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"franken brands" Discussed on Digital Conversations with Billy Bateman

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"franken brands" Discussed on Digital Conversations with Billy Bateman

"Great example of that was at caesars entertainment. So when i was a digital us one of my clients was at american express. We did some great work together to transform. The american express call center channel. Actually away from how it used to be back in the day where people are trying to get off the phone as fast as possible and just solve the need of the of the collar too. You know we have these people on the call with us. Why don't we try to engage them in other things that they could be doing with american express in other solutions we can provide to them and that customer focus sales effort. I worked with david norton who phenomenal person and mentor And we met included lots of training. Lots of work with change management around shifting from taking calls to actually talking to customers so he brought me to work with him at caesars. Entertainment and i shipped my family out to las vegas and was responsible for all advertising across fifteen brands and forty casino properties. Amazing experience and opportunity truly a twenty four seven role. And you know. We put together a number of initiatives to to build our brands. But that really took a lot of change and you know an example of that is we had individual markets individual casino properties with general managers. Who were used to having their creative person on site and if they wanted poster back lead or a bogo signed put up they could just go to their creative person but over time that became franken brand for particularly harris which was the biggest brand in the in the casinos portfolio and so in order to create a new campaign. We need to change the organization and centralized creative. So that wouldn't happen anymore. So we went through a lot of effort and that took a lot of conversation. I i had one on one conversations. With those internal clients the casino properties. I went visited people. There was a lot of buying hopping around moving toward centralized organization. We did kazan processes. I had approved to them that they would get their creative in the same amount of time and it would be error free to be no misspellings on a billboard and a lot of process changes. I mean tip a lot and after that heavy lift than we were ready for a new campaign and so we were able to do some really interesting research around. In this case the harris consumer a person who would really go once a week you know a lot of maybe harris saint louis and they would bring enough money. That would be the same as dinner and a movie. They were pretty frugal impractical. And not you know gaining a really gambling. I should say they were just there to have fun and then they would potentially go once a year to las vegas and really have a good time at the harris property there but we learned to that whole process. We did some really interesting. Ethnography is research spends a day in the life with somebody and we really came to as a tagline. Come out and play as the tag for harrison that still that was two thousand nine. That's still tagline today. But i don't think that would have been possible in that brand consistency across the whole organization and getting that buying from people..

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