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The Nooner Show  Episode 197


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The Nooner Show Episode 197

"You're listening to the PODCAST DETROIT visit. Www DOT podcast. Detroit DOT COM before information. I need a only you need good Beth scheme perfume NYCACC about that person strange. He's away with your name in Ranger Does Rob Neuner Time. Poor Broadcasting live from podcast. Detroit Rock in Royal Oak Michigan. It's time to take a leap of faith with Jackie Rock nor and Jeannot for some entertainment and inspirational in them. Every Wednesday at noon you can always find us at podcast. Detroit DOT COM. I gotta ask. What were you born to a mirror? You know I've taught this morning so I have assured on from that and then over the kitchen people came today and they didn't call ahead of time so the dogs were out and we're just burnt. your lifestyle. We sign when the dogs are out who we live and then they got. Sassy with me. I had to use a lot of words and I had used my teacher voice. It was not good way. Who say a see? What if you the kitchen people dogs? It was the kitchen people. Oh Wow dog bark in white. Well Okay. Wait a minute. I saw happy Hump Day. Everybody we are live one day and she was her pre pre show. Venting so peso your countertops were supposed to be in today. Did they bring? The countertops did countertops. They help you know they did. They did bring them. They didn't cau- before look at went up ob where they got there so I was still at the house. The dogs were out and they're making noise. I'm not even at my house. Because they got a little fiery with me I got a little fiery back. You know I was. I know I know you're surprised to know I got your out party. Not The teacher Gina. No gene let me tell you they remember. You gotTA KEEP. Your Distance. Help stall adding all so. If if you guys offer got Jean Uh League in her dishwasher yes he hang rate healvets six that and then they had to move it and then they found out the floor was damaged. So then they end up ripping out of floor because they had the match it and it. It's how many months now. Yeah worry fifteenth. Why Lee the entire Corentin Time? You have not had a kitchen not hitch. Oh my God that would be a nightmare because you know what it started January fifteenth before quarantine. So wasn't that big of a deal will run. As as the progress is the process went on there was more and more the the flooring. That's a great room so they had to take up the flooring under on both sides to make it match because it was old floor will then there was the best underneath it in so this was all insurance burke so it was a little bit more and more kept more and more the warranty happen. Will then people quit working and then it was. You know trying to get them to work and I'm coming back into business. It was just one thing after so it's on of well. You should have got the property others like. It's all gone really well today. I was just fiery. Because they were coming today. They said they're coming between ten and one. That's big window right. I live in this house. I would have appreciated a phone call. Bathing all they show up. They walk in the back door. I'm not prepared for them. So yeah so the dogs. Are you know out so I gotTa grab the dogs? It turns out that I hadn't seen the counter top because that wasn't the original one anyway so I was excited and then January fifteen anyway. They're like oh remember. You gotTa Keep Your Distance. I'm like listen I apologize if I'm making uncomfortable. I'm not staying. I'm leaving but now I'm not there so anyway. It just got on my part time trying to make anybody uncomfortable. I am leaving but you know your show up unannounced walk in my back door and Gee I'm not ready for you go again. Did you accept day. Did you get a chance to see the counter capital will? Yeah because then then because I wasn't expecting blocked my jeep end so I had to have them move. It was just a big cluster. Have them who so? I could be back out both dogs in the car. I put them in the car. The windows down ran inside and said look. I WanNa see that I wanna see it before you install it because I picked it off of a little tiny square off of online allow. Wow you know so I said I apologize. I'm not gonNA stay and try not to be closed. You know but I do WanNa see is so you put it in so I took took a picture in school doodle that a bear and then I sent a strongly worded saying you know. We're working Reggina right. I apologize if I make anyone feel uncomfortable. That was not my intent intent in this day of quarantine social distancing it all new. Were all figuring it out. I am excited you know. Let me know when I can return to my home. So how the countertops did you like it. Legiter no little piece that I had yes. It wasn't the I'm glad you liked. It is okay so I'm on moving on hi. How are you waiting right shirt on because I taught today so I had to take a look like Scott working on it so I figured it was? I liked the break peak. I and you know what I meant to pull my shirt on but I had to fly out of the House. I met my. It's Okay God. Good what's GonNa Happen? A dog could barter. Somebody could walk in at any minute and look at all the mothers okay. Yes having this Sunday. Listen I always keep the mothers today? How was the Corentin? Mother's Day for you Nora It was sad because you know my mom's not here so yeah it was. It's always sad so I will say okay this year. I'm GonNa do better and so I got up. I took shower carry on a Snuka car in the bathroom so it was sitting on the seat in my daughter she. She bought US dinner in that kind of thing but I was okay. I did have a breakdown but it was good me mother's Day so I'm happy for all the other mothers sorry by Eugene A- Ordered ordered some carry out brunch and brought it over to my mom so we've been seeing her all along because we haven't had educated so you've been eating right right and then you know. Are you freezing up? I'm I'm not at home. Oh that's right. I forgot remind all right so you went so your mom. But you've been seeing so you guys are. Hey Pardon seen her. So you guys. They're sort of Korte Graig. Hi good anything did a driveway. How way drive by what we should our driveway. Hello within family with my husband's family. Okay good good good. Good Jackie you what about you? We make dinner. Took it down to my mom's she wasn't supposed to so they were kind of so she watch offer the police so absolutely you as a ride and die. Actually you know what that kidding. Sewage she outta Kate Prom yet. I want to say really really quick that you know I send to little Richard's family. Yeah and to Betty right so those of you. That don't know Betty Right Jackie I forgot to send you guys in the League. But he had a song that was called tonight is the night. And Oh my gosh. That was my coming House Com. You know what the Yogi it off for a lot of people and then we'll hear your what came to coming out. You did nora to listen to the song I go. Okay good deal I yeah okay. So how are we ready? Guys think we're ready. It sounds like we need some really good inspirational pep talk today for our mental mental health. Gina while you know last week we had the mayor of Flint on. Who has psychologist? How you know staying up mentally during this quarantine just period you know so bad helped us with our mental state so now we wanted to bring some people. We wanted to bring someone on to talk about our health and our fitness. Yeah I better. They might two friends. Trina Hopkins in Freight Willis home yet. They own A A a heron fitness treat is a hair stylist in a fitness guru and break is a health and fitness trainer. In on some other stuff. I'll let him explain himself. We get tonight so welcome. Trina welcome Frank. Ten Years Show yes so first of all I think we wanted to start out with you. Guys tell us why you decided to do the business. And then we'll go to the backstory Nora years's frozen in your area in state. Oh shoot not eight fit. You're here they are okay. Yes we definitely have to talk about fitness because one It doesn't affect your your mental state and in this whole quarantine thing everybody's joking about the you know. Corentin fifteen but this thing is you know hopefully getting ready to end and I don't know but everyone else but I thought it was doing great. I'm like WHOA. This is not to be quarantined. Twenty-five here I've eaten attention and business so is nor mentioned a first before we get into all the benefits and how to get started For people that are all of us. That are quarantined home Tell us about the business businesses. Here those Ray does here I and so on and also helps but we focus on so you free. Franken you turn your sound just a little bit. Yeah you can be good now better. Yeah Your Business. Goff yu-lian fitness really focus. Now here the and then I quote rated the SMOOTHIES for Hell. No so what? It is did and boom. They're getting them or how awesome in E. L. Andorra's to Stein. That's the spiritual exercises e. Need help us expert when you're going to serve so some of that we're all his signal. We want some help in get back on. My back's a whole month. Three Oleo wild fires guards. So that's what we did in either free on her bids facebook things. We did a for a whole month break. He had turn it up just a little bit more. I I can hear you would not good good me. Closer come closer maybe might. Yeah I stand up here. How shirt computer thing? So can you hear me? You were just too far away from the MIC. Oh okay. That's the BRO. When did you start the business together because you have separate businesses or had separate businesses right? Actually she was working reading bar. Go plans slash work with Nora Bartlett's branch down Ziv? My all ankle little studio already. Teaching the stem class inside of the building ended up. The guy gets wanted. Any Gore would my salon. Is that everything to get? Yes and so. When did you guys start this? Your new business. It's called hair and body right. Okay when did you combine your skills and talent and start? The business actually are out Tober of last year. Two Thousand Nineteen. Oh Wow before. I was working in our place here. Slide and selling snacks and until Trina Trainer we might do bring ourselves join forces go together. We are capo so I said well. Let's do some beauty all in one. Three one oh great salon. Get inside you become healthy and you could work out also October. That's where we started hearing by and but we didn't want him to leave either. We still wanted to come back. Yeah nobody wants to leave Nora. Put Leagues League's basketball? You don't WanNa be dominated a fitness center booth rent at a salon. Amazing well you want. Regional costs well. Here's the other thing too. It's a one stop place for your customers which is nice because that it is her urge to go to one place. Get your nails one place. Which aired on one place to work cow? You know you put it all together. You didn't one step in. How how is this all connected for customer like Besides they can go to one place really. Think explain how it all ties together. But on time togetherness no when you workout you exercise you tend to not get no result so that you eat healthy so as an aunt is like a marriage has a hand so you were not out to the on again side. True Health and fitness. Come from the inside out and so look out so now to get your hair down you gotta look really all outside case you're by yourself so now you gotta total back. It's a tongue so when you guys started this. Tober is our action. It's awesome when you guys started the connect. Tober obviously like the rest of us. We didn't foresee what was coming died. Sure you had a business plan or mission. You know we're GONNA do things. How did it start out? And how did you have to change your strategy when the Pandemic hit actually. You know all right at appliance. She didn't know I had a quiet one was better. I saw this. She was so talented in doing here and always had a vision of things together instead of all different places to do it all at once plates and so I say okay. This is my vision. This is my plan was. She never even thought about the Mike. Now I haven't sensor to do it was hey drina. It was the SMOOTHIE. Wasn't it lost fifteen pounds during the reign detox smoke? Yes you know really yes through when goose way. I need that Alice most about that early. It's the rain detox. Holding it style Spinach Kale by novels the non-us and Ginger and such a pro team so your body OTC you as the lady. I need to put take your weight ties. Zero point three six. That tell you how much protein your body needs today. The bill muscles are reshare. Your body to repair your muscles. Can you give a set formula again that LBJ? I'M JOE ZERO POINT. Three six K. In that respect give you that tells you how much protein your body needs a day to build like repair vast on your own. That's good to know we need to post says the Green Detox movie. What it do if classes your body see fiber cheeks you claim. Rogaine GETS LATE. So what is true in my rhyme look through and a very important factor is what? I want to talk about. Is Why alcoholic drink. That makes his shrink One of the problems. We're not getting enough water in week. We changed fighting's without enough water by. We came flesh things on our body enough water in our body. So when she doing you take your way and divided by two ounces of water you'll buy needs sedate Hydrate ally water because once you become hydrating staying dehydrated for long periods of time. The calls reading off with that is damage ladies. We wear any waste trainers when she doing dehydrate. Whereby you don't see short-term thing truly enough you're shrinking you look smaller but you just the grid. Soon she started back drinking. Water is GonNa come back phone your body so to yeah so you you actually have cool water and go by sixty four houses of mill. That's the mental. You want to drink a day. Sixty four mental GINA SIXTY FOUR OUNCES. Gina death what you gotTa drink a day float away as a s assistant moving. You have to put twenty to thirty five rounds of fiber into your body day G Chassar. Wh Twenty five around so fi and that keep your digestive system will go eat once. Digestive system becomes slow movie. You Become Artful Chancer. The toxins the allergies the chemicals. They said in your body state. So we like to keep flushing out with the fiber and Plus defy water the combination again. I in the water. So yeah that we've got to increase increase water increase our fiber. You'd agree for twenty five grams of fiber day and at least sixty four half our weight in water. Alfio William Walk. How I two so Jackie. The waters gotta be out of the TAP or auto the bottle not the wine. Not Not that he. I don't think they use water to make any how so give us an example of what business was like Customer when they came in prior to the pandemic and you having to change how you do business if somebody came in to make an appointment had did they get tansel tation on everything had it work. Is I work. They're coming to the hair salon. Get to hear it me to talk. I hear now Congress. Does you know go into a ear. Salon Barshop ally and they have health problems and so I'll listen and so I'll wait here with their health proust next thing. You know come their personal trainer or come to train a step class. The the focus on your body so Dan while you're getting a hair dyed they get home. They frame rain. I'm I'm GonNa tell you what this is what you do you. You said you listened but what you do. Is You go in there? Make them good movie. You WanNA drive. You want right now. Back in you wind hospitality. So you're done. I will do that. I will make some testers movies that so they tasted like is so much but it's also beneficial to thereby great. It really tastes good. Yeah that's really really. Brilliant has when a customer is sitting in the chair you have a captive audience. Where there you know so I think they're also getting educated verses listening to gossip or whatever they're actually learning something in you know and getting to try slow the So what are you doing now? How did you have to shift sayings for this tandem AMAC yet? We had to change the online classes. Now which we call Social Services. Yeah we will go up to our facility our business and we often la which created a membership facebook where we host these videos online for them. We do lie and so that's no right now. Oh that's great how. How can people find that if they want to join here on? Facebook is aw into you Erin by workouts and what we did at first what we call it was here. Embodied stay at home workouts so t to know workouts that they could do at home door dispatch so like say Yaw Setting chair all you have to. I say Okay Right now. GimMe Twenty risks. What you do you just sit down and now now and very if you WANNA try now. GimMe Twenty start to get off the result from that. You three cents to twenty with a thirty second recovery. Time Norad Twenty. No Hurry Command. Go you do walk down. He likes to see they're doing I'm done. I did for having the clan. The wonderful Um yeah. I love the class. Everybody is helpful. Everybody are complementing. It's a really really nice class. You don't feel like intimidated like when you go to classes at jams and stuff like that. You'll see people they look you know put together and everybody the same cute little size and all of that you know so. I like it because it's a a a group of odd different kinds of people in. It's so much fun how. How does the membership worked? So they they go on the facebook page. Is there What do they do like sign up or has it requested to get onto the page? Dna DO cash out. Okay submarine built with you. I might do a pulse on facebook. I will show us in our or a might impulsive smoothies. Whatever not talked about it and then I'll say you want to join and this is three steps that you have to do. Join into homebody workouts. I you cash out of twenty five dollar monthly membership. If you WANNA do us in is five dollars for a day and you just drop the end. You become a membership but I do cash upper. I didn't Africa cash out. Burn you send her frame requests. Your facebook is center fan. Firmer question then you accept the invite into the member into embody workouts. We do it three days. A week. Bundy's Tuesdays Wednesdays from six thing you now to seven. Pm Sometimes we stopped earlier. Sometimes a little later is stream workout. Mondays we do high intensity Cardio high-intensity Cardio Shrinks your body strength along so with us. Doing is strengthening your lost during this pandemic because the virus attacks your lungs is upper. Respiratory this way. You're being strong. Depending on the two tools things do like weights is the serpent training. You do might be five or six different excise with lightweights. Non Stop with that strengthens. Har- lightweighting strengthens your heart. You don't WanNa live. Heavyweights heavy. Weights elevates your blood pressure. Lightweight strengthens. Your Heart Tom. The more sex debate look a pay three s more high-intensity Cardio and we focus on some in his only antone and Gates upper body lower body. So is a complete workout at you. You're GonNa Sweat 'cause what you do want to get your heart rate up. You want to get it back down then back up up and down on tablets barring more fat for your life now. Fridays and Saturday do go back through one of the workouts in repeat one good thing about him Ford Online See ALL UP. Repeat them as often as you want to go the contingent on free on things but we have to pay rent. Dopp to change. We understand that. He asked his feels he has to pay but Marino. We said well we're GONNA try to a little bit a little bit of something we're we're stance as in Cuba members say so we just doing online right now. They love actually attention for it online. They wanted to eat their shoot into back up and see how things scurry action. We've space so much day. The one that suggested that we do. They want us to lose our goods though that all ninety eight though now speaking of you know when it when you open up how do you think is gonna be different for you guys while the park. I know what the slime part we open up. A people have to stay in their car. You know about an hour intervals in between I masks customers and she divorce. They can't touch the door as She got wash everything down. Ray everything down not to each client lead a Ollila for her to out the clients. Wash their own hair before they. You know because this is an airborne virus so it can be their hair in you. Just have to be safe during the side But you know you know frank. I'm glad you said that too because you know. I thought about that as far as having a shampoo before they came B but is like most of our stuff goes in preparation. So it's harder today but I understand what you're saying so people women need caller rind very but I don't do surprises leaked to wear gloves when she wash their air. Also I remember you know when we had a class one class. We had you know when it was getting warmer. We were outside so that that's going to be option to where you guys the class outside or up our alice actually are started. We were outside. Not just cancel class. Where when do you guys plan on opening back up to you now or Just waiting on the Ernie we waiting on the C when she say we can hope back up so far. No the dates Getting pushed back so until the goal of slow we will do their hair salon. She say open back up but doing the SMOOTHIES and things. I don't know if I would do that right off. And then the scene it's GonNa be hard to work with a mass. Does this hargreave art glass and get the smoothies you could do carry out. You could do curbside curves. Have you heard about. I don't know if you heard about this. The Salon in Birmingham. A couple of that are doing it where they're mixing up the formulas for their customers in it's so that the customers are calling their mixing up the color formula. You're paying for it and they come pick it up curbside with directions on how to do it and actually only thing about that. Jackie I would. I would be wearing today. It'd be like okay. I can do it myself. Now know what I was thinking the same thing. I thought cashew wonder if that's GonNa you know in the long run. I'm here tickets. Three I boat. Yeah I why you never do it as good as your hairdresser about seven you just steroid a. Nobody wants to rinse that off. Rinse off in the in. The you know the kittens from the time. Yeah Yeah it's a mess. Now that I I am. I bought some caller. I'M GONNA attempt to do it on my mother's hair late day so please stand by. I don't know if today's a good day for you to do that. Gina No Nora Nora. If I call nine one wall and I'm going to bail out well that's why rats I did. Several highlight some rocky and she actually wanted me to league. Chip one is said I doing that. Nora is not available. Not Too so. She's just champion Bet. So Trina do you think on Do you think you will have? I know you're GonNa do like you said because you have your space. Yep that's a good thing so you won't have to put up like plans steak and stuff like you see some of the other salons only one right. So that's the ethnic customers coming in on that I'm GonNa have an hour it'd be tweets sleep here that strategy right now so now that you have the classes online In a they're going so well it's like you. You really wouldn't have to push it as far as actually coming back in hasn't people of Texas Outta town bodies and if I go back into the building on a lose them by the Accra you have to businesses though you could have two as for for for lack of people go to a salon. Whatever that's their social bonding. I know. It's going to be different because you can't go up and hug people but that is your connections. There are two different markets that you can capitalize on I out. I like how you guys have Just how you how everything has has kind of led you in to this path that you're on right now because you know. Trina was at working in the together. Frank comes in with his movies and all of that and then next thing you know you guys are into business and is doing really well and then now you you Kerr Gomer now. You're online which is something you hadn't even thought about doing even if he did even if you did. You probably didn't think to this scale. You know what I mean. To tell you the truth we did. I still don't know what I'm doing is just having. Yeah but faith is leading you any yet so I I just think it's great that You guys are still doing what you're doing is able to do especially now also anti Figuring out different ways to keep it going to ride into down and say oh. Well we're because you could have right right right there. Fortunately there are a lot of people who have done that but it is all about You know figuring out how to drive and not just survive. I mean that's the key and it's again you know we've been talking about this every week. It's you know not sitting back in and playing victim. Inches saying okay. What are we going to do? What can we do without her? Aunt changes after we approve and we just in our business. It's definitely about after this happened. Was definitely about what a treating when they sent me their bio. When they're saying you know they both had a passion to do what you do is like just because this quirky happened. That passionate right right. What what advice. Franken Trina D. You guys have for people who You know maybe have figured it out yet. Maybe have a had a pivot or or you know there's a lot of people that You know they're losing their jobs right now. They're they're struggling A of depression going on and what advice you have for people like that. That feels soccer. They don't see a way out to pray and they have to be proactive. Chinese just on Com is just a matter of time. You know you have to be patient with it. You have to try and get out and do more. You can't just sit there. We just sit there will. We would have been in trouble. He had to get out and figure out a way to pay some. You got prioritize. You know what I say. Abc's of management. I'm saying a you must do. Must you must eat. You have to eat north as being her you need to do. And what that is you need to provide shelter. You need a place thing we see is nice new what I mean by senior vice to be nice to go out and cut my grass right now but I don't have to do that. Yeah that bet you know so you prioritize so does guy. He wants his red money. We're not taking into sales that we will stay so we can't pay the full amount but we paid up. Don't things that other people they can do paying full. You pay half. Will you count half? Don't I rather Peyton up? This is about survival during this time you must must provide shelter and are the agents and beans right. They're the most do eat. And right now everything else. Become a seat is all I will. During this time. You focused in on it exercising. Actually Hey because this is attacking your meals at is strips. Your meal says food eat just you? But he does this high transition and low in fact versus booze. That's high fat. So which you ill system. Strong the find recipe very important. You get a right amount. Arrest is strengthening your immune system Omega three Fischel Protein Vitamin C. I thought it aids like ace hardware or a Spain eight. You WanNa put them by since you're fighting eight seat all that's great. I love the prioritizing. Doing just a simple a B and see what what he has to have. What what do you need? And what would you love? And that's that's simple. That's a simple way to end. Yeah that's true we make hardener. Don't want the other two with exercise. I read when we did shows on depression That a lot of doctors actually prescribe exercise as a way to combat depression yet. Just a walk. Nate I'M GONNA be there but it helps third Minnesota Day. If you do twenty to thirty minutes of high-intensity Walking runny exercise by a high intensity exercise workout. That's strengthens your mom lightweights. That's are so you're getting this? The league balanced with zone when you exercise they'll prop all you interest You don't WanNa work ways your work out in this unnecessary listening to your body doing something or want now frank. Do you do consultations online for the smoothies than the the nutrition part of it. I always so feedback. People always need boxing Felt their life sometimes brings tears because people constantly saying hey I listen to you. Stop posting out of the white stop acid well. I didn't know you was watching or was listening. You went in light or when found will don't get like don't talk Elvis. They're not this. You know so I started back doing a Lotta Salts from there so it rain because action save in some you know by feedback given them feedback aggressive action. I'll say hey you have the coaching If I just teach you exercise and you're not doing it correct that I'll not helping let you know what you're doing right will go wrong if you're not seeing wait. We have to problem. Saw figure out why you're not losing weight will into your eat. We'll stop time is not just your this winter eating or what? You're not so problem. Solving is very important. You there is seven steps to Problems the first problem is that recognized. Better problems you stag in the lives relationships rob we working out but seven steps with doctor and lasts up. You see the Off for you won't go back down that road that's three you may that we can use now and later you'll say yeah so that's not oppose about a business and I have to talk to and respond. They always actually question and I have my ass. I can't post it on facebook in. Don't ask them is just not and this is my is my best and I look dorm at great. You guys thank you so much for being a million tree now this so inspirational. I'm real quick break or Trina. Can you give us a facebook again? That people can go to yes though to train a hop on facebook. You'd be frank traynor. It's okay China up INS. If you WANNA join. The class will cash offer as she will give the late to task to get onto her face. Fitness banks a stall in now letter the number two letter you so as thought into you air by workouts hair and body workouts. Yes and and so if somebody wants to Get the membership. They would go to the end to into end with the letter. End To to you hear embody workouts facebook page right and they can read class to become a member. Right eight okay. We'll get that. We'll get that linked posted Thank you so much all the way to doing can definitely I run a quick shoutout out to all the people that that join? The wildfire narrow sounds Mayor Guy Him. Orissa share bang renege shocking. For though Anthony or time that they should power Bandini colleagues Quiz Christie Majori. Anthony Mike Gifts it out there. Anderson Gregory William. Thank you all for watching the new. I haven't I haven't an easier more of watch too but we won't take time but thank you for everybody who's watching the fortunate today or what's the fortunes of good time to take some extra relaxation today. Wow are walk. You're you guys had a great day grab ever day guys them remember. Sometimes the only the transportation available is the leap of faith. Thanks for taking leap of faith. Happy Hump Day. See You happy Wednesday reclining. It is today.

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NutriMedical Report Show Friday July 5th 2019  Hour Three  Dr Betty Martini PhD Hon, www.MPWHI.com, Aspartame EVILs, Abortion, IQ Drops, Sterilization, Population Reduction, Life Reduction,

NutriMedical Report

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NutriMedical Report Show Friday July 5th 2019 Hour Three Dr Betty Martini PhD Hon, www.MPWHI.com, Aspartame EVILs, Abortion, IQ Drops, Sterilization, Population Reduction, Life Reduction,

"It's the doctor build eagles show presented by neutral medical dot com call one eight eight eight six four zero attorney general the ad welcome back here we are a got some permission from doctor betty martini having some trouble somehow connecting i don't think there's any extreme weather there in georgia she's extra for the past thirty years i'd ask james by the adventure game but also summer caught colleagues sexually of help her doctor monte in doctor walden will be getting him on the program major medical doctors actually helped the research she made a statement here's i wanna feed off here a she wants to novelty a program of course in dealing with attorneys lately 'cause there's apparently some lawsuits they're going on one is still after the ninth district court which she wants reviewable coca cola declaring the where war the public in terms of these toxic things right into the food including aspartame advantageous all they have all these toxic sweeteners are toxic it caused a birth defects decrease fertility lower hormone levels of cancer and of course we have a discussion between aspartame in the ceo of coke we have to blake which i'll be posting up after the show you'd wanna go to get some of these hyper links in articles you go to neutral medical dot com got a link to decouple hyphen network dot com or new dramatical networks plural dot com and you're like she'd be pulled that you are l we also have many different podcast platforms including switching shows through pippa dot io to youtube so you can get all kinds of ways listen to the program here at sierra talk radio channel six is their main channel what we have other i think they were encore channel we send let's say hello to we have alexa amazon google plus many other avenues egan actually's search and were training center tags over to sierra and so they connects you search with text and find the shows of the content whether say things like heart disease and heart failure or performer obviously you're psoriasis or alternative has cancer treatments or geopolitical or or spiritual solutions for example idea was at time they ask attala g we have one of our colleagues his ex you over there right now filming in israel they'll they'll be coming back in the next few weeks can find he has a number of videos of many books and we've discussed those lately on the shows if you go to our website just search but came client in under the deal network you'll pull up the shows work has been on the program ross setting up some pages reach her co host so they'll have those on their own website all of their shows are listed where they've actually been a co host on their programs on their sub page and of course at the top of rotating banner the chosen top products which you wanna purchase a keep us in business but making her health better and then we provide information to make geopolitical and spiritual health better to so we have those links there and i'm and i'm surprised we have doctor betty rate now i'm sure something has happened again it doesn't surprise me we have those kind of interferences a one thing i want to a one day i want people realizes that we're constantly in a battle for the truth in fact i'm gonna call some of the latest news articles we one of the israeli bales ancient robert jesus walked to the temple i'm gonna post up a link to that in my newsletter which will set up but today after the show that's kind of interesting iran threatens british shipping in retaliation for taker seizure i we have the genes yes but obesity epidemic mostly down the diet no it's not diet alone it's mostly due to a interaction between mineral depleted soil a high fructose and high end high sugar a compound high fructose corn syrup example is mercury a an echo abusive genyk diet drinks like die bailey like a like a aspartame splendor have ataman cetera increase insulin so this is just die alone is not quite true are kito genyk diet will help you lose weight kito powering lycee mix of blocks carbohydrates armed utah teachers practice responding to school shootings so they're getting ready to protect themselves and their schools which is good and we have that i belong both theater ray and will be getting on an array experts in julie gun owners of america on the program california had a big earthquake by the way and may have a bigger one or one chance of that i'm gonna talk about some science because i'm a scientist and many different categories talking about regular classified information there several ways first caesar's university here in california the measure z tell your frequency across the fall solved and searched the surge hours or days before it actually causes they flip what happens is there's harmonic frequencies sees an inch the different tectonic plate has these specific kerry harmonic frequency and with those driveways happened they viewer resistance the rock face drops and then there's a slide which occurs and then the rocks log in and the new or resistance increases again we can measure that was not only across all of all songs but also from space using torsion field gravitating imaging so nothing surprises me ashington i think invert a mega earthquakes where there's a lot of a basically energy locked up on the rocks like for example in the san andreas lot there's twelve feet of slide six inch slide would destroy loss angeles and there's a vertical up slip of a of a entire meters it could happen all one surge which billionaires break nine point five so the fact is that we should convert a potential mega quakes by half a century of five centuries inter micro quakes of the kirby day nobody leaving pill and that should be done we needed talk to her scientists vote that amazon will store alexa voice logs forever unless you delete them that's another interesting news item by the way amazon is got are a nearby metric data from new york federal government eastern west a high sites where you're doing research on artificial intelligence voice recognition of biometrics a there's an interesting article here scholars say philistine jeans but it helps to solve the mystery and talking about urging fellow students coming from europe 'em the villa seems basically are signs of k you wanna talk about some people don't understand that defense department is talking about banning beer at pizza and they wanna move toward a mandatory kito diet dude has military performance because they're kito power politically sure athletic performance in your brain performance especially if people are getting early dementia or why build a study of practice logger doing any sport activity but it also helps you burn fat so you know power as they solve the three different kitone it'd be shamed triglycerides and the cofactors bursar other self inflicted by welby are by the mineral max vitamins and minerals plus and weaken razor metabolic rate with are supplement such as a n d h editor sports energy like there is atp near the d h and and amount of courage ocala but these are all available right now that's a cars deserves the scientists looked at craig human monkey i guy barest and this is i think in saturday a you know the player leaves is very real and they can do this of the problem is it's a relatively simple procedure the critic i mira near braddock stage and i think this is very insane to start doing the sentencing this is one one of the things that could release viruses that are for example president's animal and have the british across and and jumping the human the nineteen eighteen pandemic of be a spanish liver example which he jumped views a pig's to create eight typhus vaccine and the pigs that they have their version of flu and combined with the human version of flu greater recombinant the in the in the tigers vaccine be vaccinated troops when they arrived in spain they get suddenly became ill amazing died at fox at a respiratory failure as called the spanish flu wasn't calls because they got spain is because of vaccines firm typhus action originated from experimental type is sexy back and we basically before for world war a what in nineteen eighteen where we enjoy the war later so it's crazy that seems that's actually what's going on there is a level of alert and the volcano hawaii because see a volcano you know showing signs of getting much more active what's going as a hot spots moved off of the hawaiian islands ever gonna start seeing the danger in the future of across little slip color this historic destruction we talked about this on tuesday with mark gaffney he'll be back next week and then we return we're gonna get a backer biblical scholar and moviemaker came climbed back on the program but you have to understand we're gonna brand scientists and experts to explore these you're not only find decided to to refund with what's going on but ask better questions russians will also formulate solutions potentially they could solve these problems so in defense of our strategy is one of the things we've had doing this program besides defending her body will wanna defender soul you're nation injure world of course we see protests in china hong kong saying it's not china protest falls major sat test regime a i don't think that they want to do the persecute a hong kong because a lot of international companies investing and in hong kong because they're separate from china have their separate judicial system as she has the poll things back from the palay forcing the third pregnancy to forced abortion making on citizens of people who l a score lower and their social rating scale with one of our affiliates of google a firm america and a although you know we we want eventually work or something that improves families around the world including in china we have a desperate problem the chinese have at least thirty six and a half million bridgeable bales they have no female in china i'd have to go elsewhere to the palestine or malaysia to get a bride that's the situation that was created by social engineering by these social communists of their country and forced abortion which are ninety three percent of abortions worldwide even in india and china are female they're not a shoulder would die down syndrome fragile lecture other genetic defects believe me i understand is that these issues of totalitarian control whether you call it communism or or whatever or in are country where we're doing a we we say it's a right having abortion no it's not a right it's a rock and we need support the family and i believe the number of states she got a bold and you'll cdn by the fall after the movie roe versus wade is overturned get michelob on the program and other great actors are talking about there play d to just sheree 'em other program talking about these issues so that's what's happening there in terms of a neutral meds again you can contact me doctor building for eight restarted perko by contact us a nutri medical a new tier i medical dot com or triple eight two two eight eight seventy one i said a bunch of articles over to my corn and right gary you're apps here and talk radio there'll be posted up in a separate section under magazines when i should go those links rhythm and see the links and see there'll be a lot of them will contain a number of citations is well the medical literature if you're a doctor health professional so they're not just written for the general public so number pretty advanced and they'll allow you to actually get to a higher level of knowledge and understanding understanding that there's a lot of things you're doctors do are incorrect for example if you're diabetic you have to have not only lawyer diabetic a insulin level but clipping down that's where we have berber stat and you have to normalize left insensitivity devotees you don't end up caribbean carbohydrates you have to raise you're metabolic rate 'cause all diabetics have type two hypothyroidism oh so you need might have thyroid monitor the cyber conversion with things like for school until five prime day nays while atomic i deem which is you only pass my idea in the world we carry a an things to improve you're a functional metabolism such as are 'em are for schooling and 'em are fatty he asked his actual mobilized fat from your body we talked about this earlier in the program but michelle first hour so you have to understand that we have example many alternatives things for example i don't there's a lot of drugs they are absolutely yeah not on my list i i don't recommend any drugs i'll tell you which ones might be safe under some very narrow circumstances i never recommend chemotherapy except for a few more with low insulin potentially asian we have vaccines against cancer bosa dendritic and they anti vascular vaccine we have gca half we have all kinds of nutraceutical technology at scale technologies lower and accolades levels which is the primary molecule blockchain backup as you from killing infections and cancer so those are all available 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that's one triple eight to one two eight eight seven one or neutral medical dot com and listen to a nutri medical report on the genesis radio network with open lines every weekday neutral medical dot com bringing nutrition in medicine together well extreme weather is happening everywhere and a baby martine even though i talked to her this morning she was effectively her a bottomless ride a bike lightening strike and apparently frieder modem i central number over his son apparently contacted me a wireless charging pickup who was because they don't have it in my phone yet a dad and i put his phone number out there on the skype so hopefully a mike a at you're at sharon talk radio maybe we'll check to see if we can get that cell number other user modem and then contact that betty that way says you wanna make a few comments that were getting get on summer colleagues darker monte in doctor a a company other doctors that we have there been working with me and with betty for years i work with betting almost fifteen years a she's actually some of these doctors are saying is approaching thirtieth twenty eight twenty nine years now i have to stop the toxic effects a my solution to the problem and i'm gonna go through a series of solutions different problems and i wanna talk about we talk about liberty week or the fourth of july a number what if you wanna support the valley with and make sure everybody has a decent living we don't want her to force companies to raise their minimum wage control the borders we gotta make sure that we do have a cyber wall which up until march we want action go to these home countries and start getting rid of these drug cartels and also getting rid of the cartel affiliated agencies insider government because especially to the cia is actually working to get their cut and they're saving us money off world space projects in deep underground basis at cetera et solution tuesday a health the issue is we need have innovator mess and the way they get that is to pay doctors and hourly wage not based on paper service so they insurance carriers don't get to decide with doctors do or state licensing authorities doctors do the best thing for their patients i think attests regularly and make sure they understand standard very rapidly evolving database and if they don't have the surgical skills and heaven learn how to do a shoulder surgery a oh there we go i guess because he called in after mass deceiving get all the base on but no answer yet so that's part of the solution in terms of international trade if you're gonna make trade gt's with china they have to stop the search out policy abortion suffer social rating other media respect are pat and don't try to manufacture products which you bring a technology from germany or america or canada over to to china and then there's still a patent or manufactured after hours those all can be part of agreements i'm sure donald trump and workout if he does he's not ready caves while way to solve gypsies x she going negotiate eight much tighter deal that's gonna make sure the respect her patten's respects their cyber security because member both the chinese the russians and many other nations were hacking into our power grid are water treatment facilities are electric are are air traffic controllers at cetera we've got doctor martini good i'm glad we got you finally a document teeny i guess you had if i had any electrical storm the bride you're modem realising by motor where you are or where you oughta phone alight what happened well actually i because we're all water i had just gotten and put a surge protector but it was the worst electrical storm i've ever seen an it made a big snap an but how did it affect how did you figure fono those rodier sons phone it's a pretty good connection i we actually a good audio now okay well i'm on his cell phone right i did were hand them oh it's so the the phones don't work can be a computer doesn't work and i don't even use a cell phone didn't even what was ahead yeah no that's the whole so suddenly you're son lives with you so he actually led to his cell phone which by the way he called by about all right okay you sent me a before that and i ended up calling a number you gave me that would defer you're oh network i got good have you actually go to the website you'll see the new call the numbers to call into the show at one eight eight one sixty four o one this week call in line a gate productive betty a you know there's the you're you're a spiritual person who has been say a pastor a the powers of darkness have tried to suppress doctor diggle do don't a in my dream you're a bit of a bit of my journey and now well let let let me summarize i'm not gonna get into you know tony our discussion but i travel with a prosecutor forty decision israel and what i propose they shouldn't drill the socialist the dead sea a bad things almost happened okay then i went over on after i had a show a clear channel with mark allen crate for several years a on wednesday evenings for two hours we went to the downtown studios i called the alex jones show in december of two thousand four and a federal fifteen minutes explain those yasser you x examiner of the special forensic team and i had above top secret clearance so there's no one like me speaks publicly on radio or tv in any country in any language with more classified information david human being in history that's the fact i'm not exaggerating when i say that and people say well why did they kill you and i have one guy five years ago i said look if they kill me you're not gonna hit my belief now i have i finally feel like i have respect you're you're in talk radio and unexplained that when i was at genesis radio a moving this restarted we did pretty well and we're actually not only helping a lot of people were getting information now but then they lost her ability so gold is start selling southwest and everybody from alex jones everybody with slugging all kinds of garbage basically what's not backed by doctors were testing or anything and they in the last year and a half hours there they act she said i couldn't even say i had eight showing the network and commercials on the network they're gonna be broadcast or affiliates the same kind of foolishness whatever they kind of shoestring budget over at republic radio where as they say like rodney dangerfield i don't get no respect as the same thing happening rats where i want the post medical articles up on this new site which is a giant site and so busiest like my gosh resident into broadcasting career she's a smart guy and he interviews and very interesting people including yourself but the problem is you wouldn't let me posed by medical articles now you gotta understand doctor bagel is talent i can't treat over foreigner health conditions no one else in this country to my extent they integrate madison surgery don surgeries stem cell therapy an epa genetic frequency cheaper there is nobody like me on the planet i'm frank traynor the doctors are doctors in germany and south america and elsewhere on training and actually following me and asks you for my protocols okay so i'm one of the leading doctors in human history doing this and i'm being persecuted by persecution started really intensely when i resent research with doctor arguing a working on diabetes those acts you they threatened to pull my license freshly driving bloods to look at instantly because taller assess where they had a pathology but as persecuting when i work with you cla and toxic chemicals bozos persecuted when i was mapping no pain with doctor jim hitchcock and working on technology us persecuted whatever group surface gm gm j w is to dallas and it's just one of many persecutions because they don't wanna have somebody that's challenging the computer scientist something is dangerous now i talked to my friend doctor which donnie who i work with over forty years ago you cla on how to make an antibody test against formaldehyde dr metal taken hydrogen so on we did work on but also we could do the same thing for aspartame aspartame i could make a test right now if you didn't if you wanna funded you could actually measure you're antibodies against the byproduct of aspartame richard treadmill taken hydride byproduct of jet fuel formaldehyde mess with alcohol in fact some people drink some damage aspartame or aspartame lays foods they actually don't need the being bombed in fact i think there is a case you quoted where someone actually created so much a firm alva hyphen their body in bombers actually when the person died they didn't need to obama but all well not only that they had closed colton perico end on the mound had who's losing out of the man's skid and so people from united states comes funeral and more to see him in a funeral people said that they'd never seen anything but you know the they were getting bodies say wondered where firm out of had this coming from but in his case it we losing truly skin and if anybody wants to breathe that it's even own google's doing bomber not through a bomb edits gives the whole story they redid now the other day that i love callers people say a utah over here guests look i talk over 'cause sometimes a little hyper but i want my guess like yourself were brilliant acts you get the truth through the people i love people disagree agreeing with me that have evidence and logic and you don't have to have qualifications if you wanna call in except for the first hour on friday eight one eight eight one eight sixty four zero one calling it acts you raise the question stay on topic ask a question where he presented evidence of logic don't have enough jack's like i hate you diego or you're not or you're in you must be alien some something stupid i want to the presented evidence like for example hey you think it's good for donald trump putting drove a aspartame ice drinks a day no the man is going to end up with a healthy heart problems curtis conduction problems dementia obesity a something serious is gonna happen automatically caves doing this okay we know the jelly beans on the desk asked ronald reagan were aspartame like i'm sure a part of the reason why that man died is because rumsfeld gotta ask playmates jelly beans and the white house staff so people don't want the this is eight eugenic policy reduce the population reduced human fertility and destroy the health of the population so we don't have extended lifespan 'cause the people at let's say five ten or twenty years longer in were healthy physically fit society would be completely different society wouldn't it where a lot of seniors it'd be volunteering and have the house paid off and be able to travel the world or take another phd or joys and go back into athletics again i mean people don't understand the world would be a different place we only worry about people eight eighty reproducing they're not gonna be reproducing they're gonna simply be producing they're gonna help people to have a better life and get better news apply wisdom doubt the rest of us right well you know that was amazing article about the fact that a that this came directly from cdc and i guess they were wondering why but but the first time in a hundred years a people's lifespan being lowered and of course we all know now as mccain is mass poisoning but then you've got jaylo and you got in and mineral the blues soil and you have your own you have now averaging radiated breathing air basically genetically modified food and animals and also changed the god by the way you have a an application with scale radiation from glenn towers cell phones and now if i know a cell phones and five g network which is now spacex put up a week and a half ago six satellites and lower serve it and they're playing with six companies but twenty thousand not only that they're putting him in the roadways in japan they're putting putting him in the halls is they got a regulation change here in america where they could action contract you're neighbour put a five g repeater on their home maybe fifty yards mirror you're bedroom and people don't understand this is deadly people civil doctor did go how do you know i said look i skillset i got recruited in grade eleven to go the mit and plus nuclear physics taught myself macaire bypass physics aptitude tests it'd be seven thousand people including those already had a bathroom masters in physics and i know how do we know i was building high explosives in solitude rocketed twelve thirteen fourteen wearing the capital's volume together myself a twelve and thirteen so i could make directed energy weapons i know how they used by technology in knowledge so cellular communication lines politics equations tells lead cetera i can make doozer directed energy weapons in dammit people don't understand towards the future do involves drones were directed energy weapons in fact i just saw these spiderman and once you know miss cereal and he has drawn gonna create a simulated reality but the fact is the battlefield future it's like are current world if you think even raise is gonna survive their guts biomed mitochondria surviving five g network and cell phones you're delusional idiot idiot you're gonna die quick and fast and the ugly well first of all i just got to reaching a new article on that sad hr by some big expert and he said it is so bad there is no place for anyone that and then he meant to you know give along lecture on it and it was a i mean it was so evil and so bad how could use a mix all these things up and with aspartame oh you're a drug you know damaging mind the congress which is powerhouse down exactly no chance at all you know i talked about this in the spiritual side and their husbands pastor the council candidate and the and the and the globalist satanist that run the world if they don't think they are on the secret orders you're not paying attention are releasing all are they're all part of it all and who 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detox is face to detox pathways krueger on a nation celebration and methylation pappas important we've advice he makes the blocks of carbohydrate absorption help with diabetes more weight loss as well helps people they're trying to build a possible using things like are a special formula doctoroff called mega muscle between males along with sports energy like we have amazing new to complete the most complete red and green green drink in the world but the best multi bill and flavor pick it up and mexico to butter mineral mex which is are fruit flavored mix power of vitamin d well new dramatical everyday i remember i remember when my new ad welcome back at a by the way if you want help you contact us at neutral medical dot com a big sales on because liberty you could say right through the midnight on tuesday the night of july may most big holidays we have these sales where we have a call seven four heaven sale i got the image a n d a and b idea it'll be in in a in a dream of god the credits it helps encourage people to take care of their health and also clear their minds of toxins a if you're toxically exposed aspartame spend advan tame hardly talk shit by you used dolly or nutraceutical splits scanner technology like lemon photon hyperbaric oxygen ozone hole body recharging yourself with the sylvie tall matt and the fulltime sound beam etc ways of fittingly epidemic frequency through through the sonic like life i am through the pro jazz reacted tron or the program plus so i have a and the technology i have basically no one else on earth house period nobody and we have ways of testing it with blood tests imaging studies at cetera cetera sucking validate what i'm saying is true so doctor betty if you were asked me a couple of articles you want me to write fewer and fewer other scientists 'cause you want validation of what i talk darker bush donna year and a half ago at the conference in las vegas and eight four am represented there my song of dna lecture 'em i went over it wasn't me says yes she could do it but it costs a bunch of money to set up a test acts you do aspartame i wanna see if i can get something set up the reaction get a go fund me to go fund tests measure these toxic things and people but a lot of people they think were delusional there's a lot of people were addicted to aspartame resplendent advan taymor is assault fam in fact one of these the cider companies up in northern california makes insider and they called ace almost like a is a good player is a self habits toxic it's another toxic sweetener to remove carbohydrates and put in ace it and people understand these are destroying fertility i q health and causing cancer it's it's very disgusting isn't it and they're getting away with it because they're so crop in fact she made the statement that we should we just human fertility lifespan electric kill people yes you mentioned the on one of her show sometime ago while cfp director said well that's what we should do it again a michael the lightning and i said what people are dying everywhere just you know you so well we need to populate and you know restricts thing i had a young woman at my house a couple of days ago and i said what do you think you're screwed and she said why everybody has they deedee and she wasn't joking see a sincere mark said that a that everybody is they're they're putting mon drugs and the thing that i'm most interested in right now is that we should be able to show because of the fact if i was in front of an audience first thing i would do is hold up the confession don't be f c here's their ninety two symptoms and say well i meant to ask the gang calls so that's if sec end aspartame is the clause and it's something that i have oh we tried to tell audiences you may have all kinds of medical problems most of the time when i meet people they have no idea it's mask doing because it's been approved this and that and it's not it's abroad and i always say take the sixty day no aspartame did because he end up sixty days and many times in a couple of weeks all these problems they have disappeared headache is number one and i don't know if i've ever talked to victims you add headaches was using aspartame as soon as they got also had disappeared so now they're putting it go doctor you get something like montek from migraines and take that as a game in the mall tip number two is ever chewable tablet so they basically said well we wanna make it through streams chewable which is ridiculous well yeah but this is actually a mole checks 'em it wasn't a brand but they say when trouble since they wouldn't take it out do studies inaccurate and study shows that small tax with aspartame will make that of course and they still won't take it out and all they're trying to do them it's just a a dollar bill the more people it's more it's more of the money that let let me do it a little sketchy 'cause i like the voices you know i'm not only berber shopper singer but i'm also likely voices like my sons are all funny like that to the missouri ability like i do to make voices and do it as skipper i call they a a a you know they call what's the name of that book a there was a done back about almost seventy eighty years ago a screw tape letters member that the dialogue the fluids there was a dialogue between lucifer in one of his minions daylight shade we're making such good progress rather aspartame accuser dropping seven percent protect they're less fared all the boys of becoming voice search thinking they're not necessarily male anymore an were seeing so much cancer is just arias that's what's going on this is not just getting richer this is getting people dead or sicker sterile people don't understand this is evil as most vile form and it is deeply embedded in are are i called the district are criminals washington dc and other places around the world where now of course they moved moved in geneva auto show took over the matter of fact you're i took care of people working in the plant back in the late nineteen eighties and they got the judge over crossing south carolina so i learned about the first hand how dangerous this by the way this is what i call equal i poop they actually put the jeans and nikolai which is still bacteria they could try peptide which is a federal a federal allen into other amino acids in this case i'm basically centrifuges out amused electrical centrifuge the centrifuges out i i saw people will seizures cancer dementia blindness all kinds of horrible things and they warming emergency department 'cause i worked there as well to bring it don't talk to the media if you do you get fired or worse and of course you know when they say worse they mean debt okay so as a doctor you have not you can't believe how many times i've been threatened by my bosses they would kill me and i'm not exactly masterpass so don't threaten daego okay i got too much you know syrian lebanese in hebrew jewish and viking major tolerate people like threatening diego entire right now if you think this is not just people getting greedy oh no no they wanna see people sick sterile in debt all day yeah i let me let me be more graphic a they want to be at the echo plasma astral sacrifice of yours soul sacrifices he's got a blue light lucifer himself you buy and sukey by these sexual warrior demons early poisoning you to their proxies human beings like like rumsfeld that puts us in the food to make sure you're chagas eighty during pregnancy you get depression you become diabetic or end up with applications or end up with some form of breast or pancreatic cancer or you think you're perfectly fine like for example i'm very worried about mr trump he's under extreme stress i assume gaining weight such as wearing body armor i see the man picking up aspartame that's a normal person should do you should be deteriorate i realise someplace gonna have what's called breakpoint that elbow role of a something catastrophic medically is gonna happen deliver cardiac arrhythmia but i have a stroke or he'll come dollars cash something bad's gonna happen the richer getting angry i already said are you see it happening when he's even with the proper fails before he is he just need a teleprompter now i apparently what it's doing is being addressed yesterday sell so proper failed you could totally lost her words not good but you know i sent you a gift for we had a storm a may talk to the ceo of coat and i had shots when the bell went off and i mean there were that was there a hundred and twentyfifth anniversary so i'm sitting with the press and i was just about when they when they stopped to plane protests the national soft drinks association so they would know without a shadow of a doubt that they knew all these things happen and didn't wanna put it in a they're going to begin with and now we've got all these class action on deceptive advertising with coke pepsi doc right doctor fetter and most of those globus their droppings except the last one of the ninth district isn't it yeah anyway but they need to again where they know every everything about sure they do have access throwing aspartame was it developed a nazi germany as they death agent to kill people was developing america's developed the nazi germany the neuro toxic toxic chemicals it's like there are several articles on it and even roger williams in the uk parliament said it was pat and the bio chemical warfare weapon and if if if you're a listers if they're using it proved themselves they should make a diary get off they'll go probably maybe two weeks with with scrawl well no i got i got paid a buffalo reverse ross's if you take my cynical but if you don't you're gonna have a hell of a time well i didn't hear you say what it was is a kennel using you i you know when you come in buffalo the body you got some free radicals are power see or free radical blockers gammy plus i'll just and hydrogen plex issue plaques and i'll just i wouldn't be one in self defense plus becoming even buffer those things will stop the stress hormones like stress to go five hcp cross and cofactors like some muscle for talks vacation ender life support has failed to detox were vacillation garage basement selfish and you understand what's going on right now is a the globalist want life extension they want a merger with technology have extend lifespans demigods reaching off of planet earth where they vastly reduced population so you look at these billionaires they have a different idea their ideas they want a trans human world where most of us are dead or god or sick to the point where we can't function that's what they want if you think i'm making this up but i tell you this just watch the words of people like terrible ted turner the mayor by the way i heard now he's got dementia lives up in montana he's actually getting you know god says when when when grey says judgment begins and i believe he's getting a taste of judgment now unfortunately i pray for them at some comments that you're a billionaire isn't gonna be raining here maker you got to the point where jesus there buddy it's not gonna be a pleasant wonder if you're doing evil is now calling the battle like pictures like never awaken yeah no white hat from in other in other words it's horrible things it's physical existences last year will be invaluable annihilation soul in hell hell is in a place where party with both in the same leaves junior place a place they basically they enter those were not save delivers godfrey eternity it takes forever to do so but it's called annihilation that's where they're going to go that's why i try so hard to get the truth to the people i kevin love and compassion freeman evildoers 'cause were all evildoers and by the way we could never forgive ourselves freddie thing only god can if we do right by god which is why right now what try and tell the truth because everyone is that evil even the tiniest little evil thing you cannot forgive yourself you might think so by doing good work she figured it wipes out the bad just like called new drugs they have and young people in israel not so the only way to wipe or able to hear do the will of god share my is a hebrew word inefficient montel people don't drink coke by the way there's other things and they're they're made from aborted baby fetuses they put flavor molecules so you gotta understand what's going on so evil you can't conceive the powers of beer intending to sterilize you redo shrike you make you dumbed down and make you die early of cancer and heart disease you think were making it up i can prove it to you in fact i'm gonna get this stuff done this year i'm gonna work hard to get the test going to people want the test rest claim toxicology i will get a dot i i have a few left directors i'll talk to take a documentary will see next friday another message i wanna give doctor wall darker monte on the program to help all your mom separately as well the colors liberties of sales onto the ninth of july

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Weekend Stakes Preview Presented by NYRA Bets - February 28th 2020

The Horse Racing Radio Network Podcast

59:45 min | 1 year ago

Weekend Stakes Preview Presented by NYRA Bets - February 28th 2020

"Welcome to the weekend stakes preview on the horse racing radio network presented by Nyerere Abets. The Roth Return Denison strikes to lead ready to tap stretch and built to include our three length lead for the final furlong. Left does battling on his back in the second. Scabbard trying to come on late. Rowdy. Gates's for one furlong to go dennis moment with a five length. Lead scabbard with clear. Sailing up in the second Dennis's moment kicks off the road to the Kentucky Derby in a big way. He barely moved a muscle. Winning by two SCABBARD was second. Farther back. It's tied for third. Now here's Anthony. Stabile and Steve Grabowski. Good evening everyone. Welcome to the weekend stakes preview presented by NIREX. You're on the horse racing radio network big. Am It needs to be joined by? Steve Grabowski we're live at the big Ecuador Racetrack and South Ozone Park. New York down in our Lexington studios it's producer. Lead Dela Pena. We got fourteen racist for you. The road to the Kentucky Derby takes us to Gulfstream tomorrow for the grade to Fountain of Youth presented by Phasing Tipton Fourteen stakes all Saudi Cup action. Lots of action engulfing for ten steaks and all it's happening Steve Exciting weekend ahead of a big South Florida. Weekend for sure Just four weeks away from that Florida. Derby in the traditional prep the Fountain of Youth Will See who emerges from that demonstrates moment returns from his Off The board finish in the Breeders Cup juvenile and we'll see if Dell Romans who won this race couple years back with promises fulfilled when gates away. Fashion can get the job done tomorrow with Dennis's moment and like you said the early this weekend. We've been talking about next six weeks we're GONNA have points races for Kentucky Derby are plenty of three-year-old preps coming up. I mean it's a real exciting time of the year and it's a time to get tuned in if you haven't yet because there's a lot of exciting prospects on the board and speaking of the Kentucky Derby trail in Derby point still be eighty five of them online fifty two to win the next Saturday right here at the big four the Gotham flat mile on my favorite races of the year and registration for the Gotham challenge contest. Now Open your plan on track here at Ecuador's or online nationwide with NYRA bets next Saturday march seventh. And if you don't have an account go and get an account and I are dot com. Hr Twenties the Promo Code. Don't match up to a two hundred dollar. Initial deposit bonus That context can blade right here. The big eight or at naira bets. Five hundred dollar buying An awards cash prizes in two spots to the twenty twenty one eight say to those who are. Nhcd tour members. You can sign up for the toll when you get here as well registered now. Test your handicapped and skills at Nyra dot com slash challenge before the deadline? It's this Thursday march fifth at five. Pm You must sign up by then head over to Nyerere dot com slash challenge to learn more America's Day at the races from three to six thirty tomorrow bunch of stakes including another across country. Pick five you can find out that schedule over it and our beds dot com. It's Tampa Oakland and the Bernardini here at the big. And then of course tomorrow from noon to one PM over on Fox sports one Coverage of the inaugural twenty million dollars Saudi Cup It's the coverage four hours presented by run happy with limited commercial interruption. So be able to watch the richest race in the world. Twenty million dollars Saudi Cup. He first running tomorrow afternoon. That's how we will kick off the program Mr Grouchy. We will head to the desert to Saudi Arabia for that inaugural race a mile and an eighth now a lot of people that notice. It's a one turn mile and a very similar beautiful Belmont Park. In fact they had some races this morning. Friday morning. Mike Smith won the inaugural jockey challenge likened. The track to Hialeah racecourse the surface the highly Jose Ortiz. Who's out with a broken wrist chime in that he had ridden there he had this winter. Said it was the best dirt. Course one of the best courses he had ever ridden over so I walk some of the races this morning and Track looked interesting. It's a full field of fourteen. I keep in mind. They do this. European style so You're gonNA seahorses with different numbers and different post positions Which number do you like in here? That was interesting to me too and I I looked at the. Pp's when they became available you know we had talked about this earlier in the week. I mean the Saudi races were a bit of a mystery I didn't know too much about it. I wasn't sure about the configuration of the racetrack. But you know finding it out taking a look very interesting race I have to say I'm interested in the horse was dead set against in the fall. I thought The number eight Mackenzie in here. I thought that the Breeders Cup classic the Ten for a long time too long. I thought he was going the wrong way and he just he turned out he ran a really good race to run. Second Vino Rosso. I think back at the Mall. Nayef now the one turn mile and they think it's GonNa play right into his hands. Baffert's been working him like clockwork seems to be doing. Great dwellers Arrow. Be aboard him again. I think he's the one they're going to have to beaten there. I'm against maximum security. I I I just don't like him as much at these nine furlong longer distances. I'd like him seven eighths to a mile the way he wrapped up his year. The way older For the first time facing them for the first time in a cigar mile I thought he was fantastic on the front end there. I think you might have a little bit of trouble here with the ship and all his works aren't fantastic Before leaving Florida I know he's not always shop workhorse but to me he's going to need to be on his best game to to win a nine for a long race at five to two on the morning line. I'm going to try and beat him along. Shot or thought how had a chance to look a little appealing. Was the number three Chris a barrel. The Japanese bred who was a perfect six for six everything thrown in his way. Nothing has Has Been Able to get in his path. He beat one of the other fringe contenders in here. Gold Tree Dream the last time they met Japan a little bit fresh for this but a perfect six for six and think he might be interesting at a price. Christoph Sumi on in the saddle. I'm picking Tacitus. I'm kind of pot committed. He goes home to Saudi Arabia. Of course Prince Khalid Abdullah I'd need training well. He gets new rider. Jose Wisconsin because we're teases hurt and he's going to be a gigantic price. She's GonNa be ten twelve fifteen to one pilot tacitus. I'm using them with McKinsey. I think the one turn mile an eight. There's going to be right up his alley. Joel Rosario back aboard and the Horse that I WANNA use. It's going to be a price has been bottle for For Dolphin and say he'd been Sirotkin. Murphy's GonNa ride this one. He wanted on dirt in his debut. Dirt debut last time over in the locker room challenge which is a prep for the Dubai World Cup and he won as two lengths. He could twenty two lines. He was very good that day. Debuts at some of the Bali of course moved i-it's and plenty of other dirt runners over in Europe really in the Middle East and sell. He's the LONGCHAMPS for me. Tacitus top selection will if he can get the job done follow famer Belmont Heat. Belmont won the inaugural Dubai World Cup and Nineteen ninety-six with Sagar. He will try twenty four years later to win the inaugural twenty million dollars. Saudi Cup with Tacitus will Saturday be Tacitus Day in this to be? It'll be tacitus. They in this wwl households throughout the world. And it'll go race eight B twenty million dollar Saudi Cup all right here at the bigger. The BERNARDINI is our feature here in America. Recent number eight mile and five sixteenths. Even though Bernardini Really WanNa step has to mylan eighth Little more than once around the big Phil Nine here. I tell you something. I really like a Horse Industries and to me. This is just A. It's a commonsense pick and more often than not we try to. We don't incorporate enough commonsense handicapping Who did you pick in this field tonight? And I thought that was plenty of speed in this race. I thought the presence of Acta bar armament and will tony and I thought it would ensure a pretty rapid clip up top. You know I usually or often what happens at a race like that is somebody takes up. Somebody doesn't break. Well and somebody ends up on the lead by themselves prancing through Through easy fractions. And and that's certainly not what I'm going to need in here because I'm gonNA need some pace up top but my choice is the number to Patagonia. Only run three times Finished in front just once when they hit the wire. He was disqualified by disqualification. He was put up in his sprint. Debut at Monmouth last summer He's an off the pace type. I think Looks to me like he's going to like as much ground as he can get in front of him and if he gets the pace that I think he can get in front of him For the German Jonathan Thomas Bond. That has done very well for this. Limited starts here. I think this horse could be something. He's taken a step up the class ladder and spots them a lot of experience. But I think he's got ability and at six to one on the morning line. I'M GONNA go with him. He's the only other horse in this race. I think can win win. But as far as I'm concerned as far as when I play my pick four leap five tomorrow here at Akron looked there will be twos and there will be six. Is the number six adventist. Who just it's it's it's it's it's it's real estate it's all. It is one of the mile and a half grade three Greenwood Cup down to parks last last summer Last fall. I should say You Know He. He's gaining round at the end of almost all of his races. He just wants the distance in a race where I don't know if they do and I know they don't. So that's it you you're taking that make some sense. I mean the horse eligible for to the end. But he's got a pedigree makes you think and his running style lead you to believe that he's got a big engine under the hood I'm a fan of Louis. Castro Rodriguez to he's going to say I I think he's a capable rider. Debbie only to was I wanted here avenue a little more seasonable more accomplish that winning a mile and a half so I have that confidence I know he can. I don't know if You know he's he's one that the another one who's GonNa want some pace in front of them you know and he should get it here so I mean he makes a late run. I'm just hoping mine gets all the reasons. You like. All the review like Patagonia. I like adventists. They are the two for me and I to for me wagering wise. They're the two by a long way race. Eight goes as the Bernini race. Number nine at Oaklawn is the spring fever five and a half furlongs for the older fillies and Mares Features. The return of break even. She was undefeated until she stub their toe three to five years closing weekend at Saratoga last summer training Brad Cox gets his daughter of country. Day working bullets over at Louisiana downs So she'll ship in here for this. She gets to go five and a half off of the break. He's to one of the morning line. Who's making this morning? When I sign up for this three to five I mean what? How is she anything other than three to four hours? She's running against older for the first time with mango and five and a half. It's almost not fair. There's a ton of speed and he had to you know she's got speed this between insights. She's the speed as area speed but the way she's been working you figure that she's GonNa come back and I mean. She's the quickest breaker the bunch. You figure. She's going to be on top right in the five and a half should only benefit her the slight cutback she is clearly. The one to beaten here. She's probably like you say the speed of the speed. They'll have to end up running her Dan. I was going to try. And just make an exact here and make her clear everybody have them chase. And then the number six hundred. That's all you can make it a Fox come along the way she's come to hand for Robert De Niro Since he's taken over for her last fall a keeneland two for two on the Oakland Maine track this year. Three for five lifetime You know she's the one who's going to benefit from the pace in front of her. I think the three kicks away and I think the sits picks up the pizzas fill almost looks too. Easy are making a three six. I'M GONNA make a very small savers. Three five midnight fantasy. She came back from July layoff. She wanted Fairgrounds and got the qualification. Ninety seven figure. She regretted coming back even though she had almost two months she ran in a Delta downs Louisiana bred stakes race and got three and a half lengths. She bounced off the good effort. Now she comes back to free his minute to stardom last album graded stakes when she won the third tug honorable. The honorable missed last summer. So I mean she's going to be a big price to three five three six three five break even for both of us in race nine this spring fever at oaklawn park again. All part of America's Day at the races tomorrow afternoon three to six thirty on Fox sports to for the New York Racing Association and others will take a break when we return. We're GONNA start our action Dental Gulfstream Park. There's a lot happening ten stakes in all we will bring them all to you over the course of the rest of the program including the loan. Prep this week in that great to have you presented by phase. Tipton up next though the Hudson the palm beach to honey Fox and the very one along with the blood horse news. Update you're listening to the stakes preview presented by Nyerere bets here on HR in and watch the races worldwide. From the palm of your hand with Nyra bets sign up for narrow bets today and take advantage of premier perks with the best live racing instant replays in hd exclusive promotions and earn points on every bet sign up for our vets today with the Promo Code H. R. N. Twenty and under the positive match up to two hundred dollars again that's h. r. n. twenty with Nyerere. Bet You can bet any track anywhere at anytime and over in IRA- Beck's dot com Sam. Houston Race Park. Has Major League racing all season long? Join them on Friday and Saturday nights for by racing. I post time of six forty five. Pm Central Sam Houston Race Park also racist Wednesday afternoon starting at twelve twenty pm central and will add Tuesday afternoon beginning March. Ten all multi leg wagers have an industry low while percent takeout. Join Sam Houston Race Park for Texas Champions Day on March Twenty First Major League racing at Sam Houston Race Park Visit S. H. R. P. Dot Com bloom racing started by former jockey and thirty five racing industry veteran. Jeffrey Bloom Bloom. Racing offers racing partnerships bloodstock services pin hooking and private race management pulling away from come dancing participant. The others bid night B.'s. Leaves no doubt. Today he won the Phipps in hand. Experience the fun. Excitement exclusive access of Racehorse ownership with bloom. Rayson forming racing partnerships. Now get in on the action at Bloom. Racing Dot Com road to the Florida Derby continues at Gulfstream Park. Join US on Saturday February. Twenty ninth for the Phasing Tipton Fountain of Youth. Watch the top three year. Old thoroughbreds compete for third chance to become legends. Feel the heart pounding action up close while viewing from the rail or enjoy within the comfort of our trackside restaurants ten palms or Fleming Gorham. Gulfstream provides the best in sports entertainment. Come early to receive Gulfstream Park umbrella with the purchase of a program visit Gulfstream Park Dot Com for more information Gulfstream. Park thrills at every turn this is showed mcgahey and I really enjoy listening. Horse Racing Radio Network. This is the weekend stakes preview presented by Nyerere Bets and Conquest. Hard candy as last of all as they start to close brown on hidden facts. Hidden facts has been in front from the outset. She turns first with delayed procureur outside. Get mother rose three wide. Mitchell wrote down the stand side and scooting through insiders atomic blonde under heavy air cost a lot on a tonic. Lawn is search. Delayed MITCHELL ROAD DOWN. The center atomic blonde gets the job an atomic blonde. We'll give todd pletcher. His third one of the day under hobby intercostal auto there the South beach winters from Mitchell road. Second Lafayette was third. Then get mother arose in one. Twenty eight flat P. L. on the call on the South beach a very fortunate when it was Atomic Blonde Mitchell road. Blue break that matter. Though money's all the same counts beat me for a score. Of course you did. I'll come back to the weekend. Stakes PREVIEW PRESENTED BY NAIRA. That's here on H. R. N. Ten stakes at Gulfstream. About to come your way before they do. It's time now for the blood horse news update and look at the top headlines from blood horse dot com foot rows behind him his law to resume breathing. Second Topa Saratoga Stables Tisby law who ranks top Steve. Dozen put it to work watch first or second Palmetto Training Center for managing partner. Jack Knowlton a winner of a sharp winner of February I really Holy Bull stakes at Gulfstream Park did not have works to half-mile breeze fifty seconds flat for every ten Pat Palmettos. He had a minor foot proves last week confirmed. It was very minor evidence all behind. That was nothing serious at all on the track every day I was a couple of days ago when he was on track he jogged. Three miles. Yesterday should be ready to go. According to plan either Sunday on Monday knowlton entering the Barclay tag appointing the star Sophomore. Too much twenty eighth grade one curl in Florida W golfing blocked a million dollar race. We wanted to model and eight. The final south Florida for the Great One may second conducted every presented by Woodford Reserve. That wraps up an exhibition of the blood horse. News update on any of three-year-old preparations and other races around the country. Only bloodworks can bring you followed rations and news throughout the day on the popular daily APP. We'll have an email sent to you once day. Both the free go to blowers DOT COM backslash dallying. In this week's issue there is a memorial to the great eight Pete in the shaper and one of the great ones by Schulman. Frank Traynor Joel. Brian already out of his father's shadow at twenty six lights out perfectly parks CRANSTON years. Its final month of service and so much more. The government's four. For over one hundred years stub Blah Blah. All right. Steve was not Waste any time right back into the action. There's lots of Gulfstream. We're finally going to get to talk about the Hutcherson. We talked about it so much less because they didn't fill it. They filled tomorrow. Race three starts stakes accidents action. Six furlongs on the hutches changed a million times over. The no grade used to be seven now. It's just six. A field of seven led by the number five. Chivalry was runner up in the grade. Three swell just about a month ago. Chivalry is the one beaten here. I think the cut back from seven eight. Three quarters is GonNa make a big difference to him is a two time stakes winner at this Six for a long distance and he took the lime house back over the track and the buffalo manner earlier in the year. I think tracking styles. GonNa work out very well. And is he the one that I'd be afraid of is the six our nation on parade making her first. Start for Kathy RID VO and He hasn't run since since the fall. Breaking his main the Maryland million nursery which he did quite impressive. Second time out from attracting spot as well. So I think that He's the one who I wanna for you but I think chivalry is Is going to get the job done all right. So chivalry for the big rebound Murphy Yeah I thought it was chivalry the otherwise. I thought they could win. This race was smashed factor on the outside He had no chance in that Woodrow Oh Marshall Man. When he went off a wicked forty forty five second half half they cut him back there in the end he brand pretty well-known seven eighths on the front end most of the way. And you know the outside draw. I got the worst. Got The three Scotto in here but I think he might be fast as some see if making a put him on the front end. Just get the wire. I'm going to try to mild upset and with the number. Seven smash factor. He's my top. Pick in reese three. The six Furlong Hodgson graded action starts. What race number. Four Great Three Palm Beach amount of sixteenth on the turf for the three year old colts and Geldings. We have a field of twelve in here. Vitality returns he was sharp second in the Grade Three Bourbon. Before injury put him on the sidelines he was going to be one of the Favorite Cup juvenile turf. He Returns Four. Brendan Walshaw via Castellana. We got stuck out and post twelve much like is supposed fourteen in the Bourbon and keeneland last year. You and I covered that race together. You're on the network South Bend Turf. Debut was good when he got beat just neck in the Danube beach. Last time out a lot of ways to going here. Mr Grabowski vitality is the one who jumps out of everybody from Iran and Grade one stakes place in the Bourbon. Where he just missed his favorite as you mentioned before he's been away since the fall. But you know like you say that outside postage really tough. It's you know especially at this distance. On Turf Course He's really going to have to To be ready to return on his best game to have a big shot in here. I'm going to try and beat that. I was very impressed by the seven South Bend. First Time on the grass. You know they. They felt that that he might be a triple crown Type of candidate. They tried him. After winning the streets cents Churchill flat mile at one turn. They tried him in that Kentucky Jockey Club which is the law had all those issues and and burn third. But he's not to turn. Animals doesn't look like on the main track doesn't look like he's of that caliber. I think You know the the way that he took to the Turfan usually horses trying to serve for the first time. If they any adversity at all you may have a difficult time showing their best. He got a good turf course You know he was. He showed a lot of early interest. He was sitting right there. Just Mr Byron neck He'll get blinkers. Maybe that helps help to straighten them out and other than vitality and here. I think it's a pretty Pretty soft bunch for him so if he runs even runs back to that or takes a step forward over. I think he's going to be pretty tough to more. Okay all right. I like Muttiah Sto Royale broke his maiden very impressively first time out and he came back. He got a little trouble at the start. I don't think he handled the given the ground as well as dominant that day. Now go down. A Gulfstream Fast and firm today all signs of the meeting and get a forum course. Junior Alvarado is going down. Sources have been working really. Well a patient par. Billy's been aggressive with the source. Paid a lot of money for this source can run. He's also by the way a half. The promises fulfilled so certainly the talent in the family I like. Ti Style I will reluctantly use southbound. I have to be honest with you. I'm a little worried that the turf move last time was a little bit of a frustration. Move and I don't know how well he ran last time. Really don't I'm GONNA use them. Liquors are going to go back living alone for the first time. I'm GONNA use them. I'm GONNA reluctant us. I'm GonNa tell you where someone who uses the price Jimmy Jerkins blockbuster Tofu Tober Rajiv with life on top last time out I'M GONNA use that horse and I'm going to use I'm certainly not letting vitality beat me so I'm GONNA use the four of them. Yes as a topic. It's an interesting reasonable for the grade. Three Palm Beach race number five hundred Fox grade three for the fillies and Mares they'll go flat mile on the turf. We talked about comic blonde earlier. She made her She got her first stakes win. She'll try grated company for the first time in here This is not the I wouldn't say this is the strongest group evenly of affiliate like Vita Vic on the outside who has won some graded stakes. She used to be claiming Munchkin money New York bread. She just got beaten them. Wash River by Magic Star for Auckland Gasoline. I don't know where else you can go in here for me. You know if you're making pick fours and early pick fives I. I think you safe using the three favorites and I think one of them will win but I to me. Wake me up at various points today. And I'M GONNA I'M GONNA pick one of them at points of that. That's how I'll probably would take atomic blonde. Because it's Fletcher. At Gulf. I agree with that That synopsis I mean. I think it's one of those three absolutely To the to the outside. It's going to be tough for them. Because they start from there or they do. They do own figures. That are more than good enough to win this. And that's the thing right. They probably have the experience edge whereas the other Philly has a little bit more blue sky and certainly got to meet the draw a handful of time she starts from an inside draw one launch. I wanted to throw in the mix and if I would probably go for deepen hearing any multi was the six conquest hard candy. Who LAST TIME Making her first start since the fall. bad break. She was the one who broke four we with Mitchell road rally. The white part of the track was being picked off. A few horses wasn't much of a threat but needed the race. You know before that she was in the first lady Akeem Lynch behind only. She didn't really have a shot there. But but prior to that she She's less than a length behind significant form in the Boston spot. Saratoga you know a great event. She's she's a good tougher on her best day. She can get in the mix ten to one on the morning line. I mean she's one that I would WANNA put interesting. It's an interesting race. It's an interesting race We'll see what happens Another one at a price. Maybe even silver kitten from the Ralph having impregnated insane rate so wide open renewal of the Fox race number. Five is the Greek three on Fox. Ray Six raps this race seven. I'm sorry wraps this segment. It's the great three very one mile and three sixteenths on the turf for the phillies and mayors Got To have tough races at every furlong on before ten racecard. Because you've gotta fill the fourteen racecard Big Field Twelve I think the distance is very important in here because I think this is a distance to quite a few of these. It's too short them. Would you do here yet? You know I thought there were a handful. Who wanted to go longer and I thought they were a handful in here. That wouldn't surprise me if they did win. You know even though they may want to go go a little bit longer than eight. Lassen Yariel friend shows up again You know I'm just about done with chances with that. That one empress of the Nile Mercer. I started a year. She was good in New York last year. And now she's GonNa try Gulfstream when she's Oh for four lifetime over that of course. There was a tough one. I mean you look and say well. How many have an opportunity in here? How many do you think a legitimate threats horse? Who who I think I got the worst of it last time. Was the number two to Riga facing me. Mary Who won the Law Providing Out Day. She was on an easy lead by herself. The fractions were very slow at that. Mono- half I think cutting back to the mile three sixteenths with the promise of a more modest pace. I think she's very interesting. John Velazquez sticking with her cry. I am I don't love anything I've seen so gonNA take what I haven't seen the three queen of time. First Time Grand Motion First Time lasix. Boy She has some races over in Europe that looked like she's GonNa benefit quite a bit from the addition of lasix. Ram winning a thirty percent down there Him and Junior Alvarado known to put overprices to. He has great numbers. First Time North America. There are a handful of horses. You can use them this race. You can use the to to Riga the motion Horse That gets all famous John Velazquez. You can use Use The six lemon zip. You could use the seven romantic pursuit. you could use larceny. Our you could use a bunch of them in here And percent of the Nile. I'M GONNA take news new shooter I'M GONNA try to number three clean of time. She'll get lasix junior Alvarado and first time Graham Ocean who has been having a very good meat down in South Florida. It goes as race number seven very one. I will take a break when we come back. We got four more coming your way from Gulfstream Park. Lots of steaks action ten all tomorrow down in Hallandale Beach Florida. You're listening to the weekend stakes preview presented by naira bets here on. Hr RN that and watch the races worldwide from the palm of your hand with. Nyra sign up for today and take advantage of from your perks with the Best Live. Racing Minster replays. Hd exclusive promotions and earn points on every bet sign up today with the Promo Code H RN. Twenty and under deposit match bonus of up to two hundred dollars again. That's H. R. N. Twenty with Nyra. Bet You can bet any track anywhere at any time head over to an IRA best dot com the road to the Florida Derby continues at Gulfstream Park. Join US on Saturday February. Twenty ninth for the Phasing Tipton Fountain of Youth. Watch the top three year. Old thoroughbreds compete for the chance to become feel the heart pounding action up close viewing from the rail or enjoy within the comfort of our trackside restaurants ten palms or Flamingo Room. Gulfstream provides the best in sports entertainment. Come early to receive. A Gulfstream Park umbrella with the purchase of a program is at Gulfstream Park Dot Com for more Information Gulfstream. Park thrills at every turn Sam Houston race. Park has major league racing all season. Long join them on Friday and Saturday nights for by racing with the first post time of six forty five. Pm Central Sam. Houston Park also racist Wednesday afternoon. Starting at twelve twenty pm central and we'll add Tuesday afternoon beginning march ten all multi leg wagers have industry low while percents takeout join. Sam Houston Race Park for Texas Champions Day on March Twenty First Major League racing at Sam Houston Race Park Visit S. H. RPG dot com. I Care McLaughlin arm so hot at this because I listen to horse racing radio network. This is the weekend stakes preview presented by Nyerere bets. And they're all chasing budge better. Who has the lead at the top of the stretch? Three quarters in what? Oh nine and one hair's instant on the outside his mind control down thoro pray them across the track with an eighth of a mile to the finish mind control down at the route instagram on the outside much better in between those two to three of them. Continue to battle it out. But here's my cow making a late right on the extreme outside trump finish. Haikal I call out of IT TAKES THE GOTHAM STAKES. That it was my control at a photo for third and the mile was completed in one minute. Thirty five and three second years. Gotham winner Haikal. Gotham next week count. I Kyle down in the Gulfstream Park. Mild tomorrow just in his return. We'll see if he can get back to the winner's Circle Cure McLaughlin reunited with my man Rajiv Mirage. Welcome back to the weekend stakes preview presented by nirex Huron H. R. R. N. The BIG A and Steve Grabowski. We all high atop the finish line and Akwa Racetrack in South Ozone Park New York producer early. They'll Pena is down in our Lexington studios and that Gotham Challenge Handicap and challenge contest. Next week right here at the big game you can play it out. You could play it from home on your naira bets account head over tonight. Our best to open a brand new account use the Promo Code. Hr N Twenty and then Neier is going to marry. Bets will deposit match up to a two hundred dollar initial deposit over there but it's dot com for more details. The Saudi Cup presented by Rudd Happy Coverage Tomorrow Fox. Sports one from noon to one. America's Day the racist from three to six thirty. Lots going on here at Acworth all right back to Gulfstream Park race number nine the rainbow six tomorrow at Gulfstream. Play that an IRA bets all stakes rainbow six tomorrow. Great three here comes the bride. Is it a mile and a sixteenth on the turf? Lots of Turf Action Tomorrow. He likes the race where I thought there were several that I was GONNA use. If I was going multi. He's one of them is going to be the seven Scott. Making her second. Start of the year After showing some speed in the British Cup juvenile filly turf to and her two year old campaign. I also like the twelve Billy Motte Ticket who is making her first against winner Sheila Little freshening off of her maiden score up here in New York Back in November. But the one who really intrigued me in here was a fifteen one on more online at number two. Veru officially devoe She they tried around her first. Time out sprinting at Keeneland and only beat a couple of links Afterwards they tried her on main track in which she broke her maiden in the slop maybe they thought she was a stakes philly. They gave her a chance to run it. Tampa and the gasparilla. She showed speeding tired. I think getting back to the grass is going to be a big benefit for her from an insider on fill. That doesn't really look to contain a whole bunch of speed. She draws inside the speed types. Her pedigree says he's going to get along. So you know fifteen to one on the morning line. I think she's one that I'm going to take a shot on here. Yeah this was a there was a couple of ways you can go in here. I WANNA use motte loss ticket. I WANNA use the nine with Tez. Although it's tough they Chris Landeros at this point having not won a race by My topic's going to be the number six in a hurry. Who beat with as last time out? Should we hall of? Famer ran this failure. Colonial Laurel to start our career. She's owned by Stuart Janney who of course as lives down in that region so made sense. Excuse me to start her off down there. Troika made second time out when she stretched out to a mile of five and a half throwing race colonial over at Laurel gave her the winter off. Most of the Windsor off comes back. The January gets the job done. First Time lease and I think she just keeps getting better and that she makes a lot of sense. I'll take in a hurry like I said I'll you so with has the nine and the twelve gaumont lost ticket. Those of the three four me in race number nine grade three here comes the bride stakes race number ten three year old fillies. Keep the spotlight. What Dale Flat Mile? Out of the Chute feel nine here. Tonal is shape is a perfect four for four in a career. Saffy Joseph will saddle the daughter of Tony List Baron asked to to for she read the Vo she wanna Keelan and Churchill. Downs in. The fall makes her first start of her sophomore season and spices. Nice the full out of Dame Dorothy who caused over a million dollars as a yearling broke her maiden at first asking by twelve lengths with Todd. Pletcher going this mile. She seventy-five Morning Line Favorite. Hard to imagine she's not She's under even money in here. Yeah I think she's even sure that she was very impressive in in that debut and they knew what they had and You know she ran to it. I'm she'll try the trip again. This time against a tough a bunch but You know I just I think she really just has one one philly to beat Nazi outside. The nine tonal shape is really nothing wrong and taken to stakes including the The grade three or four galette seven eighths last time in her. First start of the year. Just got a nice pay tracking style and You know she. She's four for four. She's perfect. It's hard to knock her. She worked well for this Thinking that the Pledge Aversa Spices Nice is gonNA take a ton more money out. You know I'll give a mild Upset not to the nine tonal shape. Who is the two time stakes winner in here facing a maiden win? But you know I- spices nice could very easily take a big step forward and really be something I mean. She couldn't have been much more impressive in that debut. Run so I just think it's the two of them and I'm going to give the nod to the nine tunnel shape. Yeah I like the. I like tonal shape as well Known back a mile. I like spices. Nice Man Ron Colucci Nikki and Papa gotta use gotTa used Nikki and Papa was some debut in the In the forward Gal she breaks you to one he thought the Fountain of Youth I'm glad I'm glad he came to a sensitive only Dimona del But I'm GONNA use hers. Well there are three for me. Tonal shape top. Pick see what happens in race number ten. The agreed to Devan Adele race. Eleven the grade three Canadian turf flat mile on the lawn. Now the big field in here field of twelve with may ease. This is an interesting one Mr Gerbasi again. Another one nice and competitive a lot of ways to go When you have a race that you do then you know there's going to be pace up in front of you and she do likes the Gulfstream turf course. One for three other two races were second place finishes so you know you certainly know that that he's going to fire From the bell here so he should set things up and make the you know the pace. At least honest you would believe Horse who interest admit me in here was the number two Carol Club Didn't run so well. Last time at Tampa Bay downs which was a surprise because he usually takes his turf course with him wherever he goes big racist prior to that at Aquidneck Laurel Mountaineer Park last year. Santa Anita del before that I mean Woodbine the horse just runs very well over any turf course so last night. Some of his Races off time off weren't very good. So let's chalk it up to that address inside like you said should face in front of them considered trip save some ground in the Fergal Lynch Dipa Mountain and make a run six to one on the morning line. He's the one for me and this is the race that I had the biggest problem with in the race. Naaman half the spread the most and I think you have to use. Hey Dakota who's one two three four Jason Service off the clean and the gaff the US Caribou club Who's run now like you said. I don't know what happened last time at Tampa but quite a few horses that in fire that day so That was just a weird day. So anything can happen in there I think you have to use embry who you know hamburgers. The kind of horse way every now and then it takes to get going and then when he gets when he gets good. We'll see if America was some by Iran. Well last time he still winless on the turf. I'm GonNa go a little outside the box top. Pick and I'M GONNA make the seven Mr Dumas. My top pick first time Mike Maker source finished third or Kentucky downs than one tuna roll including the great three Commonwealth ship. The horse out just three weeks later running the grade one Hollywood derby he had a wide trip from post Tan. They didn't fire now. Mike Maker has them. He's been working up a storm at Gulfstream Park's and slate December manny. Franco's GONNA climb aboard for the first time and we've seen what might make. It does off the claim when he gets these gets his hands. On these. First Time Mr Dumas is a big price and I'm GONNA try him to get the money Well examinees five or six horses near my multi starts the league. Pick four that allstate expert for Let's see if we can get the sevens to do my home at a big price. Great three Canadian turf race number. Twelve is the great to Gulfstream Park Mile flat mile on the main track. Here's Haikal. We got through timber also from Kieran. Mr Freeze Manny. Franco's and ride him heart creek hustle wide open race. I Like I like I cal- quite a bit here. I think he he needed his return. Rates haven't run since the wood memorial Came back in the flat mile. He was gonNA roll right past but at a little bit of trouble Look like he was pushed out a little bit and I still thought he got the photo but apparently he didn't He impressed me a lot last year. That one turn Gotha mile yet. He got a clip in front of him but he was well out of it and he was Roland beat subsequent grade one winner Mike Control and that one. I think this is a nice source. I think he's a lot tighter with that last one behind him and he's returned to work in. Palmettos like he's GonNa be ready to roll with Rajiv getting back aboard. I'M GONNA give him my top choice in here. I got US Haikal on the Big Haikal Fan. You know that My top PICTIONARY MR freeze. He's GonNa get back. To thinks is favourite distance that mile. The gets a nice setup. Manny Franko clemes award for the First Time. A all right yeah. I'm okay office. Shook a little little short so one shaking so I mean it's nowhere near as bad as yesterday. You know. There's no Thomas at the time he there's no mutual Gustav Windy Up. I think it was. The freeze is going to be Very very tough to beat tomorrow afternoon. I'm GONNA use Haikal Mostly for the safer but For me it's all about Mr. Freeze. Reese twelve goes as agreed to Gulfstream Park Mile. We'll take one more break when we come back. We'll wrap up go free and we got one for your ears. Almost fulltime on that Green to Tipton Fountain of Youth. You're listening to the weekend. Stakes preview presented by Nyerere bats around hr in and watch the races worldwide. From the palm of your hand with Nyra bets. Sign up for NYRA bets. Today and take advantage of premier perks with the best live racing minster replays. Hd exclusive promotions and earn points on every bet sign up for today with the Promo Code. H RN twenty deposit match bonus of up to two hundred dollars. That's H. R. N. Twenty with Nyra bet you can bet any track anywhere at any time head over to an IRA best dot com the Florida. Thoroughbred Industry is celebrating seventy five years with the Florida thoroughbred breeders and Owners Association and. What a successful seventy-five it is. Ben Florida breads have won nineteen triple crown races fifty two national championships and along the way. Making one hundred seventy racehorse. Millionaires plus sixty six eclipse awards with to Florida Breads Imperial Hint and world of trouble receiving eclipse award. Nominations in two thousand twenty. The celebrating seventy five years joined Florida for the next twenty five Sam Houston race. Park has major league racing all season. Long join them on Friday and Saturday nights for by bracing with the first post time of six forty five. Pm Central Sam Houston Race Park also racist Wednesday afternoon starting at twelve twenty pm central and will add Tuesday afternoon beginning March. Ten all multi leg wagers have an industry low while percents takeout join Sam Houston Race Bark Protective Champions Day on March twenty first major league racing at Sam Houston Race Park visit as H. R. P. Dot Com. This is Wesley Ward on the conquer. Alaska I listen to. This is the weekend stakes preview presented by naira bets. Now Sadler's joys beginning to pick it up on the outside Samba's joy now making his move still five or six lengths from the lead. It's red right. Hand Tisza Slam as the field comes into the stretch. Now here's a slam red right hand on the far outside is Sadler's joy. Coming on petty feel is gaining ground down on the inside. It is Sadler's joy. Come Away with the lead. Then Dot Matrix late move on the outside from red night but it is Sadler's joy with the lead and Sadler's joy has won the Red Smith snakes well more than two at the end read Knight was second Dot Matrix finished third. Johnny I on the call of the Red Smith Sadler's joy joy. He's back in the maximum Mita tomorrow. At Gulfstream welcome back to weekend stakes preview presented by naira bats you're on HR and the big aim. Mr Steve Kerr Bass Mr Steve. Thousand taking you through the end of a fantastic Friday evening tomorrow morning. Equine Forum presented by Red Brand Fence. Come your way at eight. A M eastern Mike Pence Back Trans Dale Romans and Brendon Walsh. Talk about their top. Three Year Olds. Keelan vice president of racing and Sales Bob Elson says the newly announced safety protocols at Churchill downs plus nine spotlight segment presented by brand France calling a three year olds presented by spendthrift in our industry star of the week brought to you by Stewart Mars Morrow morning eight to ten am eastern shuttle launch the network serious nineteen Xm tool one stream. It live on your home for all of racing's biggest events at horse racing radio dot net all right right before the family you wanted to Mac the Amita mile three eight on the turf has been old. Sadler's joy and Javier Castellano Hobie one of the favorites. He always says In the field of ten A threat of Blue Zulu Alpha one grade one Peres World Cup turf invitational figure. He'll be the favourite engineer. Steve There was a little fortunate last time. I'm going to try and beat him Mar. Yeah he was a bit of a surprise in that in that Pegasus Turf Drawn inside his last three starts now. He moves outside a little bit. He was eleven to one in that win last time. And he's GonNa be nowhere near eleven to one this time they're going to. They're going to bet them with the win over the course and I don't necessarily know that a mile and three eighths is going to be You know up his wheelhouse I you know I. I know he's won before but I'm often effort like last time. I don't know that. Mile and three eighths distance. Today is he's going to be able to to to run to that last one of them. I'm GonNa try and beat him on the winning. You know. Take a look at the race and it's a bunch of grade one winners in here. Sadler's Jo- joy as well and channel maker and all they. They're running style to come from well out of IT I. I don't know even at this eleven furlong trip that you know. They're going to be able to make their own trip out of it. They're going to need some help in front of them and the more I look. I don't know that he wants to get the distance but the number three a threat of blue should be able to control this one from from the gate and you know if Joe Bravo new pilot is able to settle them down Who who says he can't You know he almost took them all the way in the Jockey Club Derby at Belmont and a mile and a half a little bit longer. You know my own three inches a question. But I'd rather have the one who has to get run down and the other ones who are going to become an from well out of it especially if the price difference. I'M GONNA go with the threat of blue to take him from gate to wire music threat of blue of New Zealand. Sadler's joy amusing channel maker and a museum to Alpha. I'M GONNA make government boy savage. Join my topic. He's had success. Of course he said success distance He's my man. He's won this race before and I think he's GonNa get the job done again. Sadler's joy for me race. Thirteen goes to the great to magnetometer. Finally the fingertips and founder of youth goes reasonable. Fourteen is a great two mile and a sixteenth. That's short stretch at Gulfstream Park. Get a feel the twelve and you've heard a lot about the field as well because there's a lot of filler in here and three horses that have real chances. Shotsie India and chanted August Salvin. Ten Eleven and twelve so tough to from the outside draw. didn't get bothered by the draw was Dennis's moment post five in Pratt rides that are first time And we'll spend a little time ministry Steve. I don't know what to do with I don't know what what to think about this moment. I mean we know how talented he is but at some point the antics they have to go away or they're just going to hinder him weaken. We got you know he's certainly run the gamut with You know dumping his pilot Breaking poorly in first time outbreaking poorly in the British Cup juvenile then that huge sensational nineteen length maiden win at Ellis Park and then the the big effort to take the Iroquois first time going to turns You know late last summer. I mean he's got a lot of talent. Probably got a lot of issues He's been working lights out for for Dale Romans down at Gulfstream for this but I mean is it going to be set for his best effort first time back on. I don't know and he's certainly going to take money so I mean I would be afraid of them and I'm going to use them in any melodies and I have but I can't single him even though he's probably the most talented horse in this race because several of the ways that you can go. You can't single right. There's no way you can single and you know especially at the price is going to be in this big field. I'm sure he's going to take a lion's share the to- support you know the outside Horse Transit. If he had drawn anywhere where the first half of the field he probably would have been my top choice You know he's got tactical speed The the to turn win was probably the best on his page. the in reality Division of the Florida stallion theories Back in September over this track. He's a very talented Florida. Bred whose Who BEAT OPENED COMPANY? Lucho Macho Man. Last time at one turns six for six in the exact at. Gulfstream with four wins. I mean he is certainly talented horse. But you know that that twelve post quick Run to the first turn in a model and this model sixteenth trip. That could really do him in. He's another one who I would certainly use what who interested me a bit with the Chad Brown maiden win esser. Who's Fr- who went through this fresh Country Grammar He really took a step forward. First TIME ON DIRT APP to Turns Nine furlongs here it act on the main track. Track the very slow pace and then kicked away like he's one who really wants to to do some to turn running in. That really has a future in front of him. Son Of tonal list. I think you should only get better as he gets older. It's going to be plenty of pace in front of him. He'll be able to sit back. He won't need to prompt. I think he'll be able to make his one run You Know Chad Brown's the first call pilot hobby accustomed to be aboard. I think this horses well-meant in this Confident class hike to see what they really have. They paid four hundred and fifty thousand foreign. Poli Papa did And to run in this race without any prep beneath them. I think that it means that he that he's ready to roll in here. I'm going to give him an upset call. So I'm going to have four horses on my pick five ticket. There's going to be a pick. Five ticket has closing on a forces. That'd be closing the dentist this moment. I'm going to be closing to as seen on TV. Who gets a much better draw than chance at does and when all said and done I think this is GonNa want the extra distance as opposed the chance. It out of the Chanson wants to go this far. I went country grammar. And there's a horse in this race who we talk about this all the time on. Red Brian Radio. I love bedding the tips back up at Saratoga. Everybody was talking about candy tycoon. Todd pletcher has candy tycoon. And the tycoons hoods candy tycoon. This runs first. Time out. Didn't have a great start that day. It looks like the goods comes back five weeks later. Three to five spycraft Tommy Arbitron. He went to the lead. Didn't stop all right. Let's go to the turf. Run the source on the turf. He doesn't run all that good. He gets completely ignored. He goes to Gulfstream and they bet him at Gulfstream and he goes off at one the five and he gets beat and I think everybody at that point said Oh don with this horse and they stretched out that a mile and a sixteenth he got the turns and he romped and it's one of the rare inches his way you got buried on this source time in and time out and they gave eighty to get some money back of. Not all of them okay. Many Franco's going down a ride this horse tomorrow this sources as an inside draw with the short run into the first turn and he has plenty of speed to protect it. I think it's very important to note that the horses directly to his outside have no snow. None of these horses have any sweeten. I think it puts this horse a very good position early on. I don't know how talented he is able to secure the fence. It should be going to have the fence in all likelihood will all that clutter going into the first turn. He's GONNA be able to establish the lead in here. Unless they're really booting scrutiny. Get to him. I don't know if he's good enough to win. I know six months ago. They thought this was good enough to win. And maybe the two turns and maybe he needed to work out some kinks. I've been holding this back. I'm making this topic tomorrow. Wow you top. I'm GonNa make this horse my top pick tomorrow because I feel like with take one. I take everything into account at ten to one if you think he can win you make him topic then is his moment. Is the most likely winner of this race. If Dana's moment of the good Dennis's moment shows up they are all running for second money. If the crazy dentists moments shows up anything can happen candy. Take the top all right. I even called Ward's sterling on talking horses on Friday with this. Yeah like Denison trust him. Try to give him a little girl. This is the topic. Candy tycoon tomorrow. In the great to faded tip to that of the Brave Fountain of Youth. We got a minute talk about the Pasadena out at the Great Race Place Flat Mile Race. Seven on the turf More three year olds on the lawn. This one has a field of nine yet. I'd like the number two last opportunity Has It runs in the since the Since we'LL BE BACK DEL. Mar First Day December was broke from an outside post. Well out of it meant a nice run into moderate. Fractions passed a handful of horses. Late only beat just a shade over three lengths. I think the move inside only run three times. I think there's a lot of upside to the source. I'm going to use the nine Howrah Boo Jeff mullins and Umberto Reese Poli Source kind of woke up last time off off a bad trip in the Integrate trip in that says the male When he was horrible the other words that I would not be surprised to get the money was the Real Governance Tiago Pereira. Maybe the gate open and he just goes. But I'll go to the outside number nine horrible for me in the Pasadena. All fourteen in the books time now for the naira bets best bet visit is is the naira bets. Best Bet Senor grabowski where we're going. I'm going to go down the Gulfstream in the Hutchinson GonNa run it. I'm GONNA take the five chivalry as my naira bets. Best best way. You're going to chivalry. Foia Naira Bats. Best Bet a you know. I had a really tough tough time with this. So what I'M GONNA do is. I'm going to go back to the spring fever and I'm GonNa make break even my naira. Bats best bet would a twist the three five three six exact appall wheel. We got lucky with a two weeks back with a box. Let's select wheel three six. Three five the exact three seventy five in fevered oaklawn by marabouts. Best that great job as always. We'll do it again next week. Look forward to it. I enjoy the weekend over yet. Folks if you WanNa Watch that Saudi Cup twelve to one noon to one eastern time on Fox sports one unhappy with limited commercial interruption. Three to six thirty four orcas day at the races from naira oaklawn Gulfstream. All points in between half of Steve Grabowski not producer Philipino. Hope you have a lucky night. I hope you went. All the photo finishes enjoy a great weekend of racing. Talk to you again next week. Three Derby preps here on the weekends. They extreme something by now.

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Spittin' Chiclets Episode 212: Featuring Brent Sopel

"Yeah that Pink Whitney in the month of September was the second highest selling liquor in the entire state so we have a lot of ice at the state of Illinois has has received Mr Whitney's vodka himself over here to my left Sokha so nicely so were here and we decided I still Chicago guys made me take it the first time I came here and it was well nightmare let's put it this way it's the complete opposite because pink Whitney's delicious yes and we are very honored not bank some interviews while we're at it I got some stuff to say first off yeah squirrels don't have feathers okay okay they have v Math Guy wasn't purposely seen if you guys were catching on I know fourteen plus forty is forty four I said it was forty three just to throw it out there and the reason why we decided to come to Illinois is when we had our kind of a brief meeting with new Amsterdam Vodka they said in the state of Illinois or is it even for probably not even they have gross hair squirrels are like bigger rats I misspoke with feathers if you think though that scented Bhai Pink Whitney the pink lemonade flavored vodka from our friends at New Amsterdam Vodka Boys we in Chicago one of the best cities in America Oh it guys up I give you the hard one I and I say so I once again let me just little up here so in response you say on this podcast forty plus fourteen is forty four forty plus McGregor goes at this place on Saint Paddy's Krahn McGregor Bazaar we're not going to be throwing liquor and people's faces we're not going to be assaulting old people there were just going to be shaking hands kissing babies wrestler the address is seventeen twenty north Marcy Street in Chicago Illinois and it will be at Binny's Lincoln Park but he's Lincoln Park and the reason eighteen forty four fifty was twenty seven seventy seven I it's you know I don't fuck that up I fuck it up when I feel like it's just I want people listening the the math just just just don't exactly underestimate me I don't make mistakes with man or you know especially fourteen forty that's forty four forty three's just to see so you guys and listening so listen I had one cup squirrels someone F. F. I wasn't able to put a squirrels feather in my cap it did jump over my shoulder and I was scared to shit what's up yeah we're staying at the rich so we're definitely spending money but we have an appearance for Pink Whitney at a liquor store whereas exactly the the world would ever get some unreal interviews how we filmed as you look class we went we went outside and treated ourselves before this absolutely did we had a fire up for the fucking show how can we tease the interview he did oh we say well what well first thing we should tease this is first and foremost why are we came to Chicago we have speaker yourself you don't take a shot at my drink and I offer you one you might get a little bitch slap that's true if you don't it's just you wouldn't feel it because it's me now we're going to be guess MC L. and considering how it opened up might be a problem here worst case scenario it's an ACL also like let's not in forty four now shifting away from that on the podcast they are a who do we got coming up we have a returning guest principal in like I tweeted out last night hey because the of brilliance they have in their mind and the way they see things if given the proper resources they could change the world he I won't ruin anymore it last time we had them all we dip into dyslexia discussion because you know he was diagnosed with a ten years ago found that out he got very serious now we won't a yourself and you go down and that's what we saw with him the mighty caught an edge maybe maybe yeah I'm trying to think of my experiences I would for the year if you do at ten games into the season it will bother you the entire year until you get a full summer of recovery I've been through it and my experience with non-contact Andrew was together and he was saying how he had a high ankle sprain in this thing lingered on for like four five months until he was like somewhat normal so sometimes that could be the worst case walkabout much now but spitting checklists crew and myself. We're going we're going to find a way to help this thing because there are some things that I learned about it where I'm Mike I like the com- degenerate crazy fans here that disgusting mullet number one that that local shot pose disgusting they made me don't even get hit like it looks like on contact injuries are always the worst exactly you see why receivers in football hockey if a guy goes down and nobody's astrid at home against Buffalo took stride felt something pop thought it was my skate look down skates not broken went to step again nothing there the ligament dislocate uh there's always something seriously wrong now I shouldn't say always hopefully the renton news is different and it's something that sort of minor but it's like something usually tears when you just that area I mean a a and that would be maybe worse case if you sprain your ankle at any point in the season you know obviously it's going to it's going to affect you if it's any point second as a roller coaster ride in a bad way it was we were laughing we were close to sadness he really opened up I think it was a some kind of like you gotta get a lot of stuff you'll be amazed at yes it's a days into go to the discussion we had once the we stopped recording was people with dyslexia the they they should be the opposite of shunned away yeah couple stats he says in it that my jaw dropped and I was unaware of and I'm sure you will be to open one or two of the ripple effects of this will be some good that comes out of it absolutely let's imagine having a team and I and here we go I'm gonNA stroke off your Boston Bruins so now throw me on the bruins strain is imagine having a team of so much depth in leadership where I'm fucking it's fucking world and and I think we got a glimpse of that way I mean you know you're a professional athlete you want you WanNa Stanley Cup he played so many years in the NHL and about what's gone on since the last episode some injuries Avaz significance we want to note Meco Rantanen Week to week with the LDL. I would say it's maybe the worst fall in hockey when you oh closely it's not about just cruising around in your car and maybe sorta half in and be on your phone no no no I'm GONNA test once in a while so guy up forty plus fourteen it's not ruled high ankle sprain which guys yeah I mean I think how Qatar Buck had one early in his career and I was training with him at the time we used to train at the Saint Catherine how many people are listening and boy did you guys get some feedback you let me know all right well I knew it was a trap that way too close to the other one I was like hell tell like I'm just you get put on this pedestal when in fact like on the inside in the real world so to speak he feels so so small he's still a humanitarian man yeah contact ones are scary what sucks is the star Colorado's had an oh my God the start Mckinnon's hat along with with Robinson and but it's going to really hurt that team excuse me to miss that guy suggestion I think people are GonNa Kinda really see into a guy who's not in the game anymore and you know what did people human beings shit after the after the lights are off and it's it's a different like marchant Osama latter on a sweater that's that's how much leadership there isn't that bruins locker room and I don't know I don't know if he had this jotted down Ra but aided over the side of my bone and then I was like fuck that was on my own nobody hit me that when I knew it was real serious so yeah the second in the League in scoring and he is looking like an early season MVP candidate mind he went between his legs on the goal that was disallowed no really what ended my career is that during the middle of just a dominant euro as having Edmonton thirty five games in twenty seven points or you have a season I just went to the I mean I like seeing a letter on my letter marshy I guess I could understand why why does it have one because he's a bit of a wild car but I think that everyone in the right mind they ended up getting called back Bertrand offsides what does he do then he gets a pass from down logos in between the legs shelf tenth of the year he has seventeen points it's just been it's been incredible hockey to watch it's been it's been like the Bruins top line they they've had issues with other other lines scoring but when those guys are out there it is no joke so legs legs go from Mesa he also after the goal ends up doing this Spinner Rama Cross ice dark past marshawn berries one early on guys one fucking we would all Colorado but anyway the injury it's probably it might be a concern going forward which that's a conservative maybe it's nothing hopefully that's yeah exactly we obviously want the stars to be out there playing Devon Dubner day-to-day ugly collision attitude though Ryan Denardo collided with Brandon manning totally fucking incidental they both the bees he went to the bruins also lost costs and Kuhlman fo five four weeks a non displaced fractures rates. Hibiya what's up so that's why Marcia Shaping up and people might jump down my throat like all hall of Famer he's On the track that it takes to become a hall of Famer and fuck do I ever want Chirac right now is just come off on fire I love watching him play it's been impressive and that turnaround pass like there wasn't a huge lane he gives that little on us there's two hundred and sixty ninth win in his five hundred game okay through five hundred Games Martin Brodeur two hundred seventy one wow so you're looking at took out Duban it's like a bowling ball he was in some pain but they said day to day they didn't plus wasn't Luchik opposite the way not not on the goal but when he came over the blue yes huey did ask the start of the whole disallowed angled somebody and then they don't know the only reason we're talking about Colorado right now is because the one guy on on social media an Ra you you had some with them wait like the guy saying we'd never finals now and it's just been a great ride for Bruins fans I know there's some more don't like him but he has been fantastic and to get a win against Toronto at home that's pretty special in your derail your fitness journey their diets and meal plans out there but chances are they don't take specific needs into account but kettle bell kitchen knows that meal planning isn't one size fits all Arnoun after marchant you know got it out I think Hutchinson was playing for the last night correct it wasn't Anderson we'll either way either way it was a great goal that started the play I get that the golden happened because a between the legs but he said you're gonNA take between the golden eggs away from me so he also between the goal lakes US complete complete fucking an incidental I don't know if I'd been caught for just fell or if they got tired tied up but definitely an incentive David Krejci Keita rated M. fucking third see how would I was very impressed to read this morning was the fact that if you look at his career right it's five hundred game he I was wearing an assistant captain letter the other night that I was flying in the Internet on jet blue socks so I didn't get much the trade show and the DA far asshole he's probably nobody says nobody's off well I just figured that let's let's put it this way it could be orders for new customers that's fifty dollars off your first two orders at Kettle Bell kitchen dot com code chick wow that was brilliant I've been using someone for granted it's super bowls how many Stanley Cups how many NBA championships and it's also as a he's top five and it's also pasta might be in the running for the heart right now I said that's what I said yeah he's right there and I th that goal first of all he got the goal taken away that we're watching liberty dot twice a week for optimal freshness in you don't need to worry about source ingredients or Fred fretting over macrophage just heat sheriff and you get the food you need real sustainable which is why they offer a personalized solution. The nutrition you need without any of the hassle sign up for a plan or or Alcott there's no long term contracts required eighteen fat and Cobb limits rate feed the champion with Kettle Bell Kitchen go to kettlebells kitchen dot com and enter the Code Chiklis fifty dollars off your first a crowd in Boston and that's easily stirred up by talk radio to which is a big part of it now guys just talk about all these injured players probably going to be laid up they're gonNA need some food delivery soon so could he be whereby spark John Because I know him I'm friendly with them I want to get I want him to get his Stanley Cup Tim Tom Scott that on this one because Ben to pay for yeah perfect so then I open it up and there's all these wonderful meals and I was fucking hungry I think it might even after we recorded a podcast one night aw McCarron all summer guys call zombies are killing me we've been stroking mackinnon off since fucking what August we haven't we hired a film crew outsource out of your Shakaki so basically the complete opposite of audio that we hired for our live show here and Kamar Shaw cradle it just knocks on your hand which was one of the sequels he forgot to mention we don't need to get into that though but how many times you think my shine get strip at a team location they've been sending it to my apartment it's unbelievable I gots case so I'd ever told a story when we did the out on the last one there was I opened my door in and I threw one of them in the microwave as Dake on the steak with unbelievable saw frosh debt so savelli I go does anyone know why there's food at my door I I don't I never Texaco Brunelli in the next episode already did the read I go that's why adding they're disgusted by the fact that I would have Stolen meal for my neighbors wait we were talking about how the fact is the second highest scoring player in the League imposter knock Yup we need quick buck woman to be able to pull it off because they're obviously everyone's cheating towards his one-timer yet Carlson is two one distributing them the puck and it's still working and then the fact that he has his own Ken think averaging right around twenty seven minutes again so he's not just offensive he's playing a penalty kill playing on the top unit and he's find the kind of get talk about the League's leading scorer now do not talk about him nearly enough John Carlson and as the offensive defenseman of the bunch wit I said on NHL Network Some of the recognition and to lead the League in scoring us you know seven to ten games in depending on what the teams have played twenty points twenty fucking points by Halloween duties string he gave a little look and he saw in mustard on them to fire that thing if that's my blade it's going into the crowd somebody's losing their teeth demon that is wild too so pardon so just the he's done it ever since he scored the OT winner World Juniors and Scott I think Cisco greediest naturally Free Gluten Vegetarian key Keto Wohl thirty polio Paleo Hall via said all those options are available you can even fill the calorie there was like a big bag from I thought it was supposed to be for my neighbor okay mcgarvy must have got the wrong address but I still took inside okay oh I see I crush one of the meals and then on the bottom of the thing was the letter and obviously then I found out it was to me Oh you actually crush on your neighbors or such Dinah One way and the other team saying that he might get down yeah it's basically Marchand Dude I got nine I got a good trip also took harass five hundred game against the team it takes to put it right in their wheelhouse a majority of the time where they're going to end up with fifty goals a season number eight and knowing when to pass it in business and if it ain't catoon against Canada suck on that Biz came up he dominated the H. All I think you want to call the cops not to with Hershey and then he got right into the NHL so it's been a special career there was yeah eight year deal at eighty year I mean that is GonNa say the next I mean is he may be getting some points that that are are because he he doesn't get that much credit and who's with us the other night that mentioned well maybe it's because he's also poised to Ovechkin and backstrom and coups that's often and that's true but broke don't fix it signed him that fair team contract in wit you sat at all the people that are out there who really passionate lovie south that hard well those are the same hundred diggers Kerr ESPN has like nine two seven that's ungodly we just not high I take your while it's a classic case city that's been spoiled taking criticism be he might be not that good his own while you supplement the offense for the descent defense and I think it's a evens out in the last two seasons fire to this one so to be the guy up top of a power play like that there were tons of responsibilities yeah it looks like you're sliding over over one ts well they have to be in the perfect spot so you have to have head fakes you have to have some people that say Whitney pass the crosby big deal check hockey DB my status never gone away and so we'll carson so they don't ask how that stake I had these at a shitty move that was dirtbag I would have put the fire Spec I've got six meals on and I would put five meals back under my neighbor my neighbor's door in another one timer I mean he scores goals where he's he's one he's one knee down similar to how crosby and other guys do as a special special shooter of the Park East of e. play I mean he's eleven so math guy I think that's one hundred and fifty eight points in his last one hundred and seventy three games change the meal plans detailed your goals to whether you slim and Dow Balkan up just looking at data plan for you in all the males are free of dairy soy and artificial sweeteners and made ask how many and he does it and keep in mind if you're saying that Carlson's are sorry ovechkin shot is beating to the rhythm of Oh yeah and no other guy I did want to mention quickly and we're staying kind of Eastern Conference but Jack Eichel Valley last night too and he wanted to stay there and that's that's obvious you mentioned he's averaging twenty seven minutes now I'm not I'm not I don't put that in perspective for you barely out there the most is having a game the most ice time I ever got was against the Edmonton oilers and it was just over eleven minutes you would die too two years ago eighty two games played sixty eight points that's including fifteen goals last year he missed two games eighty games thirteen goals seventy points he's gone up and now he's already got twenty three where the Puck is landing there at that moment you that's chemistry that has been wheeled you need nettle yes if you think he's overpaid because he's collecting free assists while he's really not nine Casey Middletown Bat in that game roast Tuesday night checkout the OT winner Casey metal stack down the ice and Eric Carlson ends up getting the park and just art things are buzzing in Buffalo I'm happy for that team and echoes taking that even next step to where I think people always knew he would end up I was a year too early every time because I had two assists buzzing and we were up and tip it was like you know the game where I can put them out there and he's not gonNA suck too bad on a rag on somewhat of a regular play he puts his head down knows he's not gonna catch him and just doesn't even look just balls to the wall back to try to make the to unwanted to onto crossing goes around the defender and looks d'oeuvres business like it was great I crushed a meal that I was and I crushed the girl who tied Verde Park out time out time out because we hadn't had them as a sponsor yet so no the game winner over teeth they beat San Jose they were down to nothing in the game so this buffalo team plan for Ralph Krueger I think I mentioned crystalline and saying that he's the Rav who was the best coach he's ever had any early in the year but it just gives off the vibe in buffalo on Chippewa Street where the people crush drinks and crush each other that this will be different it is asset night what I was third star what happened the next day I felt like the team you put me in a body cast because that's a lot of ice time why did you get that much heading over to number eight and maybe he snapped it over to to backstrom or or coups Netsov I made the play but you mentioned the pressure Oh surprise at all that they did resign when they did and now it looks like a nice deal I wish look it up quick Mikey but I don't think it's that crazy I think it's eight million I think you want blown by him no he had full speed that's a little bit flatfooted Carlson's one of the most dynamic skaters in the world he goes by his Middle Stat do if you watch and go watch the pass across it don't remember the other player on San Jose Middle Stats backcheck ends up breaking up the plug rene he goes and gets it in the corner he goes and gets in corner he carries it up the ice the two zero one so you're talking about that he's making huge steps exactly what buffalo needed the only thing I'll say is last November's when they won ten in a row and then it fell apart so it's still an unorthodox skating stride and it may come off as if these not skating hard or trying hard faulk you ahead of cattle milking cannock ad I she trish on everyone's minds what when how much we eat it's a massive conflicting information that can confuse anyone bigger guys the taller you are this is coming from a tall skinny piece of shit the taller you are the slower and Lazier you can look at Time A. B. C. so that's why I love Eichel and his old man he wasn't pleased with us though Jack I posted that picture of all the guests on spitting chocolates that space he's got a different type of striped appreciate it he's got breakaway speed let him skate the way his mind allows his body no it's not he doesn't see anything by the red line he curls back off the red line curls back ends up deciding to wait to figure out make a nicer play in the meantime and I said is still coming to US hi Casey Middle Sat last year and he didn't Pan out last year not play last night time I thought we Tom Grenell during the I had San Jose has a horrible change he's able to look up quick after crawling back and fires it up to Eichel who's on a rush with I believe it's the line and I'm not sure about who the other guy was they ended up can look even in practice I it's all about how he looks where it's like lethargic and big flies when he needs to it's such bullshit and that happens they both timed out more to four points including the OT winner last night I mean Tuesday night Wednesday now you're listening to Thursday I can send you anything moving away from Buffalo Hutton's doing a great job they're hitting the player of the week back to back shutouts he the results of last season but you are in our thoughts and and show some more love to your boy I go he's a fucking treat ablaze and Florida we had one of the way he he he's having an unbelievable start and launch along he's a fan of the show by the way I don't know if you guys know that always bet on so as all man was a big fan of business all time number ransoms happened Sergei Brodsky will honor that seven deuce frank traynor had it for a few years he had to pay for it to he gave them a bottle of Vino arose a Beatles Fan I'd say get an album all four Beatles on it and just put Jack's picture four times off a good call means account t-shirt making money off it thanks Jack like me though I get older guys say you got you brought some my team now lives in Buffalo I does have been then we're going to have to after this episode comes out we're going to give him his is own individual post and say something maybe an apology from Grenell I if I was a better Louis everybody while episode two hundred twelve of spitting checklist I should have picked big whitney stroke offset pink wait for Grenell I believe you're getting into recently there's a small percentage of Jack No pasta I out of the week so he was second or Third Star I double joke but congratulations to you buffalo fans aren't GonNa get too excited for you yet based on take that he wasn't on their sent me a DM and he he was upset and he's lame on their over me okay we'll cowgill Z.. Wasn't skating Jack Cycle what but I just WanNa put Ooh came especially with my special edition I use the terminology of Saber fans who are crazy about you well yeah we'll be no Dander goodell having a big I was at a day there's still a bunch because he's earned the right to put them right no veterans breadbasket and I think he's competent enough in every other area as a defenseman eight will the will the the the gate you're talking about the tweet I sent out right correct because there is a small portion of people who don't appreciate the the they say they say he's lazy well there's a vibe where he I just if I if I just bang that's that's good that's good I really hope that one hundred forty two hundred forty rainman oh you play right I like big MACs McDonald's Guy I was a late night mixed McDonald's guy felt horrific every morning after it but you know the the comment by Jewelry Raleigh that's what he wrote a nice rolodex in a double queue P for Mickey d's not that kind Biz Fox's that was the best double quarter pound them in the bag that was your Whitney trek would light up and you just see this tornado these people had no warning of Dude I don't think those I think there's tornado the top up and you can have thirty seconds I think it's that crazy the nation but if in fact that bobble got him a Daytona in today's age bobble makes ten mil I don't give a fuck that but you're having to pay fucking at least fifty percent over market value to get a Daytona really all body the even how much does it Daytona well if he got him if he got him like a panda or a block one he unless Blah Blah I guess maybe bobble my Noah Guy or Putin's buddies twenty eight Oh the the most scary image was the one on the news it's pitch black and the only time you could see the thing is when the lightning would strike and when lightning was a sub mariner if you want to get a brand new sub mariner and you have to buy it off a guy like Larry you're spending fuck in thirteen thirteen five and they're normally ninety seven hundred ninety five hundred he down there have tornado warning siren with they're still the ability of time though it goes off and you can tell there's wind going on with the video and then got it at cost ninety seven hundred I I'm going to get insurance on this thing and I M it lose it not all but I'm saying like I could wear this for Daytona now your favorite vacation spot and Florida correct correct the watch Daytona will be a little classier than desks art for the Panthers Boys He's played some good hockey Mackenzie we he's better player than I thought I didn't realize he's got some game he got it really nice goal the other night I was watching so happy for him but but I would never the idea of paying ten grand for watch what you don't own a appreciation you oh my God Ira you would not communist just perfect or Cherry fucking rolex sure that's the the apple pie on top of what was the full night. I don't want to punch your head eating strikes and you just see this fucking massive tornado and then the lightning goes away and it's gone and then it strikes again it's it's petrified like a horror movie and just these people that are in your house or defense of gambling and losing a million two million thing is you're rolling the dice whereas I know is I bought a rolex mariner recently shit I mean either way if it's a rolex nice gesture but if bobble got him Daytona then I retired Bob teammate right definitely lost seven figures gamut in my lifetime house all the stories those walls rib by the way yeah looks a monster I mean I'm looking up tornado alley shooting asset if it's slapped in the face though I mean I would but Gretzky watch it's a joy to watch like I mean struggles that he's mentioned and what he goes through it was it was really hard to listen to at times I know that doesn't sound great in terms writing up an interview but I think it is an based on the frank called all time with the funniest comments I've ever seen in shadow to all fans who sent that over towards hours like really lighthearted things on the show that we joke around but when we do get serious but it was hard for me and I think I say to him at the end of the interview it's hard for all of us I mean there was a bunch of times and he's sitting we mentioned that it is a brotherhood of anyone who's ever played and you're you look out for guys after and you hope they find happiness and peace and something to do outside hockey so and all of a sudden I mean thank God Sagan wrote I think he had moved out so I can make somebody also said it was Mike McDonald your support will change the face of men's health raising awareness and funds for prostate cancer testicular cancer mental health in suicide prevention this year barstools on Donny. South Movember is the leading charity dedicated to changing the face of men's health men's health around the world so I love Chicago this November whatever must as you grow will save a bro without further Ado Brent Sopol Stanley Cup champion ten years ago this interview is brought to you by Movember bastable is proud to be working with movember to raise funds and awareness for men's hookup and Russia sending them one by accident the guy sent the actual hand that he cut off together with the box and there's just some guys risks than hand it's still to join us at the Army Navy Live College football show in December head to November dot com slash Basel to join our team grow a moustache and fundraise for your these people are human beings and I think the fans forget that sometimes and this is GonNa remind you you mentioned a brotherhood and when when you hear a former guy is is doing it's we're in Chicago Odyssey the Pfizer and town there stay here we want to get a couple of interviews off those guys so we had done yell at Borstal book a room at the Ritz and okay guys enjoy it I ran for lock in first-half is is a little light we talked about funny stuff yeah and before we go to it we have a bunch of S. regards and I hate saying thoughts and prayers because such a Cliche but everyone in Dallas who has gone through the tornado dude honestly all the Shit Mother Nature can throw at you I don't know if there's anything scare then years and I haven't lost it I could sell it for more than I ball Casey I never see I never even considered that Rolex keeping forever that it's how she works all right chance to win the grand prize now it's opposite here chicken of ring back a second time guest this guy played three fucking years in the you don't hear Dallas like it's not I don't think twenty is a particularly common in Dallas I don't I don't remember the last time they get hit that hard show either way we hope everybody down there's doing okay they get to everything 'cause that's uh he mentioned that now he's found his purpose to get to that in the interview and just to hear that and see it on them it just it's like faulk Ya that's all you good growing out his motor save abro join him on the boss move team and help us change the face of Ben's help for every fifty dollars that you fundraise on our team you get an entry to win a trip we're Granola is now where you look into his eyes and the guy's close to breaking down and you can tell I think you'll be able to tell when he's talking about how much of a struggle it is for him and another not WanNa do bring up before we send it over to show dot tyler. Sega tweeted out a picture of his former House scary fuck man that Tornado down in Dallas we won't send all fucking an awesome interview to hear him but in terms of like thinking of what he's gone through I felt really bad for him so hopefully you guys listen and enjoy and realize that it's not always easy when you're done playing like I said there's a Dan something that put enough until we he's just been getting fucking dragged into this all 'cause I wanna know what kind of role exit is it looked from the picture like it was so story and then finally at the end we realized he thought he was talking a ray my cousin ray because he ended up saying you know what you want to Stanley Cup with Carolina a medical miracle for what what he went through and what he had to deal with and the whole time he said you know which you know you know what I'm talking about what you know what I'm talking about Shit sucks man you gotta do German Companies Remote Fall at your own show our best regards and wishes everyone a Dallas but boys I think we should send over the soaps right above sure it's going to be a long one brench Sopol welcome back to the podcast pledged add granola what What hotel you stack this is this is a national hockey league room so number three hundred sixty four more days to right well speaking of you know you didn't have much skill and you were the slowest in the ugliest as are a mentioned in the beginning here ten years ago media tires on the podcast Who who was who called you Ray Whitney was Oh we interviewed Lilo to line and it was good and I don't know if you heard that one but he so he's were you end up going to be you know my kids were older when I got here I think we were talking about this earlier my kids were closer to age in Canaan as rookie year when I first signed here then candidate Ahl he should get a medal just for that alone you WanNa Stanley Cup ten years ago this spring of next spring in this very town Chicago actually in Philly but you want for the Blackhawks it's obvious to me you love it here now obviously ended up when you have kids you know when you get traded your Packer Shinya move and doesn't you know kids did it's a sweet so we got a nice little cushions here who's more like soap is coming in we have to shaw upbringing all right we gotta we hold on I'm fucking Komo not as bad those when we dare Cardi on and he did the entire interview and he said he didn't even know I was there was first year in the team yeah and you will come from Vancouver no oh so I finished off Vancouver nobody would give me a deal so I on the Stanley Cup here and that began rain for the Chicago Blackhawks that was pretty much a true dynasty and to be here at the beginning of that and still live in this town like you came in that same year well what it came they just retired Anka's number in London what do you have sixty five points you just don't get stupid numbers like that a tryout with the Detroit Red Wings Oh Yeah Red Wings number seventy five in training camp how you go you know you knew exactly where they're coming tastes coming in and out of the North Dakota there's a world junior hero oh how many how many goals I think versing really you know why too fast enough walls you know I was always named the slowest and ugly so the plan so you're resentful how fast aw this is for Pittsburgh I got traded and they want it anyone had an excuse I mean forty four months in a coma it wasn't like that or to me so I was the old about hanging out with you soap Basser Zero Puckett playing xbox and counting their Puckett popcorn you know just it was the best thing ever go Detroit Kenny Holland calls and say you know we're looking for partner why the fuck you looking at me do the airport they'll training camp exhibition games fly the same day we take off you know talk to my agent listen call we're talking Chicago going TAP ANAHEIM there's some other teams they were given the old we wanna see what are rookies can do so I said give them all call back and see where they're at because the final line was all your trauma size my body just to get up could you sense right away when those guys came in no on their entry level deals that they were GonNa make difference were you hear their rookie or so we ever so Mike I'll take the top four minutes driving the ACC and he's calling and can't get old anybody go to the dressing room no no we had a third guy I was like the fucking interview ask somebody say that you didn't interview with busy no four on four different moves I don't have one move at four and then yeah the legendary came in you knew right away and that was blow the whistle blowers two minutes on Sobil of mistaken naming me that's Grinnell Iowa right but it's not your fault because this is the first time impressive but I can't have you woah what's up with lady so if you've been watching the league a lot have you been your big night tonight guy checking oil not leagues how good your math is it's not you know so I landed in in Toronto we're on the boss and Chicago said they'll give you a one year deal quick guarantee else's bad yeah he just wasn't a numbers weren't there had a lot of injuries so I'LL MC DETROIT I might win my Kerr's over you know I'd have to go to Europe or whatever hilsum Bam there's no chance hey you're up in that how you know you're not going anywhere what the Fox seventy-five pretty impact at that number jacked by myself with nothing I got my bag my sticks no no not nothing else so I had to fuck to find a ride to buffalo airport stay overnight go back to Detroit together why are you looking back I don't I don't want this guy he's white stepped in and had a pretty good year with them well it's not hard you just hand the puck over to him was also on that team yeah big buff was like the Fox was that Guy Lines are dead clearer and he is specimen on on all levels one of them he'll videotape fucking he's got a guy in the corner looking at go get undressed you're playing these guys are warming up for doing You know I just signed off good job congrats five minutes before dances I'm not gonNA play you motherfucker where's a fucking aw blue kicked me out of the dressing room and by saying I listen I just signed a contract aww right here for job intern so I walked by cocky under this circus Utah former Tom Thumb done the money was very close it wasn't the money it was you know play again I didn't play well in Vancouver tomorrow going to end up being with Kelly's partner we're gonNA flip you in and out all right fuck Chris Chelios principal principal was not gonNa play he's going to be in Europe that share going to be a fifty there's no no I don't care call Grenell okay okay either way you know it's funny you messed them up but they are neither one of them aren't this hotel just being it works out okay what's back it up bureau is unbelievable Dan Schutte cents at the end up offering me offer me a one year deal and I talked to my agent we're driving could funniest guys ever do you ever see him a high five during the game the bits of the play fucking put his hand up Norma I call my agent like all right what the fuck he's like all going you got to go in the office and tell him I said what that's that's not normal lobby to fucking be battling way out about a year after year another thing to reason catalyze kind of the center of attention with that team too I mean he's shit and then I think it flew to St Louis meet the Blackhawks so then you were at the blackhawks all the sudden and so so right away I would imagine that dustin buffaloes they retire they just WanNa go away yeah I know now Mike Richards he doesn't want the attention just wants to go off number wants to look at the media he doesn't want asking for this now good this isn't the same league I was in yeah but at least you could say you played in this league I never had fucking skill you just reminded me you know I didn't I didn't say that I just under the circumstances I think I didn't know what I'm walking into fucking this little four five office no I'm GonNa get my ass I remember you telling me the first one and then what are the assistant coach say yeah plot and you get your fucking suit on and get the fuck out here kicked out of the Dresser I'm in Toronto there's up money he's made enough money he wants to go and fish and do his thing but he's got to grind you know it is and you've got so you know I Fono tenures dyslexia but so reading writing all that is fucking awful for me so I would rather stand with the other guy that I wanted to ask about on that team and we're hopefully getting a chance to talk to him on this same trip with Duncan Keith is that who you were paired with most of that run I was or is it just the tech guy that might just be I mean we've already heard he probably is but he seems like the type of guy to me that could shut it down have no problem yeah one hundred percent she liking the locker room I know you were with him when he was younger but like is he the guy who's joking around or is he really quiet and you kind of had the conversation side by side you know there's nothing quiet we've had Brian Cal was hurt so you know it was playoff time there ended up everybody's everywhere you know I was the PK guy the kind of sit there like an idiot and he lynge anyway busy still to this day part is grocery stick I don't know if Paul visit and then he wrote her a grunt song about it Ah let me show you my surprised face many rolex can you walk around the city when you do get recognized every day like because you want to joining the first row which is he's a fucking drags look he's looking at what they're they're not soft may not just you think he comes back this year front of those slap shots today all day long than having to go out and read rights so I had no problem I came to Chicago has an offensive defenceman right he's one guy that ends up in the news and he's got an answer to the media and like some is some guys the the the Jodi Shelley's and guys like that then block shots blocking shots while I can take a one time was such a mental grind knowing that he was going to have to eat pock night in night out it made him a lot grumpier did you go from being a happier type player playing the power it to not have to be a real well okay so I have a question for you so I play with a guy named Boyd Gordon and he was well aware that his role in the NHL was going to be he was going to be a penalty kill guy was was it miserable or like you said you were just all survival I was in I was all survival mode you know I'm sure if you ask guys that I play with Don Keith I know it's you know what I've got on the ice and this has got a lot to do with my dyslexia you know we're talking about I played in fear of the real world voice square off with our I would rather break my nose than than take a fucking shot off the ankle a hard one we have a Hubble break your orbital answer questions he wants not once none of that he loves the game but he hates all other stuff socks and it's an in winnipeg like you said what's what's it now that I now where I am today you know sober charity I can look back and it makes sense to me now so same home pre-game every time Oh yeah same the most fucked up rituals like what superstitions is it true you want him to I want him to explain these rituals yeah for sure listen I I'm being generally on us when I say that and and and it of course obviously having to get to that mental state not necessarily being a hardcore fighter applies to when you started blocking shots where you are a little bit grumpier around the rink while let me ask you this question would you rather score goals player all I mean appear or or helmet on you here's a little short hair the hair throws everybody off yeah you know I can get long hair back in the day I actually went to game and left turn at fucking Albert and Clark I'm GonNa play Shitty like what the fuck is that was just The only way I knew how to function and I found out later my career I had dyslexia but I had to do everything exactly the same way every single game now I think back oh just because I didn't take burner on the stove everything same music same time same same for it. Visualize I'm fucking doing some dance before it's kind of in in movement like this as I'm visualizing when my head down and guys like I feel like that's not not weird Jordan wheel dust I feel like you oppose nay I take a rebel the bed like that should doesn't fit and caffeine doesn't do shift for me now you mentioned the dyslexia is there some is there something the ven diagram between that's exactly I switched my mentality our bombs and I didn't care for Anna bread great bomb whatever whatever it took to stay in the league but it was just the only way I could basically it was the glue keeping my my life together so this non game days to like night before yeah and then slowly with things get added to this regimen yeah you know then you get a little bit longer and then like it was just the guys look at me all the time he's GonNa he's GonNa would face a repairman he would go take the face off and I noticed that because his role was so demanding physically arrays music guy you see this Alica fucking reg gains machine should I wanna ask but one one traditional ritual is a tree had a pepsi and Eminem's before every what was the weirdest one team couldn't get over like in the locker room boys would be like dude you have to stop doing that and you and you and it was always the butt of the jokes I always was visualizing I betcha drinks of water you fucking I wanted fucking good music and I didn't put you know had long hair and good music so I could sing the whole music guy okay what I mean you and tell me if I'm wrong where the guy who was a pain in the ass in warm ups because you probably had to touch the glass aim you gotta eat the same no it wasn't game just game days from I didn't sleep I never took pre-game naps would you do that whole time I always go to the mall no way you're the old rookie tell focusing Asong while the fuck joke was me every year on the rookies Dan Certain Colorado Cherry creek them all was right there or go to Disneyland we get back way back game yeah I mean it must've peanuts are used regularly either there was no specific on that he's one year I I was I was I remember that number watching him play once wanted to so I looked like a a character breaking bad factories buff buff everything's over the top trying to say he's got a huge second time around gene and then till four thirty you'd walk around the Mall Yeah you also came in the League you're supposed to rookie and have your roommate I used to just drive around this like little kids purple dinosaur like car around the mall you could just rent them and ride them around I was walking but to Shane Weber. No one tell you that me and you're eating just fucked so good breakfast bucket and catch up on their faulk at both take pre-game nap walk wherever would you sleep after games no soldiers up so now I'm really starting to sympathize you for for you because you went to Russia point tournaments couldn't imagine what Russia actually it was going to say I went to the mall I there's a video I tweeted back in the day when I was in Russia take time to be fair is I'm genuinely not a grumpy guy but I I would rather fistfight fucking guys like Gratton and now you've got forty two points is my highest came to Chicago they're like you're not gonNA play par like okay how the fuck do I stay in the league and we'll talk about that a lot on the weather it's not quality it's quantity so the eight week training camp lily there for fucking eight weeks three days twenty some exhibition games is my experience of the malls and Russia they were horrible horrible places to be only had one album so you were there three years three years made that was weeks go ahead Jari says Mackenzie League this could have been you eleven eleven thirty as yet is it ten thirty eleven thirty home teams early either way yeah someone's back to your hotel like twelve forty five one fifty towards the CD never diagnosed from that it was I knew I didn't know why why was doing it you know it it makes sense to me now three years Dole did that tone down are you going to do with the Russian mall walks fucking I was exhausted Russia because you know it never had a roommate why the Fuck Anybody WanNa Room with me I did sleep expert put this kid alone this guy part genius dot literally along here's my resume I'm Eddie pigment first step done straight up junkie so all right talk to you are you saying like come on the fucking like when that happens you just saying don't hit me do what the fuck am I doing this one hundred ten mile are ooh before game I'll take your son up on the ride they're like who is his name my suit meanwhile he's playing that night on the log ride way but so you say OCD and dyslexia because those like I see the those psycho CD political so like do they tell you you might have a little you won't lose one of those guys go to the mall for four minutes I need to sit down and take a nap near the food court would walking for get excited for fucking I didn't even know the semi circle pass come out of nowhere be blocking the shots tripping Star Tribune the stars and they're like what he has to strip them again this make your ritual go a- as like hey boys check this out he's got the picture with mini yet the print the print told on the roller coaster ride I had the meeting many years on the road you skated I would you retired on your own and you want to keep playing I came back here for my last year and played in the Ahl for the wolves I wanted to get my thousand thousands professional game ear North America wide you because you must have been making good bank and you said at that point you were needing them make money over there is making better money there than ever you couldn't you couldn't get the fourth year every day was you wouldn't hold the door I hold for you know lady and she looked at me like I was GonNa kill not just trying to hold your hand full of groceries just trying to help you out that's odd Louis eating I ate out for thermal years these restaurants couple decent restaurants than my fridge would be full red bull Pepsi and Cookies obviously you talk about what we live in North America is completely I you know I'd say Babushka walking down the street with cow on a leash because that's her only I income so what we have it over here is pretty damn good oh yeah so you in Russia you had the rich of the rich and when we're talking the Crawford Situation we didn't really dive into any of these wacky Russian stories now is there a few came on and others a few like oh I wish h. l. with locomotive and they they gave him a nice presentation which is cool because you don't know like you just see the NHL ones but to just have your thousand pro game no matter how many different walking around anybody if I was on the phone as walking back people you know I stopped talking because I I don't know I don't know who who's wide pass rush and Bizet you look like told that are there any ones you can think of how Russia how there's plenty of did you go to Novokuznetsk no I missed that road trip and when I got there they didn't look at me scared I didn't speak I you know I can speak Canadian I graduated American mine Russian like fuck how much I had my family and then we took the whole team downtown Chicago and had a little fun there we go perfect what the last time we got about some stuff not it's not an easy thing to kick fucking habits but having said that that team was like animal house for the whole season before social media really became a big thing the next year the Bruins aw team yeah that was the closest knit team that I've ever been part of you know going back to five years old so you walk up to me they've seen me all right this is only a face model and they fucking they run off even their poor so it was it was interesting airplane on team you know everybody looked for everybody you know it's not the day what you know solidified us that win you know everybody cared about everybody you must also need your head on a swivel because you mentioned the drug problem as so with that comes a lot of bullshit and fuck in crime or whatever saw me in dangerous areas they're true I walked in I never no matter where we were what was going on the everybody January cared so is it was a brotherhood you know never any other team I played some good teams it was you know excessive water middle ground and then family guy stole it would you often see poor people out just like hey come in here and grab a meal or like says who was just the guy who like would would gather everyone would kinda who is who is in charge I was more I was pretty well there's a couple it's okay so you were there for a year and a half he saying that it's undescribably bad paint a picture for those listening Yeah Ah yes the heroin capital world that that's fucked up we'll youtube video he sent me the video or the treasury that kept everything together because if you're telling me it's like that type of atmosphere where such a Gong Shaw who's the one guy who had to like a boys we need to dial it it half the guys you got that click over there you got the French Canadians over there but it wasn't like this but yeah no there's there's always alcohol somewhere who who is the glue in that room in your professional athletes walking down the grocery store had you know I was walking hand in hand with the ten pound rats so that was last time I went grocery shopping like they'd come back from Novokuznetsk some say a week prior and Andrew Goes Dude you just not amager Corey Amer tens I don't even remember it looks like you're insured noble but they're living there and just doing drugs the entire time yeah Y- Y part radio I could see my apartment in video so I was there for year and a half guys that would say the thing but everybody was out doing it together and like you said you loved it you know I don't care what you get away from the Shaw all over the place we didn't see what the twenty blackhawks what was that year like all year was like basically just the traveling party like it's been said to thank God that we'll drinking then yeah Alan Arkin ally I used to think from Europe as well I thought you I actually think you I thought you were from check check Laura's like Oh shit your jacket handed off to know this is so chaotic I think it was my first Cox got didn't you lay is because you will win it guys showed up and I'm not saying in a negative I told that one last podcast now was that a playoff game yeah second round ploughs here we want come on I swear to God so q. q.'s as much interested in there's a reason soup is not not at all no I think you made his coaching is definitely where he's going to go to the hall of fame so I agree with that he you know the more time you sit on the bench and analyze it I think why is a second winningest coach because everybody will play for him he carried you he respects you know there's a lot of respect back and forth didn't care what you did away from the rink the the tires that weren't successful usually become better coaches grinding now it's Q. Wasn't when you hear work hard to think that was because he was in Nhl play back in the seventies and eighties when you really had to be a fucking man's man back done while you got how many guys played the League are terrible in the regular season is so good because these kids all they do is train listen and I get that were old school people would see where there might be a lack of passion the weather other imports so there wasn't there I was doing NHL now work on a couple of years ago he's like you're you're Canadian like I thought you were fucking check or some for years played against it had no idea you're now we're being a little too wacky who is the voice is that ever possible was there one it wasn't for me there's no way I mean there's gotta be somebody who was level I think that the the alcoholism and the amount of partying going on created this drama about it like it was wwe guys if you fucking slash guy in the back leg he league's you've been in to have it be celebrators pretty awesome did the wolves do something like giving away Jersey and stuff like that had a big night and had my family owns Opel night branch say a lot of the chaos I feel back in the day yes I get that hockey was a lot more violent than now but the fact that these guys were like going to be staying over deny that saying that the overall the caliber of the game has gotten better because these guys are fucking nerds Oh yeah but that's so yeah yeah you you'll never understand what you miss nothing will be that bad loss now I know where I played I was like why is like no this year and a half we played played for years thank you come here and you play cues has the legendary move of every year they he you guys went to Vegas so we're we're doing a second I from what was that he said he looked like a looked like Albuquerque New Mexico breaking Russia and over that can Barney fucking Do eight getting the drinking every night where your life is chaos when you're drinking every night regardless of your fucking professional athlete or not how much chaos how often would it's a what we're second round playoffs the Kentucky Derby the meetings supposed to be at like five o'clock it's like five or five also the news you knew exactly what you had to do and you did it would you agree with me it's looking back it's crazy the way I feel when I'm home over now the fact that used to get up and go professional athletes yeah but it's also the sense of yeah I don't even I don't even remember feeling hung over when I was twenty all they just want a couple hundred thousand dollars he he held the meeting so he watches horse race on the dresser like what the fuck we're time five o'clock meeting Arolla hungover you weren't allowed again over grab a brew or getting a fight more crazy the Olga down to that team Yoga Studio Games or here's where I'm going to say is I feel like the caliber of the game in a Moscow airport where stay in hockey history was she had to leave Russia to get your visa so I went to Helsinki and then I had to switch airport so from one airport tonight I'd probably say fifty miles maybe you know I couldn't speak Russian there's a lot so I I mean it's terrible players while players can make great coaches horrible coaches yeah GonNa make great GM's horrible g they have no accent I want to go back to the two thousand ten blackhawks are a secondary I know you've been sober for a few years and I commend you for that as a tip of issue Ark City on steroids pretty much really days it's wow so the the the freeways are encircle and Chelsea yet so I was going to Riga so there's like the best day of the year no COONASS has two flights landed six thirty takes off at seven porn style shades and carpet and look outside and you know we have they have guys riding bicycles to get to the next plane little luggage carts guys on the fucking pedal bike and so I couldn't get on the train so I got in a cab I was four hours in and I was halfway there at take a passer so kinda worse traffic in the world I was four hours into my convert it to the next plane or the luggage truck was a dump truck it was capital most millionaires billionaires Russia and then the rest you know it it's so rich or so poor would you offer Russian stores you fight over there got a couple of fights Actually I was there when that plane crash happened I was sitting hung over players get sick I mean handle the suck like guys like Puke on the ice often frequently over the ball really absorb Wayne Gretzky how good of a coach was not great but was he a good player I think so I don't know I don't know stats but I I usually find the happened like everyone died right away was that or did you I assume that you know anytime you hear a plane crash you don't say I I was panicking actually skyping with my family at that point skype marriage members trip and I was only you know only one thirty kilometers thirty miles something like that did you know when when you got news of the crash did you like was it you know right yeah I didn't say hotel room apartment wouldn't burn apartment now so what were some of the craziest thing you've ever heard of people threatening referee it's it's Russia that's really the only line you hear that it's Russia gets pulled over for Dui pay five hundred bucks and drive off as you think they were really Riggan those it's unbelievable you always get all your money though I think we might have mentioned this the first I got did you get it all I got it all rush the League was because there was a one crazy who's the fighting team they had the coach and order fuck and saw shotgun newsies and it's not because they're they're training so much harder that them not being hung over creates better hockey games on over right a story recently that came out that cage I'll coach threatened to What was it like the the referees car on fire because he made a bad call walking guy you know but they some big money what people don't understand is you've been over they come over here at sixteen seventeen eighteen years old don't know the language it was like their anniversary year and the League wanted them to win the championship so they could tell they were feed them the first round which ended up going to game seven to nine tails so there's inner circle four circles so the plane crash happened I was sitting there on on my computer at Moscow airport supposed to supposed to fly meet the team the first round the skill over there was unbelievable you know like guys I chased Pinera and around fucking I don't shifts fucking y'all can't catch US thirty other lands at seven thirty takes off like nine or something like that that's it right to Moscow and Moscow has three airports so if you haven't been in Moscow think of he's grumpy because he was hungover and he just reacted to react where these kids are a lot more levelheaded do you guys would you agree with my assessment on that these kids are defined as you're like wow this is like that old of actual engine and everything and I remember being the same as you what the fuck now you know the time to load of guys we'd played again especially you played against the those just horrible lot of those guys who is ski yeah I mean getting on some of those planes there's a little a little scary all I want good call you know to get get that power player whatever right you know could have been happen yeah for sure well there was one situation where one team was giving me the everybody's good to me want some crazy shit did a lot of you know the bars close when the last person leaves no that but a lot of crazy shit you know certain guys can't be successful at the NHL here from North America a prime example of that is Nigel Dawes Nigel Dawes went from being he would probably be at best a third I'm just not good there's a lot of guys you know can go over the cage shell and be fully skilled like where you know me I had to grind it out dumper chase hockey but these guys word third line forward in the NHL level maybe even a fourth liner keel going over to Russia as well what if I don't know how many different countries so it was good to me it kept my career a few extra years thousand Max Weiss anyway so even him the year I was over there and was against him and he was on scar I still wasn't sure I was like this kid's nasty but I dunno mytalk over here and so it's like groups it's fucking hard I went over that thirty two and I'm like what the fuck am I yeah if you're coming over here same thing man it's not it's definitely easier but for those to look at guys like that Mozambican guys her you know he's senior guys guys unbelievable that big ice that extra second or two skype started his plug has done that and I was you know I hit the fucking pack while I'm like out here you know so it's it took me last couple of years of lead the H. Scoring but never got called up yeah or even my there's there's always a fringe to some players who were like two good for the is player outside the NHL in the world type thing we had that all the time is that an accurate statement in Woodson's ceiling in the NHL thank you it's always tough to any just four hundred goal of making up forty forty I don't know but it was a big number goal he's he's dominant true it's still it's so anyway just just stay home and make big money I want to ask you about one guy I think he played about two three against them Nikita Gustav he was often called Hey for sure I mean they were older a lot of points can't leave Russia EXAC- plane that was that model table you have to add that to your bag you've got to have everything and then on top of everything you have one thing that's fucking unbelievable to stick in the NHL how many minor league guys so so for him that extra split second and get him on maybe some guys if they're not good at wallwork per se where where there is in order to be good at the national up and said he gets caught up he wouldn't Stanley cups he makes millions it's like there is a fine line between some guys who I think could have made it but never got the chance on one hundred percent because nuts it back up the dump truck the man plan though this'll be a brinks truck pins is is big Gustav is going to turn into a parent I don't think so there's a lot more intangibles that gotta come with the guy off now asking this you might know better are there Russian players over there who are like Oh my God that won't come over like it's Cisco the team that could accused of favorites I picked those games sometimes raped by the reps well you're in the NHL The you know all it takes is given you know one bad on just something just the it could be this much smallest amount ever that can't make them like an HR is it so it's so odd to see but I so you see them playing you don't see anything like that amazing but you scores at will I he actually went over I think it was Columbus I am that's kind of a guy he did but he had been put on waivers like what if Michelle Terry never got the job with the penguins like I dunno like you never know like scary maybe Scuds never gets called Jason He's probably GonNa make by the end of it like you would have had a fifty million dollar NHL career more than that yeah four dollars a year he's a second highest paid in right now can stick handle and score at ease what you come over the Nhl you gotTa fucking work let them work for every fucking inch again Erin goes potenza dogs hundred percent I think that it's similar to some guys in Russia even that'll never come over and if they had they probably could have done it it's not the real world oh yeah it's not as it is him in a different category than Brennan for me we didn't talk about being a dog in the work ethic you never heard pronouncing censh- it worked delay Real Cheryl response one hundred percent sometimes dog is the wrong way he's lazy but he I mean like he's a fucking workhorse so he does give I see I see blue taken care for the boys and we're GONNA fly that's five bucks for everybody no way really rule so he's cheap I'll get arms with the rollback fuck rollback and Yash Nejra captain and Mike Milbury GM we had to we ended up having rookie party in Miami exclusive was kind of the one guy everyone keep hearing about Paris kind of the guy or even mosaic and who when I went over just incredible but like I don't think he can't say you know he didn't care but he cared enough to Uganda's points and when you're best friends with the owner and you go to see I'm of the opinion that a lot of times it's like I think of rob skullduggery Michelle Taryn was the coaching experience and he loves Scuds because he saw how good he was let's see where I began New York islanders so often lockout in Vancouver all the old ground salary cap came in and get my Australia to the New York islanders back and back I mean especially considering in the eighties those guys couldn't even do it or you know earlier than that but now goose's probably got ten millions of Banca ready after playing over on a tomb then the media was like you don't give them a goes though is is different guy bad I take that back offer though US and he didn't make it so I think pretty much anyone over there that has told you could have you could make the NHL gives it a shock right and then you crazy nhl they couldn't reach a crocodile all that hurts that's a tough luck to come on and defend himself I don't was and he said you know rookie pitcher left a lot of money on the table in this negotiation really Are there more more so why not give it the wheel you know the fact that he was Chirpin the way he does hi bucks who's this Yash these probably a hundred hundred though he made his contract was ninety million yeah I think I I got the it's a decent av four years av or AV average annual value so fuck you laughing live better you go but I think even meet the camaraderie the boys like hey he did all that shit plus the seventies and eighties were fucking wild Gel so hey what am I gonNa do wrong nineteen what are they doing on really well there was at least one year before that he was really good but he didn't want what he had done at that point didn't want that contract no I don't think anybody at that point and then the not me no way he played with the ash was he wearing the turtle fuck I had a tough reputation oh he doesn't care he's yeah well that's that was a critic he didn't seem to care I mean he got that fat contract and then he just didn't give a fuck is that an accurate statement I mean that was the perception with them if you're on a different that's fucked up winger him Wang Pietro they all negotiated contracts and data it should we talk more about Yash Millbury real quick off block island who was blackmailing who on pretty long time behind the scenes Kenny Holland or has a GM but the things he says we're the fuck got myself shipped La so when I was on the road trip my ex wife was married at that point in time we we hired to babysit and two of the rookies were hurt so he gets on the bus they were flying to meet us we're on a road trip his guy bought the flights guys need everybody chip in the it was four million years just the term of is fifteen years and he hadn't formed oh no comes in works and then I guess it was time to take you know she had to get on the train so the wife dropped her off I don't I left my personal I'll I'll give you the money for the train she said I'll work for a couple of days free call my wife that night ex wife said you know if you don't have a thousand dollars in my account by eight o'clock in the morning you know I'm going to go to New York eight so she ended up suing me for twenty six million dollars this babysitter they came over. Yeah where'd you find very set pair I said Fuck you there connections or what you take a look at any job in the NHL you know there's nobody around that long you know there's some people trust and talk about another Russia plan it is raise questions nowhere I always get goofed on I knew you weren't playing with him a long time but Alexi Yashin what was he every July for I bet you are deep yet you're still getting paid ten years he must wake up every day like bodily Schreiner Mike Milbury fucking shit them up did go to win order and babysitter came to interview said you know what I I know my skills I'll work for you for a couple of days for free so you can see we're doing they want indeed minors because it was it was at scrawl scout right and you had the playoffs and it was like the worst calls ever like it was so like obviously fucking buys that's pretty cool so I ended up playing one hundred thousand game played a couple of extra in retired I actually saw Max Talbot I think it was last year style yeah sounds professional game in case Daily News and say that there's drugs in the house and all this shit for alway he's the babysitter yeah first off Oh banks don't open the nine so I'm not sure how I'm GonNa get the money in your account get the fuck staple center at the rank and complete Shicho that is fucking wild Jesus Christ took a weird turn it has one of the best all time finesse he's the what's the guy in the mets the spoiler beneath he's still gets a million bucks at that like you get beat over the head with a shoe in plays and shit like woah yeah he I had I I had a little incident with them and Ooh where'd you find this babysitter I I wasn't there so she teases us you know I was on the road so millbury you know him I the Fox he's still on NBC off that did you get along with him. I see obey the gym all the time we give a little what's up terrible job and just got the job because on a DP did right away I think that's the track together and Wang was on sports anchor in Toronto and he didn't interview with Kip Rose Kinda like the same thing like I don't know he might be great but I think what pointing out you're too young yeah he was I guess you would say it for the same reason that twenty six because she wanted a thousand bucks so down yeah for the thousand bucks I'm like no I'd like Panir it so fuck that you know into it he's like just fucking pair I'm like I'm a painter. Principal offer got traded LA NHL Security under get involved they tried to serve this one this one I got really busy and tell them the place offer hey man you gotta get more shot show pucks on that hair extortion story well well we can there's something a little bit better and that is what you're the work you're doing right now with this election you mentioned before how it affected you in your life and you have a foundation now and along with that at this is also you said your first job sin talkie right you're selling popcorn popcorn kernels good for the voice so we've got to be be did you know Mickey divorced many she was fucking Goofy I've heard that one before excellent I listen I just remembered cross the Times you're not you're not talking in your mic research and Charles Dickens great expectations I it's great expectations but either way you struggle reading out loud a little bit okay like in my situation when I'm reading to myself in my head I can read fast and I'm fine read it would be near impossible and I think if we could get people they could get a good laugh out listening and watching Biz read and also donate some money to your charity that pretty or you showed up and I and I idea because you were asking how you know hey you guys should be okay to plug it and maybe get involved everybody's been begging it's a little bit sleazy but then I caught that you're allowed to do it and the money gets donate to charity while solves Jewison every podcast I think you're pretty aware that each time it is Biz it's English but it's it makes no sense like hearing it so I think for us I would shut the fuck on the so I'm okay me do this cameo app your this thing is can you yeah so is essentially these these celebrities charge people to to give birthday shout out suggest to whoever they want to give it to one of their friends maybe their kids well I would never do it because I don't want to charge people for like my time like I feel like it remaking my making fun of myself about it right so why don't we set it up through your charity where people can donate let's say it's fifty or because it's the breath is going that's what I'm saying it has colonel rush the sweet and sweet and salty case time out so so dollars or whatever you decide where these people can send me a paragraph and I have to read them fair can be anything it could be a soliloquy from fuck in the idea and we're going to be posting eclipse the social so the social media will grow listen there's some days where I'm feeling great unpleasant and I'm reading good good who's the old the Shakespeare Shakespeare I feel like if you had to read what book is already where the first line is it's the best time it's the worst oh big fan so we gotta talk about the fact that you're you're running a foundation for slacks and I was actually talking to these guys will actually was a sneak in like little dirty jokes every episode that's right when we mentioned Disneyland and you said Mickey I I had a way up but hey and said some shitty things like I would have I don't think so I think that they look back and what they remember when they were younger is even worse than like I wasn't that bad flirted that line from the stories that I hear on Mike Wall they were going they were trying to really bury guys was which has got less that mentality his way of coaching I can't speak for him but yeah you're right obviously times change now if you if you did that shit now you you know you wouldn't be around did he taught you early and you create you got him again later when you got traded to l. a. a few years later how is that relationship the second time round him symphony just an asshole outside the box meaning you know our this is just the only way I had to coach you know now it's like my life is fucked up that's how I kind of held it together maybe back then was the normal mentality so do they look back at it and have remorse I don't I honestly don't think Scotty Bowman didn't use that approach and he was one of impact you had on guys and and maybe the psychological warfare you put players through and listen I I've dealt with from coaches to a certain level where the ASA popcorn going on a hot day and you're stuck in your teeth the worst you don't have to be crushing Abaga these date I mean come on have you tried abroad the movies I'm Mike Dawson I'm papa them sure and I am glad to it was Charles Dickens but it was a tale of two titties I'm sorry I was appoint version till two seat that might take somebody out harder than my Keenan

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OG Brain Trust (Encore Edition)

The Dental Hacks Podcast

1:37:11 hr | 5 months ago

OG Brain Trust (Encore Edition)

"Hey dental hack nation. This is one of your co host. Al inviting you to enjoy an encore edition of the dell has podcast. This was recorded. It was like november twenty eighteen. I think so. We talk a lot about the upcoming voices dentistry at the time. This is at time before coronavirus. This is the time when we actually used to go and see each other and do things together so it will give you a warm fuzzies to remember a time that we didn't have to worry about some of the things that we're worrying about now. So it features a brain. Trust with dr frank clayton dr rich rosenblatt and dr brent young is good time. Hope you guys enjoy it and we'll talk to you next week. My mom just told me the crazy historic so she takes the dog to get his nails clipped at the vet's office and what she does is when she gets there she text them and then they come out to get him. She stays in the car the whole time. It's curbside check-in in it's literally the most twenty twenty thing ever many dental office. Don't even use their waiting rooms anymore. Do you want to know the absolute easiest way to do. Curbside check in your office. That's right you guessed it our friends at yappy make curbside. Check in a breeze. Yuppie basically invented going paperless in the dental industry. They have solutions for entering forms texting with patients. And even inter oral check. Yuppie can help you easily. Let your patients know when you're ready to seat them and they'll breathe directly into the opportunity. This december yappy is giving dental hacks nation. A special deal. They'll wave their setup fees for anyone who mentions the dental hacks a hundred and ninety nine dollar value. It's time to make curbside check-in breeze as well as all the other amazing paperless options yet be has to offer. Go check it out at dental hacks dot com slash yappy and drop our name for no setup fees yuppie. It's a funny name but it serious software. This is the dental hacks podcast. Podcast created by dentists for dentists. Now sit back. Relax your about to be hacked. Hello and welcome to episode. Two hundred and fifteen of the dental hacks. Podcast my name is alan me and hello. I'm jason of the. Don't act podcast. Jason of the dental has podcast. They had legally changed as your official name on your birth certificate. Now yep nice nice. I chose commitment to the show. I appreciate that. That's what i'm here for taking for the team and all that stuff so I'm gonna let let the listeners in A little peek behind the curtain. Tonight is thanksgiving. Eve were according this on thanksgiving eve by the time they hear this. They will already be digesting their thanksgiving dinners but It's like time travel so we're a couple of days back from where they're probably listening to this and i'm curious about your thanksgiving plans jason. Lipscomb what are you gonna do. Are you cooking your house whole on another. Yeah we're actually having dinner at our house. Are you really this year. The my wife has stressed. I'll bet on. I'm sorry. I'll bet that stinks. You probably get the kids and she does the cooking or vice versa then to domestic cooking today all ready so her up everything in tomorrow. Yeah rock on mri doing that stuff. Ya give you credit. Where credit's due. So here's what here's what's going on with the meets interesting so my wife's side of the family. We are going to get together at my sister-in-law's house on saturday. So we typically do we. We typically do have a couple of things he's tomorrow we're going out for thanksgiving first time ever. We're letting someone else do all the cooking. I'm pretty excited about it. So truth i really like. There's zero pressure that yeah right. There's like no pressure at all. We don't have to cook or anything like it's gonna be awesome to tell you the truth. I'm kind of excited about it. So we're going to the country club. And i'm quite sure they'll put on a lovely spread. Fancy yes we are very no. That was pretty great by the way on the delhex nation today so i appreciated that lot of caddyshack stuff going on there in a lot of heat today from the heck station yadda little red. Hi jason controversy. That's sometimes that's what happened to her cap in. Take a look around a little bit. That's right that's right so So you'll be in a like turkey induced fog tomorrow like i will be. I'm sure you'll have better leftovers because we pry. My guess is at the country club isn't allow me to take a wheelbarrow of like turkey and stuffing home with me. I'm pretty sure that's not how it works. I'm gonna pull the work interferences in indecent bug enough some turkey. Yeah you can let us know about that next week. Actually good idea. It really puts a trip fan right in your system. Exactly you collapse from from trip to overdose right there and then you know. Interestingly next week you and i are are doing some travelling to not mistaken. This were a men's escape. We're gonna go to tijuana for a couple of days discovery. Exactly jason and i. We know each other pretty well. But we're gonna know each other a lot more intimately after that for sure. Yes we're actually going. We're actually going to scottsdale. We're going to be taking. Actually i to be taking one more coarse than you will. I'm going out even earlier. But we're going to be taking the i'm totally. Well you can tell him of the two of us. I'm definitely the academic right. That's the that's what everyone was pretty sure of yobbo. It said so. I'm taking the warned and titian course next thursday and friday in the new. And i are taking Facially generate treatment. Planning on saturday sunday and monday. So it's gonna be a for me five five days. oh spear. i'm kind of hoping that my brain doesn't melt a little a little afraid. I'm scared a lot of fear. It is no it's going to be. It'll be awesome. I'm excited plus. I think we're going to get a chance to to do a lot of podcasting meet a lot of people. it's gonna be fantastic plus It's in scottsdale arizona. Which is not Midland michigan which is below freezing right. Now so i'm cool with all of this. The temperature in scottsdale is right now. Especially with the temperature will be on the twenty fifth of january. Now that would be another really good question That'd be an excellent question. I don't know what's going on in january. Twenty fifth twenty six scottsdale. Can you fill me in it's going to be The voices of dentistry. It'll be the first third annual meeting of the voices of dentistry. The pod digital podcast meeting it is. We're going to have all your favorite dental podcasters. Also jason. I see what i did there. You in these words i know a word smith i tell you so A word johnson. So that like that. We're gonna be out there A podcast on her brains out. We have an amazing lineup. Like ridiculous lineup. looked at. We have like more implant speakers at the voices of dentistry than i think most implant meetings do right we have a. We have danny domain. We have mike freemuth. We have just moody himself. We have corey. Glenn and barron grutter going on together. They're presenting together on implant intrigue planning and that sort of thing. We have ridiculous. That's just that the implant jason lipscomb. Are you talking about implants. I'm gonna talk about implants that i've looked up on the internet. I see a lot. I if you google implants on the internet. That may not be the first thing that comes up. I'm just saying. I don't know what i'm teaching. I think it's a social media. Something if i'm not mad. I'm doing a presentation. That i that i have been titled social media miracle cure or dumpster fire so i have a lot to say about that myself. We're gonna have a good time out there. We have a bunch of great presenters. We have even more so a ton of podcasters. Doing life podcasting stuff. I'm going to try and do some video in the next few days talking about all the new features were adding a lot of stuff that we didn't have last year to make it even better and cooler. So we'll be we'll be doing. I'm going to challenge jason and a bunch of other people that were on the voices of dentistry crew and they have been to the meeting before to kind of present a little bit about what they loved about the meeting. And why they think you should come. But i think you should come. I think you voices dentistry dot com and buy your ticket now. Because i said so. I have to say the room-block is getting a little thin people. So if you wanna stay on site you're going to need to get in there. Get your ticket and sign up. The room block is nice. The rooms are really reasonably priced in. It's a nice place if you were thinking of potentially bringing your family and writing this trip off is like a little vaca- not a bad plan because it's got a lot. It's it's beautiful weather to pools walking distance the downtown scottsdale. There's lots to do there. It's going to be a great time. Was great time last. Year is going to be better this year. So go do that. I will be in said polls. Yeah giving often come. Watch me doggy paddle. Yeah we're just splash around you know. Actually i don't even think i got in the pool last time around. We never had a chance to you. Got in the pool when we were in a at spear in august and you said that it was amazing because as you jumped out of the pool like it evaporates so fast. You couldn't believe it. I'm amused swimming in the capital of humidity and richmond. Virginia you're just you're muggy for three days after you get your hair never actually drives exactly is quite strange for to dry immediately after getting out of the pool. No i did not bring swimtrunks last time. But since i'm gonna be there This time for extended periods home. Hoping that we'll have a chance to. I'm going to have a chance to do some swimming. Don't they have like a wave pool of that place or something. I don't know if they got. It's currently sixty six degrees in scottsdale arizona. I won't be swimming. Oh hell i'll be kidding. That's swimming weather in michigan pal. Get get the speedo. We're going at this boy. Well we'll see in any case Scottsdale arizona january twenty four twenty six. Actually here's a little thing to we have to spear guys that are going to be dropping in gary wood and I think for carl metron is gonna be there too. I think they're going to be. They're not on stage but they're going to be interviewed during the day and stuff. The lots of that kind of thing happened to the voice of industry. Lots of interesting people that are there to be interviewed and to be seen. And it's probably the most interactive meaning. You'll ever see with the actual speakers. We got jameson is going to be there. And he's he's super friendly and you get to talk to all these cool people so you gotta go do it. Voice dentistry dot com and That's all we'll bug you about in this particular episode of the dental. Heck podcast for that. We'll buggy about other stuff than somebody. Anybody that anything i know it's true i got a i got a great story. So you drag me over to the podium booth when we were at ds world Two months ago not even two months ago about two months ago. And i was sort of skeptical and you said no. No you gotta sign up. So i signed up and There's a couple of things when you sign up for podium. They do have a perfect. Their system for basically inviting patients to review you on multiple sites is really slick it's It's not obnoxious at all. That's one thing. Some of these things are kind of obnoxious not obnoxious. It points them a lot harder to google than any of the other ones. I've in other words around me. A yelp review doesn't mean anything because no one is really doing yelp. I know i know in a lot of big cities. Yelp is the thing. But and they but google's kind of everything where i am and so i have literally gotten in two months. I've gotten twenty nine new reviews from twenty nine. That's shocking right. I mean there's this week. I probably got two or three day but okay so so podium delivers. There's no doubt about if you'd like more. Google reviews you need to look into podium for sure Both jason i bought podium. We pay for podium Podium we do work with podium. So i want to check it out. Dental dot com slash. Podium you can get more information there but here's the deal the guy from podium matthew. He's been very patient with me. You know you have the you have the web It's called when you see called the web chat a little of tool on your website till mattel tell the good people with the web chat does and then i gotta tell you story about it. If you're familiar visiting websites over time you may see a little little icon. Pop the corner. Can we help you in past years. It's been kind of annoying And in recent years they've kind of turned it down a little bit but on the podium. it's easy to install. You just put a little bit a code on your website and this pops up so if somebody wants to message you. It's easy way for them to communicate with you through the through. The website Best part about it is they. They literally okay so people like texts. I don't know if you've noticed that but texting is sort of a thing now in instead of they literally ask for a name a mobile phone and the message. That's all they ask. And then you. You actually are texting directly with this person which is frankly better than email better than like facebook master. This is a tax directly into their phone. It's lovely But matthew had been bugging me to put it on my website and in in my mind this was a big horrible task. And since i don't have a web guy. Since i just basically do all my own stuff. It was this big task that i was worried about So i put it off. The other thing is i hadn't put anything new up on the website for a long time sort of feeling ashamed of that. It's fm like ban. I'll get to it. I'll get to it so he was bugging me but he was. I you know he's trying to tell me. It was really easy to put this thing on. And i was totally resistance resisted for two months so i finally went on and tried it today. Follow their instructions in it really was that easy was super easy and so now i have this little text chat window on my website. It could not have been any easier and it's very cool like all. Just go to your website. They can connect directly in text. You can text from like the app on your phone or you can text from the browser or whatever it super easy but they get text directly into their phone. It's kind of brilliant. It's really it's really a nice feature and you can have it sent to whoever you want to on your team or you can have it sent directly to you and you can respond to them. You know whatever. There's a lot of options but is is super slick. It's on the the patient end of it where they're looking on your website. It's very clean but you've got all kinds of options. What you do with it. It's just it's a really great thing. I think i think podium is probably i dunno. It's huge. We've done so well with reviews. I can't say enough. Good things about it so you should definitely check it out dental x dot com slash podium and go check it out and it's got different different things that feed into that communicator. So it's kind of like a. It's just an online communicator. Portal semi it's easy. It's pretty easy used and it's just a kind of centralized place that you can log in and get messages from people from different different ways that their messaging you can put it all in one place. It's central as they have like a dashboard. They have a dashboard. You log into and you kind can. You can check your views you can you. Can they actually have an autoresponder for us. If you wanna do that. I think some people recommend that some people don't it's just it's really. They have thought it. They thought out like crazy. If you think reviews would be something like more of us are what you're looking for totally worth looking into. I think it's i think it was. I was resistant at first. Like you said like. I said you drag me over kicking screaming but i think that's a good idea sometimes occasionally you have to listen to the guy because occasionally really comes through. We've noticed that about him so looking out for you people. I know it's true. He is this is all his fault is all his fault so i am a. I think it's time 'cause you have for me. If i'm not mistaken you have a clinical hack of the week for me. Would that be correct. Jason and is this the invisible line thing. This is the invisible thing so yeah yeah and i have not used as just yet but a business has come out with alleged clinical hack of the week. It's it's their allen. I've seen it. It's designed came out in the had a press release the other day. They're actually doing an add on to their To their liners to treat class to cases and it's actually similar to twin block if don ortho before so it's it's kind of a bulge on the upper upper that's all about that sounded a lot hotter that was expected and now at a bulge on the lower that's about to Since little bald on the upper of all the lower in it actually functions like a twin block to advance people in class to situation to get rid of their over bite. Stab seen some people that have been trying it. I have not used it myself so this new functionality in bizarre that ring correct yeah and and prior to that they've just used elastic on there. So this is a little bit different. And i'm actually thinking that the way the people have been talking with with sleep apnea appliances This may have some legs in airway in sleep apnea because it advances. Your jaw forward And you may be able to use this to kinda dial sanin and people advanced a little bit so it may even be have some functionality for those do it yourself irs at at at home to be able to do this type of type of thing and and create your appliances. I'm sure shaun donovan probably did it. Six years ago. Yeah he probably invented this when he was a just as on a lark thirteen. Yeah as low as thirteen year olds they. You know i get that too so we're going to move onto the actual like meat of the show. We've done enough talking. I just. I just want to tell the good people what they have to look forward to. Now we have a brain trust. That was very fun. i record it with three braintrust. Og's we have. Dr rich rosenblatt. Dr frank clayton and dr brent young and we realized that basically this brain trust sort of features a bunch of middle aged dentists mid-career white guy man. Exactly exactly right we. We kind of looked like that. I think the whole thing. It was great that we had a good time. We talked a bunch about like a career kind of stuff lake where we were. We picture ourselves in our career We used a lot of baseball analogies Actually we talked a lot about rich like buying a new practice in merging it with his practice. And how because that's kind of like a mid career dentists move. We talked a lot about that. We talked about this study club. He started to those very cool. We just had a good time there. I mean those guys are always fun and always funny. But i thought it was. There's a lot of good stuff in there too. So we missed having jason on so next time. It's going to be all jason all the time but it was it was it was the. Oh jeez of the brain trust though it's really time. So why don't you guys sit back. Take a listen to dr rich rosenblatt. Dr frank clayton and dr brent young and i having a brain trust dental nation. Our friends at cosmonaut have something really great going. On in december it's called the cosmetic dentistry winner webinar series. And it's absolutely free. It's three days in it features. Three separate qazvin. All star presenters on thursday december seventeenth. You can hear from dr rhodri. Thomas talking about restoring peg laterals on friday december. Eighteenth you can hear from the amazing heroes discussing full mouth. Reconstruction with composite resin on monday december. Twenty first. you'll hear from dr marshall hansen with an invitation to think differently about direct composite resin. Each course is an hour from noon until one. Pm central standard time cosmonauts. Webinars are always top notch in these. Three guys are all amazing presenters. Go check it out at dental dot com slash winter webinar in up your cosmetic dentistry game. They're doing amazing things over there in chicago. Thanks a lot for supporting the show cosmetic dental hacks nation welcome back to another braintrust segment. It's been a while we're back in style in. I'm going to introduce my brain. Trust fellows right away now tonight Jason lipscomb his actually not available. So it's were missing jason. That also means we can talk about him to. He's not here that ends. We can talk about him so Joining us of one of our favorites on the brain trust. Dr frankly frank. How're you doing very very well. How are you guys doing. Excellent another favourite. Dr brent young brent. How're you doing da doing well. Happy as everyone and then somebody who's not a favorite at all but was able to make it. Dr rich rosenblatt. Welcome every show rich. I'm too short to make the favorite line by the way jason. Not being here or being here doesn't stop us from talking about it now. good point. good point. I'll give you that i'll give you that not strong. Yeah yeah i. I appreciate that so okay. I'm gonna take this moment right now to pimp something that i have. Is someone doing jumping. Jacks wanna know that was you can never you can never find it. I can never squeeze it enough fitness. Fluffing my pillow's good flunks a bit like prancer cise getting excited shop the pills in the middle please. I hate it. When you leave the top crease like that trump on prancer cise prancer cise will make the show notes. Thank you for that. Dr brent young because if you've not seen it will change your life for sure. I don't even know where i was going. I had a place. I was going to non completely. I'm completely flustered. So that's gotta do. I wanna pimp something exactly so okay so upcoming in the next couple of months here. January twenty fifth twenty sixth in scottsdale arizona. We have a little thing that we like to call. The voices of dentistry is a dental meeting. That's it's really funny. Because i don't think we do a good job explaining and it's been three of them by this time three of them and people still don't understand it's kind of a. It's a podcast summit. We call it but it isn't just for people who are on podcast or anything you can. I come if i'm not on a podcast. Yes you can come to. Your podcast is a lot of the content. The featured content is podcast related. Whether it's the speaker has been on a lot of the podcasts or has a podcast but it's just kind of a way for people to get Get together who are podcasts. Don't podcast enthusiasts and it's in scottsdale in january which is not a hard sell for a lot of like for people. I who are probably going to have snow at that point all that stuff I know for a fact that Dr frank clayton in dr brent. Young have been to both of the previous ones. What did you think of voice denser. You guys go for. I had a blast. I was one. I enjoyed not melting. Because i had been in scottsdale for some programs in july. And they re froze my pancreas and we got me back alive so when you said we're having this in january and like you have to be on a podcast and i wasn't at the time and it was great very infrequent forty when it's over forty trillion starts. Yeah so the hybrid damp missing. Frank goes to mid-winter dental meeting doesn't bring a coat where he is story. I had a blast brand has actually been to both of them. Frank was really only at one of them. He was in a hotel room for the first time in national. He didn't. He didn't really participate as much as he might've right. That's that's actually commonplace for frank usually. There's a what you'll get one night out. Maybe maybe but in nashville. I didn't think he was gonna make it out alive just from whatever whatever buggy beaten the i saw the very beginning i thought is he. Di here is that. Gonna be the story about voting. It was actually possible. It's quite possible. Yeah because he drove home after drinking two bottles of nyquil and it's true. I had west nile and zeka weekends. I'm angie. I mean might as well throw that in for the tri factor. So like that astronaut. I drove home with a diaper so everybody gets their references old school. I caught it. I caught it. So i mean the voice dentistry is is really fun for a lot of reasons is good speakers and i. I'm not going to sit here and throw a bunch of names out but really good speakers. Go checkout voices of dentistry dot com. You gotta come. It's kind of a magic meaning. Did you guys particularly last year. The friday reception afterwards. It's really cool. Because like no one left. They all stayed in. There's a million chances for you to listen to podcasts. Being created on site you can be on them. Did you guys brent in frank you guys get a chance to be on any of them. I don't know that you did or not not not last year. The year before you are on last year wasn't on any of that will get you guys on. We'll get you guys for sure. This and i'm looking for i'm flying. I haven't signed up yet. But i'm planning on common for sure number one. I got a little lighter schedule. Next year in travel. Which i'm looking forward to and so i wanna come out. It kind of reminds me of sort of in the early italian it is. It is very similar. Feel that's right so it's really jenner. It's probably the only way. I'm getting. Because i know i ain't frankly back to the mid winter so so so i'm figuring that this'll be a good way to catch up with fc a little bit now. It's a great meeting again. Go check it out. Voice dench dot com. I so that was my first plug. That's really. That's really the main thing i wanted to get done. We can talk about anything else now. I got my. I got my pin. So you know that's pimping easy notes. Not all right. I just just so our listeners. Who don't know you which is would be crazy. I mean we haven't done as many brain trusts lately. We've gone heavy on guests now. When we're live events we like to record in groups and so rich was on one of the last ones. Because we're a ds world but You guys were all of original brain. Trust people from way back. I'd say i was checking out. You know we started this thing at twenty fourteen. So we're working on dan almost almost five years. We've been doing this. It makes you feel really old. And i went in like the private braintrust group that we have i went back and was looking at. I looked at the original when i put the theme song together. Put it out there for like six of you. That were on that thing and everyone said yes. Great sounds like porn music. And it kinda does i'll give you that and still does it was twenty. How all of this. This whole thing. That's happened was sort of a a concept at that point. It's amazing to think back it. Wasn't you know five years seems like a long time but then again it wasn't all that long at all it's kinda crazy but you guys were there kind of in the very beginning with this whole brain. Trust thing so for people that don't know you because we haven't done as many with you guys lately. how long you been practicing like when. When did you guys graduate from school rich when you graduated from dental school ninety seven. Okay as well as i did so i graduated in ninety seven. So that's where we're twenty one years in dentistry. If you heard about that how old do you feel like fifty and franken bring you graduate together right. Yeah and what. You're ninety nine ninety nine. Okay so you guys were were contemporaries of us actually rich and i were grizzled veterans by a tiny. You guys go. God i was doing. Fm ours in all kinds of crazy. Actually by the time. Franken i got out. You guys were already sad and bitter. Yeah i was sad and bitter by like the second week of my freshman year actually so that was pretty early so okay so you guys have a twenty one to nineteen years out. Something like that and all of us are practice owners correctly. Frank how long have you owned a practice. Seventeen years okay and brennan. How about you. A about ten okay. Ten enrich about you. I bought mine in. Oh seven so. I'm coming up on twelve years in march okay. I bought mine in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight so i twenty years. Oh my god that makes me feel old. It is So diapers minor at the office. Where mine are would you when you look at like practice ownership and and your career in general does it feel like you're rounding third and heading for home or is it more like you're leading off second or perhaps rich rosenblatt. You're trying to trying to lead off of first base something like that. What do you guys feel like like. How do you view your career with regard to just just length of it and when you're going to get out and all that stuff is regret the right answer ridgemont regret is always the right end. It might might be a good title. Might be a good title for this episode. Actually regret is always the answer. I just i just. I just wonder because i think a lot of people at at twenty years or so are some guys are like yeah. I'm just getting going in some people. Like i'm ready to be done and i'm just curious how you guys feel about all that stuff. Are you ready to start a new startup. i is this being recorded as this going to be put anywhere. Yes yes a few of your best friends may hear it. The analogy of coming around thirds of pretty good one. And so the coach who might be you might be your spouse or not is either waving you on or throw in the hands up because they need more runs scored. Yeah so you've got to. You've gotta make right. Yes we are. I'm pretty sure okay. So as the dental practice. I'm the runner. I'm rounding third. I've kinda made the decision. Listen to the coach will go with my end state. No the guy that i hit it too has a strong arm or not which is to me. The economy is gonna come down. Is it a peak value to sell meeting. I'm going to score the game winning run. Yeah or is this just to add onto. I take the chance of getting thrown out or injured. This is this. Is this like the world series. Where this you could end the last game with this. It's game three. Because i think there are other games ahead. Okay which people like. Jay lips sees where there's avenues outside of private practice. Which i think each one of us will probably do enriches done you know. All along. he rushed doing other. Things are like you're doing now. You do podcast. And then you get involved with companies and all kinds of avenues there that to me. That's what keeps dentistry fresh. It's not using the other hand doing an emoji which i tried one time. Don't be that but those kinds of things outside of dentistry keep it frozen. Two separate ops. Because i'm wondering how how you work. Sterility i'm just curious stats and a microphone. And then then is that had a song that well he stole it from me but you know to to change the industry up. Sometimes i do things like that. But i think some third. So you're on your on third. You're on third. Looking at home brent. Brent where you kind of where. Frank is right You know i hate you guys. Given given my druthers i would. I probably be doing something else right now. But you know like frank said you gotta have a little more time to you know had retirement a little bit more but i you know. It's it's kind of a question that i wrestle with. In terms of see a lot of these people out there from north carolina awardees right would be more razzle than wrestle astle. Yeah thanks just well here. It would be razzle especially if it's at the city park gymnasium. yeah But you know you see these these these dentists out there that are in their seventies and i i look at kind of like. I don't think i want to be doing it. That long like i don. I don't think it's gonna keep my interest. I don't know that my hand skills are going to be great fifteen years from now. You know what. I'd kinda like to to retire at a point where i'm still healthy and i'm not as bitter as i know i could possibly become So yeah but it's it's it. Is that game of trying to figure out. When's the best time. You're like george costanza you wanna leave and where they want him leaving more leave. I know exactly. I don't wanna be that guy that shakes this cloud you know. Bitter at at at the world would rich. How do you how do you. you're coming in a different angle. Because we we sort of to me. I feel more like more. Like i'll use a football analogy more like kurt warner like i. My first when. I first bought my practice. Which was right before the crash of awaits. I bought my no seven right before the crash. I thought i was going under. So i felt more like kurt warner bagging groceries. When i first had my practice i like. I didn't even get out. I was stuck like just tripping running to first base. Was my problem for a long time. I got very lucky when sam perry asked me if i wanted to to teach because he dental town kind of started that whole thing with with Dots on the map while getting to know each other when stamps started when sam orlando's guys all started see dachshund so when that got me teaching and i kind of had a second career which was not practice-oriented and so i was able to go and teach something. I was good at which was surrogate. And then and kind of use that to sort of keep my practice going and then two years to an almost years ago now i ended up buying a second practice of somebody who died in my town and that before they died. Assume you're after they know died they were place correct. I took it over yet and so it really changed my world. I mean i went from having a practice with you know maybe the twelve hundred patients now having more than double that and we doubled our numbers in in in the last years. We're double so doing that sort of thing so now. I'm at the point. Where i feel like i hit a strong line drive and i'm kind of hitting. I'm on second base really running strong the other way so i'm kinda halfway. I feel like. I'm halfway home where we're getting ready to expand. I have a small practice. Eleven hundred square feet. And so we're about to more than double in size over the next minor next year. And you know. I'm gonna be fifty so it's like i'm just getting i feel like i'm just starting to hit my stride and that sucks that it's a little later than i wanted it to be but i'm kind of enjoying it. You know i'm kind of enjoying the you definitely when you when you bought that practice you definitely. You weren't sure what you weren't sure what was going to happen. I remember you were like man. I hope this works out well but it did not take long for you realize like this. There was definitely i. I remember that very specifically tell us a little bit about my saying was. I bought the. I didn't know anything about. I came from in the city. That was my first boss was is still one of my biggest mentors. I mean great guy and taught me everything. He was the first thing. I learned about digital and surrogate and all the stuff that i learned and he sent me two classes on everything so i came out of there doing root canals and invis- align and imply semi learn implants and I was doing wisdom teeth. I mean we. I was doing kind of everything and so i came out of my practice going into where i am now in like forest in which is a beautiful suburb. But there's no growth. And i didn't know that i didn't know anything about how to do some due diligence on people. What's the great place to open up a a dental office. I just was. I'm not a businessperson tooth mechanic. So i just always assumed you just go wherever you want to go and you put your name on the door. And then people run and it didn't work that way you know and i learned very quickly. Actually that i was in a town that had no. We had eight to ten homes on average per month selling in town and we have twenty dentists in my town. So you figure out how you're going to get all those new patients in the door when half of them already lived there to just buying a bigger house so it was a it was kind of a real rude awakening for me of learning had a had a survive and luckily said if i didn't have the teaching side of things for a while it was really tough and it wasn't only about seven hundred patients when they started my practice and they paid you know four or five hundred grand to get started on that so it was. I got really i got. I got hit pretty hard so it was a you know. It's it's one of those ones where i'm always very honest about it. It was a long road. And i didn't know anything about management a couple years ago when i bought the second practice and we had all these new patients i was saying like i went from seeing like twelve ten twelve new patients a month to seeing one hundred for like seven months while all these new people are coming in from the from the old madison. I was seeing for the first time. And i did manage introductory to up the atarot dose rich at that point yet. Obviously doing without it. Unless you're doing cocaine. It was brutal. I mean it was brou- especially when you're in a four chair office with no place to put anybody it was. It was nuts. So i just was really kind of learning on the fly how to deal with that and then we went and at that time when i was looking for You know with. I'm with with with speier and those guys and we have a pretty awesome thing. Speier practice services but that wasn't even around when i started so i used Pda who they've been great for me. And they kind of helped me. Sort of managed stuff and learn about numbers. And frank has always been somebody who i i kinda learned a lot about because he really has always been into the business side and i just find frank. That's more of a unicorn than than the norm as far as dental. I mean most. Dentists don't understand business. And i was one of them. I just drove holding your head. Fill them up. And then kind of at the end of the week that i have enough money to pay the payroll and that was kinda how i did dentistry for a long time so this has been sort of an eye opening experience for me learning the business side of things and it's been really fun so it's been sort of more of a feel like a new dentist even though i'm doing at twenty one years because i'm kinda learning and enjoying i'm enjoying it. Not enjoying it with with growth comes a lot of aggravation which i'm learning. This year has been a brutal kind of realization for me but you know it's it can no complaints. I have a couple of questions. First off the idea of the practice like the. How import did you feel like having someone for someone who is an inter the entrepreneurial side of the business side of it. How important was it for you to have a pda or spear practice. Leisure that sort of thing like how. How much did you learn from those folks. What the what kinds of things do you feel like. Do you feel like it was worth it. I guess is the oh my gosh like. I can't even tell you how much it's because you only i. This is what i teach just digital dentistry side to the dentists who come in. Who are don't have any dental digital experience. Or maybe they just they. They bought a machine and they spend a lot of money on it. That's probably a better analogy. You spend a lot of money on this machine just figuring it's gonna spit out benjamin's out of the back of it and it doesn't in your piss because wisest thing a magic bullet. I bought it. And it's supposed to give me a return on investment and it doesn't and i think that i needed to educate myself. Education is the key to everything and knowledge is power and you only know and so i finally decided that It's time to bring somebody in to do that. And you know. I use like a dashboard dental intel with with pda and and just having those numbers at my fingertips and understanding what they mean in sharing with the team so they can understand then being able to sort of motivate them off of the numbers and and create bonus and things like that. I'm going to get super honest with you. Because i've got used those people and you know why have used to reasons i. I'm horrible at changing stuff. Like if i so. I don't wanna start with someone if i'm not implement the stuff that they recommend because then you're just you sort of become that that that when you when you say those people what do you mean by those people. Clearly the jews. That's that's what i saw. I mean every that it was a ahead to say realizing that. It's the first time that derek knowledge that i'm jewish like the first nine years of my practice it wouldn't even tell me. Let me say. I talking about like the pda or this leg in other words the people that are there to help you coach. 'cause 'cause like i go ahead. I'm sorry you know what i was going to say and i see where you're going with it and i brought my tea so the reason i went with ended up doing. Pda as i said. I didn't i didn't have. I went and asked a lot of people where what they were doing. I didn't know that spear was really going to be coming out with something at that. Point really enjoyed him kind of doing that kind of thing. We i loved the when i brought my team. They might my rep from patterson actually brought. Pda in bruce and the pda team meant to talk to the greatest ever by the way. They're just they're awesome. They're awesome. And what i realized is they're not trying to change the way i'm doing dentistry. And they're just trying to change the way understand the business of. I'm so worried that if i actually show people my books that they're gonna go. I can't believe that anyone is actually that stupid. I swear to god i really. I really am concerned that that can make you more than anything. Let me tell you so. Nobody has a worst story of that. Mean i because i can give you run for your money. I'm pretty sure we so when we did that. They they they because they ask you. They have this dental intel. And they'll put it in a run it in the background. So when you go to the course can sit down with their and kinda just talk to you about your numbers to make you understand him a little bit nine in one to understand. My numbers was perfectly happy. Being the ostrich burying that head as far down into the sand is good because similar. More right in my ass. Really listen it's might my problem is i'm so short i go from net to ask. I don't have back. it's really so i get it. I get it so so with we So i did and it was. They just looked at me with. I don't want to say like more like shock and awe but not good off just like that's what i like to look at. How bless your heart. Yeah that you poor saying what it was was just seeing the my ar which was so astronomically high and me not knowing how to sort of get to the point of not making it that way. that's the stuff that they sort of helped me and my team to understand change in me. You know if you don't learn to figure out it's kind of like being in therapy if you don't want face your problems you got. You can't fix them. Somebody said i think it was it. Was jane lips the other day. Or maybe it was lance timmerman or somebody. Somebody asked him a question online about even remember what the subject was but it was asking questions about how to do something or whatever and he said something that i found very poignant which was. What's your end goal. If you don't know your end goal then you can't get there. So what's your end goal and then work backwards from mangoes trying to be productive successful practice. That couldn't be can to self sustain itself. And how the hell am i gonna do it because it's not working the way i'm doing it right now and i knew it could be better so that's kind of what made me go into that route you or are you ready to change though and your team sounds like it was on board with that and that was the big thing they came out and i brought my team with the understanding of. If you don't like what they're saying don't believe in the philosophy then we'll go to another one and we'll wait until we find the consultant that that isn't gonna make us change our mom and pop shop in philosophy for we're doing all full mouth rehab redoing. I don't want that. That's not how i do dentistry So or talk to dentistry about my patients. I didn't want my philosophy necessarily change. Just needed the business. Philosophy changed. And that's what they did. So that was okay. Second second question that came from what you've talked about. How the practice that you bought sounds like it was a great practice to merge with yours or or maybe maybe it was tougher. I don't know. I'm curious because i i hear a lot of people doing this. I've never thought of doing that before. I think maybe maybe brenton frank have done this in the past two. How do you know what a good practice to merge with is and how does how does that work for you so mine will be a little different story and i'm gonna. I don't wanna keep yapping here so i'll let frank talk in a sec in. Because he probably has done it Brench probably done a two for me in mine was kind of a special case. A lot of practices. Don't come from sale in my area Because people just kinda stay there forever and so when this guy passed away and he was gone for you know already a couple of months I basically offered to do free. Exams and deliver crowns for free. Because they didn't want people in town of poaching all the patients. I think the family deserve to lose it. So would that When when all these people went looked at it they came back to me and said hey you know the team and the patients really like you can just give us an offer. And i gave him an offer that was definitely not. It was a fair value but it was definitely below probably market because they didn't know how many people are already got burned once on an office and they didn't wanna do it again and so i just gave a number that if they accepted it it would probably work out. And if they didn't then. I could still be fine. I i was about to pay off my practice so that was a little different on my end. But i will say if if you're smart and you can get the numbers because it's already a built in kind of machine. It's going to be way faster. You know kind of profitable unless you're in an area that's just booming with like amazon's moving in and you're gonna get all these people moving there then that's fine but how many of those places in the country really are there too. I think right now to exactly so that was my thing. Frank did you you. you've bought practices. Emergency right now actually never have really interesting. I would assume that was like that. Was like a frank leighton. Move to tell you the truth. I tell you what i did do i. I bring specialist or do things within the office rather than merging together. Yeah i just haven't done that brent. Have you ever bought someone else's practicing merchant now interesting. Okay because i hear about this a lot and i'm not one hundred percent sure that it's i mean i think. I think the opportunity has to be there. I mean it's one thing in places like like riches town or neighborhood. That really doesn't happen very often it. It's actually something. That happens often enough where i am that. I should probably take a look at it really. Should you should be talking to your reps about. Hey if this comes up and you hear about it let me know if you're looking to sort of increase i mean i the way i worked it out in my head was if i was going to try to get this amount of patients in my office. How much would i have to spend. Throw a huge net across my towns in the in the radius around it because when you think about where i live i'm on the east. I'm on the very eastern part of lake forest which is right on lake michigan. So half of my patient pool. That i can that i can market to our fish and then they suck so a lot of you know i need patients and so this was the way that for the dollar cost average of the patient. You know if you could kind of figure out. They were half mile three quarters of a mile down the street from me so how many patients they have they have about eleven hundred patients while kenai twelve couch if i can keep a thousand nine hundred of them what would i be willing to pay per patient and then what and then i hired to their team members in and the rest is history. That's that's a that's a cool situation the just a good one. We should probably what we should do. Is we should actually like throw out an invitation on the dental hacks nation of people who've done it in so we can actually talk very specifically about it for a brain trust me. We'll do that time in. Maybe maybe you can come back and talk about that. But i i wanna. There's something that i thought of. That is very interesting that would that would affect all of you guys and it's not necessarily clinical thing but okay so all of you guys have kids in. All of you guys have kids. They're adults are approaching adults. And i have little kids. And this is something i really want to hear about. And it's like this. Braintrust is essentially like a brain full of middle aged white guys. And that's pretty much. What it is. But i i l yeah did you just assume my gender identity record. I'm i'm super sorry about that. You have known you for a while but that doesn't mean that doesn't mean that i really know you say doesn't that so. Okay brendan frank. You guys had kids in dental school. Is that right. that's correct. Okay frank did you or no. i can't remember. Yeah okay so you literally had him while you were dental student and both you guys actually had sort of a career before dental school so you were kind of nontraditional students is that. That's that's a good way of putting it. Yeah traditionalism talk all kinds of aspects. So so the story is. I'm curious though like we were your kids little ish when you start when you're starting out in dentistry. Well franks franks zygote when he started studying dentistry much. Okay yeah and mine were. I'm going to say well. I started ninety. Four semi youngest was four. Okay my oldest was six okay. Okay so when you when you graduated. They were still. They were still moderately little kids anyhow. Correct okay so. I'm just curious. Like how has dentistry changed for you since you like having kids that you had to raise do stuff with on a daily basis and be the dad versus. Yeah we talked about that this weekend. I'm curious i'm curious. I want you like frank. Your all your guys are out of the house. Now right i still have a third high schooler okay. I don't really care about him. Third child you're listening. That's mutual most likely. Well it's funny that you say this. Because britain i actually had this conversation with someone who's outside of dentistry and someone who's inside of dentistry. And let me just tell you real quick. What i saw and what i've done over having kids in dental dental hacks nation there are a bunch bonding agents out there. How in the world you know which one to pick. Well most of us would love one. That's flexible can do. Maybe self etch maybe do total etch one one. That's got a low film thickness. We want one that works with all of our materials. We want one that works with indirect. Where you don't have to add a little activator and well. I'll tell you our friends. Bisco have figured it out. They have a product called all on universal. It's basically the culmination of thirty plus years of research that bisco has been doing. They are kind of the bonding people. It basically hits all the spots you need. It's a one bottle system can be used for both total and sell fetch and even selective edge procedures can be used with indirect. You don't have to add any activators it's not moisture sensitive so you can use it. Wet dry or on moist to structure at works with all substrates. It's compatible with all your materials. You don't have to sweat that and it's got great post operative sensitivity almost none whatsoever other single ball. He says may need more than one bottle for doing and directs. All on universal doesn't need that very good stuff so this is going to hit all the high spots. What you're looking for in a bonding agent in bisco has years of research behind it. So check it out a dental hacks. Dot com slash all bond universal. You're going to really like this stuff. It's very easy to use and it's pretty slick. Our friends at bisco have been doing the research for you. So you can use a one bottle system that covers all the bases. Thanks a lot for supporting the show. Go very difficult to do. And as you start your practice we thought and think that a lot of docs if they escape the you know the day to day and the kids because i did a lot of see and i tried to figure out am i doing a lot of c- to learn yes. Am i doing it to escape the hill that is home. Yes if you've got two young kitman you're starting a practice with you. Know three four five hundred in debt. And you can't call it hell day will then you're fooling yourself. Yeah and that's not a stick song reference but it is that's for lance timmerman but you twice in the podcast nice. I mean he's making bank you. It's like here. It's like the trend for me was to one not escape but get away from a situation for a weekend where one a yak and grow my practice but the kids are. It's it's a lot more power to my wife for staying married to me and and raising these kids rancid. Yeah that sounds familiar and then we thought about some other friends. And we're like yeah. That sounds familiar so the was much heavier when the kids were young. As we're growing for many different reasons And by the way reason donostia with you is because you're locks on the outside of the door not on the inside that i mean you've seen you arcs on the door. So gotten older and so they were sitting around a fire without kids drinking gray beverages we go. Wow we're doing this because you know at this time of the practice you you know you net a little more. You're sewing the fruits of your labor. Your kids are older to do what they need to do. So your life you know it always overlaps with a practice but it does tend to take this bend towards more you know you and your spouse or you and your significant other time and that's i mean. We both shook our heads yet. That's basically what we did. Yes if you know. Frank's right and if you look at like the see i attend today in in two thousand eighteen and beyond It's gotta be good. See i just. Don't i just don't leave. Go take classroom. Excuse like i used. I mean i would have two years of ce booked out in regular intervals. So that i could have a little break away from you know doing dentistry and being a dad doing all that so i do things more today because i really the cake i wanna take it. Because it's great seeing not not as an escape from anything. How how how did stuff change when when your kids were out of the house and you were like all the i mean empty nest style and i know frank is still franken. Rich are kind of in the midst of that rich. You've got you've got i forget. How many kids. You have got to out in the training wheeler okay. So you're close to that too then okay. I think when the kids when the kids left home. I wore pants a lot less. Yeah i do. Yeah yeah i didn't. I didn't feel the need to put on pants as much as i did. Well if that's all. I'm already they're rich you've got i mean you've gone through a lot of i mean you are the most active dead of college students. I've ever seen if facebook either that or you're just telling lies on facebook it's all about perception of everyone else. Don't i'm just trying to fake it till you make it. I mean you are. You are in the midst of all this too. So how's how's it changed since your kids have left for college besides being very expensive like and there are no so like like what. What's tell me about that. Yeah it's for me. I got my one little one. Home is eleven and she's a piece of work. I didn't know your youngest. Was that young. My gosh youngest is the same. As my oldest. Okay i i always say i wanted to. My wife wanted three. So i won the battle that she won the war and we we had the third was not an oops it was. She cried for the third one. And i don't do crying so we had a third kid and and i warned her. I said the other two are like normal in easy. And you're going to get like me and she got me. This kid is hysterical. She's awesome and just every bit of my being that it except looks like which is great so clean. And and i'm i'm really i feel bad. You know you make the reference of being a great dad. I mean i. I'm not a great dad. I tried to be a dad. But when when the times were tough i had to. I had i was on the road. Thirty five forty weeks a year. Sometimes i mean for and i was always gone i was gone. I was literally seven day a week guy in my in my job for all those years. Because i had to do it. I mean it was one of those things that was just had to do it. And so i had that very frank conversation with my older two kids. A couple of years ago won't basically apologizing. And that's why i do what i do with them to do. Fundings because i gotta create moments to make up for the lack of quantity for what what i do. I do when i'm when i'm not on the road. I'm with my my kids and my wife. That's kind of what we do. So it's it's been It's been a challenge for me for sure. Because i was in. My dad does a dentist work. A lot and worked way more hours in the office than i do but was gone. Just working insane amount of hours. I didn't spend a lot of the time with my dad. And i kinda wanna do the same thing. I really wanted to make the effort in when i felt like i. I missed out on what i told myself i would do. It really hurt so and now. It's my kids because of the honesty. Of why i was doing it and i was doing it for them and for us to kind of keep things going. They've always kind of understood that you know. I'm i'm i want to be the best that i can be and and so it's been it's been fun just had weekend with my daughter a couple of weekends ago home with up in madison. I'm being my god. It's just it's so much fun because now it's like hanging out with you guys you know. It's just a lot of fun. And they talk to you like they're your friends. You still kinda come for the parental stuff. It's it's good. Life is no complaints from me by any means. What's interesting to me about all. This is like okay. So i i did. I would say a moderate amount of e. I did more see when i had no kids. Actual like two thousand five was sort of the pinnacle. That's where that's where. I know brent I took toys together in two thousand five. The coys one anyhow. I mean that's like when i did the most see ya i always. I always active with with local michigan dental cessation stuff like that. But like now with the podcast. I have a lot of offers to go like. I have offered to go places almost every weekend travel. Dc kind of be part of it in my wife would kill me. If i were to like. I guess it's a good thing. Because she wants me around or at least she wants me around and take care of the kids. I don't know. I have friends who do who do that. Constantly without even consulting their wife in their wife doesn't get upset about it which tells me they way probably doesn't want them around very much so i guess it's a good thing that she wants to be around. I guess no not. It depends on who you're married to and depends on your style. Like enriches situation. you know. He said he had tough times to the beginning was practice. You know you gotta go out and make living no. He found another avenue to do it where it was like. I've gotta do this. And i to somebody who supported me in that. Sometimes even though that's what you have to do doesn't mean that your partner is going to support us. I i can't. There isn't enough words to describe how lucky i am to be with the person i'm with with my wife because the fact that you know she just understood again the end game i mean she understood that what the end goal was and what i had to do. You know stepwise to get there. Were working backward from it. Well the practices and doing it and this opportunities there and she just always just do what you gotta do. And that's kind of why we now would travelling less for for work. I mean i've got my travel down on sixty five percent from last year and And and i'm working more on kind of doing you know. We started that local study club and doing that kind of thing. Because i'd rather just kind create stuff like that and keep it here. So i don't have to get a plane every three times a month So because we've we've talked about it on the podcast and stuff with rich. Go ahead and tell tell what about the study club. I forgot it to a perfect chance for you. Tell me about it. Looks like a spectacular bringing some really good people but but tell a crime that in no. I forgot to mention because i think it's really good and i'm planning on crashing it sometime so you need to come. I'd love to have you come out when josh austin's out there you'll have a blast we. I started a huge study club. Study club ma. About twelve thirteen years ago and grew. It's one of the biggest ones in the world. I mean we had about five hundred and eighty people. And i realized that we we wanted to do something that was a little bit more comprehensive so my two partners meena barsoumian anthony zeo. They basically came to me and said why don't we kind of create something. That's just more general dentistry oriented. Were franken brent. New of a junkie. I love learning stuff to try to learn more. Grow my practice. Just keep me sort of energize to see what i can keep learning doing. So we we kind of brainstorm and we all know a lot of people because all of us lecture so we got this year. I mean we've had some great speakers last year and we're doing thirty sixty es and in a state of the art facility and we got josh austin and theresa dunkin coming out for like learning how to negotiate the world of ppo's and had survive in them and then josh is doing social media marketing and we have coming out and doing photography. Gore's we have. We have a guy coming out showing you the ins and outs of doing digital dentures. Because now that's kind of becoming a big thing to not have to. Do you know regular impressions to do that. And we're doing darnell brian. Our you know our good buddy is coming out and doing a full day hands on interior and exterior composite course and so We have An you me. The name of jameson spencer. We actually have his nephew coming out. Who practices with him. And kamara's gonna come out and do a full day of tmd kind of for dummies. Because that's how i work and teach us how to kind of just understand. Tmd and what kind of appliance therapy. Maybe a little bow talks here and there how it applies the sleep apnea just a full day on that. So we got a lot of sees if anyone's interested obviously can go to china study clubs c. h. I study club dot com and we have a season pass for about until the end of the year. It's like two hundred bucks off. It's like eighteen hundred dollars for thirty six cds and a full of swag smaller vendors like abattoir. Meissner and vida. You gotta you gotta bunch. You got a really nice place to to take the sites outside. It's right off right outside of o'hare so it's easy to get to and so your local in chicago. You're listening to this and trying to get into a local community of ce junkies. That's what we do or you just like flying into chicago to get away. Hey that's my other point as you're talking about this rich i'm thinking. Yeah in my. I'm like what good restaurants in chicago i know. Brennan is maybe you can find an airbnb and take our spouses. Because their kids are older See old friends. Get some ca. And then you make you make a weekend out of an and it's not like choice where you're you're shackled for fifteen hours a day or numbers And i'm sure they don't pin you down to the floor and make you stay and listen to them. But the difference between milkers choices that milkers lectures have a lot more pictures of cats ways way more than those that have never been to both of them so if you go to melker course the coys mccoy's he likes to do things for the people that are there. He sort of the raving fans guy. So if you mentioned that you need more cats. I bet you you know you probably. Yeah but we did. We had a bunch of we had a bunch of guys out of town. Like from my sarah guys because we had a couple of people and we had some. We darned easter from from spear come out last year and do a full day on comprehensive planning and stuff and and they just figured to get him for a day it was like fifteen hundred bucks last year for our our membership and they the swag. They just figured. I'll take the swag bag which was to grant worth stuff and even just coming up for the for the one lecture was kind worth it just in their time and what was so. That's kind of what we can buy. Individual passes to but We make it worthwhile to get your thirty six as if you wanna do the season and all that stuff so you know just kind of a fun way to to keep education local here in chicago for those looking at people always complain. There's never any good local c. E. and i just decided that we wanted to do something to change that so kudos to my partners they do a hell of a job and make make everything. Look great and and keep it going stuff. What i like about it is that you're i mean okay. So you're in. A big city can really support something like that super nicely and you're actually doing it. You know the thing is is like there's lots of lots of couldn't probably get away with it in the smaller town. That but i would love to do something like that. It'd be awesome. Do something like that. I think study club study club all right anyway. Let's get off this all right. So i want to ask you guys a little bit about Adding technology. Because i know that on different levels. We've all done different things. Obviously rich has been a sarah guy for a long time Technology technology technology can mean a lot of things used like like what have what have you frank. Traynor that sorry. That's what have you. What kind of added that. You felt like was worthwhile. And i wanna talk about why we have the technology but what what kind of stuff you as you know. Yeah i added a cbc t in an terro yup and like post. I read last night. Us two percent of it so i'm looking for a so trial. Sorry i bought the. Cbc has been great. I look at it from. Roi in you know. yeah. I think there's there's two there i don't wanna say there's too much technology because if you start you know squashing that then it's not a free market and then people can't be early adopters and you figure it out and you're you're just. Cbc hands over fist great investment. Even if i didn't bring a surgeon on the tarot a little more hiccups. And i've got the patience of rich so i just stopped using it after thirteen seconds. And i said i can't like my sarah. I remember those days whenever those didn't even rich out and go god help clayton and he's just anyway. There's no helping. But i love technology. I'm not one of those that Like i've got a guy across the street that buys everything Star my question about technology is okay so i have a scanner over three m scanner. It's okay i i would. I had if i had to do it again. I might have done something differently. I went i went for the least expensive one works really well but there. There's some things about it that i don't love the powder's drag In any case. But like i also. I have all the microscopes which are weird because they look like technology. But they're not they're actually analog lenses. So that's a You know we. We've added some technology. But i don't really market my technology. The question is technology. Worth it for patient outcomes being better or is it worth it to the market that you have a technology. I honestly wonder if that depends more on like how competitive your areas and stuff like that like. I'm wondering if if say frank or rich can benefit from marketing technology. More than i could in a smaller area something like that. What do you guys think about that. Well brent us sitting here. We're kind of tech using your office. So i think the biggest thing that we added several years ago za trae a scanner. That just changed my world Just simply because now crown seats you know have gone from thirty minutes down to like three. Isn't that dropped the crown on. And actually i don't. I don't even do the crown seats anymore. It's gotten so easy that the assistant does pops the tip off drops it in place and calls me five minutes later and says hey i think everything looks good and i go check. Check check. Check check okay. Great let's cement. So that has just if i have to adjust anything. I'm super pissed. Like i feel entitled to know adjustment grant seats now because it's so true it's absolutely true. Yeah yeah and if. I had to go back to snap and rubber impressions and spend twenty minutes grinding on context. It'd be pissed. Who likes them less than you do. Your patients nobody wants to you. Know as the famous line goes. Nobody wants to in their mouth. But i'm ex- more that was way way hotter than i expected. I didn't see it really take a quick but marketing marketing technology a small town. Just it's not a big draw like patients from up in the county who are cattle farmers. They could care less. Yeah i totally agree. They wanna know. Did i heard them. Does it look okay and did charge too much. That's really all the all they want to know what happened while you're nice to them. Yeah exactly. I think what happens. They see the technology. That's kinda cool but it certainly isn't it. It's not a driver for the reason that they're they're overwhelmingly in my office. That's the case. They think it's cool but it wouldn't. It wouldn't make or break this situation. Correct yes in my. I'm totally different. Because i mean obviously i built my practice on having serik in my practice and cone beam and and all the stuff that we have and i mean i'll give a for instance that happened. Yesterday i had a patient who came in. Who's on you know. I'd follow the like our local lake forest. We have a lake forest page and we have a couple of patients who are like crazy raving fans of the practice and they always talk about the technology and how nice our team is and all that kind of stuff and so this one patient of of note Just happened this morning. She called a came in a few weeks ago. Saying my getting her braces off. She's like twelve and she's congenitally missing number seven and they decided to elect not to move everything over and do an implant when she's a little older and so she didn't have that removable retainer while i have my machine so i just said hey. Listen i'm teaching. Were going away for thanksgiving. They didn't think they'd have a chance to the. She got her braces off friday and so she thought she was going with this removable retainer with the little fake tooth on their said. Listen you guys are so great to me and always say i'll come in on. Saturday will all design and mill a maryland bridge with imax and moldova. You'll walk out with a tooth. And so you know seventy five minutes later. She i came in on a saturday. And i did that. And then this morning. I woke up to a tat myself tagged on facebook saying if anyone is looking for dentists. I can't say enough. Great things about my dentist. We got our off and he went and designed and made this thing the same day and it goes a long way in my town with people who don't wanna come back. Don't wanna do those things. And just you know. I i think when you were talking about your cattle farmers like those guys. It's really important for them to not want to or to not have to take off another day to come out so we kind of promote that aspect of things to say we'll get it done same day and so that kind of thing has been huge in my practice for me. You know. i'm not saying it works for everybody and just like anything else. You're not going to be able to do it if you don't learn how to do it. Like i've spent countless hours forgetting teaching before i taught i had to be taught so i just learned it to the best of my ability. Because that's what i wanted to do. It intrigued me and so it was fun to learn it. And now i get kind kinda impart that back on the people. So that's that's the key. Part of it is also knowing your crowd. No you know your audience yes whereas that plays really really well with you like for me. I i don't know why. I have this but i have this huge like body of patients who are long haul truckers like. I generally think they get on the cb and they go. Hey if you need a dennis stop by this gal take care of you. Definitely written in the stall somewhere there's a q. q. T somewhere where my name has few different angle balls. Yeah and it's got came in. And then something. If you wanted to brent push through that whole this for oral. I tend to keep like certain mondays available. Because you know they're gonna call and they're going to be. Hey i'm in town today. Can you do this. Breaker breaker one nine. That's what they're going to say. Yeah come on back to teddy bear. Bryant actually keeps a cb in his office to speak to them. I this clock a good good percentage of our listeners. Have no idea what we're even speaking about it all so that's please tag. Mike trout acting. Oh what time is it is. Drunk o'clock i liked it. Okay so you were saying about your long haul truckers brent. Now you know. I left available. They can come in and get things done and get right back out on the road it is. it is true. i. I don't know that. I've long haul truckers. I have a lot of truckers and they are the kind of people that don't come in for four years and when they come in they they need everything done all at once because literally their truck is running in your parking lot and they have to get in and go. It's kind of an alley remember in the very beginning when you j. lips and some other people talked about bay tried to put Dental offices not officers but clinics any trust out very reason. Yeah yeah. I mean everybody was get four hundred per sets for whenever but build that knee. Yeah because i mean the purkis had along with as much beef jerky as you can. You can handle basically icy i. I will say that. When i drive to shake i drive chicago. I almost never fly drive chicago in. It's it's essentially. Because there's a lot of truck stops in indiana. I can stop truckstop. Culture is something that i'm very interested in. That is a big win for all right. So technology is is maybe depends on your where you're coming from. It sounds it depends on the practice that depends on the doctor. Learn to implement it. If you don't feel like you're going to spend the time or you don't have team members that are like really into doing it. You're done you just wait. You wasted money. I feel like there's okay. So syrup is clearly the grand champion of of same day because it was designed in the beginning to be the same day. Like the whole like back when you remember they had the david letterman like the the bid. Temporary i mean that's the whole thing was built on that but now what you're finding is there's a clearly serik i don't feel like it's that people that there are competitors for sarah because sarah has always been the same day thing whereas now there's a lot of mills there's a lotta there's a lot of scanners. There's a lot of where. I don't know that it's necessarily geared toward the same day but it's geared more towards dentists doing their lab work. You know using a digital workflow. I think that's fine. But i also like that. That really seems like a niche. Kind of thing though. I don't think you think regular dentist are are at some point going to really start doing that or is that just people who are real enthusiasts. I don't know. I mean. I i i go by looking at what it's done for the practices that implemented and again. I think that's like anything else. I think that from an roi perspective. Until the prices of trios in all these things come down. I know there's you know there's some other ones that are coming out cheaper. I mean it takes a long time to get your roi back on on just kind of comparing impression material to the price of the digital. Are you scanners are downright mainstream. Compared to say someone who's milling stuff printing stuff in there off didn't use to be that way. Think now it's getting. I think it's amazing that somebody who is trained people and how to do you know kinda design and mill. I'm i never in my lifetime. Thought that d. I can Would be well. I mean it's not that. I didn't think it i just didn't think that people the prices have come down that much. I didn't think anybody would sit there in the right mind. Say i'm okay. I'll twenty grand or thirty grand for a digital scanner and think this is a great. Roi when you hear people like you guys say and i agree with this. 'cause i i think it was early or somebody says at data point data point is when you take it and there's no more missing data points you don't have polls and terrorism blabs and all that kind of stuff so you're it's more accurate it. Just it's just gonna be more consistent on a on a day to day basis so your seats are more consistent on a day-to-day basis. And that sorta helps in you know what just getting patients in and out of. I mean you do four or five crowns today. You know. they're coming back in two weeks. You're like oh. I got some five seats in a week. You know. and that's a nightmare. So when you're doing it the way you guys you're doing it. I guess that yeah into the crown seat appointments a whole different bolo Now but i think also that. A lot of labs of really embraced the digital workflow. So they've they've seen the upside of working model lists or or or lot or mutt essentially models depending on the case. You know but i think that that's really been. I think it's been good for labs. I think it's been good for. I mean i i clearly. There's lab guys. They would argue that like crazy. But i think any anyone who's keeping up with the lab side of things is they know that digital is here in not going anywhere. So that's we got we got bill. Murray coming in next the next month for our last study club. Event and and bill was a staunch like analog some of the highest end dentistry. I mean lab work that there is and now him and screaming. You're doing this. They've kind of worked together to create this amazing digital workflow to sorta get to integrate whack into your designed joe and not have to take impressions and it's incredible and i never thought guys like bill would come around and do that. But now he's sort of at the forefront of making it like not only viable but almost like this what you should be doing sure better. Yeah i think all of that in time. We'll you'll start seeing those most of those guys come around the most of them have scanners now. Anyway i mean you see less and less of the mom and pop labs just unfortunately but it's the way it is sure i will say that like I've had better lab. Communication with my lab is so much better now than it used to be because of digital lake because of digital which is a weird thing. I would not have expected that but yeah totally same language you see things in a different way totally totally sure all right one last thing and then we'll let you guys go in. This is just we never even got. We're going to talk about associates. Ships never got that far. So i apologize for to brain trust next weekend. Let's do it so okay. Have you guys noticed that. A lot of ce is pointed towards dentists. Doing more high-dollar procedure in other words like a lot of implants. A lot of implant restorative a lot of airway sleep things that are sort of you know quote unquote high-dollar stuff. They're really spending a lot of their time on or interject. Yes real quick from from a total business standpoint and in full disclosure. i'm a director of the Business bank who serves six hundred dentists. And and this is what i see from the dennis side is what you said al there's more implementation of implants airway more adjunct therapy than ever. Well a lot of it is being driven by debt and the fact that twenty years ago you would have referred that or never even gone through the complications of filing medical or touched it. And because you didn't have to so at the bank the ratios are so off. Because of the debt of school that there are different avenues for revenue. No no longer can a dentist. Just say just going to do this. They can but they've expanded and i saw it. Maybe ten twelve years ago. You could see it coming where hell ended honest or doing implants which is terrific. Sure but the the the cost of doing dentistry are getting to be. Honest is pretty damn high And a lot of this It helps push it the same way it does. Help push towards the dso. Either selling your practice because m- generation may not want to have ownership Or being an associate because you're three to four hundred in debt and the bank's not going alone you a million bucks to start right out I just worry. If if it's the right reason to do that stuff particularly honestly the airway and sleep stuff. I do know. There's there's a certain segment of dentists probably dentists like our age. That like okay. You know. What i i want to back off a little of the day to day grind. Maybe i'm going to focus more on airway sleep or or implant surgery or stuff like that and i'll have an associate that does sort of the day to day stuff but i i worry a little bit that people get into it for the wrong reason because high-dollar where it's at they're not going to waste their time with mickey mouse stuff even though there's there is there continues to be a need for the mickey mouse stuff. There continues to be a need for for fillings. In twenty year olds. And you know crowns on fifty year olds and stuff like that. And i just wonder if if sometimes our orientation towards the high dollar stuff because financially it makes more sense is a little bit i. I don't mean to come off as a as a grumpy old man per se. But i do think that sometimes the fundamentals are still really important. I think you know. Is that severing a bell or not really. Oh yeah market will settle. That was long as nobody cajoles. It let someone. Just try to open up an airway implant practice and i think there are some out there. But i'm gonna tell you what i feel like if you're getting into airway only because you're interested in in billing medical insurance that that gravy train is coming to an end sometime soon. I can't imagine insurance companies. Aren't seeing that i mean that's i i. I only say that. I don't say that because i know anything i'm just like well. That's how insurance always works if they're paying well for it they're gonna take good hard. Look at it and decide. They don't wanna do that. That's my guess. So risk to build it on that model. Yeah yeah that's why like. I have to say i'm a little. I like jeff rouse model. Because his model isn't necessarily the end point isn't isn't you treating there their sleep apnea endpoint is sort of like trying to optimize their airway. Stuff i i like that aspect of it a lot. But it's a some. I look at it and that's an interesting thing. The other thing is everyone's placing implants now and of course as everyone knows not. Everyone is doing it for the right reasons. And so you worry about you know implant. Complications are going to become a bigger deal in such. There's so much turf battle with that with this as well too. So it's kind of an ugly deal. So anyhow i guess my thing is i think they're still a place for for feelings and crowns and in the basic stuff too so always will be remember. We were barbers once. Yeah and so. We've come a long way. Who's the barber here. I would not lend rich cut my hair. Just let me just say that right now. Rich you can't. I don't care what you say. All right fine well. Maybe i'll tell you this. This podcast is made me hungry for some eggs. And jimmy dean. I gotta tell you i love. I mean we had some good sausage up in highlands. North carolina brennan. I don't know the name of it. I don't want to throw shameless. Plug out there but it stuck for its that would be the housemaid sausage from Not fresh market Mountain rich marash grocery in highlands north carolina. Come and visit us at all. That sounds good. Sounds good sausage guy. So lot of saucers We i think we killed it today. Fellas i think we did all right so I thank you for spending some time with me. We'll see you guys in a couple of months here month and a half something like that in in scottsdale arizona. The joe rogan going to be there. The isn't he hasn't answered my my email yet. So we'll see eight. Seth rogan night right to bre- might actually actually also be perfectly welcome at the voice of the dentistry. Thanks a lot for being me. We'll talk you. Hey kids we're back. That was the oggi's of dental heck's podcasts. Rich rosenblatt wild and crazy man expanding as dental practices frank clayton. God only knows what he's up to but he's isn't interesting he's always up to two something. Yeah gadaffi stanton then got be status. Then we whenever you get brent and frank together. I've known those i've known these three guys since you might have still been in dental school now. That's when you graduate two thousand ninety three two thousand and two is that when you read it s okay so i got on dental town in two thousand and two so. I probably met these guys around the time that you graduated from dental school. I've i've known them for a long time. We i remember that and franken. I went to an ultra dent like like the dental town. People they had like they call them the golden fingers. It was all the people that spent way too much time on dental tone and they invited us out to sandy utah. A bunch of us and we listened to din fisher speak and stuff and it was great and terrible. Same time frank. In brent and i also sat in the back in like giggled like high school students who was it was brilliant fun. We had a good time though finger. Exactly exactly and the man with the midas touch. We're good time there in those are goodfellas. So if you have any questions or comments for this mid career. Og braintrust. i want you email us at info at dental hacks dot com. We'll be happy to pose questions to these people. They would love to would love nothing more than to answer better than that. Go on the dental hacks nation and ask them yourself people. 'cause they'll be there they'll answer. I promise that may not only have fifteen more years to live. That's yes it does. It's exactly what it means. I've been trying to tell you as depressing actually so If they aren't members of the dental hacks nation what should they do. Jason avoided at all costs. Avoided all use your fences exactly one going on with your life. Join dental nachos something anything. Dental hacks nation is bad for your health. It causes hansard. You get in. That deal not does start year. You stirred up nasrin. No come on over to dental x nation. The water's fine kool-aid not so much it's i think it's i think it's hilarious. It's good stuff if you want the most interactive dental facebook group on the face of the earth Go look up dental hacks nation on facebook. Aspirin invite answer the questions. If you don't answer the questions we won't let you and your doctor look for d. h. into electoral bullet. A live right. The that's this week like a rocket. That's docs only version of the dental nations. Pretty great We can say horrible things about other team members and we all do all new. That's exactly right. You probably didn't expect bet you didn't see that one come and did you. Okay so i wanna. I wanna talk a little bit about something i i want to try and add this as a feature because okay so i am a member of spear online. I have spear online in spear online as an educational platform is probably as good as it gets online. They have so much excellent content. The biggest problem for me is that there's so much of it it's like you can only watch so much so i want to try and feature Like a weekly feature of particular course video course that we've been taking a look at each week just to focus because there's so much good stuff there and So i'm going to start this week with. Basically they have a new class up. The i think it's the newest course on the site in it is an. It's ended on a diagnosis by a guy that you might have heard of jason. His name is dr liu berman lou. Berman he's been on this show on the show. exactly remember lou berman. The ended honest extraordinaire one of the editors of pathways to the pope and the originator of vermin berman instruments. Which is one of the coolest things on the interwebs right now. I actually ordered some from there today. I know they're lie. It's good stuff. it's really good words. Plug in its plug you plug. Everyone needs new plugger. I just can't. I kinda can't believe that they can. They can sell insurance for for that little dollars. I'm impressed beyond belief but this stuff is very good. I really like it so but his course is also really good. Ended on is super important. Even if you're not doing endo like literally just like figuring out what the problem with a toothache is even if you're not going to treat it yourself. Still big deal in is a really good teacher and of course spear does it very well so i highly recommend that if you are not a member if you have not signed up to be Spear online education. You're crazy you need to go to spirit. -cation dot com check out the online. Got up so much stuff so much stuff and let me tell you about my diagnosis protocol. Right now let me hear about somebody walks in and they said they have slight cold sensitivity and they point to a tooth root canal at penn. Actually i just. I didn't even number Thing a little bit and you just get in there. The one thing about just opening every two point at the diagnosis is not well done. But once you open it you kind of have to finish it right. I mean the sort of the deal because they respect you at the because they think it's going to hurt and then you just you over the top hurt and like man. This guy's got to be good and you can say you can say look. I keep my promises. I told you is gonna hurt like hell in look. It hurt like hell and ensured that it hurt. I will always be honest with you mr patient. I like this a strange name for a lady. Who's just going to say because she has a mustache super awkward. Whoa all right so now. He's strange to now. Is the time on the show where my voice goes and i say you yourself will. I never liked that little variation. We're changing it up. I haven't talked to patients all day of i've got a slight baritone voice feel arrived out. Your soul wasn't crushed quite as much today as it. Hasn't i liked that. So i'm half a man today. All right well give us your go. Hack yourself jason lipscomb. The people in bisco dental products were kind enough to send us Some some samples to try out and and they sent me some faira. Sim self adhesive resin cement. There you can use that vesco if you want to. Even have this all charge no charge sell millions. But now i try to a imax crown. That was demanding the other day as like. I'll give this a try and try the cement. And i really really liked it. I liked the consistency of it. Sometimes have used other cements that have been like way to running yuppies businessman than sometimes. Sometimes it's like you're thick and sticky tacky is but now the consistency was just right. Put it on there Do a little tack here Wants to get it on there. And the the cleanup was was pretty was. What i liked about was the clean up. And then if you'll notice the the radio rio passages killer. It's awesome on the x ray. Check that. I check the by wing next time around. You're gonna love it. It's super radio paik. So it's very. I know for me. I like seeing that if i possibly can. That's a really nice feature. i thought. But it's super easy. Cleanup tactic for for a couple of seconds. And and it was. It was nice and the asian didn't have any sensitive so everything was was good. I really really like it's yourself fetching. resin cement. Good stuff highly recommended. I agree to so. That's that's a solid recommendation by jason. Lipscomb i'll thank you. You know i'm with you on that. One so i did industry it on occasion. You've been known deaths. I have a go hack yourself. that's a little bit. well it's it's some hardware. I told you about this i So like doing the podcast stuff. I actually we recorded mostly in the basement. Because that's where i have the hard the hard wired internet but i like to edit. Here's where it's warmer and nicer and quieter and stuff like that. So i saw a lot of times. I'm moving files. I don't necessarily put them on the web. Because they're they're these huge files in. I if we put on dropbox takes forever to upload and download so i like to have hewitt's files exactly. I used to use like a thumb drive in what i found. Is that most thumb. Drives are insanely sm- sorry slow in transferring files so at some point. I don't know exactly why. I said you know it. Screw this thunder after not working. Let's get like a small. Ssd kind of drive. So i found this thing called the sandisk extreme portable. Ssd in it's like it's like not even as big as like a deck of cards and it's thinner it's what's coolest got this big rubberized kind of hard it. It's durable it's kind of meant to be chucked in a backpack or whatever and It's a. It's one of those usb c like the but it's got into debt comes into the data issues with any usb but what's crazy about is you can put like gigs of information on this thing and it translated five seconds. It's insanely fast in. I've got a five hundred gigabyte. One they come in i think two fifty gigabytes five hundred terabyte in two terabyte. So they're they're huge. They're big drives in their super fast. If you have to transfer like this would be great for photos or anything. That's like just bored video innings big bulky files that you transfer from one computer to another super easy to do. I have to say this is one of the nicest piece of hardware. And and frankly like when i'm in in scottsdale these files that we record and we've got four people on a podcast gigantic. So i'm going to be doing my backup on this thing because it just makes a ton of sense so i would highly recommend this. This would be a lovely christmas gift for for someone. Sandisk extreme portable. Ssd open lincoln. Show notes because i'm a pretty big fan. If you have to have big files of stuff so there you have it. You can put gigs of your gigs on there. I get it again do you. What do you use when you've got to like move stuff you have. I i for long thumb drives. But i've come to realize that the relatively slow usually typically put it on. I don't have anything too. Bad rotated on dropbox than just kind of run over to another computer and do it. Yeah you know it depends on it also depends on how how faster connection the to the dropbox thing but have you have three files at one computer. That runs meth reshaped. And then so. If i wanna take anything home than typically pop it on top it on some kind of online throw. Whatever it's by the time you get to the new computer or the other. Then take that long to. That's by the biggest file thrown around on the regular on rag. Okay all right well. You know what. It's thanksgiving eve here so i think. I think i'm letting you go jason. I think we've killed this episode and We're thankful for you all. That's we are thankful for you. All that's a really good point because if you guys weren't listening you know what it would just be two guys in their basement and we'd probably still be doing it. Which is it way sadder to think about. Oh two hundred fifteen episodes of two guys in just talking to himself. That's pretty sad so we did. I did Some that was one of the podcast. Facebook groups the other day and somebody asked if anybody did like a scientific podcast. I put on there that we were just to dennis. Talking and evidently a couple of people weren't it has popped on listen so yeah but they seem to like it so that was like that totally warmed my heart. I saw that too. I'm like wow. That's pretty awesome. I been told my my My assistance like my my right hand woman. Her husband listens to it. Which kind of creeps me out a little bit. Hi gary if you're listening would really. I think she's probably telling him to listen in case i say anything bad about her. But don't worry it'll never happen shell. So that's That's the story. It's good times so next week. We're going to be going to spear we'll have another episode. But will i think we'll be maybe we'll try and do some live stuff from spear to. They'll be fun could could shove stuff. Yes it will be fun. We'll keep you posted and jason. Thank you for spending some time with me. This thanksgiving eve. Thank you all right. We'll talk to you guys later

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