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"frimley castle" Discussed on Noble Blood

"It didn't take long for the council to hear rumors of mary's growing number of supporters marching from east anglia to london. It wasn't just religious conservatives who supported mary there were many who just genuinely believed that the legitimate succession shouldn't be overturned for religious purposes and they saw jane grey as a political pawn which she was by july nineteenth dudley marched with three thousand men mary at frimley castle in suffolk had twenty thousand. The rest of the privy council realized that they had made a serious miscalculation and bet on the wrong horse. They hastily proclaimed that. Mary was the legitimate queen effectively ending what some consider to be the nine day reign of lady. Jane grey mary road into london on horseback victorious with her half sister elizabeth riding beside her. The city rejoiced some sources. Say that such a celebration had never been heard in the city. Before mary tudor who had been abandoned and cast aside humiliated and hurt was finally queen of england lady. Jane grey became a prisoner of the tower where she had merely hours before been a would-be queen awaiting coronation but mary decided on mercy though jane grey would be tried and convicted of treason. Mary chose not to actually act on the sentence death. Although of course jane grey's father in law was killed at this point. Mary was in her late thirties. The most important thing to her was restoring england to catholicism but to is well aware that if she failed to produce an air the next queen of england would be her protestant half sister elizabeth and so mary. Queen of england set out to decide on a husband. There were a few options for her and more than several advisors vying for their favorites to get the position but the only advice that mary really cared for was that of the holy roman emperor charles v who had been an ally to marry and to her mother ever since she was a child and she was briefly. Betrothed them charles. Her cousin had advised her went to give into henry's demands and when edward the sixth was making his protestant reforms. Charles was there to offer mary and escape to the continent if she needed it. Mary trusted him. Her life had been a series of betrayals by her father by edward by the privy councillors. Trust was hard won and valuable and it was rare in mary's life. Charles suggested that. Mary mary his son philip. Mary agreed her counselors. Were outraged. philip. A slightly younger man was a spaniard. That was bad enough but his father. Being the holy roman emperor as mary's husband legally phillip would have control over her right and since she's the queen does that mean he would have control over all of england's resources. Clearly all of these things need to be straightened out and again. I think it bears repeating. He was a spaniard gas. But mary was queen and she intended to act as one. She said that she would put the issue of her marriage to parliament and if they objected only then what you withdraw her choice for a husband and so parliament put together. Something called queen. Mary's marriage act a strange compromise where they ironed out the kinks of a woman. In power for the first time phillip would be styled king of england and all acts of parliament and official documents would have both his and mary's names but only for mary's lifetime england wouldn't need to provide any military support to phillips. Family and philip couldn't act without mary's consent or point foreigners to english offices. No one was really happy about this arrangement. Not even philip. Who was miffed that he wasn't getting more power. He was only married mary for political reasons. He wasn't actually in love with her. But when i say no one was happy about this arrangement. I do mean. No one was happy except mary who did really love philip and who had tremendous affection for him and was thrilled at their union but the country was furious. Marriage act or not. Everyone knew that a woman submitted to her husband in marriage and now they're queen would be submitting to a foreigner. Add to that the anger among protestants. That mary would be undoing. All of the protestant progress made in the country. There was outrage upon the announcement that she would be marrying. Philip there was a rebellion led by. Thomas wyatt the younger with the goal of deposing mary and replacing her with elizabeth. Mary put down the revolt handily and efficiently and arrested all of the conspirators. She also arrested elizabeth although she wasn't personally involved. Elizabeth remained in the tower for two months before she was put under house arrest but one of the conspirators in the white rebellion was lady. Jane grey's father. That family was still causing trouble trying to overthrow mary yet again. It was at this point that mary decided that mercy for the grays was no longer necessary. Lady jane grey and her husband..

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