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"frontino ellen" Discussed on Ellen on the Go

"L. E N to five hundred five hundred. Now before we move on. We're back on. If you're just joining us, my co hosts. Ed glavin Mary Connolly, and special guest. We have what we knew you're the leader of all, the sandy, by the great seat, you name something that you wish would have happened differently in the in the Reese axe because, you know, not everything goes your way you always want something to be different. Was there anything that we didn't get to? I don't know. There was anything that was that. Thank you. Here's my here's another thing. I'll think about it a lot that as soon as done. I can't remember the phone. My dad had. Like who'd you produce this week? I'm like, I don't know is there. So you're on the floor with Andy and Mary. Yes. Andy low Sassa me every time, do they know about my Twitter, right? The bigger the starring they know about my Twitter. Twitter. Of course you do. And so I'm in the booth with Kevin and whole host people is director. Do you ask Andy to ask for pictures to be shown when very aggressively? Just happened. I think so today, we're standing releasing the segment cases. It's Matt Allen is an our eye line. And occasionally we're writing to Ellen ask for this picture, whatever. But this one is so aggressive, and I'm saying, over the headset ten, there's a picture apparently about Senator Dole to the family picture the family, the picture of the valley. No one cares. No one cares about this. And then he's like, and then he'll go, we didn't get to the story we have to get to this story and I met seven minutes. Heavy you could add it. Yeah. Starting to see. What would sit down with us at the beginning? What happened at the end of the reshow that not even Reese, new happen? Yes. Set it up. Calf set it up camp during the interview like we mentioned Reese, and Eleanor insanely competitive with each other, and they're fighting over who is better friends with America's sweetheart. Jennifer Aniston, right? My friends, I can fourth and both of them you joking with actually convinced. One point. She goes now, this is when we joke this serious, this isn't, sir. Frontino Ellen's texting all the day, whatever. So we're like, oh, this is great evidence new jettison forever. Yeah, thirty years, our first guest sixteen years ago. So then we say goodbye, the Reese, Witherspoon, she actually knows, Jen longer than I do. She leaves the building. You're slow stupid. So she leaves. She leaves the building building, Allen's like are still doing the show. Yep. Bring me my phone. My phone. She need her phone phone looks out to audience and goes, I'm gonna call amnesty. The audience went insane. It was such a fun, spontaneously. Really? Here's what happened with that. I'll do that. Time. But there's one thing I need to do I am going to settle this once and for all. Do I need to put it on speaker? Call you back. The nail..

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