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"freiburg stewart" Discussed on Bro Bro Bro Bets

"Don't hate that under mitt. I just saw. I just saw the total. I was like that is way too high. I especially hawaii traveling. That far distance like all the way to the states. Just kind of a struggle so. Ucla's defense last year was top. Twenty five against the run number sixty against the past. Hawaii was actually number twenty six against the past number one hundred against around. That's why i thought. Ucla was just gonna keep it on the ground. Fucking classic chip kelly oregon it was spread and it was uptempo but it was a lot of running. This wasn't a ton of blood pass chip. Kelly likes to run the ball. They ran the ball sixty percent. I'm last year. Ucla did I'm seeing a number where opened nine and a half and now it's up seventeen and a half. That scares me a little bit. But i've been watching this for weeks and it's been like eighteen. Nineteen for a little bit. So that at that this What am i trying to say if it opened that the summer. Maybe or something like that. Yeah i'm gonna. I'm gonna stay away from that one but i wouldn't not taking i'm not taking hawaii put it that way. I'm not trusting. Yeah i also did lose their quarterback somewhere in the nfl camps. And so i think just under all the way. I think that's the best player todd graham's. It's you actually so what's up. What's going on walk man on. I nobody at we one yet. Top three too early for this weekend. Footy twenty-five written down on the sheet here twenty five of those. I mean. i will take all twenty-five will i give twenty-five out is another question. I will stay some to jump on early if i get a chance here. If this thing moves lester money. Line against norwich on saturday mice one twenty. Five norwich has been dog. Walked both games. Lester loss yesterday card red card to west and west handsome very good. I would take that west ham. Money for crystal palace's minus one sixty. This will not stay at that for long. Crystal palace has hasn't look great. west ham. Has everton double chance again against brighton. I think everton's better than brighton. Minus one seventy man you wolves. I might stay away from manu's mice one twenty-five money lines it. I don't this was menu as impressive week to go. South hampton look very good against the wolves lick against tottenham taught him well. I like this walls team. Might stay away from that one. That's just epl. I mean we can go through this later but tomorrow. Let's just say if you had because you don't want to today jump on as before they. I'm into this sunday here but go back to saturday. Bundesliga leverkusen moneyline mice. One forty against augsburg leverkusen dog walk mushroom gladbach. Yep i mean this leverkusen team looks good. That's good value stood guard. Draw no bet against freiburg stewart. Very good squad. Freiburg doorman last week. I think at draw no bet at minus one sixty stick arts worth the shot here. Union berlin the double chance heroes again this year so far there against masha glad back i might stay away from that one. They were double chance. Mice one seventy. They're double chance mice to thirty. Now do that and then probably hop on real madrid against real betis. Real betis hasn't looked good real tied last week. So that's why you're gonna get reality one twenty five money line. Athletico madrid against villarreal mice twenty-five money line. Anytime you can get athletico up money line. I'm gonna take it and then severe minus one thirty five money line against l. che. I mean severe is a good squad. They won yesterday late. But guy from tottenham has been very good. I banged in a few goals. Lamella has played very well for sarah. So i like severe. Their league has been. It's been tough so far. Yeah i mean. Leon can't win. A game. niece has looked very good. Look at them money line against bordeaux saturday their minds one sixty right now niece. I mean they beat marseille in a bit of a turned into a bit of a dust up and then i might not know. There's a lot of other games here but league has been very interesting a lot of dogs but we'll have more closer to the weekend before. Get out of your odds. Boosts bluejays brewers cardinals all to win. Plus three seventy bluejays have the white sox so like that's not guaranteed brewers have the cincinnati reds definitely not guaranteed and the cardinals have flaherty going against who they playing cards. Yeah flared against the miz. I'm not taking that post that. Reds beer brewers game. I got a weird feeling about that. One maybe burns might get god i. There's no reasoning behind it. He's been lights out. But i just feel like maybe due to give up. A few zero runs scored first inning of mets and giants plus one thirty No thank you dow. Probably stay away. oh fucking double both the seattle storm in the washington mystics to win plus two hundred. Who was at the white house today. Bill and beer don't was it was. It was a bill in beer. What team is bill. Nba coat celtics for double play so the seattle at the white house. They're playing tonight yesterday. you know. Maybe maybe they're resting on there. I'm not taking. I don't do. This often. Told me. But i might sit out at wnba odds boost. Call me crazy tonight. Just usually i would but tonight i sit this one out. We should probably tweet out the rollover Yeah things fifteen hundred. Fifteen hundred fifteen hundred. We'll do that Good luck on that. Yeah ten teams ten leg mice one thirty or worse yes sir. We're back tomorrow. Low golf tournament. Oh supposedly yesterday..

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