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"frank vest" Discussed on The Jason Beem Horse Racing Podcast

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"frank vest" Discussed on The Jason Beem Horse Racing Podcast

"I mean it's fairly busy all year. I mean laurel and charlestown and penn national. I guess falls into that category they're they're all running mostly year round but You start throwing in monmouth and delaware and colonial coming up soon. We'll talk a little bit about colonial which is We're going to be running monday. Tuesday wednesdays daytime the morning. If you're out west one forty five pm eastern. i post time and finish up around dinner and Then old old jas will come back in and do the podcast at least on the first couple of days a week. I'm so excited to pimlico as a fan though. They're running till august twenty second and so. That is a big friday or saturday. Goal of mine is to make a day trip up to pimlico. See my buddy. Dave rodman see pimlico ever seen pimlico. I wanna see pimlico. My list of tracks that i haven't been to. It's it's getting small enough. Tampa is going to be one of the knock off later this week or next week. I guess but i mean outside of that for thoroughbred tracks. That are still active. I mean sam houston. i haven't been to. i haven't been re tomah yet Lonestar went to. I went to lonestar an opening night in twenty fifteen. It was so much fun i loved. Lonestar haven't been to the oklahoma tracks. Those are certainly on the list but Outside of that. I feel like i've darn near hit most of them at this point so we'll talk with frank vest. Become up here in a few minutes tomorrow. Jay let's are gonna join us. It is Mysticlake derby day coming up on wednesday. So we'll talk. Which he's the a handicapper for the star tribune. We'll talk about that new gig. It's his first time doing a public handicapper roll. We'll talk about that. We'll talk about the the race itself. We'll talk a little bit about the mysticlake mile. As well. Mike maker and cox and a lot of the big names ship in for those races and there's one maker horse that's going to be favored in the mile. I don't like it all parlor. So i'm way against that one. So we'll we'll see what happens but Talk a little bit more about the other big race coming up canterbury on tomorrow's show and of course thursday horse player. Thursday leo monitoring gonna join already had the interview with leo. Thank you guys. enjoy it. Just one of my favorite people racing or not but definitely one of my favorites and racing. And so we'll talk with leo on thursday show and then friday i will preview the churchill pig racing car. It's also the ohio derby coming up this weekend. I always forget the derby kind of sneaks up on you because it's pretty soon after the belmont but you get a lot of these horses who are know derby also rans and or just kind of derby trail types King fury expected to go hosur expected to go. I think they already entered a promise keepers in there at seven two. I think as your morning line favorite. Keep me in mind. David cohen back on board that one in their proxy for joe bravo. They got big field field of eleven for the ohio. Derby so big big saturday. Coming up Ten race card gets underway at twelve twenty eastern at Thistledown i've been i went to thistle and twenty. Oh seven that would have been with twenty six wants and twenty seven months and i remember going upstairs to meet matt hook and he was putting between races. He had one of those little things like spits. You're ball back to you when you make the putt. And he was just doing that on the carpet between races. And i was like well you know because i was new to raise collie so of course every second i had there trying to memorize. The field. matt was a veteran by then so he was He was already doing the thing but Yeah looking forward to the ohio derby coming up this weekend. Didn't wanna touch real briefly on a. I thought exciting race yesterday on. I should say sunday night yesterday. Five years and you think i'd have the whole you know. Hey we're taping a day ahead thing down. But i don't do not have it down yet but the a sunday feature so as late in the day sunday. That's why we get to it on the recap show was the poker stakes one of the premier. I should say premier. It's not and it's not even a turf sprint right. it's a mile that's not a turf sprint. But it feels like tertiary. So i i always feel think of it that way you had oleksander taking on. The boys raging bull a heavy heavy favorite at three to five front. Run the fed the other chad brown horse getting good support three to one. Get smoking at five to one. Very very good field assembled. But i think most is on raging bull. Obviously at that three to five odds ticket. Listen to the poker from sunday and are off and it was a hesitant. Start for both alexandra and vanessa. There's tell your daddy going out for the lead rows it is. They're down in the inside. It is i get smokin get. Smoking has now taken the lead and then it is. Roz it until your daddy. That an ec- now moving up and moving up into contention so it's four of them right together here. They've got three lengths on raging bull the favorites down on the inside and in theft right alongside his front run the fed in sex. Then it's a break of five lengths back to penalty and sexually city and aleksandra is the trailer and nine a quarter. Twenty two and two seconds. Get smoking lear by a half length. Raza the gray between and second tell your daddy is on the outside and third. Now it's a link to the half raging bull begins to pick it up in fourth just three links from the lead then front run. The fed followed by a veteran veronese about to be passed on the inside by penalty and sanctuary city. It is get smokin. Rosita and justin behind his raging bull is going to need some raising room front run. The fed is on the outside. Tell your daddy is inbetween horses. The field is in the stretch and on the outside. It's front run. The fed raging bull trying to come through down at the rail on the inside of get smoke and and here is the mayor. All xandra all sandra putting up big run here. She was off slow but he's finishing fast as of all itchy. hold on to beat raging bull. Why yes john she did. Hold onto be raging bull very exciting rates A lot of things happened in this race. Certainly raging bulls trip was not amazing but it wasn't terrible. He just he just never got to really finally shake loose and get free until it was just a little bit too late Aleksandra.

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