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"frankford transportation center" Discussed on WTVN

"Sunday night from seven to nine as we take a look back at the week in review some pop culture things weird things in the news some oddball stories that you may or may not a missed yeah I'm doing well or very special guest services evening is Jan Carlson I like that I like that thank you you want to attend I introduced to Lester as is your friend this is a different take it like you want to call your friend I love that because we've been friends with you forever but I like our very special guest host we learnt we learn something about Jan during the break during the news break I'm a horrible don't ever get sick around her yeah she will abandon harassing angel of mercy because I will not her husband got the flu you got the flu so bad that he passed out and bumped his head and got himself a bruise yeah he got ran so Jack gens remedy of that was to quarantine herself for two weeks away from him as get sick leaving him to die alone in the woods easy he made it I'm a working woman I got stuff I gotta do reminds me did you watch the TV series deadwood I I know of it but now I do so in deadwood it's set in deadwood South Dakota during the the gold in the silver rush one no while Bill Hickok's out there well the deadwood town gets us small pox smallpox comes and so the this one guy has small pox and his best friends once he gets sick wrapped in a blanket and take him out in the woods leaving their it sounds a lot like the Jetsons bedside manner for it for actual idea of what happened so you were at work yes okay chance at work her husband calls and says I've fallen and I hit my head yes which that means I need help otherwise he could have waited to you to be a story for him when he got home want a you said you you said do you need a hospital do you want me to take you to the hospital and he replies with we are off to see the wizard the wonderful wizard of oz Jen goes I'm not coming home fans crazy now now he said no I'm okay I'm okay but I hear ringing in my ears and I'm like let me take you home to an answer home and I'll take you to the hospital like no it's fine so whatever is okay now now you may do so now we made it even though there was no one there to your orange juice or crack I sought that slashing linen I thought that stuff for him right here on Amazon plus I went to the store and I purchased that I ended and then you've mailed it to from your the comfort of your on it on the room but nice yeah it removes the their voice commands now you know I would go this is going to get to you sometimes so you're welcome I left with a lex yet everything you need he's fine all right lottery news a I a I took good care of my husband will he was sick a British man who won a nearly three hundred twenty five thousand lottery dollar jackpot lottery dollar which of these words of mine that it was a three hundred twenty lottery dollar twenty five thousand dollar lottery jackpot said that he kept his windfall is secret from his wife out for two days so that because he had the flu and should so he could surprise her on her day off all forty nine year old Tim carcinogens for England said his dog was the only one he can find it in because he's crazy along with his dog replied with senator Sam says Sam said his dog was the only one he confided in after winning the jackpot from the lotteries mega raffle I've been walking her dog Harley a lot these past two days all the refrain from speaking to anyone in spoiling the surprise Carly was the only one who knew about the money he told lottery officials we went to the guy's name again his name is Tim Carson a good case that the door is very close to John Carlson brewing pictures neighbors what's Tim doing what his dog again he's talking to him because somebody called simple one of the neighbors wave surprise it wasn't a welfare check one of the neighbors waves are you doing today right she could go on Carson city waited two days to tell his wife Allison so we could surprise her on her day off for these plans to buy a new house I am not no word on where she was supposed to live we all in the dream mansion I wanted we always said that we would buy a house if we won the money with the lottery so this is my present Allison and she has kept us both going I am eternally grateful for her support since I retired he said why did he wait till her day off I don't know he turned it so she shared the news of their co workers are going to the boss is a I quit quite this guy's forty nine retirees and listen John Sistine well we got some good advice Alison Curtis said she was shocked when her husband broke the news I can't believe to manage to keep a secret for two days truly the best news ever I'm so excited and I can't believe that dog didn't tell son of Sam son of Sam in other line Aug the winner of the one hundred fifty thousand dollar Powerball prize in Iowa is no stranger to the public hi let's see not wait no turns out they're not gonna know the numbers for another six months he's former governor Tom Vilsack who led the state and I was a governor for like ninety year ever Tom Vilsack governor he later served as Brock a bomb is secretary of agriculture told Iowa lottery officials that he occasionally plays the power ball with jackpots get high normal human being who does an occasion when the parable gets about two hundred fifty million dollars I think what the heck you know you can dream like everybody else well you see a like to see a down on his luck former governor when a hundred and fifty thousand dollars coverage job doesn't pay a lot honestly why did you apply and then find a home I mean it's not like it's a million dollar a year job the president only makes four hundred thousand he spends immediately on golf probably pays pretty well you pay for is housing well okay where is wife gonna work anyway going to bill said Bob we're lucky eating keep this between him is done Vilsack bought a ticket for the January twenty second drawing when the jackpot was at three hundred forty seven million nine bodies to get the high V. store in Waukee I'd be extra one dollar for the power play option which acts as a multiplier the former governor city forgot about the ticket who forgets about the ticket I always wonder about these people I just want to buy a ticket I might tell you how much money the the the former governor half thank you Noah tells of the was more concerned about getting a Slurpee that day that he was in the colors it was like you always hear about people who do that like when I buy a lottery ticket unlike and what times the drawing wannabe sleep make sure first thing tomorrow look there's numbers and you always hear about somebody who I bought a ticket six months ago never thought another thing about it more drawings look at eight o'clock at night when you're sleeping no some of these national okay the national a lottery pick threes in the middle of the evening you for god it and they also do one afternoon that's true your chances to win I didn't know that the former governor city forgot about the ticket for ten days you finally checked his numbers online and discover the advanced for the five white balls in the drawing enough tolerances and it is very rare powerfully number was three earning him a one hundred fifty thousand dollar jackpot Hey I know this lottery is really important in the state and certainly important of the state budget Vilsack said I'm told is the world coming and from my experience as a state senator and as a governor and I think it's great and as you say you don't win if you don't play the current governor of Iowa is looking forward to taxing those winning I'm sure he'll give back I'm sure part of the goes to charity I'm sure he will also a lot of assumptions about politicians generosity well he wasn't for as far as I know is a very popular governor usable related thirty two times now I guess okay that it wasn't you and this story from Philadelphia very mad I didn't win the Iowa lottery or the Iowa caucuses a wedding albums no one wants a wedding album stolen from a Philadelphia couples front steps turned up months later after being abandoned Gavin and Britney Ellis said the order to customize photo album to commemorate their July twenty eighth two thousand eighteen wedding they ordered from sure full enough when the package arrived it was stolen off the front stairs of their home and he says I called FedEx they said we have to contact the Chinese shipping company who orders are winning phones from China they were cheaper that's why one of ours for eight to make sure we get the corona virus free fed ex in there to call the shipping company they have to contact the manufacturer then file a police report says just as back and forth for everybody she said and we're not getting anywhere with this you finally resolved a couple of eventually gave up in order to replacement album but nine months after the theft there was a baby now nine months after the theft Gavin Ellis was tagged in a tweet from the official customer service account of the southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority I follow the it doesn't the tweets said an item of Alice's property been left on the train and ended up at the Frankford transportation center he said I thought it was a phishing scam at first they said we have a report of a lost item at a station that I've never seen before tweet turned out to have been altered by Ashley Lee a customer service agent who found the wedding album in an unmarked box it was left on the train and ended up in the lost and found we said the album was label only with the couple's first names but a closer examination of the photos offered an invaluable clue they found that among the party favors pictured on the tables the groom had his full name and that's how we track and that's how he was tracked down more waited go talk here's what I like I like someone stole their photo album and then nine months later was still looking at the pictures on a train and went to was a loss tonight on the kind of abandoned that day they went yeah I don't care about these people let's leave it it was in the lost and found the could have abandoned that day and one free to lost and found and nobody wants to put to the lost and found to this customer service rep decide to get all Hey what's in here now maybe she turned a Colombo in anyway they got their pictures are the gears a mystery in that box I'm just a person to solve it Hey Nancy Drew wanted to go check out the lost and found United somebody was something which is probably the person in the office two people are sick Carol she just keeps bothering me give her some to do let's go run through the loss of reunited somebody starts innocently everybody there's like to see this is all over the internet now I should've went through that box which is good forensic DNA tests on the scar from the gloves all get these back to their owners Jack give a story about an old man about an old man all graduations old man you're the oldest she said to what Tom by maybe he turns a hundred and thirteen next month when the early birthday present in the Guinness book of world records yes I go to the.

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