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"frazer bureau tree" Discussed on Doughboys

"Was tasty. It just it just even this. Even this spruced up version was like. It just was kind of like playing sure. But, but but the ingredients were fresh like that that is something that you can tell I think they've improved that at del taco in recent years, the fresher, avocado, fresher, fresher cheese, fresher tomatoes. So I liked it. I enjoyed it. Was it was it was it was pretty good. Nick the burrito. I got you may notice it you may notice the name of it an epic case. Oh, chicken burrito. How that's right epic. Epic caso. Thank you for bringing some enthusiasm to this epic case. Oh, chicken Britos loaded with fresh grilled chicken tacos, famous crinkle cut fries. Creamer, case Blanco hen graded cheddar cheese and handmade pig ago. I did not know that the fries in it. Yeah. When I ordered. I had no idea. I couldn't see I thought it was like I couldn't tell there was rice and beans in this thing. Right. Because they on the big board. You can't really see in the detail of their fries inside of it. That was an issue. I had to go to look up everything. Like, what is that thing? And then I would look online to see what it is poor form by del taco there. I get easy. I should say that I went to the del taco up in Burbank. Because the one by you, sometimes has some issues you went out of your way to go to a different through takes longtime with rain here me, and they fucked up that's a that's a del taco theory about that. And it's that one person only works. This is the one on Glen oaks boulevard. I saw a guy room in there from looks like he was coming from another story behind the counter. I liked it. I like it was. It was good. It was a mess. Here's the thing. Yeah. I don't think that that. I feel like the the what's it called piggy. Oh, yes is just a little out of place there. That's a good point. I didn't touch on that. But then actually it doesn't it your way. Tacos favor. No, I'm not trying to I'm being honest. You get a pocket of Pika guy. What's going on here? Right. Because it is a dry burrito. And you would think like, oh, it's there to add some some moisture, but it doesn't really where I'm out in the mild sausage. I put ice gorge open. Now. I now I just do the mild sauce Scorpio is probably the best sauce there. Yes. And but I liked it. It was the fries Frazer bureau tree. I know that del taco has Good Friday have grapes rice, but put it was. I don't know. I don't know how they didn't here. There was one sticking out of it and looked dead. But we're going to say I was I was just going to say I'm sorry for partly cutting you off there. I don't know if this is the right protein for the fries Brita like they might they might wanna throw some some stake in their some some ground beef. You say that they have poor quality chicken. Because chicken is the thing. I get the most at delta interesting, the chicken, I order things with chicken at the most of anything have you considered? You maybe have poor taste food. I mean, we knew that when we started the podcast as well. I orbited every time and every time I don't like. I like the chicken product. I do I usually do the chicken. The spicy Jack chicken case India. But then again there it's covered up with a bunch of cheese staff. I mean the spikes. But I do the spicy chicken burrito lot. And that's like my go-to burrito..

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