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"frus macarthur" Discussed on Last Podcast on the Left

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"frus macarthur" Discussed on Last Podcast on the Left

"Devastating i can't just like dick blossoms no even right the term to go google search because none of it's good that used to just be jokes back in the day like you gotta check out purple waffle wasn't purple i blew up blew off owner like oh what's that and then you look at it and then they lavaggi we were like that was discussed you remember lemon party that was make not will manure but we have some new news today that i guess we'll start talking about well it's not news it's new old news but i'm if nice to dive deep into it but we wanted to talk about the crimes arrest of bruce macarthur right new toronto serial killer that very pleasant looking a couple of rough weeks toronto local news i mean toronto had happy story because he's got caught i mean he was he was doing his reign of terror what seems like possibly since nineteen seventy five he was frus macarthur was born in nineteen fifty one he spent his childhood i love this report here with his sister and parents a sturdy looking bungle i get the feeling the author of this for what is this the national post like wants to write about homes i think he wanted you're on the true crime watching like well down i will squeeze in the line sturdy looking bungalow which was also henry nickname in school i think it's maybe a bet off as bad as how many times can be sturdy looking bunker how does anyway that is not what we're talking about but it's he so he was also canada's got a thing with small houses yes because canada loves their cabins they're all obsessed with cabins everybody's working for the weekend or to get back to the cabin so to me when i hear bungalow i know l a renters term for bungalows that is a shed behind a house that you fifteen hundred dollars a month oh was at sturdy looking most of the time it is shanti look poetry looking so stood rested let's do this so he was arrested in january and now he's been charged a fish lee with aac ounce of first degree murder and most of the slane's were of men who vanished from the city's gave village so they called it gave illegit would like a fun place.

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