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"french merz" Discussed on The Popcast With Knox and Jamie

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"french merz" Discussed on The Popcast With Knox and Jamie

"You're a comedian who's a woman who's forty seven. That's a tough age to be in Hollywood. It isn't that Sean RIA like you've gotta be real hot. You gotta be Sandra Bullock to be able to pull off a career that you do. I think it's it's a commentary on how if she's going to be successful. Because like I like when Reese Witherspoon is like I had to make my own way. I had to write my way off. But it's like, but you you look whether students so you didn't really. But someone like Amy Poehler, you do have to create you have to originate all your stuff. You can't squander it. So I think maybe there's I don't know. I would have liked to see her do something different than the house and sisters, even though I know why you did it. I completely understand it. So that was probably an enjoyable filming experience for you. We're gonna have to be away from home for three months. These seem like lovely people to be away from home with. So I think miss Katie Miller. I think she's right. That's a good comment. Yeah. No, it's good. Jennifer Howell said Hailey Baldwin because her last name is now Bieber. Almo push back and go tell me what Haley's alternative is. Can you? Can you tell me because I like real talk just like objectively is I mean on no she's a model, but she likes hot. You know what I'm saying? Well concern angles. She looks like like, what's the guy? Chad Kroeger from Nickelback like if you shaved his face angles. She look she's not Victoria's Secret hot. But she's runway hot for sure. Like she is runway hot. It's like Bella Hadid. You can tell me all day long. Bella Hadid is hot. I do not think she is hot later. I think she's skinny and like pitzer boobs on the Instagram a lot like she has freed the nipple. I get her name was Barbara do French Merz, which should be high still. Oh, I don't think. So right. It's just that she's Bella Hadid. And she's what is she the sister to the hot one chichi?.

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