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"friedrich alexander university" Discussed on The Naked Scientists

"Attention from something that is giving you a lot of anxiety so some people will choose to do that. What i'm pleased about is that so many people have chose to engage with actually trying to do something about this and themselves and with institutions. And things like that. So i think we're in a much better shape. I think it's very difficult for people to deal with. Uncertainty hugo critchley used on somabiotix experiments. Showing that with uncertainty we get activation in areas of the brain and we have difficulty dealing with uncertainty and with i was listening to the radio just the other day and and they were talking about the fires that they'd had an australia and every time now it gets hot people begin to wonder. Oh is going to start up again. So this sort of constant stress. It's almost like a chronic stress. People are under worrying about these things. And sometimes if you don't feel you have any resilient some mastery over it they preferences to avoid dealing with it at all. But fortunately i think many people have realized. It's just time now to engage. We all have to engage. We have to do what we can do. As individuals and then we have to force governments and institutions to also do what they should do. Jenny ring a bell. Yeah that does sound sustained quite right. I mean sometimes. I find it hard spending day after day research. These things you know. Sometimes it's nice to distract myself with a youtube video. The castro something but no it does seem that now is the time when a lot of countries are getting on board with the climate crisis including china and hopefully whence joe biden becomes president rejoin as well. The climate talks here. He is in fat promising to do exactly that dependence agreement. First thing i would do day one as president. I've rejoined the paris climate accord which we bracken gut jenny. What does that mean does obviously the second biggest carbon-emitting country in the world. Yes it was quite a shock for a lot of people when donald trump decided to pull out. Because like you say that the second biggest mr and they had joined the paris agreement under barack obama. Could you explain exactly what the paris agreement means the Agreement is a legally binding treaty. That was signed by one hundred and ninety six countries. Back in twenty fifteen with the aim of tackling climate change every four five years the countries that are in the agreement will give an update on what they have done to tackle it and also put further targets in place to try to reduce their emissions. And what kind of targets are we talking about. You know what varies depending on the country because obviously some countries will be able to do a lot more should do a lot more than others. the uk for instance. Their target is to use electric calls only by two thousand four hundred and also pledged to go net zero which means the amount of co two that outwitting they will take with something like forests some offset projects as recording this in fat. We've just found out that trump has just signed a document saying looking for oil and gas in protected northern lands. What's going on in in this area of the world. do you know well yes. I did see earlier that there was some idea. That trump might be allowing people to mine ought to put in some pipelines in the arctic. I think partially. It's a long line of that. He's already done in the environmental sector. I think there are seven agreements or important treaties that he's pulled out of or dismantled while he's been in power so i do think it's kind of a last ditch attempt we've also got a big climate change conference coming up. That was supposed to be twenty. Twenty is now twenty twenty one and this can be in scotland. What is that going to be. Because i think people are tired of hearing commitments and resolutions and feeling like that's just hot air. Yes so it's the cop twenty six and the cops to the conference of the parties. It's the twenty sixth meeting but like you say people seem to speak a lot and not much happens at these conferences. Almost every year people are not quite happy with the outcomes that maybe the region off or they don't agree enough. The hope is in the glasgow one. This year that the uk and other nations will be able to provide financial aid to developing countries to help them really tackle climate change which they might not be able to afford. They probably also didn't contribute largely to and also. We're hoping this time to look at efforts of how to offset see of two so how to pull out some of the o two from the atmosphere that we already have their those of us. Who aren't listening to this. And our leading a country. I think will still probably be thinking. Is there anything. I can do giles. I believed that one of the best things in a single person can do is change their diet it is. It is a we particularly here in western europe australasia and the united states. We eat far too much meat. Look i am. I am not a diet. Event jellicoe zealots. I eat meat. But i think is undoubtedly true to we eat way too much meat per capita and a problem with meat twofold festival there is deforestation in order to make sure that we can actually keep the various ruminants and cows and sheep. And what have you in gross and as also the gases that are released by these animals in themselves so actually if we as a species are able to drop our meat and take even by ten twenty percent. I'm not talking about turning everyone vegetarian. The actual impact on carbon emissions would actually be enormous enormous potentially a good target for new year's resolution. That's coming up after the break. For now jenny turton. Thanks so much for joining us. 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