly torn some pages in advance. They've been pummeled by millions of dollars and TV. The ads had repeated chances to see the major candidates up-close sometimes in neighbors living rooms and they've watched debates play out on TV while now they're about not cast ballots but for whom New Hampshire's voters are of course notoriously picky. They're spoiled some would say as a result of the attention they get every four four years but this year's indecision appears to go a little deeper many voters appearing almost paralyzed not just by the breadth of choices. They face but by the way to the stakes as they struggle to find a candidate they can believe in and they can believe we'll beat president trump. The number of Democratic primary voters who report uncertainty about their choice is significantly higher than four years ago. That's when the primary featured a relatively straightforward binary decision between Vermont Senator Sanders. Here's and former secretary of state. Hillary Clinton said Patrick Murray he's director of the Monmouth University. Poll which has repeatedly surveyed voters here fewer. WITHIN HALF THE STATE'S VOTERS IN MON- mouse most recent survey said they had their minds firmly made up by contrast about sixty percents said so four years ago coming up are saying that the day he built and redecorated many churches in Rome and transferred many relics from the catacombs to churches in the city quota the day and now l. these three remain faith hope and love but the greatest of these is love. One Corinthians thirteen thirteen you're listening to crusade channel L. News foundations are stored is the epoch seventeen DVD or streaming download series that completely refuse that most pernicious of modernist errors evolution. This course is visually stunning and has presented so that lay people can arm themselves with truth in the fight against the evil that is Neil Darwinism to order. Simply we use our handy oriented per se channel Dot com forward slash Adam. And right now your first two episodes are free or now say channel Dot com forward slash flash are saying today is Saint Paschal. He was the son of a Roman. He studied at the later and was named head of staint. Stevens monastery which house pilgrims to Rome Glenn was elected pope to succeed. Pope Stephen The fifth on the day that Stephen Died January twenty fifth eight seventeen emperor Louis. The pious agreed to respect Beck Papal jurisdiction. But when Lewis is San low-fare the first came to Rome in eight twenty three to be consecrated king. He broke the pack by presiding at a trial involving a group group of nobles of the Pope when the two papal officials who had testified for the nobles were found blinded and murdered. Pasco was accused of the crime. He denied any complicity but refused to surrender the murderers who were members of his household declaring that the two dead officials were traders and the secular authorities had had no jurisdiction in the case the result was the constitution of loath hair. He was severely restricting apple judicial and police powers in Italy Paschal built and redecorated many churches in Rome and transferred many relics from the catacombs. Two churches in the city although listed in the Roman martyr. Yala G he. He has never been formally canonized. His feast. Day Is February eleventh thirteenth person in the US has been tested positive for the Wuhan Corona virus according to a spokesman for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The patient arrived in the US. Last week at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar on the flight from Wuhan and has been held at the University of California San Diego Medical Center no further detail on the patient's condition were provided. The patient nation is the seventh person in California who is contracting. The virus others have been confirmed in Arizona. Illinois Massachusetts Washington State and Wisconsin the death toll and the cured one hundred eight people died from the virus in mainland China. Monday bringing the total death toll there to one thousand sixteen gene China's National Health Commission said two people have died outside mainland China and Hong Kong and the Philippines nearly four thousand infected patients nations in mainland. China have been cured and discharged from the hospital for Jinya is for lovers. The married kind according to State Code. It's illegal for unmarried people to have consensual sex shirts not widely enforced but Virginia. Democrats say it's time to scratch the relic of a law for good after a potentially hundreds of years on the books Virginia House of delegates repealed the crime of fornication last week in Virginia Code Fornication consensual sex with with an unmarried person isn't legal guilty parties could pay two hundred fifty dollar fine some states abolished fornication laws quite. Recently in two thousand eighteen massachusetts acid -CHUSETTS repealed its fornication crime statute and Utah. Did the same the following year. Utah did it. OF COURSE UTAH. Did it send then me you. News tips to news at Crusade Channel Dot com stay tuned to the crusade Janelle with live breaking news updates all day the best live talk radio anywhere up next the Mike Church show continues. I'm Stacey Cohan for the crusade channels seeking news and finding truth.

President trump New Hampshire Rome Nancy Pelosi Virginia US Stacey cohan China president Twenty twenty twenty Mike Church Utah Michigan Crusaders Mary Stacy Cohen M. C. C. l Mike Church
GOP losses embarrass Trump from Kentucky to Virginia

The Daily 202's Big Idea

11:48 min | 1 year ago

GOP losses embarrass Trump from Kentucky to Virginia

"Good morning. I'm James Home from the Washington Post and this is daily two. Oh Two for Wednesday November sixth excellent in today's News Gordon Sunland changes his story. Bill Bar Pushes to release a report critical of the Russia. Probe by Thanksgiving giving in a tight knit Mormon community mourns the massacre of women and children in Mexico But first the big idea. Democrats are claiming victory. This morning in a close Kentucky Governor's race and they've taken control of the state legislature in Virginia. The results of Tuesday's off your elections have left Republicans stumbling and increasingly uncertain about their own political fates next year as their increasingly we tied to an embattled and unpopular president. Many allies President trumper rushing to explain away the poor performance of incumbent Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin while all other GOP veterans expressed a warm about the party's failure in a state that trump won by thirty points in two thousand sixteen and where he campaigned on Monday night. Although Bevin was controversial and widely disliked he was also a devotee of the president embracing trump's agenda in his anti-establishment persona and in the contest's the final days Bevan's sought to cast the races a referendum on impeachment which two and three Kentucky voters oppose. But that wasn't enough and Republicans skins got blown out just like they did in the midterms in the suburbs outside. Cincinnati and Louisville Democrat. Andy Bashir declared victory early this morning. With a lead of several thousand votes and all the precincts reporting Bevan is refusing to concede allies. Have Mitch McConnell. The Senate majority leader. WHO's up for reelection? Next year in Kentucky argued that Bevan's lost doesn't indicate any looming trouble for him. They say it's all on Bevan. Who Challenge McConnell in a two thousand fourteen primary no love lost their some Republicans however ever also viewed Beshir's appeals to moderation as a sign that Republicans can't take red states for granted instead of drifting to the left? The son of former Governor Steve Bashir this year railed against Bevan's divisive style and his attempts to impose work requirements on Medicaid recipients trump campaigning. Fared much better in Deep Red Mississippi facility where Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves defeated Democratic Attorney. General Jim Hood in that state's governor's race. Perhaps the biggest story of the night though came in Virginia Democrats gained control of both Houses of the Virginia. General Assembly for the first time since Nineteen ninety-three Democrats flip at least two seats in the state Senate at least five in the house of delegates to claim majorities in both the sweep completes eight dramatic political conversion from red to blue of southern state on Washington's doorstep. The last Republican in the Northern Virginia Delegation Delegate Team Hugo went down. The result enables another remarkable double rebirth Democratic Governor Ralph North just nine months after nearly resigning over the black face scandal stands poised to be one of the most consequential. Virginia governor's in modern times. The New Democratic majority is younger more diverse and much more liberal than Virginia Democrats of the past northern promise last night to work with them to enact stricter gun control measures protect. LGBTQ rights and fight climate change. It's not your parents Virginia. But it was a night of historic firsts. Gonzala Hosh me. A Democrat is the first Muslim woman ever elected to the Virginia Senate. She captured a suburban Urban Richmond district that had been held by Republicans in Arizona. Regina Romero is poised to become the first woman and the first Latina to be the mayor of Tucson Kentucky elected Republican Daniel Cameron as attorney general. The first African American ever hold that post and sify Khalid was elected to serve on the city council in Lewiston Maine. She is a Somali immigrant. And that's the big idea. Here are three other headlines that should be on your radar this Hump Day number one. This is important. Gordon Sunland the US ambassador to the European Union significantly revised testimony. He gave less than three weeks ago to house impeachment. Investigators he now says says he told a top Ukrainian official that. US assistance to the country would likely resume only if Kiev opened investigations requested requested by trump. There would be damaging to Joe Biden in a supplemental declaration provided to the House impeachment. Investigators on Monday sunland wrote quote. I now recall speaking individually with the Ukrainian official and in that conversation saying that resumption of US aid would likely not occur until Ukraine Ukraine provided the public anti-corruption statement. Someone's new statement adds to a growing body of testimony by senior national. Security officials describes an effort directed by trump himself and his personal attorney. Rudy Giuliani to link nearly four hundred million dollars in security assistance to investigations. That that would politically benefit the president sunland. Who got his ambassadorship? After giving a million bucks to trump's political efforts cleaned up his sworn testimony only the after he discovered that other witnesses had contradicted him and undermined claims that he made under oath issuing this statement insulates him from potential perjury charges interest in his opening statement to the House last month. Sunlen said he had no knowledge whatsoever of the White House holding up security assistance to press for the investigations but then a week later Bill Taylor the acting. US Ambassador to Ukraine Challenge dunlins claim Taylor testified that sunlen in a meeting with Ukrainian officials in Poland in September had conditioned the release of the funding on an investigation targeting. The Biden's after word got out about what Taylor had said behind closed doors. Someone's attorney Bob. Lufkin said his client didn't recall it. Someone now says that the testimony of Taylor's and others quote refresh my recollection the transcript released yesterday of Sutherland's deposition highlights how much power Giuliani is. A private lawyer has over crafting official. US foreign policy. The impeachment impeachment also announced that they have formally requested acting White House. Chief of Staff Mick. Mulvaney appear on Saturday. He's not expected to comply. But a senior adviser to Vice President Pence and is likely to comply with a request. Testify on Thursday Jennifer Williams would be the first person on pence's national security team to appear. She has knowledge of how much the vice vice president knew and when he knew it about the efforts by trump Williams was on the phone call on July twenty fifth. She's a longtime State Department staffer. Who's it's been detailed? The pence's office as a special advisor on European and Russian affairs number two Justice Department officials are trying nine to release in the coming weeks a potentially explosive inspector general report about the FBI investigation into trump's twenty sixteen campaign. One person involved in the discussions tells us that the target date for the report's release has been November twentieth but another indicates that the Justice Department is unlikely likely to deliver it by then and it is more likely to come after Thanksgiving because of the complicated and contentious mix of legal classification political issues at play the the reports findings will mark a major public test of attorney general bill bars credibility given his past suggestions of significant problems with the investigative decisions that were made by a former FBI leaders involved in the case the findings by Inspector General. Michael Horowitz will also set the stage for a separate but related investigation led by a US. Attorney John Durham of Connecticut. He's investigating how. US intelligence agencies pursuit allegations that Russian agents might have conspired with trump associates during the twenty sixteen campaign officials have recently said Durham's investigation is now pursuing potential criminal charges. This bar is spent weeks working on the declassification decisions. As Horowitz scrutinized a lot of classified information to assess how the FBI VI launched and pursued this investigation related cases but a number of key figures in the probe have yet to receive draft sections of the Inspector General's findings which they they do that standard operating procedure that suggests that the public releases still at least a couple of weeks away. It is possible to that is draft language of the Horwitz. Norwood's report is shared with different people. The entire process could get bogged down by disputes about the accuracy of certain passages the. Ig's work is independent of the attorney general but in in this case the two guys must work closely because the inspector general doesn't have the authority to declassify information. Bar Does Lindsey Z.. Graham the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Republican from South Carolina is planning to huddle privately later today with bar to talk about the planned. Roll out of the I. G he report Horowitz notably not been invited to that meeting Republicans hope they can time the release of the report for maximum impact to help the president number three. This is really tragic. Three mothers set out on Monday morning in a caravan of SUV's leaving leaving their isolated religious hamlet in northern Mexico with fourteen children in tow wary of the drug cartels that patrol the region families families like theirs from the fundamentalist Mormon settlement of La Mora new to travel by day to avoid danger and they knew to travel together but the women hadn't ventured far when for reasons that are still unclear armed attackers descended on them. Gunman sprayed one. SUV with bullets. Then they set it on fire killing one mother in all four of her children a few miles. East gunman opened fire on the other vehicles. Killing doing the two other mothers and two more kids several other children were injured and airlifted to a hospital in the broad but tight knit community of ultra or religious Mormons. Where so many are related by blood marriage and friendship? The violent deaths of three women and their young children rippled out relatives. Say the six children in who died ranged in ages from eight months to twelve years Lemara where the families lived is a one thousand Acre ranch community. In Mexico's does Sonora State that includes about thirty to forty households. Many of the residents are dual citizens. Some of the families grow pecans. Others are ranchers. There's in some bounce back and forth between Mexico and the United States for construction work and that's the daily two. Oh two for Wednesday November sixth. Thanks for listening. I'm James Holman. If you WANNA get more news about the impeachment inquiry you can now subscribe to a new podcast feed from the Washington Post all of our audio updates on the inquiry or in one place including the latest from the daily too

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Madrid legend Casillas announces retirement, Bayern interested in Kubo

The Real Madrid Podcast

10:14 min | 2 months ago

Madrid legend Casillas announces retirement, Bayern interested in Kubo

"Welcome back everybody to the rather podcast. Now, don't forget. You can catch up with all of the previous episodes, the podcast via the website at www dot around podcast dot com via all of the major streaming providers. Now. Apart from preparation for the Champions League meeting with Manchester City. There is plenty happening all field Cuba's destination for next season will be revealed in the next few days is desired set be somewhere where he will get at least forty plus games next season of. Vigo in Granada of all registered interest as indeed of violent Munich. However, this was immediately to Dab Cuba who wants to remain in. Spain overall with thirty clubs around Europe, you registered an interest in taking the young Japanese into national. Denials coming in thick and vase from look your wages camp off the fringe media reports that there was agreement in principle for the strike to team up with his form of Frankfurt. Coach. Niko. His new club, Monaco Napoli and Midland remember still. Keen to take him next season, his agent has already Max with clubs versus there has been nothing to add since those meetings a couple of weeks ago. So jagged launched future could be in Spain Germany or in the premier league in England severe desperately wants to keep him the next season as they prepare for a campaign, which of course, includes champions, League Chelsea, and now a viable alternative. I've expressed an interest in taking him online. The FA Cup winners continuing their summer will apply is said to prefer to stay in Spain now over the course of the last few months. Months it was thought that modern era, God would finally be returning to ramage it to begin his career after spending three and a half successful seasons of Alexa V. Hatem, Vein Tessa in the Dutch Z. and software dad last season to date the twenty year old Norwegian International as made just one appearance for real. Madrid's first teams signing five years ago. Now, it was back in May of two, thousand, fifteen, he appeared. appeared. In these seven three victory of at Guitar Fade it is now being reported blazers out will spend that second season with rows software data has Luca. Moderate continues to be downs number one choice in what is the final year of his contract water. Camera Binga has been the subject of intense speculation over the last few months. See Seventeen year old play continues to interest trump's rum France England Spain, and Italy birds with. With, the financial constraints most clubs on now operating under some a move is seen to be very unlikely as for the players views and opinions. He said to be no hurry to it unless he can go to his preferred club, which is set to be Real Madrid according to French media. He's told his current club he is prepared to wait until the deal materializes is contract with ran runs until twenty, twenty two. Where unwash-. Next four, Danny. Samaya, who held awesome to win the FA Cup the weekend despite the much repeated comments, batteries, affection vol- rail, Matisse. It's highly unlikely that here we play their next season player. Himself added these comments when asked about his future, he's at off not yet spoken to route mature at right now, I'm disconnecting from footfall to spend some time with my family. It's been a very difficult season winning the FA Cup as being a huge achievement for all of us are. are onto a couple of players who have been heavily linked with moves to Madrid, between Avalon, themselves cast Adrift Fabian Ruiz at Napoli after months applying hot again, APPALACHIA dealer entities looks like he's not going to be keeping his manners. Madrid's interest has cooled and gone away. It's reported the other is donate vanderbeck covered I, X. now, that was said to be an agreement in place to sign him for forty million euros. This summer that is a deal now will not happen which. Overly worries it down, of course, because he never really wanted him in the first place. Former Madrid goalkeeper Eka AC- announced on Tuesday his retirement from Klang. He made his Madrid debut twenty, one years ago. This September, he went on to make five hundred, ten appearances for the club before his move to FC Porto back in twenty fifty, where he went holds back another one, hundred, sixteen appearances that also made one hundred, sixty, seven appearances for the Spanish national team in a very successful sixteen year international career. Is. Agency has been talking about his client's current situation and potential future. He's lost G. he had numerous office to leave the club, but he decided to stay the Dan gave him Benny, any opportunities? He knows that he's responsible for making his own decisions and what he has to do if he wants to change his current situation Marianna celebrated his twenty seventh birthday on August. The first he started just three games since he arrived from the old back in twenty eighteen and staying in frowns momentarily Zinzan has been possibly unsurprisingly voted as the best coach in Europe my friends, sports media, he yielded cloth into second-place pep guardiola. Thurdsay Dan took fifty seven percent of the overall vote now, quick look ahead to Manchester City this week and some of the stories which are doing the ranch today, and if you're looking for good luck airman's than they are not thin on the ground, you have to go fifty years to the last time. Madrid came from a losing physician at home to go on to win a European tie. That is much Moldova in today's media and continuing with the slightly gloomy outlook for some, there is also no shortage of people getting what they believed to be a poor return in terms of results, rid hat when they'd been that. That canton Sergio Ramos to lead them on field. But it isn't all, as it seems as was pointed ads since two thousand, ten eleven team of one more league games without him. Seventy five, eighty percents, they did with him, sixty seven point, six percent however, in champions. League that reverses slightly they won sixty eight point, five percent of the Games when he's played to sixty, five, point four when he hasn't in recent times, they've won one game out of seven in champions. League when Remmel was absent as for Manchester itself. Madrid of got a good record that they've lost just two of the seven visits to the city. Course. That against Manchester United as Guardiola's home record, he's played one hundred, six matches at the Hanley's lost. Just nothing. But Row Madrid. Do Have Tiba. Coo. Trois. In who has no equals in Europe this season twenty. One clean sheets in all in League Champions League and supercup. Will be looking to do something though that he's not done before on nine previous attempts. That is keep a clean sheet against Manchester. City. Now, since we've been here round, Madrid have released a statement about Ecus retirement. Here is some of the highlights of it. They said given the announcement by efficacy about is who Thomas from football as a professional player remedied wants to show appreciation admiration and affection. One of the greatest legends of our club World Football, the best goalkeeper in the history of row Madrid and Spanish football. US At the age of nine, and he was here for twenty five years being one of our most iconic captains. EKA CASSIA says the love of Real Madrid and as a benchmark of the values that represent rail Madrid today. One of the most important football is in our one hundred and eighteen year history of flair whom we'd love and admire as a goalkeeper who has helped build the legend of Real Madrid with his work and exemplary behavior both inside and. And outside the club says by as a professional flat for the first team, he played seven hundred, twenty five games doing sixteen seasons in which you nineteen titles. Three European cups three. Club will cubs to European Super, Cups five leaguers to King's Cup. Some force Spanish supercups in Portugal with Porto. He's achieved two league titles. One Cup one. Subic. Africa, the Spanish national team, he played one, hundred, Sixty, seven times during which he won't one will up to European Championships. The under twenty World Cup as well. You can find the rest of the statements on the Ram, the trade website, and finally today Casamayor who has interviewed in Brazil. Toki, batteries. Future you said now isn't really the time to talk about the see also added a few woods on Gareth Bale. He said, you know this isn't the best time of his career. The six of everybody around I'm sure he is still going to be a very important player for us and that just about wraps it up. Then four today, I'll be back later in the week with the latest news in the buildup to kick off against Manchester. City in the meantime advocate, you can catch up with all of the previous episodes as we said via the website at www dot podcast, dot com, all all of the major streaming providers for the moments though for me Tim capable till later in the week. Bye. Bye for now.

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The Tidy Robot

Bedtime Stories With Nennis And Douglas

16:14 min | 4 months ago

The Tidy Robot

"Take turned. Story is coal. The Tali. Bowie doke. Mateo wasn't scared of the dark when he went to bed because he knew that his house was as safe as for trysts, and the mummy and daddy were either downstairs, watching television or somewhere nearby. Not to mention haze covers were warm. Loic a shield. And there was a little light on in the corner. The was protecting him whiny. Close his always. There was nothing to worry about. I normally, he slept very deeply untouched, one two full dreams. But One? He couldn't fall asleep. Hey you this was nothing to worry about, and he'd fall asleep eventually. But it got later and later. At, he heard his mommy and daddy brush their teeth in Deir Baath. And that he heard them softly close the door to their room and turn off their light. Bet, he heard Dottie snore. But still he couldn silly. I then. He heard a noise. It wasn't a scary noise east, but he was curious noise. Matteo new. Mommy and daddy were asleep and Granny Houghton Com. Device it I know frightens were sleeping over and the Gold Bache was in its time sleeping AIDS little house by the Rock. So what could be? Very bravely Matteo got out of bed and rob the covers around him Leykis Shield. And opened his bedroom door. He listened. There was the noise gang. It was calming from this spare room. Eight sound eight as if someone was moving things a boat, but very quietly. while. I'M MOUSE Mateo quickly open the door to the spare room flicked on the loit. It was nothing scary. But, it was something very all usual. They're standing boy the waste Pay Papa skit with a ball of screwed up paper in one metal claw was a small square robot. Stared at Matteo upset Louis terrified. While met. Cao's dared bucket. -solutely mystified. A hot three wheels the bottom on all little round body. To arms with pizzas on the ends, and I hate like a shoebox with big all these loic Avocados. Tale was about to coal for Mommy but the Tony Robot put it finger to its mouth and looked at Matteo desperately. Please, don't set the robot. They'll throw me away this toy. Oh throw you away site Matteo. grownups the last time they got tired of me. They threw me off into the. This time they'll throw me away for sure. Through you up into the take way set Matteo twelve years there go set the robot. So, why don't But sometimes allowed to come down and work. Oh, hey, burst into tears. Twelve years that go set Mateo. But we've only lived here for six years because all in four and Mommy and daddy moved here two years before all you was born so four and two a sakes. We've lived here six years. The VO! joss tall eight, Hey! All we know. Matteo. People who gave care birth four us? put You out there. Way would never do such a thing. Molly Mommy and daddy are noise you. Tell them. I'm here all the same. You said the robot. On, Matteo Sore that was trembling. What's your name off to Matteo? Set The robot. Because how else similarly supposed to called yeah, San, Mateo. Little robot for. Name as you g eight say. And so you come down out of the loft thought Matteo. Were called. What they you work at? McLean in robot, said you she. Clean everything up, but then I put everything back the way it was before morning, because otherwise the grow gulps. Would no I was? Hail for about this and it made him berry he saad. Here, was coined little robot. The nobody loved, but who came down every not take clean up because he was cleaning robot, and then how own toity everything again just so, hey wouldn't be found phoned. People, who didn't even live here anymore. Walls track. Comb way the ME UGG sent Matteo. Wear said the little robot. Off Half to show you something, not Ko and you g entered his bedroom. Though was lots and lots of toys and Matteo sat down next to a toy crane. Here he said Beckoning Ugg over. Join me here that play. Play Ost you G. Well. It's why near way near make things and make things happen. Say Mateo. Only say Roy. Say Gee and sped over and began put in all the little toys into a storage box. No. We doesn't mean et them away. Laugh to Matteo yet. Don't always have to toity. You have phone wealth ugg. Maceio loading some bricks into the CRICHTON and raising the bucket up on, then joined aiden. They had fun huge. She had never played before and he was hop- eat is hit ever been. Not Ko didn't remember going to bed knowing, but he most of done because he woke up in the morning under his covers with mummy in the bedroom. All! Vase Mess Matteo their toys everywhere. When will you learn to totally up? Upstairs in the Loft Yuji was hoisted signed listening. Matteo does mummy was angry? They made a mess and it was all hayes poked. He is so he. Hey, never come out of the LOFT AT GANG He only caused trouble I. Know He'd Got Matteo in trouble. Eight stay up here for ever and ever. Well the next few nights. Matteo listened out for you. G But Dayton. Hair as saddened. After three nights of Whiten Walden solely morning, he pulled down the ladder to the. And climbed up. It never been up here volumes self only dodgy long toy ago when he was a baby. Eight smell funny. On was a little bit Buki. Matteo was grave on frolicked on this switch to Lloyd the only bad bulb in whole space. And there walls you she. Sat in the Corner Croix and. Mateo when and sat next to him. And told him the because they were friends. If you G wasn't gonNA, come out of the Arctic that either was hey. Who Stares Mommy and daddy were making lunch Matteo. Come Down Plays Mommy yelled. Down there was no reply. All Owen following dim soy daddy. When daddy got to the top of the stairs and said Matteo No. There was no roof ploy. While dotty checked mateos bedroom, he checked the bathroom. He checked in the shower. He checked on his mummies bad. But Matteo was nowhere to be found. But then he spotted the hotch to the Arctic was lightly open. A pulled down. The ladder climbed up I'm sore. The Loy was auden. There in the corner. Coddling, a very scared, little robot. Walls Matteo. What are you doing up here and who? May Tao's Dadis. He's faded. He stared. I ruined the loft. Couldn't Buzzy, he walk. He was sad. The old tools and paintings. That, Christmas decorations the old suitcases. They were all toity clean and perfect. Not Tales Daddy walked around slowly in a daze. Song Buddy must have spent days on days sorting all their old clutter. NEAT rose on perfect Paul's better than the nicest shop in the world. Who who who did all this stammer Mateos dotty? Not, tale stowed. Dodge this as you G. He cleans things and he's molly framed. Dottie walked over to you. G, who trembled whenever he thought of a grown hope because grownups had always been so main to him. dotty smiled warmly. Held out his hand. Hello, you g same dotty. All EAM calling. Thank you for all your hard work. Would you like some lunch? Well from day four. Would you? G was a member of my Tao's family. He ate dinner with them. He went to Peacock Park with them. and. He even Hadi's owned. Let all bad in Matteo 's room. Bought some times if Matteo woke up in the night. He could hear Yuji doing wall ugg Lloyd doing, bashed. Totally de-icing up. But? No, he didn't have to live in. See Cra- anymore, so when he toyed up a deaden halftime. Mess things up again. Hey was the happiest robot in the world. In the toity east hosts aid tattooed. Nowy. Remember. You can find more maintenace Douglas on Youtube instagram and spotify.

Matteo Mateo Matteo Sore Matteo No Molly Mommy Ko toity Dottie Bowie doke Arctic Loft Yuji loic Granny Houghton Com Bet Gold Bache Yuji CRICHTON dotty Leykis Shield