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"freddie belinda cough" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"That's that's exactly right. you know. In my opinion you know you look at these guys are that are in the super bowl right now. You know it takes eleven guys open seven days dancing and living guys to go out on special teams to get you to this moment and you. You gotta go through a grueling sixteen game schedule by the way through the playoffs to get to the super bowl man and it's so hard to get there you know everybody doesn't get a chance to get there and went and they understand how hard it is so it is it is. There's nothing better than to be able to say at the end of the season and to art. Best team in the nfl. Get a chance to to the whole course that the bardi trophy up as the champion. That is the awesome it because it is the ultimate team sport man. So i know these guys you know you know both teams you know Kansas city went last year. And you know brady's when it six times so he's been there before but you got some guys you know they haven't been there and You know. I know those guys are explaining what this actually means because once you're a champion man you're champion charles. Had two shots at it. You one one and you didn't win one. I'm curious to one. You won like the way you lay that out this so much that goes into it. It's so grueling over the course of any given year to get to that spot and then you suffered the worst possible break. The worst possible time a broken collarbone in the first half of a super bowl like given the price that you pay to get there. What goes through your mind when you realize man. I cannot rejoin the battle with my brothers in the super bowl. How emotional was that moment. And how'd you process that. Yeah that was. That was certainly emotional. Because i mean anybody who's been around me and my career you know that if i had you know there was a way that i could get back to get back out there on the field you know whether i had to take a shot or you know whatever i was going to get back out down feel so it was tough not to be able to. You know finish today. You know with my brothers. But i was on my guys that are in my position in my back room. I was hoping. I made enough of an impression that can help those guys and some kind of way finished the game and i think that happens so you know whether or not i was actually in between the white lines and playing the game to finish it out. I feel like my presence will self man in and actually in saying that i did. Finish the game so Regardless you know the guys went out there man guided done. And i was able to hold them bardy after the game man. Which was you know very very special moment. I wonder about that like you. Got to hold that lombardi up and you got back out there like when you consider the sweat equity. That goes into it how badly you want it how much it means to you when you actually get that feeling you. Hold that trophy up. Does it match your expectation in other words. Did it live up to the hype. What's it feel like to be the best in the world. I no question you're talking about myself. You know having been to you know. I was there in two thousand two. It was as you know with the raiders and we had a great great team. And you know the expectation is that you did to the super bowl. I mean hey you know you got the same players coming back for the most part you're gonna make it back next year and it took me several years to get back to it. You know. so we're going into that game. I remember you know having my speech. You know to the team you know that we got to the championship. Damn it was like hey man for these next two weeks man we gotta be gotta be one one mind man purpose. Oh one goal in mind going into this game. And i meant every bit of it and i told those guys you don't you don't know when you're gonna get back you know what i mean. I don't know how. How long are you gonna play. I was forcing ended up to play a long time and to be able to get back to one. But you never know when or if you'll get back to super bowl man. Let's take advantage and let's go out and win it and you know that that that meant everything man to just have the opportunity to get back and then to you know like you said be able to host it at the end and say hey you are the best team in the nfl. That was it lived up to all of the high trust me. It's taxis and no. Two people are alike and not tax returns are like either you know this. Thankfully turbo tax live has experienced tax experts. Who are ready to listen to you. Learn about your unique tax situation and help you get the best tax outcome. Maybe you got married this year. 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This dude is special. When did you first have that thought about him. You just take the probably after he won you know multiple you know super super bowl and you think when they won the first one you know he's just just coming in and of course you're excited for you know he's an old teammate. So wow got it i. Super bowl is great. But when you look at you know their first super bowl and the second one was a lot of attention that was paid you know on the deep in society the ball and a lot of people say oh well you know it wasn't about him it was about the defense but then when you look at him at all he did was just keep climbing and climbing the ladder man and you know then he gets to the point you know he has a little long then run resin table with another three more and you just you kinda look back over it and you start going through the steps of his career and you reflect on all of it. He just amazed at the fact that one you know he's forty three years old still out there slain it but you just mentioned to to be a part of ten super bowls you know having one six Is that that'll never be done again. In my opinion you know especially In this day and age guys switching teams and the whole nine. But i just. I don't think it's one particular moment. Man i just think it's the totality of this career. And then actually seeing him leave the team that he played for for twenty years and go to another team. The new system new head coach No all season really. You know everything was done. Virtually for the most part you know for a large part of that Season preseason and then he gets team man and they just do throughout the course of the season. Kinda i think. Buy into what he was bringing it to the two so Man i think you know when you look at what he did in new england. You're amazed but then now you look at where he's at with with with the bucks and then you're just you could say re amazed at what he's doing so i mean just before man happy that he got a chance to to leave new england and so he does have a great impact twenty teeth. That's true isn't it. I mean like bruce arians said it's one man like one man was able to change the culture of the building. It's it's an amazing thing. Now charles the next raider fan. That i meet that has gotten over. The tuck rule play is going to be the first you. Of course right middle man. You hit brady a fumble. How long did it take you to reconcile or process or move beyond that. Call or maybe is part of you. That still hasn't the miatas jim How do you reconcile something that every year you know. The playoffs star does anniversary of group. Right i don't know how i don't know how never able to heal is is like you know there. There's a scab you have on your leg and you know finally starting to heal and then all of a sudden you find out in back open. It's like jeeze every year anniversary. Komo so you know for me. I feel like you know what i was one to toughest moments in my career. Of course because like you said i was right in the middle of the play but then raider nation. You know feeling like you know. We all got robbed in that situation as it's a hard one to get over and and i don't think really you know i think there's probably a small part of you know each and every one of us that still hasn't gotten over it but at the same time you know i can't really complain as far as you know how things worked out as a player for myself and playing being able to eighteen years in the. Nfl did finally win the super bowl. And like you mentioned beavis player of the year and all of these other accolades. So i don't dwell on it but you know sometimes that wound is open back up now. I understand that. And i appreciate the candor to response and then charles yet such amazing running green bay such a great run green bay. You're going to go down as an all time packer grade. But they certainly weren't your first choice at the time right in fact if we're being real did you even initially want to be there at all in the beginning. Green bay was never my radar. I never know once you can even put out. You know the idea that you know. I was thinking about going to green bay coversation with my agent and You know we talked about several other teams tampa was was at the top of the list Initially because of the fact that grew was there General manager. Bruce allen had gone down there i just thought man naturally they would bring me in. I'm grueling first. Pick in oakland i. I was almost a certain that i was going to be. You know a taliban buccaneer and all of a sudden you know. That wasn't an option. I remember telling my agent that i wanted to talk to jacksonville. I mentioned this a couple of weeks back. That jacksonville was very high on my list because of the defense pieces that they had and i thought that would have been a natural fit for myself to go out there and play opposite. Math is and you know they have some study of front That could you know flat out. Get a pastor and stop the run. So i was. I was like man okay. Tampa not in the mix definitely jacksonville and then they went another route and then here comes green bay kind of out of nowhere you know enquiring about me and called him an agent and you know i'm like you know carl carl's posted man. We haven't even talked about green bay. Why why you keep approach me about green bay and You know they were. They were persistent. I know there was one other guy who was they. Were looking at in free agency. Lavar arrington and I forget what kind of happened with his situation. But you know they stayed up to me and next thing you know man. I signed a green bay. And like you said man helluva run and green bay hell run. It's amazing how things work out. Aaron rodgers charles. One set of you quote. I think he's the most talented guy i have ever played with quote. I'm curious what's it like to hear that particular praise from that particular guy player. There's a lot man because if you know the type of player that iraq has become in have a lot of respect for air. And i know he's coming from and started his career. You know where he is now and no to be honest man when you're out during the field and you're working you don't really you know understand. I who's really paying attention. And so you know he's got his own deal. He's trying to start you know. Then he gets the job. And he's the quarterback of green bay packers franchise and got his own deal to worry about offense. You know his his his relationship with mike mccarthy and he's got a whole lot of other things going on you know so you know for him to actually you know during that time period be watching me i went through. You know my career there and my seven years in green bay and to have that opinion Because we have. We asked out there on team that that means a lot to no doubt. I mean it's it's such a ruthless business right. Even for the very best of the best. Like joe montana did not screw the niners. Tom brady dominates crew. The patriots brett farve did not end his cruelty. Packers how do you think this plays out for. Aaron in green bay is you're on the outside looking in. How do you think that's gonna end going to end up just like all those great ones. I don't think you know ever got is ready to give the game up. You know within the next two years. I think he wants to play as long as he can. I know i know he wants to get to another super bowl for certain You know because you know all talk. And how great. He is at a quarterback. But when you look at other guys around him some of his contemporaries. No rothlisberger has to allied to. Brady's got six pain head to You know he's sitting there. I want one. I'm sure he Definitely wants to get you know another super bowl And so i. I think you know for him. He he's going to be just like all those great ones he's gonna play. Maybe one or two of the years in green bay. Then he's gonna have to go somewhere else and play. It happens to all the grace it's like. Nobody is exempt from that happening. Just because you were a player to a certain team. I mean look at breath or you mentioned joe. Montana got brady. I guess the prime example just recently you know who who would have thought he'd leave new england and be down in tampa bay florida. Nobody ever told that So i think if he plays As long as i think he would like to play end up on another team man. I think you're so right. Do you want improve your health. 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Because he took that big step and for and i mentioned this the other day when you look at the season Of course you know an probably want them to drive you know. They had a slew of receivers in the draft. I'm sure you probably want one or two one win. Those guys Didn't get it and drafted quarterback and so you didn't have didn't drive someone who was going to help that team immediately And right now and sure at this point you think okay I'm the quarterback here. But i made a little say as well let let me let me be part of the decision making processes far. Who were looking at in free agency. You know what guys. We're looking at drafty other. Otherwise you know you're gonna have you know you're going to have a disgruntled guy especially makes you this year. He just went out and played understanding that you know you drafted a guy. Behave better than me. So i'm not worried about in taking my job going forward you kinda look you know the way. The game was play the other day. Look at the weapons brady had. Even though some of those guys are out he still had those guys. throughout the seasons. You know they were loaded with weapons on the side of the ball. So i know aaron wants those guys to go all out you know on the opposite side of the ball bring whoever they can to help him right now and i would almost guarantee that he would want to be a part of that decision. Making process in green bay doesn't do that you will have a disgruntled player in packers and i think that i mean in in Dan rogers and then i think you know speeds up his process of you know trying to get out of there and get into another. Jeez trust i think you hit on something. That's really really interesting that he should be involved in the process. Like you have to shawn watson and the team had told him you will be involved in the process. Then they did not involve the process and now he may not be in the best way. Where do you come out on this. When you have a franchise quarterback is this a matter of where players play coaches coach. Or if you have guys like dat you better involve them in the process. Should they be involved. Yeah i think. I think you guys of you know arends caliber You know brady. You know you talk about the shawn watson where he where he is and his career i mean. Why wouldn't these guys you know. Have some say so. I mean look. Who's in the super bowl right now and you know. Look at the quarterback situation that they have you got a home and you got. Tom brady in the homes is going to be in the same situation as a player Why not bring those guys in. And say hey. This is what we're looking at. You know as far as especially as far as all things is concerned and then looking at data side of the ball you know. What would the defense made me to help. Defensive side of the ball and and helping you know those guys be stout on defense and getting off the field on third down so that you can get the ball back but when it comes to receivers running backs offense lineman why why. Why wouldn't you bring your friends high quarterback in there who you expect lead you. You know to the super bowl you know. Get you deep in the playoffs and win the super bowl. Why wouldn't they gotta be a part of this decision making process and i'm not saying you gotta let him make your picks but why not let them. Have you know some say. So as far as who comes on their team. So i gotta believe man that you know. Mark murphy Those guys they're the billy Go to chris and You know those guys together. We'll sit down and say hey you know we gotta we gotta bring a ride in man. We gotta talk to him. We gotta make him a part of the decision making process Like i said otherwise. I he's gonna be a disgruntled quarterback much different than what he was this year. They should just play relaxed. Looked like he was having fun. But you don't you don't bring them in and don't let them with the decisions. I think you'll having upset all hell. Yes absolutely he should be involved in the process. I mean i posed the question to get your thoughts. And i really appreciate them. But why wouldn't you. Why wouldn't you. In fact i'd go one better. I'd make sure if he's unhappy. They should make it right. They should ask him exactly what he needs what he wants take as input and then maximize that asset. Of course i mean. Why wouldn't you know charles. You used to come on the show early in your career my shows when you were with the raiders. I'm curious what was it like back in the day on any given day. Any number of former raider greats which show up at the facility. I'm talking willie brown bullet caccia motto. What was it. Like what apart or to be a part of that particular brotherhood and that was awesome You know i grew up. You know you call You know some of the raiders games late because they were you know on the west coast so I mean growing up. I i'd heard names. Like of course tim brown and and You know bo jackson but you didn't. We didn't really see a whole lot of you know from But you but you knew of them and you know. Of course you knew about davis and you know about the silver and black but then getting to oakland and you know probably the first person that i that i really had any report with with was willie bryant. You know late. Great willie brown and of course. He was a constant in the building. You know help that. With the db's i got there but then you start to learn about all of these guys. Man freddie belinda cough. How we long. Jim auto worked in the building trying to think cliff. Man clinton brands myth clip branch man. We had all of these guys man always buzzing around the building and it wasn't a day that went by that that one of these guys wasn't around and you and you just understood you know what that place was was all about and you know you always hear saying wants to raider always That really meant something you know to. To the raiders in the former player that played there. You know they were always welcome to come back to the percentage and they were around I remember you know. Every year. Freddie being with get up in front of the team and talk brian would talk and You know i remember. Freddie would always is one thing hey you want you know everybody in the nfl and around this country to talk about what you guys are doing and you got a not talking about what we did in the past. You gotta go out there and win you know and that always stuck with me you know it was like hey you gotta go out there and make your own name for yourself. Otherwise no keep talking about the former grace. They played here so we always had those guys around the building. Man it just made it fun and you know to hear those guys talk to them. You know the winning always to know stories about how it was when he played that. The locker rooms where you know smoking in under the bleachers on the way and the halftime jean claude. Back in the day man but it was. It was great man. Having those guys around it was a lot of fun. That's incredible willie. Brown was such a class act. And what a great player. What a classy guy charge you. Madge those guys going under the stadium to burn some marlboros halftime. Are you kidding me. Like i know their own school when they get fucked.

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