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"fraser aka max headroom" Discussed on Rob Has a Podcast

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"fraser aka max headroom" Discussed on Rob Has a Podcast

"Rob you knew that. Who was she again. She was just a random. Starfleet person on the outrageous. O'connor okay all right. Let's talk about in new obsession of yours. Akiva the fast and the furious yes. These often butt heads. Only one of them appeared in star trek though vin diesel or wayne the rock johnson vinnie. He's older he was probably around longer. I don't think the rock was on star trek. The rock was on star trek win so he was voyager episode where he essentially plays like this big barbarian fighter. This is back during his like proto. Wwe days yeah. So he It's interesting yeah. Some people appear like in obviously and more accomplished roles as bigger name. Some just started out like your teri. Hatcher in the rock is the ladder. Can i just put in effect. Check that vin diesel is only five years older than the rock Okay it's not a generational thing. No i know. But i like i. I sort of like no most. The trajectory of the rocks rear. And i feel like the vin diesel toiled in relative obscurity longer than the rock date. If that's fair. I think i would also save these although as well because vin diesel is also like that underground nerd right like he loves to play. Dvd on the set of his movie. So i think it would censor lightning alexander bolt. He's talked about it a lot He's talked about wanting to be involved in d. movie for awhile now. So i he's. He's a big old nerd that been diesel on big well are akiva. Which of these. Two unique musicians had a role on star trek mat. Fraser aka max headroom or david byrne of the talking heads now. We're getting into the weeds here. I'm going to sink. David byrne was on was on Star trek no. It was max headroom. Yeah obviously he's edition mike. I don't know if you council musician. Music i suppose the route of. I'm not sure there's a cat there's so many other musician erections you could have gone with that which we'll talk about after the season video. Yeah i guess that's more so like associating his weird image but yeah he did not. I guess he's used to being made up but he actually looked relatively normal in the episode that he was in which one of these comedy central leads from. Back in the day was on star. Trek akiva sarah silverman or amy sedaris. I'm going to say. I don't know i i don't know of sarah being on star trek and i don. I know less about sedaris. Somebody was there. It's sarah silverman. Oh what was she in. She was in a two part episode of star trek voyager. Well yeah and it was one of the random rolls back when she was being comedies. It girl in like the mid to late ninety see. Are you thinking that maybe star trek voyager could be the next Episode or rewatch. Podcast do no. I don't think so. I'm already spoiled on.

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