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"The murder happened quickly after weeks of unpacking and setting up their life in that new Los Angeles mansion Walberg who everyone had taken to calling. Dolly was ready for a night out. She and Fred headed to a friend's home on August twenty second of nineteen twenty two to do just that when they returned home or midnight, though, the world fell apart. Across the street. A neighbor named MRs Norton remembered waking up when something in her bedroom fell over while she was awake. She noticed. More shouting from Fred Dali's, home and sat up to listen for a moment. Norton's roommate MRs Rawson independently awoke at the same time in heard the shouting as well and went to her window to look at the big mansion down the street another neighbor named Jay Ashley heard the shouting as well. And then all three of those witnesses heard something else gunshots. Ashley immediately called the police and then rushed outside to have a better. Look other neighbors arrived as well. And together they all decided to enter the home of Dali, and Fred and see if they could catch the gunman after kicking in the front door, though, all they managed to find was a room in disarray and Fred's dead body sprawled out on the floor. That's when they noticed the pounding and muffled shouts from somewhere else upstairs. The neighbors sprang to the rescue and began searching the mansion for anyone else who might be there after a bit of searching, they discovered a locked closet upstairs and the desperate cries of Dali coming from the other side of the door. Someone found the key somewhere else in the house and unlocked the door and soon Dolly was explaining what had happened after they returned home. She had gone upstairs to undress. She said while Fred had stayed below to take care of some business. She heard a loud thump, and then after a moment of silence three gunshots before she could step out of the closet and go see what had happened a dark shape had pushed her back in and locked the door leaving her to fear the worst for her husband. Fred. Each of those three gunshots. At turns out had struck him. In the struggle the retu- wounds above the hearts and another in the side of his head. Fred had been dead before the neighbors even broke into the house. And when the police arrived Alba ca do was ask questions and help search the crime scene. All evidence pointed to an armed robbery. Fred's cash was gone. As was his gold watch and handful of other expensive items. But there was no sign that any of the doors or windows in the house had been forced open from the outside. And no neighbors witnessed anyone exiting the mansion prior to their arrival. So while the clues were there, the full picture seems to be alluding them. Initially, the police arrested a local group of feves led by a man named James Casey who had been suspected of similar crimes before heat even owned the same type of pistol that had fired the shots that killed Fred. But they were released the very same day after it became clear that there was no evidence linking them to the murder. So for a long while the crime just went unsolved. A year later, though, something changed a short while after Fred's death Dali had begun a relationship with a man named ROY Klum. He was a friend of theirs from Milwaukee who now worked in Hollywood as a film producer, and for many months, they seem to get along and make the most of their new phase in life, but not long after they began to see each other Dali made a very unusual request. She handed him a pistol and asked him to dispose of it in the LeBron tar pits. She explained that. She was worried the police might find it suspicious that she owned the very same type of gun that was used to murder. Her husband and fought it might be better to get rid of it and keeping simple ROY hoping for his relationship with the wealthy. Widow to grow into more agreed to do it..

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