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"franken walston" Discussed on Dog Tales

"In a city that longs for the next big thing, frank in had an FA talent, he didn't just charisma or good looks any amateur could throw a stick on a sunny day in Los Angeles and find that frank had a way of looking onto true stars. Pros who directors love who made lifelong friends with their fellow performers? Sure some of his clients were pigs. Even more were Kook hats, but they had one thing in common. They all listened to Frank. Still even this Hollywood. Veteran was taken aback by what he discovered in one, thousand, nine, hundred sixty. The performer was just a child, unwanted, unloved, homeless new pedigree, but there was something about him, and if frank hadn't plucked the little guy from a shelter, the history of Tinseltown would have been changed forever. The world would have been deprived of the electric talent of higgins a shaggy brown dog who knew had ever heard of went on to become a franchise favorite. Higgins was better known as. Benji. Welcome to talk tales a podcast original every week we tell the stories of historic heroic canines will profile does saved people from earthquakes went to outer space, and even spurred the invention of Velcro. If you'll looking for fun stories and a warm heart, you're barking up the right tree. I'm knew host Alistair. You can find episode Doug Tales and the past originals for free on spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream tales for free on spotify just open. The APP and type dove tails in the such aw. This week we're telling the story of Higgins, a charismatic Miniature Poodle Caucus Spaniel and schnauzer mix the shelter. PUP found success on TV in the nineteen sixties. Then he rocketed to superstardom, playing the titular character in the nineteen seventy four blockbuster Benji. And he owed it all to the man behind the dog animal trainer frank in. Because when it comes to making it in Hollywood, every dog needs his people. In nineteen sixty frank in had been training animals for more than twenty years, he knew what he was doing. He'd been most of his life. He had a way with animals, and that helped him find a way into show business. As a young man, frank worked at a stable in Culver City California. One day a horse ran away with a writer. Still on it, frank managed to grab the reins he calmed the animal, keeping it from galloping onto a busy highway, the frightened at just happened to be an executive at a big Hollywood studio he offered. Franken job is a street sweeper working on the MGM lot. Frank didn't know it's at the time, but he owed his career to that jittery horse. Of course as they say in the movie business, success is never about one lucky break. You need fifty or sixty. But Franks next break didn't seem very lucky at the time. In, the nineteen thirties, he was injured in a car wreck. Frank was hurt so badly. He was pronounced, dead and sent to the morgue. He was only saved. When a group of embalming students started working on him and noticed he still had a faint heartbeat. Needless to say frank was not in a good place. While frank recovered, a friend gave him a dog to keep him company. Frank named him jeep. The dog was a great comfort. During dark times, he was always ready to cuddle on frank slap for lick his face when the man felt down. One day while leaning into pet jeep, frank almost fell over in his wheelchair. He held out his hand to steady himself and the dog balked. Intrigued by the reaction frank lifted his hand again. And once more jeep barked. Frank realized that he could get jeep to speak just by lifting his hand, it was the first time he'd ever trained an animal and it was completely by accident. By the end of his convalescence, frank couture jeep to bring him his keys and the morning newspaper. Jeep was smart and eager to please, but frank notice that he responded better to some commands than others. When frank was strict jeep seemed slow to pick up new tricks. But when frank spoke to jeep with love and affection, his student thrived. Frank realized that discipline wasn't the most important factor in training a dog. It was togetherness. He later explained. The smartest dog in the world isn't going to do tricks if somebody doesn't teach him. But the smartest man in the world if he doesn't live with the animal and love, the animal is not going to be able to train him. Frank had plenty of love for the dog and more time than he knew what to do with. He taught jeep increasingly complicated tricks. He dreamed of giving his pooch moment in the spotlight. The dog had certainly earned stardom. He just needed opportunity to knock. One day off to his recovery. Frank found himself sweeping movie sets on the MGM Lot. He watched as a legendary animal trainer tried to get a dog to perform. The train and need it the puck to climb a set of says jump on a bed and poke its head out of the covers. But. The dog wasn't having it. So in another instance of right place right time, Frank told the director he knew it. Dog who is up to the challenge, enter jeep. Who did exactly as frank asked? The animal trainer was bulled over. Rather than be upset or jealous. That Franken Walston and done his job for him. The training was thrilled to see the job well done. He assured Frank. They keep in touch. From there frank was on his way to a brand new career. That's how it happens in the magic factory, a few little sparks ignite an explosion. The office started rolling in for Frank to train dogs for the pictures. His first success was on film series based on the Nineteen thirties comic strip blondie, featuring then unknowns Rita, Hayworth, and Lloyd bridges. Impressed by work. The train from MGM introduced him to the Creme de la Creme of animal training families. Frank and rudd weather wax were a pair of brothers who already renowned for training high profile movie dogs. Frank in assisted the grizzled frank weather wax with a little black terrier named toto on the wizard of Oz. And apparently the Newbie made a big impression road quickly hyatt in to help supervise a regal looking collie named Powell otherwise known as Lassie. Pals start in a popular series of films. TV shows centered around the heroic lassie in nineteen, forty-three frank was part of Powell's Posse, even accompanying him Bocskai in his debut film, lassie come home. It was a high profile assignment for the young. But Frank had a natural feel for animals. His daughter explained he had an almost telepathic communication. He could tell them to do things just by talking to them like a human, it was almost eerie. The studio bigwigs agreed, and the jobs kept rolling in after working onto some of the most sought-after trainers in the industry. Frank started his own business. In nineteen.

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