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"fred dipper" Discussed on X96

"On ex i get you guys anything else um i think just to check thank you okay i'll be right back actually i'm serious question for you guys and is our waiter ron brown we're going gonna need above that's braga azzam jaw now let me thinking on wait wait do i think those rayner's rob reiner i shudder while migra own family vats that's the rob reiner referenced you just want to get home and catch from on hall i'd much as i mentioned that mike is actually seven she had works i think it looks natural that about larger issue actually co for truck right we don't know how events as it's known gerry jackson bill already gina barberi radio from hell products 96 writes a forty three time to a wired round two of your boehner voting an round two of the boehner voting is brought to you totally by okay completely 100 percent all right by some french fries have good dipping sauce downstairs uh so we had boehner candidate number one all right herat all right it's the guy who uh cops balm over for a drunk driving her car thievery i guess and he has told them that he was matthew mcconaughey luckily is as me matthew hey all right i'll rise okay no no no but i guess it was worth a shot you know some when when he was younger somebody told him yeah you will you look like like matthew o'connor and he's kind of played with that over the years but things have not gone well for him yep yep and then boater candidate number two i just know their democrats this is the uh a congresswoman from uh new york hoops sad the in a television earth's use me a radio talk show interview with talk show host fred dipper that shoot she knows that most of the mass murderers are democrats i know they are no it no no cited evidence if no no but i just know i saw mean an an and i would say again so even if that's true with him i i don't want democrats the have assault i don't want women's either well as a gene as a democrat i think we have the right to have assault weapons and we have the right to guat murder people if you know that's what that's what democrats do and boehner candidate number three i.

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