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"g you. c you" Discussed on Gwinnett Daily Post Podcast

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"g you. c you" Discussed on Gwinnett Daily Post Podcast

"Georgia teacher of the year. Save money when you finance your next vehicle at georgia united credit union with arlo rates. We can help you keep more money in your wallet. While fi bars can enjoy rates as low as one point. Nine nine percents. Apr with an easy online application approval. Times and flexible payment terms for qualified barbers. Visit g you. C you dot org slash low rates. Although programs rates terms and conditions may vary in subject to change without notice. Call eight eight eight four nine three four three to eight for details. When it county police are asking for the public's help to identify a suspect in a shooting at a norcross area apartment complex. The incident happened at about nine five. Pm on may first. At the veto apartments by area m- complex officers responding to a call about found a man who had been shot in his lower back. Please did not specify the victim's condition after the shooting. The only description of the suspect released at this time is that witnesses claimed a hispanic male shot the victim from behind before fleeing the area. Anyone who has information is asked to contact the police governor. Brian kamm sign legislation to limit. How much local governments in georgia can cut funding police agencies. The bill forbid cities and counties from cutting the budgets of most police agencies in the state by more than five percents over a five year period except during times of financial trouble such as seen during the covid nineteen pandemic governor camp frame. The bill as a show of support for georgia police officers who continue to sacrifice their lives for the sake of others despite growing backlash from local leaders in communities over recent high profile killings by police including the death of george floyd in minneapolis last year. They continue to sacrifice their life for the sake of other and as we all know radical movements like the fund the police movement seek to vilify the men and women who leave their families every day and put.

george floyd last year minneapolis Georgia georgia one point more than five percents may first Apr Nine nine percents georgia united about nine five five year g you. C you Brian kamm credit union fi bars rates eight Pm