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"furred verte" Discussed on Bitcoin Radio

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"furred verte" Discussed on Bitcoin Radio

"What's up cream Radio Ismat Joe Blackburn? Joined with me is are the managers. Can't Paulie what's going on Jim. Oh my goodness what a week. The game boys pack it up. Qurna go home bitcoins done see Aleida a `love' `love' Jim. Great great great use of that awesome system. You've got back over there well what's up. WBZ Say thanks Jim for that. Awesome intro in that that welcome. Obviously obviously bitcoins. Could've been a little bit steadier. Seventy one hundred seventy one fifty. I feel like if we stay at this price for pretty bullish actually moving up at some point. Of course it's opinion. I'm always bullish Polish. Shut up jam. I don't WanNa hear all that Jim shaking his head for those less. Now I've been reading. I've been reading the facebook posts. I've been reading a a game over dude back it up. bitcoins done bitcoins bitcoins. Dead and buried my dude. I did hear some things but we'll get into that here shortly as people may notice here for the Thanksgiving. I'm at my folks house. I'm borrowing my dad's office. I'm sitting here trying to make Internet connection work down here in the state of Alabama Obama and Jim. I know you're back home in your typical Jimmy Fallon Studio so As this holiday we can get caught up you know and we get there on Thursday and happy could drive the be respectful. Losing me. Now I get you back your back. Yeah be respectful and have a safe holiday. I mean this is a holiday for the the. US folks we're talking worldwide. But I mean in the stop and take a second to just think about what. They're thankful for the United States and for me. That's how foolish I am on Bitcoin and Jim's got all these really crazy ideas because old new Jim. Oh there's been scouring Internet finding everything he can about. bitcoin is going down to two thousand hours. So tell me what you've learned. Yeah Oh yeah you know what I did see. Some people. Saint Two thousand a lot of people were saying thirty five hundred and then it'll bounce awesome. Then it'll die like it's GonNa Bounce just die again But yeah you know what two thousand and I feel like that could be too because the price is going down pack it up. BITCOINS joins over game over man. It was fun while lasted. Or you know Y- Gem I the thing is I understand and I appreciate the way. I don't think Jim actually feels feels that way. People were gonNA pretend like he does tonight. I don't think that's actually the case. But I love his ability to be the devil's advocate here. And we're GONNA have a slight discussion about this. You know your your thanksgiving. You seem bitcoin go down. Guess what twenty seventeen. We had an awesome Thanksgiving everybody but that twenty seventeen. The price was just about where it is today. Jim and that's what's funny. Is what a difference that feeling is because we were coming from the bottom of what we consider a low but it was really a high at that point which was at twelve fourteen. Fifteen twenty five hundred three thousand five thousand or runs next thing. You know November twenty seventeen Jim. Guess what. We're at six thousand bucks. Well guess what two years later. We're at six seven thousand bucks. Guess what last year I I think what we were around six or seven thousand bucks. You know I mean it's it's been pretty consistent how this the November's have been around this price regardless list of which sit at what sediment you feel. It's been steady at this price. Isn't that interesting. Yeah Yeah I mean I have heard the other side of it is people say it's just the holiday holiday sale. It's just bitcoin. Though the Black Friday came early for bitcoin still just slashing prices. So you can get in on it now. Is there like you mentioned you know Thanksgiving you know we're we're. We're on the cusp here. Now for the people that do go home for Thanksgiving and you you try to talk to your family about crypto. Now if they get a little wind of this you have to try to explain yourself now with this. I guess the Fund is the right word shirt regularly yet. No I think it's a great question especially because you know. We have bitcoin for Christmas right. So mouse felt myself. Jim Josh Donaldson View. Others Ashley Meredith. Obviously in all the great work with mouse vogue is the developers. You know we really All pitched in our thoughts ideas we put together all these things to be able to have this conversation with folks and although it says Bitcoin for Christmas I mean it's irrelevant with the holiday is or whether it's a holiday or not. It's just a place to go and be able to have resources that allow you to not only see. Hey this is a way to to be able to Explain certain information but the guide allow others to figure it out for themselves. which I think's really special? It's important that we recognize that. This is hard to understand. It's a concept that people we are ready probably have a generic idea about and if they had thought really highly of it already began. So everybody you're talking to hasn't bought end right folks so that that population that people that have not bought in they they need to be spoken to and you don't have to fight with them to get your point across right if you start arguing you're going to be like oh big ones right and there'd be like bitcoins wrong just because people just argue they all have this idea that we're all on the Internet still and at and a little bit of money instead of flavor you're GonNa get a recipe for disaster so handling yourself properly really important Jim to to your point here. I think it's very important time for people to get caught up refresh on the basics of bitcoin. Why does it matter? How does it work? What is the expectations? And what was Sushi's original intentions. What we're his? What was the reasons why he was doing this? And if you think back people if you go back to two thousand eight in there in the financial crisis does it surprise you. That two thousand nine you know the to- she's worked began and then by two thousand ten January two thousand ten. You know we were really up and going going in two thousand nine. We're up going January. And then she did. We made our our first one year anniversary of a a working product. That's why we are here today right so think about that not. Bitcoin was literally born from that moment in time that financial crisis whoever they are that person he or she or non binary as as Actually likes to remind me It it's irrelevant. Who Said Oh she is I just know this? They saw that there was a problem. They fix it they say. Here's a solution rather than complained rather than vote for this person that person who has done nothing they just fixed it and we're used but yeah but that's kind of my thing though. Is that the monkey wrench into the idea of Bitcoin for Christmas. Because does it make it a tougher sell right now because even people in the community acts acts like it's dead and I understand that just because the highs and lows of you know watching the charts and all that but it's almost harder to talk about now when you have it's like you have more of a barrier to go up against the try to explain someone not in the space because if you tell them about bitcoin and then they google it and they see we all these articles that are about how bitcoin going down the you know how do you do. You have tips to overcome that or just kind of focused more on the other positives positives behind something like rather than the pricing yet. Though I mean obviously as we all know don't want to get shot Josh Danielson good to see you man. Tim Pace AC- the Andrews on there. I was just arguing. We I think we were kind of arguing about Tesla but we really we weren't. We're kind of saying the same thing so good to see you as always ap but look the barriers the expectations of a conversation. How to to to get in how to how the new words it comes down to this gym Jim and this is my honest opinion? Is that you can't force this concept on people now for Bitcoin for Christmas. If we're smart what we're doing is buying five or ten dollars for our friends and family and giving that away. Bitcoin for Christmas is my in my opinion. It stands for me giving you Jim or getting my brothers or somebody. Bitcoin and there is no better way of getting through somebody then saying here. Here's some bitcoin for free. Even if it's just five bucks right yes everybody not not not. Everybody's able to incapable of doing that. I get it. I'm not in your to pass judgment or say say one thing or the next I can at least portray this image though in that as a magic. Everybody in crypto giving a little bit of Bitcoin and how how many people are going to have them start paying attention to what bitcoins doing and if they start seeing maybe it's going up maybe it's going down. Maybe they're starting to to put into perspective. How this thing works? Maybe they're trying to send it to their new bitcoin wallet because they wanted to add some more. Maybe they're now able to explain to somebody. Hey I got bitcoin and it becomes popular. Hey look someone gave it. I've got it actually. I think it's up a little bit. Like five like fifty cents. They only give me two dollars. But you know that's that's the beauty of this whole thing is that it's it's it's always been you know peer to peer even marketing right. There's nobody marketing Bitcoin Actually I take that back If you haven't heard or seen it yet folks you're going to see a very soon. And that is the white furred Verte. Football Club from the Premier League is Bitcoin on their sleeve. You know and I mean. Think about that. If you're in the premier league every time someone from that team scores and they raised their hand and excitement. You're going to see big went on that shoulder. A Little Birdie told me you can get more information about that on Friday show by the way. Oh Nice be on the look out. So yes and of course. I just interviewed them as Jim. The the One of the producers and editors the entire show. WHO's listening to every single word probably more than me You know he's he so kindly let us know that. That's the Friday show so be excited about that folks. 'cause it's GONNA be exciting. Hey Do you think that's a decent understand like that's the way I portray it to answer your question like what do you think Jim. Is that good enough in your opinion. Yeah I think so and I guess it's just the tough thing like putting it in those terms though is if you give like I'm just thinking more from the I guess quote normally perspective affective because I i. I'm not quite enormous..

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