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"franson garden" Discussed on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani

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"franson garden" Discussed on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani

"One of one of us works for a major corporation in one of us puts out a newsletter where three people pay for said news. So i mean if we're talking who who is the man of the people who who is the end of the corporate. I think we got roles reversed here a little bit. I can totally see the disappointment. I can totally understand feeling frustration that this isn't happen happening. I can just separate the two and feel both at the same time. I can acknowledge that. I want francis in god who did so on tuesday and writing big long piece on that on said newsletter that three people pay to subscribe to but many more have clicked to get in their email on a daily basis. When i write it so thank you to all those people that i would francis and goner was fighting. Of course it was francis and god who was fighting. But he's not and this is what we have. Additionally might question was. How do you feel about this fight. This fight is amazing. The fights that aren't happening don't necessarily have to influence this fight. I can kind of put the to in their own columns and feel two things at once about these things whereas it seems like can you just. You can't separate those things. And and you know i hope at some point going forward. You're able to get to that point and acknowledged that this is a wonderful fight that can exist in its own space and doesn't have to be sullied by your frustration. Both princeton god and john jones. Nah fighting people. If you're not interested in this fight which you should be. It's a good fight but if you're not in love head over heels despite like spencer is don't feel that don't let this meant guilty you into loving this fight and to necessarily having to watch this event. Okay if you want to more power to you. It's a fight again. Find headliner lot of good fights on the card. I think but again these. These i speak. I speak for the people. It's not always easy. It's not always appreciated clearly as be for the people so so let me try to decipher what we're saying here. Just just just so people understand we got. We got spencer draped in with a room full of gold drinking. It looks up. A peanut agree zhou in a tuxedo. You're over in the other side. Drinking malbak with a monocle on speaking for the common man like the way spencer views. This fight in your eyes is that spencer's going to go steady with this fight. He's gonna wind. He's going to dine as going to. He's going to give a promise ring. Then propose to this to this fight. You're just gonna take her out to dinner and never call her again. Is that how you're looking at like you're interested de for a day lemon law. Are you lemon lying. This fight aka. Listen there's definitely no guarantees of a second date got hit got. Kfc eyeing me over there. I got one championships looking a little frisky. Sometimes i'm just saying. I got other entertainment dollar but obvious. Of course i'll be watching this fight. But i mean you know that's our that's our job spencer y- you discussed before before. We just went on a crazy road. You discuss like sort of the aftermath like derek darcus wins the rematch trying to get the bad taste of people's miles from that awful. I fight zero. Gone tons of story former teammate. Both ties to france the coaching aspect. Too big fight over there. Like the the the people of france who have just been hankering for a big fight like if somehow the of ski do that fight in france would be absolutely gigantic. What's the better outcome for the ufc. A derek lewis win or cyril godwin. I honestly don't think it matters. And that's that's the beauty of this to me. Like i think either way you get a terrific fight provided where you know putting francis and god who in here with the winner as we rightfully should but as we can't guarantee because crazy should create crazy. Things happen all the time. But either way like i i understand that the first lewis and god who fight was it absolute disaster. No one should go back and watch again unless it's like as a penalty for something terrible you've done in your life but i don't think anyone look at these two set to fight again especially if derek comes off a derek lewis ask performance this weekend and things were going to get a repeat of that. They've both just an absolute clobbering people. Since then we know the circumstances that led up to it with derek. having back issues that stemmed from his knee issues which have subsequently been fixed and he's four and out since then franson garden was completely shook from the steep coach. Fight and didn't wanna get embarrassed again and therefore couldn't pull trigger but they've both put those things behind them and been so dominant that i don't think you can really look at it and go. Oh this is going to be terrible again. And then if serial godwin's wins the possibility of doing it in france. Ufc wants big events. That will be a colossal event for them if they're able to pull that off bringing those guys with ties to paris over there for a heavyweight championship fight would be massive. There's not a lot of people. There's fourteen people that have risen to the top of their division with undefeated records the most recent being israel sonya. Can you imagine what kind of maybe not star potential. Because he doesn't have the same kind of gravitational poll as francis and gone but how big and how great accomplishment it is if cyril goes undefeated and in just over three years goes for making his debut to winning the ufc heavyweight title. Like either way this plays out. We're getting a phenomenal fight. So unlike last week where we talked about bella tour and everybody with that company secretly quietly in the back behind everybody's rooting for aj mckee. I think the. Us's looks at this and just goes whatever happens is great as long as we get an interesting entertaining fight. Where one of these guys comes away looking. Really good aka. What do you think what's what's better for business and it's so fascinating that like just around two years ago. Cyril gone was fighting for the tko heavyweight championship. Isn't that crazy and k. Now we're talking about him. An interim title fight for the ufc two years in like two months later. It's absolutely insane that we're talking about the so with that being said what's the best case scenario for the ufc business wise is. Isn't the louis louis getting the win. We could see lewis and gano and hopefully get that bad taste over mods or is it in gone over gone because it just sounds good to say we know we can create great hashtags out of that and just the story that those two guys have gone is a great story as Winning up here and canada and the tko promotion all watching the he was showing flashes of what he could become. He was clearly a league above. Something guys fighting. Tko but derek lewis winning a ufc title at toyota center in houston just that moments. I i don't know if you can put a price on it. He's he's already a star to some degree it would take him up a notch. Not again not to that super super duper superstar mainstream level but it takes him up a notch and as cool as it would be for gone to win for them to go to france. I i don't know how far along they are with With that being a possibility Obviously this up to france has opened up themselves to more anime shows if they've had more ratios and they had their first official one earlier this year. It was other early this year or late last year. Either way is happening. The gears are in motion for the afc to go there someday and Silicon would certainly be a got a headline at butts. What we do know is. Ufc does have a multi Events deal with the toyota center in houston. Derek lewis wins. And here's what you do. He headlines every titus center show in the foreseeable future as long as this godforsaken pandemic last. Because i think we'll you know as far as we know.

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