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What's next for Alabama after star LB Dylan Moses' injury?

The Stephen A. Smith Show

01:20 min | 4 years ago

What's next for Alabama after star LB Dylan Moses' injury?

"Dylan moses <music> star linebacker for the alabama crimson tide <hes> has been ruled out indefinitely me injury requiring surgery <hes>. He's gonna be out obviously. That's a devastating blow for the for the tide <hes> particularly when you've got a team like clemson we trevor lawrence way with georgia and furmano's boys waiting would oklahoma jalen hurts former ormoc quarterback at alabama outta starting quarterback that oklahoma and the lincoln riley him waiting. There's a lot going on make no mistake about it and it's gonna it'll be really interesting to see what transpires what unfolds in the weeks to come. <hes> that's devastating loss <hes> looks. It's like a season ending. Injury doesn't look like a dilemmas. We'll be back at all so that's a devastating loss. Valla alabama make no mistake about it just absolutely positively devastating. Nick savings gotta figure out here something out tornado sia. That's what he's suffering from.

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