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"federica bianco" Discussed on TED Talks Daily

"This ted talk features urban astrophysicist Federica Bianco recorded live at Ted Twenty nineteen. Ted Talks daily is sponsored by Marriott hotels. Some of the greatest entrepreneurs in the world have relied on travel as a tool to expand their thinking and develop new ideas has it's amazing what disrupting your routine with a simple change of scenery can do for the creative process so to push the boundaries of inspiration married hotels. Hells are designed to reveal the true potential of the human mind. Let your mind travel at Mariot hotels. Dot Com where where do the top minds in healthcare go for the winter in Orlando Florida for the I. H. I. National Forum on Quality Improvement in healthcare join us from from December eighth to the eleventh to see how your peers implement new ideas and improve the way they deliver care for more information visit. I H dot org slash lashed Ted. I am an astrophysicist a research stellar explosions across across the universe but have flow. I'm restless and I get bored easily and has astrophysicist. I have the incredible opportunity to study studied the entire universe the star of doing only that always makes me feel caged and emitted what if my issues with keeping a tension and getting bored were not a flow what if I could turn them into an asset and astrophysicist cannot touch or interact with this thing says she studies no way to explore the star in a lab to figure out why or how blew up just pictures and movies of the sky everything everything we know about the universe from the Big Bang that originated space in time to the formation of stars and galaxies to the structure of our own sort of system we figured out studying images of the sky and to study a system as complex as the entire. Universe astrophysicist experts at extracting simple modern solutions from large and complex data sets. So what else can I do with these expertise. What if we turn the camera around towards us at the Urban Observatory. There is exactly what we're doing. Greg Dobler also astrophysicists astrophysicists and my husband created the first Turbo Observatory a New York University in two thousand thirteen and I joined in two thousand fifteen here are some of the things that we do we take pictures of the city at night and study city lights like stars by studying how light changes over time and the color of astronaut lights. I gained insight about the nature of exploding stars by studying city light's the same way we can measure and predict how much energy the city needs and consumes and help build a resilient group they will support the needs of growing urban environments in daytime images we catcher plumes of pollution seventy five percent of greenhouse gases in New York City. Come from a building like this from burning oil for sheet. You can measure pollution with the air quality sensors but imagine putting a sensor on each year city building reading data from a million monitors. Imagine the cost we the students build a mathematical model in your network that can detect and track these plumes over the New York City Skyline. We can classify them harmless team plumes white and evanescent polluting smokestacks dark and persistent and provide policymakers with map of neighborhood solution. This cross disciplinary projects create a transformational solutions but the analysis missile dollars. Oh using us to physics can be applied to all sorts of data not just images we were asked to help a California district attorney and the stand the prosecutorial delays in their jurisdiction reception. There are people on probation or sitting in jail a winning for trial sometimes for years they wanted to know what kind of cases striped on and they had a massive data data set to explode to understand it but didn't have the expertise or the instruments in their office to do so and that's where we came in. I work with my colleague Public Policy Professor Hi Sir Angela Hawkin and our team I created a visual dashboard for. Da's to see and better understand the prosecution process but also we ourselves analyze their data looking to see if the duration of the process suffer from social inequalities in their jurisdiction we did so using methods thirds that I would use to classify thousands of stellar explosions apply to thousands of court cases and in doing so we built a model that can be applied to other jurisdictions who are willing lean to explore their biases. These collaborations between domain expert and astrophysicist created transformational solutions to help improve people's quality of life but it is a two way road. I bring my astrophysics background urban science and I bring what I learn in urban science back to Astrophysics Light Echoes the reflections of stellar explosions onto interstellar dust in images these reflections actions appears as white evanescent moving features just like plumes adopting the same models that loons in CD images to attack. Act Light Echoes in images of the sky by exploring this things that interest and exciting reaching outside of my domain. I did TERMI- restlessness into asset we you all have a unique perspective. The canary new insight and lead to new unexpected affected transformational solutions. Thank you for more Ted Talks Tad DOT com.

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