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"froth eiger" Discussed on Travel with Rick Steves

"Things you'll see when you hike in the Swiss Alps. If you time it right you can even watch the cows being paraded down from their grazing meadows. They got their bells on and to really the bigger. The bell is the more prestigious. That cow is. They're all pedigree for warmer vacations. Kiki dear says you can't beat the Philippines. It has some of the best diving in the world. You can go swimming with Welsh shocks. You can track in Angel of rice. Terraces do can even hike up. Active volcanoes and Terry Tempest Williams explains how she bought oil leases on Federal Land Near Her Home Mixed Arches National Park at rock bottom prices. We purchase them at a discount of one dollar fifty cents an Acre if you can imagine that are public lands for sale to lease oil and gas for less than a cup of coffee. What'S THE UTAH worth to you. Let's explore together in the our head on travel with Rick Steves. It's looking like the government is declared war on America's public lands at least that's how Terry Tempest Williams sees the trump executive order that rescinded federal protections. In her home. State of Utah. She tells us what's at stake and the innovative ways. She became what she calls a conservation buyer to prevent drilling near where she lives. Just outside of MOAB. We'll hear her story in just a bit on today's travel with Rick Steves and a British travel writer tells us why the Philippines is one of her favorite places anywhere in the world. Where at eight? Seven seven. Three three three seven four to five. If you only ever get to visit one place in Switzerland I'd recommend the Berner Oberland. It's the high country round. Enter some of the most famous mountain peaks in the Alps. There are dozens of hiking trails. That take you through glacial valleys to enjoy wildflowers and waterfalls Golo. It's my favorite place for taste of traditional Swiss mountain living in some of the most stunning scenery. You ever see when he lived there. Don Camera wrote a detailed guide to the hiking trails of the Bernese highland. He's here to help us get ready for an afternoon. Hike in the mountains done welcome pleasure dumb. I understand you know the trails of the region so well because you actually lived there for ten years in a little village I Decided to go traveling in one thousand nine hundred sixty and I made Switzerland my base. In fact a little town called Gimmel. I ended up staying at the youth hostel. They're often on for about three years. And then they ended up going up the hill and Managing Walters Hotel Mitha Gorn for about six years and when I first discovered Gimmel. You're already there. I think and I was still at the youth hostel. Utah's blend there's some graffiti on the wall upstairs in the Hustle says if Heaven's not what it's cracked up to be send me back to gavel. Yes people just fell in love with Gamma fault. What what are your memories of just away from the tourism but just living in this little community high in the Swiss Alps without any traffic or where almost everybody has the same last name. Well it was kind of what I was looking for this little quiet small village. Nobody spoke English back there. Twenty years ago. It's a little bit different now. There's people that speak English because of of the tourism that's in the area But it was just a small dairy farming community. The youth hostel run by Lena. Remember Lena Lena she's like human goat. Lena yeah she She charged I think three or four francs for the youth hostel. So people didn't really come to stay for the night or tune as they stay for weeks and sometimes like myself and you could cook for the price of groceries. Alpine commute ten cents to cook To Cook Food. And then moving up to Walter's. Walters was an inexpensive hotel with about thirty eight bids but it had a million dollar view hotel mid dog horn. If you have the of the Doug Horn and much more. When people go to Switzerland a lot of people go to the famous towns. So they'll go to interlocken. I want to Interlocken for several years before I realized all the magic is up. The Hill town says you know. They're they're utilitarian there. That's where you can pick up your groceries or validate your train pass or whatever but then you go to the high country and south of Interlaken which means between the two lakes Lake Tune. In speeds south of interlocken is a valley in at branches in left and right to the left is Grendel gold and that's famous in so many ways and all the big tour buses go there and there's all the resort hotels but to the right you've got louder Bruin Valley and that's the value fell in love with and that I fell in love with describe loud to Brunen valley and even the name Louder Brennan could mean lauhgter. Mitch means many and Brennan or springs or or water sources and in the value. Got Over seventy waterfalls. That are kind of falling off the side. Now I've I've driven up that valley in a sunny dry times and I kinda go. What waterfalls but then if you come there after a big rainstorm. It's just thunderous with waterfalls. All around you. Yeah those seventy become a hundreds. It's busy in the ski time and busy in the hiking time When you're there in the hiking time you still use all the ski lifts to get around. Describe some of your lift options from the valley floor. There's two ways that you can go onto the ones that you can take a cable car up to grew chump Hike or take the train to Marin. And if you want to go up higher you're going to be taking funicular to almond who will maybe or a cable car up to the chiltern even across the valley. You've got the Ume Frau Yolk incredible tunnel through the EIGER. All the way up to the top of the saddle below the young fro yum. How tall do you have any idea how tall that is? How something like ten eleven thousand thousand feet? It's above ten thousand because you can feel the attitude. You get a little bit dizzy when you get up. There's nothing to be concerned about. I always feel a winded. When I go up there climb the steps and I just feel like I got to get in shape but then I remember. Oh I'm at eleven thousand feet. I can cut myself a little slack. Exactly I mean. They have a written all over the place. Don't you feel like this? Don't worry about. It is normal natural. Just slow down sit down and slow down and then this mountain lift tunnels through the Eiger. It actually stops halfway up the north face of the EIGER and the ultimate challenges for rock climbers. And you look out halfway up this cliff. You're looking down on the lower horn. Which is where they have the World Cup almost every year. You're looking out towards interlocken. So you're looking northward so you can kind of see the lowlands and then you can see you can see burn from those little windows at you're looking and you may now nowhere to look but there are probably rock climbers frozen hanging on the. I was going to see. Some of them are really with US anymore. They're just hanging there and they can't get to them the helicopters inaccessible so they know that there but they can't rescue them. This is travel with Rick Steves. We're talking with John Kamara about hiking in the burner overland in the burner overland. You can really experience a lot of amazing folk culture. The traditions survive very well in these high community at least survive. I don't know about very well. I understand the Swiss government recognizes the value of some of these traditional industries. And doesn't just let it die. The death of this small family farm in the United States but but subsidizes. So it's it carries on what's the case there? Why would they do that? Well they like to have the dairy farming industry for example to to continue a tradition It's a way of life and there are people that are many bulow still in the dairy farming industry. But it's not. It's not a living that you can really make a living at considering the economic situation of Switzerland when everybody's making much more than a farmer would so the farmers need to be subsidizing needs to go to the big city and become software programmers exactly so they're struggling but they're surviving these small family farms and we can see that business metabolism and we can actually sleep in some of these places because many rent out beds done commercials. Our guest right now travel with Rick. Steves Michael in Chumsford Massachusetts joins us on the line at eight seven seven three three three rick. He has a question about hiking in the Swiss Alps. I Michael decided as a monk to take my summer trip to Switzerland and I'm going to spend a couple of days in Bernie's open land. I'm really excited. And I just want to know what are the some of the best Hiking trails one can take to get the most iconic view of the young crowd among the Eiger That is the ultimate sort of Panorama. The memo canoe the three great peaks. What is it done? The Immune Val Mahnken Ogre. What does that mean in Swiss German the monk and the Froth Eiger is an ogre an ogre yeah and the monk is a monk a religious monk and the young fellas young maiden so got the monk protecting the young maiden from the older the ogre. Exactly Oh what. A charming frozen. Ice Glacier filled a scenario now Michael wants some of the classic views in the Burner Orlando. You lived of the algorithmic in the for. Yeah you can get that a couple of different ways. Downloadable evaluators the shelter inside and then. There's the vague insider the the client shedding side that would be where the rallies I can young really right in front of the clannish. I dig right but you don't have to get the client to get the view of the of the monk and the young crowd. It is a fantastic view. And the right in front of you when you get there which is taking a train from Lauder Brunen to hang on and then you can continue on by train to climate. And that's where the train starts if you want to. That goes up in the mountain into the eiger through among young frog. Or you can look at the views and I sometimes think they might even be better from the other side Schilthorn side in louder bring you take the cable. Corrupt grew job train or walk to Muren even just a train ride or walking to Muren. You see the monk in the young for the training. Self you take the funicular up to good shop and then this it's built for the view in fact what's the name of that train the Panorama fart that part is the German word exotic journey Panorama journey. And that's the Panorama far trained that goes from Grachov to Mirren And just on a sunny day. There's nothing like it but Michael. You you're going to be there and you're going to be bathed in views everywhere you look. There's views and there's famous views there's less Amos views but there's a little place game of all the DINU may remember. I just loved when there was a moon rise going just a couple hundred yards away from hotel. Duggan sitting a bench but thank the is like the farmers in the village place to these three or four benches right there and you could sit there and it's just it's silent it's twilight and there's a village below you. And there's a few farmers to puttering around and you know the cowboys are happy. And then you see the moon rising over the peaks. It's just is something magic about that view. I just got a lot of therapy out of that view. I think Michael you've got to go over there and check it out. Yep Thank you by the Berner. Oberland in the middle of the Swiss Alps is our destination. And Don Camera is our guide right now on travel with Sixty Kathleen joins us on the line from San Francisco. Hi Kathleen.

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