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"fred stanfield wayne cashman reggie" Discussed on Black N' Gold Hockey Podcast

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"fred stanfield wayne cashman reggie" Discussed on Black N' Gold Hockey Podcast

"Of I mean maybe not fair for everybody the how first round the play-in round or whatever is that might be a little unfair but I think by receding it kind of levels the field and makes it more effective if we're going to have this crazy 2014 tournament making it more of a don't put the asterisk next to the cup kind of thing. You know what I mean? Yeah. Also, I mean the cream-of-the-crop is going to rise the top over and arounds as it always does, sometimes the Big Green will fall for no reason but I do like the receding I think it makes me feel better and it feels like okay now everyone's needs were met in some way by doing it this way in the fans. I'm not going to be great. Like, you know, you're going to be waiting see not just like, you know, who You'll Play out of this area is you'll have to wait and see who you're going to physically Play seventeen's Can't prepare as well though. So, I guess that's the one thing I think was weird about that but right I want to give a huge shout-out. I was on a Bruins related podcast last week and it was called The Dumping change podcast Heather subscribe to these guys. React really fine. Good hockey talk. I had a blast we had some drinks. We talked some prospects and that's the dump in change podcast The Following on Thursday. I believe all major worldwide listening platforms. You can follow him on Twitter too at the letter N underscore change and hosts Nick Jared and Nestor off they do a fantastic job and I had a blast and I can't wait to come back on that program because they had some great questions asked me about permits prospects and I really enjoyed that program. I'm digging into the archives of of their she also I highly suggest that you follow those guys and subscribe. Another thing I want to talk about is patreon. We thought Getting more things to do with patreon. We understand that things are tough right now, but I ordered shirts and I ordered signed pucks. So if you want to get involved in this, please donate $1 per episode at patreon.com black and gold hockey podcast and the pucks that I did order so far in this sign and they come with a COA. So the opportunity for you to win a part for $1. All you did was due $1. We pick a random number bam I sent it to you but so far. I have a plug from Fred Stanfield Wayne Cashman Reggie. Lemelin, Rick Middleton and Gerry cheevers. And that list is going to get longer the more people we get involved in this patreon, the more things we can do we're going to do. Once we kick off next season show if it's going to be a 20, let's just say a 25-week season. I will have 25 items pre done. I'm not going to suck. On the fly anymore. I will have 25 items here in the office in the black and gold hockey podcast studio. And as soon somebody has picked it is getting shipped bad thing. No more delays, and I'm sorry for the people that are still a waiting. I'm just trying to get caught up on everything right now cuz it's a little tough covid-19 ruins everything. So we have a lot of things coming up if you want to write for us..

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