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"frito ferrall" Discussed on Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald

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"frito ferrall" Discussed on Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald

"Well, I have a really remarkable person in front of me who live to tell a harrowing tale and has a movie coming out about it in which you star in and produce and wrote, which is amazing. I've seen half of it. I was telling her I didn't want to see all of it. Because sometimes you guys say that I ruin it then for people, and I I want people to see this that I also want people to understand the subject. So I am here with frito ferrall, and she was a victim of sex trafficking. And I really did not understand what this was about. Until I started to see the movie and the movie the incident, this horrible thing happened to you how long like a decade ago. We're I think it's like fifteen years ago about fifteen years ago. Okay. And so how old like why don't you just start to tell your story because where are you from originally? What's your accent from I'm from Sweden? You're from Sweden. Okay. And so where were you living? What what tell the whole story of how it kind of happened. And then we'll get into like the making of the movie I was living in London at the time. I was in drama school, and I had just graduated, and I was Oxford circus walking around going to h m you know, looking around, and then I was gonna walk home. And this guy pulls me assigning us. Hey, we're doing shoot. Would you be interested in? And I had been modeling for many years before that when I was really young like sixteen seventeen at this point. How old are you twenty four? Okay. So I wasn't like thinking, oh is a weirdo. I was thinking. Okay. I wonder how much like maybe this isn't good cash. I don't have an agent anymore. So I don't have to pay fifty percents of the agent, you know? Oh, yes score. So I was like, well, what is it about some questions? And he told me what it was about something really simple half a day shoot as okay, Joe car, do a website just something I can check out of this show. Of course, gave me a car is giving me call tomorrow. If you're interested walked away. I was like, okay. Fair enough. I went home. I, you know, the that time the internet wasn't the same as it is now. Right. You can stock someone terribly now. But you couldn't then like you ju I couldn't find out much more than actually what was there. There wasn't like. And what was there a real photography website? Yeah. Just a normal photography website. Yeah. Good. Photographer. So okay. Good to see him. Saw. Good to me, and I called him back. And I said yeah, come in for forecasting. Can you come in today or tomorrow said sure as I'm out of work actress? It's like I'm very available..

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